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Friday, December 10, 2010

Peculiar Kenyans to Blame for Hague Debacle

Thank God the winds are fully blowing out of the sails of the ICC process. Hague prosecutor Ocampo's clearance visa must now be downgraded to tourist entry level only. Kenyans of untrained legal minds thought this was an open and shut case. But the splitting political headaches are just beginning in trying to divorce the sterile ICC process from becoming a debacle of ethnicised brinkmanship by adult babies in political clothing

Justice Kriegler must be laughing bitterly at the irony of forewarning us the dangers of plastering septic sores by shipping 6 hallowed names to the Hague without treating the infection of responsibility for mismanaged elections. Kenyans have only themselves to blame for allowing one of the darkest moments of our nation's history to be portrayed as nothing more than a thinly veiled political witch hunt.

Smart wikileaks founder Julian Assange made his name from our peculiarity by correctly sensing our penchant for talking out of both sides of our mouth when he boasted of changing the outcome of our elections. Why not when neither the opposition nor the ruling party planned to conceed defeat yet falsely cried for peace while simultaneously planning civil service line ups and plotting to discredit one another's reputation in the eyes of international community as revealed by diplomatic cables!Talk about mass action premeditated on the go

Even here on this blog after all this time simply asking who won in 2007 elections leads to bloggers belabored breathing while foaming at the mouth typing hyperresponsive remarks in the comments section. How much more then Waki and KNHCR,full of Kenyans with peculiar habits, who succeded in putting together a collection of uninvestigated disproven accusations which do not meet the threshold of ICC's crimes against humanity?

This does not mean they were insincere, however Waki and KNHCR reports are akin to chinese whispers where errors typically accumulate in what the last person repeats as the original whispered sentence. It only takes one person to repeat a lie twice and it sounds like the truth to those who hear it.

Our beleagured politcal class are swearing under their breath wondering do Kenyans really know what they really want out of life-if its impossible to know who won or stole, and the violence was never about elections but about injustices that have been meted against people in this country why are we unfairly targeting Waki's 6 as if they landed from Mars yet we are a sample of what they are?

All Waki and KNHCR succeded in putting together were simply a collection of accussations. Why jeopardise the implementation of a new constitution by robbing us of potential governors and presidential/vice presidential tag teams when they know who their real enemy is? In any case at one point or another local based envoys, the President and the prime minister himself have changed their position several times on this matter at one time preferring the local tribunal and now in semi-favour of the Hague.Without proving, investigating and substantiating the accusations of those reports Moreno Ocampo is better advised to confirm whether he has any real witnesses before announcing his hitlist


Taabu said...

Please stop vomiting on our bare feet, will you? Ati Ocampo is your UNCLE, true/false? Please if you are a witch stop hunting, will you?

Meanwhile let us enjoy the beauty of every floor on our way down. The pavement has been cushioned, no hard landing, ama?

PS: You don't need an ID/PP to register a witch hinting company.

Anonymous said...

just in.

Kibaki as the C-I-C is amongst the ocampo's six!

This is a legal process and not political as many have been thinking.Security chiefs will this time round leave it to their boss.
Bashir has a worthy neighbour.

Ruto is wasting time and money. The train is almost landing in Hague.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any details on the wikileaks? i'm curious about the china-in-kenya issues.

Phil said...

Ruto embarks on yet another ill advised assault on the ICC process and his legal team are smilling all the way to the bank.

Would it be premature to say the other five (Michuki, Uhuru, Kimemia, Ali and Mbugua) do not have any qualms with the ICC process?

What is it the Ocampo has on Ruto that he does not have on the other five?

Anonymous said...

Where's Chris to give us his take on Wikileaks and drug barons in Kenya?

Anonymous said...

Thug Raila is trying to use his cousin Obama to influence the ICC to fix Ruto. Whether Ruto is fixed or not, Thug Raila will never be president of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

heheh, "chris Kumekucha" in facebook!

