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Thursday, October 14, 2010

ICC's Claws, Fangs Rattles Lords of Impunity

Whatever the outcome of the impending probe into PEV, ICC has already succeeded big time where no Kenyan institution dared tread before. The hitherto lords of impunity have been comprehensively scared stiff of their survival wits and left with no room to wiggle.

Who would have imagined a Kenyan politician voluntarily submitting himself to ignominy of The Hague probe even before being served with any summon. The guilty are surely very afraid chasing their shadows and tails.

Even the loudest of tribal drums won't scare one Luis Moreno-Ocampo and his team. So far ICC has only bared her fangs and the guilty are running scared like headless chicken. They have been properly rattled like never before. And before their apologists rush throwing in hollow sovereignty polemics, they better appreciate the fact that ICC has exposed the underlying powerlessness of our dead institutions which are easily manipulated by the ruling elite.

Loudmouth for hire

Listening to Simon Mbugua is real proof of the folly of believing in change from the recently promulgated constitution without an overhaul in our national and individual mindset. Mbugua let the cat out of the bag with his stupid bravado that even if Uhuru and Ruto are shipped to The Hague, they will still be voted in come 2012. His is an apt case of a loudmouth with loose lips for hire which unfortunately end up selling the landlord for cheap.

The clever albeit PRIMITIVE ploy to raise a suspect's political profile does not blunt ICC's sharp claws. Michuki’s latest anointment of Uhuru would have been a smart Kenyan move but it has no chance in hell to frustrate ICC's investigations. The wider scheme of trying to stir tribal emotions is past its sell by date.

The three Cabinet Ministers are better advised to honour their appointment with Ocampo instead of dragging their gullible kinsmen with them to the guillotine. Crimes are committed by individuals and not tribes.

They suspects are better advised to start shopping around and making contacts with Charles Taylor lawyers. They can afford all the good lawyers money can buy. While that may lessen the burden, their crosses they must surely carry on their own.


Anonymous said...

True ICC is hold the murderers and thieves by the balls. And it is not only politicians, even the TRIBAL Kenyans including the Diaspora are stuck in the time warp and have no clue what to make of Ocampo's resilience.

Go Luis go and hang them severally and individually. Come 2012 polls no tribal scheming now that the fate is sealed.

And the IDPs and the ordinary Kenyan is the winner in al this search of justice.

Anonymous said...

"The two cases which Mr Moreno-Ocampo
was referring to will affect six key suspects
of the post-election violence who he
intends to drag to The Hague for trials. He
said the suspects include political leaders
drawn from both PNU and ODM, senior civil
servants and business people."

Above quote is from the East African. KK bloggers & commentators only mention 3 suspects who are politicians: WR, JM, & UK. Who are the other 3?

Anonymous said...

The arrest warrant had been requested on Aug. 20, and the judges signed it on Sept. 28. But it was kept secret until the French police made their move on monday. [The arrest of Callixte Mbarushimana, FDLR]
The ICC's next move on Kenya is going to be a very bitter pill for some Kenyans to swallow when the ICC judges issue arrest warrants for well known key players from the PNU and ODM units that were responsible for orchestrating the Post Election Violence.
"Any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

Killing members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

Imposing measures intended to prevent the return of the surviving victims back to their rightful homes, property and lands.

Forcefully transferring property or land of the group to another."

Where two or more persons form an intention in common to carry out an unlawful purpose and to assist each other therein and any one of them, in carrying out the common purpose, commits an offence, each of them who knew or ought to have known that commission of the offense would be a probable consequence of carrying out the common purpose is a party to that offense.
Every one is a party to an offense who
a) actually commits it.
b) does or omits to do anything for the purpose of aiding any person to commit it, or
c) abets any one in committing it.


Let the chips fall where they may. And may justice prevail in the long run.

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

Like one wanyonyi commented recently in DN, kenyans' hypocrisy when dealing with tribalism is amazing. The writer of this post is pretending he would not use the tribe to get out of a tricky situation or to gain something. After the family, tribe is the most important identity in kenya. In fact in the cases of tribally mixed families, tribe is more important than the family. Retreating to the tribe is the way things are done in kenya and no kenyan is more/less tribal than another.

We can suggest ways of dealing with tribalism. One way of not dealing with it is the condemnation of tribalism only when it is practised by someone from a tribe other than our own.

Anonymous said...

Ocampo has taken issue with leaders who have claimed that the ICC was targeting a particular community in its probe (That is that rascal Simon Mbugua and his "friends").

