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Monday, July 18, 2011

Mechanics Behind Raila Odinga’s Surprise Running Mate

There is no potential presidential candidate for 2012 at the moment that has a more organized think tank than the Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

What is a think tank and how important is it to a Kenyan presidential candidate?

When faced with the biggest challenge of his long political career in 1991 president Daniel arap Moi was advised to constitute a think tank specifically tasked with keeping him in power at all costs. This is the group that devised several schemes including what later came to be known as the Goldenberg mega-scandal. Goldenberg was of course designed to raise the cash required to get Moi re-elected in a very hostile pro-reform environment mostly rooting for the opposition. Uhuru Kenyatta, the project presidential candidate of 2002 was also birthed in the confines of a think tank working on a viable exit strategy for Daniel arap Moi. Don’t laugh because it almost worked. Had Raila Odinga not led the revolt within Kanu that dramatically strengthened the opposition, we would be talking a very different story today.
Musalia Mudavadi: Never cut his political teeth in the trenches
Think tanks have decided the outcome of an election many times and there is no doubt that the candidate who finally makes it into State House as the fourth president of Kenya will have an excellent think tank carrying him there.

But critical to any think tank this time round will be its’ ability to appreciate the mechanics of the new ball political ball game in town, courtesy of a new constitution that is already being billed, one of the best anywhere in Africa.

This is precisely the reason why information leaked to this blogger recently about the kind of direction Raila Odinga’s think tank is taking should be of great interest.

Raila’s team is of the opinion that women voters can be used to turn the tide in their favour and are determined that Raila’s running mate this time round should be a woman.
The most influential voters at the grassroots have always been known to be women. But sadly they hate to vote for one of their own. However if somebody managed to package a presidential candidate whom they were sure would champion their interests there is little doubt that they would enthusiastically support such a candidate.

This is why if Raila’s closest advisors have their way, his running mate in the coming elections will be from the fairer sex.

The name that keeps on cropping up is that of Charity Ngilu. The advantages of madam Ngilu being Raila’s running mate are many but the most obvious one would be that she would neutralize any support that Kalonzo Musyoka may claim to have in his Ukambani backyard.

Still there are those who are sure that Kalonzo Musyoka is a non-starter in any presidential race (including yours truly) and so any serious contender has no business wasting their time crafting a strategy to deal with a non-entity when real emerging opponents are in the horizon. And that is why chances are extremely high that if the PM will ends up choosing a female running mate then he is bound to choose a political nobody who has the ability to attract young voters and repackage the Raila ticket as a somewhat youthful progressive new beginning team.

So… what about Musalia Mudavadi?

For those in the dark, Raila’s closest advisors have always considered Musalia Mudavadi more of “a passenger” than an asset within ODM and specifically in their candidates’ quest for State house. The coming general elections will no doubt be the most competitive ever witnessed in these shores. Nobody can afford to even consider having passengers in the periphery of their campaign team, let alone as their running mate.

There are those who remember that Musalia Mudavadi’s lukewarm political career was launched when former president Daniel arap Moi hand-picked him to replace his father, Moses Sabstone Mudamba Mudavadi, the man said to have given Moi a promotion in the days when he was a teacher, a gesture that Moi never forgot and it also launched a close friendship. Read more in my Dark secrets book. The point is that the younger Mudavadi never really cut his teeth in the trenches of political initiation but instead had everything delivered on a silver platter by Uncle Dan.

Musalia cannot even deliver a fraction of his own Luhya backyard at the moment and so it would hardly make any sense to have him as a running mate. Nothing personal, it’s just business.


Anonymous said...

Finally Chris is back with a bang. My take on this. The reason Obama's candidature was a success was not because of his impressive leadership record. It was not because of his long royal service to the USA neither was it because of his running mate. Obama won because he was a wild card, an outsider to Washington power theatrics. Americans wanted someone different, call it a candidate who was fresh and untainted. They had been tird with the old order, the same old faces, they believed to revive the American dream, they had to elect a dream candidate..

I see a lot of similarities between American voters and Kenyan voters next year. Raila has had his time, he even holds a very powerful office. But he has not only dissapointed but has shown he is no different. He has been corrupt, he has appointed his family members and relatives to public offices, he has surrounded himself with his tribesmen, he has cheated even MP's (tax saga), and he has been a dissapointment even to his constituents through poor management of CDF funds. Overall, he is as good a politician as say Ntimama, Fred Gumo, Oburu Odinga etc.

