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Sunday, September 04, 2011

ICC Kenyan Cases Analysis That Kumekucha Does Not Want To Make

I can still remember an incident that took place when I was barely 4 years old. It is still as clear as day to me, like it happened just yesterday. I think part of the reason is that my mother was involved. She was actually being beaten up.
I cringe when I think about all those youngsters who witnessed much worse. Their mothers being raped and then killed. You lie if you insist that they will quickly forget when they grow up. You lie when you claim that it all depends on how they are brought up and that if they find upbringing full of love, they will live in better times. You lie because I know how it feels.

This is one of the reasons why I have been listening to the ongoing confirmation hearings at the Hague with a lot of bitterness in my heart. And it is the reason why I have resisted making any commentary about them because my posts will almost certainly be biased. More so because of some of the information I have that is not in the public domain.

The situation is made worse by the line of defense that is being taken by the accused persons. This very serious matter is being reduced to an extension of the political battles currently going on ahead of 2012. That makes me want to throw up because it is happening at a time when some Kalenjin individuals are occupying land that does not belong to them. The land belongs to people whom some of them murdered and raped. The real owners of the land who survived are wandering around with no fixed abode in their own country. And yet no court in the land has prosecuted a single person in connection to this gross injustice. Naturally this is not the kind of thing to joke about or make light of. Or turn into some political game plan for 2012.

And that is the reason why this is a post to urge my readers to allow me to remain silent on what is unfolding at the ICC. I assure you all that there will be plenty of drama and shocking revelations so much so that my input in the matter will not be missed.

But before I pen off I would like to make three observations.

Firstly about the bombshell this past week where the prosecution has alleged that William Ruto recruited retired army commanders Augustine Cheruiyot and John Koech and former GSU boss Samson Cheramboss to plan and help execute attacks in the 2008 troubles.

This is consistent with previous so-called tribal clashes in the area. Kenyans with longer memories will understand that it was one retired President Daniel arap Moi who invented tribal clashes. This is the man who laid the ground for what happened in 2008 because tensions have always been high in the Rift Valley since the advent of multi-party democracy in 1991. Moi always used personalities from the military that he could trust to execute the attacks. I shall not mention names but there was a very famous army officer who was killed in the Rift Valley in the 1990s and it was simply a revenge attack by relatives of those he had organized to kill on behalf of Moi.

Secondly the line being taken by the defense lawyers to weaken the prosecution case by claiming that others are guiltier than the accused persons is bound to fail for one simple reason. Those at the Hague are the ones deemed most responsible and it is not the mandate of the ICC to round up all the people responsible.

Lastly William Ruto cell phone calls during the troubles of 2008 were intercepted by local spooks and the NSIS has conclusive evidence of his involvement. I doubt whether this material will ever be made available to the prosecutors at the Hague but am informed that some related evidence may come through in the course of the trial (assuming that the hearings proceed to a full trial).

Really interesting times ahead folks.


Anonymous said...

At long last Chris!!! I have been waiting for you to say something about the ICC hearings. What took you so long? Haven't even read the post yet...

Let me read. Will make my comment later.

Anonymous said...

OMG Chris! That photo looks so gay! please change it NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

If the defense continue to use witnesses such as Gen.Cheramboss who have been coached to provide false witness then its only a matter of short time before Ocampo and his team make minced meat out of Ruto&co and oh!what a mighty fall that will be, the loud crash will be heard all the way in Dadaab N.E. County!

kumekucha said...

Anon@ 5:53

I love ur comment.

Exactly my observation.

Kumekucha Chris

Anonymous said...

Chris, you dont want Ruto to say the buck stops with the general who finances the execution of attacks? Heck the general even got a PM medal from the atrocities. Raila may be shielded today by the powers that be but by God one day he and his family will pay for his sins.

