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Monday, August 09, 2010

New Oath of Office Will Be High Crime for Anti-Constitution Ministers

Kenyans are heading back to Uhuru Park to be part of celebrations of the new dispensation. They will witness leaders pledge loyaltly to the country and the cameras will be rolling later this month when cabinet ministers are sworn-in afresh. But for some leaders oath of office will be something akin to treason.

As public officials, how will Ruto, Shabaan, Porghisio and other NO ministers be expected to Obey, Serve, Uphold, Respect or Defend the new constitution? Are these individuals truly fit to continue holding public offices?

After having vehemently opposed the new constitution under false pretence and that which thankfully Kenyans refused to listen to, cabinet ministers who ardently served on the NO side during the campaign find themselves in serious catch-22 situation.

The new constitution transitional clause requires that ......”On the effective date, the President and any State officer or other person who had, before the effective date, taken and subscribed an oath or affirmation of office under the former Constitution, or who is required to take and subscribe an oath or affirmation of office under this Constitution,204 shall take and subscribe the appropriate oath or affirmation under this Constitution........"

Unless the principals exercise their powers and replace them, or unless they resign on their own volition, cabinet ministers who had vehemently opposed the proposed constitution will be required to partake this new oath of office that they ......”do swear/solemnly affirm that I will at all times be faithful to the Republic of Kenya; that I will obey, respect and uphold this Constitution of Kenya and all other laws of the Republic; that I will well and truly serve the people and the Republic of Kenya.......”.

The president and prime minister will certainly enjoy watching the same opposition swear to obey and defend what they opposed. Of course 2,795,059 Kenyans who voted NO will also be watching in amazement as the leaders who asked them to oppose now pledge to defend, obey and respect the same document. Will these so called leaders have any credibility left thereafter? Actually, there is no need to sack them, let them do what is ethically the right thing to do. Those who do not agree with government that they serve, what business do they have continuing sitting in it?

Without batting and eyelid and quite shamelessly, Ruto’s concession speech was more of a threat than an admission of a crushing defeat. As one who aspires to be president, I expected Ruto to take personal responsibility for that failure as defacto leader of the NO side. Ruto ought to have apologised for misleading 2,795,059 of cast ballots astray. Instead, the fellow was chest-thumping about non-cast ballots and calling on the two sides to negotiate amendments on the new constitution. This is an affront to democracy and an insult to the intelligence of Kenya voters.

The new constitution seeks to bring magnanimity in our national politics, but listening to Ruto, one wonders why he just does not get it. In established democracies, a defeat such us one experienced by the NO side warrants resignation of presidents and their ministers. Actually, if the NARC government could have resigned and called for fresh elections after the 2005 referendum defeat, then certainly the 2007/8 post elections violence could not have happened. In 2010, the NO ministers still have the audacity to demand for negotiations after having been humiliated at the ballot box already adjudged to be free and fair. It is as if the referendum was a mere tea-party and nothing of significance. Am I the only one seeing this hypocrisy and disrespect for democracy?

If we continue to allow the elected officials in our government to violate their solemn oath of office, we disregard accountability and enhance impunity and grand corruption. By letting these scoundrels get away with this high crime, we ultimately contribute to the destruction and elimination of our supreme law, the constitution.

Given Ruto’s well publicized opposition to this very constitution, would it be morally correct for him to partake the new oath on the same constitution? Are Kenyans prepared to see the same ministers abandon their responsibilities on the front bench during the crucial implementation of the constitution and legislation of related laws?

The honourable and respectable ministers should do the right thing and voluntarily resign. It is the correct thing to do at this point.


M. Pesa said...

Do you really expect these bare faced cheats to resign after some soul searching when we all know they have no sense of shame and dignity at all? I doubt Ruto and co can bring themselves to do what is sensible and right. It will mean kissing goodbye to all the perks, deals and goodies that come with the much coveted cabinet post. If Ruto had any dignity he would have resigned ages ago to battle the fraud charges he faces at the high court. I also believe most of those who voted against the draft listened to the Church and not the evil Moi/Ruto axis. As for swearing in, well what's the point? Ocampo is already booking his air ticket heading this way. Be afraid, be very afraid. Cometh the hour..cometh Ocampo. Shauri!