I see the Kenyan voters rejecting Raila no matter how he repackages his candidature. I see a wild card, an Obama during the next polls in Kenya.


Anonymous said...

*loyal not royal

Anonymous said...

Anon @2:06

My sentiments exactly. Chris Kumekucha has been saying the same thing here if you are a regular reader.

M. Pesa said...

I would love to see Madam Karua being Raila's running mate, that would be a dream ticket. But I concede that's wishful thinking since the two have such bloated egos. None of them would agree to play number two, both want to be CEO's of this nation.

Ngilu has too much baggage when it comes to corruption scandals especially those water dams in Ukambani. I have spoken to some PNU/KKK bigwigs who agree with Chris that Ngilu may indeed be Raila's secret weapon.

These bigwigs are just waiting for that to be made official before they slap Ngilu with so many corruption charges thus denting her credibility.

I have lifted the following from yesterday's Sunday Nation so brace yourselves for the battle of the titans:

"The Constitution requires that presidential candidates be endorsed by at least 2,000 voters in 24 counties before they are placed on the ballot by the electoral commission.
University of Nairobi’s Prof Karuti Kanyinga (See Page 30 of the paper) estimates that to collect the signatures, candidates will have to set up a secretatariat and employ clerks. In his estimation, it will cost each presidential campaign team anything upwards of Sh48 million."

That's before the real campaign starts. Lawyer and writer Paul Mwangi estimates to run a successful and serious presidential campaign in Kenya, one needs about Ksh 3 BILLION.

Anonymous said...

What the Heck!!!!! Another Nondescript peace of article that is wasted space. Chris wapi blockbuster post that you have been working on?

Ama ndio hii?

Anonymous said...

Martha Karua may not win given the anti-GEMA mood of the country against those vying for the presidency

Phil said...

@ Chris

How mistaken you are. You are still analyzing things the old order way.

That Chris Kumekucha can nominate a running mate for the mighty ODM? Its just crazy. Ngilu was given sleepless nights by Mwangi Kiunjuri until Raila came to her rescue. She had to be hospitalised for shock! Mudavadi on the other hand refused to give ODM ticket Khalwale then went ahead to loose the by-election in his own backyard! Bure kabisa.

And now to offer you some education in modern political analysis, please be advised that the new constitution has created very powerful positions, some of which are much more powerful and strategic than V-P post (to be known henceforth as deputy state president).

Raila has Mudavadi where he wants him. He has been given the opportunity to show balls but at times he appears sissy. And if all goes according to plan, then Sally Kosgei will most likely be Raila's running mate come 2012...(you can take that to the bank!. With Sally, you kill several birds with one stone. You stop the false Ruto wave in North Rift, you also get a highly educated woman and an individual with long experience in management of public affairs and diplomacy, you also meet katiba requirement for gender balance and you also win quiet approval of KANU-Moi wing! Most importantly, however your candidature becomes irresistible to womenfolk around the country.

Mudavadi will probably be ODM's candidate for Nairobi Governor, the next most powerful position after the presidency. Perfect preparation for a shot at the presidency following Raila's retirement in 2017.

Control of Parliament will be equally important for any president elected to office in 2012 since nearly all executive decisions have to be endorsed by parliament and a rogue parliament could easily bring down an elected president. ODM aim will be to get as much MPs elected on ODM ticket as possible and Mudavadi may be required there a Leader of Majority Party which is the second most powerful position after the Speakers position; which the ODM is also targeting like it did for Emuhaya MP elect Kenneth Marende in the 10th parliament. This is a position that puts Mudavadi in pole position for the Raila succession which is fast developing.

By that way, people like Kidero, Kiai, etc have been prevailed upon to bid their time and learn about how government is run by serving Cabinet Secretaries (ministers).

The control of senate (upper house) mean all the current ODM ministers (Orengo, Dalmas, Balala, Ngilu, Bett, etc) are preparing themselves for positions in the Senate which is also a crucial governance institution in view of the new constitution.

ODM's presidential, senatorial and legislative campaigns will be purposefully choreographed to triple sell the party and its candidates for these positions. Gender balance will be reflected in the party nominations and this will be a first in the country.

