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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Kumekucha Readers are Better Informed

By Mwarang'ethe

In the last few months and weeks, we have heard and read in our mainstream press a lot about the crippling inflation that Kenyans have to grapple with. For instance, see this: “The ‘Kadogo Economy”. To many Kenyans, the rising prices have come as a shock because all they have been hearing from the Ministry of Truth and Lies, the main pressitute and the Haruspices in our universities, is how our economy has been growing since the 2008 preliminary violence. We say preliminary for the worst is to come. If you believe the ICC has solved our mess, then, you must be inspecting a lot of entrails of the sacrificed animals.

However, it seems apt to note that, to the faithful readers of Kumekucha, all this is not coming as a surprise. And, even better, those who have acted in accordance with economic, social and political truths revealed at Kumekucha might weather the gathering storm in a better shape than those who faithfully rely on the main pressitute, the Ministry of Truth and Lies and our Haruspices.

So, what could have Kenyans learnt from Kumekucha and not the Ministry of Truth and Lies, the main pressitutes and Haruspices? Sample this:

On 19th April, 2011, the Standard reported this: “An unprecedented rise in the cost of living has ignited a new war-front in the labour market after the Government called for a review of wages.” In this article, which is available here, we are reading among other things that:

“According to a price survey conducted by COTU for selected consumer products and services it was revealed that on average prices have increased by 107 per cent between 2010 and 2011. COTU blames the Government for using a poor consumer price indices method and argues that prices of basic commodities purchased by low income workers are obviously higher as they purchase in small quantities from low level outlets.
"COTU demands that the National Bureau of Statistics makes a presentation at the National Labour Board pointing out the merits and demerits of the new system and the effect these methods has on the labour market because the use of the new method is less representative." The Government recently adopted the use of Geometrical method rather that the previously used arithmetic method in measuring Consumer Price Indices, which tends to understate the Consumer Price Indices. "The system should be reviewed as the social partners were not adequately consulted," Atwoli added.

Now, if Atwoli, who is supposed to defend the economic interests of workers (however, unions are not the best means of doing this, but, is a topic for another day), was a reader of Kumekucha and not main pressitute and a listener to the Ministry of Truth and Lies and Haruspices, he would have read on May 13, 2010 in an article entitled: EPZs and Modern Slavery: Who Shall Tell Wanjiku the Ugly Truth – Part 1 these truthful words:

“So by Kibaki, Raila, Kalonzo, Uhuru, Musalia making inflation seem low when it is not in reality, the Wanjiku's wages can be suppressed further down "scientifically." With suppression of Wanjiku's income a mission accomplished, it is time to invite the foreign infestors into this paradise where Hakuna Matata, with their free dollars from the FED into our EPZ's.”

He and other suffering Kenyans would also, have found the same message in the article “Kibaki is NOT a Brilliant Economist” published on May 27, 2010, where truthfully, it was stated that: “As we go forward, let us bear in mind that, these inflation figures are a falsification of Kibaki/Raila government and the real inflation figures are over 20%.” We also added that:

Thus, under Kibaki and Raila’s government, the POOREST and the most vulnerable Kenyans lost more purchasing power than the middle class and the super rich. If you turn to page 9 of this report, you will see that, food prices were second to Tusker and Sportman in price increment. Ironically and tragically, it was the food’s component in the inflation “basket” that, this government has reduced so as to calculate inflation in accordance with “international standards” as if people of Kibera eat as per international standards, whatever that means. Is this how a “brilliant” economist runs a nation? How can a man who runs a government that subjugates the poorest due to its monetary and energy policies be termed as a brilliant scholar? We ask scholar of what?

Having read these truths, he would have been informed and perhaps, could have demanded truth in inflation calculation. By doing so, he would have saved Kenyans from the agony they are undergoing right now. While at it, do not forget to read the first two comments made by very deluded persons in reaction to this article. These commentators typify the Ivy League FOOLS.

