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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taylor Shaved 50 Years, Ocampo4 Next Clients

Jailing Charles Taylor's for 50 years must surely have sent chills up the spines of the Ocampo4. Not that they are guilty but their heads must be have gone into spins permuting what ugly prospects waits them.

Muting the hitherto pompous BUTCHER of Liberia must have left the local untouchables seeing red. But again ICC had set the bar when Uhuru discovered he was equal to Joshua Sang before Ekatherina.

Of Mungiki and blood diamonds

Taylor has been found guilty for arming Sierra Leone rebels in return for blood diamonds. In addition he was found responsible for aiding and abetting some of the most heinous crimes in human history.

With Mungiki back in full swing decapitating heads, Uhuru and Muthaura must be saying some very moving silent prayers. The monster is back eating its offspring.

After Lubanga, the Ocampo4 takes center stage at The Hague. The movie is not only a thriller but 'iBelieve' a box office. This is The Hague Express. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Poor 64-year old Taylor. The guy cannot imagine that he has been dragged through all this given the power and blood he was used to.

Uhuru must be wondering if the same fate awaits him. Mungiki bado.

And their apologists will come spitting fire that ICC is imperialistic only meant for Africans. But Taylor killed fellow blacks.

Let the apologies begin.

Anonymous said...

Charles Taylor has be awarded his just deserts and may he live long enough behind prison walls so that he can enjoy every moment, day, week, month and year of the next twenty-five years of his fifty year sentence before death or very old age age pays him a last visit.

So many politicians seem to really believe they are untouchable and above the law.

And unfortunately, it's that kind of generally accepted rotten attitude that continues to pollute emerging democracies, stagnate economies, stifle innovators and ended up causing a lot of untold misery and tragic loss of several millions of innocent African lives all over continental Africa.

The news about Charles Taylor being hit with a 50 year prison without ever the posibility of parole comes as no surprise to many around the world, although it's a bitter sweet verdict for many survivors of the brutal civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

There are so of us who hope the ICC prison system allows him to keep his $5 million diamond watch, $3 necklace, and other very expensive little personal possessions suck as the engraved cufflinks, two rings, pen, tooth brush holder, shaving kit and diamond crested comb that he has been known to carry around wherever he goes.

Let the items be reminders of how worthless diamonds and gold are behind bars or in prison for a former Liberian Tyrant, Butcher of Liberia and Merchant of Death in Sierra Leone who will be spending the next 50 years reflecting and meditating on some of the most darkest years, all dead souls and countless victims that resulted from his evil designs.

Good riddance! Good riddance! Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Taylor is not in jail for atrocities committed in Liberia but for trading in sierra leone's diamonds which according to the kangaroo ICC court is "aiding and abetting" now the billion dollar question is we all know that de beers and oppenheimer are the largest diamond traders in the world and they too traded in sierra leone's diamonds , how come they are not on trial at the hague for "aiding and abetting"?
secondly we all know that Sierra Leone does not manufacture arms and that the names of the arms merchants who profiteered from that brutal war are known how come they are not standing trial at the hague. Apparently only "white man" is allowed to be a merchant of death and woe unto you if you dare cut into their turf a Taylor fate awaits you Its time for Africa to quit ICC en mass

Anonymous said...

Only fools engage in SPLITTING HAIRS.

Anonymous said...

Playing the "white man did it" blame card will not wash at the ICC or what's referred to as "kangaroo court" by those who do not agree with ICC's brand of swift international justice.

Oh, yes indeed, "aiding and abetting" is the millstone or lack of thereof that will sink or set free some of the Ocampo 4 prospective candidates at ICC's chambers, no more no less.

People can be funny at times due to the fact the proverbial "white man" does not force Africans with wealthy and power to always purchase ship loads or plane loads of emergency weaponary and use the same in mass killings (destruction) whenever there are political desputes, ethnic squables, clan disagreements or hightened regional tensions.

Nor do the merchants of death based in Europe, North America and Asia instruct innocent and peace loving powerful tribal warlords and their ever loyal tribal foot soldiers on what type of weapons to purchase and how to use the weapons in carrying out atrocious selective slaughter of enemy tribes (kabila adui) that usually occurs in various African countries when things have completely fallen apart.

As for profiteering from the century old brutal ethinic wars (cleansing), civil wars and coup de'etats that have become synonymous with the African continent, the question is how comes the proverbial "white man" is never blamed for thousands and thousands of deaths that are caused by the mishandling of new, used or second hand vehicles, yet 95% of defective vehicles are not manufactured on African soil?

Lest we forget the brand names, manufacturers and importors and dealers of the new vehicles as well as defective used vehicles that kill thousands of Africans every year are well known, but not a single one of them have ever been sued or brought to justice, let alone be held accountable for vehicular homicides and lifelong injuries sustained by many African women, men and children.

