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Friday, May 25, 2012

Uhuru's Blockbuster 'iBelieve' Inspires Status Quo

The Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta launched his much-awaited party The National Alliance (TNA) anchored on the theme of 'iBelieve'. To his credit belief is a virtue and a very valuable ingredient in search of success. But there also begins the mischief and lack of imagination.

Belief without rebooting the mindset to embrace change is an exercise in semantic laundering. You know, TNA may as well stand for Total Non-Action or This is Not Applicable or worse still Trial Ndiyo Anaenda (Tuko Na A........).

Uhuru may have succeeded in the heavy lifting by dispensing with both Moi and Kibaki baggage but his simplistic theme of belief smacks of Moi’s mantra of all heat no light - creating an impression of motion without any trace of real movement (remember MKAE IVYO IVYO?). Status quo has never been better packaged.

True, loaded message is often delivered in simple terms albeit without being simplistic. But just like a fool who reduces love to a piece of metal fixed to the finger, it is obtusely simplistic to tell Kenyans that you wear a wrist band with the national flag colours at all times as a constant reminder of your love and commitment to your country. That was thoughtless symbolism at its best.

Surely talk is cheap when actions speak loudly otherwise. Jomo Junior sounded more like his late father regurgitating the same old vile trinity of poverty, disease and ignorance. And we are in 2012. What a shameless contradiction for a preface on belief while thoughtlessly extolling the privilege of carrying the country into the future. But at least Uhuru was brave enough to inadvertently add to his dad’s core twin vices as stitched in toxic tribalism and criminal corruption.

Simplistic belief

Reading his speech, one cannot fail to see Uhuru’s irony in preaching about the wealth of our nation’s history while the same lips twist and conveniently fail to warn of the perils of neglecting lessons from the very (dark) past. The speaker must have been comfortable preaching sandwiched between his dad's meusoleum, Uhuru Highway/Park and Mama Ngina Road.

The colonialist was fought primarily for grabbing our land and Uhuru would have led by example and from infront by addressing and offloading the massive acreage his family inherited from his father.

Here we have Uhuru shamelessly talking about past injustices and land issues when his family owns almost 20% of Coast's prime land. And his audience? The multitude landless in all part of the country who have agreed to be collectively fooled.

But I guess asking the basics out of Kenyan politicians is akin to preaching to a choir. No wonder Uhuru wrapped himself in youthful gab pontificating to his listening landless youth that the answers for a better tomorrow lie with them. That was a smart but thinly-veiled laugh at the collective Kenyan youth's grave.

And patented hypocrisy flowed when the gullible youth and audience were asked to leave the unaddressed past behind them and fly forward on the wings of (delusional) transformational change.


Anonymous said...

G7 my foot!

where was MM and wiper

A real anticlimax of a launch

seems this was all meant to "scare" okapo that muthamaki has a huge following which is "sovereighty of Kenya". It didnt work and let the games continue as the ICC train zooms on

Mwarang'ethe said...

"... the gullible youth and audience were asked to leave the unaddressed past behind them and fly forward on the wings of (delusional) transformational change."


ehehehe, ahahahha delusional ... change. We agree 101%.

Anonymous said...

call him what you may. but a wolf in sheeps clothing will always be that

Jane said...

Stop the negative vibes,the man at 50 is the future of kenya,mudavadi,wamalwa and Tuju the same,what can Take kenya at 70?,he is a spent force and almost senile.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jane still belives in youth as defined by chronological age. Well, that is as simplistic as Taabu defined UK's belief. Ever heard of one Madiba? Contrast that with 'youthful' Gaddaffi taking power at 27.

These delusional lot in the Diaspora are beyond menatl repair. Please reflect the modern world you stay in and relinguish the village mentality you exported abroad, will you?

What is youthful about being a suspect of crimes against humanity?

Anonymous said...

Someone couldn't have put it any better when she said, "he's asking the people to put their faces in the same river for a second time, but all they will ever see is murky waters full of hypocrisy and people's apathy."

Luke said...

ati TRIAL NDIYO ANAENDA how dare you mock the YOUTHFUL appeal of TNA can't you see Kenyan OBAMA (Yes We Can) reincarnated in U.K.?

Pad your cheeks bro,expect the E-ABUSE to come flying thick and fast

By the way please CONFIRM or DENY that you wrote this post at GUNPOINT kneeling down FACING Mt......just curious bro

Anonymous said...