Also, so as to cushion the workers he “represents” from the raging inflation, Mr Atwoli has been very focal on the need to raise wages. It is for this reason, we are reading this: “COTU issues 14 day wages ultimatum” in an attempt to emphasise his useless seriousness. All this we can read here. Among other things, he tells us this:

"We expect a response before or on that day so let us wait for the response because you know that we, as workers, don't demonstrate - we just strike - and when we strike everyone will know. Our stewards at the grassroots are just waiting for our word,"

Once again, Atwoli and other suffering Kenyans would have been better informed if they were readers of Kumekucha. They would be aware that, asking for higher wages is just singing in the rain for the truth is laid bare in the article entitled: “Kibaki is NOT a Brilliant Economist”, where these words can be found:

However, the failure of standard economics since 1945 which men like Kibaki are schooled in, has led to a catastrophic failure in understanding the essence of colonialism. The essence of colonialism was and is to prevent colonies from developing manufacturing industries which are subject to INCREASING RETURNS. Having prevented development of industrial sector which are the source of HIGHER WAGES, and sources of high growth potential, they then, fasten on us the Malthusian activities which are subject to DIMINISHING RETURNS.

In other words, just like our brothers in Haiti, as stated in the article: EPZs and Modern Slavery: Who Shall Tell Wanjiku the Ugly Truth – Part 1,

“... to attract these jobs back, i.e. be competitive, it must lower its wages and expand the freedom to poison its Lake Naivasha so as to grow flowers for Western "lovers". For how to do this, Kibaki, Raila, Uhuru, Kalonzo's government can offer consultancy services on setting special EPZ's and the AGOA which Mrs Clinton came to celebrate with us the other day in Nairobi.”

Sadly, Atwoli, lost in his own world of fantasy and delusion like the Haruspices from the Ivy League of FOOLS, continues to lament that a lot of foreign investors were taking advantage of the cheap labour in the country in total disregard of the human rights of their workers. Quickly, we may ask, is the ongoing currency depreciation not cheapening of the Kenyan labour? If that is our policy, how the hell do we complain of cheap labour? Anyway, to avoid “complicated arguments,” in his own words,

"We have hard working Kenyans- both men and women- and they must be paid well. If you think there is anywhere you can invest and exploit labour you should go there other than indirectly enslaving our people."

Now, once again, if Atwoli and other Kenyans were readers of Kumekucha, they would have instructed by these words of truth:

Question for YES people - So, if this is the condition of our economy and the “new constitution” has not fixed it, how do you meet the economic and social rights as well as devolution demands? More so, there is something else we seem not to understand. It is the real meaning of “free trade” under which we are operating. This is a simple analysis. The imperial nations export capital to our nations for two reasons. These are the development of low cost sources of food (coffee, tea, fruits) and raw materials required by developed nation’s factories (copper, oil etc). By exporting capital to us, these nations can keep wages for their labour a bit low because basics/food is cheap. This ensures that, their profits for future investments are not squeezed too much. If free trade for the rich is meant to preserve their profits, what do we seek to preserve on our part? We answer debt, poverty and ignorance and conflicts over shrinking cake.”

These words, which would have sobered many, would have found in an article entitled: YES, Even Dead Fish Foes with the Flow” published on May, 21, 2010.

As concerns the MAIN ISSUE, i.e. the money issue, we are reading that, the Industrialisation assistant minister Ndiritu Muriithi and his friend MP David Ngugi has accused the Treasury of giving three banks money at low interests which these banks are in turn lending at high interest rates. The story can be read here.

Once again, the fact our industrialisation assistant minister (forget about it, no industrialisation is going to happen in Kenya under the new laws), has never heard of Kumekucha is obvious, for he would have read in article entitled: “Why We Reject the Proposed New Constitution” published on May 5, 2010. In this, he would have read these words of truth:

“A governance system that, legalises a conspiracy between a man decorating himself as a central banker and another calling himself Barclays or Equity to put some ink on a paper and thereby, demand from those who create wealth to part with 15% - 20 % of the wealth they create, in exchange for this useless paper which costs these conspirators cents to produce, is not a Free Markey System, but, socialism. When these two conspirators are not "loaning" Wanjiku their useless paper so as to rob her, the central banker issues another paper he calls a government bond. The conspirator calling himself Equity takes this bond and in return, he gives back the useless paper he originally got from the central banker. In this modern magic, these modern medicine men tell us, the mere mortars, that, this is open market operation. By this abracadabra, they create so called public domestic debt which must be paid with usury. So as to pay back the banker, Wanjiku’s little wealth that was spared by the first ngeta/robbery, must be robbed via taxation. To dare believe that, a document which enshrines such devilish principles of socialism and fascism will emancipate Wanjiku, is the most dangerous delusion we know of.”