Anonymous said...

So many books have been published since 2001 detailing the Chinese scramble For African resources.

'New Presence Of China in Africa' and 'The Political Impact od Sino-U.S. Oil Competition in Africa: An International Political Explanation of the Resource Curse in Africam Petro-Sates.

Get off your ____ go get them and read and educate yourself for a change.

Anonymous said...

KUMEKUCHA, you have become so fake that you have no stories leave alone issues to educate kenyans on. You started off well, but as kenyans say, kutangulia si kufika. We need another site because you are not being guided by objectivity in your analysis of issues. Did you get another job or what?

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday morning, afternoon, evening and night to all Kumekuchans, wherever you are at this moment of the day.

It behooves every man who values liberty of conscience for himself, to resist invasions of it in the case of others.

A salute to 'The Empty Chair' in recognition and honour of Liu Xiaobo.

He has earned it and his current plight deserves the worldwide awareness that's been brought about by the award.

What are some of the common peculiarities among Kenyans responsible for Hague Debacle? Are they all worried of potential pecuniary losses and political hurdles after 2012?

@4:19 AM
Talk about the kettle calling the pot black.

As Kenyans say or Wahenga? LOL!

One wonders why you still keep resurfacing at Kumekucha yowling the same old remarks?

You know and so many of us know that there are thousands of sites out there and you are welcomed to join them at any time. Our pleasure.

Now, who is it that once said, "Think of three Things: whence you came, where you are going, and to whom you must account"?

On that note, let me head on to where I was going for the evening and the rest of the weekend.

BTW, a Youtube Moment that is still being viewed by millions around the globe.

Prince Charles and his wife got a rare wake-up call when angry UK students nearly forced them to eat a cake that was intended for one of the Queen's senior subjects, Prime Minister Cameron.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:07,do you need Steadman to tell you hits on Kumekucha are down by more than half..?

Anonymous said...

A new members of parliament in 2011?

Both kibaki and Raila reacted "angrily" to wikileaks.Kibaki called it utoto.Raila called it rumours,but with arider that what is done at night as a secret will always come out.So was Raila "angry"?
Me thinks not.he is liking the leaks.

we now know that some citizens have petitioned for the dissolution of bunge. Based on numbers, do you think,going by recent opinion polls that this is the most prime time for Raila to beat his political opponents.This time next wek,at least Ruto and Uhuru will be busy fighting ICC.
Michuki-uhuru is his project,is already wounded lion.
Raila reminded Kibaki that Ocampo should set eyes on election thieves.This is telling since though not proven about theft,kibaki was the CIC, and therfore most vulnerable.
All these security chiefs will direct evrything to their boss.Watch the space.By tuesday,their case pleading "amnesty" will collapse.would ICC give immunity to impunity? Kenyans mentality.Ocampo and the judges are not Kenyans.

Maybe, time has come for Kenya to change in a positive way for eve.

what a timing?

do I see Raila's hand in the current situation in bunge?
only time will tell

Anonymous said...

Sukuma-wiki-liki (weekly wikileaks) is turning into a kind of a real boring novel based a movie with so many predictable sequels and prequels.

Apologies for the non-topic comment.

Anonymous said...

Am still searching for the link or clip where Prime Minister Raila Odinga met with over 150 Kenyan students from several universities* in Mexico during an impromptu meeting?

Including twenty of their Kenyan counterparts from New Mexico Tech (USA), New Mexico State University (USA) and University of New Mexico Albuquerque (USA).

Universidad De Las Americas
Univ. Juarez Automa de Tabasco
Univ. Iberoamericana
Univ. Veracruzana
Univ. Quintana Rao

Chris said...

Hi guys,

Things are getting so exciting that I forgot I am supossed to be writing about them. Hehehehehehehehe

Working on my Jamuhuri special post which will cover most of what you my dear readers want my take on.

Chris Kumekucha

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