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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wheels Slowly Coming off The Hague Express

Thank God for auto mouths like Agriculture Assistant Minister Kareke Mbiuki who does not sugar coat what others refer to in relative terms. MP Mbiuki laid it bare that the ICC process is a weapon to eliminate William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta before 2012, PERIOD. And there is no guessing who scheming to benefit from such devious machinations.

Well, not so fast as evident from judicious suspects who are burning the midnight candle formulating ways to scuttle this ICC animal. The security chiefs are not fools to incriminate themselves with statement to Lady Justice Rawal. Ocampo is better advised to spare his chest the self-thumbing. He has not seen the last of Kenya's octane tribal politics at play.

The security chiefs were only doing what people employed in the disciplined forces do, follow and obey orders. And shooting only 500 Kenyans from their backs is a small price to pay to stem mayhem. Asking the PPOs the source of their shoot-to-kill orders amounts to raping our national sovereignty.

Meanwhile our smart legal minds are smiling all the way to the bank. The Hague and Ocampo better prepare themselves for a battle royale. Ruto is a real warrior never intimidated even with Europe's biting winter. Add shrewd and moneyed Uhuru to the mix and Ocampo has a handful of political heavyweights with a Diaspora ready to parade their village loyalty at any time of need.

Make no mistake, the bolts are slowly but surely coming off the hitherto Hague Express. In no time, the juggernaut will ground to a halt once the Ruto/UK axis starves its steam engine of oxygen. NA BADO.


Anonymous said...

The Hague Express is well fitted with wheels that can survive any type of climate around the world.

As a matter of fact, The Hague Express is already building up momentum on its way to a known destination located in East Africa.

Any persons who may think that they can outsmart, outwit and outlive minted justice from The Hague, they better think twice, and also take a good second look at Charles Taylor's endgame.

Charles Taylor "was" more wealthy, battle tested and war hardened leader (warrior) than anyone of the perpetrators of Kenya's PEV.

He had large armies of fierce and ferocious fighters in and around Liberia.

Yet he ended up being carted off to The Hague like a domesticated and toothless Bengal tiger.

Charles Taylor will never ever have access to the illicit wealth, in the tune of five billion dollars, that he amassed from conflict (blood) diamonds, drug deals, human trafficking, and reselling of light and heavy arms to guerrilla groups and rebel militia armies in various region of Africa, Latin America and Sri Lanka.

Some of his wealth has been frozen and seized, part of it remains unaccounted for and the rest of it will be taken advantage of by third party institutions and his one time financial advisors.

The point is, the one time mighty warrior, "lord of lords, the alpha and omega of all things Liberian, the untouchable lion of West Africa" now sits behind bars caged in a tiny jail cell like a brown bear or a cape buffalo recuperating from a nasty gore.

He still wondering how the hell in the world did a small crew of The Hague Express without steady wheels catch up with him when he thought he was scot free and safe in a far away land living among trusted friends and powerful politicians on his payroll.

As for the small time self-proclaimed Kenyan warriors and criminally wealthy tribal lords of impunity, they are all no match for Lord Charles Taylor's reputation, nor will they outrun the determined crew of The Hague Express that will soon be rolling in to some of the posh Kenyan neighbourhoods in search of passengers, holders of one-way tickets to The Hague.

Anonymous said...

It is now common knowledge that the main target in all this ICC fiasco is kibaki. You only have to look at the fidgeting of the PNU politicians. How many attended the ocampo lecture? only wekesa, Kibaki was nowhere to be seen. Now everyone is calling for Raila's indictement in the KKK barazas. Why did they take so long to realise he was guilty. The wheels are on gear 3 and the road is getting steeper by the day.
How I wish ocampo well. I lost a comrade in the hands of the Police during the 2008 violence and untill the person who gave the orders to kill is brought to book his spirit will not give me peace.

Anonymous said...

sometimes one wishes a bomb could be dropped on parliament buildings during a sitting to solve all our collective problems but nature is too kind

Anonymous said...

Not a bomb. A coup is more realistic.

Anonymous said...

@3:15 AM
There is no need of dropping a cluster bomb on parliament while it is in session due to the fact that many of the most wanted targets are never there on any given day. Quorum is a very rare commodity traded on the floor and the backbenches within parliament.

