Sunday, March 06, 2011

Wikileaks and desperate Kenyans

If there is something major that I have learnt this year thus far then it is the fact that one is never old enough to lose a parent. I can hardly think of anything that have been as devastating to me in this life as the loss of my Dad. Even if he was from a different generation. The generation of President Mwai Kibaki. Conservative as they come with certain views, rules and principals cast in stone. This had to be the main reason why in his last days he had clearly lost touch with a new world where rules and principals are super-fluid and where change is happening too fast for anybody to fully grasp it, let alone its’ implications.

A friend once quipped that I seem to know Mwai Kibaki so well. If this has come out in my writing then it has a lot to do with the fact that I understood that my dad was from the same time and thus tended to think along very similar lines.

It took me many years but finally I learnt to accept him for what he was. Especially because of the positive side of being unshakeable. The man just couldn’t take a bribe or even look the other way. He just couldn’t. Many times his life was threatened simply because he was unable to do the safe thing of walking away and pretending he had seen nothing. He often told me that his conscience just couldn’t take it. Rare breed indeed and clearly the kind of people we need to shape and create our new Kenya. And if he were still alive today and was in a position of power he would not have been worried about that terror word amongst the high and mighty these days; wikileaks.

Wikileaks is that magic terror word that causes the rich and powerful to wake up in cold sweat at night (that is when they do manage to get some sleep). I spent a little time yesterday reading the Sunday Nation and could not help agreeing wholeheartedly with a number of opinion pieces denouncing Kenyans for the habit of falling over themselves to show mzungus just how much they knew.

I have been privileged to have gone to school with and even found myself in quite a number of situations where I have interacted with Mzungus and I can authoritatively tell you that irrespective of the smiles and kind words, they have a very low opinion of us in general. And I am not being racial. This is made worse when we always seem to want to bend over backwards to please them and show them how clever we are.

Indeed this is one of the reasons why I respect Tanzanians, even with all their poverty and issues. Walk into any office in Kenya today ahead of a mzungu and you will be told to wait while the mzungu who is behind you in the queue is served first. One day in 2004 I walked into a Dar office several paces behind a mzungu and was shocked beyond words when he was asked to wait while the man asked me; nitakusaidia aje kaka? (How can I help you my brother?). Later I heard many Tanzanians point out how most mzungus love to come to Africa to exploit Africans and take away from them while pretending to help. I thought to myself how true this was and how naïve we Kenyans are while being so desperate to look intelligent in front of white folks while actually making an utter fool of ourselves.

That is how diplomats readily get so much information from clueless government officials and even politicians. I can imagine a new arrival being briefed by a fellow diplomat thus;

“Simply wine and dine them old fellow. They are obsessed with unhealthy red meat. Just roast plenty of the disgusting flesh over some charcoal fire and keep their glasses filled mostly with that trashy beer they call Tusker and they will sing better than any bird you know…”

I recently almost threw up as I listened to a popular Radio personality host a mzungu on their show. I have interviewed many people and attended many press conferences in my time and it is so easy for me to tell when the person asking the questions is making an effort to look intelligent. Actually the best interview is where you ask the kind of questions your audience would ask, even the stupid ones. The reason why the Wikileaks revelations are so detailed and accurate is because somebody asked plenty of stupid questions over some nyama choma and Tusker, now guess who looks intelligent?

P.S. Did you catch the Wikileaks where VP Kalonzo Musyoka wanted the mzungus to put pressure on Kibaki to step aside on account of his health (discussed here in Kumekucha many times before 2007) so that he would ascend to the presidency and be in pole position when fresh elections are called? Amazing stuff!!


Anonymous said...

This Mzungu Story is going to make someone's day. May the armchair experts present there take from past, present to the future.

Mwarang'ethe said...

mmmmm, ok, let us now hear your views on that Kangaroo Mzungu court in the Hague, "led "by a mzungu called Luis Moreno Ocampo.

Our views have been very clear and consistent. To hell with so called ICC, WB, IMF, their pressitute like the CNN, their so called elite/brainwash universities and their so called UN.

In other words, as long as we believe in these NEO COLONIAL/FEUDAL institutions, which have offices in Kenya/all over Africa, we are going no where.

On top of the above SATANIC institutions, they have now added AFRICOM, the colonial occupation force which the AU is signing agreements with.

So, for a start, can we hear someone calling for the closure of the WB offices in Kenya?

Meanwhile, for us, let us continue listening to Here Comes the Judge by Peter Tosh:

Anonymous said...

This thing is too deepily ingrained in us and impossible to shake off. Started in the slave trade days and will never end.

Even Kibaki and Raila try to please the mzungu. Even Githongo in his revelations was pleasing the mzungu.

Just have to live with it.

M. Pesa said...

Chris you are so damn right. I would challenge anyone who flies frequently and uses JKIA often as I do not to concur with Chris' sentiments. The "Mzungu tourist" get a red carpet treatment and is waved through by smiling customs and immigration nitwits. It doesn't cross their pea brains that the so called "tourist" could be another paedophile coming to rape yet another innocent 6 years old girl in Malindi's many fortress, secluded and private villas which never pay any taxes. Still, the so called "tourist" could be another local Kiswahili speaking Karen Cowboy (KC) and having 20 pellets of heroin stuffed up his rectum. These are just possibilities that make airport official look so dumb and Zimbabwe's president look so smart. But if it's a local black Kenyan jetting in, he's herded around like a kondoo and harassed for kitu kidogo. You are forced to open your suitcase and handbags, strip-searched for hours and asked for chai by these lazy and tired looking airport goons. But if you know their guts like I do and tell them from the onset they are "milking a stone", they will let you go quickly albeit reluctantly. That's why the likes of "opportunist" Kalonzo (as he was labelled by Ambassador Hamburger), will confide to Wazungu to help him ascend to presidency not knowing the Mzungu diplomat is wired and recording his mushene- word by word! The reason why they hate our guts is simply because we have very low opinion of ourselves as Kenyans, also called inferiority complex.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is the only country that worship Mzungu vehemetly especially those people from Western Kenya. I won't name any names of tribe but you should be ashamed of yourself!

Anonymous said...

How impossible is it for African to continue to operate with a 18th century mental software in the 21st Century. The whole mzungu is better idea was planted there to further selfish interests they aimed to attain on the African continent. Does having good roads and sky high buildings mean that a people are more civilized than those who do not?

Well, then spare a thought for the poor dogs that have been forced into coitus with these civilized persons against their nature. 99% of internet filth is spewed by the civilized ones with their trashy porn websites.

Those poor African girls that flood various websites looking for a mzungu husband are very often in for a rude shock when they arrive in the land of milk and honey. No one is more enslaved than those slaves who feel they are free! African girls are in this category of modern day mentally enslaved persons.

Education needs review to reflect the African perspective. The mzungu devil with all his evil plans perpetuated through NGO's need to leave Africa. We don't now and have never needed them!

Anonymous said...

from todays Nation

Kenyan drug traffickers are recruiting white expatriates living in the country to smuggle the drugs into Western capitals and paying them huge sums of money.

