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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No Monopoly of Tough Talk: Raila Breathes Fire

Call it playing hardball or foolish grandstanding. The so-called G7 have been lording it over Kenyans and maybe someone had to stand up to them. But when you set out to bell the cat you are better reminded of the lurking paws.

Raila has come out bare knuckles and confronted his opponents head on. Hitherto lukewarm, the PM has chosen to play hard ball and challenged Uhuru and Ruto to stop their ethnic incitements practiced under the pretence of prayer meetings.

The Uhuru-Ruto axis blundered big time with their poorly crafted Kanu-era like propaganda accusing Britain of scheming to have them arrested by ICC. But their real clincher was meant to rope in President Kibaki by insinuating that the pro-Raila West will have Kibaki handed in to ICC next year once he leaves power.

Well, this is 2012 and those weaned and nurtured in cheap propaganda can only rev in the same vice as they are swept downstream in the resulting embarrassment. But the plot was a typical cheap plot of playing into the ethnic insecurities stoking plastic patriotic embers. We have seen it here and almost everywhere with people chasing phantom imperialist shadows.

That leaked document was such an amateurish venture so mush so that it amounted to a national embarrassment complete with both spelling and grammatical errors. The whole joke must have been typed on an old rusty manual typewriter with no benefit of a basic spellchecker.

Yatta MP Charles Kilonzo may never get enough detergent to cleanse his face left plastered in smelly eggs. The poor MP thought he was hogging the political stage but only succeeded in being a flawless marionette and puppet. Now that both Britain and the NSIS have declared the leak as forgery, the onus is on the relevant offices to met commensurate punishment and deterrent for this blatant abuse of parliament.

Raila is no saint but somebody had to disabuse both Uhuru and Ruto of their bravado and fake invincibility. The gloves are off and the political heat can only get hotter. Game on 2012.


Anonymous said...

While his ship is sinking with the imminent departure of Mudavadi and Kibaki kicking him (yet again) in the teeth with the police commission top jobs, he still finds time to hurl abuse at these two clowns who can't use a spellchecker on a cheap forgery?

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that Taabu is a Raila die-hard supporter until I read this post. It comes out very clearly.

And so if Chris is also a Raila sympathizer that makes Kumekucha 100% Raila.

What say you Chris?

Anonymous said...

I have always given Raila the benefit of the doubt in the past several years, but now it seems as though he is so full of himself to the point where he has become so convinced and deluded himself into believing that he has already won the world cup soccer final, to use his football analogy of getting into the static house way before the national general elections are held.

By counting his chicks before they are hatched, he may as well kiss the presidency of Kenya a very big goodbye, sayonara.

Any man who really wants the presidency of any country by all means necessary, is a man who is more dangerous than any tyrant the continent has ever witnessed, and he may even end up making the likes of Joseph Mobutu, Samuel Doe and Robert Mugabe look like saints.

May be the time has come for 70% of Kenyans who are not emotinally invested in the presumed Raila presidency, to take not just a second look at him, but take a very hard look at who Raila Odinga, the man, politician, businessman, son of the late Oginga Odinga really is, what he stands for, and how he will benefit the nation and people from all walks of life, should he ever manage to be elected the next president by the majority.

So far, there is something that is not just right with the way and manner in which he has been carrying himself in public lately.

When all is said and done, the electorate may be the only ones in a better position to put him where he belongs after the next polls have been held.

Anonymous said...

And for the record, I would love to see the KANU relics like Kalonzo Musyoka, Uhuru Kenyatta, Joseph Saitoti, William Ruto, Muragura, the other nyenje (Mr. Miba-Miba from Laikipia (somewhere) and many others who still carry the ugly political baggage from the dark days of KANU era, sent into political oblivion, alongside Raila Odinga.

Enough is enough. Kenya needs to turn not just a new page but a whole chapter all together after 2012 or 2013, whenever the national general elections will be held.

Otherwise, we deserve what we will get if we continue with the usual madness/wazimu of engaging in the same old tribal politics over and over while expecting different results to pull us all out of the cazy-pit of existence by 2013 and beyond.

Anonymous said...

