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Friday, December 03, 2010

US Plots to Topple Kibaki: Tell it to the Birds

So the might US of A has degenerated so low to an extent of financing Kenyan youth to topple their government? Well, one must expose his post molars at that laughable jibe of yore. And while at it forget the present hot potato from the cyber fascists called Wikileaks who gives priority to the facial beauty of our president as if governance is a catwalk. They can rant and rave all they care but we remain SOVERRIGN so much so that only we have the patent for such gems as Goldenberg, Anglo Leasing, Triton and Grand Regency. But that is a story for another day.

For now the big boys are in town wielding the bid stick. Koffi Annan has never tired of babysitting toddler Kenya. And for good measure this time he is accompanied by the holder of that scary ICC office, one Luis Moreno Ocampo. Which leaves you wondering why the later did not save Ruto money by asking him to wait in Nairobi instead of suffering The Hague winter. Again a story for another day.

Kenya is choking with imperialists demanding every pound of her flesh. If it is not the US envoy Renneberger hogging the local political scene with his diplomatic incitement of Kenyan youth against their own government, we collectively get painted with that broad brush as a stinking SWAMP of FLOURISHING CORRUPTION. Well, if that is the accolades from a friendly country I guess we need not search for true enemies.

Forget that fat lie that the international community saved us from ourselves. We have always butchered each other in five-year periodic cycles since 1992. Annan is better advised that his determination to remain relevant and in employment since leaving the UN is selfish at best and overbearing at worst.

Reign of shameless imperialists
The ex-UN boss must leave Kenyans to run their own affairs in ways they know best. Now Kofi is in town breathing fire on our necks threatening brimstone if we derail implementation of the new constitution which has proved to be the elephant ready to evict us from our own house.

The stakes are too high to leave this hydra-headed monster set of new laws to grow legs of its own lest we all get consumed by it. Kenya is the largest economy if both East and Central Africa and the REAL ENTREPRENEURS who make us tick must not be harassed with fictitious.

The Charterhouse bank operated on Kenyan money and was run by Kenyans for Kenyans. The phantom drug lords are mere shadows. For the records Taib is a lawyer and must know better when it comes to matters that appertains to law. Loud-mouthed Renneberger must stop being jealous of SELF-MADE MPs Kabogo and Joho and smart ex-sharp shooter Mwau.

We must unite as a country to collectively stop the so-called international community from conspiring to bring Kenya down to her knees by targeting our industrious leaders.

The truth be told, Annan and Ocampo are poorly disguising their escape from Europe's biting winter, WASHINDWE.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post.
That the US is now "throwing its weight" behind KNCHR is cold comfort. The seed of doubt in the KNCHR has already been planted and there is much more evidence gathered against them than the already damnming coached/bribed witnesses allegation. Poor KNCHR!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, please watch out for your tongue and make sure it is not get stuck in your cheek. Let the moths hug the light. LOL!

Anonymous said...

well, am not in Taabu's mind to figure out what he's trying to say. That's his problem.
But i like what I see. No one goes to China to solve their problems for them, which are many and gigantic. Kenyans dont realize how weak, useless/hopeless even,they appear when they go rushing to their 'foreign masters' at each opportunity. How dumb do we get? Where is our self-respect and dignity? such rotten leadership AND followership.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:38 PM
There was a period of planning and adjustment; basically an opportunity for everyone and every region to get on board, buy in to the effort of Uhuru na Kazi, and wrap their minds around the urgent task, which was and still is nation building.

Unfortunately, the country's political leadership for the past four and half decades has failed to lay solid foundations and provide tremendous starting points - bridges - for Kenyans build on.

That's why as time goes on, forty something years after our quasi-indepedence, it has become unquestionably clear that we will always need an outside hand with a very big stick to keep us in line 24/7, 365.
LOL! May I join the moths and hug the kerosene lamps at the door posts in my old village for a few seconds.

Kofi Annan's and Moreno Ocampo's imperialiastic interventions have a magical and interventionist quality.

The two are generally outside and uninvolved in the political affairs of Kenya until critical moments - life and deaths situations - when they decide to step in and get involved after hearing our national cries for urgent intervention.

BTW, we can't compare ourselves to the Chinese, they have been around for centuries and experimented a lot with their political systems and way of life.
I have to go, the kerosene lamp is getting hotter and hotter, and the bats are begining to feast on my fellow months.