Sayra said...

its true that pic looks gay ... even a general at the post look i thought it was gonna be a gay post. can i look for a picture for you?

you know its true this is a family blog. my nephew just shouted that am looking at pictures of naked men na tuko kwa living room ... can you imagine the kind of 'eyes' that i got from all the family members and the dilemma of wondering how am gonna explain myself? its all your fault and you u will pay.

so please kuwa serious.

Phil said...

Bw Chris

You forget how, we (me, you and other KK bloggers) were being tracked immediately following the 2007 polls.

Michuki even went as far as banning live boradcasts but still KK was being updated by the minute by those of us on the ground.

Ruto is an amateur and you can see that by the company he keeps. Let's put it this way. Who knew Ruto before Raila held his hand and pulled him into the Pentagon in 2007? Look at his defence team. People like Katwa Kigen - good at taking double statements - are at best left to act as defence at the local chiefs office but certainly not at ICC.Look at his witnesses. What can Cherambos tell you that makes sense? Hawa watu wa Moi ni mafala sana.

Ruto's indictment is coming. You can take that to the bank. Not because of RAO but because of NSIS evidence and Uhuru Kenyatta's evidence. These are the people who planted witnesses with intelligent testimonies at the waki commission hearings and also were prior to Waki feeding the in-tray of the KHRC. Thereafter, they opposed a local tribunal and loudly told us not be vague and go to Hague. They imagined they were fighting ODM and RAO.

Sasa, the time of reckoning is here. And at the rate RAO's name is being mentioned by your equally confused Kao friend Kilo Kumi, it is apparent that only RAO can save these primitive idiots. Even Kalonzo and Wetangula plus Moi senior are now looking for him.

Anonymous said...

A Somali won a gold medal today!!

Mo Farah, a Mogadishu born Briton won 5000m gold medal.

That consolidated the theory East Africans are born with 'running genes'.

Anonymous said...

What makes a middle-aged married African man put up a gay photo on his blog?

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
The ongoing proceedings taking place at the ICC mark a turning point in the history and future of this great nation. Dust can only be swept and kept hidden under the carpet for so long.When the light is switched on then even a blind man will see how dirty and smelly the house us

even here in this blog The usual suspects will bombard us with comments about the fools and economy, but this is bigger than egos educated beyond their level of understanding.

Kenya must face her painful past if we are to move forward into any meaningful future. The implications of what are going to happen next will be unthinkable on a scale which will really require courage on the part of every Kenyan, whether here or in the diaspora out there.

Refuse to bury your head in the sand Kenyans. The end of impunity has come, and you know its always darkest at the end but don't be afraid,

Anonymous said...

Chris is a faggot, period. How else can one get access to gay model photo shots?? No wonder the mofo has no time for his blog.
I am so disgusted!! Yack!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There are those who have decided to take a neutral stance on the Kenyan cases at ICC, as well as on the huge twenty-eight feet long albino python (evils of PEV + IDPs) that's still very visible in our midst.

I've refused to be neutral, I will have an opinion, take a stand and continue to be vocal about it once the ICC process has been finalised.

No matter how hard or painfully any part of the ICC process may seem, and it doesn't matter how long it may take, I will eventually air my opinion about why I believe what I believe about the post-election-violence and it's ripple effects for the nation as a whole.

On the other hand, the Kenyan judicial system and the country's law enforcement apparatus have left a lot to be desired since the post election violence, almost four years ago.

They two entities seem to be part of the ongoing problem rather than a workable solution aimed at addressing the post-election-violence.

As far as I am converned, the ongoing issue of property occupation by people, (squatters, looters, invaders, raiders, robbers, militia) who have no rightful ownership to it, is and will continue to be a very thorny issue in any legal, political and social sense, unless full restitution is made to the rightful owners or surviving family members who were forcefully driven out of the region in the aftermath of 2007 general election.

NB: There is a Kenyan family that lost their fifty acre farm, and the current hostile occupier is a former senior employee of the ministry of foreign affairs, and well documented evidence since the 14th of May, 2008 is available.

Yes! They Live Here said...