Avoid a coup by all accounts because of the estimated collateral damage by Kenya standards and the repeal effects that are bound to be felt for years to come as was the case in
Burkina Faso
and counting.

A systematic head hunting of individual political snakes would be the best alternative, more painless and less costly to the general public and the nation.

Instituting a well orchestrated mopping operation similar to "the night of the long knives" and may just get rid of the real problem without destroying unintended targets and nation in the process.

Or what about a nationwide humiliating defeat at the polls in 2012?

Mmmmmmmmmm, it will never work because voters always have a high preferrence to lock their vote in various ... blocks around the country regardless of whether they are voting for a particular candidate or figment of their fertile political imaginations.

Back to square one. Business as usual until kingdom come.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4.11 AM... I can only SALUTE you and say Brilliant stuff man!.. Unless a special virus is created to enable us become a "Zombie" nation, so that we eliminate the intended targets - it will surely be business as usual.

This special virus that will help eliminate tribal groupings & cocoons seems to evade our Nation - we are just better left to the Ministry of Ungentlemanly politics, lest we join the League of Evil.

@ Taabu - Kudos to you brother always hilarious man! LOL! But we must remember that having become a captive audience to "ICC: The ultimate sabotage" now showing in the Kenyan Political arena - we can only watch with glee as the lead actor(s) acts himself / themselves lame.

Ocampo should be made aware if he doesn't know, that we Kenyans love living in a gated community, it is just our way of telling the world that we are "terrified" of it, we are SOVEREIGN!.

But we should also note that concrete walls & chain - link fences can be defeated by anyone with a ladder or a pair of bolt - cutters.

The Oracle Has Spoken

Anonymous said...

oh dear! what a bunch of mumbo jumbo from armchair "experts" who know best. thanks god for jukwaa!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:31. It's not as if KK has a gun to your head forcing you to surf through, read the blogspot, & worst of all comment on it. If KK ain't your cup of tea, I'm sure you know how to permanently log in at Jukwaa to your heart's content. My take on blogs is the more the merrier. I read many, make comments on a few. Thank God for alternative info sites.


Anonymous said...

All roads rightly lead to the then commander in chief of the armed forces in Kenya!

kevo said...

In my opinion I think the wheels are well fitted and not bolted with jua-kali type of nuts. The Hague is a double edged sword that will cut both ways as who to who We Kenyans believe are our enemies and foes. This option was reached when we could not jointly agree on a local tribunal for the reasons that have existed since time immemorial A.K.A the other community is trying to finish us.

One thing I'm sure is in the end justice will be seen as done outside Kenya as the ICC case is the world vs few prominent Kenyans only.

I still hope we could have had a local tribunal as we still have the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

@The Oracle,
Do not continue to provide us with protective shade against the sun's bright light but please shed some light on the devine political inspirations concerning 'who is who' and 'who among who' will not be with us as in the inner circles of power by 2012.

Would it be okay for Kenyans to vote for candidate W as the next president, candidate X as the next prime minister, ignore candidate Y given his already sullied track record dating back to the Nyayo era, and then present would be candidate Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6, and the rest of parliamentary company (known instigators of PEV) as sacrificial offerings for the judicial altars at The Hague?

The highpriest from The Hague has been in our nation's backyard on numerous occassions, he has seen and expected the targeted goats intended for judicial slaughter, but the homesteaders have yet to decide or settle on 'which among which' groups of goats will be offer for the express appeasement of the gods at The Hague.

Oracle, don't mistake us for political fools or for being blind or overly ignorant, but all we are trying to do is avert any fate that may befall our people and nation in the form of the wrath from the gods.

We have seen and heard what wildfires, tsunami, hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, monsoons, sandstorms, earthquakes, severe drought, starvation, diseases, drug cartels, coups, civil wars, economic meltdown, broods of corrupt politicians and poor governance have done to several nations around the globe, and we want to have nothing to do such calamities of nature or man made.

FYI we the citizen for a peaceful coexitence, equality, stability and prosperity of Kenya, are very much aware of the on going political differences between Phythia (the virgin maiden) and the Python, Gaia's great serpent that has tormented the ethnic-city-states since the amalgamation of December 12, 1963.

Anonymous said...