Chris, one has to sympathise with that amorphous group calling itself G-7. Not surprisingly, it is still stuck in the old KANU way of amalgamating tribal chiefs to hoodwink Kenyans that they represent 'change'. Can you imagine a government led by Jirongo or Ruto? Or one which Kalonzo of all people is calling the shots? God Forbid! How quickly Kenyans forget. I met legendary Martin Shikuku recently following his discharge from KNH, and he was shaking his head in disgust. Jaramogi, Muliro and Anyona must be turning in their graves!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kweli nyani haoni kundule.
Phis sees nothing wrong with raila picking Sally Kosgey as a running mate.
The same sally who served mo1 for over a decade and cried when the former president left state house. So Phil is telling us that raila needs the services of this witch to win a presidency. These ODM fellows sometimes never stop to think beyond their demagogue's shadows...its good however that raila is making a pact with the devil. He is one of them anyway...first it was ruto who he quickly threw under a bus after getting a PM position, now he can use another kalenjin to go for the big seat..
An 'Arap Mibei' for real...wacha tuone huu ujinga utafika wapi. Away with these septuagenarian candidatures and their use and dump tactics.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

fake Oracle Anon 3:04AM has spoken but what has he/she/it said of substance and or worth?

Anonymous said...

Is Chris becoming a quack political analyst. Do your homework brother, ODM is the most popular party in western and you can take that to the Bank, so what is it again that Mudavadi can't deliver.

That is why I detest brief case political analysts like Chris.

Anonymous said...

Phil said,

" also get a highly educated woman and an individual with long experience in management of public affairs and diplomacy..."

You also get the most corrupted woman in Kenya as the running mate of "safi ka pamba" and self-proclaimed "messiah" Raila Odinga.
Please do not insult my intellegience!

Anonymous said...

Fake Oracle posing as anon 3.04 am, it seems imposters are out to Impersonate Mwarang'ethe and Oracle. The Poor impersonaters luck one thing, Mwarang'ethes genius and Oracles powerful literally skills.

Anonymous said...

There goes Oracle @ Anon4:36 also the imposter of Mwarang'the.
Oracle you can fool others but not me.

Anonymous said...

Oracle fake or not delivers strong points.

The wikileaks were right after all, raila is bent on becoming the next PORK at any cost. I advice Kenyans to be watchful because he might try to rig it. The latest opinion polls at 40sth% is a good stratergy. Next we will be told 50%, then 55% to be psychologically prepared for an election fraud. Kenyans be watchful!!

Finally, tupatane kwa debe!!

Kibera Mandazi seller said...

ODM is a party is heading for extinction. It's called the 5 yr party jinx. It happened to FORD, NARC and ODM is next!


Anonymous said...

Japan women football team just won the women (football) world cup beating the mighty USA in the finals. Those who followed the game can attest to the resilience and displine of the japanese who were not only smaller than their opponents, they also were branded the underdogs this having been their first finals. They beat the USA twice coming from behind through penalties.

This should be a lesson to those who think that kwenda mbele ndio kufika.

Hongera Nipon. Its a perfect gift to a country that suffered too much early this year.

Anonymous said...

I have been humilited by these imposters posting under my name Oracle.
I hereby quit Kumekucha for good and with immeadiate effect.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Chris, in all fairness why didn't you allow all the comments after numero 92 in the previous post have their day and space in the commentary sun within the confines of that particular post?

Quick reminder, never ever forget to treat most of your residents at Kumekucha with some little dash of appreciation here and there.

Many will continue to stick their necks out as well as hang around with you in the trenches for eons to come in the name of keeping the Kumekucha brand alive and kicking every day of the week, month and year.

Great post it is, "Mechanics of Raila Odinga's Surprise Running Mate".

Let's just hope the soon to be a'SRM' - Surprise Running Mate - will not turn out to be used, abused, wasted and treated like the great grandmother, the one time stateswoman, veteran politician, one and only Hon. Julia Ajiambo, a woman who has not only been forgotten by many Kenyans due to political winds of change that have swept throughout the whole nation.

