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Monday, April 02, 2012

Kibaki Legacy: Manage ICC and Vibrant Gema

Desperate moments call for desperate actions. Those who have been fooled to think of President Kibaki as aloof better have their heads examined. Kibaki has taken his succession head on using Uhuru to manage in in light of ICC while strengthening the G7 political grouping.

Most readers of Kumekucha may have been fortunate enough to witness the sunset days of the late President Jomo Kenyatta. Well, worry no more folks for the script if being copy-pasted right before your eyes. Adjust your seat belts for the bumpy ride ahead.

Then the late(s) Njenga Karume and Kihika Kimani would whip tribal emotions to keep the presidency within the house. But now we have educated and religious zealots in Bishop Emerita Lawi Imathiu and Peter Njenga pounding the tribal drums and manufacturing communal enemies who are out to vanquish and dispossess Gema of their birthright.

Nostalgia galore and Kibaki cannot take chances gambling with his legacy. Make no mistake, Kenya is no Ivory Coast nor Senegal. And very soon the OATHING sessions will be with us once more.

Missionary zeal in the Kibaki Succession
The latest Cabinet reshuffle was a window dressing for the hard political ball ahead. Forget the sissy Moi handing in power in 2002. Uncle Dan was only returning the favour and giving back power to its rightful owners.

The heightened tribal heat boiling the Kibaki succession has just picked the embers from where it was left in the 1970s. We haven't seen anything yet. No prize is big enough as a collateral just ask the late John Michuki.

ICC has set the perfect scene for that final superlative act. No elections this year. Meanwhile plans go into high gear to scatter that imperialist institution hosted in the (Zero) Netherlands. Kenya is not Congo just like one nondescript Thomas Lubanga is no scion Jomo Junior. The gods of the mountains will never let Kibaki enjoy his retirement if he never did anything to save Uhuru's skin.

Granted most Kenyan tribes have their own cultural organizations. But Gema is not one of those cultural merry-go-rounds. It is all about POWER and supremacy, OWNING KENYA. The other tribes must duly acknowledge the fact and thank their stars for being hosted within Kenya's beautiful borders.

Forget the fact that the often repeated mantra that the grass root populace never benefits from the stranglehold by their elite. You only need to look and read from the EXPORTED VILLAGERS whose vitriol is even more acidic than the true village vagabond smoking some alien weed while incoherently mumbling some reggae song.

Cultural merry-go-rounds
The Hague Express may have bolted from the station, but Ocampo and his team will know that Kenya has its owners. The Limuru II conference did a brilliant job in intimidating the rest of Kenya. Following closely was the the reshuffle facade that eased the opinionated Mutula Kilonzo from stalling the counter Hague Express.

Add to that the potent message inherent in sending Kalonzo Musyoka to Sudan to deliver special message to fugitive Omar Al Bashir. It is the height of obtuse naivety to still entertain the thought that Kibaki is sleeping on the job. Not when Gema's heart and soul is at stake.

Damn the Cabinet with their December election date. Kibalki's acrobatic skit on the election date was no happenstance but an act of unrivalled political and tribal calculation. What is more, the most important dockets are in SAFE HANDS, MTA DO?


Mwarang'ethe said...

"Damn the Cabinet with their December election date. Kibalki's acrobatic skit on the election date was no happenstance but an act of unrivalled political and tribal calculation."


The OPIUM SESSION date was "set" by two INDEPENDENT institutions which were SET by YOUR new Constitution.

These are:

(i) the Courts (bandia, if you ask Raila, he, the leader of reforms which set korti bandia), we wa wa we we we wi

(ii) something called Independent Boundaries and something else commission.

NB: Independent means independent from the SHEEPLE. wa wa wa we we wi wi

So, why blame Mzee Kibaki for this?

Also, Raila can walk away and force OPIUM SESSION.


"What is more, the most important dockets are in SAFE HANDS, MTA DO?"


We thought Kenyans passed the MOST PROGRESSIVE Constitution in the WORLD.

