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Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Scary Truth About Mungiki That Won't Go Away

There are few things that are as dangerous as splinter groups of a terror organization.

Latest information reaching this blogger indicate that there is mounting evidence that we do in fact have splinter groups of the dreaded Mungiki beginning to emerge in certain parts of the country predictably ahead of the 2012 elections. I will talk about this alarming development in later posts. For now what alarms me most is the ignorance displayed by many of my readers on the exact nature of Mungiki. I have therefore found it necessary to post the Wikileaks below.
Subject: Mungiki: Kenya's Largest Criminal Organization

Created: 2007-05-24 07:41

Origin: Embassy Nairobi

Ref: 06 NAIROBI 5282

¶1. (SBU) Summary: The Mungiki, a large criminal organization operating within the Kikuyu community, has a network of supporters within the government bureaucracy and political
leadership. It's use of extreme violence to amplify its influence through terror and its parallel government weakens the authority of the Kenyan state. The Government's professed desire to eradicate the Mungiki is hampered by the organization's political and official connections. Combating Mungiki requires more than merely mass arrests of alleged members. Targeting Mungiki leadership is likely to produce better results, but requires confronting its supporters
within the ranks of Kenya's governing class. End Summary.

From Tent of the Living God to Organized Crime
--------------------------------------------- -

¶2. (SBU) The Mungiki criminal organization has its origins in an offshoot of a small religious sect among the Kikuyu community. Around 1989 a group of younger members split off from the Tent of the Living God, a religious sect operating in Kikuyu-dominated regions of Central and Rift Valley provinces that calls for a rejection of Christianity and Western culture in favor of a return to traditional Kikuyu beliefs and culture. The group broke from Tent of the Living God when the Tent's charismatic leader appeared to be moderating his views in order to win acceptance by Kikuyu elites. The group adopted the name "Mungiki," meaning "the masses."

Ndura Waruinge (see reftel), then about 18 years old, emerged as the Mungiki leader. Waruinge is the grandson of a notable Mau Mau leader during the revolt against the British colonial administration in the 1950s. Under Waruinge's leadership, the group took on Mau Mau trappings (such as oathing rituals, the dreadlock hairstyle, etc.) and an increasingly political orientation.

¶3. (SBU) Like the Mau Mau before them, the Mungiki preach Kikuyu nationalism, not Kenyan nationalism. They identify rhetorically with the "poor and oppressed" against the elites
and the Kenyan state. They often proclaimed in their early years that the task of the Mungiki was to complete the work of the Mau Mau by "cleansing" Kikuyu culture of Western
influence and freeing the state from the grip of corrupt elites serving foreign masters.

¶4. (SBU) The Mungiki grew rapidly during the 1990s, a time of severe political turbulence and violence surrounding the movement to restore multiparty democracy to Kenya. The Moi
regime instigated ethnic violence against Kikuyu communities in Rift Valley Province through private ethnic militias-for-hire in 1992 and then again in 1997.

Radicalized and dispossessed Kikuyu youth who had seen their communities burned to the ground during these attacks flocked to Mungiki for protection and vengeance. Many of these new members, recently having lost their rural homes, relocated to Nairobi slums, especially the Kikuyu-dominated slum of Mathare, which became a Mungiki stronghold.

¶5. (SBU) While many Mungiki followers in rural areas retained a religious and cultural orientation, throughout the 90's, in Nairobi, Nakuru and the principal towns of Central Province
(the Kikuyu heartland), the Mungiki increasingly emphasized radical subversive political rhetoric and adopted a military style organization. The Mungiki became less a militant religious sect and more an urban political militia and criminal gang. Initiates answer to captains who take orders
from local coordinators who in turn serve under national coordinators. Members only know the identity of those in their cell and the captain supervising their cell. Immediate compliance with orders from above is required from all members. Once having taken the initiation oath, members cannot leave the organization. Betrayal of Mungiki is punishable by death.

¶6. (SBU) Urban Mungiki in the mid-1990s became involved in vigilante activity to "protect" Kikuyu slum dwellers. This led to the development of protection rackets first in the slums and housing estates and then on public transport routes. The Mungiki fought successfully for protection turf against smaller traditional extortion gangs, ostensibly in the name of reducing rents and fares for the common man. They also came into increasing conflict with the police.