Here is Jacob Zuma:

Can anybody in Kenya dare the same before he is cut into halves with tribal knives?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ati Muthamaki is asking people to put their faces in the same river for a second time come 2013?

Anonymous said...

There is very little need in trying to understand the political physics and social chemistry of the microscopic world of Uhuru Kenyatta in order to grasp the reasons why neglecting to broaden their view has kept some men doing one thing all their lives.

In Uhuru Kenyatta's case, it has always been about protecting the so-called family legacy and above all the humongous family fortune accumulated over the last five decades at the expense of ordinary wananchi and the country at large.

As the author of the post has put it, asking basics out of Kenyan politicians is akin to expecting a Sahiwal bull or cow to trott like a horse, let alone race like a quarter horse, which will never happen in any lifetime.

On a brighter note, there are some consciousious and hardworking wealthy - billionaire - families that have done wonders in their respective communities, regions and countries by endowing or constructing universities, hospitals with cutting egde research facilities, mordern regional or national sports stadiums, etc.

A patriotic example the descendants of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta could emulate in more ways than one, lest they forget that more is expected of those who have more, or have accumulated more.

Uhuru Kenyatta has yet to live up to what his name stands for - Uhuru as in 'freedom' for all and real 'independence' as opposed to his indulging in political protection of the status quo and his family's business empire.

DM-Nairobi said...

@Anon 5/21/12 8:56 PM

On a brighter note, there are some consciousious and hardworking wealthy - billionaire - families that have done wonders in their respective communities, regions and countries by endowing or constructing universities, hospitals with cutting egde research facilities, mordern regional or national sports stadiums, etc.

Any Kenyan examples?

Anonymous said...

Poor Taabu,
Continue your putrid hatred and comment moderation but many kk readers are no longer going to keep quite and allow you to spread your cancer of kikuyu hatred. One would expect that as a pensioner, you would be oozing with wisdom and counsel but ole wako.
You are such a dissapointment. Whining daily!! I pray that I will have happier times when I am 60 unlike Taabu who clearly has bitterness for a life full of dissapointments.


Anonymous said...

Do people like Uhuru the son of Kenyatta and the socio-political company he keeps have any clue about the fundamental principle upon which the phrase 'I Believe' is founded?

Or was it just one of those fly-by-night political cum electioneering gimmicks that do not have any real substance attached to it?

Further, must Uhuru the son of Kenyatta (including Raila the son of Odinga and Musalia the son of Mudavadi) be reminded of the fact that maintaining of status quo in any way, shape or form is the deadly enemy of progress, self-development and Uhuru (freedom) for Kenyans from all walks of life?

'We Believe' that there will come a time when all Kenyans will be free to determine the future of their lives as well as the political direction in which their beloved nation should take for the benefit of all and not just the sons, daughters, relatives and friends of former high ranking politicians and tribal chieftains.


Anonymous said...

Ati Taabu spreading cancer of kikuyu hatred. He must be a disease, LOL.

And where did this poor guy mention Kikuyu in his post? I must be reading a different post of seeing village Diaspora reading tribalism lurking in every letter.

Again I ask where is Kikuyu mentioned in this post?

Truth realy hurts and go along way to expose deep-seated INSECURITIES. Pole bigoted blogger.

Anonymous said...

Does Uhuru Kenyatta's election campaign message 'iBelieve' still bear good (welcomed) news to all of our people who are better known as Kenyans?

As Uhuru the son of Kenyatta continues to sketch his dream journey back to his childhood residence - the former colonial (state) house on the hill - he should be seeking the presidency to inspire not enervating despair but rather energizing real political freedom, economic justice, ethnic co-existence, and good governance.

IMHO, Uhuru Kenyatta's election campain mantra should be - 'iBelieve' in mutual tolerance despite different cultural ('ethnic') ideologies and regional political interests.

After all it goes without that the primary task of any good leadership is to help different (forty-two) communities and people from all walks of life coexist within one nation - KENYA.

A number one priority task that the two former presidents and the current one failed abysmally to implement or bring about in the last fifty years of our nation's history.

Sadly, the three presidents have successifully managed by design to unleash cascading catastrophes of ethnic hatred, cyclical negative ethnic rivalry and apalling competition for political dominance by the five major 'tribal entities' - Gikuyu (their paternal cousins Meru and maternal cousins Embu), Luo, Luhya, Kalenjin and Kamba - in the country that still bedevil our country tto this day - May 22, 2012.