The sooner Kenyans realize that we need a fresh start, the better. Chris has been saying it here since 2005.

Elect the same old names, get the same usual deal. New constitution or no new constitution.

Anonymous said...

Bold move by Raila issuing the statement against Uhuru and Ruto and it was the right move, coz he has to differentiate himself now.

He had little choice coz incase you have not noticed, the other side stepped up the game.

Anonymous said...

RAO had no choice but to go bare knuckled after studious silence as G7 threw all kinds of propaganda mud at him. Right now he has got nothing to lose but to go down fighting (if it comes to that) rather than look on as his rivals tear into him time & time again. G7 should realise that RAO is not the only battle they will have to fight out. They are their own enemies and have more that can split them up than keep them together. Their eternal disdain for RAO & what he stands for is their only glue. The new constituencies and their boundaries will create a fallout that will be more damaging than their failure to agree on a flag bearer. G7 RV & NE MPs favour the IEBC report while most Central MPs feel they got a raw deal. This will definitely polarise this nascent union of theirs.

Bobby6Killer said...

Absolutely! New constitution, new leaders. There's no two ways about that. The whole lot has to go otherwise we'll forever remain stuck in the same rut year after year.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Absolutely! New constitution, new leaders. There's no two ways about that. The whole lot has to go otherwise we'll forever remain stuck in the same rut year after year.


Another of the ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES of a people who are in a state of constant DECEPTION and FALSE CONSCIOUSNESSES.

They told you that, independence will be your savior. It did not because, as an example, they decided to convert British Empire into a COMMONWEALTH in 1917 and put in to PRACTICE in 1948.

Then, they told you that, one party system will bring unity for development. It did not work.

Then, they told you that multiparty ism and OPIUM SESSIONS shall be the savior. It has not worked.

Then, they told you that, a new constitution will be your savior. Well, that ILLUSION is now obvious.

Now, we are told that for the so called new constitution to work, which IT SHALL NEVER, apart from INCREASING TAXES, we need new leaders.

And, lest we forget, they then told you that, the WHITE god called ICC/Ocampo will be Africa's savior. Well, that is a FAT lie.

In the end then, we declare with 101% CONFIDENCE, that, the idea of new leaders is another of the many ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES that they keep on putting in your minds. It SHALL NEVER, EVER, EVER work.

Anyway, since when you speak the TRUTH, it HURTS and people feel bad, we leave to enjoy:

The destruction of the poor is in their POVERTY:

Anonymous said...

While the Uhuru-Ruto vs Raila politics of trying to get at each others throats with the usual old backyard tribal propaganda in search of the presidency, that will never become a reality for the trio.

Excuse me for coming in from the left field with views against some political underground currents that are continuing to flow unnoticed by many Kenyans at the coast as well as in the rest of the country.

With all due respect, can someone in a position of influence among the remaining few wise and honest coastal leaders, please remind Balala bin Lala wa Siasa ya 'Nipe Nikupe' - nipe dhahabu, risasi, bundiki, wali na marashi, nasi tutawapa watumwa elf kadhaa - that the days of Mobaoists are gone and never ever to return under our watch.

The dark days have been officially over for decades since the colonial era, days and hour to be precise, when the British Crown paid the Sultan of Zanzibar over thirty millions Sterlings pounds in full compensation that was agreed upon for the Ten Mile (Vanga to Lamu) Coastal Strip.

A parcel of land that was forcefully taken from the local African natives of the area in question, several centuries ago during the cruel, heinous, but lucrative trade in human cargo that saw over fourty million East Africans get captured, kidnapped, traded and shipped like common household merchandise to Yemen, Oman, Saudia, Egypt, Sudan, Persia (Iraq/Iran), including several Asian and European countries for centuries.

The likes of Balala and his henchmen can't have their cake and eat it, because if they want to invoke and whip up sentiments from a bygone sadistic era, then they may as well be reminded of what it was like for the African natives to live under such an evil and hellish era.

Including the untold and unimaginable hardships that were constantly inflicted upon the downtrodden coastal populations and captured victims from the hinterlands for centuries under the despotic rule of the Sultan of Zanzibar, dating way back to the Zeng Empire.

