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Thursday, September 08, 2011

There Is A Mzungu At Wako's Office

By Mwarangethe

To the ardent Kumekucha readers, our well articulated opposition to the so called new constitution is well known. For instance, we have consistently maintained that, the devolution deal was a farce which will only increase taxation on the poor Kenyans. Many did not understand our stand, but, we are about to be vindicated. Sample this. On 16th August, 2011, it was reported in the Standard that, “Kibaki, Raila fail to resolve county funding row.”
The issue is (a) whether counties should share only the money collected by the KRA, or, (b) counties should share all revenues irrespective of the source. Musalia and his friends are in (b) while Mr Kenyatta and his friends are in (a). Just know that, this a good and bad cop play, i.e. a charade.

Before we embark on our main issue, we only observe that, Kenyans attitude toward devolution reveals something very disturbing. For instance, we are taught by the historians that, as the Athenians got mired in their DECADENCE, having destroyed its FREE LABOUR/MIDDLE CLASS with SERVILE LABOUR, there arose a communistic view that, the State’s revenue existed only to be divided. Dear reader, we are there. Leaving aside our decadent ideas on devolution, today, we are interested in this statement:

“Another source close to one of the principals said more suspicion emerged from the meeting after it was revealed Attorney General Amos Wako’s office was already harmonising the Bills. "I understand there is a mzungu (white man) drafter in his office who is to harmonise the two Bills," said the source. He revealed that the drafter had sent a copy of the working draft to the task force, which was currently scrutinising it. "Why somebody was quietly working on the Bills in Wako’s office while the ministers bicker, nobody knows.” Source:

We also, urge the reader to read these two stories: “Stop postponing difficult decisions to make county governments reality,” by Jaidi Kisero of the DN at and, “Lobbies: Ministries frustrating devolution” at

If you ask the high priests about this mysterious Mzungu, you will be told that, he is part of the donor led technical assistance in the implementation of the new Constitution. We add, all this, at your expense. However, this is a lie. The question then is, what does the presence of this Mzungu at the Attorney General’s office at this hour tell us? And, more so, is, there something analysts like Jaidi Kisero are missing in their analysis?

This is the deal. Since the American Revolution, it has been asserted that, a democracy cannot wage war or run successful foreign policy/an empire if it has to compete with other centralised and non - Democratic nations. In support of this view, it has been argued that it is not possible to entrust the legislative branch with sensitive foreign policy negotiations as well as military commitments which require great secrecy and objectivity. As such, it has been maintained that, the foreign policy issues must be left to the executive branches which alone are endowed with Solomon like wisdom.

The implications of this is that, if imperial nations like the USA, UK, Germany, Japan, etc were to become real democracies, they must forego their foreign policy and military commitments. In other words, all imperial nations have a choice to make. Either, their global strategy must become inward looking and isolationist, or, they must centralise their political structures in relation to foreign policy and military engagements.

This centralised political structure in respect to foreign policy and military commitments does not just exclude the legislative branch. It also, excludes the judicial arm from foreign policy and military engagements whether legal or illegal. It is from this perspective, the USA's courts and lawyers as usual, playing their hidden role in Empire construction gave birth to a weird doctrine called Act of State Doctrine. The fact is that, this doctrine is not founded in the American Constitution or the law of nations does not matter to these honourable courts. So much for the so called courts of justice. Under this doctrine, should foreign policy acts of the executive be challenged in the American courts, the executive has the veto whether such a case should go ahead or not. To cite just one recent example, the USA Emperor, Nero Hoover Obama, went to war in Libya in clear and blatant violation of Article 1, s. 8, Clause 11 of the USA Constitution which requires the Congress to declare war and nothing can be done about it. Talk of impunity!

Now, when we come to the so called 3rd world, we find these nations to have no foreign policy of any shape or colour. And, if they appear to have one, it is just being a hand boy for the imperial nations. However, when it comes to their domestic policies, all we find are very centralised sterile bureaucratic political systems. Dear reader, contrary to the clap trap you hear about who dismantled the Lancaster Constitution to create an imperial presidency, the truth is this.

