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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Congo's Lubanga Guilty: Bad Signs for Ocampo4

Since inception 10 years ago, The International Criminal Court has served its first verdict today. The ICC has found the Congolese warlord, Thomas Lubanga, guilty of recruiting and using child soldiers between 2002 and 2003.

Lubanga headed a rebel group during an inter-ethnic conflict in a gold-rich region of Democratic Republic of Congo and was accused of crimes against humanity: using children as young as nine as bodyguards, sex slaves and fighters.

The verdict was unanimous among the three judges that Lubanga bore responsibility for the recruitment of child soldiers who had participated actively on the frontline.

So it appears The Hague doesn't take 90 years as premiered in our local movies. Lubanga was arrested in 2005. That paves the way for the local lads to take the centre stage after Lubanga. And the precedent is not very pleasant. Interesting times lie ahead.


Anonymous said...

Warrants of arrest had to be issued to ge this dude

O4, a precedent has been set

Anonymous said...

Submitted by back2back

Does this excerpt from Al Jazeera sound familiar??? "Lubanga's lawyers have accused the prosecution of fabricating false evidence with the help of intermediaries used by the prosecution to find witnesses, and claimed that individuals were paid to give false testimony. Al Jazeera's Hary Mutasa reporting from the DR Congo says there are areas of the country which there is large swathes of support for Lubanga, who are looking at the ICC case with suspicion. "There is a resentment towards the ICC, as they feel Lubanga is unfairly targetted,"" Do you bloggers sense what I sense??

Anonymous said...


We wacha zako. O4 is going nowhere. Na kwani Ocampo ni mungu? Wapi Professor wa ujinga? LOL

Anonymous said...

committed suspects of murder are kept in remand awaiting trial

why are the O4 still loitering around?

Anonymous said...

Oh goody,

So now things will be all fine in Congo and the multinationals stealing Congo's wealth will leave holding hands and singing "kumbya"?

Sham court. Sham judges.
But it does sound "good".

Anonymous said...


Daily Nation pulls down this big story of the day!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Another LIE well packaged for the masses.

This is what Taabu and his company SHALL never let you know, or, they CARE NOT TO KNOW.

Witness 3 AGAINST LUBANGA at the ICC:

"Mr. Witness, did the people in your neighborhood know that you were taking part in the preparation of the lies?" asked Counsel Catherine Mabille.

"Yes, they knew it," answers the witness.

Witness 3 in the ICC:

"They asked me questions [ICC THUGS].

They showed me pictures of Thomas Lubanga.

I said: ´yes, he is Thomas Lubanga´, but I DIDN'T´t KNOW HIM.

EVEN TODAY I don't know him. They asked me: ´do you know if this man recruited children?´

I was acting, saying what had been invented. I was told what to tell them. It was a MONEY ISSUE."

Having EXAMINED all these LIES, FABRICATIONS and CORRUPTION, this KANGAROO Court, decided that:

"Having said that, the Chamber considered that in this case, the PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT [BRIBERY & CORRUPTION] alleged by the Defence has not breached the rights of the accused to a fair trial by disabling "the accused from properly defending himself."

In other words, as long as you have a chance to MOUTH your stuff at the ICC, that is sufficient.

How can one say he is delivering justice when witnesses have been BRIBED?

And, to make it worse, they ADMIT this in front of so called judges. Incredible! Incredible!

Well, some ages ago, we warned the Ocampo 4 that, their lawyers are misleading them. In a clear warning, we wrote:

we would advise the Ocampo four to “pause” their frantic defence, change their defence strategy and take on Ocampo first."

We added that:

"In fact, we would argue that, their defensive strategy amounts to letting a long and unbroken line of troops move for so long which must be avoided completely if one is to win any war.

As a matter of fact, their strategy amounts to fortification in the age of aerial warfare. As such, they need to abandon their fortifications and launch the greatest weapon of offensive warfare i.e. a surprise and ferocious attack."

They ignore this warning at their own peril. As a matter of fact, their strategy ought to have been:

(a) take on Ocampo/ICC first.

(b) since (a) shall fail, then, refuse to cooperate with the Court.

Anyway, since LIES travel faster than the TRUTH, we leave to enjoy:

Give Thanks and Praise

Anonymous said...

Good riddance. Good riddance. Good riddance.