In a cable dated September 26, 2008 detailing the drugs situation in Kenya, US ambassador Michael Ranneberger said the Kenyan drug lords were paying the couriers up to 6,000 US dollars (about Sh500,000) per trip and make over five such trips to Western cities every year.

“Drug traffickers in Kenya are mainly recruiting white expatriate residents of Kenya and Uganda as mules because they are believed to attract less attention from western law enforcement authorities,” the envoy wrote.

The drug lords were at times also recruiting non-white Kenyans who possess valid US visas, he added.

“For example, in April a middle-aged Kenyan employee of the Peace Corps, was arrested at John F. Kennedy International Airport carrying 2 kilogrammes of heroin and convicted of trafficking,” Mr Ranneberger wrote.

Anonymous said...


Take a look at this video shown on UK television 2 years ago about Mzungu mentality in Kenya.

Sad and Shocking!

Anonymous said...

Ati you are a frequent flier, kwenda huko and where is that, that you fly to? Mzungus are good for our nation, to help eradicate village minds like yours. Sambaza hizo propaganda zako huko. Shindwe!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let the Hague 6 be tried at the Hague. ICC is the way to go, lets not be vague let us go to the hague. Impunity masters should get a taste of their own medicine.

So if hague is a political slaughter house, I mean Slobodan was a butcher and he got a dose of his impunity at the hague,let the butcher from Kiambu and the nandi warrior join that hague bound bus.

Anonymous said...

Its not the "wazungus" fault Chris,
just look at the type of comments being left here by fellow "brothers" and some are even women! and you will understand why the whites have a field day walking all over us in our own country. we are our own worse enemies imagine a girl impregnated by a chinese thika road contractor now looking for the daddy along the road.Is this what we've come to as a country?

Lack of tolerance is the bane of our existence.let us be confident as Kenyans not as individual tribes

Anonymous said...

I think the mzungu is being condemned because he talked of someone and his family being corrupt. Personally I dont even see any big deal about kalonzo thinking kibaki was in ill health. That is what most kenyans thought but the americans had better information.

About talking to americans, everyone does it. I remember Robert Gates dismissing the effect of wkileaks and saying americans will continue getting information because it is in the interest of the rest of the world to talk to americans. They are a super power.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think is right to blame Mzungu on some of our woes. E.g if underage girls are misbehaving at the coast, a more probable explanation would be poverty and Govt’s legendary inaction (we’re not very good at governing ourselves; are we? ). Anyway, the point is that we need to put our house in order before drive Mzungu out of town.

Anonymous said...


You are spot-on:

"I heard many Tanzanians point out how most mzungus love to come to Africa to exploit Africans and take away from them while pretending to help. I thought to myself how true this was and how naïve we Kenyans are while being so desperate to look intelligent in front of white folks while actually making an utter fool of ourselves.

That is how diplomats readily get so much information from clueless government officials and even politicians. I can imagine a new arrival being briefed by a fellow diplomat thus;

“Simply wine and dine them old fellow. They are obsessed with unhealthy red meat. Just roast plenty of the disgusting flesh over some charcoal fire and keep their glasses filled mostly with that trashy beer they call Tusker and they will sing better than any bird you know…”

The above, unfortunately, describes us Kenyans accurately.

Anonymous said...

Imagine a girl (I forget the exact name, but it was either a Njeri, Wanjiku or Wanjiru) impregnated by a chinese Thika road contractor now looking for the daddy - the man who impregnated her - along the road. This is what I saw on the Saturday 5th March 2011 Citizen TV News of 9 PM. Is this what we've come to as a country? Unfortunately, this appears to be the case.

It is our collective INFERIORITY COMPLEX that makes these THEATERS OF THE ABSURD common place in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

I didn't havetowaste my valuable time to read your long satire.
But these are my comments. This court maybe Mzungu led. But tell me which african country has a working judiciary? They are all mercinary led.

By the way, has any of the desk top geeks read fallacy theorem?

Here is my take, If RAO has Koskei,Kosgey,Ruto et al in his Cabinet and these guys are all guilty of all sorts of Crimes, doesn't that make RAO to be guilty too!

Same goes for Kifake? If he listens to 3 suspected criminals in the likes of Ruto,Muthaura, and Uhuru toadvise him (let alone the likes of Murungi, Saitoti) is he too is guilty by association?

What are you takes people

Anonymous said...

Blame game is here people. Just blame the Mzungu for it. Call it Neocolonialism. Mzungu my foot!

Tell me one thing, PEV happened 3 years ago. Why haven't you Africans taken any action against the perpetrators of this evil act? You eat and protect them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:42

Here is the link from Citizen TV

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:07am
Chikuyu baby? (chinese/kikuyu)
now i have seen it all

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

A Nigerian gay Pastor was last week charged by UK court after he admitted sodomising 2 young boys in his church.
This pastor has strong links in Kenya and have been to Kenya on numerous ocassions.
He is well known among Kenya-who -is-who in evangelical circles.

Anonymous said...

How true this was (still is) and how naive we Kenyans are while being so desperate to look intelligent in front of white folks while actually making an untter fool of ourselves.

Wow! that's a very low blow leveled at some of our educated egos and so called sophisticated upper middle class, middle class and lower middle class based in Jamuhuri as well as in Ughaibuni.

You make it seem as if it's a hop, skip and jump down the highway of Ukoloni Mambo Leo, which is still a bustling mental and social way life for most of the wannabe little Europeans in our midst.

I couldn't help but notice two charcaters in the pre-colonial drawing, one of them was the lone kid (toto mavuli) and the panyako gentry (pioneer corp).

That's what we still are or aspire to be in upgraded versions even after almost five decades of Uhuru. Very little of our collective pysche has changed since then. I wonder whether it is still a case of Not Yet Uhuru? Or a cry for what was so fascinating about the mzungu culture of old?

The toto mavuli complex still enables most of us to remain contented with carrying and holding the mzungu's umbrella as long as morsels of kindeness in form of imported chocolate and leftovers keeps being thrown in our direction at the end of a laborious day's journey.

While the panyako gentry are the first line fo defense who will shutdown or silence anyone who dare challenges the mzungu or even whispers any criticsim, or what's normally considered as "ungrateful and ill feelings" toward the benevolent and good natured mzungu sent by 'God' to civilize the stubborn warifrika.

Anyway, I have never been a fan of General (His Highness) Idi Amin Dada, however I do understand some of the many reasons that may have driven the crazy man to reverse the cruel joke on some of his European subjects in Kampala, Uganda, by forcing them to carry him shoulder high in public as dipicted in a classic photograph from the early-mid 1970s.

When the Afrikan says it, it becomes political rumour or utterly trivial. But when the Mzungu from Zunguzungu prints it, it becomes sacrosanct.

Anonymous said...

Any Kenyan who compares himself to a Tanzanian in so far as relating to mzungus should work in Tanzania for just one week. Truth be told, those guys are far far down. They just worship mzungus believe you me. Kenyans have no time for any mzungu except the NGO types and the civil society. In simple terms, they are civil servants of the countries where the donor funds come from.
I always ask myself what would happen if the British, American and Chinese envoys wanted to see Kibaki urgently at the same time.
My guess is that the Chinese envoy would be granted audience mara moja. The American Rainbagger would be given an appointment for january 2013 while the British envoy would be referred to Assistant minister Onyonka of foreign affairs.
These guys have no seat on the high table!!! That explains why they keep on meeting one Amolo and holding endless press conferences.