The imperial nations using their centralised foreign policy and military commitments, i.e. covert and overt missions in 3rd world, ensure the creation of centralised, i.e. imperial presidencies in the 3rd world. As such, any move towards genuine decentralisation of power must be sabotaged. It is in this light, you must therefore, understand: (a) the emergence of an imperial presidency under Kenyatta/Mboya State and (b) the current role of the Mzungu who is “harmonising” the two bills in the Attorney General’s office. In other words, as they distract you with the ICC nonsense, they are fastening a dictatorship on you and your children’s head.

To fully appreciate this game, one must be aware of what foreign policy means to imperial nations. Foreign policy to the imperial nations such as the USA or the UK, is an extension of their domestic economic development and interests. For instance, British used their mercantilism as a strategy to promote domestic profits, hence sales and employment while thwarting foreign competitors at home and colonial markets. However, when the same Britain acquired its massive industrial capacity, it turned around and called for free trade. This time, its aim was to feed its British labourers and provide cheap grain and other raw materials to its industries. Using the reciprocity requirement, then, Britain forced all other nations to open their borders to its manufacturers which made it the “workshop of the world.”

In other words, the material prosperity and freedom in the industrial imperial nations to a greater extent is anchored on the centralised/imperial presidencies of 3rd world nations. As such, the 3rd world imperial presidencies are an imperial necessity to ensure maintenance of the status quo, i.e. crippling poverty which these empires require. This way, then, the purpose of imperial presidencies in 3rd world is:

(a) to enslave us with with debts for export infrastructure like the South Sudan-Lamu Railway which will facilitate export of cheap raw materials from South Sudan; (b), to ensure supply of servile labour for the labour intensive and cheap products from our Export Promotion Zones; (c) , to ensure availability of plantation products like rubber, cocoa, coffee etc; (d) to collect peonage debts incurred to build export infrastructure; and when this fails as is expected, (e) to alienate natural monopolies like Mombasa port, Kenya Telkom, Railways etc and thereby, enslave us again.

Thus, the centralised and corrupt governance systems in the ex - colonial nations you witness are not accidents as your teacher may have fooled you. What you have to know is this. If imperial nations allowed full and meaningful devolution, some regions would use innovative economic strategies to industrialise their regions. As would be expected, other regions and nations would copy. Such an example must never be allowed. It is in this light, the presence of a Mzungu at the Wako’s office at this hour must be understood. You may have removed Wako and put in Professor Githu Muigai, but, verily, verily we tell you, it is in vain.

The only saving grace now is this. You are now watching live how this deadly game is played. Enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for Mwarangethe, we no longer have to see gay photos in KK. I will be back with relevant comments after reading his excellent post.

Anonymous said...

This CON-stitution has clearly shown how STUPID we are as Kenyans. The politicians got everything they wanted including positions for their children, wives and mistresses while we are over taxed to pay the new mammoth bills. Inflation hass already hit double digits and our shilling value is undergoing serious haemorrhage.
Heck, even what made many Kenyans look forward to a new beginning where politicians dont decide their salaries and allowances was all a MIRAGE. We are now paying their tax arrears, accrued penalties , current tax and future taxes from cash meant to cater for emergencies like famine etc while at the same time begging for food relief to feed dying Kenyans.
The imperialists have long planted their stooges in our important offices aka AG, CJ, CBK Governor etc and they are fully in charge while we are kept busy with distractions like ICC, the stud on the CJ, etc
Teachers are on strike and soon COTU members will be going to the streets. Massive protests akin to those in the Arab countries will become a reality sooner that I thought. Its time to say enough is enough guys.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean there could be 'legaslation hitmen' in our country similar to the economic hitmen?

If,so couple that with kenyas tumbo mentality,trouble is ahead. Out of curiosity which nation sent the mzungu and at what capacity?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Honestly who has the time to read a 7,000 word post. Where are the solutions??????

Mumbling about "Mizungus" without viable solutions is not going to take as anywhere

Anonymous said...

Mwag ! May be that Mzungu is a Kenyan like you and me ?? May be is an albinos and afraid to go public because he will lynched for being different ??

