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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Breaking News: Uhuru Kenyatta and Francis Muthaura Have Resigned

As predicted by Kumekucha less than 24 hours ago, Uhuru Kenyatta has handed his resignation to President Mwai Kibaki. Also handing in his resignation was fellow ICC indictee Ambassador Francis Muthaura who was the immediate former Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet.

President Kibaki has this afternoon accepted decision by Uhuru Kenyatta to step aside as Finance Minister. Uhuru will however stay on as Deputy Prime Minister without portfolio.

Robinson Njeru Githae takes over at Finance while Francis Kimemia takes over from Muthaura as Head of Civil Service. Mutea Iringo will be Acting Permanent Secretary for Provincial Administration and Internal Security.
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Full PPS Statement is reproduced here:

His Excellency the President has accepted the decision by Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, EGH, M.P. to step aside as the Minister for Finance. However, Hon. Kenyatta will retain the position of Deputy Prime Minister in accordance with the Constitution. 

His Excellency the President has appointed Hon. Robinson Githae, EGH, M.P. Minister for Nairobi Metropolitan Development, to be the Acting Minister for Finance. 

His Excellency the President has also accepted the decision by Amb. Dr. Francis K. Muthaura, EGH to step aside as Permanent Secretary, Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of the Public Service. 

In this regard, Mr. Francis T. Kimemia, CBS Permanent Secretary, Provincial Administration and Internal Security will be Acting Permanent Secretary, Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of Public Service. 

Mr. Mutea Iringo will be Acting Permanent Secretary for Provincial Administration and Internal Security. 

26th January, 2012


Anonymous said...

O Happy Day!O Happy Happy Happy Day!There is a God in heaven and He is not intellectual or anti-western imperialist-fantastic

E-COP said...

Bwana Phil,
E-Cop Here.
Happy New Year in Arrears. But Wait A Minute What Happened To A.G. Githu (AMOS WAKO 2.0) who said Uhuru and Muthaura should NOT RESIGN or STEP ASIDE until the case has been TRIED and REVERTED BACK TO KENYAN COURTS?

The more things change....and MZALENDO is refusing to ARREST TAABU AND CHRIS kwa nini?

Phil said...

Githu Muigai should just shut up and do his job. The problem is that he has not mastered the art of politics, especially grand coalition politics. Alfred Mutua has reasons to keep silent these days!

Its baffling that Uhuru has opted to stay on as Deputy Prime Minister and it will be interesting to see exactly what this role will entail apart from perhaps retaining the perks that come with with that position.

My considered view is that these resignations mark the beginning of the end of the grand coalition government. You can take that to the bank!

It may degenerate into a very delicate situation given the IEBC is not ready to conduct general elections; and a total collapse of the GCG may distabilize the entire horn of Africa and some external forces taking over government on an interim basis. That external force could be military or other.

Anonymous said...

"Its baffling that Uhuru has opted to stay on as Deputy Prime Minister and it will be interesting to see exactly what this role will entail apart from perhaps retaining the perks that come with with that position".

PORK is in a very tight corner. Whoever is chosen as the DPM automatically becomes the heir apparent in the eyes of the public!
Who is that in the house of Mumbi?

Would Kimunya be tried again.what would non-kyuks in G7 react?
Can Wamalwa be tried?-no. we cant have two DPMs from same village

very hard for Toad.

My take is that the Kenyattas would prefer Uhuru leaving the political scene now

Anonymous said...

now phil can retreat to the obscure kablog where they live on praising the septuagenarian fellow...

Taabu said...


I hope you know what katiba says about treason (coup). You are crawling to its gates, you have been warned, LOL.

As for UK retaining his DPM he has to maintain some facade of political importance even if it goes against mama Ngina's word. Also replacing him would invite chaos to nyuma wrt heir presumptive.

Now that both Muthaura and UK have resigned can ODM shut up please.