Anonymous said...

Ruto, Shabaan, Porghisio, Linah Chebii Kilimo and other NO ministers CANNOT BE EXPECTED to OBEY, SERVE, UPHOLD, RESPECT or DEFEND the new constitution which they opposed with so much gusto and so VEHEMENTLY.

These individuals are NOT truly fit to continue holding the public offices that they hold. THEY MUST RESIGN.

Anonymous said...

Ruto and gang should resign but I doubt whether they ever will. M. Pesa @ 2:46 AM put it very well in his comment thus:

"They have no sense of shame and or dignity at all I doubt Ruto and co can bring themselves to do what is sensible and right. It will mean kissing goodbye to all the perks, deals and goodies that come with the much coveted cabinet post.

If Ruto had any dignity he would have resigned ages ago to battle the fraud charges he faces at the high court.

Anonymous said...

Well these nyang'aus will not be the first to be shameless in public. In 2008 I remember Raila telling BBC that he would NEVER serve in the same govt with Kibaki. Lakini sasa ako wapi?? So this shamelessness is normal in Kenya.

Anonymous said...


Why doesn't Raila want to discipline Ruto anymore? Does it have something to do with 2012 elections' calculations? Or the lion has been rained on to the point of being a cat????????

Anonymous said...

Ruto is a legitimate Deputy Party Leader of ODM and the heir apparent to Raila in the party. It is therefore necessary for the party faithful, like Phil, to show their due respect to their party leadership. Alternatively, these disgruntled party members can hike to another party where they think the angel leaders, period.

Phil said...

Anonymous said...
Why doesn't Raila want to discipline Ruto anymore? Does it have something to do with 2012 elections' calculations? Or the lion has been rained on to the point of being a cat????????


When you say 'discipline', do you mean sacking from cabinet?

Just a few months ago, Raila suspended Ruto and Ongeri but Kibaki overturned those suspensions, and after useless investigations by KACA, reinstated not just the ministers but all the other PSs as well.

At least Raila insisted on transfering Ruto from Agriculture; but what did Kibaki do to Ongeri? That is as far as corruption goes.

When it comes the katiba, opposing the proposed constitution does not warrant a sack and ODM preaches tolerance in its ranks. Ruto and co have been internal opposition for 3 years now. PNU also had ministers opposing the constitution. Does it mean Kibaki is now a cat because he cannot sack Shaban and Porghisio?

It will be upon these ministers to think deeply about their positions and do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

The act of resigning is alien to Kenyans. I have expected Ruto to have resigned by now. But I don't think he will.
If he does, he will say that his tribe is being finished and cause instability in RV. Ruto and Co have no conscience. Look If Moi who ruled Kenya for 24 yrs minus a new Constitution and tourtured Kenyans can come and oppose this document who are we to expect Ruto to resign?
Ruto will not resign at all. He does NOT get the idea of resigning for failure.

Anonymous said...

I see no reason for Ruto to resign. He carried his weight in gold and did not stand alone as evidenced by the referendum results. what the proponents of this so-called democratic process should now be doing is to figure out how to persuade those that followed Ruto that the outcome of the referendum is not necessarily inimical to their well being and most importantly is not merely the tyrannical proclivities of the majority. That's what democracy is about.

Anonymous said...

By losing the vote,they were sacked by majority Kenyan voters ( nationwise) from cabinet. They can keep the MP seats which their local voters reconfirmed.

Can the two principals heed this directive from the voters

Anonymous said...

It seems these politicians are never fully aware of the implication of their actions.To them,its just another game they play not minding that their fiery rhetoric once they get a microphone leaves the masses itching to have a go at each others necks.Take Linah Jebii Kilimo for instance.After months on the campaign trail urging people to reject the constitution,she couldnt see the contradiction by appearing at the KICC to join the YES side in a victory parade.Something must be very wrong somewhere in the w

Anonymous said...

kwani mnakaaje!
Yes won guys lets move on!!!
mnapende kasheshe kweli!

Anonymous said...