As concerns oil, we have read and heard a lot from Stephen Mutoro of Consumers Federation of Kenya (Mutoro, hello comrade). We have also, heard our learned friend (check where he went to school to MASTER); Mr Namwamba wants the Parliament to investigate the cause of increased prices. Once again, if any Kumekucha reader can get Mr Namwamba, please, direct him to read Kumekucha for it will be more useful than forming money guzzling and inflation generating Parliamentary committee which the committee will be investigating. For instance, in the above article, “Why We Reject the Proposed New Constitution,” Namwamba and his friends would have read this:

“... under the monetary system proposed in this document, we will have established a monopolistic structure which allows a few connected thugs to corner all the money from the source (remember YK 1992?). Once they corner this money, they do not invest this money in the productive sectors of the economy. No, they buy governments debts, speculate in land and stocks. Since such money creation does not meet real value creation, it creates inflation. This inflation affects those on fixed wages and the poor most. Having messed their ability to earn for themselves, we turn around and create a welfare state to take care of these people. What a deception!”

Also, if he read Kumekucha, he would have come across these words:

“As if the monetary madness is not enough, we are now staring one of the greatest resource/energy crisis humanity has ever faced. When this crisis fully hits home, many will gnash their teeth because, it will destroy civilisation as we know it. More so, it is the disorganised nations like Kenya/Africans nations which will bear the greatest burden of the forthcoming energy crisis.”

We then added this:

“Now, we know that, almost all of us have been led to believe that, if only we remove this leader, if only we use aid well, if only we are less corrupt, if we have a new constitution, Kenyan will march on to become a rich nation by 2030. We deny all this as madness. We even go further and assert that, things will not get better, they will get worse. In other words, expect more corruption, crime, disorder and general decay and perhaps total state collapse. Is this not too pessimistic a view? Yes, we agree.”

And, the kicker was these words:

However, if you understand the core message we are trying to communicate, you will appreciate why we are so pessimistic. However, more importantly, we hope, each one of us will play his/her part, so that we can steer this Titanic before it hits the rocks. This is crucial because our governments are not prepared for this crisis and therefore, we must prepare as individuals. ... The best way to understand how a society functions and therefore, malfunctions is to understand the energy question. In other words, a well organised society is totally dependent on leaders appreciating the meaning of energy and how its distribution influences what a society becomes. However, our leadership has no clue about this issue. For this reason, we are and we shall pay a heavy price very soon.”

Source: “The Coming “Dark Age” and the Africans Fate: Part 1”.

Now, so as to “fight” the inflation and economic chaos they have created, the masters of universe are proposing “solutions” And, dear reader, just know this. The oligarchy that is central banking system, is about to unleash its poisonous fangs as we read here, that: "Most African central bankers are shy about bearing their teeth but they’re going to have to," said Satchu, he of the Citi, a bank that has been bailout out three times in the recent history by the central bankers. In other words, when it comes to Citi billion bailouts, the central bankers must shy away from bearing their teeth. However, when it comes to the subjugated, central banks must show all their ugly teeth. In other words, be very very afraid, for the productive sector and labor must be further subjugated (neo feudalism) to preserve the oligarchic and plutocratic economic system. Isn’t this special dear reader?

So, if this is the record, can any of the established pressitute, the Ministry of Truth and Lies and the Haruspices in our universities (do not even mention the Pharisees in our churches and mosques) claim to have offered such foresight and shown such a penchant for the truth in the real stuff? If not, why continue listening to their nonsense?

However, should you decide to listen to them, due to understandable cognitive dissonance, remember, you are doing it at your own peril for the three plus the Pharisees are united to LIE at all times so as to PLUNDER you while blaming Jupiter, Juno and Minerva for the poverty.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Sir Mwarangethe. You have been consistently correct and have predicted our national economic predicaments due to Kenyan's folly and gullible nature of our leaders to a dot.
Please ignore the hecklers and continue to teach us. There is always noise especially from the Ivy League FOOLS.
I have saved this masterpiece for discussion and enlightment during our next 'small chama of micro investors'.

Thank you a million Sir Mwarangethe. Kenyans need you!!!

Anonymous said...

I will get back to "Why Kumekucha Readers are Better Informed", in the meantime, I am in the process of a divorce.

While I know that ending my marriage with the Kenyan government is what is needed to happen in order for real change and growth to occur it is still a frightening upheaval of my life as a Kenyan citizen who has been overly patriotic for so many years since the dark days when Mzee Daniel arap Moi was in power.