And by the way, do you know there is black guy at White House ??

Last remark, I love the way you keep criticizing Mzungu's imperialist and stuff and at the same time you keep making reference to the Bible like if it's your bedside table book...

Mwag, do you read the Bible ? Do you go to the Church ? If yes, than you have been brainwashed by Mzungu's and I am laughing out loud... And all what you say is just blathering (French have nice say for that, they call it "fly-fucking" - eq. to hair-splitting - and that's exactly what you are doing)

Anonymous said...

@1.24 most books have over 7000 words, bet you've never read one

Anonymous said...

anon 1:35 AM

Sorry but Mzungu did NOT write the bible. The people who wrote the bible were mainly Jews and other semetic tribes.

Mzungu or Europe did not hear about the gospel until much later during the reign of Emperor Constantaine during the Roman times around 322 AD.
Constantaine is the person who is credited for Christianizing Europe.

On the other hand, Africa received the gospel long before the Europeans. The gospel first reached Ethiopia around 1 or 2 AD. The whole of Askum and Kush Kindgom heard about the gospel before the Europeans.

Have you forgotten Matthew the Evangelist, one of the first disciples of Jesus was a Missionary in Ethiopia? If you got to Ethiopia today you will be able to see Matthew's grave where he was killed (martyred) by an Axe pix.

Anonymous said...


A black man will always remain contoversial unless he fully accept his responsiblities and stop playing victim mentality.
He is his own worst enemy, even the cockroaches in your kitchen knows that!

Mwarang'the, challenge this and we start an all out intellectual debate like never seen before in the history of Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

Something about Somalia you didn't know...they have a Prime minister and now Deputy PM. A Western backed transional govt.

Mwarang'ethe said...

A black man will always remain contoversial unless he fully accept his responsiblities and stop playing victim mentality.
He is his own worst enemy, even the cockroaches in your kitchen knows that!


How about putting it this way and then we debate it:

A "White" man, i.e. OLIGARCHY hiding under the cover of skin color, will always remain controversial unless he accepts he is the BARBARIC ROBBER of ALL MANKIND.

Sample this:

"For the US economy — and for many other developed economies — the elephant in the room is the amount of money paid to bankers over the last five years.

In the US, the sum stands at an astounding US$2.2 trillion for banks that have filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

That US$5 trillion is not money invested in building roads, schools and other long-term projects, but is directly transferred from the US economy to the personal accounts of bank executives and employees.

Such transfers represent as cunning a tax on everyone else as one can imagine."



Since late 1970's, the so called 3rd world nations have been forced in to POVERTY INDUCING AUSTERITY by the "white" man. It is from these measures all their so called PERFORMANCE (read, MURDER and ROBBERY) bonuses has come from.

Now that, the monster they created has turned on the same "white" man, what is he saying?

"The International Monetary Fund has called on the US and Europe to ABANDON fiscal austerity and switch to stimulus measures, warning that the global economy faces a "threatening downward spiral."


So, why not discuss the "white" mans as the BARBARIC ROBBER and Hostis humani generis ?


Anyway, since you have your own agendas, i.e. to serve your masters, we leave to enjoy:

Let them all pass all their dirty remarks,

There is one question I'd really like to ask

Is there a place for the HOPELESS SINNER,

Who has HURT ALL MANKIND just to save his own?

Anonymous said...

@MWARANGETHE, anon 3:30

After reading the post, i was wondering after you have highlighted the situation at kenyas law authority why cant you offer possible solutions to such quagmires

However i concur that it is very funny when people say the balck man needs to take responsibilities of his state yet it is the system that is most barbaric and guess which 'enlightened' being is owner of the system

Isnt it somewhere in history that the european'white man' became enlightened in the 16th century and their aim is to enlighten the savages. i.e. blacks(didnt they build the pyramid?) chinese(didnt they build the great wall?)

but anyway if the black man is his own worst enemy(we refuse to open our eyes) the white man must be his best enemy(they know how to close everyones eyes)

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
There is no mzungu at Wako's office, the proponents of black bashing have joined forces with imperialists in projecting their self-loathing onto an entire race as if stereotyping will make them feel better about themselves

There is no Mzungu at Wako's Office, every man's ignorance is his Mzungu

Why don't you return home instead of living in those foreign capitals you pretend to hate so much?stop hiding behind this blog and come tell Africans what you have to offer to make life Utopia

Anonymous said...

