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Friday, January 27, 2012

With Presidential Ambitions Up in Smoke, Can Uhuru Be Effective Kingmaker?

That is the question political observers are asking themselves since Uhuru Kenyatta's resignation as finance minister yesterday.

Unlike the emotionally reckless William Ruto who has openly declared he will be on the presidential ballot paper, Uhuru has not made any such direct declarations and remains as guarded as ever on his immediate political future.

As he exited his luxurious red-carpeted Treasury House office yesterday, Uhuru released a statement which indicated that he "looks forward to meeting you all at the grassroots as I traverse the countryside to reassure you all that our mission to give hope to the youth of this country, our vision of seeing a peaceful Kenya and our firm resolve to transform Kenya into a modern first class economy is still on course".

While Ruto has yet to appreciate the gravity of the charges facing him at the ICC, Uhuru appears to have an understanding of how high the stakes have been raised. Power politics is not an easy game to play when one has been indicted by the International Criminal Court. And for anyone to imagine that they can be state president and deputy state president in Kenya while they attend court sessions at the Hague is taking ambition and hope beyond utopian dreams.

Many legal minds, including CIC Chairman Charles Nyachae, have argued that there is nothing legally to bar Uhuru or Ruto to run for president. Even ICC Prosecutor Ocampo has asserted that the issue of elections in Kenya is something for the Kenyans to decide. But here at Kumekucha, being the sober political analysts that we are, we believe the presidential dreams of Uhuru and Ruto have hit a brick wall. Let us examine the reality:

If an Uhuru who is already indicted by ICC cannot serve as as a mere Finance Minister of a grand coalition government - despite presidential back-up to do so - and in a constitution that is in transition, how in God's name will Uhuru be president in our constitution when it is fully functional? How will Uhuru run to be president when he is charged at the ICC with the worst criminal cases that anyone can face in this world?

Granted that the KANU Chairman has his core support among the counties populated by the Agikuyu in the former Central and Rift Valley provinces. Uhuru has also steadily gained popularity ratings on some of our dubious opinion polls and was last reported as closing in on Raila Odinga. But the fact still remains that in the new constitutional dispensation, anyone who wishes to be president must come with a lot more than his ethnic support. The bar has been raised and sadly, both Uhuru and Ruto fail in most of the basic requirements the constitution demands for presidential contenders. The Hague baggage does not help matters.

In a country that is constantly baby-sat by western powers and one that the stability of the entire horn of Africa hinges on, how will someone who is on the same list as Ugandan sadistic warlord Joseph Kony be in the running to form a government in the republic of Kenya? Someone must be sleep walking to imagine this!

Uhuru and Ruto have only one way to go. They can only support a preferred presidential candidate, and sponsor as much parliamentary and senatorial candidates as they possibly can in 2012. Those candidate must be people they can control like puppets. And that president must be someone they can dictate to. That person is not Kalonzo Musyoka and neither is it George Saitoti. It could be either Raphael Tuju or Eugene Wamalwa, perhaps a pairing of both as candidate and running mate. The possibility of forming the next official opposition could never have been clearer.

Let us see how today's rally at Eldoret's 64 stadium turns out!


Mwarang'ethe said...

"Uhuru ... looks forward to meeting you all at the grassroots as I traverse the countryside to reassure you all that our mission to give hope to the youth of this country, our vision of seeing a peaceful Kenya and our firm resolve to transform Kenya into a modern first class economy is still on course".


Ati "transform Kenya into a modern first class economy is still on course?"

What a joke from this fellow. There will be no first class economy with the kind of stupid IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS policies Kenya has followed since 1963.


As to his ambitions to be the ROBBER - IN - CHIEF, after the OPIUM SESSION, we leave to others more intelligent to educate us.


Having dismissed this fellow as USELESS, do we join others in the ICC stupid train?

Never, never, never, never, shall any WISE African Teacher join foreigners in lynching an African. Never.

Knowing that this warning SHALL make NO difference to the BASE MINDS, we still give it.

When Greece people were tired of their corrupt state city governments due to CORRUPTION, IMPUNITY and such, they WELCOMED Romans to bring JUSTICE.

In less than 60 years, when those who had welcomed the Romans were dead, the Greeks realized their UTTER FOLLY.

Upon this realization, some took up arms.

Men, even though this was the AGE OF BLOODSHED/AGONY, (AS IS THE COMING AGE) the utter destruction of Athens by the carriers of JUSTICE from Rome , leaves any one with horror even today.

So, go ahead and invite the modern Romans/foreigners to give you justice.

However, in the fullness of time, your children shall pay a heavy price.

Anyway, we are off to search for the bones of Jugurtha who they brought to Rome in CHAINS and then, STARVED him to death as we enjoy:

Which man can save his BROTHER'S soul?

Two thousand years of history
Could not be wiped away so easily.

Two thousand years of history (BLACK history)

Could not be wiped so easily

Anonymous said...


Typical CEREBRAL intellectual. Only you and your folklore stands, all else are illusions and fantacies. Self-importance and cerebral at best.

Anonymous said...

“….our vision of seeing a peaceful Kenya and our firm resolve to transform Kenya into a modern first class economy is still on course".


Like Mwara, I really can’t connect with this ‘cut and paste’ statement from UK. Reminds me of other true but meaningless catchwords within GoK cirles like my Government is in the process of …, we are committed to ….., investigations are being done, I have directed so and so to….,

However, my view is that ICC doesn’t have any ulterior motive on O-4 trial. Remember we had all the time to try the suspects locally but proved incapable. Again which court in this country could dare the O-4 heavyweights (minus Sang) then?.

Mwangalendo said...