¶7. (SBU) By the late 1990s, as the Mungiki grew in numbers and wealth, they attracted the attention of political and business leaders in the Kikuyu community. The Mungiki hired out their services to Kikuyu politicians (both ruling and opposition parties) and business leaders (mostly landlords) as enforcers and intimidators. Many members, especially those directly involved in "fund raising," took on a less conspicuous look, shaving their dreadlocks in an attempt to maintain a lower public profile. By 2000 the Mungiki had recruited or infiltrated significant numbers of members and sympathizers within the ranks of the police and state bureaucracy.

¶8. (SBU) In March 2002 a force of about 250 Mungiki attacked the Kariobangi North housing estate in Nairobi, killing 20 residents and maiming over 30. Their particular targets were members of the rival "Taliban" gang, which is made up of members of the Luo ethnic group, but common residents of the estate were also attacked. Following this incident, which the press reported was preceded by numerous warnings to the police, all unacted on, the Moi government banned 18 "vigilante groups," including the Mungiki. Both Taliban and Mungiki leaders were arrested. The Taliban leader was subsequently charged.

The Mungiki leader, Waruinge, was released without charge. Waruinge called on Mungiki
followers to support Moi's KANU and its Kikuyu presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta, even though many Mungiki were the victims of Moi-directed communal violence only five years

Mungiki Ideology, Aims and Practices

¶9. (SBU) Mungiki ideology is often contradictory, opportunistic and incoherent, but it contains a powerful appeal to Kikuyu youth in the slums who feel alienated from the Kenyan state and mainstream Kenyan society. Mungiki theology calls for a return to the worship of Ngai, the
Kikuyu god resident on Kirinyaga (Mount Kenya). It vociferously rejects Christianity as an alien import responsible for holding the Kikuyu in "mental slavery" to "the West." And yet, Mungiki rhetoric is full of images and verse citations from the Old Testament meant to justify Mungiki actions and beliefs.

¶10. (SBU) The Mungiki political agenda is confused, but essentially calls for ethnic federalism in which all Kikuyu-inhabited areas will be united under the authority of the elders, the pre-colonial Kikuyu political system. This "Kikuyu state" may or may not be affiliated with similar ethnic states for Kenya's other communities. The political agenda is short on specifics and long on scathing critiques of the Kenyan state and the traditional elite it is held to serve at the expense of the common man in general and Kikuyu youth in particular.

¶11. (SBU) Mungiki arose in the context of the Moi administration's explicitly anti-Kikuyu policies. The fact that Kenya is now led by a Kikuyu-dominated government has taken some of the wind out of the sails of Mungiki's resentment-laden political rhetoric. That rhetoric has less
relevancy today as Mungiki de-emphasizes religious, cultural and political purposes and now acts purely as a criminal organization existing only for the financial benefit of its leadership and members. Religious and political themes are used as a means of binding members to Mungiki identity, but do not appear to represent a sincere religious, cultural or political program.

¶12. (SBU) Multiple press reports refer to the Mungiki 12 Commandments. These commandments are illustrative of the Mungiki ethos, its military-style organization and modus
operandi. Several recent incidents of Mungiki violence reflect this code:

-- You shall not smoke cigarettes, take frothed beer, wines and spirits but instead take traditional brew. That liquor remains prohibited to all unmarried but snuff is allowed to all, male and female members.

-- It is an abomination to be an uncircumcised Kikuyu male or female. (NOTE: Mungiki are infamous for forcible female genital mutilation. END NOTE.)

-- Never rape or defile or make love to a woman who is not your wife.

-- Never let any member be persecuted, humiliated or be taken hostage by any force, no matter how powerful that enemy is. Always fight back and if overwhelmed, retreat and seek reinforcement.

-- Any life of our member taken by an aggressor, or any of our property destroyed by that aggressor shall be avenged. Revenge at all times will be tenfold. In this, we are all bound by the sacred blood of our veins through an oath.

-- Enemies are traitors, deserters and any force that confronts us. Traitors are members who betray us, deserters being those who abandon our cause. Their punishment shall be death by beheading and their heads shall be dumped where they can be found as a testimony but their torsos should never be found. (NOTE: Several recent suspected Mungiki murders have observed this protocol. END NOTE.)

-- Sect's secrets shall not be discussed with non-members. Any member who contravenes this shall be punished severely.