White people didn't go running through the jungles of Africa to capture black slaves, but African witchdoctors and fellow Africans sold the black people they conquered to the white man. It's a known fact.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:36

And you quote Uncle Raukus, wish you knew who distribute and endorse it
oh: time warner through cartoon network,owned by? i leave that to you.
LMAO, though but i should be pissed because am black.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell miguna his boring drivel and hypocricy has become repugnant? Does the fellow have to visit all media stations spreading lies about his fight for (his pockets)mwananchi?
It was sad when his closing statement in citizen media was to give himself so many titles that would draw an envious baba mo1.
Unfortunately, the UoN BA (bachelor of anything) graduate only real qualification is empty talks.
The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:36 am said
Can the same be said about black man? NO! A black man can make a woman pregnant and leave her without feeling any sense of guilt or shame and move on to another woman and do the same, and another and another!
And what happens to these children they abandon? They grow up to become misfits in the society and the cycle continues...


You are either
a) A bitter woman who was a victim of a hit and run brother and you carried his child. OR
b) A child born born by a single mother whose black father bolted after scoring the conception GOAL.

Whichever of the two, my advice is simple. Hatred is like cancer and it will slowly consume you. You have to learn to forgive for the sake of your health and the ones you love. Sorry to dissapoint you but majority of black people are more responsible than the white people you adore.
If the pain and bitterness is too much, seek professional help.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has been around the local Kumekucha scene long enough knows that it doesn't take a self-appointed 'reichsf├╝hrer' or 'sch├╝tzstaffel' to distract, disrupt, derail, or even throw a whole original post into chaos.

So, the more some of you continue to engage one particular individual, Heinrich Himmler personified, the more s/he is encouraged to rally her/his task forces and spit vitriol against those s/he deems are unworth to live on the face of the earth.

*Did someone say "Delilah hit the Delete button"? Mmmmm! Time to go.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:36 AM,
Point well taken with regard to being aware of the type of fury that brews in hell when somethings in life don't turn out in our favour, or in the way some people had intended.

However, the modern world has experienced a drastic decline in the department or rather sphere of family values since the WWII, and therefore, it's unfair to single out one particular group of people or race as the destroyesr of family values, (whatever that means in 2011 where the commercial media is responsible for babysitting children and juveniles 24/7).

With this example in mind, let's return to an issue that seems to anger you a great deal. None of the Mwafrika's subsequent behaviour can erase the wrongness of abdicating their parental or rather paternal responsibilities.

And so, to answer the second half of what maybe causing your misplaced anger, be informed that the children courts all over the world are flooded with the same old custodial cases et al, regardless of gender, race, religion, economic class or nationality.

When it comes to evaluation of a person's moral character, evasion of responsibilities etc, subsequent acts can and should play a role.

Further, whenever we make moral judgments about people, we need to always differentiate an individual and their particular moral shortcomings from the rest of their gender, community, race or nationality.

Hence, collective bashing or stereotypical shaming is not the answer nor is it the viable solution for anyone or woman who ends up in such a hazardous sitution or finds herself in a similar predicament.

In the meantime, let's never forget to give credit where its due, by having the courage to respect and even to admire the fathers who have dedicated their lives to virtue and to the preservation of endangered species; the nuclear family.

Anonymous said...

The mad man of KK market is working very hard to dilute the contents of this debate with distractions and unnecessary inflamatory remarks. Lets keep our eyes on the debate folks. Mwarangethe, continue the good work and ignore the dimwits, morons and their friends.

Mwarang'ethe said...

The mad man of KK market is working very hard to dilute the contents of this debate with distractions and unnecessary inflamatory remarks. Lets keep our eyes on the debate folks.


He/she is not mad man.

"Pentagon looks to social media as new battlefield.

The Pentagon is asking scientists to figure out how to detect and counter propaganda on social media networks in the aftermath of Arab uprisings driven by Twitter and Facebook.

The US military's high-tech research arm, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), has put out a request for experts to look at "a new science of social networks" that would attempt to get ahead of the curve of events unfolding on new media."

Anonymous said...

The trail of the mud slinging mad wo/man of KK market is very predictable and self-evident 24/7.
While the DARPA has been duly noted by many around the globe.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:51 Am,
What a good question indeed. I couldn't have put better.

The real basic question remains, do people with that type of mentality ever bring any value to their own lives?

What if any patened products have they invented in the last five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five or thirty years?

Has s/he brought value to the lives of others?

And has s/he become a better person since graduating from high school some several decades ago?

I guess misery loves company, and that's what s/he's spoiling for.

IGNORING her/him 24/7 is the best medicine that will sent her/him rolling to another site to spread her/his brand of warped theory of desired social change.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Back to my favourite topic of the last 2000 years what has Africans invented apart from hunting spears?

Be precise and brief in your answer please



We leave thee with your madness to enjoy:

African herbsman, why linger on?

Just concentrate, cause heavens lives on

The SLAVE MEN will look with a scorn

With a TRANSPLANTED heart...,

Anonymous said...

Understanding the presence of mzungu with his harmonised kizunguzungu bills is one thing, but doing something about it is quite another ball game all together.

There are people, the writer of Wako's Mzungu included, who want to know how they can control things - control themselves, control their health, control the economy, control politics, control their ancient heritage, control the drafting of the new or next Constitution, control their nation's destiny et al.

But the one thing we have failed to realize is that, we have never been in control, we are not in control and we will never be in control whatsoever.

Don't we get it? No amount of information or insight is going to change that fact.

All we can do is to either keep seeing or talking about the boogey man aka mysterious mzungu stationed at Wako's chambers.

Stay tunned for the answer to solving our collective quagmire. We'll have it for you in a century ro two easily.

Mwarang'ethe said...

There are people, the writer of Wako's Mzungu included, who want to know how they can control things - control themselves, control their health, control the economy, control politics, control their ancient heritage, control the drafting of the new or next Constitution, control their nation's destiny et al.

But the one thing we have failed to realize is that, we have never been in control, we are not in control and we will never be in control whatsoever.


It is true we have never been in control.

However, to assert that we will never be or we cannot be in control is nonsense.

Ask the COE to provide thee with what some of us submitted to them on how to end this slavery once and for all.

In other words, the new constitution was a golden opportunity to free long suffering Kenyans and make Kenya a shining light on top of the hill for the rest of the world which is being run down by IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS.

However, instead of listening to the voice of reason and truth, the COE and Kenyans in their COLLECTIVE HALLUCINATIONS chose to listen to the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS lawyers. And, the results? More of the same.

NB: We invite thee to read some of the essays we authored when Kenyans were discussing the new constitution.

Anyway, since now it is too late, we retreat to enjoy:

What a big disgrace
Way you ROB up the place
ROB everything you can find
Yes, you did and you'll even ROB the BLIND

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:27 AM
If you follow what I have listed below, then I can assure u people will look at you and want what you have!

1.Sincerity. Be sincere in your actions. Don't try to deceive or impress others. Be yourself, and do what you feel is right based on your values and beliefs. You will be surprised at how people accept you when you stop trying to be someone you aren't.

2.Unfeigned. Be genuine in what you do; your actions speak louder than your words. Don't falsify or embellish events that may have happened. Don't say one thing and do the other.

3.Wholehearted. Be enthusiastic about what you do. Show it. Be committed to life and everything that you set out to accomplish in life. Devote yourself to your family, friends, and community and commit yourself to being the best father, husband, wife, mother, friend, and neighbor you can be.

4.Honest. Be honest in your dealings with yourself and with others. When others interact with you, let them see someone who is reputable, respectable and genuine. Do what you say you will do and never use fraud or deception to get ahead in life. Let ethics, morals, and honor be your compass.

5.Heartfelt. When you do something for someone, or they do something for you, let your thanks and emotion be openly and outwardly expressed towards them.