Did someone forget to add a grain of salt in the kerosene?

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

...and the warrior has gone all quiet. oh boy have i not missed the chest-thumping and endless drama. as for some lawyers yawa.why spend all energy digging out witnesses as far as tz? a smart lawyer - in such an 'open and shut case' should have been rubbing his hands in glee waiting for his day in court. but again, why am i surprised?

Anonymous said...

Where is Gen Ruto to show his real teeth (bravado) now that Prof Luis s in town? He can organize the villagers from RV complete with guards of MURSIK to camp at KICC singing OCAMPO MUST GO.

Well, I guess dogs bark loudly until they smell a lion.

Anonymous said...

It's quite ironic that Nairobi was founded in the swamps of the Nairobi River Basin in 1899. Back then the swamps & marshes provided refuge from lion attacks during the construction of the "Lunatic Express" railway line from Mombasa to the Pearl of Africa, Uganda. Fastforward to the 21st century & we have a new breed of lunatic fat cats plundering our economy in the heart of Nairobi, "the swamp of corruption".

Much like Nairobi was built as a mere outpost to the ultimate prize in Kampala, Kenya was saved from itself in '08 by Annan & co to preserve its launching pad status for UN operations in the region.


Anonymous said...

Bobby6Killer, you need a twin, Corruption24/7Killer.

Ironically the lunatic fat cats plundering Kenya's economy still find refuge in the very same urban swamps of Nairobi's metropolitan area.

The old lions of anti-corruption are no more because it's now the legitimized time and accepted turn for every one of the wild fat carnivores to eat to their hearts content.

The urban swamps of Nairobi have out survived the 'Pearls of Africa' in many ways and fashions.

Anonymous said...

How Kenyans kids are named Kofi, Moreno, Annan and Ocampo? There are so many babies who have been named "Consti" or "Consta" after the new constitution. Katiba would be a better name for a baby rather than Constitution. I wonder how babies named Katiba are out there?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget AIDS DAY and its implications for the future.


Anonymous said...


Africans have always been faithful to those who bail them from hunger and self inflicted massacre. Don't be the " asante ya punda ni mateke" kind of guy. Give it to them - were it not for Annan and his friend Ocampo, the new constitution would be a mirage.

Ranberger with all his weaknesses - made us not to turn savagely. Americans came at the hour of need, otherwise i would be reading your post deep down.

Taabu - be an african who knows a friend in need.Kwani wewe ni wa madawa pia?

Mzee wa kijiji

Anonymous said...

Martin Lurther King once said “A man can’t ride your back unless it’s bent”. In this country, we’ve a multitude of governance and political issues that we’ve no clue how to resolve. We might have got a new constitution dispensation but we have the same crooks shaping our destiny. I think we have a long way go.

Anonymous said...

wacha zako ati Kibaki is SWAMP MONSTER-i hope Mzalendo Kibuja doesn't hear you else....

na uwache wivu Annan needs to come to Kenya for guest appearances on Citizen XYZ SHOW nini mbaya? Ocampo is adopting Leopards at national park tabu gani?

But just a minute who is fooling who here?didn't we invite KA and LMO at the height of madness in 2008?we overlooked humble President KOFUO and clergy Tutu our next door neighbours, even our own Nobel Maathai right in our own backyard-oh no...we needed foreign experts

Ours is nothing but double standards fullstop
we worship anything foreign for the money but when its time to deliver promises to citizenry we are suddenly sovereign na washindwe.

Anonymous said...


Kenya army blogspot said...


Kenyans must have noticed most of the butchering takes place in the great R.V I do not need to mention the community/ies responsible for the bloodshed since 92.

Anonymous said...

WOW! That's a very low blow delivered against some diasporans who have elevated the art of "bashing (the uncomfortable truths and lies) of all things African (Kenyan) to a high new level."

We have all heard it said that one of the most common denominator among the native kings, queens, prince, and princesses of bashing all things African (Kenyan), is that they are a special kind of breed steeped in self-absorbtion; a grandiose sense of self, a serious miscalculation of their abilities and potential that is often accompanied by fantasies of greatness.

The type of greatness that is presumed to be above and beyond the personal and professional lives of all working class people residing or living in Africa (Kenya).