The question remains, why should anyone one of the men and women (with well known names and failed political modus oprandi) who are bound to engineer or cause more national economic, political and social catastrophes - in the name of self-political preservation - be elected as the next President of Kenya?

Time will tell whether we deserve the type of president, senators governors, MPs and civic leaders we elected for whatever reasons after the 2013 general elections.

Woe unto us!

Anonymous said...

"One would expect that a pensioner..."

Why are some people so petrified of the aging process that come naturally to all of us like day and night?

Let's be careful what we wish for, as a matter of fact we will actually soon live to be 60 years old depending on whether our current healthy lifestyle will be able to sustain us.

And how able bodied we will be by the time we get to be 60 years old in the next thirty, twenty-five, twenty, fifteen or ten years from now is unknown to most of us.

By the way, how old are our grandparents, parents and siblings?

Well, let's not forget to maintain in a deligent manner a family calender of their aging process, birthdays of course, while keeping in mind that we will difintely be the next in line of successive older members in our families before the younger generations start taking their rightful places on the branches of our wonderful family tree.

Live and let live.

Anonymous said...


YES you spreading cancer of kikuyu hatred by defining Kibaki's legacy as TRIBALISM, TRIBALISM and TRIBALISM.

Kibaki is not tribal but only giving contracts and jobs on merit except the best qualified have one DNA. Look at the top three minitries: Finance, Internal Security and Transport.


Anonymous said...

Kumekuchas, excuse the digression, I couldn't help but notice a photograph Kalonzo Musyoka in one of the daily papers (East African Standard to be precise) with caption reading "VP Kalonzo Musyoka meets with the 'grandson' of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr."

Wow! I had no clue that the late civil rights leader was survived by any known grandchildren who are now in their mid-fifties.

The news came as a sweet surprise to some of us who have always been made to believe that there are no known grandchildren of the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Anonymous said...

''I believe.. Ill be accountable..''
Mweshimiwa, if you really believe and want to be accountable, ngo to Hague first. Clean your name there and come back.

We shall erect you Plesident of Kenya even on KANU ticket in 2017 with a majority of 70%.

Kenya wants leaders who are clean internally and internationally. NO Bashir-like characters in Kenya brother.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru will be elected as Kenya's 4th Preso in March 2013.

Hague will find him guilty of offences against humanity in December 2013

Uhuru will refuse to go to jail.

Kenyan gov will turn into an international enemy with boycotts and embargos

Kenyans will die en-masse of Hunger in March 2014 because of international fuel, food, etc embargos. Affected will be NEP, Coast, Western, Nyanza and Eastern Prov. It will not have rained for 6 months in those areas.

We believe..this will happen. Watch this space,

Anonymous said...

the launch was for the status quo.WAONGEE lugha ya taifa.the writer has said what 30million kenyans think of that useless launch of the this rate ORDINARY KENYANS NEED HELP...nuff said..the writer is very talented..u have a way with words.

Anonymous said...

You forgot. Uhuru will be forced on us through rigging.
That's the end of what we call Kenya if we are not careful?
2007 made people wiser.

Anonymous said...

Any Kenyan (African) Examples?

One would expect that given their new money (wealth), identity, status, and new found solidarity with their so-called fellow billionaires aroung the world, to do otherwise is a contradiction in terms.

Perhaps the key phrase for understanding who-is-who among the consciousious and hardworking wealthy - billionaire - families is the degree of their generous engagement in philanthropic enterprises, "the love of humanity".

As opposed to 'the hate of humanity' under the usual sorry excuse that their is no such thing as the deserving poor because poverty equates laziness by all definitions.

In other words, it's only the lazy people who are poor and have only themselves to blame for their wrenched existence that is the main cause of abject poverty around the world.

As for Any Kenyan (African) examples? Well, expect zilch, nada, zero, sufuri, hafina, when it comes to endowments, construction of private schools (let alone public schools), universities, university hospitals (teaching hospitals), children homes, community centers, libraries, museums, notable markets, etc.

The Kenyan billionares like the Kenyatta, Moi, Karume, Githunguru, Odinga, Biwott, et al families(including their African counterparts) have yet to learn how to establish development networks that seek to empower communities and individuals to improve living conditions within their respective ethnicities, regions and countries.

