Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chinese Business And Entrepreneurs: Important Lessons We Can Take To The Bank

China will soon rule the world. You may not like them, you may not like the way they do things, but nobody can stop them now. And as they say, if you can’t beat ‘em, you are best advised to join them

So… what can Kenyan entrepreneurs learn from the Chinese entrepreneur and their way of doing things?
Chinese electrical car

The Chinese script is the very opposite of the American one that folks on these shores have religiously been reading from for decades now. We borrow heavily, spend like there was no tomorrow and all under the pretext that we are guarding our image which is critical to our business.

In sharp contrast, the Chinese frugality is well known. People often make jokes about it. But the results are so devastatingly effective that humour is the last thing that comes to mind.

When you have a mentality for waste what tends to happen is that it permeates into every layer of your life and work. Just walk into any typical Kenyan company and I guarantee you that you will quickly be able to compile a long list of ways they can save money. This has nothing to do with how clever or daft a person happens to be, it has to do with a way of life. We choose the way we want to live and at the end of it we can never shift the blame to anybody else.

The thrifty nature of the Chinese has led them into extensive research and experimentation over the years so that today nobody else in the world can produce stuff more cheaply than the Chinese. You need to be a business-person who can grasp numbers quickly to fully understand the implications of that single attribute in any enterprise.

Still let me break it down into just one real-life example I witnessed with my own eyes. Chinese road construction companies have won every single competitive tender fairly awarded on these shores. No other country in the world is able to match their amazingly low quotes. In mid 2000 I watched a Chinese road-building effort along Nairobi’s Ronald Ngala street and noticed that as they dug up the old road they saved a significant amount of the rabble and recycled it. Incidentally that stretch of road still looks pretty good today—years after completion.

This thing of living our lives for other people is very costly because before we do anything we have to analyze what the neighbours/our friends will say or think. The Chinese entered the export market and kept at it even when the world joked about their poor quality. Indeed people have been laughing for decades about Chinese quality and I know many Kenyans who will still not touch anything Chinese only that the joke is on them because over 80 per cent of the parts in the expensive laptop they carry all over the place are Chinese.

What has stopped you from doing some daring things on the business front. Daring is probably not the word because the financial risk has not been the issue, rather it has been the possibility of failure. How far would you have been today if you had dived into the venture failed a few times, learned some key lessons and ended up with a multi-million shilling break-through?

The Chienese stuck in the export market with their cr***y quality and in the process learnt tons of things that the rest of the world will take another two decades at the very minimum to even begin to grasp.

Which brings us to the other important Chinese secret; FOCUS. When thye start a venture they are so focused that it becomes their way of life. Even their leisure time is spent ‘having fun” with their product. I saw the Chinese idea of having fun with their product in the famous Kariakoo market in Dar-es-salaam. This Chinese CEO and a colleague started walking around the market literally hawking their product directly to retail buyers. This is an excellent way to learn very important lessons about your product and who your customers really are. My attention was attracted to this incident by the fact that the Tanzanians missed the point completely and were up in arms complaining about how foreigners were now even taking over their “hawking’ jobs and were wondering who issued the work permits to the Chinese to allow them to compete with their local hawkers.

Another fascinating thing about the Chinese entrepreneur is that they will never shut down a business. Their frugal ways allow them to keep a loss making business running until the day when that business has no option but to start returning a profit. Chinese restaurants are a good example of this. They open and keep on operating with empty tables every day for a very long time until the day patrons get so sick of seeing it around that they decide to walk in for a meal.

There is an interesting aside to this story that I cannot resist telling.

The Chinese are now the second largest consumers of oil in the world and their government is not happy with the role oil plays in easily destabilizing whole economies the minute some Aran somewhere sneezes. And their response is to limit the dependence of their economy on oil. As you read this the Chinese are building a nationwide industry around electric vehicles. This new type of car, powered not by internal-combustion engines but by batteries, power electronics and electric motors, plays to the strengths China has gained in consumer electronics over the past decades. The Chinese have set a goal to become the number one producer of electric cars by the end of this year.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris! This is my Kind of post!
Excellent post!!

I will be back later to give my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

SIMPLISTIC TAKE ON A VERY COMPLICATED ISSUE. Copycat technology is not sustainable. Make no mistake, all China does is to lurk in the dark to copycat others innovation. All the he cheap part manufactured there is all because of CHEAP LABOUR. An apt example is buying a Chinese Nokia is like buying SANDAK, cheap yes but compare that with a REAL LEATHER shoe.

Chris don't mistake shrewdness for frugality. If only you visted rural China and stopped glorifying the Shanghai and Beijing you see on TV.

Bottomline, it takes patience, money and commitment to INNOVATE. You have unwittingly joined the IMPERIALIST shouters before looking deep. Hate them like them, US remain everybody's benchmark. Otherwise nobody would have landed in the moon by now.

If only you schooled with Chinese students then you would have witnessed first class ROBOTS with no time to internlize what they are studying. But I guess your targeted audience will not venture below the surface, GOOD LUCK.

Anonymous said...

The Mandarin Chinese word for "teacher" is "laoshi." can the KK LAOSHI emerge from the e-shadows and teach us a few lessons in CHINESE!!

We are waiting......

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
If necessity is truly the mother of invention then we as Kenyans have no excuse to lag behind the likes of the Chinese and Indians and South Americans because we are more in need than they are. We may be good at running long distances and winning international competitions in athletics but can we learn to harness the power of the sun so that our sportsmen and women can use solar panels to train all around the clock instead of letting the sun go to waste?

This is what the Chinese have done simply by sticking to their strengths and using what comes natural to them, which is mass copycat reproduction, to now establish a position for themselves as world leaders in manufacture and industry. Can we also plan to make the first solar panel house made out of 100% earth friendly materials by the end of 2011? how about Kenyans love for cultural and traditional foods and beverages, it is not too far fetched to imagine opening a 42 tribe food buffet restaurant in different countries around the world and thus doing export our culture similar to finding Kenyans eating Chinese food in the middle of Tom Mboya street?

Let us not be lazy and enjoy the fruits of others labour while our own markets are full of potential to make a killing from our creativity awaiting expression

Anonymous said...

Thank you Chris for yet another well rounded informative piece. This is what makes KK tick especially when Chris takes charge.

I hope Taabu will not bury it with his recycled gutter news filled with prejudices like he is in a habit of doing.
See the way he dropped a negative comment as anon 3:37am.

Anonymous said...

I know this is going to sound absurb, but few weeks ago I was watching a documentary about China, on the documenatry it was highlighted China is facing a BIG problem, and the problem is there are no women in China. The ratio of men to women in China is extremely high. There are no brides to marry, and so, many Chinese are resorting to 'bride-stealing' in nearby villages and countries.

And with recent Chinese involvement in Africa, it is assumed Chinese men are going to solve Africa's problem of too many unwed Females.
This has been confirmed true, as many Chinese men are coming out of Africa with an African bride.

Just go to Anglo. You will see many many Chinese men/African female couples.

Mwarang'ethe said...

SIMPLISTIC TAKE ON A VERY COMPLICATED ISSUE. Copycat technology is not sustainable.


We concur 101%.

Chris, it seems you have listened to the CNN's and IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS business Schools too much.

First, some DIVINE lessons from Economic History:

1. In the ancient Babylon, SLAVE/CHEAP labour destroyed free men/middle class.

2. In ancient Athens, SLAVE LABOUR destroyed free men/middle class.

3. In Rome, the FREE TRADE of CORN from Egypt and MANUFACTURED goods from ASIA made all GOLD FLOW into the East and the Farmers/middle class of Rome collapsed.

So, what we are seeing now, is a repetition of ancient history. As such:

(a) the agenda of the OLIGARCHY is to destroy the WESTERN MIDDLE CLASS by utilizing Chinese SLAVE LABOUR.

Once they do this, ALL WORKERS in the world must succumb to the Chinese SLAVE LABOUR and DICTATORSHIP to be ruled by the Oligarchy stretching from West, Africa, Latin America and Asia

Therefore, the "RISE" of China has nothing to with the Chinese. That is rubbish theory not supported by FACTS.

You only believe such nonsense if you have no sense of RECENT HISTORY.

Sample this:

1. As 1960's came to an end, Nixon met Kissinger who was and is still working for the Rockefellers.

2. Thereafter, Kissinger went SECRETLY to China to FIX stuff.

3. Thereafter, Nixon arrived in China in 73 to NORMALISE the relations.

4. The, Rockefeller as the Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank established the FIRST U.S.A. correspondent bank to the Bank of China.

Very "impressed" by the Chinese social experiment such as the ONE CHILD POLICY, he said it was something worthy copying.

NB: Who funded Mao? Who funded Communism?

By doing this:

(a) Chase could get FREE DOLLARS and give the Chinese to buy the Western industrial knowledge and fund those RELOCATING there.

NB: American taxpayers funding their own enslavement. A classic i history.

(b) On top of the above, the WORLD BANK controlled by the same faces, opened billions of money for China.

Even as recently as Clinton's ERROR, he was passing Chips for Nuclear technology as you can read here:

"Newly declassified documents show that President Bill Clinton personally approved the transfer to China of advanced space technology that can be used for nuclear combat."


We can say a lot about this stuff.

However, just know this. The "rise" of China will do to the middle class around the world what slavery did in Babylon, Athens and Rome.

However, since this is ancient stuff, we leave to enjoy:

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell

And did they get you to trade
Your heros for ghosts?

Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?

And did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage?

Anonymous said...

Bwa ha ha haaaaaa! Tihi hihi hiiii Waha haaaaa ROFLMAO! @ LAOSHI.

Anonymous said...

Principal of medieval school/class, LOL

Mwarang'ethe said...

For those who would wish to do some research and not rely on IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS Business Schools and CNN's of this world, we offer some more lead:

In 1984, the World Bank satanic official declared this:

"If China is to maintain a
reasonable growth rate and manageable debt service payments, it will need to obtain the necessary additional foreign capital at an average interest rate below the market rate."

Translated: We will give the "COMMUNIST" Chinese FREE MONEY.

More so, as the WB gave the Chinese FREE MONEY, the Chinese were buying foreign assets in Hong Kong, USA, Australia etc

NB: Can someone tell us when the HUNTED RACE, was ever given such a deal of FREE MONEY? When and where?

When it comes to the HUNTED RACE, we only see two things:

(a) privatization (LOOTING) when we are unable to pay satanic loans which even God would be unable to pay, and

(b) the war on corruption because the HUNTED RACE is composed of corrupt men and women.

Oh Lord! They LIE and the Africans swallow these lies. Why Lord?

Please, as Fela would say, stop teaching us nonsense. We know more than they teach us!

Source of the quote: Journal of Commerce, January 6, 1984.

Anyway, as usual, we are off to enjoy:

chop-up chop-up and macheted we may look,
but, Lord, we deh yah still

Anonymous said...

Poor Taabu must have sowed some wild oats in his early life. And the seed is out to stalk the guy seeing his shadow everywhere on this blog. As I said last week, Taabu's lost seed is so determine and consistently stalks his 'dad' reminding him of being a PENSIONER, Kanuist, etc.

My appeal to Taabu is to pick the challenge and be man enough to make peace with his 'WILD SEED'. Either way the poor fellow is damned if he acts and damned more if he doesn't.

And to Taabu's 'WILD e-SEED' please take your domestic rants with your 'dad' out of KK.

Anonymous said...

Go! LAOSHI! GO!!!!! Bwa ha ha haa @ Principal of Medieval class!

M. Pesa said...

About three years ago, I used to see lots of Chinese "tourists" in Nairobi with their sophisticated cameras hanging on their necks taking photos in shops and markets of beautiful African arts and crafts.

Then this year it hit me. I was strolling in a Maasai market only to find that some "African" crafts being sold there were actually made in China! Some of the open shoes which resemble "Akalas" and even Kiondos are actually not local which can be very difficult to distinguish even to hawk eyed bargain hunter like me.

At the City Market in Nairobi, traders there have banned such types of fakes. But many Kenyans still buy them in other locations oblivious of their origin since they are cheaper than local items.

So when you see Chinese taking pictures of those beautiful African designs in shops and markets, just be aware they will be copied within months, faked and shipped back to Africa cheaper than ever. within a few years, Kamba carvings, Kisii soap stone arts and Maasai markets will cease to exist as you know it.

Is Amos Kimunya for minister for trade listening?

Anonymous said...

Copycat technology=SANDAK and real technology=LEATHER. It is true sandak is EXPENSIVELY cheap

Anonymous said...

Glad that you mentioned the deadly trend that has taken a very heavy toll on our cottage industries for years.

It's not just three years ago, but these folks have been doing it for the last three decades.

Even today, you will still find them all East Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, Central Africa and North Africa, especially the young, strapped with the latest versions of Nikon cameras around their necks, and very busy taking pictures of particular significance to them, while either meandering through the busy city streets, markets, shops, galleries, or traversing the countryside.

They have an eye for everything that may be worth a dime in future export markets that favour the Chinese manufaturers and exporters.

How can we of all people forget the cherished vitege, the wrap dresses for the East African women, that are now being manufactured in China, and to add insult to injury, they have prints of all Swahili sayings, A-Z, imprinted on them, in a way that beats even the descendents of Shaban Roberts and Malega wa Mvita by far in terms of Swahili proverbs and what have you.

As far the likes of Africa's Amos Kimunya are concerned, they are the Trojan Horses of Africa, our own worst enemies in the world of trade.

They always busy listening and know what's going on behind closed doors, and what takes places at the ports of entry, through which tons and tons of Chinese imports flood our local markets.

The Chinese merchants know all our weaknesses, and especially for the Amos Kimunya's of Africa: the constant flow of brown envelopes, or lately, the encrypted wire transfers.

Mwarang'ethe said...

The Chinese merchants know all our weaknesses, and especially for the Amos Kimunya's of Africa: the constant flow of brown envelopes, or lately, the encrypted wire transfers.


Well, this rat hole runs deep.

In 1873, Francis Galton, a (EUGENICS GUY)cousin of Darwin, wrote this:

"Africa for the CHINESE."

"Sir, - In a few days Sir Bartle Frere will return to England, and public attention will be directed to the East Coast of Africa.

I am desirous of availing myself of the opportunity to ventilate some speculations of my own, which you may, perhaps, consider of sufficient interest to deserve publication in the Times.

My proposal is to make the encouragement of the CHINESE SETTLEMENTS at one or more suitable places on the EAST COAST of AFRICA a par of OUR NATIONAL POLICY, in the BELIEF that the Chinese immigrants would not only MAINTAIN their position, but that they would multiply and their descendants SUPPLANT the INFERIOR NEGRO RACE (Read, HUNTED RACE)."

We have nothing against the Chinese people. However, the policy of making the HUNTED RACE COMPETE with one hand tied to the back, is what we are against.


NB: Has Britain, which we are told by some idiots is heaven these days, changed such RACIST policies?

If so, when? And, where is the evidence?

NB: Listen CHILDREN. Read some history and know what is going instead of listening to LIES from your IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS and PRESITUTES.

Anyway, we are off as usual to enjoy:

People go to work in the burning sun
When we get our pay
we just cant take home none

for sometime its hard
hard hard so hard
very hard for a man to get a job
for you work on all day and get paid
you walk on the streets
Men they all want to shoot you down

Anonymous said...

The latest The Economist headline

ASIA's (read Chinese) LONELY HEARTS: Why Asian Women are rejecting marriage and what that means.

There lies the principal symptom of the worm eating into the Chinese apple.

Anonymous said...

Woh! 30% of posts so far belong to PRINCIPAL of MEDIEVAL economic school. More Sumerian folklore please and spice it up with EVANGECONOMICS!

Anonymous said...

@9.33am yap
The KK LAOSHI has his hands full, as his CHILDREN we can S***T and expect him to dutifully wipe our bottoms with papyrus reeds straight from sumeria! is hands full, as his CHILDREN we can S***T and expect him to dutifully wipe our bottoms with papyrus reeds straight from sumeria!

Anonymous said...

Uhuru turns heat on CBK over weak shilling, inflation

Anonymous said...

Seems the hecklers are really pissed off by Mwarang'ethe's daily churning of bitter truths.
Well, who is to blame them, their pride of attending or having attended brainwashing mzungu schools is being shaken to the ground and they are all itching from their e-comfort zones.
The beauty of the matter is Mwara doesn't use emotional outbursts or bar like heckling like they have resulted to. Mwara always backs his arguments with historical facts and events and even goes out of the way to provide references for those who would like to read for themselves. And as a matter of FACT, since he joined KK, Mwara has never made a single mistake in his analysis or prediction of the outcomes of future events in Kenya whether in politics, business etc.

Now who can beat that. Wacha wenye wivu waendelee kupiga domo.
Mwarang'ethe, please dont let these big eyed NOISY pond frogs interrupt you.

Anonymous said...

24 hr economy. Prezzo sworn at night.mps making laws at night. We are taking off

Mwarang'ethe said...

Uhuru turns heat on CBK over weak shilling, inflation

8/25/11 3:58 PM


Bwa ha ha ha he hi hi hi

It is TOO LATE now.

We have warned so much about these issues here on the kk. Just as a sample, in May, 2010, we once wrote this:


Among other stuff, we wrote that:

"In view of this, we think that, time has come to demonstrate with irrefutable with facts that, the idea that, Kibaki is a “brilliant economics scholar” amounts to nothing but, feeding an IGNORANT nation with COW DUNG mixed with SACCHARIN. We shall use Kibaki’s government (which includes Raila, Kalonzo, Uhuru etc) statistics to demolish this trash once and for all."

We added that:

"As we go forward, let us bear in mind that, these INFLATION figures are a falsification of Kibaki/Raila government and the real inflation figures are over 20%."


Just a few days ago, this view was endorsed by the CBK and other IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, FOOLISH GRADUATES.

In other words, their SATANIC LIES are catching up with them with POOR Kenyans paying the heavy price. Sample this in the Standard:

"Inflation: Is data from State credible?"

"Are the current inflation figures representative of the market
realities or is it a technical fabrication?

Those who spoke to The Standard On Sunday, including economists at the
Central Bank, said that the current inflation figures do not actually
measure the cost of living, but the changes in prices for just a
particular basket of goods."


Translated: The PRESITUTES who write our Mainstream Nonsense, asked the MONKEYS who work at the CBK earning MILLIONS questions that should have been asked in April/May, 2010.

Anyway, we join Culture in singing:

what a shame what a shame
for the day dat we where born
we never seen the right dollar here
only the count of fear we a see oh!

Bring back the money with the sign of the Lion money
Me say fe get back the money with the sign of the dragon money

for we no waaaant
to hear no more about your great sir francis dread,

we do not want to hear no more about your great long John Silver
dat only help to COLONIALIZE OUR MINDS lord

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the many comments that come up in this blog even the crackpot ones.
What I have observed though is that none of these people can tell you anything about electron(carrier) transport in a quantum well dot(QWD). I will not explain to you what a QWD is. All of you are clever enough to figure it out. Thing is, if you could calculate it and fabricate a QWD with high electron transport with infinitesimal losses, you would be a billionaire.
I hope you find this article different from the nonsense you read in this blog.
Prof. Chunga Nyamburaka

Anonymous said...

..big eyed NOISY pond frogs..
what a mouthful description of the IVY LEAGUE FOOLS

Anonymous said...

Bwaha ha ha haaaaaa! The KK LAOSHI! is full of BULLSHIT! Frog Croacking! In the KK pond is an art. BULLSHIT! Frog Croacking! In the KK pond is an art.

Anonymous said...

Chongo mwenye jicho moja @12:22 AM,

Kwa kweli nina kuonea huruma kuu sana kwa sababu umethibitisha bila shaka kwamba hukupata fursa ya kuwahi kufikia kidato cha tatu wala kuhudhuria shule muhimu ya sekondari yenye mahabara maalum ambapo ungewahi kujifundisha mengi zaidi kuhusu hali ilivyo, hasa kwenye kisomo kinachao husika na mambo mbali mbali yanayo ambatana na CdSe, CdS, MBE, MOVPE na kadhalika. Pole sana kwa kutojua lolote hasa kuhusu yale unayo jivunia hapa kijijini.

Mimi Chongo mwenzako.

Anonymous said...

China's copycat technological philosophy reminds one of our own resident IVY LEAGUE PROFESSOR OF MEDIEVAL EVANGECONOMICS. No originality but always lurking in the shadows to shout IMPERIALISM just like China waiting to copycat all technology from elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:24 am, 6:28 am, 12:43 pm, 2:03 am, 3:16 am etc.
What became of constructive criticism, decent commentary, contributions, normal interaction, etc?
Did you forget to take the usual recommended dosage of your antipressants by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Recently I went to Central Kenya, deep in rural oshagos of Kikuyustani after a good friend of mine lost a member of his family. Well, for once I must admit I did not realise how diverse Kikuyus are! The family we met, no-one would guess they are Kenyans let alone Kikuyus, I mean I have never seen Kenyans with blue eyes and long pointed noses and brown brown skin complexion.
Maajabu ya Mungu ni mengi!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4.52
Asiyetembea hufikiria mamake mpishi bora. Have you ever heard of one ex-mayor of Eld Hussein Kitur? You will never believe he is that OLD KALE. And what about Peter Kenneth? Please raise the bar and stop being a middle class villager.

Anonymous said...

This thing of living our lives for other people is very costly because before we do anything we have to analyze what the neighbours and our friends, will say or think..

The majority of us have become like those people who wear their family jewelry - stage manage (package) our lives - to one single event in the hopes of proving to the neighbours, our good weather friends, our so-called extended family and the Kantais (Joneses) we love to hate.

Unfortunately, our country's lack of obsession with economic development is fully reflected in our education system, from the first day kids step through the doors of their class one in primary school, to the day students walk out through the gates of their various colleges and universities around the country.

While in the meantime, towns and cities, with their hundred-year history of induatrial development, are busy looking to transform themselves from energy and resource-intense veterans to sustainable, high-tech, innovative development.

The rise of China as an industrial powerhouse in the world, is a teachable moment for Kenya, including the rest of Africa, that's if we are willing to review those lessons and incororate them in our respective national modus operandi.

Otherwise, we choose the way we want to live and at the end of it we can never shift the blame to anybody else.

Anonymous said...

Indeed people have been laughing for decades about Chinese quality...

As far as the copycat technology goes, all I can add to that sounds so cliche, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

In other words, if I may ask, why is it so graceful for other European and North American governements and nations to indulge in or rather encourage as well as reward reverse engineering, while the same is cosindered very sinful or unethical when some forward looking Asian countries like China attempt to pursue similar course of action?

Case in point, how many versions of airplanes, helicopters, ships, boats, automobiles, motorbikes, bicycles, heavy construction equipment, tools, materials, technology, household products, medications, firearms, clothing materials, shoes, watches, food products, beauty products, agricultural products, et al, have been manufactured and continue to be produced as we speak.

That were once the sole patented property or intellectual property of certain nations and particular individuals (inventors), not very long ago?

So, why should we really care if rival manufacturers of various products who produce near-identical copies of good quality at an affordable price to consumers in urban/rural Kenya, East Africa, Africa and rest of the world, continue to do so?

As long as the unscruplous types (manufacturers) are kept in check and not allow in any way, shep or fashion to flood or dump defective or fake products/merchandise on the world markets.

Why a rural Kenyan worker waste fifteen thousand sterling pounds on purchasing a motorbike, water pump, or generator, when the same individual has the option of purchasing a similar but affordable model made in India, South Korea China at four to five thousand dollars?

Yet the Asian products end having the same durability, or even a more lifespan and cheaper maintenance costs.

Anonymous said...

African Union meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, refused to recognise the Transitional National Council as the legitimate government of Libya and called instead for a governemnt that includes former Qaddafi's era officials. Over the decades, Colonel Gaddafi has spread Libya's oil wealth liberally among numerous African nations, winning the loyalty of their leaders, who fear they will not receive the same largesse under a new, more democratic government. - REUTERS.

Anonymous said...

Someone remind Atsnago Chesoni, about the importance of mastering the art of public speaking.

Everybody is a public speaker, but it's not what they say or don't say, it's how they say it that matters most, and even ends up being heard for all the right intent and purposes.

Whatever the situation, being able to speak in public is very essential to success. You can have the most logical argument possible, but in order to truly teach, inform, persuade, or defend, you need to present your ideas with conviction, strategy, and confidence.

Astango Chesoni has good pointers and palatable food for thought, but she always appears as if she's pissed off, been stepped on, very abrasive, snarling at the audience, spoiling for a fight, and ready to rumble at a moments notice or drop of umbrella.

Some of her views and speeches would be unforgettable if she only knew how to find her humorous voice, focus on her audience, share her vision, change minds and hearts, and call for positive action from both sides of the gender aisle, without seeming to be an individual at war 24/7.

Or rather than focusing on the her usual mode of abrasive delivery, and issueance threats, ultimatums and in your face type of double edged gestures on steroid.

Anyway, the nation hopes to see the likes of Atsango Chesoni join the league of Martha Karua and other women of substance and spine in the bare knuckle political fights (campaigns) in the coming general election, 2012.

Anonymous said...

Now that Hurricane Irene is affecting New Jersey and there are fears for law and order,and fighting breaking out in shops as Americans grab shopping for themselves, where are the vocal anti-black race bashers to tell Kumekuchans how backward and stupid the black race are yet the Americans themselves are now behaving backwards and stupid?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Over the decades, Colonel Gaddafi has spread Libya's oil wealth liberally among numerous African nations, winning the loyalty of their leaders, who fear they will not receive the same largesse under a new, more democratic government.


mmmmm, new democractic government?

Is this how democratic government which Africans should welcome behave?

"The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) meanwhile said it was desperate to reach sub-Saharan migrant workers caught up in the fighting."

mmmm, sub - saharan. What is that now?

Arabs came to Africa just the other day, in 639 A.D.

When they came, carrying KORANS and WAR INSTRUMENTS, just like the colonialists came carrying the BIBLES and WAR INSTRUMENTS, just like all BARBARIANS DO, they found Africans in Africa.

Now, having created their RACIST regimes like those of South Africa, they call us, the TRUE OWNERS of Africa since the beginning, the sub - saharan people. Lucky them.

Who knows, the South African racists will one day call us NORTH OF LIMPOPO people.

"The head of the IOM in Benghazi, Martin Jerrett, told the BBC that AFRICANS were facing deep hostility from the population of Tripoli because they were generally viewed as "mercenaries and/or close to the regime".


Anyway, we leave you to tell us about the VANDALS/BARBARY Pirates.

For us, we are off to enjoy:

The Land We Belong

Anonymous said...

I heard Kenyans say terribe tribal remarks about Jafar Isaak, the 38 years old 2012 presidential hopeful.

Jafar is Kenyan of Gabra tribe (closely related to Borana tribe) both are subtribes of Oromo people, the very indigenous people of East Africa. If there is anyone who have the right to stand for Kenyan President and win is this man Jafar Isaak.

According to history, Oromos aka Solomonic dynasty have inhabited North East and East Africa dating back 3000 BC.
Time we give the indigenous people a chance to rule their beautiful country Kenya you Bantus and Nilotoes occupied illegally.

Jafar Isaak for President!

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:47 am
i couldn't make any sense of what you're really trying to communicate. anyways, hope irene goes easy on you all as she wades through the region.

Anonymous said...

I.) Did you really hear Kenyans or a group of people, or an insensitive individual that you're are well acquainted with, speak unfavourable of Jafaar Issak (Isaak)?

Such as refer to him and the Gabra as warra shanaan or warra Malbe, or warra mandasse? Or you trying to make things up as you go along on Kumekucha?

II.) Why don't you help "outsiders" as well as those speaking not so favaourably of him, understand who Jafaar Issak (Isaak) really is, what he stands for, why he wants to be a presidential hopeful, and what makes you and others think he is the right contender to win the throne in 2012?

III.) Did you know that there is a famous but ancient Gabra village that's located thousands and thousands of miles away from Jafaar Issak's (Isaak) home region in Kenya?

IV.) Don't you think that ascribing the origins of the Gabra people to the Solomonic dynasty or even let's say the Zagwe dynasty is a little bit too far fetched? Why not place them within their famous and rightful origins, the Chalbi dynasty?

V.) What important lessons have the Gabra people in general learned from Chinese businese and entrepreneurs?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:06 AM
Re: 'Gaddafis of Tomorrow' by Mukoma wa Ngugi.

A revolution that is xenophobic or racist is a contradiction in terms - Mukoma wa Ngugi.

Anonymous said...

How true that 'what goes around comes around!'

Makau's pontifications: "Why Miguna Miguna's Sacking Was Long Ovberdue".

"The "distinguished" Prof Makau has a penchant for exaggeration."

"Makau's Pontifications Won't Change Anything". - Miguna Miguna.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you help "outsiders" as well as those speaking not so favaourably of him, understand who Jafaar Issak (Isaak) really is, what he stands for, why he wants to be a presidential hopeful, and what makes you and others think he is the right contender to win the throne in 2012?

Thats the 1million vote question.
The other issues of where Jafaar comes from, what he does for a living, his age and occupation is all HOGWASH.

On another note, Mikuna gunia has continue to display his aloofness and stupidity after prof. Makau called him what he is: An intellectual lightweight hiding in pompous words. Prof. Mutua is not impressed just as majority of kenyans other than the pockets of his buddies in some obscure kenyan blogs like the one hosting phil of kibera.

Mwarang'ethe said...

V.) What important lessons have the Gabra people in general learned from Chinese businese and entrepreneurs?

8/27/11 8:23 PM


The Gabra people have learned from the SATANIC World Bank which gave the Chinese FREE MONEY while killing Africans with 20% interest that:

A Chinese PHD is no match for UNSKILLED AFRICANS.

Hear this now!


The head of the World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC) office in Chengdu, a PRC national with a PATRIOTIC BENT, acknowledged that China faces possible asset ... AND

However China's "terrible" educational system, which promotes COPYING and PASTING over creative and independent thought, is the largest impediment the country faces on this front, our IFC contact said.

And, please, sharpen your pencils on BOTH SIDES and listen/read carefully CHILDREN:

However, Lai identified China's "terrible" educational
system as presenting a serious impediment toward achieving a
shift to a more knowledge-based economy.

The current system
promotes copying and pasting over creative and independent
thought. Lai said that the system rewards students for thinking
"within a framework" in order to get the grade. He described
the normal process undertaken by students when writing as
essentially collecting sentences from various sources without
any original thinking.

He compared the writing ability of a typical CHINESE PHD as PALING IN COMPARISON to his "UNSKILLED"
staff during his decade of work with the IFC in AFRICA."

Bwa ha ha ha ha, hi hi, ti tit ti

They acknowledge that, despite all FREE MONEY, OPEN MARKETS, INDUSTRIAL CAPITAL all which the HUNTED RACE has been denied, even their PHDS are no match for UNSKILLED AFRICANS who are forced to compete with one leg amputated.


Anyway, we are off to enjoy:

Jah will NEVER give power to the BALDHEAD to come and CRUCIFY the DREAD:

And, we may be drinking water from the RUBBISH PANS, we may look like monkeys, but, LORD, we are still here:

Anonymous said...

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I love acid reflux and pregnancy information, You will too.

Anonymous said...

Now that Kenya is winning medals in our usual powerhouse athletic style in IAAF World Athletics Championships
taking place in Daegu South Korea notice how the usually vocal anti-black race bashers are quiet as a church mouse, only time you will ever hear these self-deprecating Africans spew their hatred in Kumekucha is when something goes wrong with one black person

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:10 AM

I know this is not politically correct to say but what else do black do of world recognization apart from running?
Running does require brains.

Stop your victim mentality and do something with your life that will leave legacy behind.
Africa remains the richest contient yet it's the continent where the world's poorest live.
Look around and find something to do that will benefit your fellow Africans instead of looking to West and East.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:29AM
The self-appointed anti-black race basher, why do you loathe yourself so much? Just like the rest of us You were born African by accident stop projecting your self-loathing onto others and by the way your attempts to paint us all with the same brush only serves to show how affected you are by the color of skin, what merits are these Africans are meant to compete against in order to earn accolades with you as the judge?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:47 AM

I do not loathe myself, i love myself too much that's why I am pointing out what ails black race, but ofcourse you don't want to hear it because it is too uncomfortable to take in.
I will repeat again BLACK RACE IS A FAILURE and they have only themselves to blame.

Which Black country would you consider highly developed or advanced?
Why is it the only dream among Kenyans is to become a president?
Why not dream to be an inventor?

Answer those questions and let us open up a very intellectual discussion. Maybe that's the kind of discussion we need inorder to move forward.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:38AM,
I better leave others space and opportunity to answer your questions WHY BLACK RACE IS A FAILURE however let me just point out quickly that its better to have a dream even if its to become President. Interestingly enough i wonder how you arrived at the conclusion that all Kenyans only think of is political leadership-i think i once told you take what you read in the newspapers with a pinch of salt.

Otherwise barring the fact you haven't interviewed all 41 million Kenyans to find out if our only dream is to be president, i'm going to go out on a limb and say you're right, we should expand our dreams to include other things besides politics, but don't think its only inventors that can make Kenya a success

I rest my case, any takers out there in support of the anti-black race bashing the floor is yours

Anonymous said...

I see a case of the pot calling a kettle black. You are both blacks, why not stop meaningless competition of mere words and engage in productive activities or even better be with your families..nkt!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:01AM
which rock did you crawl under from?go back there and hold your tongue, this does not concern or involve you why get all hot and bothered?

Since you have a family to spend time with leave those of us who don't we want to continue our "meaningless competition of mere words" so silly you are!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:59 AM
Thank you for your attempt to answer my questions.
I think we agree our dreams should not only to become inventors, but can you explain why in today's world of modern medicine, what have black race contributed in discovery?
And please don't tell me Loliondo drug wonders of Mzee babu!
Serioulsy WHY do so many Africans fall into these scams?

Even the improvished Roman medicine 2500 years ago was more sophiscated than what we have today in Africa.

Back to the running, who do you think invented olympic sports? The Greeks or the Romans or Kenyans?
We get a glimpse of what ancient running was like from Apostle Paul in the bible when he wrote so eloguently to the Corinthians.

In June i visted Ephesus in Turkey and saw with my eyes what the Roman civilization brought to the world. I saw the first library, the first stadium, the first shopping mall, first brothels...and much later the first megachurch built by Apostle John (the beloved disciple) all this during Emperor Claudius, more than 2500 years ago.

Mwarang'ethe said...

In June i visted Ephesus in Turkey and saw with my eyes what the Roman civilization brought to the world. I saw the first library, the first stadium, the first shopping mall, first brothels...and much later the first megachurch built by Apostle John (the beloved disciple) all this during Emperor Claudius, more than 2500 years ago.


You see?

This is how they MIS - EDUCATE AFRICANS in their IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS. We keep warning you but, you do not get it.

Ati Romans building the first library? Bwa ha ha ha hi hi he he he

Just reflect on these two quotes and see how MIS - EDUCATED your are:

"No RACE can lay claim to such glory as can the AFRICAN race, and when the TRUTH is known, as it MUST be KNOWN SOME DAY, all other races will BOW to it, not because they wish, but because TRUTH is a tyrant that admits of no falsity."

George Wells Parker (1882-1931.

Hear this now:

"There a people, now forgotten, discovered, while others were yet
barbarians, the elements of the arts and sciences. A race of men, NOW REJECTED from society for their SABLE SKIN and FRIZZLED HAIR, FOUNDED:

(a) the study of the LAWS of nature,

(b) those CIVIL and RELIGIOUS systems which still govern the universe."

NB: Notice that, ALL religious systems.

Wrote Volney, a French Philosopher describing the VITAL role AFRICANS have played in the human

Brother, they LIE.

Anyway, since this is FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, we retreat to listen to:

I and I are the ROOTS,

Some are LEAVES, some are BRANCHES

Some are DRY WOODS for the fire

Anonymous said...


What is Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahaha?

Well, I did not even list all the things I saw in Ephesus like first theatre, first public toilets, first Dentistry school...if u are on facebook i can send them all to you:)

Even the Brits would not agree with you when it comes to Roman civilization, just ask them and they tell you Romans introduce baths to the Brits. Before the Romans invasion of Britain, the British people never used to have a bath.

One of my main aim in this life is to visit as many world great civilizations as possible. And this quest has taken me to many different places. And to make you feel better I have been to Gonder, Northern Ethiopia, the heart of Askumite Empire and yes I was perplexed by this one mighty African civilization. (More on that another time)
And yes, the Oromo people were the first people to domesticate Donkeys and interbreed mules. Will leave that as well for another time.

My next trip is Timbuktu, Mali.

Btw Mwarange'the, have you been to Rome? If not please do. It will help you understand the Roman civilization better.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Btw Mwarange'the, have you been to Rome? If not please do. It will help you understand the Roman civilization better.


There are two ways of looking at civilizations. You can choose to look at them from the TOP like an OLIGARCHY, or, from the bottom.

Most people go to Rome, Athens and see the imposing structures.

For us, when we look at those structures, we start looking at the conditions of LABOUR which erected them.

As an example, when we get in Rome, we open their law books, where we find these words:

"Slaves, therefore, are in the power of their masters, and that is in accordance of the LAW OF NATIONS.

For in all nations we see that masters have their POWER of LIFE and DEATH over their slaves, and whatever the slave earns he earns for his master."

This you can find in the Institutes of Justinian.

We also find such barbaric robbery laws in Roman law:

"against every enemy the right of possession is eternal."

Also, in the early period, we find that:

- the Roman Father had power to not only enslave his son and also, of killing him.

We also, found that, the SLAVE MERCHANTS used to follow the army so as to get slaves to sell in the Roman markets.

Also, when we landed there, we examined their tax records and when we did, we found that, the fiscal tariff on the sale of SLAVES formed a great part of the NATIONAL REVENUE.

We also visited their slave markets, and we found them to have been organised this way:

- The commoner slaves were exhibited in gangs in special platforms,

- the finer and more valuable were kept in cages or wooden booths to be examined in leisure by SPECULATORS in human fresh.

We also, visited their law COURTS and we found this:

The slaves witness could not be credible in the Roman courts unless his evidence was extracted by torture.

For this, we looked around and found these instruments of torture:


- Fidicule or METAL STRINGS for producing LIGATURE,

- and the Rack for DISLOCATION of slaves.

We also, visited the Senate and found that:

- It came a time some guys in the Senate sought to have slaves in uniform so as to ensure when slaves are beaten in the streets, the free men are not beaten as well.

- However, they realised that, by giving them uniforms, the slaves would realise they were the majority and would combine and revolt. What a class system!

In simple words, Rome was a civilization which SERVILE LABOUR created all wealth, but, they did not share it.

Don't be fooled by their big stadiums and such. They were all build by SLAVES.

And, when these slaves died as we found out in their rubbish dumps:

- they would throw their bodies with rubbish and pigs together.

Brother, behind the glitter of Rome or Athens was a dark background of hate and immense suffering of what Aristotle would call TAME ANIMALS whose REWARD WAS HIS/THEIR FOOD.

As such, to suppose that, we know Rome, Athens when we listen to their orators, philosophers, poets or we see their art and their huge buildings is like saying we know a building by examining its facade.

Brother, it is through the inspection of the four air of their silver mines at Laurion of Athens, and the torture dungeon of their law courts we discover the INHUMANE and STRANGE FOUNDATIONS of these civilizations.

For just like Babylon which invented sundials, but, forgot to regulate with JUSTICE the hours of labour, they became the centres of GREATEST WASTE OF HUMAN LIFE.

As such, when you go to Rome, Athens and see those imposing structures, remember this:

- they are a STERN WARNING against ABUSING the humanity.

The question is, have we learnt anything?

Anyway, we are off to enjoy: Slave Driver:

And, Pay Day:

Anonymous said...

Nobody is urguing the Roman civilization did not use slaves. But make no mistake, Romans did not enslave Africans, they enslaved their fellow Romans and Europeans.

ALL ancient civilization used slaves to built their empires, from Kush Empire in Southern Sudan, Aksumite Empire, Egyptian (all Africans),Persian, Indian, Chinese, to Roman Empire.

FYI: Slavery in those days was not considered evil.

And in the same token, was American not built by slaves?

BTW, have you ever heard of 'dark satanic mills' in Britain? They were built by native white brits who were treated far worse than the American black slaves.

Anonymous said...


Here is a shocking but nevertheless interesting article about Britain's 'dark satanic mills industrial revolution'.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Nobody is urguing the Roman civilization did not use slaves. But make no mistake, Romans did not enslave Africans, they enslaved their fellow Romans and Europeans.


Oh yes, they did.

After sacking Carthage, they inherited their slave system which involved Africans to some extent.


FYI: Slavery in those days was not considered evil.


Oh, no. They LIE.

There were those philosophers who opposed slavery for instance in Athens.

However, since their views were contrary to those of the OLIGARCHY, most of their books did not survive for no one would copy and preserve them.

It is for this REASON, we have have books by people like Aristotle who was a supporter of slavery. You now know why we know so much about these two guys.

As a matter of fact, there were two schools of philosophy in Athens.

One school, that of Plato, Aristotle supported slavery, i.e. PHILOSOPHY OF SLAVERY.

The other school with BITTERNESS denounced the evil system, i.e. PHILOSOPHY OF JUSTICE.


And in the same token, was American not built by slaves?


Oh yes.

And, that is why Douglass, that African GENIUS warned America in these DIVINE words:

"And let me warn you that it is dangerous to copy the example of a nation whose crimes [Babylon], towering up to heaven, were thrown down by the breath of the Almighty, burying that nation in irrevocable ruin!

I can to-day take up the plaintive lament of a peeled and woe-smitten people!

