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Monday, May 28, 2012

Political Prostitution, Urinating on Voters' Grave

The season of political laundering is here and the heat gets a notch higher with every passing day. And the gullible Kenyan electorate is enjoying the movie with its varied adaptations.

It is that time in our electoral cycle when a name is more than just a cluster of letters to simply spell an identity. No, your name must equate to an ethnic group and you earn both friends and foes in equal measure depending on your political horse.

The biggest casualty in this madness is rule of law. The way MPs and our leaders are tramping on the so-called new constitution can only leave one wondering if the new document was worth the paper and ink used to author it.

It appears in Kenya we make laws with the sole purpose to break it. Or to be more precise the law is made for the ordinary folks while the high and might can trash it at will no consequence. Just look at the rate of party hoping. In the space of a month, an MP will have pledged allegiance to as many as four to five parties.

What is more, they have the cheek to even contemplate amending the laws to legalize party prostitution. The fact that serial defections have been a characteristic of our political system since 1992 is a cheap argument.

Milk on Professor's whiskers.

Until all Kenyans become subjects of same law, we are collectively living the national lie dreaming of delusional progress. But not when we end up comparing and supporting who authored the most lucrative scandal against Kenyan.

Just as one would want to reprimand Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto to walk the talk of civilized leadership, the likes of Prof Anyang Nyong'o must be held to account for the sickening smell of corruption at NHIF.

We gain nothing either as a nation or individuals by identifying and supporting our tribal chieftains. No scandal is a small scandal. It is not amateurish to be caught with droplets of NHIF milk on your whiskers.

Until we make corruption very expensive and embrace honesty (no doublespeak), Kenya will continue sinking deeper in abyss knowing very well we have what it takes to our country shine.

Kenyans remain toxically political because almost every facet of their lives life is impacted by actions and inactions made by political leaders. We can only free ourselves of these leeches by demanding the very best of our leaders. But can we? Please keep your answer and there is no prize for guessing.


Mwarang'ethe said...

The biggest casualty in this madness is rule of law. The way MPs and our leaders are tramping on the so-called new constitution can only leave one wondering if the new document was worth the paper and ink used to author it.


May be some never read, or, perhaps read but, never understood or took seriously what we wrote ages ago.

This is the deal:

The so called reforms under so called new constitution was and continues to be living in the world of:





"Just as one would want to reprimand Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto to walk the talk of civilized leadership, the likes of Prof Anyang Nyong'o must be held to account for the sicking smell of corruption at NHIF."


We noted ages ago that, whenever you see the STATE SHALL PROVIDE..., read, corruption, fraud and violence.

If you read your so called new constitution, it is full of words STATE SHALL, STATE SHALL, STATE SHALL provide DIAPERS, FOOD, EDUCATION, HEALTH, girlfriends, husbands etc etc.

As such, the authors of this document are plainly ignorant of the human nature.

Anyway, since FUNDAMENTALS do not matter, only useless concepts like rule of law, democracy, OPIUM SESSIONS matter, we leave in peace to enjoy:

The lips of the righteous teach many, but,


Anonymous said...

I agree that Mwarangethe told us eons and ages ago and all we did was heckle him. Chris, Taabu and Luke of KK world are guilty as charged and they should apologize.

About NHIF, well, its obvious that the so called 'reloaded' ODM that is now truly becoming a regional party needs loads and loads of cash to keep its followers 'loyal' the kenyan way. What do you expect from a party whose chairman is in court for fleecing Kenyans, its presidential candidate office has been knee deep in KKV and maize scandal and now its sec gen has been caught with his long fingers in the public coffers

Anonymous said...


Charity begins at home. Please tell us what you have done in your individual capacity to better Mbeere people's lives.

Yapping is cheap because all it needs is lifting and shutting your lips.

In your eyes all is wrong except your take. What is your personal and household katiba and what difference has it made to you and others.

Please reply in mother tongue (no imperial language).

You are so original and anti imperialism/capitalism so much so that you started a cosmetic biz trading in GOLD. Any progress???

It is unfortunate that you seam to mistake being loud mouthed for wisdom.

Luke said...

Wacha zako ati all Kenyans become subjects of the same law kwani constitution ni MUNGU? bure kabisa

"iBelieve" Kenyans are SOVEREIGN but wait a minute MP's and leaders are not responsible for Voter Education&public awareness this is the responsibility of WANAINCH.... shut up stupid!

Anonymous said...