Among the wittiest, Chris you are. Thanks alot for your blog enlightens us. I have noticed that Joshua Sang anashangaa mambo ya ugaibuni. It has not dawned to him that he is there on a serious matter

Anonymous said...

Poor Cherambos! this guy has actually shown the literacy levels of Kenyan Politicians! I hope the KK LAOSHI! will shade some light on this, as we are surely in the dark!!!!!

Anonymous said...

totally gay photo.
kubaff chris.

M. Pesa said...

I thought these big, powerful and stinking rich Kenyans were untouchable? I can't even believe what I'm seeing on TV especially with ODM chairman Henry Kosgey whose big silence tells it all. (By the way, is this guy who has a million other cases back home still the chairman of Oh Ndi Em?)

Please make sure you closely watch the body language when these guys are answering tough questions. When they stammer like the Generals did or eyes become shifty and looks to the left, that means they are lying and cooking answers as they move along! That's why you see the the judges giving these suspects a cold stare trying to read all the signs.

Kosgey is famous for screwing or more politely f%$#@ing anything he touches since he entered politics decades back. He single handedly brought down the giant Kenya National Assurance (KNA), looted millions during the All Africa Games held in Nairobi back in the 80s, allowed mikebe cars in Kenya illegally last year and that's why he's in court locally, has been consistently mentioned in all land clashes reports since 1992, appointed illegally his namesake from his own village to head KEBS who has since been kicked out, and is now standing in the dock at The Hague for mass murder during the last elections. Phew! What a resume for the chairman of a "democratic" movement that wants to bring "change" in Kenya?

Thanks the good Lord files don't "disappear" at the ICC courts in The Hague, ama vipi Muthaura?

M. Pesa said...


No eye contact Generally, if someone is lying they will not look you in the eye, at least during a certain part of the conversation. Normally, people make eye contact for at least half of a conversation, so anything less than this could be suspicious. One caveat: there are some people who will take great pains to make eye contact with you even if they're lying, simply to make you think they're not.

Change in voice. A change in the pitch of a person's tone, or a lot of stammering (umm, ah), or throat clearing could indicate a lie.

Unusual body language. If a person taps their foot a lot, fidgets with their hands, raises their shoulders, turns away from you or brings their hand to their face (to touch their chin or nose, etc.) -- in other words, if they act nervous or uncomfortable -- it could mean they're telling a lie. Also watch out for blushing (or becoming pale) and increased blinking.

Something sounds fishy. Making statements that contradict each other, are inconsistent or don't sound quite right are usually part of a lie.

Overly defensive. Sometimes when a person is lying they will become extremely defensive, refusing to answer any questions and even accusing you of lying. This may mean they have something to hide...Mmmmh does this sound familiar Hon Ruto?

Changes subject easily. If someone is lying and you change the subject, chances are high that they'll go right along with it. A person telling the truth, however, will likely ask why you changed the subject and want to go back to it.

Humor or sarcasm. A guilty person will often try to change the subject using humor or sarcasm, ama vipi Uhuru?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3.35 PM,

Wooooooaaaaah! Careful lest "PROF" emerges from the e-shadows and make you sound UN-EDUCATED with theories not from the IVY LEAGUE OF FOOLS.

This is one who is trying very hard to turn us into his very own SHEEPLE! well we say Baaaaaaaaaah! to that.

We'd rather read and listen to CHILDREN folk tales than be bombarded with CTRL+C and CTRL+V theories that lack originality in form and content.

Signature http:/

DM-Nairobi said...

@ Chris,
"I shall not mention names but there was a very famous army officer who was killed in the Rift Valley in the 1990s and it was simply a revenge attack by relatives of those he had organized to kill on behalf of Moi."

You are certainly referring to Captain Belsoi - the man who organised the Molo killings of 1992. I got to hear that some guys from Murang'a organised an attack on his home reminiscent of the mau mau period, killed him, cut of his head and took off with it never to be seen again.

