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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Won’t Miguna Miguna Go Quietly?

Former advisor to PM Raila Odinga Mr Miguna Miguna has refused to leave office quietly and instead is going out kicking and screaming and causing lots of trouble. And most of his “kicks” seem to be aimed directly at his former boss.

So much so that some observers believe that his suspension may have already turned into a permanent sacking. Either that or the man may have read the writing on the wall and realized that he was unlikely to be re-instated and has therefore opted for the Samson option.

Still those who know Miguna well disagree and say that his reaction was predictable and that a better and wiser manager would have anticipated it and taken the necessary precautions to prevent this fall out that cannot be good for a man seeking the presidency in 2012.
The most famous Miguna photo.

The clearest signal thus far that the man’s “kicks” had hit the PM emerged last weekend when a section of ODM MPs on Sunday warned Miguna against “using abusive language” against the PM. The MPs said that Luo Nyanza legislators would meet soon to discuss this unbecoming conduct. See story HERE.

Miguna’s most telling “kick” must have been a long emotional tirade where he accused his former boss of “failing to apologize after dismissing him in a most inhumane way.”

“Unfortunately, he has failed or refused to do so after one whole week. This is neither honourable nor humane. A man who cannot apologise and correct his mistakes has no business pretending to be the symbol of positive change for this country,” Miguna said in a statement.

The former advisor to the PS says that he has sacrificed his professional career, life and even family for Raila Odinga and he was therefore shocked and hurt by the manner his case was handled.

This is exactly the kind of rhetoric that would cause rival PNU strategists and insiders to break into song and dance while doing a jig or two at the same time. Indeed had the support to the PM been of a less emotional nature one could have predicted that Miguna will turn into a chief campaigner for PNU in the run up to 2012. Those who understand Kenyan politics know that just the thought of such a thing is laughable, hilariously so. Besides Miguna may have burnt all his bridges with his youth-winger-take-no-prisoner-politicking when he was working for the PM. His behaviour earned him such hatred in the PNU camp that no serious negotiations would have taken place between his party and PNU in his presence.

Interestingly in his first reaction to his sacking Miguna blamed the ugly head of impunity and vowed to fight against it to the end. It is now clear that the Canadian qualified lawyer has classified his former boss in that camp of practitioners of impunity.

But Miguna has done more than just issue statements with barbs targeted at Raila. He has gone ahead and filed a case against his dismissal.

He has sued Attorney-General Amos Wako and the permanent secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Dr Mohammed Isahakia, demanding at least half of his Sh584,000 a month salary plus allowances and reinstatement of his family medical cover as a first step. He also wants the High Court to lift the suspension.

He is asking the court to compel Dr Isahakia to reinstate his salary, allowances and benefits, which were stopped when he was sent home on August 4 over gross misconduct.

He also wants the court to restore an official driver, armed body guard and security at his house in Nairobi. Miguna says in his suit that he is entitled to not less than half of his salary, full allowances and benefits pending the outcome of the case against him.

He adds that he has been wrongfully locked out of his office and cannot access personal belongings. Not only that, his life has been exposed to risk due to the nature of his office.

In the suit filed at the High Court in Nairobi through lawyer Nelson Havi, Miguna argues that Dr Isahakia and Mr Wako have no power to suspend him because he was a presidential appointee. The decision to suspend him, he claims, was made arbitrarily and should be nullified.

Dr Isahakia did not give him a warning letter detailing the claims against him nor give him a chance to defend himself. He accuses the PS of leaking his suspension letter to the media more than 24 hours before it was delivered to him, instead of recalling him from leave and giving him the letter in a dignified and humane manner.

Every writer has to be careful about what they say concerning a matter that is before the courts but the truth is that Miguna’s demands in his suit are the kind that give the Luo community a bad name and the PNU camp will be busy right now repeating old worn out tales about how the Luo love perks and feeling important so much so that they will easily sacrifice everything else including remuneration for a big office, driver, bodyguard etc.

But even so, one cannot help but sympathize with the man. It seems that Moi dismissal methods have been put to good use in the political party that some Kenyans are looking up to, to bring us to a new era. I guess old habits die hard.

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Anonymous said...

"Why Won’t Miguna Miguna Go Quietly?"
Because he is an arrogant spoilt brat!