Anonymous said...

We need to hold em referendum. As u can c em virtual comments c about ICC. Some commentators dem virtual xperts in everything. Laptop xperts

Anonymous said...

3/7/11 10:27 AM I wish I knew how to make sense of your comments, but so far everyone has a right to their opinion.

Anonymous said...

imagine you are here blogging about wazungus but just ask yourself if they are doing the same thing in their blogs in those countries of theirs.

Let us liberate our minds first please.just see what is showing on local tv channels by way of entertainment-one wonders whether mexicans and indians are also watching Kenyan made exported programmes on their television

where did the rain start beating us?no wonder we now have chikuyu babies from a thika road chinese contractor, will Ocampo also arrest this man for crimes against humanity?

Anonymous said...

A good proof that Uhuru, Maina Njenga are friends. Hussein and Muthaura planned the PEV, Uhuru financed it, Maina carried it out. Kibaki gave a nod. Let Ruto relax and concentrate on his court cases in Kenya.

Mwarang'ethe said...

One day in 2004 I walked into a Dar office several paces behind a mzungu and was shocked beyond words when he was asked to wait while the man asked me; nitakusaidia aje kaka? (How can I help you my brother?). Later I heard many Tanzanians point out how most mzungus love to come to Africa to exploit Africans


Chris, just wondered, have you ever asked yourself why TZ is a member of the Southern African Development Community (SADC)?

If you check their website, you will see this:

"Currently SADC has a membership of 15 Member States, namely; Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe."

Is TZ in the Southern Africa? No, so, why are they in the SADC?


And, under what terms have these Tanzanians you praise give out their GOLD?


And, in 1970's, who was the favorite of the favorite of McNamara of the SATANIC WB? It was Julius Nyerere. We are told this:

"In the early 1970s, with bank AID and ADVICE, Nyerere implemented his ujamaa, or villagization program. Nyerere sent the Tanzanian army to drive the peasants off their land, burn their huts, load them onto trucks, and take them where the government thought they should live. The peasants were then ordered to build new homes "in neat rows staked out for them by government officials."

And, this:

"Nyerere wanted to curb his countrymen's individualist and capitalist tendencies and make them easier to control."

Lest we be accused of being malicious, those who know HOW TO READ, can check these sources:

(a) Washington Post, May 1, 1976, p. B8.

(b) John P. Powelson and Richard Stock, The Peasant Betrayed (Boston: Oelgeschlager, Gunn, and Hain, 1986), pp. 49-66.

Anyway, let us continue listening to I'll C U When U Get There, by Coolio:

Anonymous said...

Chinese are coming!

1 billion chinese.... they are very good in breeding!

Anonymous said...

Kettle calling the pot black, or what?

Dare you to provide a single photograph of your current residence, be it rental, an apartment, townhome, condo, single home, bangalow, villa, chauteau, penthouse, farm house, or ranch house.

Only then will the concerned public be able to deduce whether there is any qualitative difference between the kind of highlife you lead and the one led by a segment of Tanzanians who may or may not be among what you always refer to as, "Truth be told, those guys are far, far down."

There are Kenyans from the countryside, slums, low income estates, including a majority who don't have any sustainable income besides their monthly paychecks, who will always take a good look at the Hilton Hotel, KCC, JKIA, Nyayo House, other newly constructed tall buildings and the urban sprawl around Nairobi, then delude themselves into believing that they are superior and far better off than their East African neighbours.

While the reality of their individual life situation begs to differ 400%!

It's akin to the homeless people living in the streets of New York, LA, Miami, DC, Atlanta, Seattle, London, Brisbane, Sydney, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Madrid, Dublin, Oslo, etc, who still believe that they are superior to all people living on the African continent.

Anonymous said...

The last project funded by the Americans in Kenya is the construction of Umoja 2 tenant purchase houses. That we can see and appreciate.

The Chinese have built many roads and they are there for all to see.

Americans give all contracts to their home boys and locals only come in as sub-contractors. Net effect only 20% of their so called aid budget trickles down to the mwananchi.

world Bank and IMF are bure kabisa consultants. They give advise that leads to death of economies resulting to massive unrest. They then declare with pride, "the operation was successful but the patient died".

The British are worse. You build a ten bedroomed gorofa with your money. They assist you with a gutter for the roof. They will keep on singing about the gorofa they built for you!! Ever heard of the 20 million shillings they chipped in to our education budget of 75 billion shillings??

Najivunia kuwa Mkenya. Shame to the Brits, the Americans and the EU.

Pleas readers buy a book called CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN. You will understand the rage of the mzungus about Kenya's performance.

They just want to talk us into doubting ourselves. Downsizing us. We might just inspire other Africa countries to do things differently and without any mzungu holding our hand.

Anonymous said...

How you describe the reckless, unsubstantiated accusations, as well as demagogic attacks on the character or patriotism of political adversaries in Africa during the Cold War?

You of all people should know better by now why Mwalimu Julius Nyerere was so much vilified and demonized by so many western nations, conglomerates, and their political elites, while Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was praised to the highest heavens by the same.

How many times have European and North American been forcefully removed or evicted from their land or neighbourhoods in order to create room for urban development projects such as huge olympic stadiums, airports, oil depots, industrial areas, military facilities, universities, hospitals, dams, landfills etc?

By the way, Mwalimu Nyerere never grapped the land that once belonged to the so called "peasants" of Tanzania as was the common case with his counterpart and arch nemesis, Kenyatta and company.

FYI, Tanzanian is part of SADC because it makes a lot of economic sense to their nation and people, and also given the history of their political ties and liberation struggle in the Southern African region.

Give me a break! McNamara of all people? What about Noam Chomsky for a change?

Lest we forget, access the condemnatory editorial by the same paper in question, regarding its support for the jsutification as to why Patrice Lumumba had to be dealt with and contained by any means necessary.

Anonymous said...

Watch this insightful documentary on Chinese influence in Africa...

Anonymous said...

What Mr Karume and his ilk must appreciate is that since President Kibaki and Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta signed a peace deal with Mr William Ruto, the IDP problem was instantly solved. M Gaitho

Well, this is a loaded statement. Does it mean that Ruto was the custodian of insecurity in Rift valley? Isn't this saying that Ruto is responsible for the mess in RV and therefore once you have him on your side problem solved!

This will come to bite Ruto later on! Watch the space good people.

Anonymous said...

Its not the chinese or mzungus fault that we don't give business contracts to our own locals-why outsource everything instead of pumping money back into the economy we are building their countries through the money we pay them

its also not their fault that we admire anyone not Kenyan.just imagine a mexican or even indian can come to Kenya and be treated even better than you or me?and then the foreign educated middle class talk about Kenya is doing better-yes it is if you believe in moving in forward motion circles!