As one Kenyan expatriate put it, "it's okay at an early age for some of them to have such 'superior complexes' but imagine that of unstoppable, unrealistic attitude 10, 20 or 30 years later."

The December holiday season is one of the worst time of the year, when many of the "exPERTS" (on all things African - Kenyan) and wannabe bona fide "CONsultants" (on everything European, North American, Asian, Middle Eastern, and South African), will fly in to the country for their 3TW (two-to-three-weeks) vacation and automatically expect that others ( the PMLBs - "poor mortals-left-behind") will recognize their superior diasporan qualities and will tell the obvious by applauding them and granting them the ultimate accolade - the chance or every opportunity to indulge the PMLBs in the usual boring monologues of an ordinary immigrant on 3TW vacation/holiday.

The worst thing any PMLB can ever dare say to a diasporan is to remind them about how low and high level corruption is still part and parcel of their so called "adopted countries" (for "paper citizens") or "host nations" (for "temporary immigrants").

Anyway, I will still be honest and accept the uncomfortable truths from the very same diasporans and fellow PMLBs, which is, there is endemic corruption in many of our Africa's (Kenya's) beautiful, friendly and relaxed cities, towns viilages and homes. That I know for sure.

Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

@Kenya Army,

Afande, mpigo wa saluti and kwato kwingi.

Afande, askari seeks permission to ask swali, sir!

Afande, are we suffering from an acute bout of selective amnesia or what? Or would you like us to descent in to some of the episodes for comestic reasons?

Which was the first infamous two massacres carried out Kenyan soil by a regiment of the King's Rifle?

Afande, I am sure you had no clue that it was the Lumboka Massacre, followed by Chetambe Massacre. Re: "African Conflicts" @ Sandhurst Military Academy.

Have we forgotten the consequences of the Operation Anvil? Namely:
Mariira Massacre,
Ichagaki Massacre,
Murang'a (Fort Hall) Massacre, Gaturi Massacre,
Hola Masscare,
Sirisia Massacre,
Lari Massacre

What about our very own:
Wagalla Massacre
Garissa Massacre
Molo Masscare
Garbatula Masscare
Turbi Massacre
Habasweini Massacre
Mathira Massacre
Likoni Massacre

Post '07-Election Massacre?

Afande. Over and Out.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.57 AM

LOL! Couldn't have placed or said it any better!

@Kenya Army Blogspot, AFANDE! SIR! Can you address the concerns of anon 8.57 a.m with such granduer that will leave him saying hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

R-r-r-r-r-r-r-roger that Sir!

Philip said... are one lost guy or female....Kenya is the central hub of power for Sub Saharan Africa....and if it is shaky, it creates a ripple effect...which affects more than 200 million people within the region and abroad....So if you think things are too just wait....LOLEST....

Anonymous said...

anon 8:06 AM,

yes, we're coming home for xmas! it's is very very cold here. that is if we can get a flight to nairobi. everywhere is frozen here,my friend.
we need some sunshine!


deroo said...

Ati Hague??? Things are elephant. I think we have moved forward. Its all changed now. We are talking Water Ministry...A good topic to bury Ligale, Hague, Cemetery Scandal and even the Kenya Army Scandal. And why not? Arrest the gay.


Anonymous said...

You can be real humorous at times. Now that's a good one that's caused the birds to leave me reeling in laughter with three bruished ribs and a cracked rib.

Did you mean US to topple one Mwai Kibaki as in humpty dumpty falling off one of the many African tropical walls?

The US of America will never attempt topple a sitting Kenyan president, unless he acts contrary to their best interests in the great eastern region of Africa.

On the other hand, Kenya does not have any lucrative oil fields, nor are Kenyan tribal chieftains dealing in illicit trade of natural resources such as uranium, corntite, cassiterite (the ore for tin), coltan (the ore for a rare metal called tantalum), wolframite (tungsten ore), gold and diamonds.

FYI tungsten is used in the vibrating machines, sorry I meant to say, tungsten is used in the vibrating function of mobile phones. So remember tungsten every time your cell or mobile vibrates.

Last but not least, the Kenyan government does not the political guts nor willpower to block or deny AFRICOM access to any one of the strategic locations in Kenya that might be required for its missions.

What 2 watch 4 while on 3TW-V/H, PMLBs love free beer, freebies and less scolding.

Anonymous said...

