Sunday, July 10, 2011

What happens to your body after you drink too much Coke

Truth be told, there are few things I love more than a Coke, usually cool. I even drink the stuff when it is as cold as it is at the moment in Kenya. For those who want to recognize Kumekucha Chris a sure way to do so is to look out for somebody coming out of a supermarket (usually Tuskys) already drinking their one litre Coke in a plastic bottle. I am just addicted to Coke.
So why am I writing this article? Because I have tried very hard to make the following information make me stop my Coke habits and mostly I have failed. And so in a last desperate attempt I have published these facts in Kumekucha hoping that this will trigger enough warning bells in my brain to help me stop. Let's hope it works for me and those of you out there who are cokeholics like I am.

If you usually gulp down too much Coke chances are very high that you could develop heart disease. According to a study published in 2007 in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association, subjects who drank a soda every day over a four-year period had a 25% chance of developing high blood sugar levels. The Nurses’ Health Study found that women who drank more than two sugary beverages per day had a 40% higher risk of heart attacks or death from heart disease than women who rarely drank sugary beverages.

It is also rather obvious that you’ll be fatter and you don’t need any research findings to tell you that. All that sugar will definitely bulge out in various parts of your body. Still (for those who want documented research) according to research in the Nurse’s Health Study, which monitored the health of 90,000 women for eight years, drinking a single soda every day of the week added 10 pounds over a four-year period.

This next one is pretty scary. Chances are that you’ll develop diabetes. In the Nurses’ Health Study, women who said they drank one or more servings a day of a sugar-sweetened soft drink or fruit punch were twice as likely to have developed type 2 diabetes during the study than those who rarely consumed these beverages. Again the main culprit is all that sugar.

Generally speaking, you’re bound to be less healthy ion many other ways. Several studies, including the 2007 study published in Circulation, suggest that diet sodas have some of the same effects on health as regular sodas, despite having none or very little of the sugar. Why? Drinking soda is typically part of an overall lifestyle that’s not very healthy: We know you don’t like us to compare drinking caffeine and sugar to substance abuse, but when it comes to your lifestyle, some think that soda is just like a gateway drug.

There. So after writing all that angry stuff about drug dealers it seems that I am a junkie after all. Ishindwe!!!

I had matumbo for Christmas... and no soda

The Mutula Kilonzo you don't know


Anonymous said...

The good news is drinking tea can protect against heart disease, so after every can of coke drink a hot tea(sugarless preferably) and you will counteract the effects of the coca-cola

Above all drink water which cancels out the effect of both the tea and coke.The human body is capable of taking in 1.5-2 litres of fluid a day, so you can still have your cake(coke) and eat(drink) it no problem

Anonymous said...

Suffice it to say while we are discussing the seef-inflicted health hazards and damage to our bodies courtesy of "Coke" and other overly sugary thirst quenchers, that DMT2 (Diabetes Mellitus Type 2) has continued to take a heavy toll on the general Kenyan population in the last three decades.

There are thousands of Kenyans who have no clue that they have DMT2 but contiue to wonder why their health has headed east of Bondoni or west of Kayole and south Matopeni (it's no longer the way it used to be or has taken a turn for the worst).

Or why they can't do the very the ordianry activities they used to do with ease, or the things they were very good in various depratments of life in general.

One hopes that the 'Coca Cola Addicts' will soon learn to seek help and above all come to the realization that drinking Coca Cola in moderation, with proper nutrition and regular exercise is always a lifesaver in the long run.

Chris, maji mataam ni hatari kwa afya, is not good for you, however, the onus is on you and admitting that you've a problem with drinking too much Coke is a step in the right direction.

Kwa hivyo, now, sasa, hivi leo, is the time to embrace lifestyle interventions mara moja.

Yours truly, a recovering one time Coca Cola Heavy Drinker, from the Maji Mataam Vibanda on Digo Road and Rhapta Road.

Anonymous said...

Why eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die in one way or another?

Eating greens or lots of steamed veggies can protect you from a malady of mortality, so after several bottles (pints) of beer or glasses of wine or hard liquor, eat a bowl full of veggies to defuse or block the effects of alcohol on your liver.

Hate to come across as one of those later day cyber-health-gurus who only know how to pontificate fire and brimestone dietry sermons in the most obnoxious fashion.

However, you've two choices, no more, no less: you either kick the the bad habit of drinking coloured sweet water or you will end up kicking the cold bucket before July 10th, 2021.