Last month, PNU leaders led by the Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka held a parliamentary group meeting at KICC and accused the ICC of targeting PNU leaders. Listen to Ocampo, "I have no connection nor bias to anyone in Kenya. Many people suffered during that period and we would like to bring justice to them," he stated.

Anonymous said...

Some More Mischief from Gichangi of NSIS and AG Wako - In a BRAZEN attempt to HIDE THE TRUTH.

It has reliably established that the security minutes to be handed over to the ICC by the Internal Security ministry are deliberately biased, and may not convey a complete picture of events as they unfolded following the disputed presidential election of 2007 that sparked the violence and killings.The minutes for January were missing, and the ones vetted by the Internal Security ministry appeared to point fingers at the leaders of one political party.

Anonymous said...

wewe Taabu,
ati Ruto has written to ICC saying he is ready to surrender at ICC? wapi!? there's more chance of LV not being sold by TH and GG

Having said that i am disappointed ICC prosecutor Moreno-Ocampo chose to ignore the veiled warning from Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo that he is rocking the craddle too hard OLE WAKE

Anonymous said...


4 MPs backed Environment Minister John Michuki’s sentiments over Uhuru Kenyatta's chances in 2012.

The MPs Kareke Mbiuki, Simon Mbugua, John Mututho and Ferdinand Waititu said Michuki’s stand was shared among the majority of central Kenya leaders.

"Michuki is not talking about anything strange since Kenya is a tribal country. We have to rally behind one candidate as we build bridges with other leaders," said Mr Waititu.

Addressing a press conference at Parliament Buildings, they also declared tribal alliances are still on despite criticism from some leaders.

"The KKK alliance is not dead. We are building a means through which we will have one of the leaders eyeing the presidency picked as a flag bearer," said Mr Muthutho.

They also claimed Higher Education Minister William Ruto would participate in a joint PNU presidential candidate nomination ahead of the 2012 General Election.

And Mr Mbugua (Kamukunji MP) sensationally claimed the ICC probe was politically instigated and aimed at killing presidential ambitions of some leaders like Uhuru and Ruto.

"Even if Uhuru and Ruto are taken and detained at The Hague, we will still vote for them in 2012," he said.

This is the way the so-called "hardworking," "industrious" and "enterprising" people think and behave... Truly a theater of the absurd.

Anonymous said...

The croaks of frogs do not stop cows from having their fill.......tafakari hayo

Anonymous said...

@Kenya Army blospot,

Stand-down, stand-down. How is life in general around your temporary field station in Habasiwein?

FYI, the Kenyan national flag has been missing in action at Fort Benning, GA, for far too long.

In the meantime, several army shooters (marksmen) from South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Namibia, Egypt and Angola (yes Angola of all of African nations) spent six grueling months at Fort Benning, GA receiving advanced marksmanship training plus other required essential military education.

The African units (representatives) also received instruction and training materials to conduct Train-the-Trainer clinics on return to their home stations.

Where were the Kenyan shooters/marksmans and why have they been missing in action for the last several decades?

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

Wapi wewe as KK's resident don? Don't sleep on the job. We understand you were disappointed to miss out in the Nobel prize but now please feed the lazy bones here with HOT conspracy theories on:

1) How useless the Nobel is and even the paper prize money.

2) How the Chile mine disaster is and was a game of fraud

3) How you stay in the west but bought your laptop and pays for your rent in GOLD

4) The only authentic music is by BM

PS: And please don, don't forget to provide those UNIQUE links to Sumarian and Amurabic folklore.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:09 AM,

LMAO......WE MISS U Mwarang'ethe

Anonymous said...

What can that FRAUDSTER Mwarang'ethe tell us about ICC.

As Mwarang'ethe continues enjoying the comfort of the WEST, shopping at WAL-MART using 'useless' dollars printed out of thin air.

We know that life is becoming hard for you back in the US because 'nero' Obama isn't playing ball like Bush Jnr but not to worry, you can always come back to Kirinyaga and help create WEALTH here.

Sorry for your NOBEL Loss but not to worry PROF. Wangari Maathai already bagged it and Tetu were she hails from is not far off from Kirinyaga.

Dont forget when you land here we pay TAX and you should be aware that our IRS( read KRA) led by Michael Waweru's motto is "Kulipa Ushuru ni Kujitegemea"

Another thing Kirinyaga is a little bit crowded since you left but since you are a LAND expert am sure you will 'create something'.

Before I leave I have to 'warn' you our local musicians 'Musimo' and 'Man Karis' and one Allan Aaron ( who has brought 'swag' to Akorinos) Renditions will cause you to jiggle and wiggle than BOB MARLEY.

Anonymous said...

I need to run for an office in 2012 I need to know when Jomo Jnr will be shipped off to the hague.

