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Monday, February 20, 2012

Kumekucha Predictions on Kalonzo, Mudavadi

Faithful Kumekuchans will know that I hate to blow my own trumpet. People always write to me to tell me how accurate my predictions of Kenyan politics is.

Today I want to point you good people to a post I wrote in August 6th 2010 titled; Goodbye Kalonzo Musyoka. I myself was amazed at how spot on it is, almost like it was written today.

Kindly read it and lets get our political discussion in the right direction. In my view it is a waste of time discussing kalonzo Musyoka because his political career is over. He was never a politician anyway.

Read the post HERE


Anonymous said...

I have never agreed with Chris on anything. But about Kalonzo Musyoka I agree completely.

Bure kabisa this Kaloozer katiu kati.

Anonymous said...

Guys please watch African Union: Africa's New World Order (Full Length) here

M. Pesa said...

Great prediction back then Bwana Kumekucha that's slowly coming true and shaming many conmen analysts.

These armchair "analysts" remind me of those charlatans in the notorious River Road who prey on rural folks with their scam pata potea poker games.

This is what I also said last year under that great article:

"Yes, Kalonzo is a born loser and his political clout is now thoroughly diminished!"

I still stand by those words

Anonymous said...

How about John Michuki? Babdo ako na chuki Aga khan ame ameenda zake?

He rattled the snakes now. His turn to be bitten his here.

Anonymous said...

How about John Michuki? Babdo ako na chuki Aga khan ame ameenda zake?

He rattled the snakes now. His turn to be bitten his here.

Anonymous said...

Although I personally can't stand Kalonzo and his weaselly smile, I give him credit for being a survivor in Kenyan politics. Since his entry way back when, he's always (with a small break from 2005-7) being somewhere near the top.
Kalonzo, like him or hate him, has the necessary traits to make it into the next government.
Kalonzo will do anything, even selling his soul and respect (if he has any left) to be a bwana kubwa. Raila is exactly the same but operates with a slightly different modus operandi which unfortunately includes a few doses of violence here and there.
If these two nutjobs realize that the only way they can make it is to join forces, they will get together (accompanied by the usual Railalettes praises and udulations).

Anonymous said...

Latest reports are that John "Luo pesident over my dead body" Michuki is still alive but in critical condition.

kumekucha said...

@ M.Pesa

Your comments and that post did not happen last year. They happen last year BUT one in August 2010

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I dont mind the ones about Raila but for Gods sake leave Ida and the rest of the Luo community out of your stupid rantings. You moron!

Ben said...

wow this dude who rants and raves about luos obviously has issues. he is probably a failure in life, depressed, sexually deprived and ignorant. why would you show such hatred for someone who doesn't even know you? someone you have never met? And then insult millions of people? It's failures like you with so much hate in their hearts who create this vicious endless cycle of violence. If you are better, why are you unable to make your point without insulting an entire community? Your choice of language says more about you than the people you attack. Kumekucha should flag and remove statements like this.

Anonymous said...

There is so much about kalonzo in kenyan blogs. When you look carefully you realize it is his enemies "advising him". The posts are full of hatred and I wonder if you can hate one person that much if the person does not worry you. Ati kalonzo should stand up to ruto and uhuru! He has no chance if he does not secure their backing. His enemies know that and hence the "advice" that he should go it alone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that correction Chris:


Nbi Ken

hesbon said...

Let us pray to him. Who knows what can happen. people do change

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something? Has Kalonzo lost the general elections already? My calender says 21st Feb 2012 or am I a whole year behind?

Anonymous said...

Kipepeo, Kigeugeu, Kaloser, Kiruka-Nijia ya Katikati deserves whatever rewards of poltical obscuity and oblivion that will be accorded to him in due time. Political skunks have ways of pulliting their paths and the political air in general.

Anonymous said...

Kaloozer is his name and it will remain Kalonzo Kaloozer after 2012. His days are numbered and it will be good riddance when the time comes for the country to get rid poor calbre politicians like Kaloozer, hatchlings from KANU's political baskets dating back to the 70s andd 80s. Sayonara!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with Kipepeo Kigeugeu Kaloozer wa Njia ya Katiti as he continues to vehemently defend himself by saying that tusemane ukweli no more no less.

And yes, there is no need for Kaloozer to brand nor rebrand himself as anything else other than what he is and has always been according to his well known public record since the days of Mzee Daniel arap Moi, 2007 general elections and during Kibaki's last term in office.

Kaloozer is one of the grand political opportunist, selfish politcians, and an expert who has shamlessly perfected the dirty art of riding the tailcoats of other politicians when it services he's myopic political calculations.

Kipepeo is a man who will do whatever wrong it takes, say anything, and promise the moon just to get a small piece of political leftovers.

Kigeugeu is a double faced individual, a man who speaks from both sides of his mouth, and political character whose time has come and gone.

And it's high time he was let go by the people of Mwingi due to the fact that he will no longer be of any symbolic use to them once the presidential elections are over and done with.

I say, good riddance several months in advance, and may he start seeking other opportunies as stated by Mutula Kilonzo regarding politicians like the man from Mwingi, namely Kipepeo Kigeugeu Kaloozer wa Njia Katikati, PhD in Opportunistic Wipering.

Kalonzo Musyoka is who we thought he was from day one, a politician many people have come to despise including many from his constituence and the neighbouring ones.

Anonymous said...

Mtashangaa,atapitia tu.which kenyan politician is any better? Shindweni,wth ua hatespeech coments,did u know he wud vp? Leaders r God chosen.

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