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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Lords of Impunity, Return of the Royal Tribes

The adage the more things change the more they remain the same won't have been more apt in describing Kenya's political landscape. Well, the phoenix that is ETHNIC groupings is back in full swing with all their divisive and siege mentality to boot.

Gema did its a great job in the 1970/80s to own Kenyatta's presidency. They may have failed in blocking Moi from succeeding Jomo but the embers only hibernated. Now with the imminent retirement of Kibaki, they have smelt blood and the tribal drums are beating at the highest decibels.

Tribal apologists may deny it but Gema latest meeting as Limuru II has reawakened the dread and the vitriol that is proving to be even more vicious. Other hitherto tribals groupings were nothing but cultural organization. But not Gema whose succeeded in singular morphing itself into a quasi state power and economic hegemoth.

How one would wish that the rest is history. Not quite. The wheels have been re-invented and zooming at breakneck speed to secure Kibaki succession. The faint hearted may brand the naked truth as hate speech but will be disabuses of the absurdity when these evil machinations are proved right with time.

Moi's cheap and populists ideas too ban these tribal associations couldn't stand the test of time. It was an open secret his target was to ban Gema while later cobbling Kamatusa to advance the very evil he purported to fight.

We are back to square one. Kibaki learned his ropes during Kenyatta's tribal reign and matured during Moi's ERA. We can only sit back and watch his perfected script alloyed with wisdom spanning close to 50 years.

Last week it was Gema and today it is Kamatusa. The others will follow suit but only one retains its lethal potency to secure its interest at whatever cost. No prizes for guessing. We haven't seen anything yet. Welcome to BATTLE ROYALE 2012/3. NA BADO.


Anonymous said...

There are people, names withheld, who continue to lead their lives as if they were still above the law four decades later, due to the fact that very little has changed in Kenya with regard to how the one percenters aka wealthy political elite, their families, friends and business partners operate in Kenya of 2012.

However, the question is why has Dr. Kirubi waited for such a long time in order to seek overdue justice?

Dr. Kirubi many other Kenyans have been aware of the fact that the former unrivaled kingpins of the Rift Valley are no long in power, and as matter of fact so many of them have died since then, while many others are now in their sunset years ('shadowy phase of their lives') dealing with pressing personal matters and other health related complications.

Gone are the days when the top politicians, provincial chief, rogue police chief, unethical state apparatus and bully KANU operatives were the judge, lawyers, jury and excutioners in all matters pertaining to what went on or were allowed to take place within the Rift Valley, from the 60s until later on in 2006.

So, why is Dr. Kirubi up in arms in search of overdue justice four decades after the fact?

Why now? And not in 2003, 2004 or 2005 after the previous mafia like regime had been voted out of power?

Are Kenyans going to see more of similar property cases brought to the highest court of the land, now that things are beginning to shape up within the judiciary?

And also now the Kenyan media, investigative reporters, freelance journalists and concerned citizens for justice are no longer scared to death like their Russian, Colombian and Mexican counterparts, when it comes to reporting about about injustices and many other wrongdoing carried out by the political elite and well connected in Kenya in the course of the last five decades.

Lastly, will several Goan families, names withheld, seek justice when the time comes for them to try and recover several of their family properties and land along Muvuli Road, Waiyaki Way, including many other parts of Westlands, Pangani, Ngara, Muthaiga, Kabete, Gigiri, Ruaraka, Kileleshwa, Lavington, Ngong Road, Adams Arcade, Hurlingham, Lang'ata, Karen, Embakasi, Upper Hill, etc?

These are prime properties that were forcefully taken away from the Kenyan families (citizens) in question by very well connected individuals, families, businessmen and women, lawyers, and senior government officilas.

Or will it end up being a case of too little too late for the like of Dr. Kirubi and other affected Kenyan citizens who are now trying to seek justice denied after all these years of impunity (double matunda ya Uhuru for a select few)?

Anonymous said...

Its an election year and as usual the bitter old pensioner of KK has gone a notch high with his tribal laced posts and comment moderation to ensure only comments that sooth his 60 year old ego go through. For a man whose flames are almost out, he should be leaving a legacy that he can be remembered for but his long list of failures and missed opportunioties even after getting favors from the previous admin doesnt help things. The fellow who we will not name see, dreams, eats and farts Kikuyus. His hatred for people who are not to blame for his misfortunes is appalling. Sasa nani atasaidia huyu babu????

Anonymous said...

Taabu, the lords of impunity, resurgence of the royal tribes of yesterday, corrupt politicians and public officials are not to blame, it's the idiotic tribal voters and foolish tribal individuals who still think that they will always have strength in numbers, yet they end up being screwed over and over by the elite and corrupt politicians.

On the other hand, why doesn't the president, parliament or whoever has the guts and political will privatize the fire and rescue department or whatever they call it in city of Nairobi?

Why don't they just outsource the whole enterprise to G4S or to any other capable entities that are not only willing but are ready to be held accountable and reponsible for their actions or inactions.

Firms that are also ready to modernize their structures, firefighting philosophy, equipments and recruit, educate and train young firefighters who are willing to carry out their duties with a different modus operandi?

Why has Nairobi city council or whatever it likes to call itself, continued to retain uneducated, and untrained firefighters who are not any different from street sweepers and toilet cleaners?

With all due to the sanitary staff, their work in streets and public toilets speaks volumes and bares their mark to say the least.

And what an embarrassment to hear that a whole mayor of Nairobi is still clueless as to the whereabouts of the newly purchased fire trucks for the city Nairobi.

Any surprise that the same is the case with the ambulances, trucks and other vital equipment that are purpoted to have been procured for the express purpose of public services at the so called Kenyatta ("National") Hospital that still lacks water, electricity, equipment, security and well trained staff.

What a mess as well in almost every public institution all over the country?

Who is to blame other than we, the people, better known as the idiotic voters, foolish tribalists and ignorant citizens who have always allowed ourselves to be led astray like blind hungry sheep ready to head out for grazing in crocodile, hyena, python, black mamba and tick infested pastures of Kenya.

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