Well, the choice is in the palm of your hands, a can of Coca Cola every so often, or an addition of ten to fifteen years on your lease life on planet earth.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see Chris doing a post on health and other various topics and not just politics.
But can we also have posts on the importance of our culture(s) and how to maintain them?
Unless we discuss the value of our rich culture, then God have mercy on our children's children.
We owe them!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I miss the bottled version of a very cold Coca-Cola drink on a hot Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Kumekucha, the Tanzanians have upstaged us when it comes to the number, quality, display and design of the Coca-Cola sales booths in and around their major cities and towns.

So "What happens to your body after you drink too much Coke"?

The coca stimulants and other "habit forming" and "deleterious" substances begin to take effect on your pocket and then on your palate.

Viva Coca-Cola!

Anonymous said...

Jaluos are the most undemocratic people in Kenya and probably in the world.
Why does Luo-Nyanza have only one political party? ...and One leader from one family?
Jaluos are not particulary clever people, are they?

Anonymous said...

The success of that tiny glass Coca-Cola fizzy drink bottle, and indeed many of the other sugary carbonated beverages bottled by the famous American non-alcoholic company is a sad testament to the outstanding failure of Kenya to manufacture, mass produce, package, distribute and market our very own local healthy drink solutions to the universal problem of quenching dry and thirsty throats

Before i get shouted down about the popularity and origin of Tusker Baridi and the likes of other EABL products let me point out that i said healthy drinks. With the exception of our tea and coffee which are world famous, we have not duplicated the same success with our indigenous local porridge mixes, not to mention the different potions and concoctions known only within the various ethnic groupings and tribes, some of which have untold health and fitness attributes still undiscovered by the scientific world and all their research methodologies

Just like we lost the patent of the famous "Kiondo" basket yet its original owners continue to languish in the doldrums, we will continue to miss opportunities to provide the world with our own unique foods and brews yet we will continue to pollute our bodies with the toxicity found in American/Indian/Chinese/European based food products

Anonymous said...

Jesus is coming back very soon!!

Repent and be baptized in His name before it's too late!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Truth be told, there are few things I love more than a Coke, usually cool. I even drink the stuff when it is as cold as it is at the moment in Kenya. For those who want to recognize Kumekucha Chris a sure way to do so is to look out for somebody coming out of a supermarket (usually Tuskys) already drinking their one litre Coke in a plastic bottle. I am just addicted to Coke.


"Around the turn of the century (20th Century), the Coca-Cola Company publicized the UNUSUAL ingredients in its soft drink.

An advertisement that ran in Scientific American magazine in 1906 showed pictures of Peruvian peasants CHEWING narcotic coca leaves, a practice still common in that country, and of AFRICANS gathering cola nuts, which are also used as a stimulant.

Coca-Cola, the ad said:

''is the perfectly balanced combination of these valuable TONICS in the form of a healthful drink.''

"Coca-Cola, the world's best-selling soft drink, once contained cocaine, and it is STILL FLAVORED with a non-narcotic extract from the coca, the plant from which cocaine is derived."

mmmmm, flavored with non?

Chris, perhaps, without you knowing, you are consuming a lot of COCAINE which you accuse Mwau of pushing.

Well, we are told that, COCAINE is no longer part of Coke.

However, if you believe there were WMD's in Iraq, you may choose to believe what LIARS will tell you.

In other words, when our friends in the USA banned cocaine, they EXEMPTED COCO COLA company.

In other words, as Obama is chasing Mwau, Coca Cola companies CONTINUES, UP TO THIS MOMENT TO IMPORT COCOA LEAVES into the USA.

Isn't this special and wonderful?


Anyway, let us continue to listening to Holt Police in Helicopter:

But if you continue to burn up d herbs, we gonna burn down d cane fields.

If you continue to burn up d herbs, we gonna burn down d cane fields.

Anonymous said...

I want to lose weight. How to you lose fast?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:40 AM
Amen! Amen! Amen! Why not offer different and unique flavours to legions of Kenyans who may be concerned about preserving diversity of choice in beverages?

Opportunities abound, if we manufacture and market a local healthy (alter)cola drink and Kenyans will drink.

What are we waiting for? Why are the entrepreneurs among us to take a stand as well as the risk and emulate flourishing "altercola" brands like Ubuntu Cola, Mecca Cola, Zam Zam Cola (available in Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu, Vanga, Pemba, Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Tanga), Qilba Cola, Parsi Cola, Cola Turka, Peru Cola, tukola, et al

Why not translate the 1992 "multiparty spirit and push" into the economic sphere as well, and enjoy a variety of healthy drinks or alternate cola drinks?

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