There is no reason under the Kenyan skies as to why the people of Gatundu, Kabarak, Bondo or Othaya should not be able to have easy or immediate access to local modern hospitals that provide high quality medical care such as general medicine, emergency medicine, radiology, turberculosis, respiratory diseases, pulmonary medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, ophthalmology, ENT (ear, nose and throat), general surgery, orthopaedics, physical therapy, oncology, etc

Without forgetting trauma care (for both pedatric and adult patients) and burn care from the time of injury through discharge rehabilitation, etc

Guess the above mentioned is a lot to ask or expect from the wealthy - billionaire - Kenyan families, some of whom will soon end up leaving (forfeiting) their family wealth stored in foreign European financial institutions, in the same manner the families of Boigny, Tolbert, Mobutu, Doe, Idi Amin, Gbagbo, Bokasa, Abacha, Gaddafi, Mubarak, et al have done in the last three decades.

NB: Why own a $50 million luxury yacht only to have it hidden in the Sychelles islands for occasional recreational purpose?

While thousands of your own people in Kenya, yes in Kenya of all places, are left to die from prevental tropical diseases every year.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is greater than the current tribal chieftains who do not even care about the real welfare of their own tribal people and overly loyal tribal foot soldiers (political fodder) that sing their praises during every general election season.

And believe it or not, Kenya will still be around as an intact nation after many of us - archtects of perverted political tribalism - are long gone (six feet under) and forgotten by future generations of patriotic Kenyans.

What was impossible in the old age, under the domain of the political tribal elite and shadow of impunity, is now possible under the domain of the current constitution and what is expected to be an independent judiciary with real teeth (fangs, meno, or magego) for justice.

By the way, where were some of us during 1950 and 1960 at time when many colonials really believed that the end for Kenya and most of its natives had come?

And where will the majority of us - perverted tribal goons in our midst - be in May of 2062?

Guess what? Some of the front runners in present day political, social, academic, business and tribal circles will not merit to be mentioned as footnotes in the history of the people who changed the course of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

What happens to a son who betrays the memory of his father, all his father fought for, stood for and was detained for?

All things taken in account, is Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta a brilliant political strategist and tactician, or are we seeing the beginning of the end of his political career?

On the other hand, will Uhuru get burned at the ICC trial only to rise from the prosecutorial ashes and return home in a triumphant manner to lead the nation to greater political stability (democratic maturity), social cohesion and economic prosperity?

Will time tell or will there no tales to be told with the passing of time?

Anonymous said...

The handlers of Kalonzo Stephen Musyoka should have brave enoung to remind him that he is in the wrong place at the wrong time, speaking to the wrong people and noncommittal crowds. They should have been wise enough to help him understand the direction in which the inevitable winds of economic change are heading and shifting in the next decade. As a matter of fact, Kalonzo Musyoka, the presidential aspirant should be spending quality political time and developing potential economic ties in Beijing instead of wasting the same on cosmetic appearances and photo opportunities with 'smiling faces' and calculating North America politicians who will not remember his name the next time he runs into their paths. A personal courtesy call is nothing more than a personal visit by any lower ranking politician from a former strategic nation that no longer has much clout like Yemen when it comes to strategic military interests in the region around the 'Horn of Arica'. All he can expect is minimal opportunities for a middle ground entry to whatever political agenda that he is seeking in 2013.

Anonymous said...

A picture is worth a million words. Other than being clueless, Wanjohi is trying hard to hang on with hopes of being friends with all presidential aspirants. As for Sam Ongeri, one would have expected to find his son in the company of Uhuru and his peers at the TNA affair. By all accounts, he seems to be a wise old man who knows that his time is up and that's why he was busy concentrating on his wrist watch while the rest of the crowd were busy clapping and enjoying themselves. The time has come for younger members of his community to start flexing their political muscles in search change and better leadership.

Anonymous said...

The multitude landless in all part of the country who have agreed to be collectivelu fooled.

Some foreign entity (name withheld) did partner with the family and friends of a well known politician to purchase more than 2,300 acres of farmland for conversion to their private agricultural use (export produce).

Uhuru and his family were not invloved in the last year's underhanded land transaction that is intended for the sole purpose of exporting all of produce to markets located in the country in question.

Mmmmmm! It will create much needed jobs for local people and generate more forign exchange for the country says the new owners.

While the rest of us are busy going for each other's neck in hopes that out tribal chieftain and his henchmen will be elected to power for the next five to ten years.

Anonymous said...

There are those of us who identify well with the challenges to act faithfully and trustworthy in a world - Kenya - of overwhelming choices with regard to whether we decide to get or not get involved in the current epidemic of plandering and looting public coffers.