-- All times observe peace, spreading our doctrine to our brothers and sisters, recruiting many to our cause and binding them through administration of the oath.

-- Always endeavor to raise resources to fund any of our calling and all our regional coordinators must at all times be on the lookout and utilize those avenues that will generate resources.

-- There shall be a set target for all regional coordinators, besides the resources that will be kept for sharing out by the unemployed members.

-- All our efforts shall be the recovery of our lost lands, the land of our forefathers where there was no hunger since water, milk, honey and meat were in abundance.

-- The sect's trademarks shall at all times be a club and a sword to clobber and slay its identified enemies.

-- All members shall at all times be at the ready, to be called at short notice to timely execute directives as shall be communicated to members through their respective regional leaders.

-- The hierarchy of the cause's command shall at all times be respected and the decision and resolutions of the national council shall be final and non negotiable, to be executed without question.

The Mungiki Today: Kenya's Largest Criminal Organization
--------------------------------------------- -----------

¶13. (SBU) The Mungiki today are a large criminal organization with a network of supporters within the government bureaucracy and political leadership. It uses extreme violence to amplify its influence through terror. Some of the academic literature on the Mungiki paint its members as harmless rastafarians with a thirst for social justice. If this was ever the case, it certainly is not now. They are vicious, sadistic killers. Kenyan newspapers up until recently routinely referred to the Mungiki as a "banned sect," emphasizing its roots as an unorthodox religious
group. These same newspapers, quite appropriately, now refer to Mungiki as a criminal gang.

The Mungiki operate in significant portions of Central province, some parts of Rift Valley province (Nakuru area, for example) and much of Nairobi, especially along transportation routes. (NOTE: Official Government of Kenya figures show the public transportation sector clearing over USD 1.5 million a day nationwide. END NOTE)

¶14. (SBU) The Mungiki rule territory as vigilantes (keeping out rival gangs), cultural police (enforcing prim Mungiki dress codes on women, for example), extortionists (collecting monthly fees from residents and business owners) and a parallel judiciary (arbitrating family disputes and
renter/landlord conflicts). The Mungiki raise funds through extortion, kidnapping, hiring out their gangs to politicians and business people, and charging for the use of public services (public latrines, for example) or illegal utility hook-ups (water and electricity). When under threat from
either the police or the common citizenry, the Mungiki react savagely, with beheadings and public display of mutilated corpses. They employ terror as a means of intimidating opposition.

¶15. (SBU) The number of Mungiki members is very difficult to determine. Some press and academic speculations put the number at 1.5 million, but this seems to be a gross exaggeration. The Mungiki are a purely Kikuyu affair. The Kikuyu number about eight million out of a Kenyan population of 32 million. The total number of currently active Mungiki, including rural members not routinely involved in urban criminal activities, is likely under 100,000. Most observers
believe that membership is static, hence the emphasis on intensifying activities. Members of Parliament from Mungiki-dominated areas are largely silent about the organization, due to intimidation, complicity or support. Minister of Defense Karume, who represents a Central Province constituency infamous as a Mungiki stronghold, recently called for the government to negotiate with Mungiki (drawing sharp criticism from the press). The general population is
intimidated into silence and non-cooperation with the police.

On occasion, however, Mungiki victims strike back. Public transport drivers and local residents in a small town outside Nairobi recently burned the homes of a number of Mungiki members in the area. The resultant battles left a policeman dead.

¶16. (SBU) Ndura Waruinge, the supposed Mungiki founder, claimed conversion to Islam in 2000, stating that henceforth any move by the government against Mungiki would generate the
fierce opposition of the worldwide Muslim community. Waruinge claimed in 2004 to have left Mungiki and to have converted to Christianity and become a pastor. Little credence is given to either "conversion." It is widely believed that Waruninge covertly directs the movement while
his assumed status allows him to publicly move in political circles. He has formed a political party (Youth Empowerment Association) and announced plans to run for a seat in parliament.

The alleged overt leader of the Mungiki is Maina Njenga. His large estate in rural Central province is said to include facilities for administering the Mungiki oaths and conducting Mungiki "baptisms." Although the police claim to be in the midst of a crackdown on the Mungiki, Njenga
continues to come and go as he pleases.

Comment: Threat to the State?