Fellow-citizens, above your national, tumultuous joy, I hear the mournful WAIL of MILLIONS! whose chains, heavy and grievous yesterday, are, to-day, rendered more intolerable by the jubilee shouts that reach them. If I do forget, if I do not faithfully remember those bleeding children of sorrow this day...

What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? I answer;

a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim.

To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity;

your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants, brass fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery;

your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings, with all your religious parade and solemnity, are, to Him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy-a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages."

And, being a PROPHET, he added this:

"America is FALSE to the PAST, false to the PRESENT, and solemnly binds herself to be FALSE to the FUTURE."

When we travel back to Rome, we find that, at some point, it became a PARASITE on the people it had conquered.

Today, check the American debt and you will see it has become a PARASITE on the humanity it has conquered.

With that, we are off to enjoy:

Prophecy by Don Carlos:

If you run away from prophecy, you will never run away from the Almighty,

Remember how you brutalize us,

Remember how you discriminate against us

Mwarang'ethe said...

FYI: Slavery in those days was not considered evil.


Some addition.

As a matter of fact, Romans were open and sincere as opposed to the casuistry of Aristotle who tried to justify such an inhuman system.

In their Institute and Digest, they admit this:

- the slavery system was founded upon force and it was CONTRARY TO NATURE and,

- as such, although according to the LAW OF NATIONS some men might become slaves, according to the LAW OF NATURE, all men are free.

So, when the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS tell you that LIE again, please, tell them off.

NB: Anyway, this is the last time we are posting on this matter for we are supposed to be discussing Chinese stuff.

So, we leave to enjoy:

Every time I see Babylon my blood runs cold,

Every time I see the wicked men my belly moves

When I was framed and jailed, brutalized,

The GRUDGE would find me guilty
For an exhibit they could not find

Anonymous said...

Western civilization started in Greece around 510 BC but was later romantized and glamorized by the Romans.

The Romans carried a version of Greek Civilisation to many parts of the world and for this reason, Classical Greece is generally considered to be the seminal culture which provided the foundation of Western civilization.

Anonymous said...

Why are black people so messed up? Hve u ever wondered what would happen if all blacks stick together without bickering, jealousy, ethnic hatred, hating on each other, witchcraft,gossiping, family dramas, maritial strife, mpango wa kandos, selfishness, greed, selfish-ambitions,self importance,victim mentality, crab mentality, backwardness,sexism (anti-women),lies,pride,..etc etc?

All of that and many other vices are what is ailing the black race.

Anonymous said...

Why are some of our fellow Kenyans like Anyang' Petro Nyang'o, John Pesa, Jakoyo Midiwo, Nicholos Gumbo, Akong'o Oyugi and many other diehards, loyalists, defenders, supporters and life-long political soldiers of Raila Amolo Odinga's presidency, so afraid of any Kenyan from Nyanza declaring their intentions to run for the 2012 presidency?

Am I among the few who still think, hope and strongly believe that any democratic presidential elections are all about having qualified candidates, regardless of race, religion, gender and family background, run for the highest office of the land, where they get to be elected by the majority of legally registered voters?

Sadly, what are the afore mentioned individuals and their like minded comrades, a fast dwinling segment of the population, don't realize is that they have been contuinued to be seduced by the myopic regional view of what literally borders on an ethnic presidency rather a national presidency?

Further, what they have failed to even realize is that any Kenyan from Nyanza or from anywhere else within the Republic of Kenya, has the right which is guaranteed by the constitution to contend for the presidential office as long as they are qualified to run in 2012.

So, why are they so much afraid of anyone else throwing in a policatical challenge, imagined or real, for the presidency during the forthcoming general elections?

As far as many Kenyans are concerned, the presidency should not be and will never be an exlcusive reserve for certain individuals, communities, cliques, elites, regions, political parties, so-called well "connected families" or the proverbial clans of old, in Kenya of today and beyond 2012.

Why are they always howling mad, running scared and looking every which way, dreading day and night that a worthwhile contender may emerge to challenge their 'anointed native son'?

Anonymous said...

The other issue is, what's your take on the ongoing silly backward maneuvers where some well known MPigs, political deadwoods, are busy trying to clip the wings of the pontetial Senate and tame in the process? The fact is the that, the Senate is above the other political lower houses and legislative bodies of the land.

Anonymous said...

Raila sycophants are scared stiff of Tuju's entrance to the presidential race. And they should be very afraid coz even Kenyans from other regions like central embrace Tuju's hardwork, honesty and a sacred desire to serve Kenyans..traits that cannot be associated with raila or other pretenders to the throne.
Tuju is a good compromise candidate, a clean start with a brand new constitution. While raila's of these days are stuck with Moi's tactics of being coronated tribal elders, Tuju is already a defacto republic of Kenya elder.

Will our brothers from the lake embrace a new start and break free from the bondage of odinga's? Or have they been jinxed beyond redemption??

Anonymous said...

Ocampo six to face more charges:

This comes as victims of the violence push for additional charges against the suspects. Through their ICC-appointed lawyer, Ms Sureta Chana, they want the suspects charged with acts of destruction and burning of property, infliction of injuries and looting.

Anonymous said...

The myth that Kikuyus dominate civil service jobs as viewed by Ranabagga.

Anonymous said...

For the first time, we are likely to have a Jaluo president come 2012.

And for once I am going to vote for a Jaluo president.

Tuju for 2012!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! In my journeys through cyber space, I have travelled through my blogs some with meaning some without meaning.

Some are penned by prostitutes others are penned by FAKE RASTAFARIS, Oh this thing called cyber space, some are read by adults and some are read by CHILDREN and how can I forget read by watchmen, cooks and mboches.

An ancient SUMERIAN GENERAL is busy slaying any comment that does not go his way on this blog, well I am off to a blog read by ADULTS and NOT CHILDREN!

Anonymous said...

Poor phil, I hear you are still mourning in your obscure blogs after your imaginary 'hon'MM was sent to the gutters of used and dumped politician toys.

Anonymous said...

@Annon 5:17 AM
Thanks for your usual comments biled with vintage insults several decades in the making.

FYI, that's a very viable phrase for your future regurgitation, as in the usual case with most people of your type, who are so addicted to referring to other people as CHILDREN due to whatever reasons only known to your kind.

BTW, don't forget to enjoy your wonderful journeys and meaningful travels browsing through the deep web of your computer screen upside down and your "my-blogs".

#Yours truly on behalf of,

Watchmen: of the throne and all guardians of your village, clan, region and republic.

Cooks: of all the great eateries, six star retaurants and resorts around the globe, especially Kenya's future Chef Ramsay's and other 3 Star Michelin Chefs who make more than a minimum of three million euros and five million dollars a year.

Beautifual Women: particularly those who are already born and those yet to be born. Talking of women you will never ever have the slightest opportunity of intermingling with on any dignified level nor in any way, shape or fashion, given your current station in life.

Children: the future generations of professionals, you have so despised and disdainfully ignored under the illusionary old fashioned umbrella that makes you feel as though, you know it all during your personal journeys and travels through the deep space blogs.

Anonymous said...

"Will our brothers from the lake embrace a new start and break free from the bondage of odinga's? Or have they been jinxed beyond redemption??"