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo Musyoka is a well known opportunist who has always bitten more than he could chew. He is a "man who chews more than he can ever swallow during the hunger season". Kalonzo Musyoka has also been known to have bitten the hand that once tried to lift him up from political absecurity, and he will not hesitate backstabbing anyone whom he perceives as stambling block in his path to the State House. Time will tell whether he ends getting chewed up and spat out after 2012. However there is no doubt that he will be elected by his constituents but the likelihood or chance of him getting a ministerial post is very limited. The question now is, will Kalonzo Musyoka, "Mr. Pitia Katikati" aka "Mr. Middle Passage" aka "Mr. Kipeopeo" aka "Mr. Nimesaliwa Upya" ever accept being appointed as an assistant minister in Karua's or Uhuru's or Raila's or Ruto's or some else's government in 2013?

Anonymous said...

can someone show me where the industrial money pumb is located in kenya?

pumbing money, foreign educated middle class, outsourcing contracts and what have you!


lol! the mexican tourists who frequent kenyan tourism circuit are not the average mexican immigrant that you emcounter in north america or europe.


they are treated better because they know how to handsomely reward, and they are not arrogant, abusive, pretentious, drama queens, loud mouthed, disrespectful, don't damage property or sneak away with resort property.


your collective character is who you are when the resorts and the rest of the tourism industry are watching.

Anonymous said...

You forget to mention that diplomats and religious tourists also get too much unwarranted information from clueless and blinfaithed clergy and their bishops or religious leaders who are always thirsting and hungering for whatever donations that comes their way.

The unsuspecting church members confide in their clergy and the clergy confide in the diplomats and the religious tourists.

They say, "if you grant a scholarship to an African clergy, you will own him or her for the rest of their lives."

Anonymous said...

some wise baafrika will conjure up a story to fit a desired scenario or occasion and then tell mulungu what he needs to hear and imbibe.

other baafrika are loose cannons, they will tell mulungu everything and anything there is to know once they have been offered a good meal in a posh restaurant, or have fed on free roast beef and swallowed some couple of beers and liquor.

as a matter of fact i know him and his family very well, we come from the same area. first of all, let me tell you something very personal about her/him, blah blah blah blah blah.. - from a villager who last saw you some five to ten years ago.

Anonymous said...

1/ Well, mzungus you have been in school with have a very low opinion of Kenyans because most of them are KCs or sons/daughters of posh VIP/aristocrats (and believe me they have a low opinion of people).

2/ That queue story was perhaps a reality years ago but it is not the case nowadays. With arrival of middle and upper-middle classes, Kenya mentality is changing. And I am sure Kenyan uppper-class are thinking the same than mzungus when obliged to queue : "Why do they have to queue packed like sardines ? What is this terrible smell ? Why can they keep a single line ?"

"And I am not being racial." - you are a bit ! Being a mzungu in Kenya is not easy, I can't tell you; specially with this anti-colonial/racial attitude.

"imagine you are here blogging about wazungus but just ask yourself if they are doing the same thing in their blogs in those countries of theirs." - WELL I AM !! And today, I will try to blog over overtakers; last month, wrote an article about politico-religious propaganda to hunt down gay people in Kenya...

BUT BELIEVE ME, KENYANS ARE ALL DOOMED because you have been fooled years ago by missionaries !! You have been forced to bend over backwards, pray and believe in a jewish, rebel mzungu who died on a cross. These people have kiled your elders' tradition, kill our witch doctors to force you (and your politician) to go to Church every Sunday with dubious healing ceremonies... And yet, they are owning most Kenyan lands and are high ranked in Kenyan political sphere !!

Worst of all, these people are building schools everywhere in Kenya to teach your children stupid stuff like anti-evolution, anti-Darwinian thesis !!

Tourist mzungu aren't bad !! Missionaries are real evil is this country !!

Enjoy Church this Sunday

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
How you describe the reckless, unsubstantiated accusations, as well as demagogic attacks on the character or patriotism of political adversaries in Africa during the Cold War?


Surely, can we have some respect for FACTS?

See this: World Bank: History by Devesh Kapur @ pg 305.

It is written this:

"In Tanzania, honest and selfless leadership proved as entrapping as the Machivellian variety. The regime's moral tone provided a justification for McNamara to once again bet on the POWERS OF AUTHORITY to remake society. The Bank became strongly committed to Nyerere's COMMUNAL SOCIALISM and WELFARE schemes."

"In 1973 the Bank's loyalty was enthusiatic. Tanzania is making genuine rural progress ... [and] deserves every encouragement and support. We are enclined to give Tanzania an excellent performance rating."

Source of the quote: World Bank, "Country Program Note: Tanzania," draft, February 12, 1973, pp. 6, 15.

Once again, if you amenable to FACTS, and assuming you know HOW TO READ, all this and much more here:


As such, Tanzanian COMMUNISM was FUNDED by the WB. In other words, Nyerere was a darling of the WB. Simple and clear.

You may jump up and down with your propaganda, but, even the gods cannot change the history.

Anonymous said...

Chris, pole kwa msiba wako...

Interesting post, yaani miros do not recognize the subconscious change in their mannerisms when a mzungu is in the vicinity, lets call it inferiority complex...

@ Mwarang'ethe, how can I contact you 'outside' Kumekucha?

Ken Thumbi

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1.37PM

Mwara"N"gethe crawls out of the e-shadows into kumekucha to "bless" us with his personal knowledge of eCONomics and who are we with "little" knowledge of history/currency/money/land not to say "Amen". Those of us who CANNOT READ!

Only those with little understanding will not see through the various abbreviated smoke screens. To confuse and conflate issues is his forte and proclaims that anything and everything that he/she presents to us via web references that suites his whims is TRUE, and if your not carefull, you will be reeking of e-BULLSHIT and why NOT afterall isn't it on the INTERNET, so it must be TRUE.

Mwara"N"gethe always passes theoretical cries and wiggles and jiggles like fish out of water, when IVY LEAGUE schools and IMF are mentioned, even calling the "unfortunate" ones who passed through them IVY LEAGUE FOOLS.

Can he now tell us why we should read John P. Powelson's book seeing that He graduated from Harvard ( Ivy League) and worked for a number of years for the IMF.

The 'Virtual economist' is just too imbued with his own self-righteousness.

And that is why I can't scoop his dog poo eCONomics. Mwar"N"gethe I am ready for your hyberbole theoretical cries in your defense.

Careful man the glaciers are melting high up Mt. Kenya of human history you are too close to the sun.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Ehe hehe he he he did someone unleash a Coprophagia comment. LOL

Anonymous said...

@Ken Thumbi,

Mwarang'ethe said...

The Oracle has Spoken

3/8/11 12:36 AM


We have read all of your comments above, and we can dimiss them in one word, CANT.

We said, and have provided EVIDENCE from the WB's records to back our claims that, Nyerere's COMMUNISM was FUNDED and SUPPORTED by the West/SATANIC WB.

You have refuted none of that. So, what are you saying Mr pharisee?


As concerns Tanzania and SADC, we expected you and other readers to contemplate the question of SADC, COMESA and EAC and how they interact and the consequences thereof.

In other words, the question of Spaghetti bowl phenomenon of trade and investment agreements.

Instead of such strategic thinking, we are told about southern African liberation and such dog poo. Mwafrika, hako na shida kweli.

Anonymous said...