One of the reason for my filing for divorce from anything that has to do with the Kenyan government concerns the abject failure of a finding a workable solutions to over come problems like high employemnt, poverty, lack of technology, abysmal leadership at all levels througout the country, the waste of much needed resources on unnecessary, time wasting, self-serving political endeavors by senior government officials, and above all the continuous centralization of everything in one place, Nairobi.

Believe it or not, the amount of money in dollars that has been wasted on the failed 'Shuttle Diplomacy' and the wholesale catering for all those people who went to The Hague for whatever reasons, could have bought several MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machines for the main hospitals in Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, Kakamega, Machakos, Voi, Embu, Garissa and Moyale.

Talk of having our priorities straight.

When the MPigs, Kabati Ministers and the well connected fall sick, they get flown out of the country in search of better mecial care, while the ordinary punda mwanachi is left to fend for him/herself or rot and die due to lack of proper health care and medical facilities around the country.

Anonymous said...

Whats more shoking is that this article was posted by no other than Phil of kibera whose main activities are in jaluo owned raila worshipping blog Talk of someone behaving like a glass that holds water for a thirsty man to drink but its left dry.

The stupidity of some Kenyans is beyond comprehension.
Bingo Mwarangethe, at least some people get the gist of your messages while others like this fellow are beyond redemption.

Philip said...

At least one thing I know is that Mumias Sugar Factory exports upto 25MW of power to the National Grid apart from supplying to the inhabitants of Mumias, however I haven't found out the rate.

At least I know that as the cost of oil goes up so is ethanol becoming a better alternative, something that can be produced from sugarcane waste. I don't know how many sugar factories we have.

One reason I know why cost of goods are high is because of high energy cost. Recently I was chatting with a friend who is studying some courses in energy and he mentioned to me several areas where we can tap energy, one being the Dandora waste.

Now you wonder what the Ministry of Energy is doing.

I think it's time we see what is leading to high cost of living, or high cost of products and deal with those problems head on. Further we should look for solutions and see how to implement them.

That's why talking or striking on increasing minimum wage is a temporary measure as this will lead to higher cost of production, caused by increase in cost of labour, which will lead to most companies further increasing the price of goods and we'll find ourselves where we were, with more money that can't buy more goods, but that is likely to but less goods.

That's my take. Mwarangethe can further explain to explain to us about monetary policy we should adopt as I still don't understand that topic.

Wembe Wa Mugumo Tree said...

This is all very well and good and please don't get me wrong i agree in total with the title of the post why Kumekucha readers are better off.

But please note once again every idea you have espoused so articulately here is not new to those seated in parliament, or their colleagues in government.

Indeed the offices at continental house, jogoo house, harambee house and every other ministry headquaters are full of red, white, yellow and green technocratic papers complete with diagrams explaining and expounding sound macro and micro economic grand plans for Kenya, and some of those have been prepared ever since 1970(read independence)

No, our failure as a nation lies in lack of political will fullstop. Ironic isn't it? As anon8:26PM says it is our priorities not ideas that are wrong. We refuse to implement the very ideas that will save us as a nation, and its not because we lack PhD degree holders in offices of government

This comment has been removed by the author.

The truth is always met with self-satisfaction by those who are convinced that it has nothing to do with them...This diligent writer tells us the truth...but you fellow reader, I know you brother, because we worship to the same Idol... we bear the same gifts...2 Timothy 2:15...Mwarangethe continue to speak without fear, because the hour is late....

Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip said...
At least one thing I know is that Mumias Sugar Factory exports upto 25MW of power to the National Grid apart from supplying to the inhabitants of Mumias, however I haven't found out the rate.


Another monkey business bwana Philip. To go into this power stuff, Mumias had to go into DEBTS.

Soon, so as to "fight" inflation as we have stated, the interest rates will go up. In simple words, more money will be appropriated from Mumias and transfered to banksters. This will require at least three things:

(a) increased tariff/price, or,
(b) reduced maintenance which affects the reliability, and
(c) sack some workers, i.e. what they call downsizing.


Recently I was chatting with a friend who is studying some courses in energy and he mentioned to me several areas where we can tap energy, one being the Dandora waste.


Thats very true indeed. However, remember this:

Civilizations start with agriculture, then, move in to industry, commerce and then, financialization. At the age of financialization, the industry is dismantled. We are there, although, we are yet (Africans) to enter industry and commerce stage. Isn't that special?

So, fasten your belt.