By the way, will the proverbial "white man" be blamed for all the deaths that were caused by rungus, poinsoned arrows, spears, machetes (imported from China), fire necklaces, rocks, knifes, blunt objects and mob (vigilante) justice during 2008 Post Election Violence?

The clause "aiding and abetting" is what has caused many Kenyan politicians to endure countless nights without proper sleep due to the fact the charge may end up being brought against those (more than twenty names withheld) who helped in the commission of 2008 Post Election Violence.

Even Kibaki and Odinga are not yet scotfree from the charge of "aiding and abetting" for it may come to haunt in the near future.

Mwarang'ethe said...

And their apologists will come spitting fire that ICC is imperialistic only meant for Africans. But Taylor killed fellow blacks.


He "killed" Africans in the service of who? Africa and Africans? No. No. No.

As such, his EMPLOYERS have come for their AGENT.

That being the case, we see nothing to yap about.


Taylor is not in jail for atrocities committed in Liberia but for trading in sierra leone's diamonds which according to the kangaroo ICC court is "aiding and abetting" now the billion dollar question is we all know that de beers and oppenheimer are the largest diamond traders in the world and they too traded in sierra leone's diamonds , how come they are not on trial at the hague for "aiding and abetting"?


Taylor's real crime has nothing to do with all you hear from the court of INQUISITION CC and Taabu's of this world.

His real crime was to try and break the OVER CENTURY OLD DIAMOND monopoly which was established and continues to be maintained over the dead bodies of the African people.

NB: That monopoly and its evil consequences, Taabu can never write about.

So, as to protect this evil monopoly, they co - opted the new colonial body called the UN and the Holly Wood so as to produce a movie called something Blood Diamond.

And, as expected, the SHEEPLE swallowed it!

Bure kabisa!

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Rasta no work for the CIA like many AGENTS around:

Anonymous said...

SHEEPLE = being used to kill your own.

Stop pointing fingers at others. Learn to accept responsibility that you are a poddle.

Anonymous said...

Former warlord Charles Taylor seems to have had a very easy time at the ICC trial after being offered a better option of spending time in prison for a very long time while he calms and quietes whatever that is left of his soul.

Compared to the type of hellish moments on earth that his former nemesis the hoodlum in military fatigue named Samule Doe had to endure when he was given a dose of his own jungle medicine by his captors.

Like a weaned prisoner with no hope of ever transitioning back into the world that left behind, Charles Taylor will now have to jump when ordered to, eat what is served to him, dress the prsion outfit given to him, go to sleep and wake up when he as required, and lead a strictly structured life until his dying day.

As for those of us who are still haters of the ICC's international system of justice and fearful of what might befall our dear politicians and presidential hopefuls, we will have no alternative but to collectively get off the pot or piss in it when the moment arrives for them to be hauled out to The Hague, screaming and kicking.

Anonymous said...

The TRUTH be told, ICC critics here are only petrified of what awaits their tribal warlords.

They wax intellectual only to disguise their true fears. Well, at ICC Uhuru and Sang are the same.

Anonymous said...

Evidence for the birth of international justice is raining down you - Africa. It's called the ICC, and it's had quite a journey.

The ICC is set up in such a manner that it can not be swayed, bought, influenced, intimidated, blackmailed nor held hostage by the lords of impunity, regional warlords, dictators, tyrants and tribal demosntrations or orchestrated riots in support of certain tribal chieftains on trial.

In the end, men like Charles Taylor and several other former untouchables will soon be granted free accomodation at The Hague, where they will end up trapped in the plasma of the expanding international justice against perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

Victims of impunity are eagerly awaiting for another opportunity to be introduced to the next ICC's case, and probable fate of a former lord of impunity.

Mwarang'ethe said...

The TRUTH be told, ICC critics here are only petrified of what awaits their tribal warlords.

They wax intellectual only to disguise their true fears. Well, at ICC Uhuru and Sang are the same.


Just a reminder.

When some of us observed that, the so called constitution and the so called devolution SHALL not work, we were accused of supporting the old order.

In the FULLNESS of time, what do we hear from the IDIOTS who shouted at us?

"Anxiety over devolution process."

"Experts are warning that the process of preparing for the devolved system of government is behind schedule, haphazard and uncoordinated."

NB: Replace word EXPERT with IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS FOOLISH graduates. Even now, they are just TALKING HEADS.

NB: We wrote an article on the presence of a Mzungu AG's office and the question of devolution. That article contains what Kenyans SHALL one day come to read in decades to come.

So, you continue your childish rants and joys about the ICC, but, in the FULLNESS of time, we shall remind thee of your delusions.

With that, we are off to enjoy:

Don't forget who you are in this struggle:

Mkenya Damu said...

every time i visit a kenyan blog ,ludacris's song how low can you go rings in my head.How can a sensible person use his time to defend a heartless killer such as taylor ,did taylor kill any white children and women ? i believe the answer is an emphatic NO ,why then would any one rant about imperialism and all that nonsense,if your thamaki is really innocent why all the panick ? Let him break the prosecutions case and he will be set free ,for now he will be held to account and in the eyes of the blind lady justice ,he and sang are the same .Charles Taylor was way richer than thamaki but look at him now.

Anonymous said...


If you doubt ICC has no teeth please try committing henious crime now and you will cool your heels at The Hague.

You were told to polish yourself and stop being brass. Maybe then somebody will take you seriously.

Otherwise you risk suffering from aching jaws from mono rants.

Anonymous said...


Stop hiding your INSECURITY under insults like ivy league of fools (ILF).

When you rant with the same line of argument we know who the real FOOL is. You are simply employing reverse logic so as not look in the mirror reflecting the fool standing before it.

What you call ILF have been out there with their policies ruling the world. But before you cut-and-paste out of context they may have failed unlike you whose ideas only suffocate your head.

Once again I ask, what have you done as a person to better Mbeere. Please go ahead and showcase that otherwise soon your mouth will run dry of froth.

Mwarang'ethe said...

If you doubt ICC has no teeth please try committing henious crime now and you will cool your heels at The Hague.


We really sympathize with you and your CHILD like friends.

The issue is not whether the ICC has teeth or not. Even a crocodile has a lot of teeth which one can see in Tana river.

This is the deal. The African problems require a SCIENTIFIC APPROACH.

As such, any institution (such the international law, ICC etc), must be grounded on scientific grounds for any intervention mechanism to work.

By this we mean, the ICC and associated mechanisms must pass three stages of SCIENTIFIC inquiry.

These are:

(a) descriptive stage,

(b)inductive/experimental/observation stage.

(c) deductive stage.

As such, the ICC, your so called constitution reforms as guided by the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS and their FOOLISH GRADUATES, are at stage (a).

We note very SADLY that, this stage is like the KINDERGARTEN "THINKING" STAGE.

We therefore, dismiss the ICC and such stuff for they are unscientific and therefore, CHILD like stuff.

As such, to expect African problems to be solved in such a CHILD like "thinking" (a joke), is to take the FLIGHT into FANTASY WORLD of KIDS.

And, having noted that, we leave to enjoy:

You have gone for so long
With your love for VANITY,

Yes, you have got the wrong interpretation

DESTRUCTION of the POOR (Africans) is in their POVERTY

Anonymous said...

And why are you painfully stuck at stage 1 (descriptive) of thinking? Please progress to the next.

Anonymous said...

Every dog has its day, and Sir Charles Taylor (Field Marshall, Royal King of Liberia and 'Sole Owner of all Diamond Mines in West Africa') will have to make due with whatever leftover milk bones he finds in the dog house for the next fifty years.

Now whose day is next? And what kind of dog will be it?

Anonymous said...

Humilty is one rare aspect of life that is embraced when it is too late in a person's life.

Taylor's humbled posture before he ICC speaks for itself although it will never restore thousands and thousands of lives he helped waste during the killings fields of Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Why in the world would a former member of the mighty and powerful class take the time to purchase one of the most expensive suit brands, shirts, shoes and a wrist watch while knowing very well that the odds of wiggling himself from the ICC's hook of justice or walking scotfree from The Hague were stacked against them?

Did Taylor really believe that he stood a slim chance of being allowed to return ore sneak back to his old ways of distablising his former nation and neighbours?

How true that diamonds are forever and so are fifty years behind bars for man of Taylor's genration.

Anonymous said...

Only real fools and self certified delusional politicians always assumee that they will rule forever more, come shine, rain or political tsunami.

Now look who is crying foul with the hopes wasting more millions of his well hidden funds on endless appeals and expensive post-script publications of frequent columns about the unfair trial that was imposed by the "European court".

At a time when millions of Liberaisn and Sierra Leonians are either still seeking for any information about their long lost loved ones, relatives and friends, at the same time relatives.

While thousands and thousands of restless souls still wonder all over Liberia and Sierra Leone in search of their final resting places amidst familiar places.

One more bites the dust, several more to go in due time.

The African continent and its people deserve better than suffer at the hands of delusional and evil men like Charles Taylor.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Let ti be a teachable moment and warning to the next generation of despotic rulers and lords of impunity.

What has a beginning, has and end, and what goes up must come down against all odds.

Anonymous said...

Despotic African leaders take note: a roll call has begun, be it by the ICC or by the people. Lubanga, Taylor, Gaddafi, Mubarak, etc.

Those waiting in the corridors of justice, please be ready when your name is called...

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