¶17. (SBU) Are the Mungiki a unique phenomenon in Kenya? Yes and no. There are plenty of other vigilante/extortion outfits, murderous gangs, political militias, and thugs-for-hire. What makes Mungiki different is the scope, comprehensiveness and cohesiveness of the organization. No other criminal organization is as large. No other criminal organization is involved in so many diferent criminal enterprises. No other criminal organization is as well connected in politics and the bureaucracy. No other criminal organization has Mungiki's religious/cultural/political mystique with which to bind its members.

¶18. (SBU) The parallel government set up by Mungiki in parts of rural Kenya, certain Nairobi housing estates and slums, and in the transport sector is made possible by weak and ineffective governance. The operation of the "Mungiki state" then further weakens governance in those areas. The apparent collusion of politicians and officials with Mungiki hampers moves by the partially infiltrated police to confront the organization.

The Mungiki are not a revolutionary, subversive organization, despite their early rhetoric. Mungiki does not pose a direct challenge to the state because it does not need to do so. Rather, Mungiki acts as an insidious force that counters efforts to improve governance and security in Kenya. Mungiki weakens the state as it bullies and extorts the "poor and oppressed masses" it
purports to serve, while defying the state to do anything about it. It is a sad commentary about Kenyans' lack of faith in state institutions that so few consider recourse to the official administration when they suffer Mungiki crimes.

If the Kenyan state ever became a credible threat to the Mungiki's existence, then the organization might indeed pose a direct security threat to the country's leaders. The Mungiki does not hesitate to attack and kill police officers who they have been unable to co-opt or coerce into

Comment: What Can Be Done?

¶19. (SBU) The membership of such a large group cannot be simply rounded up, arrested, tried and incarcerated. The government's current crackdown is resulting in many arrests of young men in Central Province who have no apparent affiliation to Mungiki. Mungiki members who are caught up in these dragnets are routinely bailed out by their fellows, who then pose a threat to the arresting officers. Several police officers have been murdered in confrontations with Mungiki
over the last few weeks.

¶20. (SBU) A more effective approach would be to go after the leadership. However, the political and official connections of the Mungiki leadership make this difficult. Kenya's two
largest daily newspapers, The Standard and The Nation, have both printed editorials accusing the administration of lacking the political will to confront Mungiki. Multiple reports indicate increasing disaffection among Kikuyu voters with the government's lackluster performance in reining in Mungiki oppression. That vote is an absolute necessity for this government's re-election plans in December. That set of circumstances increases the odds for meaningful government action to curb the Mungiki.

¶21. (SBU) If the missing political will to confront the Mungiki leadership is ever found, then the Kenyan authorities may want to consider an approach successfully employed by United States law enforcement officials against our own large criminal organizations. Kenya's criminal statutes are often lax and difficult to prosecute. Internal Security Minister Michuki has publicly complained about this. Its tax laws, howver, are draconian. Mungiki leaders would be hard pressed to explain the source of their income (as would a number of Kenyan politicians and officials). Confiscation of property and imprisonment for tax evasion of Mungiki leaders would put a serious dent in Mungiki operations to the relief of Kenya's battered citizenry in Nairobi, Central Province and elsewhere.




Mwarang'ethe said...

"... with fraternity on your lips, you declare war against humanity."

So, Bentham castigated the French Revolution guys who could not see the nonsense of their revolution as long as France had colonies.

Is there any difference between these Americans and the French Revolution hypocrites?

Let us see:

As the WW2 was coming to an end (having enriched a few at the expense of millions who lay dead and maimed), the USA Secretary of State, a Mr Morgenthau came up with his famous Morgenthau Plan to DEINDUSTRIALISE Germany and make it:


(b) PASTORAL nation, so that, it does wage war again.

NB: Does the Kenyan economy look lie this in 2011?

However, in 1947, this Plan was cancelled abruptly when the ex - President Herbert Hoover went to Germany and reported back to the USA that:

"There is the ILLUSION that the New Germany left after the annexations can be reduced to a pastoral state. It cannot be done unless we EXTERMINATE or MOVE 25, 000, 000 out of it."

In other words, it was clear that, making German economy like that of Kenya/Africa, would lead to social, economic and political chaos.

To ensure this was not the case, the Americans came up with the Marshall Plan.

