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Monday, August 15, 2011

The African's Tastes and Desires: Their Economic, Social, Political and Military Implications

By Mwarang'ethe Njoguu

On 13th August, 2011, Chris wrote, “KFC Re - Opens in Nairobi capital of hungry Kenya,” available here: Among other stuff, he wrote that, “I think it is possible to sell human waste very successfully in Kenya as long as you can convince people it is from America.” This statement reminded us that, we have had an article which has been sitting on the computer: The African’s Tastes and Desires: Their Economic, Social, Political and Military Implications, in short, the Political Economy of Africans tastes and desires.

Having been inspired by Chris’ essay, we now detail how our tastes and desires are the means by which the imperialists enslave us. Or, how, we enslave ourselves.

First, a true recent story. A few years ago, some Europeans visited a village in Mbeere district. While there, they were served with some chicken and chapati. When they tasted this chicken, they were like, we have never tasted such a nice tasting chicken all our lives and we would love to have it back at home. In fact, many years later, they still want to go back to Kenya, not, to see lions, but, to eat that nice tasting chicken in Mbeere. To many people, this would have been the end of the story. However, this reaction to the taste of a chicken in Mbeere, made us inquire, why is it that, the Europeans are not able to taste our chicken in Europe which would outsell the PLASTIC LOOKING
and TASTING European chicken? After some research and reflection, we have found that, the European rulers understand the POLITICAL ECONOMY of tastes and desires. As such, they control the tastes and desires of their own people.

Now, let us first inquire, what is imperialism? Simply, imperialism is a word used to denote a weird situation whereby, a few or the minority population dominate, rule, rob, subjugate, murder, rape and mis -educate the larger population. How do these minorities manage such a feat? They do so because, the imperialists are aware that, to control people, one must control the consciousness of the subjugated majority. As such, consciousness is a social product created by the interaction with other people. Consciousness should be understood to mean, tastes, desires, knowledge, beliefs, opinions, conditioned emotions, behaviour, world view and unconscious motives. It also involves
methods of information processing, directional aspects of information, i.e. what value do we seek to fulfil?. In this way, then, the objective of the European people since 1492 has been to manipulate the consciousness of the African people to their own use so as to increase their own PROSPERITY AND POWER, i.e. white supremacy. To demonstrate this truths, we will follow, a day in the life of Jinga, a fresh FOOLISH graduate of the IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS in pseudo economics.

It is 5.30 a.m. in the morning when the alarm clock which is made in Taiwan goes off which thereby wakes up Jinga. Having stressed himself, he springs from his bed made in South Africa. Thereafter, he proceeds to make his bed with bedsheets and a blanket, all made from the Egyptians cotton, but, manufactured in Hong Kong. Having made his bed, he puts on his bath robe made from the Egyptian cotton, but, manufactured in China and sleepers made from oil imported from Iran.

Having done this, he walks to the bathroom for a hot shower. As he
walks to the bathroom, he is walking on marbles imported from China.

As he enters the bathroom, he stands to pee on a toilet basin designed
and imported from South Africa. Thereafter, he enters the shower and closes the shower curtain made from oil imported from Saudi Arabia. He then goes ahead to open the shower using taps made from China. As he opens the shower, a stream of warm water, heated with diesel imported from UK by a UK independent power company streams out for a nice warm shower.

Having finished his shower, Jinga dries himself with a towel made in Vietnam and then proceeds to dress. For his dressings, he puts on a second hand suit imported from the UK, but, was manufactured in Taiwan with the Sudanese cotton. Having dressed himself to look nice, he embarks on his breakfast. However, before he sits for his breakfast, he decides to listen to the latest news and for this, he puts on his TV imported from Japan. For his breakfast, he prepares coffee using a pot imported from China. For the coffee itself, although grown in Kenya, it was processed in Holland by a UK company and then, imported back to Kenya because, it is high quality stuff. He proceeds to use a spoon made in Vietnam to scoop sugar from Brazil. For the bread which he proceeds to cut with a knife made in China, it is processed with wheat imported from the USA as aid, and which was carried by an American flagged ship. Having taken breakfast, Jinga proceeds to brush his teeth with a toothbrush made in Kenyan under a licence from a UK
company. For the toothpaste, it is manufactured in Kenya using imported chemicals from India, by an Anglo - American company.

Having brushed his teeth, he now puts on his shoes imported from Turkey and hits the road to seek a WELL PAYING KENYAN JOB. In his garage, he starts his BMW made in Germany. He then, hits the road which has been recently constructed by the Chinese using Chinese labour and most of the materials. As he cruises on the smooth Chinese made road, he looks around and see a lot of Nissan's, Toyota’s, Range Rovers etc, all imported just like his BMW. Having spent the first three hours without success, Jinga decides to take a cup of coffee in town. For this, he enters Java coffee house which is owned by an American, but, manned by young Kenyan girls dressed in uniforms made from imported cloth from China. With his belly full, he goes on with his search for a WELL PAID KENYAN JOB. Just around 1 p.m., Jinga receives a call from his friend on his Nokia phone owned by Finish company, but, manufactured in China. Lest we forget, his friends phone
is Ericsson owned by Swedish people, but, manufactured in Taiwan and Poland.

His friend asks him if he would want to sit down for lunch. Without hesitation, Jinga says yes. For their lunch, Jinga and his friend decide to eat at the newly opened and popular American KFC. There is no way they would have failed to know about it because, it was given FREE advertising by Larry Oduor of the Nation TV. When there, Jinga and his friend order some chicken and potatoes IMPORTED from Egypt as we can hear here: To drown the fatty chicken, they sip an American Coca Cola. Having taken lunch at the American KFC, Jinga resumes his search for a WELL PAYING KENYAN JOB. To ensure he reaches a few more places, Jinga decides to fuel his BMW. To do so, he drives into a Libyan owned petrol station which sells Libyan oil. Fully loaded, he resumes his search for a WELL PAYING KENYAN JOB.