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
Double M (Miguna Miguna) refusal to accept his marching orders has nothing to do with

a) The Luo Community stereotypes as alleged by Chris

b) The lack of managerial wisdom on the part of PM Rao as alleged by Chris

c) AG Wako and/or PS Isahakia

Double M is a simply man who is standing up for his rights, and doesn't the new constitution allow him freedom to do so? All over the world different people react differently to losing their job, some will go quietly without so much as a squeak, others will refuse to accept the axe without a fight and as the case may be, they will be proven right or wrong in their fight for justice

However Chris you have inadvertently hit the nail on the head with this statement..... "The former advisor to the PS says that he has sacrificed his professional career, life and even family for Raila Odinga and he was therefore shocked and hurt by the manner his case was handled."

Loyalty is an admirable trait, often confused by the double minded as sycophancy or bootlicking, however the truth is no where on record or in writing did the PM ever ask Double M to sacrifice his career etc for him? This is why stereotyping is simply wrong, sycophants are never coaxed, they volunteer their adoration without being canvassed. it is simply their nature and there's nothing wrong with it. Leaders should not be blamed for fanning adulation if the adulation is self prescribed

Anonymous said...

kama kikohozi hii haingefichia ..u dye in the wool ODM supporter bado ..ocampo atapata ukweli..u cried foul for noting 2007 hostory will judge u all harshly

Anonymous said...

THAT photo! Do these men know you can actually go on diet? Pot jellied bellies... eeish! Is this what Kenyan men has become?

Anonymous said...

Like anon 3:45 AM writes, Migunia is a pompous self-righteous idiot who had no clue whatsoever about the man he was "sacrificing" everything for.

RAO's mantra is USE and DUMP. After being dumped, Migunia is just floating around, so full of it he can't be flushed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:41AM,
"is this what Kenyan men has become" forget Kenyan men,what became of your grammar?

Anonymous said...

Double M is a spoilt brat simply throwing toys out of the pram. There is a very wide gulf between being and a civil servant and an activist. Gloating with high school type compositions in the name of opinions to the star is way below PM's office.

So many people don't know when to quit activism and they end up burning and losing all the hitherto glory they fought so hard and painful for.

Double M's threatrics are just that, drama. Anybody who has worked in public service will tell you INSUBORDINATION is akin to civil treason. No cry baby MM, get a life.

Anonymous said...

So, what is it that really woke up Guguna Guguna (Nikune Nikune) and brought him to the belated realization and the obvious fact that has been known by the public for all these years that, he was a government employee and not a trusted servant of a certain larger family or the other political party?

As far as many in the general public are concerned, his former buddy and boss, including all of the henchmen within the other politcal party have nothing to explain to the public (country) - the very public that has been at the receiving end of his blatant insults and outright disrespect beyond measure by the same Guguna Guguna - at all as to way he's being investigated.

In other words, the reasons why he was fired, sacked, dismissed, let go, set aside, sent packing, rejected, eased out, left in the cold, or he's no longer part and parcel of the his former boss's kitchen cabinet, let alone a made man of the alleged Mafia from a certain region of the country.

As a matter of fact, it's only Guguna Guguna (Nikune Nikune) who needs an explanation through his lawyer, representatives or in writing, and not the country or the general public.

Since when did Guguna Guguna (Nikune Nikune) become the country? And why does he think that he deserves the public's sympathy in a saga that's playing itself out in the most awkward of arenas?

Further, why should the country, I guess he meant public, care to fight personal battles or be drawn into dealing with self-inflicted wounds that are of he's own doing?

Guguna Guguna (Nikune Nikune) is one of those arrogant, very abrasive, cocky, loud mouth, know-it-all type, pain-in-the-wazoo son of a gun, who has never learned nor been taught how to deal with issues as well as the public with tact and grace.

So far, he's now busy hawling mad, raving, ranting, and wasting his time, the little that remains of the social capital that he may have built since 2007, and whatever sympathy, if any, some people may have had for him.

All that can be said of the saga that is Guguna Guguna (Nikune Nikune), is that it couldn't have come at a better time when the next general elections are just a stone throw away, call it fifteen months.

Guguna Guguna (Nikune Nikune) should just shut up for a while then WATCH AND LISTEN. THERE IS STILL MUCH TO CONSIDER.

Anonymous said...

i urge phil and other jukwaa sycophants like politicalmaniac and the other economic refugee of canada to do a harambee for their suffering comrade..come on guys, you dont want your buddy to be kicked out of his house due to rent arrears.

