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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Wako to Ocampo, The Hague Process Starts 2090

It's about time Kenya's longest serving AG waded into the facade about naming and prosecuting the so called "perpetrators" and "masterminds" of the post election violence;

New constitution or not Kenya still needs and has its chief legal custodian. And the lawyer knows what he's talking about-his office has successfully prosecuted hundreds of cases over the past decade as mandated by the constitution. The American-visa banned double draft constitution producing accused AG has never had any reason to resign or be fired from his job. He has firmly stood on his principles and convictions doing his job and days like today prove just why

In politics, perception is everything and ICC and Waki are in danger of playing politics with this country's future. Unless they are ready to present and debate facts then they are guilty of irresponsible behaviour by believing distorted facts and lies told using credible witnesses like Rono and Wekesa who were manipulated as sources to bandy around names of so called masterminds and perpetrators of post election violence.

The truth is Kenyans love rumours akin to chinese whispers where errors typically accumulate in what the last person repeats as the original whispered sentence. repeat a lie often enough and it sounds like the truth!Was every effort really made to ensure that the information supporting the adverse mentions by both the Waki report and KNHRC report fully investigated to ensure they were not rumours conjectures and hearsay? If the ICC cannot be sure that the evidence they gathered via part of the Waki report was enough to name any witnesses for prosecution then let them save Kenyans from a lot of grief.

Too often Kenyans are wrongly accused by armchair commentators as being weak and unable to stand up and fight for their rights. Nothing could be further from the truth. Kenyans are simply choking from the swamp of corruption. Its not true that the middle class are too busy filling their bellies with Nyama Choma and alcohol to stand up and take back your country. Many are devout and religious and pray thrice weekly including conducting prayers on this very blog for Chris (see here)

Therefore the government has a right to protect its citizens against allegations such as those about to be put forth about high ranking individuals inside it masterminding bloodbaths of its own citizens. PEV is not a simple open and shut case and its prosecution will be confusing to the legally untrained mind!

The AG is therefore right in reminding ICC that even Waki said its possible his report may fall short of the proof required to meet the threshold of international crimes against humanity. All the KNHRC and Waki report have done is provide a basis and a good starting point for further investigations. Let the ICC prosecutor tread on legal matters slowly while enjoying our game parks and adopting more Cheetahs


Anonymous said...


I concur 99.5% with all the above mentioned, and that's why I don't want to rain on any of it. Lakini the pictorial designation needs your immediate attention.

Yaani, the Hague free subject from the Felidae political family is known as "Panthera wa Pardus" instead of "Acinonyx wa Jubatus." The detail is in the face area, chest and tail-end.

Believe it or not, long long long long time ago, when Eden was still accessible to our African ancestors and very visible to the naked eye of all welcomed residents, our very own people christened his/her nucleus family as the Duma family. They are distant cousins to the Chui family.

Anonymous said...


The Hague free subject is known as "Acinonyx wa Jubatus" instead of "Panthera wa Pardus".

Anonymous said...

thanks, noted!duly corrected

Anonymous said...

Wikileaks much more interesting. They said something about the bondo bumpkin. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Rai wote WAKO pamoja na Ocampo.

2090! Why not 2020? A lot will have changed not only in Kenya or East Africa but also on the whole African continent.

Our current generations will be considered Kenyanosaurs or dinosaurs by those lucky to be alive and in charge by then.

Anonymous said...

Why are those mercenary MPs complaining about Ocampo, they refused to form a local tribunal and opted for ICC. Some told us that KNHCR and Waki did a shody job and ICC should caryy out fresh investigations. Moreno Ocampo clarified that he is doing his invetigation and six mastrminds have a case to answer, consequently they are trashing ICC

Kenya army blogspot said...

Hii mambo ya beating around the bush will never take Kenya anywhere.

Anonymous said...

@Kenya Army

Afande Sir! Beating around the bush helped us defeat the Colonial masters AFANDE SIR!

Which strategy do you suggest we use Afande Sir! Shock and Awe perhaps?

Afande! Lead us in this battle.

R-r-r-r-r-r-roger that!

Anonymous said...

Rai as in Raia WAKO pamoja na Ocampo.

Kenyan army, we learned from the best on how to hide and beat by the bushes.

Don't you guys do your whole basic training in the bush, beating by the bushes?

Taabu said...

Please learn from Drog. He scored even when IC is burning with Gbagbo doing a .......on Ouattara, UTADO?

Anonymous said...

Ivory Coast may end up becoming another 'Ivory Dust' as in another failed African country.

What the ... was Gbagbo ("Bagabo") and his generals thinking?

They did it in Kenya, it happened in Zimbabwe, and we can go ahead and end up with a coalition government. A win-win situation for us. Quattara can become the prime minster if he really wants to be part of our government. No more, no less!

Shameful to reinterate that most foreign ambassadors boycotted Gbagbo's self-swearing-in ceremony, while all neighbouring heads of state conveniently staid away from the public spectacle.

As usual, the so called "cream of Ivorian society" that is destined to end up as the "dust of Ivorian corrupt society", including religious leaders, bishops and clergy attended the Gbagbo's self-swearing-in ceremony.

I hate to admit it but so far, civil war is now inevitable for Ivory Coast's next dark political chapter.

The military rulers should have learned from Africa's cruel political history and found ways or the means to remain neutral while the saga unolds.

General Mangou and half-baked eilte military company may soon face the same fate befell Mobutu's generals, Samuel Doe's army, Idi Amin's "special forces" (LOL!), and Mengestu Haile Mariam's ragtag "conquerors of the lion of Addis Ababa."

When will we ever learn from the mistakes of other foolish politicians and blind military officers?

Will some of Africa's darkest history of "Big Man Syndrome" repeat itself?

As was the case in some of the most bloody conflicts that took place in Biafra, Angola, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda and the present day classic cass of political volcano that is still erupting in Somalia.

Africa! Africa! Africa! What are you still doing to our people?

How long shall our people continue to shed tears of blood under the African skies?

Need I remind the Ivorian political and military leaders, that the body of Mobutu, the strong of "Zaire" was ditched in a poor man's field (cemetery).

And the $800,000 golden casket meant for his remains was never allowed into his country of exile for burial.

Anonymous said...

Waooooooooooh guyz you've gotta watch this leak!!! it heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...


“I Know His Excellency the President very well. We used to abuse him with Raila while in opposition but he did not hold any grudge against us,” Mr Musyoka said.

Now he is abusing Raila when his is not in Oppsition

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