But also by one time voters in her own one time familiar political fields with legions of diehard political supporters from all generations.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kumekuchans,
You will notice those anonymous(actually its just 1 person Kumekucha Princess aka fake Oracle aka...Mistress aka...) who are scared of a Raila Presidency are the ones shouting the loudest because of fearing the unknown plus fearing the sweeping reforms and radical positive changes RAO is going to introduce in this country.

You had better loot, plunder and steal now under your President Keugoya, Kenya will soon be impossibly "safi kama pamba" for you to steal and rob Kenyans through the Mt.Kenya mafias and kitchen cabinets.

Don't be bothered by these anonymous who luckily also don't l

Mwarang'ethe said...

I see the Kenyan voters rejecting Raila no matter how he repackages his candidature. I see a wild card, an Obama during the next polls in Kenya.


mmmmmm, the SHEEPLE are too intoxicated with OPIUM to see the real deal.

Sample this:

Senator NERO Barack Obama
Senate Floor Speech on Public Debt
March 16, 2006

"The fact that we are here today to debate RAISING America’s debt limit is a sign of LEADERSHIP FAILURE.

It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s RECKLESS fiscal policies.

Numbers that large are sometimes hard to understand. Some people may wonder why they matter. Here is why: This year, the Federal Government will spend $220 billion on interest. That is more money to pay interest on our national debt than we’ll spend on Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. That is more money to pay interest on our debt this year than we will spend on education, homeland security, transportation, and veterans benefits combined. It is more money in one year than we are likely to spend to rebuild the devastated gulf coast in a way that honors the best of America.

And the cost of our debt is one of the fastest growing expenses in the Federal budget. This rising debt is a hidden domestic enemy, robbing our cities and States of critical investments in infrastructure like bridges, ports, and levees; robbing our families and our children of critical investments in education and health care reform..."


In 2011,

"Obama ‘Abruptly’ Walked Out of Debt-Ceiling Talks."

President Barack Obama “abruptly” walked out of today’s White House meeting with legislative leaders on the federal deficit, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told reporters.

NB: This is the HERO of the SHEEPLE!


Meanwhile, on the stuff that MATTERS, we are reading this:

"The euro and stock markets fell, and borrowing costs of indebted countries rose, as worries over debt crises in the eurozone and US mounted."

"Meanwhile, the price of gold topped $1,600 an ounce for the first time as investors put money into the haven commodity. The spot gold price hit $1,600.40, before pulling back slightly to $1,598.76."


Many are freaking worried. However, on our part, we are having MUCH FUN with Joseph Hill:

Bring back the money with the sign of the Lion money

Clap me with the Lion but back way with the dragon

Me say Bring back the money with the sign of the Lion money

back way with the dragon inna dis ya time

The dragon must drop

Bring back the money with the sign of the Lion money

for we no waaaant

to hear no more about your great sir francis dread

Anonymous said...

Can a spotted hyena ever change its ways? Will a new running mate of a different kind or rather from the opposite sex, call it fair sex if you will, ever change Raila Odinga's MO as well as ODM's sordid political track record since its well known chameleon shifting politics of enticement?

Anonymous said...

Oracle what's the problem mate? Why waste your time chasing shadows?
Last time you were accusing me of being other several names like Tiske, KK prefect...etc and now you are acussing of being a woman?
Like I said ealier, just grow up man!

Anonymous said...

They now call him Barack O'bluffer since he's been lying about his mother's insurrance and also his care insurance. It is so sad.

Anonymous said...

I would be scared of a Raila Presidency too if i was as corrupt as the current cabal of maize/oil/education money thieves!lol

Anonymous said...

Me thinks the head of mafiya wa lake victoria (i.e raila waldorf astoria odinga) still wont make it, even with a female running mate. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

So now Mudavadi is now dead weight after standing with raila all along?
How long will raila continue to step on other shoulders on his way up?
How long will his supporters continue to bury their heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich?
Every time raila enters into a union of convenience, HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO BENEFITS.
Remember KANU NDP merger?
Raila got an energy docket, molasses plant and used his ministry to stratergically acquire foreign partners for spectre international which is now valued billions.
What about the TOSHA declaration? He got not only to betray MO1 but also gained political milleage.
Then comes RUTO who sacrificed everything including his loyal supporters only to be thrown under the bus after raila became a PM.
Mudavadi is now declared dead weight after he and his Luhya kin standing by raila all through. Now he wants to get another shoulder to step on and Sally provides the right demographic and regional support but more importantly some naive shoulders. Soon after she will be betrayed and her fate will be like that of other politicians that Raila has used and dumped.
Well, let see how far this FRAUD and DECEPTION goes.