Anonymous said...


While @ it, PLEASE tell us the similarities between our KKK and the KKK in the US where you are, I have searched in the DN I can't seem to find it. Please provide shortened links from

More news Maina Njenga & Ndura Waruinge ditched the 'Mathiokore' for the cloak.

We no longer have pot holes in the CBD and also have designated smokin zones in the CBD isn't that cool meeen!

ICC have set camp here, could it be possible that you have seen the waki list? Am sure with pals in the CIA you have and why is our economy growing man? Could your pals from the 'renegade economist' know why.

Mwarang'ethe said...

We know that life is becoming hard for you back in the US because 'nero' Obama isn't playing ball like Bush Jnr but not to worry, you can always come back to Kirinyaga and help create WEALTH here.


You are right. Life is becoming VERY HARD in the BANANA REPUBLIC, i.e. United SOCIALIST States of America.

They might need the expertise of the ICC to fight impunity there.

Anonymous said...

Bwana Chris (Mr Kumekucha), where are you? Umepotea sana!

We really miss your sharp and incisive posts. Can you please STOP this disappearing act - it has been over two weeks.

You could start by giving us your take on what you think about this ICC matter and what is actually going on "in front" and "behind" the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Chris is in hospital and is in need of your prayers.
Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers.
We wish him speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, your naïvete is just astonishing!
Do you really believe Kenyan leaders are actually scared of Ocampo? Let me make a prediction: Kenya is preparing to pull out of the ICC, knowing very well that Ocampo's only recourse is the UN Security council, and where China is waiting with a veto.
If the US and the EU insist on sanctioning Kenya, all AU members will follow suit and pull out. This game can be escalated at will as long as China is on Africa's side, right up to AU countries breaking diplomatic relations with EU countries. China has now overtaken Japan as the second most powerful economy in the world, and has even been keeping the US afloat by lending it money in a recession. China therefore has leverage with the US. Meanwhile, Obama will be too pre-occupied with re-election in 2011 to pay much attention to African issues, just a statement now and then, and which will be ignored.
If Kenyan leaders were really so scared of Ocampo, why have they invited Bashir to Kenya (AGAIN!!) for an IGAD meeting next week? Why are Kenyans so gullible and naïve and when are you going to grow up?! Huh?! Even if 1 or 2 guys are shipped off to the Hague, violence will still re-occur because the militias that actually did the PEV killings(Kalenjin warriors, Mungiki etc), are intact, waiting to be activated at any time! As long as a financier is able to cover his tracks, he will use them.
It is therefore the height of imbecilicism and stupidity of epic proportions to claim that Ocampo will put an end to impunity, he won't and he can't; it is far more complicated than that.

Anonymous said...

Ruto to face fraud charges....soma link hapo

Anonymous said...

I have to reluctantly concur with anon 6:10. ICC is a lost cause. Kenya can follow US precedent & "unsign" the Rome statute just like Dubyah unsigned Clinton's commitment to it. In addition to that, even the US tacitly approves Kenya's contact with Bashir since at the end of the day they can send "feelers" through Kenyan emissaries as they have no contact with the rogue regime.


Anonymous said...

We are now reading that Ruto is to face corruption charges..

We shall wait for the usual well choreographed chorus of "our people are being finished"

Word in the "corridors" of power has it that Ruto has been approached by the Mafia to back their 'chosen one' so that he drops his presidential ambitions for 2012.

If he opts to go it alone, then he will be found 'guilty' and that will have 'finished' him politically.

we shall not be shocked to hear a joint press conference where RV and Central Mps will be speaking from the same side.

Thats our Kenya for you, Martha Karua started it, and we shall not forget Joshuo Kutuny's statement in Kakamega during simama Kenyas launch.."Ruto atakapo pelekwa Hague sinitabaki Orphan"

Anonymous said...

Ruto's Fraud case a precursor Grounds to sacrifice the guy to ICC.
Kenya minister to face fraud charges, court rules

Higher Education minister William Ruto will face a Sh96m fraud case following a ruling by a constitutional court October 15, 2010. FILE

Higher Education minister William Ruto will face a Sh96m fraud case following a ruling by a constitutional court October 15, 2010.
A three judge bench declined to grant Mr Ruto prayers in a case involving the sale of Ngong Forest land to the Kenya Pipeline Company nine years ago.

Through his lawyer, Katwa Kigen, Mr Ruto said the case was meant to finish him politically, was discriminatory and constituted an infringement of his rights.

Saying most of his prayers could not be granted, Justices Jeanne Gacheche, Roseyln Wendoh and Leonard Njagi said Mr Ruto should seek redress at the trial court.