Who really needs a local tribunal that can be manipulated by the undue influences of some wealthy and powerful individuals, or raided and disrupted by gangs of marauding youths armed with stones, machetes, spears, bows and arrows, or drunk college students on their riotous rite of passage excursions?

Unless we are ready to accept and embrace a local tribunal that will be based in Arusha, Tanzania, call it the 'UN Tribunal for Kenya', similar to the current UN Tribunal for Rwanda.

That way, any political thugs and ethnic hooligans from both sides ro wherever won't be afforded the opportunity nor the slightest excuse to disrupt, intimidate, delay or stop the proceedings at any given time.

Furthermore, Jeshi La Mgambo (People's Militia), TPDF (Tanzania People's Defence Force), FFU (Field Force Unit), vigilant local residents, and the national border will act as steady barrier island, should any planned disturbances or orchestrated mayhem occur while the tribunal in session.

Outsourcing the whole process would a big plus and win-win situation for those who have some semblance for the respect of law and order, and hate crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.27 a.m.

Are you sure you have understood the Oracles rhetoric? If you read his caption with one eye, please open both eyes and re-read and absorb the message.

Are you slow or something? The Python must have really wrapped itslef tightly! Huh! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Is that you TAABU posting as Anon 8.27 am and taking a jab at the Oracle ha ha ha he he he. We can smell your writing from afar.

Wazee! Wanaenda nyumbani 2012, thats why your old medula Oblangata can't fathom what the Oracle has written. Pole sana.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:14 AM

Did someone forget to mention Kumekucha's grandfathered clause, "tongue-in-cheek"?

Which Oracle did you have in mind? The one in Kumekucha's sacred sanctuaries at Delphi, Olympia, Nemea or Isthmia?

I have always had a lot of respect for The Oracle whenever The Oracle has spoken, and I am sure that The Oracle is very much aware of what goes on behind the scenes in Mycenaean cicrles.

I would like to assure you that I have not been afflicted by the Pythian trance, and I did not mistake the oracle nor have I ever failed to understand the fable of Kleobis and Biton.

LOL! The joke is on you! Now who was so slow to grasp the fable while it was still a narrative caught between the tongue and the cheek?

Let's not forget to ask "Whose?" the next time around, lest we dilute (digress from) the: "Wheels Slowly Coming Off The Hague Express".

Anonymous said...

There is the mistaken belief in ODM circles that if certain leaders are indicted by the Hague their communities will be leaderless thus rudderless and blindly vote for the one man left standing, big mistake !!!
Kikuyus will never forget that they were the target of genocide by ODM and Kales will never forget that they were used and dumped by ODM, consequently they will vote for anyone but Raila!
You can take that to the bank!!!

Anonymous said...

While some groups of seasoned politicians are busy trying to slowly remove the titanium cast wheels off The Hague Express, others are painfully coming to the realization that they might be spending the next twenty or thirty Christmas holidays of their lives in confined spaces at The Hague or somewhere else.

That's why some folks never cease to amaze the public with their antics.

"Armchair 'experts'" oozing with political "mumbo jumbo" (mambo jambo.LOL!) belong to a certain generation of wannabe liberators who really believed that they were in the same leauge as Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Samora Machel, Kwame Mkrumah, Ben Bella, Patrice Lumumba, Nelson Mandela, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere et al.

Others were a priviled breed of immigrants on full scholarships that once walked and operated in various diasporan enclaves in Europe, North America and Asia.

The rest were political refugees who had managed to sneak into next door Tanzania where many were offered shelter but never lived up to the high hopes and expectations held by their hosts and within many African liberation movements that were being trained in various regions of Tanzania.

One would have expected to find "keyboard 'experts'" or "blogger heads" but you guess is as good as mine, it goes with the territory.

Are some of the "armchair experts" still stuck in an era where whining about Imperial British Empire, Kenyatta Kingdom and Moi Domain was thee most patriotic and liberating agenda on the menu of many political tables and underground liberation kitchens?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.27 a.m & again @ 10.06am

LOL! What goes on around Mycenaean circles - am very much aware, keen political watchers would know that the bounty hunters have their cross-bows at the ready.

Remember the Hague express may have superior bolts, but their was once a famous slogan! .....No (insert name) No Railway!... - that's the hague express derailed right there!