Now you wonder what the Ministry of Energy is doing.


ahahahhaha, ehehe, we are at war and we lost decades ago. The PS of energy and Finance, and other CHOKEPOINTS if you cared to check, are from the WB/IMF satanic consortium.


Indeed the offices at continental house, jogoo house, harambee house ... are full of red, white, yellow and green technocratic papers complete with diagrams explaining and expounding sound macro and micro economic grand plans for Kenya, and some of those have been prepared ever since 1970(read independence)


If you checked all these reports, just like the wonderful new constitution, they are based on DELUSIONS.

What is required is so far reaching, such that, it requires men/women of comprehensive minds like Caear of Rome (we acknowledge his wonderful executive genius, without accepting all his ideas) or, like the Athenian law maker, Solon.

All the reports we have had so far, fall short of what we say above.


We leave thee with this:

and this:

and, then, see this, and ask yourself, why did he wait until his last days to make this speech:

Anonymous said...

So you've read all those govt. reports?maybe you should also meet their authors and ask them why their minds are incomprehensive to publish delusions?

either way it doesn't matter, they are the same people who you need to reach with your message. otherwise online intellectualism lives and is cheered in the confined 2dimensions of the computer screen but never helps anyone make a difference

Anonymous said...

testing! testing! 4 the 6 time.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:04pm
why the temper tantrums and foul language? must you be so abusive in order to throw up the usual remarks like "the stupidity of some kenyans is beyond comprehension"? don't forget to take your meds every twice a day.

Anonymous said...

So how do our self-made politcal analysts, renowned economists and professors bring deveolpmental change and much needed growth as the the current Kumekucha theory espouses?

Just asking, nothing personal, and rest assured that your impeccable credentials and expertise are not being called into question whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

As concerns the MAIN ISSUE, i.e. the money issue, we are reading that, the Industrialisation assistant minister Ndiritu Muriithi and his friend MP David Ngugi has accused the Treasury of giving three banks money at low interests which these banks are in turn lending at high interest rates. The story can be read here.

Ndiritu Muriithi is a former employee of the SATANIC WB, so no surprises there.

Anonymous said...

So how do our self-made politcal analysts, renowned economists and professors bring deveolpmental change and much needed growth as the the current Kumekucha theory espouses?

Just asking, nothing personal, and rest assured that your impeccable credentials and expertise are not being called into question whatsoever.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Thank the nordic viking god Odin that Martha Karua has today launched her presidential campaign ahead of the rest of the ratpack in the crowded race to statehouse

However she must not be better informed as from her mere statements of intent issued today at her bid launch, i could tell she has not been reading Kumekucha. what we need to hear from her are her specific plans about how she is going to tackle problems. or is she awaiting a television style Western World candidates debate in which she will emerge the liberator of poor sad Kenyans?mmmmmmmmmmh! we shall see/hear very soon

Anonymous said...

Its not that the govt mandarins don't understand economics, its that their personal interest is always in conflict with national interests, Think: world oil prices hove always fluctuated but kenyan commodity prices always rise its called prices gouging and its wrong whether practiced by the Moi/biwott axis, Moi/raila when he was minister for energy and now kibaki/kiraitu.

Check out this chart on fuel prices
you will note that the kenyan fuel prices take on a a totally different trajectory.
Now you can begin to understand kenyan politics and the economics of being in power

Anonymous said...

Beware of one charlatan who has been busy masquerading as the real maccoy, 'The Oracle has Spoken'..

You've come to be known as Awo, a source of wise counsel inspired by the daily awakenings from within under the guardianship and blessings of Eshu.

Do you have any idea of who the charlatan is? The one masquerading as Agbala of Awka and Chukwu of Arachukwu?

Might it be a Budgerigar? If so, then it doesn't warrant any further attention.

Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe. As always an insightful account of issues. Hard not to concur. Might be good if you also visited with the mafiya of jukwaa. They might see the light and tone down their hatred of Kikuyus.

Anonymous said...

Note that jukwaa is some kind of lakeside ssity where one and all worship the same feckless god. Sigh.

Mwarang'ethe said...

either way it doesn't matter, they are the same people who you need to reach with your message. otherwise online intellectualism lives and is cheered in the confined 2dimensions of the computer screen but never helps anyone make a difference

4/27/11 5:44 AM


U do not get it.

In an age of universal suffrage (OPIUM TAKING), every man/woman should have an intelligent understanding of the principles/laws which guide the
creation and distribution of wealth.