In fact during his funeral, Moi was so pissed because they buried the body bila the head!

Anonymous said...

gay photos, i wanna puke..chris may be having his ass stuffed this very minute.

Anonymous said...

Chris is trying to appeal to gay readers like Tamaku, M-pesa, Oracle and who else?

Anonymous said...

of Course Mwarang'ethe who else?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I had actually thought WSR would bring a credible fortified defence. .but after this weekend(witnesses,katwa et al.Ruto is in deep sh"t. wth did the lawyers prepare for months.

Chris what is the link between the photo and icc?
ps: i think the pic happens to be a fashion campaign for marc jacobs,its actually controversial its somewhow simulates a sexual assualt scene.

Anonymous said...

To all the Anon's asking about the picture that Chris has posted,

are you concerned so much with looking the picture or what Chris has written?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:11 AM

Have you heard a picture speaks a thousand words?

Anonymous said...

for petes sake wacheni homophobia..
That photo is just a a fashion campaign by marc jacobs its a scene where a man is about to rape a woman and guys are watching,its a controvesial one..

though i dont know what THIS 'pic' has to do with chris analysis of ICC

Anonymous said...

ICC confirmations

it is a clear situation that the case is going to Trial stage

Kosgei sees no value added by using live witnesses,so did Ocampo

Let the movie continue

Anonymous said...

chris has been sodomized by faggots, how else do you explain his obsession with gay lowlifes like tamaku etc??

Anonymous said...

Despite Ruto's spirited efforts to appear innocent, you can see guilt written on his face. Ocampo should be supported by all Kenyans of good will to end impunity in Kenya.
Moi the author of tribal clashes could be serving years in jail if ICC was there in 1990s. It's unfortunate it is his students who are suffering and the master is scot free. Where is justice, but as they say better half justice than no justice.

Anonymous said...

The real culprits in this ICC trial are the people of Kenya who blindly followed directions and instructions to kill, maim and hurt their fellow Kenyan whom they have been living together with side by side.

Are we truly a nation or a collection of people forced to live together by accident?

Anonymous said...

I saw Chris and M-pesa sitting under a tree KISSING!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Are we truly a nation or a collection of people forced to live together by accident?

9/5/11 6:38 AM


Is your pencil sharpened on BOTH sides?

Have you checked the chimney?

If yes, let us hear the African teacher now:

We may categorize states into 3 groups:

(a) The UNITARY State. In this State, we find that it is one thing with parts which are merely subdivisions of the whole, i.e. subordinates.

In such a state, there is abolition of local privileges and CUSTOMARY RIGHTS which leads to establishment of UNIFORMITY.

NB: Customary rights may involve LAND RIGHTS.

As such, the Kenyan State shows these elements. For instance, without telling us which God gave them the authority, they abolished TRIBAL LAND RIGHTS.

(b) The second type of State may be FEDERAL one. For this, you can see USA when it was new and today, the Swiss.

For a pseudo federal system, see the Germany model of Bismarck which was a union of UNEQUAL parts with one party, i.e. PRUSSIA, controlling and absorbing the weaker ones.

This FEDERALISM combined with HEGEMONY does not last long enough as we saw in Germany, in 1963's and we will see soon in Kenya.

(c) The third type we may call something like CONGLOMERATE State.

Such a state, is formed via:

(i) conquest and not VOLUNTARY measures.

In this type of State, which Kenya IS, the only thing you will see is the SUBMISSION to a CENTRAL AUTHORITY and nothing else in common.

In this type of State, as we see in Kenya, the components are separated by:

(a) differences of CHARACTER,

(b) geographical positions

So as to form a good state our of a CONQUEST STATE like Kenya, one needs:

(a) very patient, and

(b) intelligent government which is able to work towards a definite goal.

However, since most governments which come out of these arrangements are NOT WISE, i.e. are composed of FOOLS, they must become DESPOTIC.