W-w-w-what! Ooooh! I see, I am in a state of intoxicated amazement and bedazzled wonderment.

Ehe did Prof. John Powelson not graduate from Harvard and what about his stint at the IMF? trying to slither away as you do via signal blunters is nothing new under the sun. it is equally amazing that Devesh Kapur praises Ivy league schools, Isn's that SPECIAL?.

Where you by any chance denied admission to an Ivy League School?

Please learn to READ and decipher my comments i.e. if you can READ.

Good manners dictates that you learn how to clean up after your dog poo eCONomics.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

anon 12:01am
are we to believe you are a mzungu blogging here on this post under anonymous? it must be the power of Kumekucha! But i'm sorry being a mzungu in Kenya is easier than being a Kenyan in Kenya you must be the few mzungus who have it rough sorry for that!the rest of your compatriots are busy being placed on pedestals by my fellow countrymen and some of them are worse than you,they rape our young girls,introduce filthy immoral behaviours at the coast etc

I do agree with you we Kenyans are doomed for believeing in everyone but ourselves so yes i will pray for us when i go to church this weekend

Anonymous said...

Show down Oracle Vs. Mwarangethe, FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Kumekucha let's get ready to ruuuuuuumble!

Anonymous said...

Central Kenya

Ideally, Mary Muthoni who works in Kiambu town should be happy — she is educated, salaried and liberated. However, Muthoni who has been widowed for the last five years and is juggling between her career, raising her three children and paying rent from her meagre salary.

"Shortly before my husband died, I had taken a loan using our shamba in Githunguri as collateral. My husband was a businessman. After his death, my in-laws kicked me out and demolished the house I had constructed. Now I am homeless and still paying the loan," Muthoni says.

thought this behaviour was said to happen in western Kenya. Kumbe kiuks do it too! Aibu gani hiiii

Anonymous said...

It is troubling that chinese contractors can come to Kenya and impregnate a kikuyu serial repeating student.just imagine she is 20 years old in Form 3!is this what Kenya has come to?

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe ever heard of that story of a fool who continues to dig deeper and deeper while lodged in a hole?

Anonymous said...

Oracle, please give me a break. Note: I don't hold brief for that Mwangarethe thing.
But hear me out. I don't a hoot about Ivy league schools. They may take the best but they make them the worst.
Except Maina Kiai.
Look at what they did to one Kiraitu Murungu! They made him proud, with hyena like mouth, bad jokes and above all criminal! Triton, Anglo fleecing name he there. I Blame to his teachers at Havard you know. Lol.

AL-Shabab said...

We are currently recruiting members who are willing to join Al-Shabab, due to the sensitivity of this resolve we do advice that you post only your e-mail and we shall contact you from there.

ALLAH will reward you in plenty if you surrender to his mercies, join in your hundreds and thousands.

Anonymous said...

I think 'The Oracle has Spoken' fellow has inferiority complex.
Its not difficult to see when a loser tries so hard to sound educated. Meza wembe nyangau hii, Mwarangethe always backs his ideas with solid facts while you back your silly comments with insults. You should demand back the donor funding that you paid in that mzungu school. They brainwashed you lad.

Tiskie of Jukwaa

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.13 Am,

Ha Ha he he hi hi....I will not refute that and you are after all entitled to your own opinion. Kiraitu who?

My only beef is with one "high priest" who preaches water and intoxicates himself with lethal doses of cheap liquor brewed atop Mt.Kenya of Human history.

Those 'armchair economists' who say and SHOUT how IVY LEAGUE schools graduates FOOLS and yet they refer us to Literature written by the same "FOOLS".

The only place where dog poo eCONomics has a place is in the sewers.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

@Tiskie of Jukwaa

Good observation!

"The Oracle has spoken" is seriously flawed character suffering from a cocktail of complexities i.e inferioty complex, 'King Saul syndrome', Narcissistic personality disorder and a false assumption of intellectual superiority.

Half of all comments in Kumekucha are from this idiot blogging as Oracle when it suits him and anons to fool us around.
This is the same idiot who sometime call himself "King Charles"!

Anonymous said...

@ Tiskie,

Aha! The Master of Insults has perched on Kumekucha armed complete with a Phd. in psycho-analysis!

Mmmmmh! Tiskie Tiskie please then explain to me why I should bother to read the works of the late Prof. Powelson afterall he is an IVY LEAGUE alumni and former loyal employee of the evil satan organisation called the IMF.

Or is it because "Prof" Mwara"N"gethe has said so, but "Prof" has been saying how only fools exist in this organisations. where are the FACTS in that or because it is in the INTERNET???

I only use comments( read insults) that "Prof." coined BULLSHIT! and DOG POO.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

"are we to believe you are a mzungu blogging here on this post under anonymous? it must be the power of power of Kumekucha!" - SADLY IT IS, THE KUMEKUCHA POWER !! I RARELY POST AS ANONYMOUS :)

"But i'm sorry being a mzungu in Kenya is easier than being a Kenyan in Kenya you must be the few mzungus who have it rough sorry for that!" - HMM! NOT SURE! For poor or low-class Kenyan yes; otherwise, no (except in front of corrupt civil servants)! But agree, that housegirl who wake up at 5am to wash his GK boss car and finish the day at 10pm washing the car again just to have food on the table is sad.

"some of them are worse than you, they rape our young girls, introduce filthy immoral behaviours at the coast etc" - LIKE AMERICAN PRIESTS or BLACK AMERICAN HIP-HOP = BLAME AMERICA NOT MZUNGU!! I said in one of my article that: "the Kenyan society who loves the American model (understand hot plastified girls in miniskirt seated on pimped car listening to stupid RnB)is an hypocryte society. They do exactly the same but refuse to admit it (often blaming western culture) just because they don't want to go red in front of pastor" you are doing exactly the same, blaming foreigners and refusing to admit that bad is everywhere !

"I do agree with you we Kenyans are doomed for believing in everyone but ourselves so yes i will pray for us when i go to church this weekend" - You better kill a chicken for your ancient gods at top of mountain instead of following a stupid alienated westerner religion. They killed your society and you are there clapping your hands for them ! I am so sorry for you !

Anonymous said...

I need to try and understand why the Oracle is being villified simply for pointing out the truth. Mwarangethe has on a number of occassion held negative positions on the WB, IMF and IVY league schools. The evidence is there for all to see, all one needs to do is scroll through past posts and comments on Kumekucha and the Oracle has simply asked mwarangethe simple questions which he is avoiding because we all know what he has said in the past.

Anonymous said...

There goes Oracle the FAGGOT @anon 3:12!

Anonymous said...

@3.16 am
I am not the Oracle. Trying to divert attention from the truth will not work. Using insults as anon can only mean that you are either tiskie's ilk or mwarangethe when he resorts to his childish behaviour of posting as anon.

If I was not a mother I would have similarly abused you. But take heart Jesus loves you.