Having not succeeded in getting a WELL PAYING KENYAN JOB, Jinga, decides to relax at around 5 p.m. by sipping some beer with a few friends in an up market bar. Just like some of his friends, Jinga’s favorite beer is the Scottish owned cold beer stored in a Chinese made fridge, but, which is brewed by Kenya Breweries Limited. However, some of the Jinga’s friends are sophisticated and like such stuff such as the Aberlour Scottish whisky as well as French wine. As they sip their Scottish beer, whisky and French wine, Jinga, just like most Africans who are divided between Manchester and Arsenal fans, they are watching soccer on the TV imported from Japan at the bar. To FOOL the Africans into FINANCIALLY SUPPORTING the European soccer, the European clubs do hire a few black faces from Nigeria and such place. DELUDED that, we are supporting our own, we flock into supporting these teams. To screen the UK football, the Kenyan bar owner had to pay licence fees to the UK owners of the broadcasting rights. To recoup these charges, he sells his Scottish beer, whisky and French wines at a higher price.

Since it is getting late and Jinga does not want to waste time cooking, he and his friends decide to order some nyama choma. Since the current and previous droughts have decimated our cattle, they get beef imported from Tanzania. Just before they leave for their respective houses, which are all “bought” on mortgages which are denominated in the collapsing dollar, they decide to wait a bit longer to watch the latest news, i.e. propaganda by talking heads. As usual, the big news is about the next BIG OPIUM SESSION in 2012. Having watched the news on how different horses are transversing the country using European made helicopters and Hammers made in the USA, Jinga and his friends then start a very animated conversation as to which of the horses will CREATE HIGH PAYING KENYAN JOBS for the unemployed Kenyans like Jinga. After one hour of what Jinga and his friends would call serious debate, they decide that, the horse which has promised to
bring in more foreign investors as PARTNERS with the STATE to build TOLL BOOTHS on our roads is the best candidate. Lest we forget, these foreign investors will repatriate their profits tax free. Who pays for the stuff like the police to protect these foreign investors does not enter Jinga and his friends minds. It is too remote and more so, the local TV and its talking heads has never discussed such non - issues.

Since now it is 11 p.m. Jinga and his friends part ways. Jinga cruises to his house safely and goes straight to bed so that, he can wake up early at 5.30 a.m. to continue his search for a WELL PAID KENYAN JOB. However, at around 4 p.m., he receives a call on his Nokia phone from one of his friends. Fearing for the worst, Jinga is informed that, two of his friends were hijacked, robbed and murdered as they were entering their gate. He is told that, the policemen, using imported Toyota cars from Japan, and radios from the UK, are on hot pursuit of the thugs who have escaped with a Nissan car imported from Japan. He is also told that, the thugs were armed with 4K 47 guns made in Russia. To view his friends bodies, he heads to the Kenyatta National Hospital where some doctors tried to save their lives using x - ray machines and drugs made in Sweden and imported by some Asians.

As the news of the grisly murder is broad cast from our radio and TV stations, all equipped with imported gadgets from Japan and Germany, Jinga, like the rest of the nation demands more policemen in the streets to fight crime. To put more policemen on the streets does require more taxation of local industries and labour. This, to the masses if they are thinking, would make them realise that, more taxation will only bankrupt more local industry which increases imports. However, since the government is afraid of asking for too much tax, after all, how much can Jinga pay? So, in it’s cleverness, the government MONETIZES the debt. However, since there are UNIVERSAL NATURAL ECONOMIC LAWS which no government has ever managed to defy, this clever move leads to INFLATION. With inflation, the FALSE HIGH PRIESTS of the Central Bank increase the cost of money for the local industry. As expected, this only deepens the poverty which will lead
to more thugs. In other words, Jinga and his nation’s solution is to cede their streets to the two groups of armed thugs, i.e. ROBBERS and the POLICE. May the best armed and the most ruthless win!

However, since Jinga like the rest of Africans are educated in FREE TRADE, and MBA’s, this is a non - issue in their minds. As a result, the government decides to increase the number of policemen and have them better equipped with more Toyota cars as opposed to the usual Land Rovers. To the columnists of the Daily Nation and the Standard and the Gema, enriching the Japanese as opposed to the Britons, makes Kibaki a hero who can look East. Also, to aid the police communication system, the government invites some American companies to bring in
better radios, street cameras and such. With the security problem “solved” Jinga like the rest of the nation goes back to business as usual hoping for better times ahead after the coming OPIUM SESSION.

Jinga, like the rest of the nation is unable to understand that, the 2012 OPIUM SESSION will only increase the PARASITES. After all, our IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS legal dons told Kenyans that, increasing the PARASITES is the solution to all their problems.

What is the moral of all this? Simply, the African consciousness has been hijacked. Our conditioned tastes, desires, wishes, values, aspirations etc, are the means by which we further the prosperity and power of all other races. As such, due to the hijacking of our consciousness, we do not value African freedom, liberty, self sufficiency, wealth, dignity etc. This is because, Africans in Africa
and in the Diaspora have catastrophically failed to understand that, our tastes and desires are the means by which we feed others, as we starve; clothe others as we go naked; treat others as we die of diseases; build good houses for others as we live in shacks; educate others as we grapple with illiteracy; provide clean water for others as we drink contaminated water; ensure stable FAMILIES for other communities even as ours crumble into what some IGNORANT FOOLS call black men’s lack of responsibility for families; we provide safe communities even as our are invested with crime and drugs; provide jobs for others as our youth roam streets in search of non - existent jobs; arm other nations to attack us as we see in Ivory Coast, Libya etc.