Then, use it. Bwa ha ha ha ha he he he hi hi wa wa wa we we wi wi wi


"Add to that the potent message inherent in sending Kalonzo Musyoka to Sudan to deliver special message to fugitive Omar Al Bashir. It is the height of obtuude naivety to still entertain the thought that Kibaki is sleeping on the job. Not when Gema's heart and soul is at stake."


An historian well sum up as follows:

Evil doing good.

bwa bwe bwe bwe bwi bwi bwi bwi we we wa wa


"You only need to look and read from the EXPORTED VILLAGERS whose vitriol is even more acidic than the true village vagabond."


VILLAGERS are the most BRILLIANT people on this earth.

The stupid, foolish, pumbavu's are the TOWN MOBS calling themselves: lawyers, presidents, ministers, civil servants, Members of Parliament, professors, journalists and such names.

So, leave the BRILLIANT and HARD WORKING villagers from your TOWN CRUEL MOB issues.


"The Limuru II conference did a brilliant job in intimidating the rest Kenya."


Since most have no sense of history, we shall tell a small story.

We are now in 1902.

A cruel PERFIDIOUS ALBINO called Mr. Sidney Hinde was the recently appointed sub - commissioner stationed at Fort Hall. That sounds like Kiambu/Limuru area.

At that time, some THREE Gikuyu elders came to see Mr Hinde to tell him that the people of this area were prepared to accept "The White Man's Government" and would not therefore, oppose its orders by force of arms.

These THREE Gikuyu elders, then, said that, when they started the journey, they were FIVE.

However, TWO of them had been KILLED by the Gikuyu who opposed SUBMISSION to the WHITE MAN.

Mr. Hinde, received these THREE Gikuyu elders well and went ahead to explain at GREAT LENGTH to them what the advent of the white man meant. He then gave them PRESENTS and dismissed them.



They were ALL MURDERED en route by those who opposed to their mission of SUBMISSION.

Now, the PERFIDIOUS ALBION is back under the cover of so called international justice.

No, no, some of us shall say to the day of death.

Now, add the Nandi and you see the picture.

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Negro Cavalry/Buffalo Soldier:

If you know your history,
Then, you would know WHERE YOU COMING from,
Then, you wouldn't have to ask me,
who the 'eck do I think I am

Anonymous said...

State House on Saturday revealed that President Kibaki is more interested in working with African countries and the East compared to the country’s traditional relations with the West.

While dismissing media reports that the President was “unreachable” by European diplomats, a State House statement termed Mr Kibaki’s diplomatic policy as “strategic” and guided by “changing geo-political dynamics”.

Disputing a report that European diplomats are unable to access the President, State House on Saturday afternoon termed the newspaper story as misleading and one that fails to capture the essence of the “Kibaki Presidency diplomatic outlook”.

The report, carried by The People Weekend, quoted French ambassador to Kenya Etienne de Poncins as saying that various diplomats have tried to hold consultations with the President but “it is virtually impossible to access” him.

“The President has been strategic and has not been unreachable to any nation that works for the good of the Kenyan people and appreciates the role played by external partners in endeavours to uplift the lives of Kenyans and citizens of neighbouring states,” State House said in the statement by PPS.

It said that the President’s diplomatic policy has been guided by Kenya’s present view of changing geo-political dynamics which entail an understanding of the West and East convergence on world affairs in an ever-changing environment. The statement said that President Kibaki’s visits abroad have been inspired by changing geo-political and economic realities.

“The President, at the very beginning, declared that his priorities would be East African integration hence his first international state visits were Tanzania and Uganda that today account for over 50 per cent of our global travel. China and Japan have emerged as strategic development partners of Kenya especially in the area of infrastructure development that has been a key pillar of the President’s agenda,” the PPS statement said.

The statement added that results of engagements with the East and African countries “are there for everybody to see”. It also said President Kibaki has, however, not ignored traditional allies.

“He has invited all development partners to be active participants in our transformative process,” the PPS statement said.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaaa, so the self titled "hard working" ones are now ready to lower themselves work with other(inferior) Africans? the Zulu kihiis, the Baganda kihiis..., the south sudan kihiis, the west African kihiis, the Luhya watchmen/cooks, the lazy coastals....hahaha. The Luo/Turkana k..., you get it! They may even vote for another African tribe....African unity???