Ati arrest the " ... " in the same vicious manner that some governments around the world and especially in the western hemisphere do arrest and imprison consenting adults found to be involved in polygamous marriages?

What become of restoring some micro-semblance of the Abrahamaic traditional way of life?

Some individuals, groups of activists and well known NGOs have already jumped on the bandwagon of what was said and the way it was said, and are busy appealing for funds, raising and minting million of dollars and euros in the process.

It happened in Uganda and Malawi, and even some of the activists in those countries have either purchased good office buildings and are in the process of constructing regional centers therein.

A slip of the tongue during one of his unguarded moments has just given the license they have been waiting for in years.

Anonymous said...

@King Nebuchadnezzar,

Nebu, what happened to you? Did they reseal your royal tombstone with heavy boulders and quick setting concrete mix, thus preventing your occasional transmigration to Kumekucha century?

I hope the latest writings on the walls of Kumekucha have not scared you away for the rest of the year.

Cheers to your come back one of these days! MENE MENE TEKEL UPHRARSIN!

Anonymous said...

This Christmas might the last of its kind for some six Kenyan politicians in a very long time to come if The Hague pulls the scapulae of justice in the next couple of months.

Six Suspects Must Go To The Hague

Under Roman statute I have power to prosecute those obstructing justice ... I therefore put them on notice.

There are two cases, each involving three individuals who have to face justice. They have to go to The Hague ... they are still presumed innocent, their guilt or innocence shall be proved by the judges. ~ Moreno-Ocampo

Who are the real six suspects? I can't wait find out which compromised parliamentary seats will be vacated before 2012.

Bobby6Killer said...

@ anon 4:30. Methinks you hit the nail on the head. Ranneberger is the resident prefect who has his fingers on the pulse of an ailing KE. Annan & Ocampo are the good cops who politely but firmly slap us back into shape for our errant behaviour. AFRICOM are the bad cops waiting on the wings to unleash hell if Kibs & co don't play ball & kowtow.

Anonymous said...

muhaaaaaaaaaaaaahaahaha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaahaa ah..teheeeeeeeeeheeeehehehe ODM who is avin the last laugh..hteeeeeeeeeeeheee.tihhiihihii OCAMPO is coming xmass is cooooming...

Anonymous said...

ODM tugs have never understood what constitute crimes against humanity. Thug Raila still equates theft of an election to mass murders, rapes, and ethnic cleansing. Ocampo has to keep reminding this delusional thug that he is a prosecutor and not an ODM election monitor.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki and Central Kenya Thugs Muhahahahaaaaaaa! Can't wait for Ocampo! No wonder PNU is working overtime to try and scuttle the Hague process. Central and RV Mps are busy calling press conferences trying to display the Hague process aas flawed.

What Happened to the chants and roars that the Hague Process will commence in year 2090? By one Arap Ruto, first he vehemently opposed a local tribunal and said twende hague now that the Hague Chariot of fire has come to tow him away he now drags the PMs name.

Muhahaaahaaaaaaa and Uhuru Kenyatta funding the Naivasha massacres will not be forgoten, did he also think that executing the Oscar foundation founders and Njuguna Ndung'u will STOP the dossiers from finding their way to the hague.

MUhaahahaaahaaaaaaaaa its now more like a Freddy Krueger Movie or Texas Chain saw massacre domain.

King Nebuchadnezzar said...

Oh Anon @ 10:04!
Thou, O anon, bless your heart!

I am indeed flattered by your kind remembrance words. May thy O Lord remember you always.

I do occasionally drop by, but this blog has lost its touch. It has yet to re-discover/re-define its purpose on the web.

Should things improve here, I will return with a mighty bang and with some outstanding and well articulated thoughts concerning your nation's political landscape.
The writing is not on the wall yet... he he he....

See you soon!

Happy Christmas

Anonymous said...

Fill in the blanks:

The behaviour of [........] reinforced the worst elements of [.........], a party that started out as a vital people's alternative [.........] for real change but whose real ideology is self-enrichment and domineering ethnicity.

The people have been trapped in a typical Animal Farm type of political, economic and social existence, while most members of parliament and senior civil servants continue to divert much of the revenue and international financial aid into off-the-books deals and private accounts.

The following cabinet ministers [..........] and senior civil servants [.........] are opportunists and top list of the most currupt people in the country

My guess was not as good as you. I ended guessing 3 out-of 10.

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