All Kenyans are welcomed to continue engaging in politics but not under the cover of any hidden deadly agendas for whatever reasons that may end up destroying the relative peace and cohesion that has somehow prevailed in the region, including rest of the country.

Lest we forget why millions of Kenyans have died for over the last centuries - One nation. One People. Better Standards of Living and Bright Future for All Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Prof. Mwarang'ethe,

Maybe next time they'll tell us to change the color of our currency and we will be climbing all over each other looking for the right dye ama?

Anonymous said...

I find it proposterous that Uhuru should claim that Raila's statement is inflammatotry. Didn't he and his friends abuse, not only Raila, but an entire community. Now, what is more inflamatory than that. perhaps Raila should have spoken much earlier. The whole national pride is at stake when a few ICC indicted demagogouses are going round spinning cheap propaganda and abusing parliament to gain political mileage!

Anonymous said...

Didnt we say

Kibaki and his side trying to go Mugambe route

They might follow Bagbo!
Uhuru, Ruto seeking to scuttle Hague trials, says Raila
Share Bookmark Print Email Rating
Youth demonstrate armed with crude weapons at the height of the post-election violence. PHOTO I FILE

Youth demonstrate armed with crude weapons at the height of the post-election violence. PHOTO I FILE
By Nation Reporter
Posted Monday, March 12 2012 at 17:06

Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Monday upped his attacks against Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North MP William Ruto, accusing the pair of using "forged documents" to lay ground for absconding trials at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Mr Odinga, in a second statement released by the Raila Odinga secretariat, declared himself the biggest loser of the post-election violence after being denied "his rightful position as the elected President of Kenya".

The Prime Minister accused Mr Ruto and Mr Kenyatta of fronting forged documents to suck him into the ICC saga.

This was in reference to documents read out in Parliament by MP Charles Kilonzo to allege of a British conspiracy to influence the outcome of the ICC process. (READ: UK accused of seeking Kibaki trial at ICC)

"No public petulance on their part can substitute for the court process. Nor can forged documents and the besmirching of innocent persons’ reputations assist them.

"It is clear that the present posturing against the ICC, complete with the weaving in of the PM’s name and that of the British Government, is a dress rehearsal for non-cooperation with the ICC. It is clear that the foundation is being laid for the accused to refuse to attend trials of the cases against them," he said.

Mr Odinga pointed at "forces with a selfish agenda" for taking advantage of the protest that followed the botched 2007 general election to perpetrate the post-election violence.

He claimed that the same forces have continually been sabotaging the coalition government, including frustrating efforts to establish a local tribunal to deal with perpetrators of post-election chaos.
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Uhuru and Ruto ought to be in jail, says Raila
UK accused of seeking Kibaki trial at ICC
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"The beneficiaries of the 2008 injustice have shown they will stop at nothing to frustrate reform and justice," Mr Odinga said in the statement.

"It is this spirit of impunity that frustrated efforts to establish a local tribunal to deal with post-election violence. Parliament was mobilised to defeat the Constitutional amendment that sought to do this, with the main perpetrators cunningly creating the false impression that they sought real justice, and could only achieve it through the ICC. The reality is that they did not wish the matter to be addressed at all – locally or otherwise."

The Prime Minister sought to frame the upcoming election as a contest between reformed governance and impunity.

"The time has come when every one of us must stand up to be counted. Either you are for the rule of law, or you are for impunity. It can’t be both. A choice must be made," said the statement.

"It is up to each Kenyan, therefore, to search his or her soul and decide where they stand. The choice is between the law and impunity."

Anonymous said...

Chris, lest u forget that you promised the mother of all articles!! It’s been 3 months n’ counting…

Mwarang'ethe said...

Maybe next time they'll tell us to change the color of our currency and we will be climbing all over each other looking for the right dye ama?


Next time, they shall say that Kenyans/Africans do not know how to write good English and a number of Kenyans/African will join that chorus.

Sample this:

According to the British High Commissioner, Professor Anyang Nyong'o, Raila, Taabu and others, the so called British leaked document had SPELLING and GRAMMATICAL ERRORS.