Lubanga's paid defenders and legions of sympathizers (with conflict of interests) can now chorus their cries of foul and shouts of folly to the high heavens for all it's worth.

In the meantime, let him rot behind metal bars for the rest of his life. Good riddance.

Another diabolo bites the dust of justice in a very small measure. Otheriwse, the slicing of his neck by the guillotine would have been more suitable for his diabolic kind of cursed breed of a human being.

Let's not blemish DRC's image by associating its name with the cold blooded reptilian black mamba, better known as the the Four-Headed-Monster (deadly-viper) of Ituri, the one and only evil tribal warlord and destroyer of Ituri people, none other than Lubanga Dyilo Provocateur Diabolo himself.

That was great news about having one more less demented tribal warlord on the continent of Africa, after his conviction for very few of the 1000s of evils he has already perpetrated against the children and residents of Kivu North.

Although many people of Congo would have wanted to have him tried and convicted for the ethnic massacres, murder, torture, rape and mutilation of thousands of victim that he orchestrated in the Ituri region.

On the one hand, it was so laughable to see him dressesd in what some have termed as an elegant white (un)ceremonial robe at the hearing of his conviction.

What's so ceremonial about the deaths of thousands and thousands of Ituri people and their neighbours at the hands of evil man Lubanga? And where is the old fashioned guillotine when it's needed?

I guess the white robe stained with the rivers of blood, cries and constant anguish of the dead, signifies the ghosts of genocide that will only depart his daily company when he is sentenced and left to die behind bars at the ICC.

On the other hand, Kenyans who are named Lubanga can breathe a sigh of relief, for they will now be able to tavel freely without ever having to be subjected to tight or extra security checks or look over their shoulders whenever they fly out of the country.

Good riddance. One down, Nkunda Batware, another diabolic character and former tribal warlord of North-Kivu should be handed over to the ICC so that he can be held accountable and criminally reponsible for committing human rights abuses in North-Kivu and the surrounding areas.

Anonymous said...


Chill, this was just a preview of the forthcoming MOVIE. No need to through tantrums. The real action bado, LOL.

Please confirm or deny that you turned down ICC presidency on principle against wabeberu, LOLLEST.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Chill, this was just a preview of the forthcoming MOVIE. No need to through tantrums. The real action bado, LOL.

Please confirm or deny that you turned down ICC presidency on principle against wabeberu


wa ha he ha he wa wa wi we we ha ha he

Yes, we have the "COPY" of the real action.

We have the copy because, as an African teacher, one must know the thinking and plans of the PERFIDIOUS ALBION/ALBINO.

NB: May be, there is a DEEPER reason why the Tanzanian bush doctors kill their Albinos after all. This is speculation subject to research.

Anyway, we leave thee with a story of how the PERFIDIOUS ALBINO really works.

Sometimes back, there was a Tribunal in the
Republic of Ireland set to inquire:

"... into suggestions that
members of An Garda Síochána or other employees of the
State COLLUDED in the fatal shootings of RUC Chief
Superintendent Harry Breen and RUC Superintendent Robert
Buchanan on the 20th March, 1989."

In that inquiry, one member of the PERFIDIOUS ALBINO secret services informed this Tribunal that:

out of the 210 people they arrested, ONLY 3 were not agents. Some of them were agents for all four secret services:

- FIGHTING AGAINST EACH OTHER against each other,

- making a large sum of MONEY, while, as WE SEE IN AFRICA NOW,

- creating mayhem in Northern

So, in Congo, we may have Lubanga and Kabila, in Kenya, we may have akina Raila, Ruto, Uhuru and Kibaki fighting each and creating mayhem, but, remember this:


Anyway, since you believe in Team B and Team A, all answering to the same PERFIDIOUS ALBINO, we leave to enjoy:

Jah Alone a Christian

If you think them a Christian, give them a $ 1000, and ...

Anonymous said...


Man you are onto something. Please quit what you are smoking, it ain't weed. We all used to know that village vagabond called rasta. Are you the exported clown of him waxing knowledageable in Sumarian folklore?

Anonymous said...