M. Pesa said...

We may like or hate MM and even disagree for a million years about his conduct as an Advisor to PM. But what many of us agree on but don't dare say it is that he was sacked in a humiliating and primitive manner. His boss Raila Odinga or his PS Isahakia has every right to dismiss him. But honestly, couldn't they have handled such a sensitive action more humanely and maturely? How can you sack someone through the media or even through an SMS as many stupid and foolish bosses do? Why did they also have to sack those who work in Miguna's office? Why didn't they give him a chance to defend himself and meet his accusers? Why have they locked him out of office such that he's unable to get his personal stuff? Come on! I couldn't wish this sort of humiliation on my worst enemy!

Anonymous said...


Its caller KARMA. Miguna had a habit of rushing to the media with press statements and opinions to discredit anyone he thought or imagined was his or PM's enemy. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword and the same way MM was not giving his enermies a chance to defend themselves as he tore their lives apart through his numerous press releases, the same way he was dismissed.

Wacha alilie kwa choo. He thought he was indispensable. His arrogance and lack of decorum led to his downfall. Let him go to court and demand police escorts, watchmens and drivers..after all his boss demanded toilets and carpets not so long ago..they are both cut from the same cloth.

Need I say more?

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...


In theory you are very correct. But in practice, you are very wrong. Expecting Raila (indeed, any of our big shots)to follow the law is like expecting a brick to fly.

M. Pesa said...

I forgot to ask...And why "suspend" someone without pay, even half pay, before the "investigations" are carried out to conclusion?

@ Oracle.

I may disagree with what Miguna says and writes, but I will defend him to death for his RIGHT to say it!

For your info, no one has dared sue Miguna for his many stinging articles he has written for The Star. Come to think of it, no one has conclusively countered what he has written! That's somehow telling, isn't it?

I don't want to go that route of what he wrote or didn't write as you want to trap me on it. The point is, was his suspension/sacking/firing or whatever it's being called today done in the right manner?

Gud eve guys.

M. Pesa said...


And why did the NSIS (who else is capable?) intercept his harsh text message to Raila only to post this private message online?

M. Pesa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

why sue mikuna gunia when you can have his ass thrown out?
smart people dont pay attention to the barking dog, they go for the owner..
mikuna should look for tony gachoka coz both went through the same use and dump process..
who wants to guess the next fool??

Anonymous said...

Luo men are JUST LIKE Nigerian Men!

-Big egoed
-False perception of self-importance
-Lust for women. More so if a woman is Mzungu or light-skinned.
-Lack of humility.

I have lived among these 2 group of men and they are very identical.

Anonymous said...




Mwarang'ethe said...

But even so, one cannot help but sympathize with the man. It seems that Moi dismissal methods have been put to good use in the political party that some Kenyans are looking up to, to bring us to a new era. I guess old habits die hard.


As we have said before, the whole idea of a NEW KENYA is a childish dream. The MM saga should teach the wise.

More so, if MM had taken time to study the ABUNDANT HUMAN FOLLY, instead of PRECEDENTS, he would have known better.

When Diocletian resigned as the Roman Emperor to PRODUCE CABBAGES (we suspect that, he realized he was a PARASITE as the Emperor) he would tell his listeners this:

"How often is it the interest of four or five ministers to combine together to deceive the sovereign!

Secluded from mankind by his exalted dignity, the truth is concealed from his knowledge; he can see only WITH THEIR EYES, he hears nothing but their MISREPRESENTATIONS.

He confers the most important offices upon vice and weakness, and DISGRACES the MOST VIRTUOUS and DESERVING among subjects.

By such infamous arts, the BEST and WISEST princes are sold to the VENAL CORRUPTION of their COURTIERS."

Anyway, since this ancient history which has no relevance to LAP TOP WISE generation, we leave in a hurry to enjoy: I tried:

Anonymous said...

The problem with miguna was that he did not quite understand his job description he was a gate keeper who thought he was an advisor pure and simple
Miguna was rather over zealous in his watchman duties but his undoing was that he never came across a toe that he did not want to trample, more so the ones with painful corns. He also took great pleasure in burning bridges.
He was useful to raila until a certain point. Raila is now on a mission of building bridges, he does not need an arsonist around nor does he need an attack dog at the gate. The "welcome mat" is out and the gates are wide open for all and sundry to partake of the great ODM feast.
until after the elections then the attack dog might be reinstated. Miguna does not understand real politik and his rants against raila only ensures that his attack dog status will not be restored but will be given to a new gate keeper after the elections.