Uhuru's God has deserted him when he needed him the most seeing that he (UK) wasted his time and that of his hangers on by going to church last Sunday and presumably imploring his God to save him from being 'fingered' by the ICC.

Alas it has come to pass that the prayers of those that wanted him to face the music at the Hague were stronger and he should realise that with God against him and God with the 'opposition' he should resign himself to the fact that he is more likely to spend more time at the Hague than as president of Kenya!!

Give it up UK before you dig yourself deeper into your own muck.

Anonymous said...

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 27 – The wife of Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Ida, now says the country should seek mechanisms that would allow the cases facing four Kenyans at International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity moved to Kenya.

Ida said that she shares in the anguish that the families of Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, Joshua arap Sang and Francis Muthaura are being subjected to.

“Having been a wife of a former prisoner, I do understand how Rachel (Ruto’s wife), Mama Ngina (Uhuru’s mother) and radio presenter Sang’s wife and children and Mrs Muthaura are feeling,” she said.

“My own mother in-law succumbed to depression when her son who is now my husband, Raila Odinga, was in prison. I understand how the families are feeling. I can tell you it’s not a good feeling,” she said in a statement.

Ida argued that Kenyans were better placed to come up with solutions for local problems saying the issues facing the country, at the ICC, should be addressed internally.

She also said that the trials at the war crimes court cast Kenya in bad light.

She also called for the speedy conclusion of all issues surrounding the deadly 2008 post election violence saying there was need for its conclusion.

Ida stressed the need for resettling all Internally Displaced Persons so that Kenyans could comfortably move on from the ghosts of the post poll chaos.

“The issue of the Post Election Violence needs to be brought to closure to allow Kenyans to move on to other developmental issues,” she said.

She further cautioned Kenyans against rejoicing at what Kenyatta, Muthaura, Ruto and Sang were facing at the ICC.

“These are people we have lived with and are like my brothers. These are people known to me personally,” said Ida.

Meanwhile two constitutional commissions have called for the resignation of Kenyatta as Deputy Prime Minister arguing that the reasons that compelled his stepping down as Finance Minister equally applied.

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights acting Chairman Samuel Tororei and the chairman of the Commission on Administrative Justice Otiende Amollo argued that Kenyatta’s post as Deputy Prime Minister bore a higher significance than that of the Finance Minister.

“The office of the Deputy Prime Minister attracts a higher threshold of the requisite leadership, integrity and ethical standards so we urge Kenyatta to relinquish this post,” they said in a joint statement.

Kenyatta can only relinquish this post if he chooses to resign, if he loses his parliamentary seat or if Members of Parliament pass a vote of no confidence in his leadership. The PNU side of the coalition government is then free to nominate any individual to replace him.

The two commissions however lauded Kenyatta and Muthaura for stepping aside, as they await the outcome of their ICC case.

“This should form a precedent for all similar situations in the future,” said Amollo.

They acknowledged the president for appointing a tribunal to investigate the conduct of Nancy Baraza, who has been suspended as Deputy Chief Justice.

Bobby6Killer said...

Mwangalendo, Uhuru was busy politicking in Kisii last Sunday. Ruto is the one who went to church. Sometimes prayers are not enough...

Anonymous said...

And guess where Ruto went to church, BURNT FOREST - an epicentre of PEV. That is both religious and emotional impunity of rubbing salt to a wound. No wonder God was not interested. ICC is not Kenya where the written verdict would have been leaked ages ago.

All said, it is Raila's fault. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

They can only support a preferred presidential candidate, and sponsor as many parliamentary and senatorial candidates as they possible can in 2012. Those candidates must be people they can CONTROL like puppets. And that president must be someone they can DICTATE to.

Did Phil really have to strike at Uhuru - forget Ruto for the time being - with such a low blow?

Now that perspective raised by Phil is correct and it has everything to do with what some well known inner circles of politicians - hardliners from you know where - are busy trying to implement in preparation for the 2012 general elections, while having their collective eyes fixated on the coveted prize.

While at the same time the so-called hardliners are still struggling to find real answers to a question that has bothered many of them in a long time, and which seems to be at the core of their very political/cultural existence; Why! Have we, our initiation-age, got a curse on us?.

However, Uhuru son of Kenyatta is not party to it, he a member of the three rika(s) in question, nor is he one of the four very wealthy masterminds behind the Operation Wathiomo Mukinyu.

A preferred code name for 'Bind Together' because hardliners have always felt that every adaption in their regions has to offer an advantage to the frontrunner and his crew in the struggle for political existence.

Uhuru has already met some rebuffs from people he had counted as his friends, longtime family friends as well as political allies, just because he has never accepted to see eye-to-eye with the masterminds when it comes to taking the hardliners' stance on certain prescribed political remedies.

As a consequence Uhuru has crafted three different political strategic plans - to be implemented at a different time and date - and they don't include nor border any where near what's been mentioned by Phil, or the master plan that has been in the works under the sponsorship of hardliners who seem to have rebuffed Uhuru's alternative comprehensive plan of political action.

And yes, Uhuru can be and will be an effective kingmaker because he's a visionary leader unlike many other kingmakers and fixers who have myopic attitudes and some semblance of control over their respective political camps and communities.

Anonymous said...

Ida seems to know what's looming on the horizon, a dark cloud or something that most people in the other camp seem to have conveniently ignored, which is, a lot of evidence will not just stick on William Ruto but will also point in the direction of the dark underbellies of ODM and company. Mtego wa panya hushika? ...

Anonymous said...

God deserted Uhuru when he needed him the most....

Excuse my advocatus diaboli chants, rants and raves as released below without proper melody.

