Tuesday, February 21, 2012

John Michuki Finally Rattled by His Maker

Environment minister John "Luo president over my dead body" Michuki is dead.

State House Nairobi has confirmed his demise at Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi a few hours ago.

Michuki will be best remembered for the famous Michuki rules which brought some semblance of order to the local Matatu industry if only briefly. Environmentalists will also remember him as the minister most responsible for the cleaning up of the Nairobi river a task many believed was impossible at one time.
Unknown to most Kenyans (but not readers of my raw notes) Michuki has remained the de-facto minister of internal security for a long time and has handled many highly sensitive and classified chores for the Kibaki regime and many viewed him as a key witness to what really happened in the State house shortly before and after all hell broke loose resulting in the blood letting in 2008.

Most controversial past articles on John Michuki published in Kumekucha;
How Kibaki and Michuki planned and executed the Standard raid at State House (Kumekucha Exclusive)

Michuki's lethal shots wraps Kibaki in fraud

Dark faces behind secret No campaign by Yes camp

More about John Michuki's death


Anonymous said...

RIP. I was never your supporter but death is an equalizer. Yours is no better than those of slin Mungiki members nor those shot by police in Kibera under your shot-to-kill order. May your maker judge you as He wishes!

Anonymous said...

dem say shoot to kill but Rasta bless dem all.

Anonymous said...

The good book warns us against judging others lest we be judged ourselves.

I also agree that death is the greatest equalizer.

Let's hope the death of this key albeit reluctant witness will not hinder aggrieved Kenyans from getting justice for 2008.

Anonymous said...

RIP Kimeendero,
That being said may those of us alive and well on God's green earth learn the vital lessons from your life, namely reputation remains long after you stop breathing and are laid to rest 6 feet deep so how do you want to be remembered?

Particularly those political colleagues of yours, drug dealers, murderers and money thieves need to see this as a wake up call

Anonymous said...

EXOTICALLY DISPLACED PERSON dead and that is a step further than the living IDPs.

Death=universal equalizer. Now a Luo can be president over his dead body, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Burn in hell where you belong your buddies will join you soon murderer

Anonymous said...

Evn Chris has become so uncivilised that he results to insulting the dead?
Michuki like all of us had his good and bad side and choosing to start this piece with a luo snide was totally in bad taste.
What really happened to the Chris of Kumekucha that we all knew?

Ken said...

No matter how much you hate him, he was a person who knew how to get things done.

How many Kenyans benefited from the Michuku Rules? How many lives were saved by reduced accidents? Since he left ministry of Transport, how many UNNECCESSARY deaths have occured?

On the issue of Mungiki, those are thugs who behead their victims. Half of the hague trials is for atrocities commited by Mungiki. Why then should we blame him for trying to get rid of that gang?

We ALL have our weaknesses and we all make mistakes in our lives, but that should not over shadow the good things we do.

Michuki was a great leader, wherever he worked, he performed. That is more than can be said for 98% of Kenyan leaders.

As human beings, we should learn to be civilized. Calling a dead man names is not a civil thing to do.

For those idiots like Anon 2:51 PM, hope you are as Godly as Jesus and you won't be burning in hell with Michuki.

Ken said...

@Anon 4.34 PM,

Chris Kumekucha lost direction a long time ago. The day he buried his head in Raila's rectum, he surrendered his free thinking spirit as well as his balls to the Ojinga worship bandwagon. It is no wonder he loves to start his posts with a bit of "Praise & Worship" for his god.

Anonymous said...

I feel nothing. The only public service a person who raid a newspaper should perform is CHARITY!...Kenyans will always be led by evil people because they are quick to sanitize them...I will be very elated if it is God who has granted him his wish; A luo can now be president over his dead body-poetic justice I call it. Bure kabisa!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jaluos have very little IQ. Why rejoice over michuki's death as if you will live forever? Do you think Raila Kihii will live for ever? Only satanic minds rejoice over death of another human being. Chris, Please grow up from your 8-4-4 mentality.

M. Pesa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
M. Pesa said...

Hate or love him, he was the hardest working and most effective minister in Kibaki's Admin since 2002. He was 80 years old but worked like a young man and due to his age, I give him much credit. True, he was not a saint, no one is. But with him he was not a hypocrite, what you saw is what you got. The old man simply spoke his mind- hate it or love it! How I wish we had such kind of a president! Mind you he was also an astute businessman, owner of the world famous Windsor Golf Club. Rest in peace Mzee Michuki. And God was somehow kind to him, he didn't have to suffer much in a hospital bed!



Njenga Karume is also critically ill in a city hospital, very critical indeed that family members are ready for the worst but praying for the best. Speedy recovery sir.

Anonymous said...