Kwani you are still plotting to have your auntie succeed Nancy? And now you stil mention Wako. At least Amos used to provide a smile. You see Amos Githu hacheki ovyo ovyo kama uncle wako. And he is a Prof for goodness sake, a don.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the ICC trial to hear Ruto spill the beans and tell the whole world who ordered him to kill! We all know Ruto was under Agwambo's order.
This trial is going to get very interesting. Ha! You heard from here first!

The Oracle has Spoken!

Mwangalendo said...

This was expected all along but it is a case of too little too late and was meant to assuage the thirst for blood by the lynch mob that had tasted blood and wanted more.

We seem to have forgotten rather quickly (after this morsel of resignation was tossed our way) that there is no word yet on Uhuru & Ruto denouncing their presidential ambitions since this was also a major bone of contention.

Not to worry, its just a matter of time before we regroup and start a fresh round of e-protests that may well end with the scalp of PORK himself given the profiglate way that State House was used as a staging ground for PEV in 2007/8.

Anonymous said...

What a cheap consolation that Ruto will name names. Well when you are almost 50 years old and still believe in hata-wewe (sio mimi peke yangu) defence then just ask UK when he chose to rope Raila in with the so-called political responsibility. That defence only strengthened the noose around his neck. Mambo bado.

Anonymous said...

What people are failing to see in the two resignation is the implied impunity where the Kibaki can only 'accept' resignation instead of firing. Speak of giving the guilty a leeway to look credible and powerful.

Anonymous said...

Good Riddance. Impunity just like the buck stops at the top! He too should resign and call new erection

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

After lengthy discussions with H.E. The President and after wide consultations, H.E. The President has graciously accepted my request that I step aside from the portfolio of Ministry of Finance in his Government.

The Ministry of Finance deals with very sensitive issues that affect the lives of millions of Kenyans and therefore requires maximum attention. I am not one to juggle the affairs of such an important portfolio with the baseless mob lynch mentality that is being orchestrated in some quarters.

I now look forward to meeting you all at the grassroots as I traverse the countryside to reassure you all that our mission to give hope to the youth of this country, our vision of seeing a peaceful Kenya and our firm resolve to transform Kenya into a modern first class economy is still on course.

As I have already indicated previously, my conscience is clear, my will is strong and my resolve remains undeterred.

I have no doubt that together we shall succeed. Together we will.

Keep the faith and God bless you all.

Uhuru Kenyatta.
Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya.

Jamii said...

Good news but back to appointments without consulting the PM, coalition broken, just make it official Mr. Prezo.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru's resignation is statesmanly now what remains is to dissolve the coalition and go into elections now!!! Kuiks and kales are hurting so they will vote for a candidate who wont hurt them!!!

Anonymous said...

I felt like I was riding a tiger, not knowing how to get off without being eaten alive ~ Satyam's former CEO.

Wonder how many more high profile personalities and politicans from both PNU and ODM will be forced to resigned - and how many heads will roll - at one point or another once the details, sordidness and gruesomeness of their alleged involvement in the post-election violence begin to emerge and permeate through the public sphere?

Anyway, it's better late than never with regard to the much anticipated resignations, although I fear for Mzee Muthaura's health. Let's just hope he makes it through the long grilling sessions and a gruelling schedule at the ICC.

Francis Kimemia of all people must have been in the right place at the right time, and I am sure he doesn't regret being passed over for an ambassadorial appointment during Kibaki's first term.

Talk of having good old friends not only in high places but with your best - career/political - interests at heart. All in all, it always come down to one man's loss is another man's gains.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru Kenyatta Contemplating Resignation As Kibaki Return AwaitedJanuary 25 2012 at 6:03 PM Anonymous Coward
Uhuru Kenyatta Contemplating Resignation As Kibaki Return Awaited

In his facebook statement soon after the ICC bombshell, DPM and Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta promised to issue a "more comprehensive statement" in the next few days but with his continued silence and William Ruto taking it upon himself to announce joint thanksgiving rallies with his co-accused in Eldoret and Kiambu, sources close to Uhuru intimate that the DPM is actually contemplating resignation from government.

