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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who The Hell is Ben Mulwa?

A recent poll carried out by Nakuru-based Smart Octopus Limited on Kenya's possible next president had a shocker. It featured a name that nobody seems to have heard of. Ben Mulwa (pictured). And yet clearly 4% of Kenyans have heard of the name and would have voted for the man if elections were to be held today.
The percentage may seem small but the interesting thing is that Mulwa beat well known politician Martha Karua (3%) in the poll.

Let me shift to the old Kanu mode for a moment because plenty of old school guys must be pretty puzzled now and getting more so even as they read this.

Nani huyu Mulwa. Natoka wapi?

Where has this man been carrying out his campaigns? What political rallies are these that the press did not cover? Who licensed them?

Folks stuff that we have been discussing here for a very long time is coming to pass right before our very eyes. This is an early and clear sign that when it comes to the fourth president of the republic of Kenya, you can only ignore rookies and nobodies at your own peril.

This blogger is still doing plenty of digging to find out exactly who this Ben Mulwa is, but for now we shall focus on what he has done to land on the latest opinion poll for the presidency in 2012.

The man has entered the opinion polls exclusively via Facebook. (Old school: Hio nini?). Yes we have heard the old worn out tale many times; Kenyans are not on the web, the masses have no idea what the World Wide Web is and so it is a waste of time campaigning on the net for any political office.


Let me take you back for a minute to the disputed 2007 presidential general elections. Those who were Kumekucha regulars must have been rather surprised at the influence this humble little blog seemed to have on public opinion. Actually there is a very simple explanation. The 2007 general elections were the first in Kenya’s history where Kenyans in the diaspora ended up being a major force. You will remember that leading presidential contenders like Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka made several trips abroad to meet Kenyans living mostly in Western countries. These are the Kenyans who have remitted record sums of money back home so much so that these remittances are now the top foreign exchange earner in the country. Many of those Kenyans were naturally very active on the web and many chose Kumekucha as their main blog in the 2007 campaigns. ODM and Raila Odinga cashed in big on this trend. What happened is that these opinion leaders influenced Kenyan politics right up to the grassroots level. With tools like cell phones and text messages the transfer was quick, efficient and in real time. By the time PNU strategists realized what was happening it was too late.

But even before that American President Barrack Obama used social media extensively and it was one of his formidable political weapons. My political contacts in the United States now tell me that the president still maintains close contact with his social media network and they will no doubt play a major role in his re-election bid.

Bottom line, what Ben Mulwa is doing is not new.

But the question that is on everybody’s mind is what has he done differently on social media? A fair question because there are a number of other would-be presidential candidates and actual presidential hopefuls using social media for their campaigns. We didn’t hear their names in the opinion poll.

In my view the reasons for Mulwa’s success thus far is that he started early and his message has been very consistent. He has been telling Kenyans that we need a clean break from the past and that is why they need to seriously consider his candidature. Most of the other presidential candidates on Facebook have been hesitant to announce their real intentions, fearing to do so too early. Admittedly in politics timing is everything. But Mulwa apparently did not have that baggage and has been discussing his presidential agenda on a one to one basis with a wide cross section of Kenyans. And more importantly he has ridden on the wave of angry Kenyans we have been talking about here in Kumekucha who are looking for a clean break with the past. Currently Mulwa seems to be more visible than most when it comes to the rookie candidate Kenyans are looking for to teach the political class a lesson.

Read full results of the Smart Octopus Limited poll HERE.


Anonymous said...

Someone is seriously trying to campaign for his village buddy.
Good luck Chris.
But on a serious note, its good to have some new faces coz Kenyans are clearly suffocated by ODM/PNU theatrics, old geezers (talk of 70 yr old hair dyeing raila) and hypocricy.

Anonymous said...

I checked his blog out and other than usual rants and raves, political opinions which a are no different from what you find in kenyan blogs and forums, the boy has failed to give a blueprint of how if elected he will make a difference.
Without a convincing blueprint, I will dismiss him as just another young monkey from a different forest.


Anonymous said...

It takes an old tumbiri or sokwe from a dying forest to figure out another young tumbiri or sokwe from a young forest filled with a canopy of vibrant vegetation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:06 PM,
Do I sence some sour grapes in the making or what? By the way, you have a right to your own opinion, however your dismissal of Ben Mulwa for whatever reasons best know to you alone, is inconsequential. Best of luck with your roaming through other Kenyan blogs and forums.