Anonymous said...

anon 3.06am
wonders never cease!so you really are a mzungu blogging here on KK!
and a rare one at that one who is treated slightly better than poor
low class kenyans

I see you have alot of anger against organised western religion
sorry can't help you there i'm still brainwashed by your last
missionaries that came to our shores circa may take
another millenia to gain my mind back LOL check back then for confirmation

Kenyan high society loving the American model is nothing new
its part of that countries worldwide agenda to indoctrinate
the entire world with their subversive culture is it not?
Well they are following in the footsteps of their European predecessors.what can i say its in westerners blood
to colonise and clone themselves everywhere.that is history though nothing can be done about it.

however its one thing to ape western culture and its another thing to be only wonders why the mzungu does not ape the culture of ethnic minorities immigrating in their countries-the shoe somehow does not fit so well on the other foot

Anonymous said...


Why can't we have a post on why
Kenyans are ready for woman president?

Apparently Kenyans are ready for a female president, according to research firm Infotrack Harris.
The study noted that 60 per cent --three out of every five Kenyans -- would vote for a woman president if elections were held.

Dan said...

Mwarang'ethe should clearly clarify his position or change it on IVY LEAGUE schools so that this matter can now be put to rest.

I am an avid but silent reader of Kumekucha and let us be HONEST we have on numerous occassions read mwarang'ethe trash if not tear into pieces IVY LEAGUE schools.

Has this position changed and is it now a case of Saul changing into Paul? The Oracle has a point though he has been met with bile, obviously from people suffering from selective amnesia.

Mwarang'ethe kindly tell us why an Ivy League professor should dictate our course of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Chaps I did some research for you to bring this to an end. Domination across species and among populations within a species can be attributed to three factors: intelligence (controversial), tool use(technology) and force (many types). Answer your subservience to mzungu? But of course the suff I read is written by wazungu!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:40am
I now unless Africans revenge and colonise Wazungus we are not intelligent,lack technology and force?ahhh....
no wonder Rannenberger could arrogantly refer to lightweight intellectuals of no political consequence LOL

Anonymous said...


You sound so POWERFUL and STRONG! *mmmmmh* I simply love a man who can keep intellectual pretenders in their place. I want to share more about myself to you.

Holla @ NKT! I will be waiting.

Anonymous said...

avoid the kukuyu temptress,remember what happened to the Thika road chinese contractor now proud father of a chikuyu baby?you have been warned!

Anonymous said...

Dan @3:39 and anon 3:50 are all but one person aka Oracle.
This guy is hell-bent in silencing Mwarange'the to a point is looking embarrassingly deseparate and pathetic.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! did Tiskie just go silent! or was he jut silenced by a Mizungu alumni. Tiski who specializes in name calling and insults on the web. Talk and speak of inferiority complex Lol, nyani kweli haoni kundule.

Dan said...

@Anon 4.01,
Let us be very objective here. I will not be suprised if you turned out to be that you are the one branding the Oracle various names here and you are acting desperate in an attempt to achieve your motive.

Mwarang'ethe is a prominent blogger here and there is a lot that I have personally learnt from him but there are times he simply tries to overdo himself and fortuntely or unfortunately the Oracle takes this one.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Dan wrote:

Mwarang'ethe kindly tell us why an Ivy League professor should dictate our course of thinking.

3/8/11 3:39 AM


No, do not let the Ivy League FOOLS dictate your course of thinking.

Firstly, the point we made was simple. Nyerere's so called Ujamaa/Communism was FINANCED and GUIDED by the SATANIC WB.

Some, may be out Ivy League induced stupidity, disputed that assertion.

We offered evidence from the WB reports, quoted by an Ivy League guy. Having been cornered, the TALKING HEADS turned the argument into, why should one's thinking be dictated by the Ivy League guy?

We agree, there is no need for that. The best way is for you, to read the WB's report for yourself about Tanzanian/Nyerere relationship with the WB.

Luckily, we live in an age we can get all this very easily.

So, assuming you are interested in the TRUTH, and you can READ, here is where you can get all the information from the SATAN's mouth:

To make your work easier, tell them you are interested in the Tanzanian related reports between 1967 - 1980.

Good research and share with us your findings.

Anonymous said...

@3/8/2:31 AM
Al Mbuzi Khabab al Wazimu
Sorry al Kichaa you are fishing in one of the many wrong ponds around here.


Try the usual kondoo desperados because our well informed young scientific warriors (reseachers), medical teams, urban/rural support units and health conscious foot soldiers are busy using their brains, time and valuable energies in combating MALARIA, HIV/AIDS, all types of CANCERS, and SNAKE BITES.

Our hundreds and thousands of young men and women will not waste their lives engaging in the same old skirmishes that our ancestors were involved in during the great dispersion some many centuries ago.

BTW, have fun with your forty empty vessels made of low grade contaminated clay that is always filled with broken dreams, and don't forget to bring your pitch fork along.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:11
It is troubling that chinese contractors can come to Kenya and impregnate a kikuyu serial repeating student.just imagine she is 20 years old in Form 3!is this what Kenya has come to?

3/8/11 2:11 AM


Don't be troubled by that my friend. Who told u Chinese are supposed to be celibate? Did you expect Chinese to come to Kenya and abstain from sex? Or you think masturbation works all the time?
It's the girl and others like her who should trouble you. The girl is loose. Pure and Simple.

Anonymous said...

@an 3:34

"wonders never cease!so you really are a mzungu blogging here on KK! - Yep ! Do you think I am the only one mzungu here

"I see you have alot of anger against organised western religion
sorry can't help you there i'm still brainwashed by your last
missionaries that came to our shores circa may take
another millenia to gain my mind back LOL check back then for confirmation"
- I was about to say the same, I should not blame Kenyans for that, it took Europeans 2'000 years to realize the same but we don't learn the shit that American learn in school (like God made the Universe). So meanwhile, enjoy your pastor brainwashing :) - Eat De Poo Poo

Sad to see that most religious people in Europe are not turning into right-extremists/racists going into crusade against muslims.

"Kenyan high society loving the American model is nothing new
its part of that countries worldwide agenda to indoctrinate
the entire world with their subversive culture is it not?
- It is yes !! Hollywodd being their best tool

Well they are following in the footsteps of their European predecessors.what can i say its in westerners blood to colonise and clone themselves everywhere.that is history though nothing can be done about it. - Colonization is finished... Capitalism is the new BIG Word. Oh, also we are good at selling weapons to dictators and big firms like to bribe African politicians... And proud of our banks who are ripping people's off.

"however its one thing to ape western culture and its another thing to be only wonders why the mzungu does not ape the culture of ethnic minorities immigrating in their countries" - Because, like you said, most mzungus feel we are a superior race (for 200 years, scientists and people were persuaded that white race was superior). And, by nature, judeo-christian society doesn't like change (they prefer kill). Don't forget that for most Americans, Obama is a marxist-djihadist born in Kenya who burnt churches in Burnt Forest

Anonymous said...

Do a post on a Woman President for Kenya or What the Judges will decide on 15 March 2010 at the Hague

Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

anon 4:30am
its troubling that such a professional schoolgirl (20yrs Form3) can be so loose!
Kenyans are losing morality in their country while fighting each other because of political warlords who je hii ni ungwana?

Dan said...

@ Mwarang'ethe said,

"No, do not let the Ivy League FOOLS dictate your course of thinking"

Fine, i will not dispute that assertion. But this so called report is published and written by an IVY League Professor who IMO may be distorting FACTS so that it appears that Mwalimu was a WB stooge.