YES majority of the Kenyan voters won and they will move on as they learn to emrace Katiba Mypya.

Washindi hawependi kasheshe ila wanapenda rasharasha za korosho baada ya uchaguzi.

Talk of eating your own words when it comes to taking "New Oath of Office" in the current governmnet.

Wapende wasipende, they will swallow the bitter pill laced with YES all over it and serve the government of the republic of Kenya and its people to the best of their ability.

So help them GOD!.

Anonymous said...

So where will Raila get the more than half of the counties and 25percent to win round one of 2012 battle? Or even round two, having antagonised everybody from Ruto, Uhuru, even the lowly Magara and the Kuria jamma.

Anonymous said...

the fresh winds of change have already strongly begun blowing across this re-born again nation. Kenyans are in a hurry to leave the whole entire world without any
shadow of a doubt that they will never accept things the way they were before-NEVER

Sample this tidbit from a conversation i eavesdropped earlier this evening after another failed day waiting at WIMPY for Taabu's AIRBURGERS:

"why should we listen to boring uneducated preachers in church just because they wear a dog collar?"

The wave of "reform" is now strongly rolling throughout the land and time is nothing but a countdown to inevitable CHANGE.

This is a new kenya and we don't have any place for the "old order" A word to the wise is enough but sometimes words are not enough therefore i heartily encourage PORK and PM: certainly no one will blink twice if the NO rebels from the Cabinet and Government as a whole

Katiba HooYee!

Anonymous said...


Your post is spot on. On matters principle, the "NOs" should resign. If not, Rao and Kibs should sack them more so for going against the collective decision. This was an issue of life and death, akin to Kenya declaring war on poverty, impunity, nyayo dungeons, mediocre health care and education etc. If the new constitution was promising a better tommorrow - what should we call those opposing? They are economic saboteurs and traitors. I have gone through the Katiba and we all agreed it is the best we could have.

Secondly - you can't swear to defend what you dont agree with. These guys should not be given the honor to resign but rather should be sacked, in any case Kenyans know them much better now than ever before. They are anti reformer and warmongers.

Rao and Kibs - Wacha hawa jamaa wapumzike. Otherwise, otherwise, thank you Kenyans for a job well done.

Over to you Phil

Mzee wa Kijiji

kumekucha said...

Thank you for this important post Phil.

Kenya has changed forever and the "monster" called Katiba will swallow plenty on its' path including impunity and many of the things Kenyans have fought against for a long time now. Mpaka politicians will fear what they passed so casually.

Evidence is that even before the new constitution has come to effect Ruto, Moi and company are already feeling the heat. I will divulge more in my posts to come, but what I can assure Kumekuchans is that Ruto-types will not survive, even before "discipline" gets to them.


Anonymous said...

2.8 Million Kenyans who voted NO should lose their citizenship too PHIL of Kibera??

What a MORON!!!

Why dont you tell that executive PM who appointed RUTO to fire him if he is MAN enough??

Anonymous said...

The more Raila fanatics and hecklers continue to outshout everyone, the slimer the chances their ailing leader gets of seriously contending for state house.

Phil, after banning for non Raila bootlickers in Jukwaa has now come to Kumekucha with an intention of making it a Raila campaign forum.

Tough luck, if Raila did not make it with all other tribes less Kikuyu's, Ameru, Kamba behind him in 2007, I wonder what happens in 2012 when Kalenjins, Kisii's, Coast are against him. These are realities and his supporters can heckle all they want, uproot railways, write long wided columns like those of phil of kibera or that canadian refugee but that will serve only to reduce his votes.

But how do I expect his crazy followers to reason???

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha he he he.....Ocampo! Is coming... Bado mapambano mapambano mapambanoooo! Ruto should just chill out his ailing body! Looooser!

Ken said...

Until the Raila supporters understand democracy, he will never see the inside of state house.

Democracy simply means the minority have their say and the majority have their way. Is it so hard to understand that?

Ruto and Co. already graciously accepted defeat (Good to see they did not go on a murdering spree this time round because their C-in-C was on the winning side and did not order it) and have vowed to help implement the wishes of the majority. Why are you now following them so hard?