Following an emergency family gathering called by family matriarch Mama Ngina Kenyatta, a resolution was passed that Uhuru should take a sabatical from politics, forego presidential ambitions and instead work to defend himself at the ICC and restore the good name of the late Mzee Kenyatta for the sake of younger Kenyatta siblings. which was previously very active on twitter and facebook has hardly sent out any updates for the last 48 hours.

Interestingly, Uhuru is now deemed internationally as the most prominent indictee in Africa going by the prominence his name and that of his late father has received in global coverage including BBC, CNN, NYT, FT, FORBES and others since the announcement of the pre-trial chamber decision. BBC World Service even featured Kenyan case on its popular 'Have your say' talk show which has the widest reach of any radio talk show in the world and is very popular with African listeners.

Some Kenyatta family members are upset that Uhuru continues to take the flack and bear responsibility for a presidency which Kibaki is enjoying and apparently enjoying ICC immunity from despite having been the one who issued orders for co-operation with Mungiki. The hostility being shown towards Kibaki by some Kenyatta kin is understable given Uhuru has always been the favourite and heir apparent of the Kenyatta sons.

Sources also inform us that the Kenyatta family is apprehensive about a possible asset freeze of the extensive Kenyatta estate by the ICC for purposes of compensating post elections violence victims. Having already profiled the assets of all suspects and now Uhuru reportedly being advertised as the wealthiest Kenyan in the world, the ICC indictment could not have come at a worse time for Kenyatta family. Uhuru's personal wealth was subject of close courtroom examination my ICC prosecutor Moreno Ocampo during the hearings in 2010.

The Kenyatta family takes the threat of asset seisure by ICC seriously and would rather fight to defend the family wealth than finance another unbankable presidential bid by Uhuru in 2012 against an opponent like Raila Odinga. Some Kenyatta family members have even suggested sending an olive branch to the ODM supremo given the history between their fathers and that the senior Odinga actually gave up the presidency of Kenya to Kenyatta during independence.

Meanwhile, Kibaki was this morning reportedly addressing members of EA Legislative Assembly in Kampala, Uganda and his return is currently unknown but Uhuru is said to be weighing his options following stern orders from Mama Ngina as he await Kibaki return.

Anonymous said...

They are hurting so they will vote for a candidate who wont hurt them.

How shallow of us to hold onto such divisive mentality, and why would anyone in their right mind allow themselves to be influenced by the dark side of their tribal garb in this day and age?

Do some of us ever imagine how progressive politics and life in general would be for Kenyans from all walks of life, if politics and so-called general elections were no longer dominated as well as negatively impacted by tribal candidates and unifomed voters (galore) from the five or six major ethnicities of Kenya?

Will there ever come a time when the electorate will start voting on issues rather than fronting tribal war lords and adamantly clamouring for majority tribal numbers?

IMHO, issues based strategic planing and problem solving is the better way forward for the country, as opposed to the same old same old stagnating ethnic based business as usual political mentality that has not only stifled some of the best minds in our midst, but crippled several generations in the process, and held back the whole country for the last four and half decades.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:11PM
Will there ever come a time when the electorate will start voting on issues rather than fronting tribal war lords and adamantly clamouring for majority tribal numbers?
And therein lies the Key to all this ICC/Coalition/PEV mess. The electorate. The million dollar question- How do you get Mwaura/Nzioka/Achieng/Hassan to vote along non-tribal lines? if you can solve that mystery for us you will have solved Kenya's problems without using the Economy for a change!

Anonymous said...

"Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo noted that by retaining Uhuru as DPM, the President could have just accepted the resignation letter as Uhuru drafted it.

"Don’t blame the President; may be Uhuru drafted the resignation letter that way, but I can tell you that will not last for long," he added."

EAStandard Friday 27/01/2012

Well there you have it folks. "Don't blame Kibaki" is the name of the game.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Will there ever come a time when the electorate will start voting on issues rather than fronting tribal war lords and adamantly clamouring for majority tribal numbers?


Bwa ha ha ha hi hi hi wa wa we wi wi


many have been led to believe that, our miseries stem from the fact we are many tribes/nations. Therefore, if we could only eliminate tribalism, all evils will be gone.