Which brings us back to Oracle's original point. Please, Just be concise and clear I am learning and I hope you will not simply trash my opiion.

Furthermore, I do not agree with your assertion when terming them as fools. The exposure gained from various institutions of higher learning forms the basis and in some way also shapes our opinions. it is from these that we can decide on wether we are being misled or not.

I assume that you have also attended school at some point and from your own research in various fields that is how or what you base your opinion on what is true or not true.

Kindly let us keep it civil

Anonymous said...

Why do kenyans like discussing this nonsense of aping whites. You were roped in when you accepted christianity. Last time I checked a vast majority of kenyans were christians and very proud of it, you know being little europeans. Without going back to the 1st and 2nd centuries, Christainity as we know it today was founded by Constantine in the 3rd century as "the Holy Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Roman Empire". It is nothing but an embodiment of european symbols, customs and rituals. If you bow to symbols, customs and rituals that originated from other cultures you are a slave. I agree with our white friend up there that we need to go back to sacrificing goats to our ancient gods. But I doubt I doubt there would be many takers. Kenyan christians believe they are "superior" to followers of other religions. They are proud of being "whites".

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:55

I love you !!!!! I lOVE YOU !!!!!

We should have a drink together a Sunday morning, while others are busy being hypocritical singing and clapping hands (with hangover)

"Kenyan christians believe they are "superior" to followers of other religions" - Monotheism, polytheism or atheism ? You choose !! Monotheism being the supreme-super-religion-over-the-top that we kill all other form of beliefs

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:55am
now that Kenyans were supposedly "roped" into christianity are we to unrope ourselves by going back to killing chickens? you will have a hard time selling that even to the village idiot

I am surprised you didn't say embrace atheism LOL!anyway,you are in the wrong forum my friends this is politics 101, and you and our mzungu friend seem to have vendetta against organised western religion ?

Well take it up with them why not?the Vatican/Methodist/Presbyterian/Pentecostal/Muslim etc also have their own blogs and websites make known
your passionate views there.leave the "roped" Kenyans alone unless a "higher power" or "intellect" appointed you to "liberate" us backward people again?

If Kenyans want to remain proud of being "whites" its their choice let them enjoy their life.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:55 AM


Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ - who was Jewish!!

Ancients Jews were not white. They came from Mesopotamia - today Iraq.
(or Abraham came from Ur of Chaldean, today's Bagdad)! And of course they intermarried with Miadianites, Epytian, Cushites (blacks), canaanites and other 'ites'

Servant of Jesus said...

Anons 4.55am and 5.03 am you are one and the same person

"But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies ..." 2 Pet. 2:1

The Lord God is True and only through him shall we see the Kingdom of Heaven. Christianity is the only TRUE and SUPERIOR! Religion.

All others are pretenders to the heavenly throne.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Furthermore, I do not agree with your assertion when terming them as fools.

I assume that you have also attended school at some point and from your own research in various fields that is how or what you base your opinion on what is true or not true.

Kindly let us keep it civil


Do not take such word to mean that, whoever has attended these schools is a fool. Far from it.

It is used to mean that, our STATE schools are there to teach/brainwash us to be LEADERS, i.e. holders of power.

The question is, why don't they teach us how to critic power?

As a matter of fact, the most bitter critics of the Ivy League of FOOLS are some of the people who teach there.

Sample this:

"most damning disadvantage of an elite education.. that it is profoundly anti-intellectual.

They are products of a system that rarely asked them to think about something bigger than the next assignment. The system forgot to teach them, along the way to the prestige admissions and the lucrative jobs, that the most important achievements can’t be measured by a letter or a number or a name. It forgot that the true purpose of education is to make minds, not careers."

Read the rest for yourself here:

"The Disadvantages of an Elite Education."

And, it starts like this:

"Our best universities have forgotten that the reason they exist is to make MINDS, not CAREERS."

NB: Did you cOme out OF Havard with a MIND, or a CAREER?


Anonymous said...

Will kenya meet expenses for witnesses at ICC?
An interesting question, not addressed here, is whether or not the Kenyan government would see fit to pay the legal fees of any victim participants in the event that a confirmation of charges hearing was granted.

more at

Anonymous said...

ALLAH - AQBAR!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


maybe you should try reading again Mwarangethe's response coz clearly you were those slow students.
Let me simplify for you for free.
These ivy pant sagging graduates have been brainwashed by them wazungu. About Nyerere, how best can one convince a zombie that to refer him to scripts written by their mentors? Mwarangethe gave his opinion but since he knew juakali fellows like 'the oracle' can only believe what their ivy profs wrote, he sent them there. His opinion is not shaped by those documents.

Sawa kijana dan? And by the way, make sure you finish your homework after reading this, we dont want KK to make you mess your high school grades.

Tiskie of Jukwaa

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'the AKBAR!!!

Anonymous said...

recruitment is on, interested members to provide details

Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan said...

@Tiskie I am very sorry but it seems the doctor must have dropped you with your head when you were born, you must be craving for attention but I was conversing with mwarang'ethe who is an A+ material unlike you who is a D- or is it E. From your language you sound like a school drop out.


It seems we are going round in circles but thanks for your effort anyway, but I shall agree to disagree

Anonymous said...

poor dan, he has surely met his match...eti finish homework..bwa ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Dan is Oracle!
Unless of course you are a gulliable Kenyan who are easily fooled not to know that!

Anonymous said...

Tiskie having been dropped with his head is now officially a member of the McNoughton society

Anonymous said...

You must let be say that again MUST give the Oracle a job. You must agree that he keeps this blog lively and draws in fans and hate in equal measure.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:30 AM aka Oracle,

Indeed! at least I agree with you on that one. You keep this ailing blog alive with your numerous comments under different guises.
The only thing why would an ivy league educated " heavy-weight intellectual" want a job from a mkamba?
I am not sure if anyone would want to employ a man full of himself and with a stinking altered ego like you.

Anonymous said...

Mwara Ngethe @12:06 AM
I thought your could have done better than insult other people's intelligence, because they know how to read as well as you do unless the subject matter is written in cuneiform alphabate and Summerian language, which happens to be your field of expertise.

The question @1:37 AM was, How [[DO]] you describe the reckless, unsubstantiated accusations, as well as demagogic attacks on the character or patriotism or nationalism of political adversaries in [Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East, and] Africa during the Cold War?

Well, any well read professor like you who is versed in critical political economic theory would have had no difficult with the term McCarthyism.

Why dig your so called facts about Mwalimu Julius Nyerere (RIP) from anti Mahatma Ghandi and Pandit Nehru sources like Devesh Kapur?

Were you aware that a one time "white's only" hotel that was once owned by Devesh Kapur's grandfather was natinalized by the Tanzanian government?

It was located in Oyster Bay, but was demolished during Mr. Mkapa's era inorder to pave room for a modern hotel complex.

Do I sense a conflict of interest, deep seated anger, sour grapes, an axe to grind, a old chance to get even at Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, CCM, GORT by Devesh Kapur?

What you say to someone like Devesh Kapur, hoping that he is still alive and well?