If Raila was in the No team, and the Yes won, he would still be crying how the election was rigged upto now. Except for the church leaders, do you hear anyone else dwelling so much on the results?

btw Raila is not a bad and unelectable leader, he is very charismatic but he has some worshippers who give him a bad name.

Lets see where he gets the numbers in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Well said bwana KEN,

Phil, Taabu and other Raila fanatics should realize that Kenyan is bigger than the ambitions of their ailing senile leader.
With a new constitution, Kenyans want to forget the politics of deceit and hatred cultivated and propagated by Raila and moi on one side and Kibaki on the other side.

Raila who is a beneficially of MOI's autocracy cannot continue to hold looted property (Molasses land and Malindi squatters land) and still preach reforms and integrity. His office was also involved in the maize scandal and youth fund. His constituency has lost 10's of millions of CDF fund in unaccounted expenditures.

These are facts that are in the public domain that disqualify Raila from leading Kenyan through the new constitutional order that. Kibaki will leave the presidency with a rich legacy of a new constitution, CDF, universal education and a bouncing economy. Raila will also be on the footnote as a worthwhile competitor who helped Kibaki achieve this goal even though he took a long sick leave during the crucial period.

Anonymous said...

Is someone already in breach of the new constitution?The new constitution says it should be promugulated 14 days after its gazzetment,that should be on Aug 20.Yet here we are having State House issuing a statement to the effect that the president will promugulate the new law on Aug 27 and thats after 21 days.What is happening here,why start off the new law with controversy?

Anonymous said...

Your biggest problem is hypocrasy. The 2005 katiba was also a gava project. After leading the NO campaign raila & co did not resign. In fact they complained bitterly after being sacked. Am sure phil has some rationalisation why they should not have resigned. Mind you I agree with you that ruto & co should resign. But I know if raila was the NO leader, we would not be reading this post.

Anonymous said...

well said anon 9"59,

to phil of kibera, raila is perfect and every evil he does even stealing and killing can be rationalized with nice treatise. sometimes I just pity them and their families. what a wasted life..

edu said...

Great point on starting off on the wrong footing: Many folks are missing the point by hyperventilating about Ruto ..!

I was Yes but Ruto and No folks are equally Kenyans.Most intolerant folks hide under tribal cocoons yet want to appear saintly behind remote keyboards..The faster we realize we are all Kenyans, the quicker we'll progress as a nation.

Whats so hard to understand about this:---

"Effective Date
263. This Constitution shall come into force on its promulgation by the President
or on the expiry of a period of fourteen days from the date of the
publication in the Gazette of the final result of the referendum ratifying this
Constitution, whichever is the earlier."

The 2008 Review Act Is not superior to the (new)Constitution period...!!!

Anonymous said...

Kenyans have peculiar habits. They pass a new constitution and instead of discussing the expectations here they are discussing personalities? We ugandan's are so much mature.
I am out of this hate filled putrid pit.

Anonymous said...

Katiba Mpya was not nor is it about Raila this and that versus his political opponents who are here and there.

Katiba Mpya is about Kenya's future and the legacy the children, teenagers, young adults and the not so old will live to experience in 2020, 2030 and beyond.

Kenyans from both sides of the fences - RED or GREEN - will have to surgically change their attitude
and learn to radically embrace Katiba Mpya if we all want to benefit from the new dawn (Kumekucha) that has been given to us on silver plater with shading unnecessary blood, or wanton destrcution of human life and propoerty.

Katiba Mpya MUST STOP all roads leading to Nairobi or else the old colonial village will continue to thrive and corrupt the minds of future generations and would be radical thinkers, doers, reformers, clergy, politicians, police officers, civil servants, business communities, activists, revolutionaries, tourists and foreigners alike.

The choice is ours. We can either EMBRACE the Katiba Mpya and move on or REJECT it and remain in a stagnated past.

Anonymous said...

To my dear Phil,

Do you think now that we have a new constitution we should also elect a brand new leader who is neither sickly nor over 60 years old?
Don't you think if we elect the same old people (and I am talking of Raila here)this new constitution we have celebrating will go to the drain?
My dear Phil, it's time we look for fresh new faces to go with the new constitution.