Now, having experimented with Germans and seen the SOCIAL, POLITICAL and ECONOMIC chaos of an AGRICULTURAL and PASTORAL state, we ask, Lord, why do they insist on imposing on Africans these same conditions?


During the World Bank and IMF hearings in the USA, one banker was asked, what would happen if America did not help rebuild Europe?

His answer was telling and a prophecy of what was to befall Africa after so called independence:

"It is my belief that you are going to have a continuing CHAOTIC CONDITION in those countries and that they will INEVITABLY go on to some form of TOTALITARIAN government, simply because it will be the ONLY WAY that their PEOPLE can GET FOOD TO EAT...

He added that:

"... CHAOTIC ECONOMIC CONDITIONS in a country PRODUCES CIVIL WARS and civil wars are apt to produce wars between nations."

In other words, when the USA Ambassador describes Mungiki just like a JOURNALIST would do, it demonstrates either:

(a) his inability/his staff to INTERPRET human actions or,

(b) just plain being devilish.

Anyway, since DESCRIPTION of human action is the highest achievement in the EXPENSIVE, IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, we run off to enjoy: Prophecy by Don Carlos:

Anonymous said...

Chris, this is a new low surely from you. Why copy paste information that your readers can access by themselves from the internet???

And you have written about mungiki like 10 times already and its getting tired and old. There are so many things happening around for example weakening shilling, ICC, MP's raiding the exchequer to pay their tax arrears and future taxes, disbndment of KACC, the wonderful performance of our athletes at the worlds...etc etc...

Anonymous said...

Kwani Chris has given his password to copy paste master aka pensioner Taabu?? Only the length of the post has fingerprints of chris, the rest of lifting and pasting is all taabu.

Anonymous said...

sounds like the 50;s

Anonymous said...


Mwarang'ethe said...

There are so many things happening around for example weakening shilling, ICC, MP's raiding the exchequer to pay their tax arrears and future taxes, disbndment of KACC,


Bwa ha ha ha he he he hi hi ti ti ti

You are not being fair to Chris and his co. You are asking him to acknowledge that, his NEW WONDERFUL CON - stitution was just another wet dream.

Unfortunately, a costly wet dream because, it will ONLY give PENSIONS to the outgoing LOOTERS and give huge salaries and pensions to the incoming LOOTERS.

All this LOOT, must come from HIS OWN POCKET and that of HIS son as soon as he is old enough to SLAVE. Oh, poor people!

Now, CHILDREN, sharpen your pencils on BOTH sides and watch out for the smoke:

All societies are founded on LABOUR. As they go along, they start indulging in LUXURIES.

At this stage, the BATTLE is about who shall labour, and who shall enjoy the luxuries.

Since those who seek to MONOPOLISE the luxuries cannot give up, they STUPIFY those who labour not to UNDERSTAND, the game.

In this struggle then, a society enters in to a state of SOCIAL, ECONOMIC and POLITICAL sterility. We are there CHILDREN.

In such a society, just like this one of ours, the DISTRIBUTION of the economic SURPLUS is by LAWS OF WAR/ROBBERY.

This being the case, the REAL SOLUTION does not lie in removing Wako and putting Muigai and OPIUM SESSIONS, and such ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES.

It lies in REORGANISING the society so that, distribution of SURPLUS/LUXURIES is not as per the LAWS OF WAR but in accordance with peaceful means.

The question is, are Kenyans up to this task? They are not because, they are taught by CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS SCHOOLS OF LIES, FRAUD, RAPE, ROBBERY and PLUNDER.

Anyway, since this is too ACADEMIC and Kenyans want bread and circuses, we leave to continue enjoying:

Stiff Necked Fools, You think you're cool
To deny me for simplicity,

Yes you have gone, for so long
With your love for VANITY now
Yes you have got the WRONG INTERPRETATION
Mixed up with vain imagination

The lips of the RIGHTEOUS, teach many,
But fools die for want of wisdom

I don't wanna SCHOOL ya
Things you, you might NEVER KNOW ABOUT.

Anonymous said...

Well, prefer a copy and paste article than a very poor comment...

Mwarang'ethe, your comment is ridiculous... Comparing US nowadays, French Revolution and Europe in WW2 to end up with same anticolonialist blahblah; referring to guy like Bentham (really, the guy who invented Police Act, surveillance CCTV and behind the Panopticon BigBrother principe ?).

French Revolution hypocrites, can you elaborate ??