Anonymous said...

Ati phil writes Perfect preparation for a shot at the presidency following Raila's retirement in 2017.

Kweli Raila will be the hardest PORK to get rid of, if he even makes it.

Anonymous said...

He will not be one of the hardest PORK or difficult political hide to get rid of when he's no longer of service to the nation at large.

Every PORK-headed political egomaniac has his day, and history is full of them.

The likes of Laurent Gbagbo, Samuel Doe (Sungura), Charles Taylor, Idi Amin Dada, Milton Obote I & II, Gaafar Nimeiry, Mengistu Haile Mariam, Joseph Saidu Momoh, Valentine Strasser, Foday Sankoh ('Devil Incarnate'), Joseph Mobutu (the rooster that failed to crow in its critical hour of need), Laurent-Désire (Disaster) Kabila and many other egomaniacs who thought they were PFL (presidents for life) at one point and time.

Raila, Museveni, Kagame, Mugabe and company are dispensable, and it's just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7.41
That is SLUT KP with limited grammar. Leta ingine please and next time acknowledge OWNER/S of fraud and deceipt, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Some political charcters like to be used, abused and wasted in the game of musical chairs, or on a road to nowhere.

Such is the case with one in the nature of Weak-Leaf Mudavadi Jr., a character that has lways been a dead weight since the day he was ushered into Kenyan politics by chance and with the blessings of the powers that were at the time.

Mudavadi Jr. is a man who has never held his own ground, never taken a public stand on any critical national issues, nor has he ever taken the political road less travelled in the last quarter of a century.

The man is spineless, a political coward and "a son who is still trapped and continues to be suffocated under his father's huge political shadow" to the point where he has never found a clue of how to free himself from the paternal burden.

So, who is Weak-Leaf Musalia Mudavadi Jr, without the usage and all the political perks that have come along through the posthumous influence of his late father's name?

As well as the overwhelming political muscle that helped prop him up since the 1980s, thanks to his maternal Uncle Dan arap Kunyuku?

Why would any wise politicians or rather an astute observer of human political hevaiour, blame a man like Raila Odinga, a well known users of individuals, groups of gullible people as political pawns and short term electoral bridges that enable him to get wherever he wants to reach during every general election?

Anonymous said...

Another one bites the dust and hacking stench that was left behind by Rebekah Brooks the 'Duchess of News International'.

John Yates, the deputy commissioner of LMP is the lates victim to be hacked by the scandalous machete (sword) created by News Corps.

Already hacked and gone into oblivion is Sir Paul Stephenson, the commissioner of LMP (London Metropolitan Police), Les Hinton, and Andy Coulson (Dr. Alfred Mutua's ardent inspiration), the ex-British government communicatuion chief.
One the many reasons why we are still a million light years away from our former colonial as well as neo-colonial masters.

Most of us want to talk (pronounce English words), act and live like the Brits, but we don't want to emulate them where it counts most.

Such as tending in our resignations whenever scandals of any kind have occured during our watch or in our respective departments, ministries, institutions and even in personal life.
Raila Odinga should have quit longer time ago over the maize scandal among thers, Musalia Mudavadi should have done the same other cemetery land scandal among others, people like Saitoti, Uhuru, Ruto, Ongeri, Ngilu, Kimunya, Mwakwere, Orengo, Miguna Miguna, Kojwang, Mirungi (whatever his name is), et al.
Gen. Ali Utumishi Kwa Wachache should have resigned before being fired.

One hopes that Matthew Itere and his cadre are taking vital professional lessons from the founding fathers of Kenya police, and they will emulate where necessary.
Gen. J.W. Karangi (CDF) and Maj. J. Otieno and others should have tended in their resignations once the twenty something (estimated $26 million) Jordian junk trade of jet fighter planes was uncovered.

So far, Kenya is now a country without a capable airforce to defend its air space and national borders whenever the need arises.

Mwarang'ethe said...

One the many reasons why we are still a million light years away from our former colonial as well as neo-colonial masters.