In Kenya it seems, you can kill 1000000 people, build a 10KM road, you are then hailed as a hardworking saviour who is a good presidential candidate and everything RIP!!!!...hii ni stupidity ambayo imewekwa mbolea

Anonymous said...

Another coming to London-to discuss Somalia and attend to medical issues
President Kibaki has left the country to attend the London Conference on Somalia.

During the conference, President Kibaki will appraise world leaders on the situation in Somalia. Kenya has in the past brokered peace deals for Somalia. This culminated in the establishment of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG).

The President will also highlight the progress that has been made following the "Operation Linda Nchi” that the Kenya Defence Forces have undertaken to defend Kenya's territorial integrity and also supplement the efforts of the TFG forces and those of Amisom in dealing with the destabilising forces of the Al-Shabaab.

The conference, which brings together leaders and representatives from over 40 governments and multi-lateral organisations and representatives of Somalia's Transitional Government, will serve as a catalyst to a new and sustainable international approach to Somalia.

The delegates will discuss how best the international community can scale-up its efforts to tackle both the root causes and effects of the security problems in that country.

The conference is expected to agree on sustainable funding for the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom), and support for Somali security and justice sectors.

The international community will also deliberate and agree with the Somalia leaders on a political system to succeed the transitional institutions in Mogadishu while renewing their commitment to collectively tackle Somalia's terrorist threat.

President Kibaki and his entourage left Jomo Kenyatta International Airport shortly before midnight.

Anonymous said...

RIP John Michuki

Say hi to Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson!

Anonymous said...

If Meechukey was your godfather or icon of some sort by any chance, then it calls for mourning in that case.

Hmmm! If he was "a person who knew how to get things done" then how comes he never got a simple modern clinic or hospital built in his own region or elsewhere?

Anyway, we all have our good and bad sides tucked in our earthly shadows, Meechukey had a larger bad side attached to his one time earthly shadow that did more harm than good.

May the man rest in peace or whatever including the different dark shadows that he once carried along with him in public as well as in his pivate life.

Otherwise, the African continent should never waste time shedding tears for African leaders, politicians, businessmen/women and so-called intellectuals who die in foreign hospitals and institutions while trying so hard to search for exclusive medical ways and means to keep them alive at the expense of millions of Africans who die every year from common preventable diseases.

Those type of Africans should never be honoured, praised or mourned in any way, shape or form, unless one is among those who will no longer benfit from their patronage as Death continues to claim its share of the African bigmen and women.

And by the way, most of the colonial era and quasi pre-independent generations are definetly going to kick the bucket in the next five-to-ten years.

There is no question nor ill will in stating the obvious about what life has in store for those who had the golden opportunity to be living through their 70s and 80s.

Meechukey was one of them, their time is now, it's here, and so will our time in due course. Such is life.

Anonymous said...

Chris can you ask yourself this question, when did Michuki actually pass? Was it yesterday as some people would like us to believe or was it two days ago??????????????

Anonymous said...

May Michuki RIP and rise in glory if he deserves it. Human worship comes in different shapes. Saninitizing rot tops the list. Kudos for Michuki rules but are we rewarding tokenism?

The Minister for Transport is meant to do exactly that. But since we have lowered the bar we see saints in devils burning newspapers and auctining our security using mercenaries like Arturs.

Death is a universal equalizer. His dead body is no better than the PEV. He has died with plenty of Hague evidence.

It is stupid to sanitize rot hidding under the cover of being civilized to the dead. May Michuki go where he deserves.

Anonymous said...

May John "the rattlesnake" Michuki ETERNALY ROAST IN HELL.

Anonymous said...

Hon John Michuki was a gentleman. He never stole any sugar. He never stole kazi kwa vijana funds. He never stole molasses. He was not involved in maize theft. He had nothing to do with triton oil. If a clean man is to be condemned to hell by emotional bloggers, what will happen to those who have committed these evils if they happen to die?

Anonymous said...

He is no different from the other political Ali Babas and thier forty thieves who have taken advantage and looted the treasury, including several of the financial institutions in the country. Dig a little deeper into his past financial dealings and affiliations with some of the most corrupt politicians, unsavory chauvinistic charlatans and deadly individuals before claiming that he is an innocent as you want to beileve he is for whatever emotional reasons.

Ata kwa sasa nikipata sababu ya kufanya hivyo huko huko, nita fanya. - Michuki

While speaking about his so-called tireless efforts in the illegal night raid at the Standard newspaper.

Anonymous said...

john michuki never pretended to be youthful. He never painted his hair black like Raila.He never promised Sh20 unga in his campaign like Raila. He never promised free housing like Raila. He has never stolen maize or molasses like Raila. He has neve asked for a mobile toilet likre Raila. He used to talk issues in his meetings unlike Raila who talks about football -- remember his great speech of kalonzo na mupila!!! KIOKO PP.

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