The judges said that the case could not infringe on his rights since he was innocent unless the trial magistrate says otherwise.

Mr Kigen asked for certified copies of the ruling and leave to appeal, which was granted by the court.

Mr Ruto had moved to the higher court seeking to quash the charges on several grounds.

He said he did not receive any money from the sale of land in Ngong Forest and accused the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (Kacc) of discrimination.

Challenging the Sh96 million graft allegation, the minister said of 16 government departments and offices that facilitated the transfer of the land he is accused of selling, Kacc only targeted a few individuals.

Through Mr Kigen, Mr Ruto said offices such as the chief lands registrar, the director of survey, chief valuer, the director of physical planning and the city council had been left out.

"All these offices played a role in confirming that the land was available for allotment, " Mr Kigen said.

Mr Ruto said he was a stranger in the suit as he did not receive any money from KPC after the alleged sale of the land.

The Eldoret North MP and Berke Commercial Agencies, a company associated with him, Mr Joshua Kulei, a former aide of retired president Daniel Moi, and two other firms were sued for allegedly obtaining money from KPC between August 6 and September 6, 2001.

Mr Ruto was charged with receiving Sh9.9 million, saying he was in a position to sell 1.745 hectares that belonged to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

He is alleged to have been paid another Sh57.8 million and Sh28 million for land in the same forest.

Anonymous said...

How about this spin. Raila has been scheming to FIX Ruto (forget about nusu mkate) but in the end he has been OUTFOXED by the smart PNU (read mafia) who are dangling the noose on Ruto's face with caveat: support UK and the case dies, refuse and we make the rope STURDY.

Any other theories and links please?

Anonymous said...

The Murky world of Kenyan Politics, PNU strategists have pulled a fast one.

Ruto didn't see it coming, now its either for him to support UK or get 'humiliated', ICC sacrificial lamb, dropped from the cabinet and corruption charges not only on the Ngong Land but also the ADC land that he grabbed woooiiiiii, I dont envy the guy.

And he thought that Rao was playing 'dirty' politics what the Mafia have up their sleeves will Make Rao look like 'Angel' gabriel.


Anonymous said...

Ruto says he will not resign but it's not unexpected anyway. Methinks as long as we've a president who is clueless (read moribund presidency)on what goes around, this sort of impunity will continue. The PM on the other hand is powerless. Poor Agwambo, he is supposed to supervise ministries but he can't punish some of the thieving boys like Ruto. Do you remember what happened the last time he tried disciplining Ruto? He can't even dare one Kosgei.I think we have a leadership crisis in this country

Mwarang'ethe said...

He can't even dare one Kosgei.I think we have a leadership crisis in this country

10/17/10 4:29 AM


ahahah, we were told we have a new Kenya under a "new constitution." What a delusion!

In simple words, politics, such as ours which is not liberated by history can only be vulgar.

Land monopolisation was what William the Conqueror did starting in 1066. Land monopolisation was what Americans did after their "independence."

Kenyans not liberated by history (it is very boring you know), were and are bound to repeat the same tragic history.

We are reading in the Standard that, according to a Nigerian scholar and author, Okello Oculi:

"President Kenyatta was reported to have told the Sunday Times Magazine, London in 1967 that his wish was to create a local aristocracy, “Because aristocracy has ensured political stability in England”.

So, how do you create aristocracy like that of England? We answer. Through monopolising land in a few hands as William did.

Until we have the BALLS to look at land question squarely, Kenya is headed NOWHERE. Even if Ruto resigns, it will solve nothing.

In other words, his "case" is just another circus to keep the sheeps distracted and thereby, ensure sufficient food supply for the wolves.

Anonymous said...


Oh we missed you prophet of doom where have you been Darth Vader. Always on the prowl waiting to pounce huh on any negative Kenyan news, how about the positive.

Citizens TV very own Alex Chamwada is in Boston USA, hope you had time off from 'surfing the net' to attend the seminars and understand what our new constitution is about.

You dont have to vilify your own country while away in the comfort of good old US of A, remember one Ngugi wa Thiong'o. Hope you pay your taxes to the IRS.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe, in the same Standard article it states "Kikuyu folk musician, Kigutha, has
produced a song with the message: 'Time
has come for the children of the home
guards to step aside, so the children of Mau
Mau get a taste of the cake (political
power)'. " Good to see you're finally showing your true Mungiki colours.

Anonymous said...


President Kibaki has suspended Hon Ruto from the cabinet until his case in court was determined.

But in a swift rejoinder Hon Ruto reminded Preident Kibaki that he has no authority to suspend anu minister from the ODM section of the coalition.