From this FACT, these guys REASON VIGOROUSLY that:

(a) The British, being the WHITE gods, cannot "make" such silly mistakes.

(b) Kenyans/Africans, such as Uhuru and Ruto, and their followers, being so STUPID, cannot write without SPELLING and GRAMMATICAL errors.

Therein, you see the example of SELF HATRED PSYCHOLOGY at work.

If not, we ask:

(a) what does the presence or absence of spelling and grammatical errors have to do with proving the SOURCE of a document?

You can only come to the conclusion that it is from UK and Ruto camp AT THIS STAGE, if you are of the view that, only they, are capable of making such mistakes and not the British.

NB: We have not seen this document. We desire not to see it. And, it is immaterial to our arguments against the KANGAROO ICC.

Anonymous said...

1) Ivy league means tinsmith graduates who make YALE padlocks

2) Arab spring is a brand for bottled water.

3) Confidence/stupidity is daring to fart when you have a running stomach

Take you pick. There is nothing like whiet/African wisdom. Making sense is raceless. Crawl out of your mental slavery and see truth unadulterated and not African teacher. Be a teacher and universally dispense knowledge or wisdom but don't hide under Sumerian folklore mistaking it for intelllect.

Pole PIG.

Ken said...

The bottom line is, Raila is of the old order. So are Uhuru, Saitoti, Kalonzo & Ruto. They ALL need to go home if we are to have any sort of change in Kenya otherwise it will be the same story of different forest, same monkeys.

Anonymous said...

People are who they really are rather than who they think they are, or what they want the public to think and believe they are.

That's why one of the real difference between Ruto, Uhuru and Raila is worth a ndururu/ndululu or ng'otole/ng'otere with a scratched King George's image on it. No more, no less.

The trio are all one and the same, the type of people who will cry wolf (hyena) while at the same time throw rotten eggs and bloodied feathers at each other in the name of gaining trivial tribal pursuits and political mileage for all its worth.

As a matter of fact, Ruto and Uhuru should be accompanied by Raila and Kibaki as principal criminal suspects at ICC.

Fact; the post election violence would not have erupted to the scale that was witnessed in 2007/08, had the self-disgraced presidential contenders agreed on a workable solution to resolve the the grindlock that had watered down the whole electoral process.

As far as many are concerned, Kibaki and Raila are the two persons responsible for literally pulling the double triggers that sparked off the post election violence, and they should have their feet held to the fire at the ICC.

Alongside the blood socked feet of their political henchmen, Uhuru, Ruto and others who still think that they will never be brought to justice before Mother Nature sends out death with her usual calling cards.

Enough with the years of Kibaki as president, and enough with the years of Raila as prime minister.

Immediate retirement or years in an ICC jail should be their only option after 2012.

Anonymous said...

Now why would a whole cabinet secretary come to Kenya over a forged document???? Think guys there is more to this then meets the eye....but what ever it is raila put paid his presidential ambitions with his reckless mouth do you really believe Kiuks and kales will vote for him?

Anonymous said...

Whether Rao has burnt his bridges is neither here nor there. Uhuru and Ruto have been holding the country hostage and whipping emotions to advance their selfish ICC interests.

Come on Kenyans, somebody had to bell the cat. Now that Mudavadi is turning into another Kalonzo of seeking cheap compromise. Sometimes hardball must be played.

True, Raila belongs to the old order, but where are the new breed to take on twin evils? Nobody has balls and Tinga took the mantle.

Anonymous said...

Visit by UK minister doesn't make forged documents otherwise.

would NSIS have been wrong.Is it not a Kenyan outfit!

It shows how the world is concerned with the way things are changing in Kenya and sadly,we are staring at a Mugambe scenario.

These criminals don't care about kenya but to safeguard their skins-and a forged document can be a "good reason" to shout external interference and a justification not to cooperate with ICC,notwithstanding that its functions are domesticated in Kenya's laws.

It is right that Uk has taken this step

Anonymous said...

The land issue will always remain such a huge sokwe on our nation's back and neck until such a time the issue is resolved in the most justifiable and equitable manner.

So far, there is no need, reason, excuse nor any justification whatsoever for one single family to continue owning 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of hectares of arable land that has been left dormant for decades while so many Kenyan families continue to languish in IDP camps.