From such governments, there sprouts CORRUPTION which mess the government machinery.

As this goes on, it ends in catastrophic failure, revolutions, wars and economic misery.

So, to answer thy question, we are a CONQUERED TRIBES put together under a DESPOT and whenever a chance occurs, we shall KILL EACH OTHER.

In other words, when FOOLS speak of ending impunity, they speak out of ignorance on what happened, what is happening and what shall happen.

Anyway, since this SHALL NOT make sense to the EXCITED SHEEPLE, we leave to enjoy:

Lock them up;
oh, not the brothers,
But the ones who sets 'em up.

Anonymous said...

The Molo Killings of 1992 and Murang'a Organised Attacks.

The officer's murder was not in reprisal for the 1992 killings of innocent civilians in Molo, and hard nothing to do with the so-called "Murang'a Revenge."

Those were just rumours that made their rounds for all their worth at the time, but had nothing to do with the vicious killing of the "famous army officer... in the 1990s."

Truth be told, which may come as a real surprise to some, although it's common knowlegde to others since his murder took place.

His COD resulted from a deal gone bad while he's was doubling dealing with the 'Akazu' and the RPF at the same time.

Members of the two factions (clandestine cells) were based in Nairobi at the time, and some of the missions for the RPF's agents at the time was to take care of the cargo (clndestine supply ammunition) that came through Embakasi and Mombasa enroute to Uganda.

While the Akazu's agents were out and about in Nairobi with the sole mission of tracking down the RFP's agents.

Forex was RPF's other business at the time, and that's how the one time "famous army officer" crossed paths with the wrong type of people who eliminated him after they had been issued with fake US dollars in exchange for five million Kenyan shilling.

One of the owners of the forex bureau, a moderate Hutu who had also been conned by the same famous military, was eliminated later by the same crew.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure, if Arap Sang wanted to lose this trial and end up being the first out of the 6 suspects to be charged as guilty of crimes against humanity then he did a good job selecting Katwa Kigen as his representative lawyer -this Kigen fellow is may be qualified for the local courts here in Kenya but his poor performance in the ICC leaves alot to be desired in the case for the defense

Anonymous said...

I can still remember an incident that took place when I was barely 4 years old.

Any child who by no fault of his or her own, unfortunately witnesses the attack of a parent, mother or father, always ends up being left with an indelible dark memory for life.

Without sounding patronising in any way to Chris, when it comes to forgetting the horrifing incident from one's childhood days, let alone forgiving when one reaches adulthood, is not easy, and it is not to be undertaken lightly.

That's one of the many reasons why a whole generation of young post-election-violence survivors will never ever forget what really happened not just to themselves but also to their parents, siblings, relatives, friends, schoolmates and neighbours, during the darkest of period of their young lives.

I am sure that many of them are not ready to forgive, and after all, it takes a lifetime to really get to the door of forgiveness and getting to terms, with regard to the social ostracization, very vicious attacks, malicious maiming, forceful expulsion, and above all the murder of loved ones.

That's why it is crucial that real justice be seen as being carried out at the ICC, and the endemic problem of ethnic violence, wanton destruction of property and human life be tackled immediately through the rule of law without any exceptions and further delays.

Otherwise, whether we like it or not, the aftermath of the 2007 general elections will breed six, ten or more Kenya's version of Paul Kagame, who may want to get even in two or three decades from December 2007.

Case in point, it was ethnic violence that was responsible for uprooting an innocent two year old child, Paul Kagame, his family and hundreds of thousands of Rwandans from their homes, land, communities and country, while the perpetrators of the ethnic violence that killed more than 150,000 and the rest of the silent majority cheered on, gloated and thought that they had achieved both their short term and long term ethnic/political aspirations after the revolt of 1961.

Lest the silent majority of Kenyans forget, In 1961 Kagame left [Rwanda] with his family at the age of two and moved to Uganda with many other Tutsi. In 1962 they settled in Gahunge refugee camp, Toro, where kagame spent the rest of his childhood years.