6.Hearty. Be someone who displays an honest, warm, and exuberant personality to those around them. Let your feelings show and let them be genuine when they do.

7.Humility. Don't lead a life thinking you are better than others or are superior to those around you. Modesty and humbleness will leave a far more ever lasting impact on people than trying to show off.

8.Personal integrity. Always follow your heartfelt values, and never let a situation or anyone steer you away from doing what you know is right. Be someone that people can look up to and respect and not someone who trades his or her moral values for material gains in life.

9.Incorruptibility. Let it be known that you stand firm for what you believe in and that your morals, values and actions are not for sale. Don't let outside forces corrupt the person you are.

10.Sound. Show good judgment and sense in life. Don't let prejudices or emotions cloud your judgment.

11.Whole. Be focused on what you want to achieve in life. Give everyone you interact with your complete and undivided attention.

12.Courtesy. Practice good manners even though others around you may not.

13.Civility. Graciousness and respect go a long way in life. What is more, they are viral – when people see you doing it they are more apt to practice civility themselves. Be kind to others and extend courtesy towards them. Don’t interrupt people when they speak and don't dominate the conversation.

14.Wisdom. Gain from the wisdom that is inside you. Understand the inner qualities of people and learn how to understand situations that might be different than we are used to.

15.Charity. Practice kind, gentle, and compassionate treatment of others – especially those who may be undeserving. Learn to extend a hand to help others, even though they themselves may not have helped you.

16.Empathy. Be aware that each person is different and may have different values and beliefs than those that you hold. Be understanding of the feelings and thoughts of others without having to be told or reminded of them.

17.Sympathy. Share your feelings with others and understand the emotional situations that people go through. Put yourself in their shoes.

18.Compassion. When someone is in distress, reach out with a genuine interest in helping alleviate their suffering.

19.Altruism. Think of others without thinking of yourself. Do good things for people without expecting something in return for yourself.

20.Magnanimous. Be generous in life. Give of your time, money and wisdom. Share with others so they can see the true joy and adventures of life themselves.

21.Forgive. By embracing forgiveness, you embrace peace, hope, gratitude and joy.

Anonymous said...

Warped notions of >>>>>>Inte(R)grity, honour and honesty are my motto.

If the above was true with your kind, then the industrial prison complex as well as all prisons of the world would be out of business.

BTW, you don't have the slightest clue of what integrity, honour, or honesty is all about, based on your daily pyschotic outburts, rants and raves, that have become so predictable.

Crazy Baldhead - Bob Marley.

Tell me why you're running away from yourself?

Anonymous said...

Would you ever see Kibaki, Raila et al like this?

Anonymous said...

The mzungu is the AG's office must really be pissed by this expose. Mwarangethe must be right to a t from the effort put by the KK mad man to derail this debate.
Kenyans nee to own the constitutional implementation and refuse to become puppetes of the imperialists.

Anonymous said...

Chris, plz find out if this is true "AN ugly incident occurred at Luanda Kotieno beach last Sunday in which the vehicle of the Minister for Agriculture DR Sally Kosgey was ordered pulled out of a ferry destined for Mbita point to give room for the limousine carrying Mrs Ida Raila and two other vehicles carrying her entourage and security personnel.

Both Mrs Odinga and Dr.Kosgey were heading to Rusinga Island across the Nyanza Gulf to attend the burial of Mrs Damaris Auma Odhiambo, the mother of the ODM nominated MP Ms Millie Odhiambo.

Dr Kosgey had come to the Luanda Kotieno in time to enable her to board the 12 noon ferry. The ferry had already cruised in the water for about 600 yards when Mrs Odinga and her entourage pull up at the jetty. She phoned the Ferry manager asking for the vessels to be returned ashore, but the manager Mr Jamali appeared to have been somehow reluctant to obey the order arguing that doing o would disappoint his passengers. But he succumbed to the pressure after the Mbita D.C. phoned him and ordered to turn the vessel back.