The guilty are always afraid of any turn of events that are not in their favour. One reason why mbili-igele-two out of the Ocampo nne-inya-four will be held and prosecuted for their criminal responsibility in the sickening affairs of post-election violence in the same way Lubanga has met his fate. Each to his own, and let them now get ready to carry their own wooden crosses as they head for the uphill legal battle at the ICC. As they await to face the guillotine, without the usual loud mouth trademark of cowardly appealing to the sympathy of their respective ethnicities. The time is coming when they should be reminded to wajikaze hadi wakufe kikondoo until proven guilty wa mwisho au innocent wa kwanza.

Anonymous said...

As the western powers arrange their political pawns in the chess board that is Kenya we probably need to remind them that they attempted the same game in Palestine and Iraq didnt turn out as expected did it? In fact in the latter case it has bankrupted the US. So they may try to impose their pawn on Kenya by jailing Uhuru and Ruto but a more virulent anti western person may pop up and woe unto western interests in kenya...... and on that note isnt Laikipia still white mans country?

Anonymous said...

Poor Kenyans! Escapism won't solve your problems. Look at Koske who did his job well and ICC acquited him. Muthaura may foillow. But the two loud-mouthed know deep down they are guilty and Lubanga's fate awaits them.

In the process they have ropped in their tribesmen to sing WEST WEST. That is exactly what Kibaki did - going East. Did that stop Anglo Leasing from sprouting?

We are our own worst enemies. Without the West there would be no Kenya to talk about after 2008. That is not to be apologetic on their neferous ways but THE WEST DIDN'T CROSS OVER TO KILL 1300+ Kenyans.

Mwarang'ethe said...

We are our own worst enemies. Without the West there would be no Kenya to talk about after 2008. That is not to be apologetic on their neferous ways but THE WEST DIDN'T CROSS OVER TO KILL 1300+ Kenyans.

3/14/12 2:27 PM


Oh, yes, they HAVE and WILL/SHALL KILL more Kenyans than the MERE 1300 you mention.

Sample this:

"The International monetary Fund (IMF) has DIRECTED the Central Bank of Kenya to maintain the existing regime of high interest rates until expectations of low inflation are firmly anchored.

Looking forward [BACKWARDS REALLY], efforts to promote exports and invest in transport and energy infrastructure will help accelerate growth and strengthen the external position."

Off course, they will never tell you how they kill thee, but, we shall keep on telling you.

When the say promote EXPORTS, they means:

- put more Kenyans into ABSOLUTE POVERTY by reducing their wages.

How many millions shall die because of this Western induced poverty? Anyway, don't worry, they will print in your newspapers some PRETEXTS.

When they say, invest in transport and energy infrastructure, they mean:

- ensure the GREAT 21ST ROBBERY of Wanjiku goes on and on,

- ensure you have that PIPELINES from Sudan to CHEAPEN oil exports to the West as Kenyans die scooping oil because of ENHANCED EXPORTS we just referred to above.

So, teach us not CHILDISH stuff because, they continue to sink us into poverty which GUARANTEES future violence.

As expected, when that violence comes, which SHALL, they will come as WHITE saviors while they are just PERFIDIOUS ALBIONS.

Anonymous said...

The political heat in kenya is rising. Anybody seen or heard of Kaloozer, or is he hiding under a bed, to come out only after things have softened? If even wekileaf MM has something to say, but our beloved Kaloozer has gone AWOL...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


That drum you are beating is broken, try something else. While you type in the safety of West, do you IMPORT your own food from Mbeere or you go to the supermarket?

And do you pay in GOLD? I am still waiting for your offer to sell me the cosmetic biz. I'll pay in GOLD.

Hypocracy: Enjoying wine and dishing water, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Is addressing a KK contributor as PIG an acceptable language or are the moderators sleeping on the job?

Back to this post celebrating the suffering of others that is a trademark of Taabu.

The only constant thing about kenyans is the memory of a house fly. How many times will be fail to address institutional weaknesses due to our blind focus of personality? Are we really that weak when it comes to looking at the bigger picture? Is engaging our brains to look at things critically such a tedious thing to do? Mwarang'ethe please go on spreading the good gospel...

Mwarang'ethe said...

And do you pay in GOLD? I am still waiting for your offer to sell me the cosmetic biz. I'll pay in GOLD.

Hypocracy: Enjoying wine and dishing water, LOL.

3/15/12 4:10 AM


No, no no.