They even go further and tell us that, if only we could eliminate nation states, to be led by ICC's and such, we would end miseries. How vain?

Nooooo. Noooooooooo.

Let us ask. North Koreans are DAMN UNITED. How far have they gone with that unity?

We need to stop worship of bulk, the universal, or the colossal. We aware of the fascination by political theorists to talk about unification of Britain, Italy Germany and such.

But what did those unifications bring about? Great Powers which are a menace to peace. Just count the wars these UNITED NATIONS were meant to end. If they UNITED to end wars, how come, they produced even bigger wars?

In any case, we have the perfect example of the UNITED Rome under ONE Emperor, One God, One religion.

Did that UNITY not preserve it?

UNITY so craved for, because, of men's delusions, is nothing, but, TOTALITARIANISM.

SO, We do not want:


- we want DISUNION!

As usual, we are double sure you are thinking we are mad.

Hapana, hamna kitu kama hiyo.

Let us climb to the Alps, eat some chocolates, collect some GOLD as we STUDY their WISE political arrangements.

Just a TIP about the Swiss:

A great thinker, writing over 300 years ago, foresaw the role the Switzerland was to play in the affairs of mankind for he was KIND enough to teach us that:

There is at this time a republic, the canton of BERN, in the world, of which few persons have any knowledge, and which, by:

(a) PLANS accomplished in SILENCE and


was going to play a MAJOR role in human affairs.

NB: Check where MOST international organisations, HQ of major corporations, are located.

NB: Where is Raila today?

NB: What plans in SILENCE and SECRECY does Raila, Kibaki, UK, Ruto have for Kenya?

Jokers among men!

Anyway, continuing....

If you examine this nation where leaders of the UNITED NATIONS keep their money, you will find DISUNITY.

Switzerland had 3/4 nations, Romanche, roughly 70% Germans, 20% French and like 10% Italians.

If these NATIONS were to be UNITED like Kenya is, the natural result would be domination of Germans people over the other two nationalities who would become MINORITIES.

As a matter of fact, rules of DEMOCRACY, would lead to this development.

Were this to happen, the minorities would find safety instead, in Italy and France and the German people would join Germany and that would be the end of this nation.

To avoid the AFRICAN DISASTER, these guys, being WISE, they created federation of over 20 states, which represent A DIVISION of HER NATIONALITIES and thereby, create the ESSENTIAL precondition for any DEMOCRATIC FEDERATION.

Thus, the greatness of the Swiss is not UNITY, but, DISUNITY and the SMALLNESS of its cells.

So, instead of craving for Caesar's UNITY of the DEAD and the DYING, why not DISUNITE the 42 tribes?

Anyway, since this contradicts all PROPAGANDA, as opposed to RESEARCH, we leave to enjoy:

Homely Girl

Anonymous said...

@PIG 2:48AM
mmmmmhhhhhh! You have succeeded in looking smart but failed at being practical as usual. do you even live in Kenya? text book theory never graduates into realistic implementation from armchair commentary.Look out here comes the cheering squad lurking out of the e-shadows LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hell, boy, get down off your high horse for a change. Your 70s notes caked with dirt wreak of pompous mannerism.

Anonymous said...

So there was a meeting in statehouse afterall! the mystery deepens!

Anonymous said...

Where is Prof. Amutabi to help him-2:48 PM dust off his notes caked with brown dirty from the 1970 when Milton Obote was still president of Uganda. LOL!

Anonymous said...

The movie is unfolding nicely, i think.

Anonymous said...

Hmm! Is the fascinating scene still unfolding before your eyes? The scene where Uhuru and Muthaura are heading in different directions as they leave the State House. What do you think?

By the way, how many people (IDPs) narrowly escaped with their lives minus property from Nyanza and Western regions?

What became of the many families, businessmen and women who were filmed taking refuge, literally camped out at various police stations in the Nyanza and Western?

Including all the Kenyan refugees who fled to Uganda during the post-election violence?

Did they ever return to their homes or resume running their businesses in the same regions as was the case prior to December 2007?

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