This is so because, your opinions (may be totally ignorant), influence your political choices.

As such, there has never been a greated need for general diffusion of sound views upon questions appertaining to the ECONOMICAL INTERESTS of the country.

In simple words, it is the masses who need to appreciate these facts
and not the IDIOTS calling themselves governments and that.

Just to give an example. Just jana, as a way of "ending the econ. mess," (if you are an idiot to believe them) the GOK announced we will be getting another kaloan of $ 600 m from the WB so as to create jobs for the youth.

If the so called youth of Kenya had the right knowledge about their
situation, they would surround and demanded the immediate closure of the WB offices in Kenya for insulting their intelligence.

And, by the way, have you seen the kabill for your MPs from next year? And, we are yet to factor OPIUM session etc etc.

We are waiting anxiously, to see how that makes Kenyans wealthy as we were told by LEARNED FOOLS like Nzamba, Ghai's and other haruspices.

Check the blog on the day this katiba was unveiled. Chris was crying in joy. On our part, it was that cry of Jesus when he foresaw the coming destruction of Jerusalem.

Anyway, we are off for some words of wisdom from Bob:

Stiff Necked Fools, You think you're cool
To deny me for simplicity
Yes you have gone, for so long
With your love for vanity now
Yes you have got the wrong interpretation
Mixed up with vain imagination

But I don't wanna rule ya
I don't wanna fool ya
I don't wanna school ya
Things you, you might never know about


Anonymous said...

Testing !. testing !!. testing !!!.

What happened in the house of kumekucha? Did someone forgot to pay the electric bill, monthly rent or what?

Or was it a case of wapi kitambulisho as the "birthers" have been demanding of Mr. Obama, as if he was still living in South Africa of the 1940s and 1050s.

Being redirecting to 'Blogger' everytime one tried to post a comment was such a headache for a while.

Anonymous said...

Why did Kenyans have to bear all their national television channels airing the "royal wedding" at the same time for almost the whole day?

Do you mean we as a people do not have something else to do? Such brainwashing events are what makes many young people from Africa and poor countries to risk their lives on small boats weathering Mediterranean storms trying to join the false Eldorado also known as Shenghen territory.

Africans...our standards are so low worshipping Wazungus

Anonymous said...

It wasnt only in kenya , in my part of the world 300 people by tornadoes yet all we were shown all week was a bloody wedding !!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, even here they were obsessed with 'royalty' marrying a 'commoner'. Such freaks. What kind of a stupid *democracy* is this?

Anonymous said...

Africans...our standards are so low worshipping Wazungu(s).

How so? How about we take a second good look in the mirror and see who is so accustomed if not addicted to speaking the Queen's language with either a semi British, American, Canadian, Australian and Kenyan (fake) accents.

What do you see for starters? Take another good look.

Ms/Mr. "Cultural Warrior", what's your dress code for today, and how about for the rest of the next week and month?

Where do you live as in what part of the western hemisphere do you call home ("residence")?

Well, some individuals, not "Africans" in general, never cease to amaze.

These are individuals who will clamour for democracy, reforms, personal freedoms, freedom of speech, self-expression, assembly, movement and what have you, yet the very same well informed individuals have no clue when it comes to the cherished issues of 'freedom of choice' and other personal freedoms.

What business do self appointed "cultural warriors" have in trying to control or lampooning a segment of Kenya's population, young and old, that chooses to watch the historic Royal Wedding or international soccer matches in the confines of their private homes or in social gatherings and appropriate venues of their choice?

I hate to remind you that Kenya is not Iran, Afghanistan, China or a cloistered monastery where residents are policed and restricted with regard to what they can and can't view, read and listen on any given day.

How about the next time around, the self-appointed "cultural warriors" do themselves a big favour and switch off the telly, read a book, take a long walk, or work in the garden while meditating on effects (benefits) tolerance has on the general population and your society in particular.

Congratulations to HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cambridge.

Anonymous said...

Some fashionistas were out in full force ganging up on Mrs. Beckham just because the still feel that the dress she wore to the royal wedding wasn't flamboyant enough to fit their regional or parochial taste.

As far as many are concerned, Mrs. Beckham was modestly and elegantly dressed given her state of maternal affairs so far, but she wasn't dressed in an "all black dress" as some pissed off fashionistas are still commenting on facebook, twitter, etc.