Anonymous said...

What are the 11 Things fresh faces like Ben Mulwa need to know before declaring or announcing candidacy for president 2012?

Will Ben Mulwa manage to cut the mustard through facebooking all segments of the population?

Let's hope that he will not turn out to be just another prototype of Mbuvi 'Sonko' Kichua Maji, but a real contender that will give other contenders a ran for their money?

Although I wish him all the best, it's time that will tell whether he's for real come April 14th, 2012.

He that sows well reaps well. May Ben Mulwa prepare well for what he has in mind.

Anonymous said...

How many people in this 3rd world country called Kenya actively use the so called social media? I guess no more than 20-30%; unless somebody wants to convince me that Kenya is Nairobi and other major towns. Also, I don’t think our voting patterns have really changed that much. A sizeable majority of Kenyan voters will still want to vote for loud mouthed politicians who promises them say, to build roads, collect garbage, employ them, fight thugs …e.t.c . Of course, many a voter is also likely to go their ‘own’ (read tribe). Because of these reasons among others, I can predict one of the old guards will still carry the day.

Anonymous said...

KP 9:06pm has said exactly what I had in mind. This idea of just praising someone without critically analysing his motives and checking his history is what is making Kenya end with sonko brand of leaders. Before I cast my vote to a greenhorn or a perennial presidential candidate, I will have to see what the fellow says he can do vis avis what he has done in whatever leadership position he held and equally check his history with a magnifying glass. I hope majority of Kenyans will not again be carried away by a populist wave like in 2002 and 2007.

Anonymous said...

I like they way KK is always throwing different names.

How about Jaffer Isaak? That's another name to add to your list. 2 weeks ago he told London Evening Standard he is hopeful to replace Mwai Kibaki and claimed he is country's Barack Obama.

The 38 years old father of 3 from Moyale N Kenya came to England 10 years ago and drove taxis before setting up his own firm J&Z Executive Travel. He now divide his time between Britain and Mombasa.

He was appealing to Londoners and Kenyan community to back his campaign.

Chris, have you not heard of this guy? That was my first time i heard of him.

Mwarang'ethe said...


Anonymous said...

Fiat money has worked well since Richard Nixon ended the dollar’s peg to gold 40 years ago to the day, but this latest recession must gnaw at believers.

Compared to an ideal, stable and non-inflationary monetary system, free from influence by elected officials, the gold standard has two flaws. The metal’s supply is erratic. It can soar unexpectedly with new discoveries, thus causing currency values to fluctuate.

Conversely, new deposits tend to be found slowly, making a gold standard excessively deflationary when population growth is rapid. That is what contributed to the standard’s breakdown after 1900, and helped prevent its revival in the 1920s as birth rates accelerated.

Kwa Hayo Machache I welcome Hijack, and trashing from the only habinger of knowledge in Kumekucha, the only river and plate that we must partake from or be labelled IDIOTS! , SHEEPLE!

Simply me, the one who does not like to READ!

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, I forgot to quote the source of my whole text above. Will post it as soon as I get it.

Simply me, the one who does not like to READ!

Anonymous said...

Why do Raila sycopaths hate when another name is mentioned?

I have some good news for YOU:- Raila Ojinga will be history come 2013, start getting used to it NOW before your tender hearts are broken again:)

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Jafa Isaak got MY vote

Anonymous said...

Other trhan driving taxis in mzungu land and starting a travel firm, is there anything unique about the leadership abilities of Jaffer Isaak??

I mean I have many friends here in Kenya who started from scratch and now own big they by virtue of those two facts qualify to be presidential candidates?
Or is Jaffer Isaak (note the fellow had adopted 2 mzungu names to conform) unique because has has some sterling pounds to boot??

Kenyans jameni, lete get serious.

Anonymous said...

Is becoming the President of Kenya the only ultimate goal and dream for all Kenyans?

You mean this is how low Kenyans think of themselves? No ambition, no dream no inspiration...!
Just when I was dreaming of becoming the 1st African inventor, some people are still stuck in the murky world of Kenyan politics! Nice.
What's so glamourlous about being a President?

I live in a country where young people dreams are to be: Popstars, Premier league footballers, Sporting heros, Astronauts, Enterprenuers (like Richard Branson), Explorers....