You have aptly stated that candidate W + X - Y = ? Best left as it is, the Kenyan political landscape is not even - from the Highlands of central, great escarpments of the RV and as far away as the deep lake basin in Nyanza, then insert in Z's.... .ad infinitum - even Markov Chains can't solve that equation.

Our politicians would graduate with highest Honors from the "Black Panther University". The homesteaders will prevent you from moving into the neighbourhood occupied by them unless you submit to their "home owners policy" lest you be among the chosen goats off to the gods.

Am sure you also don't find it interesting to torment animals then lead them to slaughterhouses - but again "nyama choma" is a Kenyan Delicacy.

Would torture of highly sentient creatures still be authorised through the excuse of "property rights?"

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

I just hope that Kenyans will wake up soon and realize that they are just being used as tribal fodder in most of the political fights thathave nothing to do with them as individuals, respective regions and the country at large.

Military generals and tribal chieftains don't care about the body counts as long as they achieve their warped political objectives and ideological agendas.

It's the unsuspecting foot soldier who gets buried in the fields and his family and communities that are left in the dark wondering what became of their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, uncles, cousins, neighbours and guests who once lived in their midst.

Why waste your precious lives fighting and defending egomaniacal politicians, when they have not wven bothered to help provide Kenyan citizens ("not tribes") with basic facilities and services around the country?

Anonymous said...

Which bank? The one of collective national amnesia or selective regional amnesia?

Haven't you heard by now that a nation like Israel with the state of the art nuclear capabilities was defenseless, embrassed, humiliated and humbled by the tragic wildfires that have just routed them out, killing sixty people, and leaving in its wake a path of destruction estimated to be in the tune of over nine hundred million to a billion dollars.


First of all, the politicians and the people have always been made to believe that their real enemy was beyond its borders or lives on the other side of the divide and speaks a different language.

Second, they have always heavily invested in their industrial military complex since the 'Seven Days War', but at the same time, they have grossly failed to update their fire fighting bigrades around the country.

Can you imagine how embrassing it was for the Knesset, Israeli Defence Forces, Israeli people, and how shocking it was for the outside world to discover that a nation that prides itself in having one of the best airforce in the region and around the world, did not have a single air tanker plane available to combant wild fires.

Furthermore, they do not have any such facilities, trained personnel, neither did they even have the slightest notion that one day their country would be unprepared for such unpredictable eventualities caused by mother nature, rather than by known from beyond its borders.

Luckly, other nations with suited air tankers had to come to their rescue, including helicopter with huge water hauling capabilities from Turkey, yes Turkey of all nations has had them for quite some time. Talk of politicians failing to deal with pressing national priorities.

Anyway, so far, Kenyans have wasted five of their precious decades on ethnic fighting like harvested crabs, eel and scorpions trapped in bushels.

Whether we like it or not, a day will come when Kenyans will be confronted with a real dark enemy from within, one that is more powerfull than the fires that consumed lives and property in Israel, but it will be too late for millions who will suffer in the process.

People don't eat politics, they just talk politics but get on to live in peace while building their regions and nation in the process.

Anonymous said...

The former security chief, michuki is on way out.
does this not make the then C-I-C exposed?
Time will tell.

Hii ni Kenya mpya

Anonymous said...

Why now and not in 2012?

If true then the people of Kangema will have no difficulty in finding an immediate replacement and potential candidates for 2012.

Mzee Njoroge J. Michuki is almost eighty and it's high time he took a deserved break from active politics and spend the rest of his days with his wonderrful grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Kenyans will give him a reward for having served the nation in various capacities since the mid 1950s, but he will be remembered for ordering the raid (attack) on The Standard newspaper and the KTN television station, and for issuing venomous warnings to those who dared rattle his comfort zone or disobey his directives.

M. Pesa said...

Hehehe, Chris has been vindicted.


Anonymous said...

ECOWAS does not want anegotiated unity government in Ivory Coast.

From the experience we have so far in Kenya and Zimbabwe, it has never really worked and that's why we don't want to contemplate that.

The former president, Laurent Gbagbo, has two options, he can vacate while there is still time, or be prepared to be forced out of the country
- Goodluck Jonathan, ECOWAS, chairman,

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