The Almighty - call him 'political god' or 'cultural god' if you will - had no sanely dog in our political fights and murderous mayhem of December 2007 and early 2008.

Neither has the Almighty had any good angels versus bad angels in our ongoing nationwide heated talks, squabbling and politicizing about whether the charges should have been confirmed or not by the ICC.

So far, the ICC ruling(s) have been politicized and overly tribalized way beyond measure, to the point where some of us have began to wonder what will happen when the shoe - of documented evidence - falls off the other foot that will not be hopping to The Hague soon?

So far, there were no violent mass demonstrations and wanton destruction of property in the aftermath of the confirmations by the ICC.

However, with all due regard, imagine for a micro-second what would happen in Nairobi and the rest of the country if the ICC had to issue orders to get Raila Odinga and three of his well known political rigt hand men arrested and brought - dragged - to The Hague (like Charles Taylor) to face charges related to human right violations and deaths of innocent civilians during the post-election violence, courtesy of tons of incriminating documental and digital evidence collected and provided with the full corporation from one William Ruto, his lawyers and supporters.

That's if William Ruto decides to play his trump card as the last resort, after having exhausted all manner of appeals in order to save his warrior neck from resting (aging) on sleeping pillows provided at The Hague for the next three or four decades.

The worst-case scenario is self-evident and it would have a profound effect in some parts of the country for a very long time.

Anonymous said... there a kumekucha posting marathon by phil of kibera, pensioner taabu and chris? In under a week, they have posted over 10 times, regurgitating and vomiting the same boring drivel of ICC..

Weak minds engage in rumours, petty gossip and rhetorics and its not difficult to finger the kind of minds akina phil and his ilk have..I wonder why he is not keeping his folly in that kaobsolete double O owned blog where he is a Vintage Loser!!

Anonymous said...

@Mh. Albert Einstein ibn Al-Great Minds,

A raise of gourd full of gundi in your honour. Salutations. Karibu tena! Kilo makofi na vigelegele.

Mheshimiwa, for your information, our respect and admiration for your great intelligence and originality are still unrivaled in the whole Mkoa of Kumekucha.

Thanks for gracing Kumekucha with your prolific intellect during the marathon drive courtesy of Phil wa Kibir (not 'Kibera'), Taabu and Chris Kumekucha.

So, Genius ibn Al-Great Minds, what else is new with you these days, especially since the days you revolutionized the world of physics in the annals of Kumekucha?

And by the way, why in the name of ... are you wasting your precious quantum of intellect on sites like Kumekucha et cetera, that are known to serve as unique outlets for a certain brand of commentary with no political end-plate potential?

Mheshimiwa, don't you think it's high time that you reinvested your gravitational time, and energy on updating your scientific and non-scientific works of old, lest the latest technological innovations overshadow your great body of works?

Anyway, all the best and have a great weekend charged with a very jolly good time.

*Ex-Synaptic Membrane.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:52 PM
What about the stage managed marathon press conferences of denial-denial-denial that are being held over all the place for the express purpose of playing to the gallery instead waiting for summons or subpoenas from the judges at the ICC? And some were heard saying "let's put someone like Gor Semelang'o from the otherside to refute the thorny issue at hand." While others wondered "why not just put Kipkoech arap Kunyuku as the spokesperson instead of Wainaina Semelang'o?" And the circus continues.

Anonymous said...

I say chaps, when is Silver Haired Grandmama Esther WaMurugi going to keep her promise to strip now that her heir apparent to Kibaki succession Uhuru Kenyatta has a date at the Hague?
Go on Esther-take it off! may your kids not be watching when you rob them of their shame and dignity

Anonymous said...

You have heard it from the horse's mouth, "if you are suffering from hungry, eat rats and donkeys". Don't be vague go to the Hague." Those are the words uttered by our new finance chief, none other than Githae.

Anonymous said...

Yawa!!! Hata Phil amepatikana kumekucha? Na kweli sadists ni wengi. Wanacheka wengine wakisema tia tyre...they dont know kesho its their turn or that of their opinion poll prezo aka mr 35%

Anonymous said...

Whether Uhuru is in the presidential race or not, one thing for certain is Phil, Raila Ojinga will NEVER EVER become president of Kenya.

You can take that to the bank my brother!
Stop herd mentality now!!

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if Phil will be supporting Raphael Tuju should raila throw in the towel.

Anonymous said...

Ti hi hi hiiiiiiiii, eti vintage loser, poor phil.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Uhuru,minister of finance to sort out this issue of doctors,we were told?

Doctors issue new strike notice

Posted Saturday, January 28 2012 at 16:29
Doctors on Saturday issued a one week strike notice for failure by the Government to implement a return-to-work formula agreed upon last year when the medical practitioners went on strike.
The doctors through the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union ((KMPDU) said the Government had negated its obligations since the signing of the agreement on December 12, last year.

The agreement ended a week-long strike that paralyzed operations in public hospitals.

“The initial urgency that greeted the drafting of this formula has been replaced with deliberate procrastinations with an aim of derailing implementation of the agreement,” said Mr Boniface Chitayi, the union's Secretary General.

Mr Chitayi said a negotiating team that was to be formed within one week of signing the agreement was yet to be formed six weeks later. The team was to facilitate Collective Bargaining Agreements.

A task force that was formed to look into policy issues among others is yet to release its report.

The task force, which was to start work on December 14, and finish in one week was mandated to prepare terms of references and a report that was to be handed to the Ministers of Medical Services and Public Health and Sanitation.

The Government also agreed to immediately employ 200 doctors but that has failed, said Mr Chitayi.