Let us begin the journey of providing not just some semblance of collective diginity to all Kenyans who were displaced in the aftermath of December 2007, but seek the ways and means for their safe return to their rightful homes before the post-election-violence erupted.

The painful CHOICE is ours as well as any future consequences.

Islam said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Mungiki Adherent!

Anonymous said...

Chris, kindly do something about these tasteless posts similar to ones found in mashada by the anonymous readers. One of the first thing you have to do is to stop promoting the site by sending the blog's links in facebook since idlers lurk there 24/7.


silent Kumekucha fan.

Anonymous said...

Allah! Hack thoooooo!

Anonymous said...

too gay. i am outa here.

Anonymous said...

Where is Mwarang'the?

I have a very hilarious video here on Black power!



Anonymous said...

Sangs wakili-Kigen is behaving well!

Judge Kaul tells the defence (Kigen) to guard against using strong language to describe the prosecution's case and use a generally accepted standard.

Anonymous said...

One thing many people may fail to notice is the clever strategy Ocampo's prosecutor's using in their questions to Ruto/Sang/Kosgey

The defense have already begun believing their witnesses are standing up to the heat at the witness box But the real battle hasn't even begun yet!

Just a word of caution to Kigen/Oraro and co: when you see the Mzungus asking you simple questions repeatedly its akin to swallowing your favorite after work drink at your local brew: - those soft simple questions are to loosen your tongue the same way your favorite drink does.

Anonymous said...

While quibblings continue to fester here and there about the ongoing ICC hearings, including the dos and don'ts for the defendants and their coached witnesses, the IDCs [Internally Displacced Citizens] rode home after the Sudanese army took full control of an area around Al-Damazin town in blue Nile State, Sudan.

Our so-called coalition government of Kenya should have taken similar action as early as in January of 2008 for the express purpose of making sure that all the internally displaced citizens fo Kenya from the affected areas were provided with safe passage back to their homes, and adeqaute long term security.

And above all, the culprits and known perpetrators of the post-election violence brought to justice.

Let the qubblings continue along side the ICC hearings, so long as justice is served, lessons are learned, and the current citizenry plus next the generations of Kenyans do not decide to conveniently forget their past, the worst that can erupt in most of us whenever the herd mentality combined with 'resident evil' rear their ugly political heads.

Anonymous said...

The last time I checked, raila is still enjoying the fruits of PEV that he encouraged as a bargaining chip. One wonders why PEV stopped abruptly as soon as raila got the pm position if he did not have the kill switch. Those trying the old tribal clashes shenanigans should also convince Kenyans why PEV stopped immediatelly the odm leader got what he wanted.
The rest is just convenient noise.
Chris as usual is an intellectual lightweight to think beyond the theatrics of the puppeteers. At least Mwarangethe like the proverbial old man that sees further than a lad on a tree has been forthright about it and has given KK readers numerous warnings and materials to read. I like his opening statement...children sharpen your pencils on both ends...

Anonymous said...

"Majority of the well educated Kenya are really aspiring to become members of parliament in 2012, because it's the highest career in Kenya, and Kenyan MPs are the most highly paid politicians in the whole world." - Associated Press.
Are we any better than those who're used to making predictable pronouncements, pontifications, and convenient noises at Kumekucha?

And are we part the intellectual heavyweights that we think we are, the few among many in our fifty mile radius? Are we?
How about the following statement to counter...children sharpen your pencils on both ends...wazee don't forget to bring your walking sticks, portable chairs, adjustable hearing aids, extra set of batteries, enough drinking water and medications?
Anyway, certain segments of the population just don't care anymore for Raila, his brand of politics, and the current type of Animal Farm greedy MPigs, since they have all convenienlty remained part and parcel of the old political establishment.