I understand this is the first time kenyans are given an opportunity to be something/anything and becoming President means all honours and power trappings accompanies you all the days of your life.
I just realized beside being a politician the only other profession in demand in Kenya is being a Preacher. That should tell you Kenyans are selfish-ambitious power-hungry people who like adulation of their fellow human beings - another character trait of black people worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
The question is not "who the hell is Ben Mulwa" aka "the 4% rookie" aka "the nobody of opinion polls" aka "Martha Karua's Waterloo", rather the question is "why shouldn't Kenyans be free to consider voting for an independent candidate"?

First of all only about 1% of the loudest regular commentators here in KK are actually registered voters living in Kenya, so their opinions matter little. They provide good entertainment though with their multiple personality schizophrenic comments and for that i'm sure the blog owners Chris, Taabu etc are greatful

Thats why no matter how many "overseas campaign trips" Raila or Kalonzo make they are only reaching out to Kenyans in the diaspora to ask them to influence their relatives who actually reside in Kenya. Without the enactment of dual citizenship, and overseas voter registration, many opinions expressed here are nothing but hot air in the sky

Ben Mulwa the 4%rookie might be clever in trying to use new media and new means of reaching the unreachable youth generation but he is marching too fast to the beat of his own drum, start first of all with radio campaigns and putting your posters in the local watering holes. Don't think you will get the diaspora of Kenyans vote if they are not registered, facebook is not a ballot box!

Anonymous said...

Bwa ha ha haaaaa! Anon 1.18 AM,

Even if you do not like to read, please read this.

Don't worry as KK's Prof is busy trawling the W.W.W. casting his net out and wide.

You have been warned watch out for quotes with abbreviated references as you just be turned into gold dust.

Anonymous said...

Faith Biko for President 2012!!

Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe Njogu for President 2012, Kenyan consitution allows for dual citizenship hence Utopians are allowed to contest

Anonymous said...

...I have many friends (here) in Kenya who started from scratch and now own big businesses...

Good for them and may they continue to prosper and grow the economy in their respective areas.

Well, assuming that all things and equal between you and your wealthy business friends, and birds of a feather flock together in unison.

The question is - how well are your businesses doing?

No answer or reply is required at the moment, but just make sure your name appears in the one of four or five next issues of the African Business Magazine.

Make us proud as an emerging nation!

Anonymous said...

LMAO! The dude from the intelligentsia of great archivists of world history, is back with a different but an old twist after his demands for an immediate answer about the Atlantic Slave Trade were not met in the manner that was expected. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:50 AM
Be yourself and let your true talents emerge as was the case with giants like Sir Richard Branson, founders of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Fubu, KFC, et al,

Intead of preaching and moralizing the "why-nots or what should have beens" to all the 3rd world choirs 24/7.

Come on! Where is the diamond in the rough that Kenyans have been waiting for since the year you graduated college?

M. Pesa said...


Mulwa is just but a passing cloud if he can't raise a minimum of Ksh 2 Billion needed for a proper presidential campaign in Kenya. Perhaps a councillor seat will do for him in his Ukambani shags.

We can fantasize as much as we please about our own Obama causing waves here. But let's not forget Obama was not just any 'Joe the Plumber' or in our case any 'Peter Marangi.'

Obama as well known senator and mobiliser in USA. And before that he was a student leader (the first black) when he was in Harvard where he also edited some university magazine.

So it's clear his leadership qualities could be seen from way back. What qualities does this Mulwa chap posses? Can he manage to navigate our mucky tribal politics?

I wish we could focus on this dubious company called Smart Octopus that was behind this poll instead of wasting precious time on Mulwa.

To Mr Mulwa, your 5 seconds of fame are over, let's have a serious contender..

Anonymous said...


LOL! How ironic you mentioned Sir Richard Branson here, not knowing if Richard was born in Kenya or was Kenyan he would not have been where he is today. You and your fellow Kenyans would be looking down on him calling him a school drop-out, useless...
Sir Richard Branson was educated until the age of 13! He had dyslexia and had poor academic performance as a student dropping out of school without any grades.

But teachers did not give up on him as they discovered he had a talent of connecting with people and they mentored him in that direction.
How I wish Kenyans would do the same instead of calling others foolish, failures, serial-repeaters... But oh! How can you mentor somebody when your dream is just to graduate from university so you can show-off to your pals and demand respect from your villagers!