The latter applies. There's a worm in their medulla oblongata (scientific name for brain, i reckon), a serious impediment to rational, indipendent thinking. Kimundu and his family put the worm there.

Anonymous said...

I wait for the day Chris will do a post about Nigerians and their dirt businesses in Kenya.
There is so much you don't know about these animals called Nigerians.

Chris, you need to warn Kenyans and especially women the dangers of getting involved with naijas.

Anonymous said...

Another sad and unfortunate time continues to unfold for one presidential candidate as his sychopants do all they can to alienate prospective voters and the public.

I should say it's another sad time. There is a lot of damage to the public's understanding of who this particular candidate is, what he really stands for, and what his intended presidency will be all about to the nation and its people as a whole.

The damage is being particularly done by his cronies, henchmen, sychophants and blind worshippers who may prove to be the main political stumbling block in the months leading to the 2012 general elections.

Someone remind me about who it is that said, When change works it tends to follow a pattern. The people who change have a clear direction, ample motivation, and a supportive environment.

The question on many people's minds is that, does the politician, the presidential hopeful, in question have a real supportive political team and the environment to win the election and help him steer country in a totally different direction after 2012?

Or are they just busy seeking for their turn to eat, gloat and load it over the rest of the nation in the same manner their political predcessors have done in the past?

Anyway, how will his old brand of political wine fit and sustain itself in the new county and national wine vessels that will be made by Kenyans from all walks of life, and who hold different political pursuasions?

Anonymous said...

There is too much exercise going on in the digital KTN studios, why are the news anchors standing and sitting simultaneously all the time? seems too fidgety, can they stop trying to imitate Chinese television and just sit still when reading the news!

Anonymous said...

I am dreaming of Tuju-Kenneth 2012!!!

Anonymous said...

It was only 2 weeks London experienced worst riots in the history of the city, today and yesterday it was all about carnival celebration, blacks, whites, browns, yellows all together celebrating the vibrant diversty in English capital.

How time change so quickly!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:05PM
Indeed how time changes quickly mmmmh!
It was only 4 years after a whole nation Kenya experienced the worst post election violence in our history, and now look at us we kambas, luos, kikuys, wataita, waluhya all celebrating the vibrant resilience of Kenyans

1) ICC suspects prosecution begins next week
2) today saw the end of Amos Wako's impunity reign as AG for more than 3 decades
3)New constitution passed and being implemented on schedule, the highlights being devolution and gender representation among other firsts for Africa
4) Today marked the beginning of the new Anti corruption and Ethics committee

As usual the anti-black race bashers are silent on all these accomplishments, only waiting to shout hoarsely when something insignificant happens to a single black individual

Anonymous said...

"I am dreaming of Tuju...2012!!!"

Me too. Quite thrilled, really.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Phil: when will raila be coronated as a kikuyu elder by one njonjo?? I have been waiting for so long after the 3rd postponement.
Have the fake elders demanded more cash than was initially negotiated or what?

Anonymous said...

"I think I will call the Whitehouse."

---Onyango Obama, 2011.

Anonymous said...

kwani chris amekufa kwa baridi??
hata weekend special hamna..
updates hamna...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone get irritated by Jaluos ways of reasoning? I do.
I find them extremely retarded, and no matter the kind of education they have, they are still the most primitive people in Kenya albeit guised under westernization..
Total retards.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama's uncle was jailed for being an illegal alien drunk driver.

Poor Barack Obama worked so hard to get where he is only to be constantly tarnished by these primitive distant relatives.

Mwarang'ethe said...

kwani chris amekufa kwa baridi??
hata weekend special hamna..
updates hamna...


Bwa ha ha ha he he hi hi ti ti ti,

Chris is lost for words.

You see, his WONDERFUL CON - STITUTION is proving USELESS as we TAUGHT him in VAIN, he ehe he, hihi hi hi

Sample this:

"New law kicks Lumumba out of KACC."

NB: We said PLO and KACC is waste of money we do not have. More also, it is a RACIST AGENDA.

Kenyans thought and still think otherwise. We shall see.


And, as if that was not enough, we are reading without being surprised that:

"Kenyan MPs dip into relief fund for tax arrears."

"Kenyan MPs have raided money set aside for relief operations and other national emergencies to settle their tax arrears. The public kitty will also compensate MPs for the income they will lose once they start paying full income taxes."

"... the MPs pushed the recurrent allocation to the National Assembly from Sh6.5 billion to Sh8.5 billion."

Now, add the EXPANDED Parliament, Senate, sijui Counties, this commissioner, sijui nini na nini and you see where we are headed.

"The money is also going to be used to pay former MPs who served the House between 1983 and 2007 a monthly pension of Sh92,000."


Anyway, when Bob taught us that, ALL PRESENT LAWS and GOVERNMENTS ARE ILLEGAL, we thought he was just stoned:

Anyway, we are off to enjoy: I tried:

The more VICTIMIZATION is up on their back
The more FOOLISH they become
The more victimization is up on their back
They satisfy Lord for less

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:35 AM
WTF! AYKD! If you took the time to look in the mirror every morning and before you go to bed, you will soon figure out who really fits the perfect discription of a "total retard." Always, projection galore!

Anonymous said...

...constantly tarnished by 'primitive' distant relatives.

Mmmmmmmmmmm! How so? We have no control whatsoever, over the actions of our so-called distant blood relatives, let alone siblings and half-siblings.

If I may ask, how did your parents handle themselves on such occasions, or deal with similar embarrassing family moments?

Was your family's pristine image in the village, ever tarnished as a result of the anti-social, awkward, weired, abominable, insane, or criminal behaviours of your distant relatives?

Did it matter to you then? Does it still matter to you now?

Do your family's neighbours and some of the villagers still recall any of it several decades later?

And does it really matter to you now as it did then?

People not responsible whatsover for the actions, good or bad , carried out by their siblings, close realtives, extended family or friends, unless they are accomplices or willing party.

Lest you forget the conduct unbecoming by Bill Clinton's half-brother, during the 1990s.

Anonymous said...

Chris wa Kumekucha,
Hallo, hallo! Where are you on such a fine Tuesday afternoon?

People are beginning to wonder why you're still missing in action, since sevral messages on Facebook and Twitter have gone answered since Monday afternoon.

The time to flip the page, toss the chapter and open another new post is already past due.

What's happening? What's going on? Is all well and fine with you? Or did you get overwhelmed by several personal endeavors over the weekend?

The last time we heard from realiable sources close to Kumekucha, you were still around in Nairobi, in the same geographic location like many of us, but thankfully, no where near the places or along the paths Ms. Furious Scorned Irene Hasira took in search of her eight former boyfriends, five ex-fiances, three ex-hubands and the deadbeat biological fathers of her seven children.

As they say, hell has no fury like a woman scorned by sixteen ex-lovers who duped her, used her, wasted her, and then dumped her for good weather young partners.

Unfortunately, we told that Furious Scorned Irene Hasira, hit hard the wrong places and side of the North America coast, because most of her intended targets relocated to the west coast, every time they ended the tumultuous and unpredicatble relationships with her.

Anyways, some of us hope to hear from you soon, or rather in the next six hours before night falls on this side of the African continent.

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