In the meantime, it's the greedy MPigs from all political parties, ethnicities and regions, who are still busy enjoying the double matunda of post-election violence, and variety of parks, thanks to the bloated coalition government.
All things taken into account, no one is immuned nor will anyone be immuned to fear, pain, suffering, constant uncertainity and regrets if Kenyans don't put their house in real good order before 2013 and beyond.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Majority of the well educated Kenya are really aspiring to become members of parliament in 2012, because it's the highest career in Kenya, and Kenyan MPs are the most highly paid politicians in the whole world." - Associated Press.


Bwa ha ha ha hi hi ti ti ti

Lord, thanks for the ABUNDANT HUMAN FOLLY.

It is very AMUSING to watch it and especially this Kenyan MARCH OF FOLLY.

Having created ENDLESS, USELESS and LOOTING posts, in our wonderful new CON - stitution, every Kenyan with a diploma from the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS is now aspiring to be a PAID STATE FUNCTIONARY. ahaha, ehe hehe.

Do you wonder why all these DIPLOMA WAVING idiots want to become state functionaries? Because, to be a state functionary requires:

(a) no self direction, or

(b) no exhibition of any glimmer of PERSONAL INITIATIVE.

Amazingly, when every DIPLOMA WAVING idiot is talking of state jobs:

(a) Prof. Nyong'o, who has no clue about the economy, wants us to employ 20, 000 doctors more.

"Medical Service Minister Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o said the country had only 5,000 doctors against the required 25,000, to serve in both
private and public hospitals."


(b) As if this was not enough, we are reading this:

"Kenya has one of the highest number of heartbroken mothers in the world who lose their new born babies for simple medical reasons.

Some of the women, more than 40,000 annually according to the World
Health Organisation, are in pain because their babies could not be
provided with enough warmth or simple hygienic precautions were not taken during their first four weeks of life."


(c) to crown this MARCH of FOLLY, we leave thee with a picture of a Kenyan teacher who is earning NEGATIVE KES 25, 000:


When all this is going on, Kenyans in their usual ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES are occupied with ICC claptrap and so called State jobs which are highly paying.

Anyway, Lord, we leave to enjoy:

They use money to penalize the poor,

Only PROMISES reach us

Anonymous said...

Now why would someone in his/her right mind Copy and then Paste statements that they got from the web here on KK and then rant about ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES. Nah am NOT impressed, off to cyberspace until Chris posts something new.

Anonymous said...


Why have you not commented on my video about Black Power!!

I would like your insight please...

Anonymous said...

Is chris still wanking to the gay photo he has posted in this story??
Taabu, please please save the day with your recycled gutter posts.

Anonymous said...

what name can be given to a country that turns its slums into a tourism attraction? Kenyans why are you allowing tourists to view your shame publicly?

Anonymous said...

" I shall not mention names but there was a very famous army officer who was killed in the Rift Valley in the 1990s and it was simply a revenge attack by relatives of those he had organized to kill on behalf of Moi"

>> Let me name him for you, that was Capt Belsoi.

kenyaone said...

A court ultimately is only that. A court. Regardless of whether the O'six have charges confirmed against them and proceed to trail and are convicted or found not guilty, truth does not change. And truth has its perpective, what i believe you may deny. As far as im concerned, the outcome of the ICC will not change the fact that the PEV was, calculated, organised, financed, and supported by the highest politicians in this land. I go to the areas that it happened, I talk to people, I have friends who live there, i have visited most of the camps. So its my perspective. If they are convicted more power to the victimes, if not, at least we have seen the first real challenge and a bow warning shot to the lords of impunity in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Kosgei has just said "Kalenjins own the leader, leader's don't own the Kalenjin"
why are the self-appointed Raila accusers not shouting "sycophancy" mmmmh!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Everytime I log into KK I am confronted with that gay porn picture.
Can we have another post please...

Anonymous said...

LMAO! "I have friends who live there," and "Some of my best friends are victims of PEV."

Anonymous said...

Excuse the side bar comment that has nothing to do with the original post - "ICC Kenyan Cases Analysis That Kumekucha Does Not Want To Make."