"The Revolution is, in fact, often seen as marking the "dawn of the modern era". [...] the Revolution permanently crippled the power of the aristocracy and drained the wealth of the Church."

I guess your comments are good for intestinal transit !

Mwarang'ethe said...

referring to guy like Bentham (really, the guy who invented Police Act, surveillance CCTV and behind the Panopticon BigBrother principe ?).


Where did we deny all these?


The issue of French Revolution is more complicated than you think, or, you have been led to believe. You have to search deeper to see what was really going.

We shall be back, start sharpening you pencil on BOTH sides for you shall hear things you never heard about the French Revolution.

Mwarang'ethe said...

referring to guy like Bentham (really, the guy who invented Police Act, surveillance CCTV and behind the Panopticon BigBrother principe ?).

"The Revolution is, in fact, often seen as marking the "dawn of the modern era". [...] the Revolution permanently crippled the power of the aristocracy and drained the wealth of the Church."


Bentham was a character. However, he was NOT STUPID. In fact, he knew more than many of his generation knew. Sample this:

I reaction to the American Declaration of Independence, he dismissed it that:

``.. they hold to be a `truth self-evident.' At the same time, to secure these rights they are satisfied that government should be instituted.

They see not ... that nothing that was ever called government ever was or ever could be exercised but at the expense of one or another of those rights, that ... some one or other of those pretended unalienable rights is alienated....

In these tenets they have outdone the extravagance of all former fanatics.''

NB: Today, who was right? Bentham of Jefferson and his friends? We would say, Bentham knew more history of governments than others.


After writing that, he went on to join the British Foreign Office and British Foreign Intelligence Service.

Working in his role as an intelligence asset, he would write speeches which were taken to France by DIPLOMATIC POUCHES.

NB: Go to the British Museum and you will see East India Company payments to the leading Jacobins.

Why would these French men be in the pay of the East India Co?

It is in this DOUBLE ROLE, he wrote about Panopticon scheme.

And, to see this guy's character, you have to read what he wrote in accepting the honorary title of Citizen of France. He wrote in Oct. 1792 that:

``I should think myself a weak reasoner and a bad citizen, were I not, though a royalist in London, a republican in Paris.''

As such, the French Revolution, just like the American Revolution did not change much. It was a coup against the Nobility and Church by the RISING MERCHANT CLASS.

As such, this MERCHANT CLASS, as it happened in Ancient Athens and Rome, inherited the FEUDAL STATE. So, what difference does it make for the majority? None.

They LIE!


Anyway, before we leave to enjoy some music, we leave thee with this about AMERICAN MUNGIKI:

"WikiLeaks: Iraqi children in U.S. raid shot in head, U.N. says."

"U.S. troops EXECUTED at least 10 Iraqi civilians, including a woman in her 70s and a 5-MONTH-OLD INFANT, then called in an airstrike to DESTROY the EVIDENCE,..."

We wonder, where is the ICC Vulture when you need him.



With that, let us enjoy: Babylon System:

Anonymous said...

Is Mwarang'ethe the only commenter in this blog nowadays? where is everyone else?

Anonymous said...

This CON-stitution was just FRAUD and the politicians SHAGGED us big. One of the reasons I voted for the doc was because it stopped the MPIGS from deciding their renumeration. Can someone please explain to me how even with the new katiba in place these wolves managed to use taxpayers money to pay their taxes now and in the future??

Chris told us that AMKA KUMEKUCHA after this document was passed. I hate to admit it but Mwarangethe has always been right and Chris of Kumekucha was wrong on this one. Seems our only last discourse is to go the Arab revolution way.
But forget it, Kenyans especially the middle class are very afraid to lose their salaries and comfortable lifestyle. We are all doomed.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus are Mungiki including Mwarangethe

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:47 AM

No! We do not need Arab revolution in Sub-Saharan Africa, what we need is African revolution to kick these Arabs out of Africa!

God gave Africa to the descendants of Cush who are black people.

Few centuries ago North Africa was not inhabited by Arabs. They only starting migrating from Middle East from 632 AD.

Time to reclaim our land and conitent from these Adomites!

They hate black Africans and their dream is to torture a black person.

Anonymous said...

Mungiki acts as an insidious force that counters efforts to improve governance and security in Kenya

Furthermore, Internal Security Minister Michuki has publicly complained about this.