Anonymous said...

@4/1/12 8:59 AM
While it's so easy to call other Kenyans all sorts of derogatory names, why is it so difficult to accept the fact that matriarchal dominance and extreme beatings have shaped most of your peers into what you have become in this day age?

How amazing that your frustrated kind has yet to learn worthwhile lessons based on the superiority of values embedded in traditionally female experience among your people?

Anyway, the rest of us will not comment any further other than to let the matriarchal beatings to continue taking place until such time your kind are willing to develop some self-respect, restrain, discipline and pride 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha au Kumepambazuka? Aibu ni kwamba eneo letu halini hospitila ya kutuo huduma ya emergency and critical care tangu mwaka wa 1963. Ole wetu tukipata ajali au magonjua. Maafa tele.

Anonymous said...


A Nakuru man is claiming ownership of three prime plots belonging to former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

Dr Isaac Kirubi claims in an affidavit filed in court that the plots were forcibly transferred to Mama Ngina on May 7, 1974 by then Commissioner of Lands, Mr James Aloysius O’Loughlin.

A document Mama Ngina filed in court shows she was allocated the land by her husband, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, after paying Sh30,000.

But Dr Kirubi describes the transfer as compulsory acquisition. He says he was about to develop the land when he lost it.

Dr Kirubi, who was Nakuru mayor at the time, claims he was summoned to State House in Nakuru by Mzee Kenyatta. “He ordered me to surrender my rights to the land in favour of Mama Ngina but I refused,” the retired medical doctor says in his affidavit.

He claims after defying the order, the President ordered Mr O’Loughlin to cancel his title to the land and register it in Mama Ngina’s name.

Here's the link to the article:

Anonymous said...

There are people, names withheld, who continue to lead their lives as if they were still above the law four decades later, due to the fact that very little has changed in Kenya with regard to how the one percenters aka wealthy political elite, their families, friends and business partners operate in Kenya of 2012.

However, the question is why has Dr. Kirubi waited for such a long time in order to seek overdue justice?

Dr. Kirubi many other Kenyans have been aware of the fact that the former unrivaled kingpins of the Rift Valley are no long in power, and as matter of fact so many of them have died since then, while many others are now in their sunset years ('shadowy phase of their lives') dealing with pressing personal matters and other health related complications.

Gone are the days when the top politicians, provincial chief, rogue police chief, unethical state apparatus and bully KANU operatives were the judge, lawyers, jury and excutioners in all matters pertaining to what went on or were allowed to take place within the Rift Valley, from the 60s until later on in 2006.

So, why is Dr. Kirubi up in arms in search of overdue justice four decades after the fact?

Why now? And not in 2003, 2004 or 2005 after the previous mafia like regime had been voted out of power?

Are Kenyans going to see more of similar property cases brought to the highest court of the land, now that things are beginning to shape up within the judiciary?

And also now the Kenyan media, investigative reporters, freelance journalists and concerned citizens for justice are no longer scared to death like their Russian, Colombian and Mexican counterparts, when it comes to reporting about about injustices and many other wrongdoing carried out by the political elite and well connected in Kenya in the course of the last five decades.

Lastly, will several Goan families, names withheld, seek justice when the time comes for them to try and recover several of their family properties and land along Muvuli Road, Waiyaki Way, including many other parts of Westlands, Pangani, Ngara, Muthaiga, Kabete, Gigiri, Ruaraka, Kileleshwa, Lavington, Ngong Road, Adams Arcade, Hurlingham, Lang'ata, Karen, Embakasi, Upper Hill, etc?

These are prime properties that were forcefully taken away from the Kenyan families (citizens) in question by very well connected individuals, families, businessmen and women, lawyers, and senior government officilas.

Or will it end up being a case of too little too late for the like of Dr. Kirubi and other affected Kenyan citizens who are now trying to seek justice denied after all these years of impunity (double matunda ya Uhuru for a select few)?

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