However, the side bar comment has a lot to do with the soothsayers of Kumekucha and other seasoned commentators on various Kenyan blogs, whenever any mishap, clamity or catastrophic event take places on Kenyan soil, or involves Kenya's interests abroad.

The side bar comment has to do with the recent aviation disasters that have become a common occurrence in Russia.

For instance, there have been 'eight fatal plane crashes in this year alone, six of them since June' that have involved Russian planes, and resulted in the death of many air travellers, and deeply affected many lives in Russia.

In the meantime, our soothsayers, including the so-called "aviation experts" and the ever ready CDMTs (cyber disaster management teams), have their heads buried in the convenient sands of collective silence, as expected, until the worst case scenario involving Kenya takes place.

The kind of worst case scenarios that Kenyans hope won't happen anytime soon, in the near future, nor even in the long haul.

Anyway, may the souls of the 43 members of Lokomotiv ice hockey team rest in peace.

Many of us may not be fans of ice hockey for obvious reasons, however some of us join the rest of the world in extending our deepest condolences to the bereaved families, friends, colleagues, fans, and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation.

May the 43 members of Lokomotiv team RIP.

Anonymous said...

By the way, how evil and greedy can some of us get in life? Chronic alcoholism is no excuse for what Vasily Stalin did several decades ago.

Case in point: In 1950, virtually the entire national hockey team (of Russia) perished when its plane went down in a snowstorm as it approached the Sverdlosk airport.

The crash was covered up by the team's manager, Vasiliy Stalin, who feared his father's reaction.

The younger Stalin immediately recruited a new team, and the dictator (Joseph Stalin) apparently never knew the difference
nor did he ever find out about the plane crash and the deaths of the players.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, please please save the day with your recycled gutter posts.

Anonymous said...

I met Mwarang'ethe yesterday; and I enjoyed our conversation until something hit me, the guy is real short ( Arap sang short) then i recalled what my mama said... Never trust a short man because his brain is too close to his bottoms.

So before we sharpen our pencils on both sides, someone needs to carry diapers lest he shits on his brain.


Anonymous said...

Yaani some dimwits are still throwing dirt at mwarangethe? WTF??
E-corpse should go hang!!

Anonymous said...

My best writer Luke, come and save us from the horrors of gay image that has been with us for nearly a week now.

Please do a post and I will not disappoint you with my insights and great ideas.

Anonymous said...

Bwa ha ha haaaaaaa! I Like I Like I Liiiiiike!!!! Tehe he he heeee! that is too deadly E-cop you are cracking me up.

Whaaaaaaaat! Go easy on Mwarang'ethe

Anonymous said...

Luke, the apostle of Jesus Christ by grace, the prolific writer who bursted into the scene and gave us the geneology of our Lord Jesus Christ according to the Gospel of Luke, the great physician and accompliance of St Paul aka Apostle Paul, Luke who wrote the book of Acts of Apostles. First gentile believers in Yeshua (Jesus) albeit half Greek have Jewess. He lived full age(98) and was not martyted unlike the other apostles.

I just admire this servant of God.

Now where is Kumekucha Luke to kindly save us from horrors of gay images that has been with us for a week.

Come on Luke!!

Anonymous said...


I have another video here for Black Power!!

Anonymous said...

@ Islam
Once again I ask why does your god need human beings to perform his work for him (jihad)? why do you kill in gods name ? don't you think that the God who created every thing has the power to destroy his enemies without your help ? Unless of course you believe you can do a better job the God

Anonymous said...

Why r u deleting my posts I believe I'm asking a valid question its called engaging in healthy debate!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:29 AM
Hope you're doing well with your New Testament course at St. Pual's University in Limuru. Hate to blow your bubble, but please be informed that Luke was a pseudonym for a whole school of thought that wrote that particular piece of later Jewish folklore, and not the real author as such. Just in case the gentle professors have not yet informed you.

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