The Union claims that doctors have not been paid the first instalment of extraneous allowances, which ranges from Sh15,000 and Sh20,000 per month effective December 1, 2011.

According to Mr Chitayi, the Government said it was unable to pay the allowances.

He said officials in the Government argue that some members of the Medical Union such as dentists and pharmacists do not qualify for the new allowances.

“Out of 11 articles outlined in the agreement, only the first has been implemented and that is doctors going back to work,” the Union’s Treasurer Wambui Waithaka said.

Mr Chitayi noted that 400 doctors working with Kenyatta National Hospital and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret have not been remunerated.

The Cabinet froze salaries increments for civil servants stating that the review of salaries will be handled by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

Anonymous said...

Mwanetu, ozanaki? Umerauka rero na kurimba bomani yonze?

BTW, have you read or heard about Ms. Lindiwe Mazibuko's gradual but steady ascend to higher political heights?

Ms. Mazibuko may be the hope of a new dawn, a political model for the post-apatheid generation of South Africans.

She's now viewed as a real threat and a thorny public presence for ANC's rank and file, especially the vetrans who still have a triple chips on their shoulders and warped sense entitlement that is very similar to that of their counterparts in old-party KANU, ODM and PNU.

Is there a slight chance that Kenyans will get the opportunity to see two or three Ms. Mazibukos (of Kenya) in their midst steadly rise to the occasion in 2012 and 2017?

Or are the young generation of Kenyan women and men going to be left with a band of nominated politicians that are only interested in land grabbing and procuring cheap lots of land situated in locations near the "vice president's new residence, military barracks in Lang'ata, Wilson Airport, Karen and around the UNEP headquarters?

FYI, Abdoulaye Wade needs an immediate change of clothes, and the classic Mwai Kibaki vest made in Ivory Coast should be delivered to him asap.

Anonymous said...

Prof Githu Muigai, you are a disgrace to your family and Kenyans. Can any of this "profs" students raise up their hands? No wonder lawyers are embezzling clients money left right and centre. Githu said that UK and WSR were charged as individuals? Yaa? Then how come the government formed a committee to study the ICC ruling? Do induviduals me government?
And why is he paid to do? To advice the gova that UK et al are individuals but are part or responsibility of the gova?
DId he get his PhD via correspondance or from india? I think i know where he got his phd and proffesor from! A university in Nigeria!

Anonymous said...

Prof Githu Muigai, you are a disgrace to your family and Kenyans. Can any of this "profs" students raise up their hands? No wonder lawyers are embezzling clients money left right and centre. Githu said that UK and WSR were charged as individuals? Yaa? Then how come the government formed a committee to study the ICC ruling? Do induviduals me government?
And why is he paid to do? To advice the gova that UK et al are individuals but are part or responsibility of the gova?
DId he get his PhD via correspondance or from india? I think i know where he got his phd and proffesor from! A university in Nigeria!

Anonymous said...

Uhuru will not resign as DPM

RUIRU, Kenya, Jan 28 – Embattled Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday said he had no plans to quit the government following indictment by the International Criminal Court (ICC).
Kenyatta who stepped aside as Finance Minister on Thursday told a major peace rally at Ruiru stadium in Kiambu County that he will retain the position of deputy prime minister in accordance with the constitution.
He said only Parliament can force him to relinquish the portfolio he has held since the inception of the Grand Coalition Government in 2008.
“I will not step down from the position of deputy prime minister unless a vote of no confidence is taken to Parliament and MPs approve it,’ he said.
The statement comes in the wake of a spirited campaign especially from the civil society asking him to step aside after the ICC Pre-Trial chamber confirmed charges of crimes against humanity leveled against him.
Kenyatta revealed that he had already appealed the ICC ruling issued on Monday.
“Kenya must be governed by the rule of law and not by the civil society who operate from hotels,” he said.

Anonymous said...

Only a stupid swine elects a ruthless butcher to head an animal farm.

Anonymous said...

Every child knows that a short cut is always dangerous.

I am sure this is what Prezzo is feeling now "after duly winning" the second term. A lesson to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Uhuru and Ruto will definitely endorse the Mighty Wiper to protect them (this is the secret plan from an undisclosed source).

Wiper, the president 2013, will spend billions meant for FPE, medical services and roads on foreign lawyers hired by the Kenyan gov to bail out the Ocampo 4. The common man will pay the bill. Impunity will be the order of the day. Guess who will be the finance minister.

Anonymous said...

Where is someone to put that YouTube caption of Saif Gaddafi flashing two fingers as sign of victory and deviant against the bombardment by allied forces.

During the last of his deviant public appearances when he was apparently spurring on followers - diehard opponents of the Libyan Revolution (Arab Spring) - and offering weapons to civilians to attack protesters opposed to his father's regime.

Saif Gaddafi can be seen urging his diehard followers to commit violence against any protesters and those trying to topple his family's government from devine given power.

Is it possible to have a picture of Saif standing on top of his suv starkly juxtaposed with pictures of deviant Kenyan politicians who are busy rallying their supporters and working the idle crowds up while playing to the gallery tha may soon be emptied in due course.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Is it possible to have a picture of Saif standing on top of his suv starkly juxtaposed with pictures of deviant Kenyan politicians who are busy rallying their supporters and working the idle crowds up while playing to the gallery tha may soon be emptied in due course.

1/28/12 11:10 AM


DELUSIONS and CHILDISH fantasies of the CITY MOB.

In your small world of ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH fantasies, when Kibaki, Ruto, UK are shipped in CHAINS, ALL of our problems are solved.

It is impossible to find such STUPIDITY and SILLINESS in the loooooong human history.