In simple words, let no one fool you about the so called free trade and free choices. It is just another of the European propaganda concocted since 1492. When the European and Asians talks of FREE TRADE they mean this. To lock out the Africans from THEIR OWN MARKETS (check KFC buying potatoes from Egypt) and EXTERNAL MARKETS (try to export Kenyan potatoes to the EU). If there were free trade and free choices as they make Africans believe, then, the Europeans would be eating the nice tasting Mbeere chicken and not their plastic like chicken. What we call free choices are carefully planted tastes and desires to serve a system of political economy so as to serve certain ends. As such, to ensure that, the Africans tastes and desires serve the imperialist’s
agenda, through our so called education system, they falsify the African consciousness by:

(a) feeding Africans with FALSE CONTENT,

(b) feeding Africans with FALSE HISTORY,

(c) feeding Africans with FALSE KNOWLEDGE, and

(d) feeding Africans with IRRELEVANT knowledge.

By this, we mean to state that, Africans are OUT OF THEIR MINDS to think that, the UNNECESSARILY EXPENSIVE Western education is relevant or appropriate to the Africans situation. Any education system that teaches Africans to work in the current system is irrelevant and
inappropriate. As such, if our institutionalised schooling and self education is to have any meaning, it must have one goal. To produce REVOLUTIONARIES to OVERTHROW the current political economic system that falsifies the Africans consciousness. By word REVOLUTION, we do not mean USELESS street protests, riots, violence, new constitutions, OPIUM SESSIONS and such nonsense.

True REVOLUTION means equipping ourselves and more so, our children with the ability to judge things by their CAUSE as not the EFFECT. This requires that, we engage in a very critical re - examination of the true political and economic function of the Euro centric education system we put our children through. We must examine the intentionality of the Euro centric education system which brainwashes Africans with concepts such free trade and free choice. With such a review, we should be able to come up with African centred theories of learning and pedagogy. By so doing, we shall come up with education based on who we are and our African experiences. In other words, our salvation does not lie in new laws, new leaders, but, self knowledge of exactly who we are, why we are what we are and how we create others by what we are.

If we know who we are, we shall then automatically know who our children are. We shall be aware that, the African child’s destiny is totally different from that of a European child. On the one hand, the
destiny of the European child is to maintain the imperial system. On the other hand, the destiny of the African child MUST BE the total overthrow the imperial system. How can it be otherwise? If this is true, how can they learn the same thing?

Just an example. When the Western/Asian law schools teach their lawyers the mysteries of the stock exchange, it is an education to prepare them to continue the CAPITALISATION of the African soil in London, New York, Hong Kong exchanges etc. Now, if this is the true intention of stock exchange law from the Western/Asia law schools standpoint, what is the intention of the University of Nairobi when it teaches Kenyan lawyers stock exchange laws? If University of Nairobi understood its sacred mandate, it would prepare the Kenyan lawyers not to cooperate foolishly in the capitalisation of their own soil, i.e. create their own and their children's imperial masters, but, to resist and overthrow the Western/Asian capitalisation of the African soil. As such, instead of University of Nairobi becoming a means of self knowledge, it is a means of perpetuating the African's servitude to all other races. This is where the problem lies and must be understood if Africans are to be free people.

To summarise, dear reader, the relevant question then, is this. What values do our own education, wishes, tastes and desires promote? Do they promote the goal of African’s freedom from want, or, deepen it?

By this we mean that, even if the American KFC chicken is very nice and sweet, we must reject it to the extent that, it does not promote the Mbeere, Kitui, Kakamega chicken farmer.


Anonymous said...

Excellent article Mwarang'the. It really hit home. The article showed us (Africans) how pathetic we and the circumstances that we find ourselves in are.

What really hit home with me was this bit:

"our salvation ... lies in self knowledge of exactly who we are, why we are what we are and how we create others by what we are."

Put another way, our collective LACK of self knowledge as Africans is one of the major causes of our absolutely dismal and tragi-comedic state of affairs.

We are totally ignorant of what the real issues are and that it why you will find, as an example, members of one community going into periodic, bizzare, macabre and wild extravangazas of chopping their fellow tribesmen and womens heads off. If these people had self knowledge they would not engage in such bizzare self destructive activities.

Many of us, particularly the so called highly educated - and you rightly call them the IVY LEAGUE OF EDUCATED FOOLS, think they have a lot of knowledge, which may appear to be true on the surface, but closer examination reveals that they too are totally deficient in SELF KNOWLEDGE.

Two words describe them: EDUCATED FOOLS! And these are our "elite" whom the rest of us Kenyans look up to and idolize!! PATHETIC!!! We are trully a confused and lost people.

M. Pesa said...

Now, that finger lickin' good Mbeere chicken made my mouth water. Mmmmh, tasty chicken kienyeji, just the way I love it with tiny bits of onions and dania!

Great article Mwarang'ethe and what a character called Jinga! Sadly he could as well have been me! You forgot that many "Jingas" despite having everything around them foreign, also have funny sounding foreign names and even try to have better foreign accents.

We shall continue choking ourselves with foreign stuff till we can't breathe any more. And what happens when one can't breathe? Where did the rain start beating us as Africans? When we started pretending that we know more than our old Wazee since we have gone to posh schools.

We threw away some really good cultural values and adopted everything foreign in these big cities. Even our kids hardly speak Swahili or mother-tongue but English and we seem proud about it. True the world is getting smaller as boundaries open up and people interact, travel and trade much more freely, but at whose expense?

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."

Marcus Garvey

Anonymous said...

Was this long drivel necessary? You have ranted on this post but I fail to see your point other than your now usual mantras (like Taabu...)" IVY LEAGUE FOOLS, IMPERALISM, PARASITES, CAPITALISM..."

And if you're really that against Imperialism why do write using Imperial language? Why don't you use Swahili or Kimeru?