A "few days ago" we went to the so called BANKS and inquired about some "loan" to "expand" the cosmetics biz.

To our astonishment, they said that, for one to get some "loan," one must agree to PART with about 30% of the profit made.

When we inquired further, we were informed that, the TYRANT at the CBK and the COMMISSION AGENTS at the EXECUTIVE branch of tyranny, i.e. Raila, Uhuru, Kibaki, Musalia, Kalonzo etc, had been DIRECTED and HAPPILY AGREED by the PERFIDIOUS ALBION in the name of the IMF to have high rates so as to make sure Kenyans cannot make stuff.

This so accomplished by these IDIOTIC COMMISSION AGENTS who are DIVIDED into IDIOTIC Team A (pro Ocampo) and B (against Ocampo), the PERFIDIOUS ALBION will escape depression in an EXPORT GROWTH STRATEGY.

NB: In 1930's, they called Beggar Thy Neighbor policy.

So, this is what we understand.

Anything else you discuss using high sounding names like the ICC, Ocampo, Opium Sessions and such is just bullshit.

Anyway, since this is waste of time, we leave to enjoy:

Brutal Out Deh

Anonymous said...

PIG said,

...Anything else you discuss using high sounding names like the ICC, Ocampo, Opium Sessions and such is just bullshit.

Why are you insulting thyself. Kwani umekuwa NYANI huoni kundule, LOL.


1) When you enegage in the same trade/capitalism that you spend your waking day trashing

2) You go to the bank for LOAN, the same USELESS paper

3) Hunting the WEST who are your hosts - come back to Mbeere

4) Coveting the business life that is the serial butt of your your Sumarian folklores

NB: Childish delusions and fantasy is when TEACHING acquires a racial tag (ati African teacher blogging from the WEST?, LOL)

Mwarang'ethe said...

1) When you enegage in the same trade/capitalism that you spend your waking day trashing

2) You go to the bank for LOAN, the same USELESS paper


Pole sana because, you "get it not"

"Commercial banks cash from high rates to mint billions."

"According to Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) data, in the 11 months to November last year, banks made pre-tax profit of Sh80 billion, beating the Sh74.2 billion recorded in 2010. What has raised eyebrows, however, is the fact that the bulk of these earnings were made in the last quarter."


How much of those KES 80 BILLION was taken by the PERFIDIOUS ALBION?

Off course, to make sure you never see the TRUE STATE of things, he would like Kenyans/Africans to waste all their time talking/"discussing" SHIT like ICC, Ocampo, Opium Sessions and such dog poo discussions.

Anonymous said...

...political pawns in the chess board that is Kenya...

Why do we still even bother comparing malingo or matumbe to maembe in this day and age?

In all fairness the history of Palestine (c.135 CE) and that of Iraq (24th Century BC) can not be placed on equal scales let alone looked at through the same lenses with the recent history of Kenya (1895 - 12th December, 1963).

Further, the only political pawns that the wise old western governments and multi national corporations of the wazungu are still able to manupulate on the chess board that is Kenya, are;

a) Foreign aid, a very viable commodity which we the people can longer afford to do without because we have been unable to survive without generous handouts in the last four and half decades, and it's no longer an option we can afford to forfeight.

b) Economy of Umaskini Tele-Tele has evolved into a perennial preservation of the very lucrative 'poverty industry' that has always been a blessed cash-cow or golden goose for the thousands of foreign and domestic NGOs that operate on Kenyan soil with impunity.

Established fact, 98.9% of the NGOs are accountable to no one but themselves courtesy of their foreign bank accounts and offshore accounts. The NGO cartels have become gODs unto themselves thanks to booming poverty industry.

And Man-Made-Crisis (MMS) in AFRICA which results in UNLIMITED FUNDING FOR 1000s of NGOs) operating in many regions of Kenya and rest of Africa.

c) Institutionalized religion including imported mechanical worship that's saturated with an overly alien ritualism.

Early wazungu pioneers gave us the so-called good old book and we gave them the rest of everything that we had cherished.