NB: Firstly, we think it UNMANLY and, above all, UNAFRICAN for men to express joy when their fellow men are shipped in chains to foreign lands.

NB: It would be more MANLY to assassinate them instead.

Anyway, should you have anything between YOURS EARS, read carefully and be INSTRUCTED:

When a CHEMIST puts some iron filings into some hydrochloric acid in a test-tube, he does a number of things:

(a) he finds what HAS OCCURRED,

(b) he finds out the PROCESS OF OCCURRENCE, and

(c) then, he finds MOST CRUCIALLY,

(i) the MEANING, and

(ii) the VALUE of the occurrence when these stuff are mixed together.

From such SCIENTIFIC APPROACH, a fraction of UNIVERSAL TRUTH is discovered.

Likewise, when a NON IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS graduate see something like violence in Kenya, Senegal, Liberia etc, being LEARNED in scientific thinking, we add, UNLIKE OCAMPO'S of this world, he does a number of things.

(a) as the FIRST step, he finds our WHAT OCCURRED,

(b) then, he finds our the PROCESS of OCCURRENCE.

Armed with these facts, he now proceeds with SPEED and PURPOSE to investigate:

(a) the MEANING, and

(b) the VALUE of the OCCURRENCE

Thus, his task is to discover what occurred in that experience which has a significance for ALL HUMAN EXPERIENCE EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, since we are dealing with CITY MOBS, who who cannot perceive how complex social problems are, we leave to enjoy:

If you know your history,

you would know better,

than celebrating shipping of Africans in Chains which started with Syphax:

Anonymous said...

I truly feel sorry for the feckless dictator. His bid for presidency is getting dodgier by the minute. His wife seems to understand Kenyan politics much better.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Siganus Oramin, how wrong, simplistic and ideologically incoherent you have become! Your signature tune and indistinct diatribe is always regurgitated and expressed in an incomprehensible way.

Anonymous said...

@6:42 PM
Don't you think the same is self-evident among those you dearly support? Take another good look within your own camp.

Anonymous said...

Who said Mubarak should go?
Who told Ivory Coast fool to pack and go?
Who condemned the invitation of Sudans president dictator to nairobi?

If you have ears, hear
If you have eyes, see the truth from a Kenyan son who is not afraid to tell the truth.

Be on the truth side of history.

Anonymous said...

Who had guts to warn Gaddafi to step down?

Only a true Kenyan son

Anonymous said...

This too shall pass...

Mwarang'ethe said...

Who said Mubarak should go?
Who told Ivory Coast fool to pack and go?
Who condemned the invitation of Sudans president dictator to nairobi?


Bwa ha ha ha ha ha we we wa wa hi hi hi wa, ha ha ha

Kwani, how much BRAINS do you need to BARK like a dog when INSTRUCTED by the MASTER?

Any fool can shout, Moi must go, Kibaki must go, Uhuru must go, Mubarak must go, Bashir must go!

You can decapitate all present African leaders today if you want.

However, tomorrow there SHALL BE NO CHANGE for Wanjiku a change of master is waste of time.

Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Ocampo The LIAR

He says Africans are violent by NATURE,

NATTY knows it, Ocampo is a LIAR

just like Columbus, Morgan and other PIRATES

Anonymous said...

Most of the world is freezing in ice cold weather from North Africa, Europe, Middle East, Central and East Asia, North America and Anatartica, this while Kenya is basking in glorious sunshine and dirty politics.
I wish Kenyans would just forget about politics for once and enjoy something money cannot buy - weather.

Anonymous said...

Siganus Oramin [1/29/12 5:47 AM]
How wrong, simplistic and ideologically incoherent you have become! Your signature tune on Kumekucha and indistinct diatribe are always regurgitated and expressed in an incomprehensible way.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe sir, thanks for your long literature. For a while I thought you were a cut above most bloggers out here. But loh! I was wrong. You are no different tribalist conniving as an intellectual. Your deffence of the indefeasible has shown whom you really are... a cheap kiuk tribalist.
How else can you explain why you want to support people changed with crimes against humanity. The fact that they are charged means that they can't stand any test of credibility.
Say what you may able ICC but these guys at ICC are far much better than kenyan courts by a million miles. Tell me one thing, why should DCJ be suspended for "pinching" another woman's nose, yet people charged in s credible court of law be scot free to vie for public office? In fact the top most office in the land? Infact DCJ has not been charged in any court yet she is suspended.
Man just have decency and say that it's because ni mundu a nyumba! And "blood" is thicker than water.
Please stop this silly hypocracy man.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mwarang'ethe sir, thanks for your long literature. For a while I thought you were a cut above most bloggers out here. But loh! I was wrong. You are no different tribalist conniving as an intellectual.


We have not just defended Uhuru, Ruto.

If you remember carefully, we have come out in defense of Gaddafi, Bashir, and even in Egypt, we dismissed that revolution as childish.

We can even go further and tell you that, the war against Assad of Syria is another GAME.

Surely, is Mwarang'ethe an Arab to "defend" Bashir or Gaddafi or Assad?

NB: We do not defend these men as such. We only say, to believe that, they are the CAUSE of the mess is a GREAT DELUSION and those who want to fool us, encourage such GREAT DELUSIONS.

If it is about Kibaki, surely, you need to read what we have written on this blog about him. For instance, we have dismissed Kibaki in these words:

"To fasten this yoke of slavery on us, [AFRICANS] they use “brilliant” economists like Kibaki."

In other words, we are the first to say that, Kibaki is a PUPPET of the imperialists.

In fact, in 2003, after he rebuked Moi in public, we commented to some Kenyans that, Kibaki shall be the GREATEST disaster to visit Kenya. We can assure thee, some Kikuyus took this very badly. However, in the fullness of time, we have been vindicated.