That's said. There are so many entrepreneurial opportunities in Kenya, but instead Kenyans like other Africans are always looking to the West... (or is it East now)
There was this prophesy long time ago predicting Yellow race will dominate the world. Well, its looks we already heading that way. It is predicted China in the next few years is going to become superpower ahead of America.

I think instead of ranting about imperialism in this blog, lets dedicate it into a inspirational blog where Kenyans will come here and learn new ideas on how to start a business, how to invent na Kadhalika. Some readers in this blog are well travelled people, and so they understand things in a very different perspective.

I will give you an example: I noticed Kenyan women are well endowed from behind, I mean proper plumped behinds, whenever I see these beautiful Kenyan ladies trying to squeeze into skinny jeans and trousers they bought from China or from second hand shops, I always see a business opportunity for women with plumped behinds. We need a clothing market to cater African women which we do not have in Kenya. European and Asian (far East)women are not large nor do they have big bottoms and thus their clothing not matter how appealing they are, they are not suitable for our large big booty African woman.

M. Pesa said...

Anon at 4.18

I think instead of ranting about imperialism in this blog, lets dedicate it into a inspirational blog where Kenyans will come here and learn new ideas on how to start a business, how to invent na Kadhalika.

Unless you are new here, Kumekucha is mainly a POLITICAL blog although to his credit, Chris (the founder) usually posts some inspirational business articles once in a while. There are dozens of blogs out there that address your concerns some which I personally keenly follow. They include Bankelele, Coldtusker,, kenyasmallbusiness etc.

Anonymous said...

As usual another masterpiece from our own Mwarang'ethe. Everyday, he continues to jolt many of KK readers from the comfort of our hypotnized comfort to the harsh reality. Now I fear for my daughter after reading this. I think I need to start culturing her into appreciating her mothertongue more than the english they are now talking in pre-units.

Enkai bless Mwarang'ethe, and Mwene nyaga bless Kenya.

Anonymous said...

This PRIMITIVE obsession with IMPERIALISM is nothing but cheap drivel at an attempt to reason best by contrast. Funny Mwara will see IMPERIALIST shadow in everything around but only offer EVANGELICAL economic doses for cure. Well, the intellectually lazy will flood here with accolades that will only succeed in expanding your ego.

Swali: was your cosmetic biz non capitalistic? What are you paid in? GOLD or useless paper money?

Reverse xenophobia is just as bad as tribalism.

Anonymous said...


An excellent piece...

"To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?"
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Ken Thumbi

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.48

Come on Taabu, just log in and don't be scared. We can smell you from miles away.


Anonymous said...

Anon 4:18PM,
Not all of us appreciate our local women, in fact a regular commentator on KK (he/she is active on this post also) once went on record praising Brazilian women and calling our women unattractive

Anonymous said...

I told u yesterday no matter how u rant against imperialism, a black man needs to improve his image if he was to be taken seriously globally. Unless he stop being promiscous and start taking care of his family and all the children he has sired with Mistresses, Wives, Mboch, prostitutes, Sisters in law, housegirls, schoolgirls...he will always be seen as a failure.

The order start from home, even the bible tells us.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 4:18

I am a woman with a big booty. Very big. But men love it, especially Kikuyus whose women are flat as a ruler behind.

But my question is when are you starting to make jeans for women like me. I get embarassed coz people stare at my naked a** as I get into matatus coz the damn things are always sliding down.

Harakisha jo!!!

Anonymous said...

We have been here before with black nationalists trying to empower naiive black folks using the same racist language aka black supremacy.
We had people like Louis Farakhan, Jesse Jackson all telling black folks to hate Jews.

Please listen to this sermon by Louis Farakhan and tell me if that's how you want to brainwash Kenyans with your imperialism mantra.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:50 AM

Do not despair my sister (although I feel you are a man),jeans for your big booty are coming to a shop near very soon, and even padded/enhanced jeans for our flat-behind Kikuyu sisters are also coming will not be calling them flat for long.

Anonymous said...

I read in the DN that the GOK has okayed importation of GM maize. So where does this leave struggling and broke local farmers? Looks like soon we will have to import everthing!

Anonymous said...

anon 5:50 and 6:19 am,

I guess since mwarang'ethe has called your kind IVY LEAGUE OF FOOLS, and since you have not been trained to think for yourself, you are now trying to spoil the good thread with non issues and tribal rants..well...stay stuck in that hole.
We are back to the wonderful words of Mwarang'ethe.
The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

The tag IVY LEAGUE OF FOOLS smacks of thin-veiled envy. So are you the kingpin of IVY league of genius? Come off the condescending pedestal and be real.

Black empowerment is as old as Nkurumah, nothing new here except a cheap shot at intellectual bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe couldn't have said it better by striking a very sensitive chord that resonates so well with the 'African Consciousness Anthem'.

Emanicipate yourself from mental slavery, nobody but yourself can free your mind. ... How long shall we stand by, as they not only falsify our current consciouness but also continue to kill the consciouness of the next three to four generations of the African people.

Whichever side - IVY LEAGUE of FOOLS or ENVY LEAGUE of FOOLS, or RESIDENT IGNORANT FOOLS - you sit on regarding how our tastes and desires are the means by which the imperialists enslave us, this is a very (very) rewarding read and it's clarity is something (food for deep thought) to emulate.

Mwrang'ethe's post has just tossed a grenade, an IED of some sorts, into our entrenched worldview, which has ensure[d] that, the Africans tastes and desires serve the imperialists agenda, through our so called education system that continues to falsify the African consciousness.

All I can reinterate without any shadow of hesitation whatsoever is that, credit must always be given where it's due.

And in this particular well deserved instance, it goes out to one resident at Kumekucha, none other than the one and only son of Ndlovu, Mwarang'ethe Njoguu.

Well done. Thank you so much. And I hope there are many more of its kind where the excellent article camee from.

It really hit home as stated earlier on by Anon 8/15/11 3:49 AM.

Mwarang'ethe said...

I read in the DN that the GOK has okayed importation of GM maize. So where does this leave struggling and broke local farmers? Looks like soon we will have to import everthing!

8/15/11 6:41 AM


May be you missed this:

"US urges long-term food aid for Kenya."

Read that to mean, Kenyan farmers must be wiped out.

"Kenya's response to its drought-related food crisis was praised on Thursday by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who also emphasised the need for long-term donor aid to the country's farming sector.

Hear this now:

Kenya must DO MORE, however, Mrs Clinton said, pointing to development of FREE TRADE in GRAIN IMPORTS and exports and the "need to welcome NEW TECHNOLOGIES to bolster drought tolerance, disease resistance and crop yields."

NB: As we noted, when Clinton says FREE TRADE, it is 1984 NEWSPEAK to mean:

(a) Locking the HUNTED RACE from ITS own INTERNAL market, as well as


NB: New tech. is the code for GMO poison.


We are in what Germans war philosophers would call TOTAL WAR.

And, in heat of this TOTAL WAR, some idiots will tell you that, we need just need to have love for others.

How do you starve your own kids to feed the Korean kids? Would a Korean do that? No. Only Africans are idiotic to do that.

Anonymous said...

@4:18 AM
Badala ya kuzoea kulenga kizengemunenge maoni ya jirani zetu kama wakina Mwarange'the na wengineo, nauliza hivi leo, kwani kanga, vitenge na vyamburui vya kisasa nivya nini?

Mbona tuwazidi kusahau yale yaliyo sisitizua na Wahenga, yaani ya kwamba "Who Changes His/Her Condition Changes Fortune."

Bila shaka, sisi wote must adapt and develop and so give ourselves more chance.

So, why not lead the way for a change by establishing "Madiaba Boutique Shopping" outlets in Eastern Africa?

What are you really waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Kenyans are some of the most talented musicians but instead of being themselves and allow the natural talent to flow effortlessly, they like to ape American music, rap, and gangster hip-hop.

We also some talented Gospel singer and again they can only sing crappy songs, which are neither spiritual nor bibilical.If you are a Gospel singer the wordings on your songs MUST be in Spirit and in Truth.(The bible tells us to worship God in Spirit and in Truth).

My advice to all wannabe musicians:

1) Write your own song; let it come from your heart and from your convictions.

2) Don't try to be like somebody else, I know authenticity is not a word you often hear in this industry but always aim to be unique.

3)If possible and as much as it depends on how you want to succeeded, enrol to a music school and let somebody teach you how to write your own songs. Can be done online.

4)Go for music with soul in it. (they sell very well internationally)

5)Improve your rhythm. Keeping time is very important whether your playing with other people, or playing by yourself. Having bad rhythm will make the piece of music sound bad even if you are playing the right notes. You don't have to be metronomic, but as long as you can keep a tempo without speeding up or slowing down thats OK.

And remember, a musician must be well-rounded in every aspect of music.

Anonymous said...

All tastes and desires taken into account, I say yes to the use of Toyota vehicles by the police force, government ministries and the military, as opposed to the use of petrol guzzling colonial Land Rovers that usually cost billions of Ksh on the imporatation of spare parts and in maintenance costs. Toyota is the lesser evil but a very efficient vehicle.

Anonymous said...

We eventually end up as sorry copy cats in pursuit of originality. So what is African about Christianity and the bible if I may ask? All that prose called script is nothing but just that LITERATURE. Come off your higher religious pedestal.

Christianity is RELIGIOUS IMPERIALISM, period. And advising the so-called talented Kenyan rappers not to copy US rappers is to parade huge ignorance on who inspired who.

This cheap talk of Africa empowerment only excites intellectual neophytes and lazy. You cannot have your cake and eat it by reading EVIL (imperialism) from the very source whose language and wealth/education you are using to communicate the same.

How about this for authenticity, go original and turn to stone age cowrishell for currency and nudity chasing animals in the park, will you?

Isaa said...

"On the one hand, the destiny of the European child is to maintain the imperial system. On the other hand, the destiny of the African child MUST BE the total overthrow the imperial system. How can it be otherwise? If this is true, how can they learn the same thing?" Very well said!
We sure have to be reading from two totally DIFFERENT scripts if we are to become totally AUTONOMOUS thinkers. And these two warring groups are "the struggling MWANANCHI" (African child) and "the our bumby POLITICIANS" (European child).
What we need now, and what Africa as a whole needs is a SECOND LIBERATION. We didn't need to fight the "mzungu without" any more. The real enemy of the African child development and well being is now the "mzungu WITHIN" in the name of our elite selfish politicians.!!!!!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

How about this for authenticity, go original and turn to stone age cowrishell for currency and nudity chasing animals in the park, will you?

8/15/11 8:41 AM


ehehhe, ha ha ha ha

Remember we wrote this: Africans are fed FALSE HISTORY. You are an example of such.

Sample this:

Leo Africanus describing Timbuktoo when Europe was in DARKNESS:

"In Timbuktoo there are numerous judges, doctors and clerics, all receiving good salaries from the king. He pays great respect to men of learning. There is a big demand for BOOKS in manuscript, imported from Barbary (North Africa). MORE PROFIT is made from the book trade than from any other line of business."

How was King Askia who was paying scholars in Timbuktoo described by EUROPEAN historian Alexander Chamberlain:

"In personal character, in administrative ability, in DEVOTION to the WELFARE of his subjects, in open - mindedness towards foreign influence, and IN WISDOM, in the adoption of enlightened ideas and institutions from abroad, King Askia was CERTAINLY the EQUAL of the average European monarch of the time and SUPERIOR to many of them."

What about Leakey writing in 1963?

"In every country that one visits and where one is drawn into a conversation about Africa, the question is regularly asked by people who SHOULD KNOW BETTER: 'But what has Africa contributed to world progress?'

The critics of Africa forget that men of science today, with few exceptions, are satisfied that Africa was the birthplace of man himself, and that, for MANY HUNDREDS OF CENTURIES THEREAFTER, Africa was IN THE FOREFRONT OF ALL HUMAN PROGRESS."

NB: For your information, EARLY AMERICA used things such as:

-tobacco, beaver skins, wampum as money.

As such, there was nothing inferior in use of shells as money. In fact, we may add that, the use of shells as money exhibited a SUPERIOR UNDERSTANDING of money than we do today.

Thus, your notion that Africans were just stupid is not supported by any historical fact. And, if you think so, you are damn ignorant.

Anonymous said...

How do you know TRUE history from FALSE one ama you were there then and you are the reincarnation of modern wisdom?

And you think reverting to typical Sumarian folklore arms you with a broader broom. Please localize your references and descend to Kenya from the tombs of Timbuktu, will you?

And how is your GOLD-PLATED cosmetic biz?

Anonymous said...

Without writing gibberish, could u please tell me why there are never been any invention from Africa?
You mentioned Timbuktu can you please name at the one modern (from 1 AD onwards) civilization from Africa?

Anonymous said...

How dare you ask Mwara such STUPID question? You must be among the ENVY LEAGUE of FOOLS to demand an invention from Africa. Don't we patent dictatorship and bad governance? Some on evangelist tear that apart as mieducation.

Anonymous said...

If you really care for African masses, can you please do an article advising Kenyan men on how to keep that snake inside their trousers. Can you also challenge African men to take care of their offsprings whether sired in a relationship or through illicit behaviours.

Anonymous said...

How dare you ask Mwara such STUPID question? You must be among the ENVY LEAGUE of FOOLS to demand an invention from Africa. Don't we patent dictatorship and bad governance?

Come on EVANGELECTUAL tear that apart as miseducation.

Anonymous said...


Africans sold their fellow Africans to slave traders!

They are doing the same even today!

What do you think these agencies that has mushroomed all around Kenya that are preying on naive kenyans with promises of jobs in AUE and other gulf states only to end up as slaves and unimagineable suffering/treatment from Arabs.

SHAMEFUL Africans are selling their Africans to become slaves!

Worse still Nigerian gangs in the last 15 years having been selling Nigerian women and other African women to become sex slaves in Europe.

Mwarange,the, please explain to me why are Africans selling their fellow Africans in 21st century?

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe said:"We are in what Germans war philosophers would call TOTAL WAR. And, in heat of this TOTAL WAR, some idiots will tell you that, we need just need to have love for others."
Two quotes from one great military stategist:

"The conqueror is always a lover of peace; he would prefer to take over our country unopposed."

"If the enemy is to be coerced, you must put him in a situation that is even more unpleasant than the sacrifice you call on him to make. The hardships of the situation must not be merely transient - at least not in appearance. Otherwise, the enemy would not give in, but would wait for things to improve."

- Karl Von Clausewitz

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:31 AM
Is this one of those coded cries for help or something?

How I wish I could feel your ongoing pain at this point in time, but I just can't due to obvious reasons that are not worth repeating on this site or on any other reasonable site whatsoever.

Just because you were ditched or left hanging high to dry in a long tunnel of a sad life by your ex-cruel partner does not mean all 'temporary partners' are as irresponsible as he or she was at the time.

Birds of a feather not only love flocking together, but they always end up building a nest together so that their eggs can hatch in due season.

In other words, it must have taken the two of you to tango for all the wrong reasons in your lives at the time, only to turn around and split in a very irresponsible manner.

Why don't you seek justice in the court of law against your ex partner?

Instead of crying out loud and wasting your valuable time on painting the rest of the general population with a single stroke of the brush loaded with irresponsible hunger for vengeance, misplaced anger, perpetual grief, and other unresolved personal issues?

Anonymous said...


Do you have a dog???? Can you please learn to walk your dog when you have nothing of importance to write about. Please

Bobby6Killer said...

Mwarengethe, that was a mediocre effort from you. PS: Scotland gave the world Brave Heart. Ireland gave the world Guinness & whisky.

Anonymous said...

The truth about 'The African's Tastes and desires' must have hit home and really hurt some people who can easily identify with Mr. Jinga.
LMAO! Our dogs are working dogs meant for guarding homesteads and hunting in some other regions of the African continent.
So since when did we start walking our dogs around the village in the same way so many lonely people do in Europe and North America?

Anonymous said...

And more women like Amina Mohamed shall rise to greater heights in order to lead the nation into a better direction.

Anonymous said...

@2:01 PM
Thank you. Now I can see my message is getting through. And BTW, I am a bloke not a woman who is also fed up of being brushed with the same brush with irresposible fathers. I live in the West where black man is ostrichised for this behavoiur and so my Pastor has taken this campagain and asked every responsible black men to preach to others. I know that's not what you want to read or hear but the TRUTH must be told!
Something must change in our community!

Anonymous said...

hii bangi mutawacha...ayii bangi ni mbaya

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for Mwarangethe to tell us why Africans are still selling their fellow Africans to Arabs and Europeans to become slaves in 21st century.

Come-out Mwara stop defending the undefendable. Black people are just inhumane and useless scums of the earth.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:00 am,

what the f$%k are you doing arguing with the so called scum of the earth?
there are million other forums and blogs owned and run by wazungu's. go there and worship them.

Kenya armu blogspot said...

Sounds to me like you talking bout the " ILLUMINATI "

Anonymous said...

Anon4:08 AM,

I just want to know why Kenyans are participating in slavery of their fellow Kenyans? Tell me you haven't heard of stories of kenyans who have been promised jobs in the gulf states only to end up as slaves.
To make the matter worse what is the Govt doing to rescue those who are enslaved? We had an atricle few weeks ago on DN highlighting plights of Kenyans caught up in slavery in Middle East.

I don't where worshipping Mzungu is coming from when I highlight this shameful SHAMEFUL act of selling your people into slavery!

kevoh said...

Another great post, thanks Mwara'. most of the readers expect lies that make them feel comfortable in their zone. They cannot think out of the box unlike you. We discuss your articles and they create long debates similar 2 KK's reader's comments.

Most people dont know they've already been brainwashed and a new programme installed. LOL

Mwarang'ethe said...

I just want to know why Kenyans are participating in slavery of their fellow Kenyans? Tell me you haven't heard of stories of kenyans who have been promised jobs in the gulf states only to end up as slaves.


Learn to inquire as to the CAUSE of things and not the EFFECT.

As such, you ought to inquire, why are Kenyans/Africans eager to look for Jobs in the Middle East, Europe etc?

Anonymous said...

Never ever attempt to entertain or even dare engage a crazy person in the marketplace, for s/he will zero in on you and keep coming after you whenever and wherever you show up at the main gate to the people's marketplace.

That's exactly what's happened some where along the path leading to the stalls for goats, sheep, geese, chicken and wild turkey.

FYI, the original post is entitled "The African's Tastes and Desires: Their Economic, Social, Political and Military Implications". By Mwarang'ethe Njoguu.

That's what we need to be responding to in whatever version our personal capabilities and free time allows.

So, why are you, Mr/Ms. >>@8/15/11 11:31AM/11:42 PM<< busy trying to highjack and disrupt the original post with the so called personal crusade under the disguise of fronting a message that is as old as the Pyramid of Giza?

Why not try and start your version of an original post on the issue that seems so dear to you and your pastor, then let's see whether it gets a life of its own therefater.

NB: There will be NO MORE comments from me, but I will try and engage you in August of 2013.

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...


You haven't answered my question.

Who set up these agencies? Yes naive Kenyans are looking for jobs, but if there is no-one to exploit on their desperations then you won't be hearing these shocking stories.

In Nigeria it's even worse, Nigerian gangs use juju (witchcraft) to make sure their captives will never escape from sex slavery in Europe. (there are many documenatries on this, just search youtube) And who is freeing these African women? The same Europeans you hate!

That's exactly what happened in 16 and 17th century in West Africa. Agencies sprunged up in those days inorder to profit in Trans-atlantic slave trade of their fellow Africans.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what happened in 16 and 17th century in West Africa. Agencies sprunged up in those days inorder to profit in Trans-atlantic slave trade of their fellow Africans.

8/16/11 6:52 AM
It's a pity to read some things in KK. So some crazy fellow thinks that some african "entrepreneurs" rounded some of their relatives and friends, packed them in a ship and went looking for slave markets in europe, america and beyond?
I mean how low can we lower the bar of stupidity??

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe and others,

IGNORE! Repeat, IGNORE the loco aka mugoroki numero uno* @6:52 AM, who is well known for spewing similar raves and rants about Tans-Atlantics slave trade, among other issues of warped choice on numerous sites where anyone or anybody makes the slightest <<<-foolish->>> mistake of responding to his/her signature exclamation demand, "You haven't answered my question".

4:48 AM
5:46 AM
5:50 AM
5:54 AM
8:41 AM
5:58 AM
3:00 AM
12:04 PM
10:56 AM

Split personalities aka Alter Ego 24/7.
5:30 AM
5:35 AM
5:50 AM
11:31 AM
11:42 AM

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone here so scared of the TRUTH?
Why do u think black Americans and Black Caribbeans hate Africans? Just ask any of them and they will tell you it's because they were sold to slavery by their fellow Africans!

Unless you deal with this TRUTH and avoid ever happening again then you can forget about moving forward. The curse of slavery MUST be broken!

Anonymous said...

@10.01 in that century blacks being sold into slavery was by force/bloodshed but in this century it happens willingly in the sense of looking for a visa to go and get enslaved.our people believe white is heaven and black is hell.

Black Americans and other blacks in the Caribbeans are not Africans NOW, and if you doubt that confront them by yourself and you'll know who they conform to.

Our African codes of living were so sophisticated yet simple and efficient and our only blunder was not using it to get rich or gain power unlike our conquerors. We had metals but dint twist them into AK47's nor bombs.. you understand?

The codes kept Societies in Africa politically, socially and economically independent and functioning prosperously if you dint know. If you doubt me ask you great-grandfather or great-grandmother of how life was before the HOLY white man came around

amin said...

Mwarangethe, umepatia hawa wasee ukweli hawaezi hepa. Tatizo yao ni wamesoma mbuku za walami wakasahau Afrika ndio majuu. Wamesahau waMisri ndio watu wa kwanza kuwafunza kuuandika, Mweusi ndio pia wa kwanza kufika Australia bila compass bila kujuua aendako. wamesahau uhai wa binadamu uliaanzia Afrika. kuzidisha hawafamu upeo waliopewa wa kufikiri huru. Kabla hawajafikiri wanasoma mzungu anadhahiri nini. hii ndio shida. Mwafrika anafikiri tofauti ya mazingira yake kama Mzungu, na dhahiri hawezi faidika mwishowe.

Anonymous said...

Wewe fulani @10:01 AM,

Nauliza, ni ukosefu wa dhamira, nidham, akili au kisomo cha kawaida, hasa elimu ya msingu?

Shida yako kuu nini? Mbona umebanana hapa hapa kutoka juzi kama enzi wa kupekuapekua kinyesi masalani?

Ni lini utakoma hiyo tabia yako mbovu na ya kitoto?

Kwa kweli umetuchokesha na mbwembwe, utundu, kashfa, pamoja na udaku tangu wiki mbili zilizo pita.

Mbona mtu mzima waendelea kujitia kitanzi cha aibu kuu?

Ukiwa wajitambua kuwa mwenyeji kutoka bara la Afrika, hasa mwenye asili ya Afrika ya Mashariki, basi hebu tuwasiliane pamoja na kujadiliana kwa heshima ili walao tuweze kusuluhishe jambo hilo la kuhusu Mafaa yaliyo wakumba mamilioni ya ndugu wakita wa biashara haraam, hasa ya utumwa.

Hizo shughuli zako za kupiga piga ndomo ovyo ovyo hapa kijijini Kumekucha pamoja na kuwachechea wengine wetu, hazifai kamwe wala hutaweze kushulihisha jambo lolote la maana.

Tafadhali usiwe mwingi wa hasira na mwepesi wakutaka kulipisha kisasi kwa sisi wenyeji wa Afrika ya Mashariki ambao hatukuhusika na ya Mafaa ya babbu wako wakale kutuka karne zilizo pita.

Agenda yako kuu haijulikani kwa hivi sasa, lakini usisahau kwamba hasira ni hasara, na asiyejua maana haambiwi maana.

Kwa hivyo ukitaka kujua chanzo, sababu na maana kuhusu Mafaa yaliyo wakumba ndugu zetu kotoka pwani ya Afrika Mashariki na siyo Afrika ya Magharibi au Afrika ya Kati, basi itakubidi unyenyekee na ujifunze jinsi ya kuwasiliana kwa heshima na raia wote wa hapa kijijini Kumekucha na sehemu nyingine za ulimwengu.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:05 PM
Thanks a million for stating the reality in the best possible manner and above all in one of our very own language spoken by over 90 million people. Thanks a million.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: ODM Plans to Steal Kamukunji By-Elections
A plot by ODM luminaries to steal Kamukunji by-elction has been discovered.
Due to the sensitivity of this issue, and the fact that the plot that was unearthed is not completely foiled, full details will be revealed later in the day.

Anonymous said...

Mwarengethe is right of course. But what suprises me is that he never includes religion among our beloved imported stuff. From his writings, I believe he is a christian. Yesterday I was in a meeting where someone was asked to pray. He declined and said he is a "pagan". Some one else retorted that every african is born a christian, and proceeded to pray in the name of Jesus. The non christians were me (atheist), the "pagan" and a muslim lady. We were of course not asked if we wanted to be included in prayers to yahweh and his alleged (jews deny) son. But to support Mwarengethe, I believe one of the reasons why africans like christianity and believe that it is true is that it was brought to us by the white man. There are so many european cultural practices embedded in christianity. Same with Islam and arab culture. When you accept these religions, you reject your culture. I respect indians (the vast majority) for sticking with what they got from their ancestors.

Anonymous said...


Mwarang'ethe said...

Mwarengethe is right of course. But what suprises me is that he never includes religion among our beloved imported stuff. From his writings, I believe he is a christian.


Well, the TRUTH is yet to be told.

Who are the fathers of Christianity? Men like Augustine.

What did Augustine say about Xtianity?

"That which is known as the Christian religion EXISTED AMONG the ANCIENTS ... from the beginning of the human race..."

What do you make of the above statement by the Father of Christianity?

What about Eusebius?

"The names of Jesus and Christ were BOTH KNOWN and HONORED among the ANCIENTS."


"that which is called the Christian religion is NEITHER NEW NOR STRANGE, but, ... the TRUTH was known to the ANCIENTS."

Who are the ANCIENTS????

And, who really TAUGHT LATIN CHURCH?

It was the AFRICAN called TERTULLIAN the Bishop of Carthage.

Listen to this from Gibbons:

"In order to ascertain the degree of AUTHORITY which the zealous AFRICAN (Tertullian) has acquired, it may be sufficient to allege the TESTIMONY of Cyprian, the doctor and GUIDE of all WESTERN CHURCHES ... As often as he applied himself to his daily study of the Tertullian, he was accustomed to say 'Da mihi magistrum' GIVE ME MY MASTER."

There is the TRUTH they hide from you in their so called Churches.

In the New Testament, you read that, when Jesus was unable to carry the Cross any more, the Romans and Jews were laughing at him.

So, who helped Jesus carry the Cross? Simon of Cyrene.

Where is/was Cyrene? in AFRICA. Therefore, at the moment Jesus could not carry it any more, an AFRICAN did it for him.

What do you make of this?

And, did Prophet Mohammed have two ETHIOPIANS? What was their role?

NB: Read history and you shall know the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...


I know there were africans (mainly northern) in early christianity. Before Nicea (325) christianity was really not a single institution, but seperate and independent sects. Constantine is reasponsible for organising it to one single body called the Roman Catholic Church, which of course later split up. The point here is that the christianity we have is roman (european) christianity with european cusoms. This is a fact and it is irrelevant that there were africans in early christianity. Except probably for ethiopian orthodoxy, there is no african christianity today. The europeans just created a religion based on their customs but with a borrowed (jewish) central character. Am sure you know that it is common ground in bible scaholarship (critical and apologetic) that the gospels are anonymous. For even that reason alone the gospels are not authority on anything, no matter how many times you refer to them. They appear to have been written to fit into an already created religion; with the central idea of bodily resurrection of a man and to assure common people that they are important in the cosmic scheme of things and that they will not die like other life forms. In fact they will have "everlasting life" (john:3:16). Of course anyone who knows ABC science (esp.biology) knows "everlasting life" is a fantasy, unless one is talking of changing from one form of matter to another. I have gone on and on and I should stop there. But fact is: christianity as we know it here in kenya is an import from europe.

Anonymous said...

Wtf are you on about? Hii ni personal. No one cares about morality. Money heals all. Ati bible? Another import.

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