Poor Luke.
The WONDERFUL katiba that you harped about endlessly here in kumekucha praising it and calling all those who trashed it names, is just another worthless document.

Even MP's have twice increased their send off packages to 15 million each, while the katiba talks of salaries and renumeration committee..what a joke!!

Mwarangethe has always been right. We can now truly tell the wheat from the chaff and those who are smart from the pretenders in KK. By the way, where is Chris who glorified the passing of the new document?

Anonymous said...

In the meantime,explosions in nairobi streets.
what happened to explosion in Uhuru park during the refeendim? was this by the wariahs?

seems it is yet another election season when voters must be kept in fear

Kweli hii ICC is bringing issues

Anonymous said...

You guys yapping about who is and was right about katiba are missing the boat by a whole river. Your rants are no better than juvenile mchongwano.

Taabu's FUNDAMENTAL message in this post is equality before the law. There are wanainchi and wenye inchi. And he is challenging you.

So the onus is on the voters to reclaim their power and reshape Kenya.

There is no need for cheap braggadocio trying so hard to impress an online audience on how smart you are (I-TOLD-U-SO).

Start by looking at Uhuru livid with rage at how ICC can treat him JUST like Sang. He cannot believe that ICC doesn't know whom he is.

And there lies our problem - BWANA KUBWA!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Taabu's FUNDAMENTAL message in this post is equality before the law.



So called equality in law/rule of law DOES NOT exist because a paper says so OR SOME IDIOTS calling themselves lawyers told you so!

It can only be a recognition of facts based on the social conditions of a society.

As such, to expect equality of law in Kenya/Africa at this time in history is to be OUT OF YOUR MIND.

With that, we leave for the LIBRARY to STUDY some of the RACIST philosophy/FOUNDATION STONE of CURRENT global system:

"Nature has given us :

(a) a race of WORKERS, they are Chinese,

(b) a race to TILL THE SOIL, they are Africans, and

(c) a race of RULERS and SOLDIERS, they are Europeans."

So, said THEIR PHILOSOPHER ERNEST RENAN, in 1888, but, IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS will never teach you this.

They only teach you how to MOUTH useless BIG words like democracy, rule of law, fight against corruption and such RUBBISH.

Bure kabisa!

Anyway, we do not want DEVIL'S Philosophy:

Anonymous said...


How shameless will you continue with your shouting to look knowledgeable? Please stop your annoying tendency to selectively cut-and-paste people's comments to advance your kingsize ego.

Did you see this:

...There is no need for cheap braggadocio trying so hard to impress an online audience on how smart you are (I-TOLD-U-SO)...

And please refer us to your collection of work (outside plageriarized online with abbreviated web links).

You cheap monolithic take of referring to others as products of IVY LEAGUE Of ....., show us your PUBLISHED work (and please don't throw in that cheap vibes ati publishing belongs to cartels etc).

Over to you and pass me a quote for your cosmetic biz, I will pay in GOLD.

Taabu said...


Wacha blasphemy, kwani ICC ni Mungu? iBelive yako ni tabia mbaya, ushindwe.

See now you have even exported your rigging DNA abroad to Zurich. You must be smiling from ear to eat after Sepp Blatter has recruited your bully Luis-Moreno Ocampo at FIFA.

Woe unto Sam Nyamweya and Issa Hayatou. Tell them to get tutorials from O4 lest he gets toasted.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10:32, come on man, stop attacking the messenger and attack the message. One of the oldest tricks in the books to discredit anyone is to attack the messenger.

Why must any African get 'qualified' by the European institutions to be taken seriously? Does it mean we as Africans are inferior? When did the European set the benchmark? don't we have our own benchmarks? Before the Europeans came and messed our paradigms, what set our benchmarks, what were the qualifying standards?

Perhaps an understanding of what drives a person to do something out of passion (Amateur) and professional (tied to your employers interests) will shade some light…

Please Google what we mean by statutory law, and you get to understand that under this type of law, anything can be turned into a law including 'equality'. As per the law, aren't we all equal? after all is it not written as a'law'?

While you are it, think of which peoples are extinct and who and what caused that extinction(a good starting point is the indigenous Tasmanians); be wary of who you listen you, be wary of who defines one as intelligent (why is a dog defined as intelligent? do other dogs think that that same dog is intelligent in a dog world or stupid), be wary of who qualifies others, be wary of those that monopolize information and lastly be very wary of those who have the largest guns… History has a very sad examples that we do not seem to take note of…

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5.31,

And that is what we call a debate. You may differ with a standpoint but fleshing out your take is what stands you our from pretenders who shout and insult all they disagree with.

You see it is not what you say that makes you point brilliant, it how you package it.

In contrast your are the tactful diplomat compared to the raw frothing politician.

Mwarang'ethe may be right sometimes but boy, he is constipated with his condescending monologue. You see in his mono coloured lense all others are wrong (infact stupid) except him.

I gues there are no traffic lights in reggae gear roundabout. Otherwise Mwara would have been ran over by verbiage truck.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mwarang'ethe may be right sometimes but boy, he is constipated with his condescending monologue. You see in his mono coloured lense all others are wrong (infact stupid) except him.


Wacha maneno tupuu.

You must make a choice whether you want:

(a) the correct information, or

(b) the pleasant information.

The problem is that, the products of the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, a. k. a. BABY SITTING OPERATIONS, want pleasant information so as to confirm their IVY LEAGUE induced foolishness, illusions and delusions.

More so, in the matters of knowledge, wisdom, understanding it is not about majority.

It does not matter what the whole world thinks/knows.

The truth from ONE MAN must be able to stand up to the foolishness and delusions of the whole world.

As such, we understand why for instance:

- Galileo's NOBLEST discoveries were the derision of his foolish contemporaries who used to PUBLISH,

- they did not only deride his discoveries, but, in their height of folly, denounced them as crimes which merited the vengeance of Heaven,

As such, it is no wonder that, although the Most High had granted Galileo the new sight to see the UNKNOWN WORLDS in the obscurity of space, the same eyes which Almighty allowed to witness such wonders were themselves doomed to be closed in darkness.

What do you think has changed?

Sample this:

(a) the "best" (a serious joke) brains you know, told you the wonders of the new katiba.

On our part, standing on the TRUTH as established by 6000 years of HISTORICAL EXPERIENCE, noted FIRMLY that, such ideas are just delusions and illusions of IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS Graduates.

NB. Have you seen this?

"KRA sets its sights on landlords to grow tax streams."

"The revenue authority’s plans are the latest in efforts to NET MORE taxpayers and meet its obligation of collecting more revenue to fund the devolved governments."

So, what happens when you tax land devils?

Simply, they pass that % to their tenants in Kibera, Korogocho etc.

We may be stupid, engage in monologue, but, we are yet to be educated how more taxation of Wanjiku can be in her interest.

NB: So as to educate us, we would be very happy if you drafted your BEST (a joke) brains such as Nzamba + COE, Kilonzo, PLO, Githu, Wako, Raila, American ambassador, Kibaki's etc etc of this world.

(b) when the so called Arab Spring started, the best (another joke) brains told you the wonders of democracy in the Northern part of Africa.

On our part, we called such ideas as madness.

So, we ask, how is that democracy in Mali, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria going?

Anyway, we are done and we are off to enjoy:

Remember the stone the builders refused?

Anonymous said...

Nyeri is rotting and chocking with garbage will Kibaki is sleeping in SH. Just look at this clip.

Anonymous said...


So you equate yourself to Galileo? Is he black (black teacher?). Why are you glorifying an imperialist?

Until you leave the web and put your plagerialized delusions and abbreviated web links into some form, nobody except you will ever read them.

At least Galileo's work was documented, na yako wapi?

Anonymous said...

Excuse my late night rants and raves. One does not need to understand the history and nature of our country's low-end political prostitution that goes on 24/7 in places like Kivulini, Msufi Mkafu, Mawinguni, Kisengemunge, Mlango wa Mkizi (not wa Papa), Kivukoni, Kilindini, Ung'indoni, Wavuni, etc.

The culture is so entrenched to the point where very little can be done or instituted to curb the menace from further growth among the next generations of 20something, 30something and 40something politicians, professionals, career clergy (prophets for profits that specialize in propagating the gospel of instant wealth rather the gospel of their Boss), and citizens from all walks of life.

However, there is a lot that can be done in order to put an immediate stop the cyclical desecration of voters' graves.

Simply protecting the affected areas by installing high voltage electric chain link fences around them, put tiny hidden cameras in strategic location within the scared grounds then wait and see what happens to the political goons who like to piss against the sacreds winds in the middle of the night.

Every dog that pisses on a pole has its day, and unfortunately for the humans turned political canines or tribal T9s, there is no known treatment for spigots that have already been fried by high voltage electric chain link fences, other than immediate surgical removal of whatever dead tissue that may still be attached on the owner - political goon.

40 days and not 40 thieves is all it takes for a political canine to forfeit its electoral spigot.

As for the gullible Kenyan electorate, feel no ounce of sympathy for them, nor shade no single tear for them because it's only a fool who keeps sticking his or her tongue in the face of their favourite tribal gabon viper or well fed tribal king cobra.

People, especially the idiotic electorate should be left alone to their own devices until the time or decade they begin to recognise their electoral idiocy and learn from their own stupid political mistakes that are committed during every electoral cycle.

Why would any intelligent group of people - call them informed electorate if you will - keep standing under the same ethnic bridge or political over-pass while knowing very well that the politicians they elect to stand at the top of their electoral bridges or over passes will just end up pissing down on them instead of representing them to the best of their abilities and attending to the needs of their constituents as expected in any civileized world with mature democracy is the norm.

Seems as though the general elction of 2002 was never a teachable or learnable moment of the majority of us, otherwise gthe current political climate would be very different ten years after the previous regime was sent packing.

Anonymous said...


I have another story here:

Anonymous said...

Lol...the pensioners are out to get a piece of Mwarangethe who truth be told has been right about everything for the last three years that I have been visiting Kumekucha.
Time to burn the chaff and enjoy the wonders of the wheat that is Mwarangethe.


Mwarang'ethe said...

Until you leave the web and put your plagerialized delusions and abbreviated web links into some form, nobody except you will ever read them.

At least Galileo's work was documented, na yako wapi?



Publishing means both:

(a) print, and, or

(b) electronically.

Anyway, as a by the way, we have seen that, the CJ has PUBLISHED HIS reforms.

Having first changed the DRESS, he is now wasting your money changing the buildings so that he can deliver INJUSTICE in LUXURY. Bwa ha ha ha he he hi hi we we wi wa wa wa wa,

"Luxury the hallmark of Kenya’s future courts."

Meanwhile, as he SQUANDERS time and resources on stupid and foolish delusions, your currency is sinking.

Anyway, we leave to study modern ILLUSIONS and DELUSIONS as we enjoy:

Jump Nyabinghi

Anonymous said...

Delusion and deceception is to be a RACIST (BLACK) TEACHER shouting about imperialism from Europe.

Hope you don't pay tax and you get paid in GOLD. Hypocricy galore.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Hope you don't pay tax and you get paid in GOLD. Hypocricy galore.




As concerns GOLD,we remind thee (assuming you know anything), when the REFINED/CIVILIZED Romans were collapsing, they were paid with FIAT/PAPER money (read, dying like the Kenyan shilling).

However, when they sought to hire the BARBARIANS/GERMANS as soldiers, these BARBARIANS would demand payment in GOLD.

Today, the SAME BARBARIANS, i.e. the Germans, are demanding GOLD from the ROMANS, i.e. Mediterranean Sea area such as Italy, Greece.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha he he wi wi wi wa wa we wa wa

Europe’s debtors must pawn their gold for Eurobond Redemption
Southern Europe’s debtor states must pledge their gold reserves and national treasure as collateral under a €2.3 trillion stabilisation plan gaining momentum in Germany.


NB: We do not need gold to have a stable monetary system.

With that, we leave to enjoy:

Time Will Tell

Anonymous said...

Pseudo intellectual ejaculation, LOL

Anonymous said...

Clueless pensioners manning KK versus the smarts who do KK a favour by penning their ideas...

Anonymous said...

Dunia ina mengi. While we are all busy shouting in support of our little seasonal political parties and tribal political gods of choice, the IEBC will end up cleaning out whatever little that could have been invested into improving so many areas of our lives and corners of the country that have gone so (100%) wrong to the point of decay.

The IEBC is trying to piss on our economic graves by demanding Ksh 41 billion (US $500 million) or else ..., so the billions can be wasted in a matter of fourty eight hours on a general election that will turn out to benefit only those who will be drawing huge parliamentary salaries for the next five years, while the rest of the citizenry will still end up where they started in 2002 because very little is going of change in their respective communities and personal lives.

Why are we the tribal voters trying to blame those who have perfected the art of urinating not just on the voters' graves but also on our dead-voters-walking bodies galore?

When we are the ones who have given them the open mandate to urinate on us as they so wish, anytime, anywhere, anyhow and any which way they so please?

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