Having said that, while we acknowledge his CRIMES and FOLLY, we shall still object to his shipping in chains in his old age to foreign lands.

The question is, why would we take such a stand? Simple.

We have studied enough career of man to understand that:

The course of history does not depend on those mighty towering individuals, but, on the contrary, historical events are produced by GENERAL CAUSES and the role of the individuals we adore or hate is very small.


We leave thee with this story.

When Rome, in its snakish vengeance asked Carthage to deliver Hannibal to Rome, Hannibal's old antagonist who had fought Hannibal for over a decade in Italy, told Romans this:

"It was unworthy of the dignity of the Roman people to listen to party accusations against such a man."

And, when Scipio's time came for false accusations in Rome, Tiberius who was his PERSONAL ENEMY refused to join others in his impeachment and he gave this speech:

"Shall the man who tamed Africa be trampled on by you? Was it for this he routed and overthrew four of the BEST GENERALS of Carthage and four of her armies in Spain?...

Shall no services of his own, no honors bestowed by you, ever make the retirement of a hero safe - nay sacred - in your eyes?

The old age of such men, if it cannot command your veneration, should surely claim your forbearance."

Because of this speech of his enemy, even his accusers were moved by such noble words and they thanked him for:

"sacrificing his PRIVATE ENMITY to HIS PUBLIC DUTY."

Thus, if you think we come out against the KANGAROO ICC on account of tribal issues, you are very deluded in your conclusions.

We do so because, it is being used to throw dust into the eyes of mankind.

Anyway, we leave to enjoy:

Material man

Anonymous said...

Spoken like an adherent of a long bygone era. Historical, time and space wastebasket.

Anonymous said...

@12:41 PM
When did the suspension of Nancy Baraza become intertwined with the Ocampo 4? Why do you and your ilk respond with all manner of contradictions or shortcomings you see in the overdue suspension of Nancy Baraza? Is the embitterment due to the fact that she's mundu wa nyumbani?

Yours sincerely, a pseudo-blogger who is ten cuts below most bloggers out there.

Anonymous said...

Any desire, political calculations or selfish interests of those determined to undermine the Constitution or smother chapter six will fail and the Constitutions will remain virtually intanct.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, what a week it has been since Trendafilova ruled on the O-6.Supporters of the confirmed O-2 have literary been falling over each other to pour unsolicited sympathies as ‘men of God’ saw an opportunity to cash in on prayers.

But this consolation by GEMA Cultural Association must have left UK deeply consoled.

“We cannot but recall another historical injustice when the Founding Father of this Nation, your Father, the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta among the Kapenguria Six was subjected to similar trumped up charges.” Saturday Nation, 28th.

Anonymous said...

Ruto, Uhuru led onslaught in Parliament against local tribunal
Eastandard Published on 06/04/2011


Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North MP Minister William Ruto had opposed the formation of a local tribunal to try poll chaos suspects.

They were in the forefront in marshalling allies in Cabinet and Parliament to reject a local justice mechanism.

The two had on two occasions ganged up in the House and marshalled allies to reject efforts to set up a tribunal with choruses of "dont be vague lets go to The Hague."

The Waki Commission had recommended the establishment of a special tribunal to try suspected masterminds of the chaos.

Proponents of the Local Tribunal Bill were President Kibaki, Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo, his predecessor Martha Karua and Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara.

Even House Speaker Kenneth Marende made frantic efforts to convince MPs that the way to go was a local tribunal but in vain.

In February 2009, MPs rejected the Bill to establish the tribunal despite intense lobbying by Kibaki and Raila.

Karua, who was then the Justice minister, had introduced the Bill.

At the time, Chief mediator Kofi Annan had granted the country a two-month extension that had lapsed to set up the tribunal as he held on to the "Waki envelope" which named suspected perpetrators of the post-election violence.

The second attempt to establish a local tribunal was again rejected in June 2009 after MPs threw out the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill that sought to anchor it in law.

This time round, Mutula had introduced the Bill.

The envelope

At the time, Annan had been holding on to the famous envelope, with the hope that Parliament would agree to the formation of local tribunal that meets international standards.

But after the second attempt was thrown out and with the deadline gone, Kibaki and Raila convinced Annan to give the Government more time to establish the tribunal.

Annan, who brokered a power-sharing deal, then gave Kenya until August last year to set up the tribunal failure to which he would make public the Waki envelope and hand it over to The Hague.

Uhuru, Ruto and their allies rejected any move to introduce the Bill for a local tribunal, arguing they had no faith in Kenyas justice system.

Ruto, who was then the Agriculture Minister, defied Kibaki and Raila Odinga on the matter.

He was reported saying beneficiaries of the violence were in office with big vehicles yet the Government wanted to jail small men who had fought for them.

And after the country failed to set the local tribunal, Annan had no option but to forward the Waki envelope to the International Criminal Court in July 2009.

The Government, through a delegation consisting of Mutula, Attorney General Amos Wako, Lands Minister James Orengo, among others, signed an agreement with Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo in July last year.

The agreement was another effort to establish a local tribunal.

However, these efforts collapsed as the Government failed and Moreno-Ocampo initiated investigations and got approval from the Pre Trial chamber II judges.

And on December 15, Ocampo made good his threat and named the six as bearing the greatest responsibility in the violence.

Anonymous said...

I did not partake in my breakfast today..I blame it on Raila!!!! Why was Henry Kosgei released? It's simple, Raila put in a good word for him, so Ekaterina was left with no choice but to let him walk.