Yours truly
Phil's Mistress

Anonymous said...

People are allowed to change their mind and perhaps support and defend our constitution. I dont see why Ruto and co cannot be acccorded this fundamental right of choice.Thats what democracy is all about.Isnt it?

Anonymous said...

RAILA for 2012 single politician can take him head on and I repeat no one. Thats why they meet along thika road...he he he.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:49,

Taking Raila head on literary will have him readmitted to Nairobi Hospital.

Be careful what you wish for your senile ailing leader.

Anonymous said...


The review act has two results: referendum results and final results. challenging the referendum results at the high court is allowed within 14 days after publishing the referendum results. final results under the new katiba are the results if no challenge is made or the reults after the challenge is resolved. Looks like muite and imanyara are no longer lawyers but just politicians.

Anonymous said...

Some people never grow up!

Here I'm talking about the Railaphobics - that crazy bunch of Kenyans driven by an IRRATIONAL, JUVENILE and very SILLY hatred of Raila which causes them to "see" and "introduce" Raila "everywhere."

Will you twits - and twats grow up. It's time you twats outgrew this outlandish behavior of yours.

Anonymous said...

Breaking with the past:

After all the talk about "THE LEADERSHIP WE WANT” when the opportunity presents itself we buckle under instead of conclusively SETTING THE STANDARD of what we expect from decisions we make and entrust our leaders to follow and or implement on our behalf. We should not allow ourselves to be duped by well placed sound bites aimed to “Raila-lie” all important issues with the sole purpose of blurring our focus through inflaming negative passions. It’s worked in the past but it should not work post-katiba, let us learn to ignore the unconstructive critics and renew our focus on the issues facing THE NATION and not THE HOUSES. Am sure each one of you must have heard the poignant saying “empty DEBES make the most noise” for me it vividly reminds me of my favourite teacher and a couple of “stooges” I was in class with. Nothing personal against them, but at times they were real irritants.

Regarding Katiba, the citizenry made a choice and they expect their decision to be implemented as is - with people who are on the SAME PAGE with them. The FACT remains that Kenyans spoke, borrowing from the most understood definition of democracy – the implementation of the new constitution should be guided by representatives of THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE who voted for it. The ideological opposition should be listened to but should have nothing to do with the decisions pertaining to implementation, they decided to put their interest first and they lost. They just have to live with the consequences to LEARN FROM IT. There will always be winners and losers that do not mean the winners cannot take care of the vanquished interest but i doubt the other way is true. That’s what dictatorship is all about.

An unaccountable leadership since independence is what got us to the mess we are in Kenya today and in the dawn of a new Katiba and a new beginning its the duty of each and every individual to set His/Her standard that they want to be governed by. Acrobatic leaders are the last people we want - Leadership must be accountable and stand firm for his beliefs. I refuse to LOWER my standards. I want a new beginning – deceit with impunity should be something of the past and NOT REWARDED. Words and actions should mean something. The verdict “WE ARE KENYANS” [ that has never been in dispute] is not a substitute for disciplinary action –, leadership must always make a stand and live by their words. The bible reminds us “you reap what you saw” - I do not trust the NO LEADERSHIP to represent my interest WITHOUT PREJUDICE in the implementation of the Katiba, having said that I do not have any interest in stopping or refusing them to enjoy the freedoms that I will also enjoy as Kenyans under the new Katiba. What am I concerned about is the continuation of business as usual to pay their salaries with my tax shillings after a mammoth rejection by the electorate. They are free to represent their people in parliament but NOT the new Kenya Cabinet – Giving them the OATH of OFFICE will be the biggest betrayal second only to our first founding fathers.


You just cannot stand up kanisani and declare at the top of your voice that - you don’t support the matrimony of Mr Odhiambo and Miss Wanjiru when the pastor calls out for any objections. When your objections are exposed as unfounded you turn around and request to be the master of ceremony at the reception of Mr & Mrs Odhiambo, na isitoshe you also expect to be entrusted with the weeding presents while the couple are off for their honeymoon. Hiyo ni jana tu sana – aiwezekani ! