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Saturday, August 20, 2011

African Safaris And Sex Tourism: What Nobody Wants To Talk About

African Safaris and Sex Tourism: Myths And The Truth That Nobody Wants To Talk About

Global tourism is a very competitive business just now and the competition is getting fiercer by the day.

Why is it then that arrivals in Africa continue to be high and in many cases is on the rise? Why do so many choose to snub cheaper and more attractive emerging destinations to come to the Dark Continent?
In fact many African governments are looking at the foreign currency flowing into their treasuries and giving themselves a pat on the back for a job well done. Indeed the Kenyan government has done everything possible to frustrate tourist arrivals and tourism in the country while issuing polished statements to the contrary. In reality they have done the opposite including high visa fees and roads leading to game parks that are so bad that a cattle track is much better. If Kenyans got to know what tourists go through traveling to the Masai Mara game reserve, they would be surprised. And yet the tourists just keep on flocking into the country in large numbers.

The truth is that a very high percentage of these tourists are actually sex tourists. This has to be the best kept secret in the tourism industry on the continent. This blogger has seen some interesting communication with prospective tourists and even websites that are very effective in attracting visitors into the country and what I have seen is shocking to say the least and leaves no doubt as to why Kenya and the strong sexy Masais are such a big attraction.

Africa has been a fascinating subject for many Europeans. The truth is that scores of Europeans fantasize about having sex with an African, especially a real African warrior straight from the bush somewhere. It is fascinating how so many in the West are much more knowledgeable about customs of the Masai for instance that the things they would tell a local Kenyan about this much-sort-after-tribe would really surprise them. Not to mention the fact that there have been plenty of well-publicized liaisons between local Masai morans and white women who were willing to give up everything (including their families and children to be with some Masai moran who has never used a cologne in his lifetime nor a toothbrush and toothpaste.

This is the real tourism niche that the country has successfully attracted.

My investigations have revealed that there are even some well known up market tourist hotels at the Coast that are doing roaring business attracting their own clientele directly. And guess what bait they are using to do this?

Politicians and stake holders will violently deny the contents of this post. But it is the truth. Pure and simple. Mta-do?

Why Masai warriors attract white women like a magnet


Anonymous said...

With all those hot African women too eager and willing to give all and more to a white man such that they often fight over them. And handsome strong warriors who know how to treat a woman like those European housewives frustrated by husbands who are too weak to have sex for more than 5 minutes, what do you expect? Leave this topic alone Chris. Concentrate on 2012 politics

Anonymous said...

Chris is back to his strongest topic obviously due to his genetic makeup. And boy, he doesnt dissapoint!!

Anonymous said...

E-cop here. First of all let me give you a SITTING OVATION for this type of highly improper and extremely unseemly topic. And why chose such a time as this over the long weekend when you are only too aware the whole FAMILY is reading this popular and beloved blog including the domestic help, watchmen, cooks, house-helps?

Once more I wish to go on record as distancing myself completely from Kumekucha's latest posting.why do you consistently refuse to think of the children? I am even too embarrased to read some of your weekend posts here in the PUBLIC OPENNESS of my favourite Cyber Cafe

Thirdly what type of scientific methods are you using to to be doing "investigations" in the hotels and lodges across this country?surely the standards have fallen low bro?

Kindly replace your too suggestive picture in this post painting too vivid an image in the minds of your world wide internet readers-TONE IT DOWN ABIT!

Fifth who said Kenyans are so shallow and vain as to engage in such type of "tourism"?you are looking down upon your own people Chris, and this is an abuse of our human rights as stipulated in the new constitution.

Lastly Chris let us always remember to maintain high standards for the sake of our readers and internet audience. It is one thing to be truthful and another thing entirely to talk about such adult matters in public

good day to you, and bring them on please


Anonymous said...

What Chris said there about Europeans and sex tourism is VERY true!

Check this documentary made in kenya:

Anonymous said...

Isn't that guy on the photo called Mwarang'ethe Lekimenju?

Anonymous said...

If there is any Kenyan woman reading this; please get yourself a white man or Asian man (Chinese, Japanese, Korean...)They will appreciate you more, treat you like a Princess, he will be there for you and your children, he will never leave to go and chase Mpango wa Kando. These group of men are known to be loyal to their wives, have good family values, they will provide for your family and above all they are less likely to cheat on you.

They have made Black women to have very low self esteem - making them believe no other men wants them.

Their over-inflated, easily bruised, excessively touchy, delicate and fragile egos are not worth the PRICE OF YOUR HAPPINESS!!

Anonymous said...

Talk of Sun, Skin and Sizzling-sensations, what was once known as Sun, Sand and Sex under the Kenya's tropical skies, in a not so distant past.

While the Asian governments and certain NGOs may have stepped up their campaigns against sex tourism, and increased the arrest records of sexual predators frequneeting their countries.

Their counterparts in East African, especially on the coastal region of Kenya as well as in and around the famous city of Nairobi After Dark, [forget the Green City Under Sun for a moment] have yet to familiarize themselves with the dark underbelly of the African Sex Safaris that have been very popular since the 1970s, 1980s through the 2000s.

Even the advent of HIV/AIDS and it's persistent toll on human life around the globe have not had any deterrent effect on the influx of the annual pilgrimage by thousands and thousands of sex trourists seeking exotic sexual thrills and other regular Mombasa Taamu episodes under the East African skies.

Unfortuantely, it's the Kenyan young adults and innocent children who continue to pay a hefty prize and get exploited by the merciless agents and a tourism sex industry that flourishes year after year.

Although students from various universities and colleges up country are known to frequent many night sports and resort enclaves that have become a Mecca for the seekers of Sun, Skin and Sizzling-Sensation under the exotic Kenyan skies.

Kumekucha, don't forget the obvious, that Nairobi and Mombsa - Kenya - serve as a goodwill stop over, call it resting place if you will, for the weary travelers, heavily burdened NGOs employees and their affiliates, restless business men and women on a five days tour of the essence of Africa - none other tha Kenya -, and the mighty warriors from the world famous navies, armies and the usual shipping industry along the Indian Ocean.

Did I just forget to mention the humble missionaries and religious tourists? Well do the math.

Anonymous said...

Very true, Asian countries in recents times have launched a mighty crackdown on sex tourists, and where did the perverts go? Africa!! Africa is a paradise for all sex predators from all over the world with Kenya being the top sex tourist destination.

What is the govt doing?

Where is Mwarang'ethe, your fellow Kenyans are being exploited by Mzungu while you are still here yapping about imperialsm!

Anonymous said...

E(vangelical)-Capo or Religious Fundo?

Anonymous said...

There is one term for it that comes to mind, which is, PRIMAL QUEST for all good things, beautiful places and alluring experiences to the naked eye.

Lest we forget, the cartel of the African Safaris and Sex Tourism have always had a well established niche in the two famous cities of Kenya, namely Nairobi and Mombasa.

As they say, "it goes with the territory" and no body wants to talk about it in the open, even when they are robbed or get their ocean cottages, villas and bungalows burglarrized in the process of habouring comfort providers who service the sex trourism industry.

Recently, a similar type of resident, catering to high up clientele on the North Coast was burglarized three times and had one attempted burglary.

Electronic items, jewelry and an air conditioning unit were found to be missing, authorities (tourism police) said.

But word on the streets and among comfort providers was that those responsible for the burglaries at this particular villa that is notorious from housing very wealthy sex pilgrims, were former unpaid workers and their sympathizers who were seeking to exact revenge against a very greedy and ruthless madame from Up State New York, USA.

As they also say, "the sex tourists, adenturists, and the comfort providers come and go, but the sex industry on the magical East African coast will always live on forever as it has done since the days Vasco da Gama and his salivating crew of shipmen set foot on the magical beautiful sand beaches of Mombao."

Anonymous said...

Stupid post by a bored, planless man. Give us facts otherwise just shut up.

Anonymous said...

I hear that the bondo bumpkin operates one such venture at the coast. hence refusal to let go of the stolen land--a lot is going on there. interpol are hot on the trail. so sad that he's expanding his enterprise in this direction.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: Raila Hires American Company to Win 2012 Presidential Elections

Raila Odinga acquires the services of a USA strategic firm to develop a winning strategy for the 2012 Kenya Elections
Greenberg Quinlan Rosner describes itself as one of the world's premier research and strategic consulting firms. It provides clients with strategic insight to develop the right messages to achieve their goals. The firm specialises in political polling and campaign strategy, helping political candidates, parties and ballot initiatives.
This latest development comes hot on the heels of his personal and party dismal performance at the just concluded Kamukunji by elections where the PNU candidate trounced the ODM candidate strongly supported by the premier by over 4,000 votes in an election marred by a poor voter turnout.
Raila has often been accused of obsession with wazungus (whites) and this latest development will fuel this allegation.


Anonymous said...

Didnt realize things were that bad for Kimundu that he has to hire foreign firms to sell himself locally (in Kenya!) ahead of a national election. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Yeah!!

Anonymous said...

@12:57 AM
Who are the real "we" as in "give us facts"? It takes one stupidu, bored and planless individual to recognise another of his or her kind. You're welcome. ... By the way, how was the Sunday service? Was it boring as well or was the pastor/bishop/elder planless in the sermon delivery?

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS (well not actually!)
Muthaura and UK are toast. Ocampo and Hague sio loacl courts. Here comes the Waterloo.

Mungiki members in Nairobi who had been earmarked to carry out the attacks were mobilised through text messages requesting them to report at specific locations in Nairobi from where they were picked up by Citi Hoppa buses and transported through secret routes to the State House in Nairobi. Upon arrival at the State House, the Mungiki members were addressed by a Mungiki leader in the presence of senior government officials, Mr Moreno-Ocampo has told the ICC judges.

Anonymous said...

While some of us are not sure how it got to be August, never mind time to start thinking about the end year holidays, travel plans, family gatherings, and what you, the general elections campaign season is about four months way, three weeks after the Jamuhuri Day, December 12, 2011.

On the other hand, it seems as though many weekend worship warriors shied away from engaging in any type of discusssion about "African Safaris And Sex Tourism: What Nobody Wants To Talk About" for fear that the [g]ods and guardians in their houses of worship would catch up with them and punishb them accordingly.

While there are those who are so scared about getting scorched up alive by bibles, crucifixe, other religious artfacts and places of worship, if they dare indulge in any topic or e-conversations that have to do with the forbidden three letter, which "nobody wants to talk about" due a variety personal reasons.

Anyway, which ever way, some decide to talk about or not, I am so glad that Chris brought into the open for a change, and many of us will find secure avenues through which to discuss about it and bring some more awareness to one of the dehumanizing industry and the collateral damage, the countless number of victims who now live in the shadows of society in shame, depression, sickness, alienation, and homelessness.

Anonymous said...

Why do Africans think British and UK is a racist country?

I was recently in Kenya and someone asked me how bad are black people treated in UK. Sadly this is the long held belief by many Kenyans maybe because of colonialism.

Let me set the record straight here: UK and British people are the most tolerant people in the whole of Indusrialized world.
If u are looking for racists go to Spain, Italy, France and Russia.
In actual fact, America is much more racist when you compare with UK.
There is not a single part of UK you cannot go if u are black unlike America. Blacks in UK are not opressed and never have.
And UK has the highest mixed-race marriages/relationships than any other country...even Brazil.

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