Damn!!! this Raila man is too powerful, Rairaaaaaa!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

While years of despair add to uncertainity in the IDP camps all over the country, one unanswered question is when will real justice that has been delayed and denied since 2008 be served on behalf of the IDPs? The plight of the IDPs is always glossed over by politicians and the public as they ready themselves for another cycle of business as usual; 2012 general election. A political circus season that brings with it reminders of the gory details, violence and pain of post-election violence. The IDPs are still exhibit number one and an ugly testament to the fact that major political issues and ethnic problems of 2007 and 2008 have not been resolved whatsoever. So the question remains,wWhere is justice for the IDPs? Justice for the 12,000 plus families that are still wallowing in abject poverty and misery in isolated makeshift IDP camps.

Anonymous said...

@Mwarangethe 1/27/12 1:15 AM

........So, go ahead and invite the modern Romans/foreigners to give you justice.

However, in the fullness of time, your children shall pay a heavy price.

There ist totally no comparison of the Greek and Kenyan cases. Time has changed much, if you have not realized.

Even an African woman is sitting there to prosecute. We are not inviting the "Romans" for justice but we are taking thugs to a neutral ground where they can be fairly judged.

If the process was in Kenya, many witnesses would die brutaly and the thugs would get out with it within 2 weeks.

Kenyans will gain dearly from the Hague process and other thugs will learn from this.

Please lets go to Hague, dont be vague Mwarangethe!

Anonymous said...

'Where you fall, there your God of arrogance and unbridled greed for power pushed you down.' - Nyakyusa proverb. One of the reasons why we should never cut anyone any slack, and that includes sufferers of the inappropriate syndrome of 'bwana kubwa' like Nancy Baraza and her company of old school colleuagues in places of influence, but let the law take its course sooner than later. And lessons will soon be learned by many in high places.

Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe is a bla bla bla guy who is out of touch about what justice, credibility, humanity and modern social fairness mean.

To me he is a man (or woman) whose main aim of living is to gather money with all tools he has. Even Njenga the Mungiki has learnt more.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:52 AM
There is a lot of comparison between the Greek and Kenyan cases. Namely, political tragedy, economic tragedy, ethnic tragedy, IDPs tragedy, Kalozer Kalonzo tragedy in the making, Raila's presidency tragedy, Uhuru/Ruto tragic political charades, silent majority a real tragedy, tragedy of double-faced clergy messing up with politics to gain fortune and favours, tragedy of a nation divided along ehtnic fault lines, tragey of having a man like Kibaki for president, and many more predictable classic tragedies will unfold in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Robinson Njeru Githae, seize the day
Posted by Opinion Leaders on January 30, 2012


Judging by social media, immediate reactions to the appointment of Robinson Njeru Githae as Acting Minister for Finance were negative. Nonetheless, Githae as Minister for Finance should be given a chance to find his bearing, and so we would first wish him well in his new job while reminding him of certain matters left unattended by his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta.

In his inception memorandum we would emphasise the following key issues:

Anonymous said...

Accountability to Parliament:
Minister Githae will have to explain to Kenyans why his ministry has frustrated the unanimous resolution of the National Assembly to conduct an independent forensic audit into the National Budget; a resolution which arose from the discovery of a Sh10.6 billion hole in the Supplementary Budget of 2008-2009.

For his guidance the minister may want to re-read the Joint Committee Investigation Report which in May 2009 identified a hole of over Sh8 billion in the budget of the Ministry of Education under the Teachers Service Commission line item. This is the reason why no funds are available for hiring new teachers.

Revenue Reporting Discrepancies
Minister Githae’s pending parliamentary business tray also contains a request for a ministerial statement on massive discrepancies between revenue as reported by his ministry to Parliament and the revenue reports by the Auditor General.

Additionally his ministry has yet to tell Parliament how many Treasury Revenue Accounts were refused certification by the Auditor General in the years 2008-2010. His predecessor dodged this question since April 2011; but Waziri Githae must answer John Mbadi’s important query since he has nothing to hide. By the way Bwana Waziri should be aware that Mars Group identified Sh714 billion worth of uncertified revenue in the Auditor General’s Reports of 2007-2009.

Debts of the Republic of Kenya
When he is done with revenue, minister Githae should explain to Parliament what plans he has to comply with a more recent resolution of Parliament.

On 23rd February 2011 the National Assembly passed a Motion by Martin Ogindo, MP, that in accordance with the provisions of Article 211(2) of the Constitution; the House resolved that the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance must present to the Budget Committee of the House within seven days of the resolution, information concerning the loans and debts owed by the Republic of Kenya as at 31st December, 2010 in respect of:-

Anonymous said...

(a) Loans to Ken-Ren Chemicals and Fertilizers Company Ltd;

(b) External commercial debts on Security Related projects as
reflected in the 2008/2009 Annual Public Debt report published by the Ministry of Finance and;

Further the Minister for Finance was required to include all information as enumerated in Article 211(2) necessary to show:-

1 The extent of the total indebtedness by way of principal and accumulated
2. The use made or to be made of the proceeds of the loan;
3. The provision made for servicing or repayment of the loan;
4. The progress made in the repayment of the loan;
5. Names of the creditors and the beneficial owners;

To date, no such information has been supplied.

Investigation of Dubious Transactions:
If he wants to be more transparent than his predecessors, minister Githae also has the opportunity to publish several long awaited documents related to for example the Spain-docked Anglo Leasing Kenya Navy Ship Jasiri Mombasa; and the acquisition of 40 percent shares in the De La Rue Currency Mint in Ruaraka (a deal which his new Permanent Secretary knows a whole lot about).