What constistutes wearing an "all black dress" to a wedding of the century?

First of all, Mrs. Beckham is not one of my favourite personalities out there, and dress fashion or dress wearing is not my forte, let alone cup of tea.

However, one thing I am sure of is that she was not wearing "crackerjacks" nor was she expected to wear a clan tartan and a full highland dress of some kind.

Her husband, Mr. Beckham, was dressed in a mess dress, call it a tuxedo if you will, and rightly so given the historic royal occasion.

But the issue centers around the colour of the dress worn by Mrs. Beckham, forget the "Dixie Cap" (sailor's cap) for a moment.

So what colour was her dress, and who really cares about it after the after the fact?

Was the colour of her elegant dress, dark blue - a shade of blue, navy blue - a very dark shadow of the colour blue which almost appears to black, or midnight blue?

One thing is for sure, it wasn't a black dress nor was the colour of her dress close to "crackerjacks".

Who gives a hoot or a toot? Ask the fashionistas who singled her out in the first place and number of hits on the same topic.

Anonymous said...

If u missed the wedding here is a chance to see first hand account....

Anonymous said...

Too many upwardly mobile middle class Kenyans escaping from Twitter now flocking this blog to pollute us with their stinking ideologies about fashion. you are welcome though, no one will be chased

As for those defending British Western Civilisation invasion of television while concurrently congratulating the same Britons please know you are not the one being attacked. It is ok that you married one of them/have their passport-residency or whatever, it is even ok that you live in their land. The afore-going comments were in no way any attack on you so please don't sweat the small stuff.

Enjoy 'ur holiday mate-or is it Guv'nor!

Anonymous said...

either ur a lunatic or we have a psych issue here. were u never taught to summarize.

Anonymous said...

Honestly who has the time to read a 7000 word essay! Hello! Mwara why not write a book for a change, or redirect the proceeds from your cosmetics factory to the poor, how about pulling a Robin Hood act, instead of Usuri nonsense, by the way where did you learn that LOL!

Anonymous said...

Honestly who has the time to read a 7000 word essay! Hello! Mwara why not write a book for a change, or redirect the proceeds from your cosmetics factory to the poor, how about pulling a Robin Hood act, instead of Usuri nonsense, by the way where did you learn that LOL!

The Oracle has Spoken

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Anytime I see a post by ........ I take off to do better things

Anonymous said...

Royal wedding real winners are the Middletons!
You got to give credit to this normal working class family - Mr and Mrs Middleton. They started with nothing but worked hard and were rewarded with their daughter becoming a Princess.
It goes to show good family values and hard-work is the best foundation you can give to your children!
I really hope Kenyan men will take a note of Michael Middleton's achievement and learn to keep their families together.

Anonymous said...

Where does the royal wedding fuss leave our local iron lady Martha Karua?

Blogers must stop being sexiest and throw salvas at HE Martha.

Anonymous said...

The Odingas are like the Middletons--hard working, strong family values, etcetera. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

anon 11:37 am
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! he he he he he he!

sour grapes or bile duct onstruction?

did her majesty's government deny you access to the uk, or was your application for citizenship denied the second time around?

move on and make the best of it. life goes on.

Anonymous said...

"I really hope Kenyan men will take a note of Michael Middleton's achievements and learn to keep their families together".

The Middletons didn't start from scratch, they had a comfortable cushion and then a convenient conduit in the form of the British Airways.

Let's not forget the fact that more deals are made in Amman, Jordan and in the Middle East, if one has the right skin colour, access to many good connections with deep pockets and nationality.

For instance, some savy business person must have brokered the deal when Kenya bought several junk F-5s jet fighters (1972 models) from Amman, Jordan.

No one is accusing the Middletons for any wrong doing given their extensive business world wide business connections. They remain an honest business couple unlike some of their counterparts trading in snake-oil as well as crocodile oil in various corners of the globe.

Anyway, real credit should go to the former Ms. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, who not only was smart enough to get admitted to the University of St. Andrews, but was wise and mature enough to keep her up grades up and "her nose clean while at St. Andrews" as well as make acquaintance with the eldest granchild of Queen Elizabeth II.

As for poor Kenyan men, they will really have a herculean task finding a royal prince for their daughters, let alone sending them out to study at some of the greatest colleges and universities around the world.

How many frogs will their daughters have to kiss before they can meet with a charming real royal prince like the Duke of Cambridge?

