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Thursday, July 07, 2011

If your ad appears here you get FREE SEO services as a bonus

Getting your advertisement on Kumekucha, the highest traffic Kenyan blog, will cost you only a few hundreds Kenya shillings (Kshs 1,950/- or $25 to be exact).

But it doesn't end there.

When you book an advertisement you will get free SEO services for your website (and if you don't have a website you don't need to worry because we will create a web page for you AT NO COST) and optimize it for you so that your prospects can easily find you through search engines.

Why is traffic from search engines so valuable?

Remember the last time you used a search engine like Google? What were you looking for? A cell phone to buy? A budget hotel in Mombasa? Whatever you were looking for, you were ready to buy and so if you had landed on a page with all the information you were looking for chances are very high that you would have made a purchase.

What are you waiting for? Contact the Kumekucha representative in Kenya now. Call him on 0727-217920.

VERY IMPORTANT: Your advertisement is permanent on the site although you will receive the highest traffic in the first 2 weeks. And then the optimization work I do for you as a bonus will also give you constant traffic for many years to come. So you can NEVER go wrong. So what are you waiting for?

Or maybe you need to see case studies from people who have greatly benefitted from being found on Google...

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