He obliged and upon coming ashore it was discovered that Mrs Odinga had two other cars, which included the one ferrying her security details. The situation developed into a very ugly one when three other vehicle including the one which belonged to Dr.Kosgey were pulled out. The manager frantically argued that one of Mrs Odinga’s car be left behind so that he could return for it to allow the Minister car to be taken across, but Mrs Odinga could not hear of this.

The Minister despite an assurance that the ferry would return for her and her vehicle appeared o have been disappointed because he had driven all along from Eldoret to Lund Kotieno about 160 kilometer for the purpose of attending the burial of the mother of her parliamentary colleague.

The incident has been condemned roundly by several Nyanza leaders who felt the treatment meted out to Dr. Kosgey portrayed the highest degree of excessive arrogance on part of Mrs Odinga.and the Mbita D.C. A solution could have been found in which Mrs Odinga and her security details taken aboard and one of her vehicle could have been left behind to allow Dr Kosgey to attend, and the ferry could have come back for the vehicle left on ashore.

Jamal said he was disappointed and pleaded with the Provincial Administration always to make early arrangement for the transportation of VIPs and the one bigger and one smaller one. The bigger ferry could carry up to six or even eight vehicles while the smaller one could only carry four vehicles".

kevoh said...

Had to laugh when some anonymous users say.. I have been saying bla..bla... The Kenyans on this blog should know real persons exist, anons dont.

I bet Mwarang'ethe, Taabu, Chris, Phill wake up and are themselves all day nothing to hide: But annons cannot market sh§§t! Annons are lazy people too they cant even use a simple username like 123 or ABC as if it would break a sweat.

Reading all annon comments after this post is like tunning for the right FM station on an old radio.

Funniest was of Annons talking about God. I bet Your God will not be happy by you representing him/her "anonymously" unless annons can use the name of their Gods in vain.

Anonymous said...

The more things change the more they seem to remain the same when it comes to pipeline disasters, spilled oil disasters, residential gas leak explosions, downed or fallen life-electric lines accidents, infectious diseases outbreaks, seasonal flooding disasters, and famine and drought disaster in Jamuhuri ya Kenya.

Without forgetting several ferry disasters and a drastic increase in road carnage incidences in neighbouring republic of Jamuhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania.

And how ironic that the 1968 vessel that has been exchanged by so many owners and deck hands, only to be renamed Spice Islander I, was allowed to remain operational after it had very serious mechanical problems on the twenty-fifth of September, 2007?

The regret on many people's minds is that the vessel Spice Death should have been left to sink off the coast Kenya at the time it developed serious mechanical problems only to be rescued by two American navy war ships that were in the vicinity.

Lest people forget the other vessel capsized while ferrying travelers and merchandise across Lake Nyanza (Victoria).

Anonymous said...

Bigotry often morphs in different forms and shapes. Obsession with racial prejudice doesn't make one an intellectual. Please spare KK your black racial slurs. We don't need it just like we don't need those obsessed with seeing IMPERIALISM shadows lurking in all our lives and problems.

If you have a black parent who abandoned you please direct your bile there. And if you have been brainwashed to believe anything black is dirty we have no detergent to cleanse you, pole.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with being black, the problem is the character that defines the black people world over that is being attacked here.

Anonymous said...




Mwarang'ethe said...

There is nothing wrong with being black, the problem is the character that defines the black people world over that is being attacked here.

9/12/11 1:35 PM


Do you mean such as ROBBING the POOR AFRICANS living in SINAI slums to give to the CLEAN and ARMED to the teeth OLIGARCHY in the West?

"Chirac and De Villepin 'given $20m by African leaders."

French ex-President Jacques Chirac, and presidential hopeful and former PM Dominique de Villepin were given $20m by African leaders, partly to finance election campaigns, a lawyer alleges.

Bernard Houdin, an adviser to former Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo, said that such payments were "a historical practice" and that "the sums mentioned are no doubt below reality".

NB: When the BARBARIANS threatened to over run Byzantine, the Emperor there promised them GOLD as TRIBUTE to keep off.

Did Gbagbo forget the TRIBUTE to the BARBARIANS?

In simple words, if it is the character of paying TRIBUTES to the ARMED BARBARIANS, we agree, this character not good.


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