Most of us want to talk (pronounce English words), act and live like the Brits, but we don't want to emulate them where it counts most.


Simple. Every culture has two sides. The HARDWARE and SOFTWARE part.

When two UNEQUAL cultures COLLIDE (read,colonialism) the WEAKER culture absorbs the HARDWARE part of the DOMINANT culture, but, retains its old SOFTWARE.

What do we mean? Let us give an example.

When a Turkana meets the British, he takes the AK - 47 (HARDWARE), but, he does not take the SOFTWARE. As such, he uses the AK - 47 to continue his CULTURE of cattle rustling. As such, his culture becomes more DEADLY.

It is as a result of lack of understanding/appreciation of this phenomena by the MONKEYS who run our GOK, we have seen countless times, the GOK WASTING money trying to disarm the Pokots, Turkana's etc. No, they will never disarm.

Also, that is why you see a lot of Range Rovers in Nairobi, just like in London. However, you will never meet a Kenyan who can manufacture such a car.

So, nothing African. It is human NATURE. The only solution is to recognize these facts and figure out how to escape the contradictions of being a human being composed of:


Anyway, we are off to enjoy some music.

Anonymous said...

Another NotW continuing saga!

News of the World journalist who claimed Andy Coulson encouraged phone hacking was found dead at home today on suspicion of suicide.

Mr Hoare(the now deceased) blew the whistle on the phone hacking scandal during an investigation by The New York Times last September.
He then told the BBC that he was personally asked by Mr Coulson to hack into phones and branded the former editor's claim that he was unaware of the practice as 'simply a lie'.

Mr Hoare, a former showbusiness reporter at the newspaper, claimed that Mr Coulson asked him to hack into phone messages in pursuit of stories.

Anonymous said...

The EAStandard carries this sad yet insightful story:-

Jaramogi bought Kibaki his first car, former aide alleges
By Anderson Ojwang
The Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) was told of how the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga plucked President Mwai Kibaki from his teaching job at Makerere University and bought him his first vehicle....

Let this be a reprimand to president in waiting Raila Amolo Odinga-you have been used once before by Kibaki, and Jaramogi was also taken for a stroll in the park by Kenyatta.

This time leave nothing to chance, Kenyans are behind you 100&. no MOUs, no gentlemanly agreements, no "siasa za pesa nane". Kenyans want you in the house on the hill nothing more, nothing less and nothing else

Anonymous said...

A woman once said No good deed goes unpunished.

The whistleblower should have taken better precautions after the fact.

His sudden death doesn't come as a surprise at all because it goes with territory.

As expected, he was bound to be whacked in one way or another by some very angry and bitter wicked hand or rather several raging malicious wicked hands.

Those that stand to lose so much in their lives such as - social standings, careers, image, financial nests, business interests, associates, the fake empires many thought they had build to last forever, cultivated friendships that took decades to craft, and marriages of convenience that will crumble in the due process.

Hence someone or a group of people decided to met out some justice before more eminent arrests are carried out and consequent long jail terms are dished out.

Further, the unfortunate whistleblower knew what was coming, he knew the type of people (wolf hounds) he was dealing with and what they were capable of doing to anyone who dared stand in their path, step on their toes, or even double cross them for whatever reason.

The dead man should have known better while he was still alive and well by taking an immediate refuge in a safe country such as Norway, Sweden, Swizterland, Canada or even in the United States as the last resort.

One cannot cause several Scotland Yard agents to loose their lifelong careers and expect to live happily after the fact.

Some of these folks have a lot invested in their careers and they don't expect otherwise until retirement.

Many of them, unlike their counterparts - FBI, DEA, & CIA agents - breathe, eat, sleep, and dream their careers for life and have very little cushion when they are forced out before their time is right.

The badge, the gun, the perks, the prestige and the unlimited power(s) that come along with their careers are a life bargain that are very hard to give up once they have become accustomed to them.

Sadly, every man has a breakingpoint and they do destroy themselves or their perceived enemy if they feel the world is caving in on them.

Lesson learned, never touch a tiger by the tail nor dare touch a cobra by its forked tongue while confined in the same cage with them.


Anonymous said...

Anon 3:10 PM
What "Kenyans" are we talking about?

Who is who that you have in mind supporting this particular candidate 100%?