Now who will tell this ugly truth to miguna?
I could have published this on jukwaa but miguna critics are persona non grata

Anonymous said...

@8:57 AM
Are you aware that's a perfection discription of 80% of male politicians on Capital Hill in Washington, DC (USA)?

The other two groups of men are very simialr to their counterparts in the USA, and i guess, everywhere else in the world where power, money, women, wine and egos are found in plenty and an enabling suitable social environment to go with it.

Such has been life since the days of the Eygptian, Greek, Persian and Roman civilizations.

Anonymous said...

One cannot help but sympathise with Miguna Miguna on principle alone, minus his unique personality and all the political baggage that he has accumulated since he rose high up the ladder of political influence.

On the other hand, I will go out on limb by stating that, if there is any teachable moment for future generations in Miguna Miguna saga, then it's that of Courage, Dissent and Defiance as seen in Miguna Miguna's reaction to his unfair, humiliating and very unceremonious dismissal or suspension by his former boss.

As it were, courage for dissent and defiance of the Odinga Dynasty is what the next generation of Luo Nyanza residents and the electorate need in 2012 and beyond.

The Luo Nyanza region needs more people like Miguna Miguna who can stand up to the Raila Odinga, Obure Odinga and other Luo MPs and tell them that they have no clothes.

Or hold them accountable and responsible when the MPs stray, mislead the community, use the Luo people as a means to an end, and above all, when they elected members aka the formerly oppressed become the oppressors as evidenced since they took office in2003.

Real political democracy, free expression, and the right for people of Luo Nyanza to pick and choose their candidates and political leaders should be a given not ordain or forced upon the people by Raila's kitchen cabinet, other well connected individuals or through the enforcement of the local political thugs for hire.

So far, the practitioners of impunity are still well and alive, entrenched in higher circles of influence as well as in the three political parties - PNU, ODM, NARC-K et al.

They will continue to rotate from one party to another if left unchecked as has been the case since December of 2002.

Anonymous said...

Miguna Miguna, the former insider, may end up being the proverbial Trojan Horse that Raila Odinga, current Luo legislators and the ODM party may live to regret in a post December 2012 era.

Miguna Miguna should concentrate his efforts on fighting a good fight for the common people in Luo Nyanza as well as in all regions of Kenya.

I hope some calm voice of reason will exhort him to let go the demands for the restoration of salary, and all the perks that came along with his former job status, so as to focus on the greater picture as a fighter against the pratitioners of impunity.

Lastly, the leaking of Miguna Miguna's suspension letter, if ever it took place, is a big NO NO, if at all happened with the knowledge of the PM and other ODM bigwigs.

Only time will tell whether Miguna Miguna is will survive the current onslaught or will recede into socio political oblivion in the same way others have done in the past, since the mid 1960s.

Anonymous said...


There are some powerful people within the inner circles of the ODM party who had miscalculated by expecting, hoping and praying that Miguna Miguna would go away quietly.

However, there are residents of Luo Nyanza, adjacent areas, Nairobi, and in the diaspora who have been certainly irked by the treatment of Miguna Miguna at the hands of ODM's officials, over how the officials in question had dealt with the suspension of Miguna Miguna.

But whether the ODM officials had a legal or ethical reponsibility to do what they did and in the abrupt manner in which they carried Miguna Miguna's suspension [soon to be silent dismissal] remains an open question.

Although, they may have acted in accordance with their party's charter, what they did was clearly improper and kind of dumb, given the looming season for the 2012 general elections, and the old adage of know thy enemy from within.

One doesn't have to be a political guru or a campaign manager to know that the less distractions from within party circles the better during this time of the political season when a lot is at stake for the ODM party and their beleaguered party leader.

Leaving the legalities and cruelities [unwarranted abrupt suspension of oen of their own powerful and influencial insiders], one in the nature of Raila Odinga have a moral, ethical, political and personal responsibility to apologise to Miguna Miguna or ser the record straight if there was any semblance of undue process with the way the suspension was executed by his two party officials mentioned in the law suit.

Courage, Dissent and Defiance can be very deadly political weapons in the asernal of war that may be waged by a former well informed insider like Mighty warrior of survival, Miguna Miguna.

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