Swali na Jibu: Ruto is above the law and NOBODY can sack him. Rails tried before Kibaki and failed. Viva WSR, real KIRGIT (Bull) of Kenyan politics. Hakuna kama yeye.

Anonymous said...

Sam okello's book, "her Excellency" prophecy come to pass.see this press release by PPS

" Excellencies salute commonwealth team
THEIR Excellencies President Mwai Kibaki and First Lady Mrs. Lucy Kibaki have commended the Kenyan team to the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth games for its exceptional performance in the international competition"

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

Oh we missed you prophet of doom where have you been Darth Vader. Always on the prowl waiting to pounce huh on any negative Kenyan news, how about the positive.


Are you kidding?


Citizens TV very own Alex Chamwada is in Boston USA, hope you had time off from 'surfing the net' to attend the seminars and understand what our new constitution is about.


Attend seminars and understand what our new constitution is all about? You are not serious.

We have insisted from day one that this constitution is a threat to our economy. We were shouted down.

Well, Uhuru us now telling Kenyans the same stuff when it is too late:

"New Constitution could stifle growth, says Uhuru."

"Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for finance Uhuru Kenyatta said implementation of the new Constitution indeed poses a major challenge to economic development.

He also cited high expectations of Kenyans over the new Constitution, job creation, education and health issues as some of the other challenges."


Anonymous said...

Monday Blues plus the temptation of wanting to indulge in monday quarterbacking nearly got the best of me!

Anyway, Monday is here and it's still early morning, mid-morning, afternoon, evening, and night time in some places of the world where Kumekuchans abound.

Am just suggesting without asking, how about we cut our claws, retract or extract our fangs, quit ratttling with our personal political agendas, and let the ICC continue with the slow but methodical process of finding legal ways to cage the Lords of Impunity?

Let's flip the last week's page and engage the fresh week without worrying ourselves to death about what happens or doesn't happen to the Lords of Impunity.

Justice will surely be served in one way or another in the next five to ten years, unless some of the Lords of impunity decide to play a Milosevic on us by permanently exiting the earth before then.

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of visiting this blog only to see the same old stale crap! Can't we have new interesting post for a change?

Anonymous said...

Ati Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka with students of Nairobi’s Sunshine Secondary......

That is desperate kalonzo trying to appease MOI so that he can get support for the presidency. Is he forgetting that it is kenyans that vote and endorsement by the retired'mtukufu rais'will reduce his votes from the usual 10% to 2%
I guess all the schools in his wmwingi are self sufficient and couldn't use the 50 thousand for more important stuff.

Anonymous said...

@ Mwarang'ethe

Once upon a time during the bomas conference a delegate explained why Majimbo would be expensive and he was shouted down actually almost kicked out of the hall, I recall one delegate orie rogo manduli saying "we will seek funding from donors and friends to support majimbo governments", She was applauded for her "sagacity".
I was horrified then and was shocked as Kenyans gleefully voted for short circuiting their development.
But a question to you: Where were you during the constitution debate did you make any input to the debate did you write to the COE or offer to make a presentation?

Anonymous said...

Is Uhuru Kenyatta talking of the short term or the long term or both? If both, then we have a most serious problem in our hands.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that someone in a position of influence would have helped Kumekucha flip its last week's page and maybe, maybe usher in some new headline or sub-headlines.

While we are still waiting for the the old page to be flipped over, it's very depressing to reiterate that Kenyans are still being reminded of the fact that the more things change ... the more they remain the same.

Tragically, this is how we do it all the time. Given the chance, we would appoint not just our tribesmen, but also our families to all positions in the Public Service - all the way from the chief executive to the lowest ranked office orderly. Current appointments to foreign missions and parastatals reek of nepotism. People who claim to be votaries of good governance in ODM and PNU have filled the appointments with their families.

Some are today scheming to carve out new parliamentary constituencies that will see husband, wife, son and sibling sit in the legislature in 2012
- Muluka

One is always left wondering what was it that the majority of the Kenyan voters and the so called seasoned activists were agitating for during the mid-late 1990s, in 2002 and as recently as bloody 2007.

I dread to think about or even wonder whether what we hope to accomplish as well as achieve in December of 2012, will be any different if the above cursed of nepotism and way of doing the nation's business is allowed to fester as it has been for the last five decades?

What is change? And what does change stand for in Kenya as we know today? Is the real meaning of change equivalent to cosmetic change of figure-heads, individuals, inner circles, political parties and certain domineering ethnic groups?

Muru wa Gacii

Anonymous said...

Ruto has been suspended. That should be a bit of a change & hopefully have a new writeup on the blog.


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