And what makes you believe in your wildest democratic dreams that the majority of Kenyan voters will cast their vote in his favour?

BTW, never ever take mythmakers so seriously, because Mwai Kibaki owned a used Vauxhall Velox and later a Ford Corsair during his days at Makerere University.

Mzee Kibaki's personal as well as family photo album speaks volumes and will attest to the fact if he ever decides to start the trend of erecting a presidential library Kenyan style.

Just because anybody is able to cough some wild allegations to the TJRC, doesn't mean it's fact or truth.

Verification and corroboration is always a must in all personal narrations.

Luckly, some of the wild allegations must be nipped iin the bud.

Anonymous said...


Discerning the truth or facts is not an easy matter, especially since we are so prone to be influenced by what we already want or what we think will serve our interests.

What's necessary is a careful analysis of the tradition in which we stand and of the signs of the times that we can discern around us.

The question is, does Raila Odinga understand the history of political mechanics and its remaining timeline, given the fact that the election year (2012) is just four months away?

All of his mechanical approaches taken into account, the following is all I have to reiterate; The hopes and aspirations of an entire nation are no longer invested in one individual, as was the worst case scenarios in the last forty-five years.

Anonymous said...

This is why I like Kumekucha so much. There is no other political site like it. I have learnt from this single post and the comments here much more than I got from newspapers for a whole month and then some.

Kudos Chris Kumekucha and please keep it up.

Anonymous said...

A Lunatic express psychotic mind is running wild on this blog posting as the fake Oracle and posting again as an antagonist of the Oracle, grow up man.

You can fool others but not me.

Anonymous said...

I am not running again as a member of Gatanga. I am not running to be the Governor of Gatanga. I am not running to be the Senator of Gatanga. So you can start imagining.

The mechanics behind Raila Odinga's surprise running mate may not work well for him at all since one more spanner (monkey wrench) has already been thrown into the mix of things by one prospective presidential candidate named Peter Kenneth.

Anonymous said...

Western Kenya should be able to find a new and fresh crop of faces, political frontrunners that will not just be able to set the pace during the coming general election but those who will be ready, willing and able to be real formidable contenders and hence win whatever national race they will be involved in.

On the one hand, by dumping (opting not take or have) Musalia Mudavadi as running mate, Raila Odinga is just doing what most politicians have done around the world during the election year or as the election season draws closer.

Musalia Mudavadi is a confirmed case of political deadweight and any seasoned pilot or (political) navigator knows too well the dreadfulness of adding extra deadweight to their payload while preparing to take a flight path that will definitely encounter several confirmed cases of very turbulent weather.

With all due respect for the man, his family, friends, political supporters and sub-nation of Maragoli, Musalia Mudavadi is one of those Kenyans, call him politician if you will, whose time has come and gone in the world of both local and national politics of change.

Rumour has it that, several formidable candidates from his own Vihiga backyard would floor him by a thirty percent margin or more if he (Mudavadi) tried running for the senatorial race 2012 or the gubernatorial race 2012 in his own respective political enclave.

On the other hand, I stand to be corrected since I am not from the western region of Kenya, but that doesn't mean that some of us are ill-informed of what's really going on at the grassroots, given the predictable political history and the voting patterns in the region during every general election.

It's the hope of many that the nations of Luhya (western Kenya) will rise above their usual infighting, sub-tribal rivalry, clanish squabbles, individual (egocentric) posturing, the greed that entices some of the regional leaders to always blindly follow plates of electioneering ugali from outsiders (Raila, Kibaki & political company), and for once and for the sake of real change, concentrate on long term development issues in the region.

For outsiders, the nations of Luhya (western Kenya) include, Bukusu, Idakho, Isukha, Kabras, Khayo, Kisa, Maragoli, Marachi, Marama, Nyala (Busia), Nyala (Ndombi), Samia, Tachoni, Tiriki, Tsotso and Wanga.

And most of them never see eye to eye when chips have fallen where they may, and I am told the diaspora is not immuned from the auto sub-tribal undercurrents of vicious divisions.

Hope the Teso, Ateso community of western Kenya, don't take it personal for being left out for obvious linguistic clustering reasons (only) and not political by any intent and purposes.

For they too have become a political force to be reckoned with in the region.

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