Mungiki hydra, the cultural beast, is the devil we know, but what should be feared most is the gurdian angels of Mungiki, the so-called members and sympathizers within the police force and state bureaucracy.

These are people or individuals who have been compromised, coerced, tricked, blackmailed, threatened, and forced into becoming operatives (assets) for Mungiki's criminal enterprises, within the country.

But at the same time they have become the nation's worst nightmare and huge liabilities (enemies within, sleeper cells, Trojan horse, venomous snakes, bad apples aka "rotten bananas" and angels of death in our midst) and a real security risk to the public at large.

What Kenya needs is three or more courageous and fearless government ministers like Michuki, men and women who are ready, willing and able to take the fight, battle and protracted war to the urban as well as rural doorsteps, encalves, hideouts, caves and other gang controled territories of criminal gangs like Mungiki.

I hate to be the one who is first to say it on Kumekucha, that will take or it may end up taking, God forbid, the heinous murder(s) of prominent politicians (cabinet ministers) or top civil servants, like the permanent secretaries, very senior military officers, senior police officers and their families in order for the government to take drastic measures such as mobile warfare against criminal gangs like Mungiki.

I would really hate to see the advent of such a day, but it may be the only trigger that will force the government's tied hands into taking decisive actions against the lords of organized crime or criminal organizations in and around Kenya.

I am sure that a Kenya's version of the RICO ACT - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act would go a long way in eradicating criminal gangs.

FI: RICO Act has taken care of groups like the Latin Kings, Chicago Outfit, Gambino crime family, et al.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'the needs a Rhinoplasty to narrow his wide flarred nose and lift his deep nasal bridge.
This surgery (Rhinoplasty) will give him a perfect nose like Mzungu.

Anonymous said...

When they cannot measure up to Mwarang'ethe's intellectual standards, they resort to insults..

ti hi hi hiiiii

what a bunch of loosers who can only cram but cannot reason. Go Mwarang'ethe go!!

Anonymous said...

Arabs are beasts. Its not suprising that their early contributions to civilization, though significant, are all but overlooked if not entirely forgotten. Their volatile (and vile) nature militates against their ability to consolidate any manner of gains.

Anonymous said...

By the way, who is mwarang'ethe? IMO he has a huge EGO a characteristic of someone who craves for attention, am sure he did not get any when he was a child

Anonymous said...

The only thing that is not so scary about Mungiki, is that they are foot soldiers, hired hands (machetes/rungus/pangas/swords), misty ghosts, dogs of skirmish, chauvinist puppets and lost ethnic souls, who are always at the beck and call of their masters, handlers, puppeteers, and breeders.

In other words, it's not that hard when it comes to engaging them with proportional force or lethal power, overcoming them, and containing them within their area of operation, or any theater of conflict.

So long as the their masters, handlers, puppeteers and breeders have been captured, disbaled or sugically eliminated where necessary by various law enforcement entities.

The elusive Medusa's head is the most scary thing about Mungiki, and that's one of the main reason why all those concerned and the rest of the country should never let their guard down, or allow the nation's capital, central province as well as some parts of the country to be held hostage.

One brighter side of things for the general public, is that, no matter how many times Mungiki keeps rearing its ugly head, or in how many groups it splinters into, it will not be hard nor difficult for any well organized and determined government to tame them through necessary rehabilitation programs.

Lest we forget, the one time leaders of Interahamwe never thought that a time or day would come when the vicious ethnic hunters would end up being the hunted, the vanquished, the defeated, on the endless run and the exiled.

Anonymous said...

Poor Cherambos and his coached testimony it's akin to mwarang'ethes adultered comments on KK tehe he heeeee! Always unveiled at the right moment

Anonymous said...

When we performed our national duties the tribe factor did not feature at all. - William Kivuvani, former Director of Intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Kwani chris has been sheepishly lured back to those international pyramid schemes that he was marketting a while ago here in KK??
His deafening silence is worrying.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

In this blog it is very easy to discern original comments and imposter comments. Simply saying that the original Oracle's comments are done using satire, someone is working very hard to keep the Oracle from KK.

Well fake oracle you can fool others on KK but not me tafuta pseudo-name original my friend. Or are you one of the guys the Oracle used to sweep the floor with on KK Tehe heeeee ha haaaa.

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