There is also the pending investigation into the role his other predecessor Amos Kimunya played in the Rift Valley Concession over the Kenya Railways; and the role of the Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya in the purported sale of the Grand Regency Hotel to the Libyan Government. We say purported, because the Transitional Libyan Government may actually not be aware of this deal.

Minister Githae’s outgoing predecessor almost failed to pass his budget because of shortcuts which were noticed by Parliament. The Speaker and the High Court have clarified the correct procedure for budget making. The public must participate and the Parliament must do the final draft.

It is therefore Githae’s urgent duty to re-publish the Budget making timetable and follow it. As minister Githae is not a presidential contender, or under indictment, he can afford to spend some time building a new positive relationship between the Treasury and ordinary wananchi.

Anonymous said...

Do not bust the bank:
Waziri Githae must be reminded that Government has no money of its own and that contrary to what his Permanent Secretary believes, the Government can in fact go broke.

Githae has the chance to put a stop to the Kenyan Government’s bad habit of borrowing for recurrent spending. Waziri, monitor your development investments.

Demand that parastatals wean themselves off the taxpayers’ teat and you will do us all a great service. On this last point, find out if it is true that transfers to state corporations exceed the entire government wage bill every year; and they pay precious little in dividends. Something isn’t right with this equation.

Finally, good luck with the job. You’ve been handed a poisoned chalice so watch out!

(The author comments on governance and public finance issues.

Anonymous said...

ICC-100% prediction on case onlyJanuary 30 2012 at 9:05 PM icc analyst
The current appeal by the Ocampo four will fail-I mean this week since there are no grounds and also the fact that it will be by the 3 judges who issued the judgement.

Assets of the 4 suspects will be frozen during the full hearing.-Kenya "gava" will try to play hard,but this will not do.

Full trial will reveal so much that Kenyans will be shocked.

Close to end of these FULL hearings,say by May 2013, the then Commander in Chief of the armed forces (2007/2008-Emilio) will be indited-same as happened with Bashir. The four suspects will have said all to shame judas,that of Jesus's disciples to nail him(CIC)

There will be no violence in Kenya.

Raila will be the 5th President of Kenya-mainly due to how much dirt (mainly economic that Kenyans will agree with) is going to be revealed against Emilio's government. Many Kenyans,especially kikuyus will feel betrayed and misused by Emilio's ruling elite.

Raila will fill the cabinet with Kikuyus-especially critical ministries of Finance,industry,Agriculture.He will retail defence and security for self preservation. once kyuks are assured,economically,there will be peace.

These are my words as told in a VISION

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1/30/12 1:28 PM

I am not drunk and am not on drugs. If Raila will be the fifth president who was the fouth president of kenya? memory block that tall.

Anonymous said...

The vultures and hyenas have had their turn at the ICC-4 carcasses. The excitement and flurry of activities aka multiple posting by sheeple chris, taabu and phil that we experienced last week have thankfully died down..

After milking that story down to the last drop, the vultures and hyenas have retreated to the periphery lying in wait for the next carcass (sensational story)!! And no, Baraza's meek kicks of a dying horse doesn't just cut it.

The Oracle has Spoken

Mwarang'ethe said...

On 23rd February 2011 the National Assembly passed a Motion by Martin Ogindo, MP, that in accordance with the provisions of Article 211(2) of the Constitution; the House resolved that the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance must present to the Budget Committee of the House within seven days of the resolution, information concerning the loans and debts owed by the Republic of Kenya as at 31st December, 2010 in respect of:-


The last time we "visited" Washington D.C. we entered some libraries there to study these things.

While there, we found some OLD speech uttered waaaaaaaaay back in 1868 by President Andrew Johnson while addressing the two houses.

In that ANCIENT speech, we gathered a few stuff like these:

"We now pride ourselves upon having given freedom to 4,000,000 of the colored race; it will then be our shame that 40,000,000 of people, by their own toleration of usurpation and profligacy, have suffered themselves to become enslaved, and merely exchanged slave owners for new taskmasters in the shape of bondholders and tax gatherers."

Getting a bit curious, we continued to read that:

"Besides, PERMANENT DEBTS pertain to MONARCHICAL governments, and, tending to MONOPOLIES, perpetuities, and CLASS legislation, are TOTALLY IRRECONCILABLE with FREE INSTITUTIONS, introduced into our republican system, they would gradually but surely sap ITS FOUNDATIONS, eventually subvert our governmental fabric, and ERECT upon its RUINS a MONEYED ARISTOCRACY."

Convinced, like many CHILDISH, DELUSIONAL sheeple are that, THINGS HAVE CHANGED, we opened the Standard, only to find that:

"MPs, Equity Bank boss clash in shilling fall probe."

"... select committee investigating the historic fall of the Kenyan shilling late last year when MPs accused him of receiving favours from the Kibaki regime, wielding huge influence on the Central Bank of Kenya and refusing to identify the actual triggers of the depreciation."


Very shocked at the NAIVETY of those who run MARS, we decided to continue enjoying:

People go to work in the burning sun,

When we get our pay,

we just cant take home none

Anonymous said...

XY-Z, your constant intolerance towards Phil, Taabu, Chris and others who hold different opinions from your camp of thought is so appalling, and very vulturish to say the least. How different are you and company from the contemptible persons who prey on or exploit others with your brand of anonymous vulturish attacks? Fellow sheeple, how low will you crawl or slither on Kumechuka in order to burry your fangs and shadowy remarks deep into your opponents' backs?

Anonymous said...

4th prezi is KibRai

Anonymous said...

I think that so far it would be wise for Ruto and Uhuru to support someone else if they want to defeat Raila. Otherwise they will be wasting votes and finally they will end up loosing.

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