By the way, I feel your pain, however, how does one expect Kenyan men keep their families together when 75% of their spouses have their wondering eyes dead set on some of the bigger artificial greener pastures of today?

Doesn't it take two, husband and wife, to keep a healthy and functional family together?

FYI, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are have a lot in common in terms of ancestry. They are fifteen cousins and twelfth cousins once removed, thanks to Sir Thomas Fairfax and Sir William Gascoine of old.

Anonymous said...

MIA, notably among others, was one Dr. Rt. Rev. John Sentamu, the bishop of the Birmingham Diocese of the Church of England. He was no where to be seen, in and around the the main event. Invitations must have been restricted to a select few, royalty and the princes of the Church of England.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:27 PM,
I don't know which channel you were watching from, but Rev John Sentamu was right there on the front row seat (a very good spot) together with his wife.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:57 PM,
The fact the Middletons do not have blue blood (royal blood) means they are commoners of the common! From the mother's side they were miners and from the father's side were combination of evverything including bakers, steel workers, solicitors BUT not a drop of royalty!

Yes, they may have started from the cushion of BA, but they were workers just like anyone else...Michael being a Airline dispatcher (not a pilot as was wrongly reported) and his wife a airhotess. It's only when Carole Middleton got pregnant with Catherine and could not work again she started making toys for children and selling them online. This is the same business that has helped them to climb social ladder and their daughter meeting the future King.

Anonymous said...

Btw do you know there is a Nigerian woman from Yoruba tribe who is married into British royal family?
She is married to grandson of King George V and he calls the Queen auntie. They married in 1999 and they 4 children. As she married the son of Duke of Gloucester they both have royal titles albeit minor.

Anonymous said...

... the same business that has helped them to climb [social] ladder and their daughter [meeting] the future [King]

Whether some people want to admit it or not, the real credit still goes to Kate and Kate only, the daughter and not her parents whose parental duties were limited to facilitating her boarding school education and formative years in one way or another.

Kate is the only one responsible for molding her future while she was a student at St. Andrews.

She could have done worse when it came to the delicate sphere or arena of dating with all of its hormonal imbalances while away from home and studying in Scotland.

First of all, Kate was very lucky enough to have missed the cut (a place) at Cambridge, then she adamantly turned down an offer to attend Leeds, but opted to pursue her education at St. Andrews.

And while at St. Andrews, she could have been one those party girls from wealthy families who frequent the pubs with a couple of blocks as many young women do during their Christopher Columbus or Vasco da Gama phase (age) of self-discovery.

Had that happened, Kate could have lost her good standarding among her peers, in the establisdhed society as well as respect in the eyes of the future [King] and his grandmother, the Queen, who does not want to see a repeat of what happened to the royal marriages of her beloved sons, Prince Charles and Prince Edward.

Believe it or not, Buckingham Palace did its share of thorough background checks and put her under constant surveillance and a big traditional royal microscope in the course of all those years leading to the royal engagement.

Her so called parent's wealth couldn't have granted her any access to the future [King] nor done her any favours whatsoever had she sullied her personal reputation as a lady in any way, shape or fashion.

Remember one Sarah Ferguson, the one time Duchess of York, who "was frequently seen in the company of other men" and now a former member of the British Royal Family?

The red flags were often raised but Edward ignored constant caution from his diligent royal handlers and the vigilant eyes at the Buckingham Palace.

Anyhow, Mr. and Mrs. Middleton had no hand in fixing the first date between Kate and the future [King], neither did dictate nor influence the course fo events through which the relationship blossomed while the two young lovers were still students at St. Andrews and after they graduated.

The initiative was Kate's and Kate's only, the others including her family were bystanders who just cheered her on while hoping, praying and wishing for a miracle in the form of a royal marriage.

BTW, why look up to the Middletons and not our own home grown million Kirimas, Gatabakis, Gatamukas, Matibas, Seifs et al?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:33 AM
As much i agree Kate steered her own destiny, but it was her background that helped her to shape her life into the woman she is today!
It is scientifically proven children who come from stable family background (where mother and father stayed together)they do well in life. They achieve good grades, hold a good job, they are gauchy when it comes to social life, they are likely to meet 'good' mates, get married and stay together.
My empahsis was on good family values and ambitious parents... which Mr and Mrs Middletons are!

Anonymous said...

You've qualified your assertion and I couldn't agree more with you. A stable family background is a real good foundation for any children. Tahnks.

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