The land in question once belonged to the nation and the people, call it 'government that was in power at the time' but was immediately grabbed by some greedy individuals who had entered politics to try and help their constituents to begin with, only to end up looting the very people they had intended to help uplift their standards of living.

Since we have now entered into the new era of releasing leaked documents in parliament and the media, why not raise the bar a little higher by allowing the leakage of the names of who-was-who, who-is-still-who and their descendants who happen to be the current beneficiaries of the grabbed land, buildings, many other former public properties, including the billions and billions of dollars that were looted from the treasury and other financial institutions in the last four and half decades?

Be as it may, the truth will hurt and shame some of us in the short term, but it will end up setting the nation and many of it's people free in one way or another.

Anonymous said...



Sadly, we are still being reminded by the chief justice that, we can not choose the days to be nationalists and the days to conveniently retreat into our usual ethnic cocoons.

Very little has changed since the days of Kenyatta, because some of the large ethnic communities like the Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luo, Meru, Luhya and Kamba are still enjoying (feasting on) the huge chunks of the national cake in 2012.

One of the painful reminders and obvious reasons why Hii Kenya Bado Si Yentu and it will never be regardless of who gets elected president in 2013 or 2017, unless very drastic changes put in place with regard to inclusiveness at all spheres of our modus operandi as a nation, rather than the deadly viper cum black mamba invested conglomerate of very selfish, myopic and destructive tribes.

Ole wetu!

Mwarang'ethe said...

So far, there is no need, reason, excuse nor any justification whatsoever for one single family to continue owning 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of hectares of arable land that has been left dormant for decades while so many Kenyan families continue to languish in IDP camps.


Another of the many DELUSIONS.

It is not the AMOUNT of land that matters.

And, even if it did, if the famous Romans were unable to achieve such a measure, what MAKES THEE believe Kenyans can?

In fact, their FOOLISH attempt to LIMIT land sizes DREW the "FIRST" BLOOD. Be warned.

Since a COMPETENT African Teacher must demonstrate whatever he/she says with FACTS, here they are:

Recently, in the DN, it was reported this:

"Research shows land values along Thika Road in 2007 were about Sh5m
per acre. The same property is now valued at Sh50m per acre."

So, if you are POOR and owned JUST 2 acres at Thika Road in 2007, today, you would pocket KES 90 MILLION.

NB: Some ages ago, we dwelt with this on going GREAT 21ST CENTURY ROBBERY under beautiful names like 2030 Vision.

We INQUIRE, since THERE HAS NEVER EXISTED FREE LUNCH, who has paid for all this?

NB: Check Kisumu with the new airport. There is another FREE LUNCH going on there.

We ask, if you are RICH to own 100 acres in Turkana in 2007, what would you pocket today? Nothing to talk about compared to the POOR guy who owns just 2 acres at Thika.

So, where do Kenyans get these ideas of land sizes as the problem?


For those FIGHTING so called tribalism, we hear that the MOST famous IDLER called Kibunja has woken up.

To show that he has woken up, he organised a TEA DRINKING and BISCUIT EATING party using Wanjiku's money where he invited men like the CJ to WASTE time.

Among other CHILDISH FANTASIES he has come up after eating millions is this:

“The education of young people should deliberately inculcate positive values on ethnic and race relations as opinions they form will often be those they will carry with them throughout their lives,” ...

On top of this, this IDLER, wants to HIRE MORE IDLERS to check so called tribal mathematics in PRIVATE COMPANIES.


Well, we have good news for this IDLER. Yugoslavia had such a curriculum. They INDOCTRINATED young kids for 70 years, that, there were no Serbs, no Croats, Slovenians etc and were all Yugoslavians.

As such, we would request him to get a copy of that USELESS and CHILDISH EDUCATION policy from Yugoslavia.

However, while there, he will be advised to read their recent history of wars, genocide etc after swallowing such beautiful propaganda disguised as education.

Anyway, since DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES are better REFUGEE for the PERPLEXED MINDS than the BITTER TRUTH uttered without fear, we leave to enjoy:

Lessons In My Life

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