We even went a step further and offered the lowdown wholesale of our birthright for a one day's bakuli of uji for all its worth.

d) i. Queen's vernacular, call it the English language if you will. Well, just take good look around you and you will find how some of us, yes the learned people, still believe that speaking good (proper) English is the only real measure of civilization and rise from indigenous lifestyles that are heavily infested with backwardness and endemic darkness.

ii. As a matter of fact, millions of us, the people, have been brought up to believe that speaking the Queen's vernacular with proper British or North American accents is far much better than running and maintaining viable economies in our respective regions around the country.

e) Enablers of corruption in the public and private sectors, including all spheres and aspects of daily lives of the average Kenyan people.

f) Deadly tourism industry with all of its deadly vices and outright economic exploitations.

A very vicious industry where all is considered dandy and well as long as the government gets its 15% in revenue collections, and the10% of well connected ndividuals who are placed in positions of power and influence are able to get their annual cuts and percentages from overseas partners who own and run the whole of the tourism industry not just in Kenya but rest of East Africa.

The wazungu are not to blame but it is sisi kwa sisi who should have learned to find the ways and the means to help ouselves recover from the current deadly addiction of mzungu worship.

And get rid of the sokwe on our collective national back, yaani the deeply embedded, ingrained, wholly embraced and self-imposed ukoloni mamboleo that continues to thrive throughout the country, 24/7, 365.

Who is to blame? None but ourselves. Need I say more!

Anonymous said...

TAABU, do some of us know you from some where, or have we ever met in some distant past?

Yes we have. Talking of the time when you stated the reality and yet many of us just dimissed it as the usual wishful thinking of one individual, with one voice, a personal political agenda and an axe to grind.

That was then, when you unlished the Hague Express and the Tale of Two Envelopes, Sunday, July 12, 2009.

You were right on the mark, when you stated it as it was at the time, and is still true today, Well, you can never bake your cake and gobble it, or can you?

We are now at time where The Ocampo elephant is still on its legal rampage and there are many who are going to pay a steep price in the wake of the Hague Excpress.

So far, the Hague Express has cruised and rolled after Lubanga during his hide and seek legal games for several years, but in the end it left no skid marks for the well paid legal defense dream team that had been waging a battle of denials and dealys, while at the same time busy fending of the inevitable for Lubanga's last ditch survival efforts.

Who knows what is next or in store for Charles Taylor and company, including two well known suspects among the Ocampo-4?

Well, will the process take another four to five years (2013-2017) before the suspects are allowed to legally join Lubanga in the daily ritual of testing the official ICC's bed and breakfast menu for years to come?

Anonymous said...

Kilicho na mwanzo kina mwisho. Kibindoni ni mwanzo na mwisho wa Lubanga na visanga vyake.

Anonymous said...

Lubanga's guilty verdict may have been too little, too late for most of his victims and especially the conscripted child soldiers who are living with the trauma, daily ugly reminders and consequences of their actions under Lubanga's command. Although I concur wholeheartedly with all those who have stated that the belated outcome is a huge success and welcome development.

I don't care if millions of Africans are tried at the ICC so long as they are found guilty for the unspeakable evil deeds they have perpetrated and continue to perpetuate on the whole continent.


Being African doesn't give you the alibi for killing fellow Africans as if they were chicken on a poultry farm going out of business.

Anonymous said...


I can see the unwelcome carpet is still laid out there in order to keep most of us out for unknown reasons. Kwani iko shida gani?

Why not serve some of us the usual mboilo kawaida but with a pinch of new spices, hapa and pale?

Anway, endelea hivyo hivyo, for we have been warned not to complain because we may soon end up like our so-called very hardworking and progressive counterparts in China.

Where people will have to respect and observe the China Internet Rules as new microblog rules take effect on Friday.

Yaani, users will be required to register and login with their real identities as opposed to the days when aliases, synonyms and anonymity online was the order of the day.

Ati, the new microblog rules are aimed at curbing malicious rumours, lies and other common online defamtory activities.

Some have argued that the new rules will only make it more attractive to advertisers to target internet users on mainland China and elsewhere.

While at the same time, giving Uncle Xuondong (Sam) more leverage and sweeping powers of tracking down internet users and unlishing the dreaded mighty whip on any dissenting voices that dare speak up against the estbalishment.

Kumekucha is not like that, it's not in China and the Kenya government will not dare take that route against the ideals of its young democracy.

Kwa hivyo, nitabaki hivyo, hivyo, na hapa, hapa, until George Clooney decides to speak out on our behalf.

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