History is always rewritten in the same way it has been done in the former USSR, Yugoslavia, South Africa, and in the manner in which it's still being rewritten in Northern Africa against the will and power of former political gods like Hosni Mubarak and others in the region.

Ancient history can always undergo a critical makeover with the help of archaeological finds, new discoveries such as ancient manuscripts, artifcats and misplaced records of events and so forth.

It's no longer a question of history according to 'HIS STORY' as retold by outsiders, but it's now an issue of HISTORY as supported and authenticated by many disciplines at our disposal.

FYI, Mwalimu Nyerere was never slept in the same bed with WB, IMF, nor did he ever lease any bases in Tanzania for use by NATO forces, the UK, USA, or Israel).

He was ostracized, cut-off, dumped and left to fend for his nation without western economic aid packages.

Repeat: SADC makes alot of economic sense for Tanzania as opposed to depending on limited trade with its neighbours in the north and European nations.

Repeat: Southern African nations are no strangers to Tanzania and it's people, an advantage that has created more opportunities for all economies in the region.

Search other sources besides the 1960s WB's gospels and ancient 1970s authors, and update your facts for a change.

Professor, you owe to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:52am
thanks too for your concern over this ailing blog alive with your constant reminders of its dying status
Makes one wonder why the vultures circle the carcass to pick off the remains or to keep off other predators from claiming the prize of big bird over a small carcass

Anonymous said...

Why do i get this feeling that mwara' and oracle are the same person! Are We dealing with a bored psycho schizophrenic here?

Anonymous said...

I hate to draw you myopic world view to the fact that my former boss was a Mkamba at a time when we were "SAPPERS" with 130th E.Brig.

He was well respected and liked by many in the brig. He's still active with the 130th E.Brig in Hawaii.

Never judge a book by its colour, nor judge a person by the colour of his/her skin, race, ethnicity, nationality or zip code.

So many Kenyans who have been with the 130th at one time or another will tell you, if you care to listen, that they survived because of the professionalism, personal example, support and mentorship programs that were estbalished by the Mkamba boss and his peers in order to assist locals and "many outsiders" like me transition into the 130th with lesser difficulties.

Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako and not with any Mkamba in Kenya or in the Diaspora.

Anonymous said...

@Mwara"N"gethe and T-i-s-k-i-e.

It seems I have officially acquired powers to morph into various anons, well your smoke screens won't SILENCE me saying the TRUTH, kapish.

When people are blinded by Mwara"N"gethe who tends to monopolise wisdom coz he thinks that we are all FOOLS and CAN'T READ! I will not tire to say that fake intellectuals are easily detectable, always lacking in both ORIGINALITY and THOUGHT but would want to dominate and prescribe the course of debate of kumekucha and in the process hope that abbreviated web references will make him appear SUPERIOR in THOUGHT and consequently SILENCE would be critics.

Borrowed and unsynthesized theories will never make one an INTELLECTUAL, and re-statement of already known theories and philosophies only makes one look desperate.

And that is why I say again why I should bother listening to the Harvard and Anti Gandhi Scholar.

Meanwhile @ T-i-s-k-i-e ,it is not my fault that you where not blessed with knowledge and from your arguements you have no command on such matters and that is why Copy and Paste FACTS are your only recourse, why am I even wasting time responding to you, you ain't worth it.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

who said Kalonzo is a political lightweight and of no political consequence was not talking about the entire Kamba tribe only about the opportunist himself
if only you would Free your mind from the hatred blindly choking your persepective and while at it contribute something more meaningful

Anonymous said...

Cut the crap! Lets cut to the chase! Oracle, whats shiku lyke? We need some love blossoming on this blog amidst the hate!

Anonymous said...

ICC judges decide fate of Ocampo Six

By NATION Reporter
Posted Tuesday, March 8 2011 at 20:40

ICC JUDGES have decided on fate of Ocampo Six, announcement to be made tomorrow at The Hague.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

ICC summons

No one should celebrate.Kaloozer is on course. now his mission can be accomplished "since he will be appealing against a that which exists2 as Kilonzo advised them

Seems deferral by UN is coming

Philip said...

Anon 8.04 and Oracle,

Well said. Thumbs up.


Your arguement with Mwarangethe is nothing but a repeat of my arguement with him. Sorry, you'll never get answers from him to your question.

Anonymous said...

I hate black men!

Anonymous said...

Haya!!! Summons are out! Let's hear and see back sides being kicked out there!

I can't wait to see UK's face when he goes to Hague

Anonymous said...

cheap kenya is raped by chinese,indians after being sodomised by europeans and america

Anonymous said...

I hate black men ~ Says Who?

Allow me to dignify your statement by asking, what did they really do to you?

Did the little black men take away your lunch and eat it during your kindergarten days?

Or did they outsmart you and outshine you in high school to the point where they ended up enrolling in the good schools with great medical programs, while you had to scramble for the remaining slots at your local community college?

FACT: A young black male who goes to college on a sports scholarship will always be well liked by 80% of the student's body, faculty, staff, parents, campus police, local media, and the neighbouring community.

FACT: While there is no person who is hated, disliked, resented, avoided and seen as a threat like a young black male who manages to meet the pre med requirements and risks enrolling at some of the good medical schools around the country.

One can only reach the point of extending hatred to others after they have allowed themselves to be consumed by self-loathing. ~ Desmond Tutu.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:15pm,

I have always thought that it was a business partnership of equals as in quid pro quo for both nations. Or am I that gullible? lol!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What does the abbreviation H.A.G.U.E stand for? A free two-way ticket to JKIA for the person who gets it first.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:52am,
are we there yet? are you sure? come one and pinch kumekucha just to make sure the e-temperature and all vitals are normal. all things considered, kumekucha is still alive and well in 2011, and kicking toward 2012, a year that is being eargely awaited by many, both in kenya and the diaspora.

Anonymous said...

If I were Ruto, Uhuru, Muthaura et al, I would sack my lawyer immediately. Their advise is wanting! Instead of teling these suspects to prepare to attend court hearing, they clients are busy firefighting.
They are busy seeing enemies that are not.... there.

Why concentrate on people like RAO who (as at now) has no case to answer?
Good riddance to impunity

Anonymous said...

MPigs have become hard headed, stubborn as mules, and addicted to seeking political and personal trivial mileage from the court of public opinion rather than the court of law, hence their involvement in daily and weekly theatrics as loose cannons.

MPigs with kutu nyingi kichwani will never heed any worthwhile legal advice nor abide to any official rules of conduct or self-imposed restrain.

They will only be forced to respect the law, the public, their consitituents and pay more attention if they retained a $1000 an hour lawyer.

Or fined $5,000 every time they throw political tantrums, embarrass themselves by uttering political garbage in public, a habit that has become all so common since the referendum exercise ended.

Kenyan politicians have sunk a high low since 2007 and very little is going to change, unless the mighty winds of change sweep redundant MPigs out of parliament after 2012.

But one wonders whether the new faces of 2013 will be any different from the current MPigs addicted to behaving so badly on any give day?

Anonymous said...

Fuck Mwarang'ethe who always thinks that he knows it all. Kudos to Oracle for putting such pretenders in their place.

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