How many Richard Bransons, Wright Brothers, Conrad Hiltons, Henry Fords... do we have in Kenya but are languishing in a sea of poverty because they have not being discovered or given a chance due to sick menatlity of Kenyans that believe unless you are educated....

Come on people of Kenya!! Your time to arise and shine is NOW!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Bwa haha haha, ehe ehe he, hihihihih,

What is the best way of saying "we told you" without bragging?

Hear this children:

"Kenya’s one-year-old Constitution is set for its first change after President Kibaki's Cabinet resolved on Thursday that one of its key tenets was technically impossible to achieve.2

A dispatch from the Presidential Press Service (PPS) following the meeting said:

"With regard to the requirement for one third representation in Parliament by either gender, Cabinet decided to set up a task force to prepare a Constitution amendment bill to deal with this important requirement that is technically impossible to achieve under the current stipulation."

NB: We SPECIFICALLY mentioned, on this blog the NONSENSE/STUPIDITY/ILLUSIONS/DELUSIONS of so called affirmative action. As usual, we were shouted down.

More so, it is not just this nonsense of affirmative action which is impractical.

No, the whole constitution is a sick joke.

The only achievement will be:

(b) more CORRUPTION and such.

Anyway, we are off to enjoy: AFRICAN teacher:

Teach I and I AFRICAN Teacher,

I never be late, I always early
I never absent I always present
That's why I and I nah sit down inna no back bench
Natty like to be bright, bright, bright

I admit we go to school (IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS)
But we never finish
Not until we reach upon
The soil of Africa, where in
I and I can be teached by African Teachers

Anonymous said...

Fools Gold expert ameshasema, hope u listened children.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Mwarangethe how about commenting on the Gold standard that you always yap about on Kumekucha. Or should I say, Aheem sorre! We said that Gold standard is bad bad baaaaad for the world, twende kazi bwana Professor.

Teach us Teacher, make us go to school so that we learn to rhyme and flow.

Simply me the one who refused to READ!that you always yap about on Kumekucha. Or should I say, Aheem sorre! We said that Gold standard is bad bad baaaaad for the world, twende kazi bwana Professor.

Teach us Teacher, make us go to school so that we learn to rhyme and flow.

Simply me the one who refused to READ!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:33 AM
You've been reminded to be youself and let your true talents emerge for a change.

In othe words, concentrate on becoming the real change you want to see happen around you and all over the country.

There is nothing ironic about people who have had childhood experiences that are similar to that of Branson's. Dig some more, and you will find hundreds of them.

As for Branson's whole lifestory, it is common konwledge in these days of the Internet and social media.

While still at it, tell us something new or different about him. Otherwise, back to Who The Hell is Ben Mulwa?

Will Mulwa be a contender or pretender to throne come 2012, and in the real world beyond the Face(Fake)booked village polls?

Anonymous said...

There is a gay fellow really desperate for Mwarang'ethe's attention.

Mwarang'ethe is straight boy go hunt elsewhere.
Using a bait of gold standard ooooh slavery just upuzi tu!!
By the way, no one likes arguing with a fool coz the people will not notice a difference. Thats why you are getting the contempt card kijana.

Anonymous said...

Raila told all and sundry that the outcome of this by election was a preamble of how things will be next year. Well, we saw what happened. Raila who spent the best part of this week and last week harping and shouting in Kamukunji in support of ODM candidate was embarassed beyond words when his candidate lost with a margin of about 4000 votes.
For a man who should know better, he seems to have cast a spell on his presidential ambitions.

Equally important, this by election and the 3 previous ones have shown clearly that the OPINION pollsters are always wrong. The candidates tipped to win by the opinion pollsters have all lost in by elections.
This is dangerous because ODM used the opinion polls to argue that they won 2007 elections. From the look of things, opinion pollsters have been giving FRAUDLENT results and the voters on the ground have proved them wrong 3 times in a row.

BTW CHRIS: I posted this comment earlier today and it was deleted by one of your moderators. Can you tell me what was wrong with the previous comment or do we have moderators who are trying to control the debate in KK???

Anonymous said...

You people are crazy,comparing Ben Mulwa to Richard Branson? next you Anon 3:50AM will say Kibaki was our Abdul Razak! ha ha ha!get off your high horses

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.09 PM

Bwaha ha haaaaaa! You sound Like Mwarangethe without the copy and paste.

I am the master of Gold call it chest thumping!!!! Boom Boom, I dare him to take me on.

And who likes Gays! Yuck!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

He is good

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