If public service involves the current choices of the corrupt elect politicians, then the Kenyan community embodies many tempting choices and potential impediments to the implementation of the current Constituion in the form it was passed, and respect for law and order through out the country.

However, how does a senior public servant, a well known individual manage to wire Ksh900 million (governt funds) into his own personal offshore account?

Why is the plundering being allowed to take place in Kenya of today, given our so-called 'New Constitution' and what seems to be a cleaned up judiciary?

Is that one of the many reasons why the date for the general election has been extended from December of 2012 to March/April of 2013, so that more senior politicians, public officials and political party leaders may gain extra time to eat (loot-at-will) before leaving their respective offices?

Some of us are still aware of the fact that all people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law within a nation that upholds law and order by all modern standards.

Ksh.900 million in broad daylight? How much more have others plundered in the last ten years?

And we yet we have the hubris to still blame Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and the defunct Kiambu Mafia corrupt to the tilt?

Anonymous said...

Ni kweli kwamba waziri fulani amepora milioni mia tisa? Kwa hakika ng'ombe haelemewi na nunduye. Ule wetu, nyang'au wa kisiasa bado wanaedelea kunyang'anya nyang'anya na kupora mali ya uma bila kikomo wala aibu yoyote. Imekuaje huyo fulani akaweza kuhamisha shilingi milioni mia tisa kwa ajili za kibinafsi bila kutiwa korokoroni?

Anonymous said...

It's abudantly clear that over the past five years the two principle conspirators have played a very pivitol role in enabling their ministers and high ranking party members to get away with murder. Each one of the corrupt politicians should receive a condemnation instead of the usual commendation from the general public public for contributing to the deluge of plundering government coffers as well as propagation of perverted tribalism while in office.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru's blockbuster proclamations of his (i)believe in the status quo and political business as usual was lackluster to say the least.

No body in their right mind goes ahead to make elaborate prepaparations for a wedding or homecoming party or graduation while knowing very well that they will not be around to celebrate the occasion in person.

So who was fooling who on that day of his block busted political party?

Anonymous said...

Why should people elect a criminal who will turn in to a jail bird cosequently causing suffering to Kenyans? Uhuru, Ruto are not electable. This has nothing to do with their respective tribes.

These people want to rule the whole nation. We should use our brains to discard these suspects. Kenya is bigger than Ocampo 4.

Anonymous said...

Rao stopped the prayer meetings. He stopped the illegal mpigs new payments.
And kubafu analala tu

Recent comments by Rao and gumbo points to a deal being made reLating to ICC. It is not possible to transfer cases to Kenya without full agreement of the collission partners. It is also late in the day to make this transfer a reality.
So what is happening?

I put it that the Panua side are resigning to the inevitable. Best option is to accept that Rao is unstoppable and play that adage of joining him if they can't beat him.
Trouble is that viper might spoil for them!

Seen how quiet Ruto and Ocampos main target at the house on the hill (and ruck) are?

Panua really misses kimendero. They are just confused and scattered all over
In the meantime,MM is moving like a headless chicken akin to 2002

Anonymous said...

you cannot teach a rooky all the tricks.No wounder mr masharubu is being caught with Nhif milk droplets on his whiskers .

Mkenya Damu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mkenya Damu said...


Mkenya Damu said...

Uhuru is his name yet he continues to enslave his people ,sitting on millions of acres of land yet his so called "my people" are being rained on in camps and some are even refugees in a neighbouring country ,he was minister of finance and played politics with disbursment of resttlement funds for the same ''my people'',because odm would have got credit ,the same man who can not do simple math ,goes around insulting other tribes in his mother tongue to charged crowds,same guy who is particularly sensitive to the words ,pombe ,sigara na bhangi ,he of banging tables on live tv ,mamas boy per excellence ,btw word has it that the brains behind keeping the kenyatta empire is his humble brother ,thamaki is just the figure head sort of a front man .btw we still need to know how cmc got the contract to supply passats without competetive bidding ,how much land has the kenyatta family ofloaded to GK in the name of resettling idps? Etc .bado mamampambano thamaki must never come near state house ever again.

Anonymous said...

A suspect in the kangaroo ICC court? Uhuru will be our president If not him it will be ABR tosha!! We will never forget that it is raila and ODM who called for mass action and vowed to make Kenya ungovernable our memories are long if Uhuru is the sacrifice we have to make to get rid of raila then that too we will make but raila will never see state house!!!

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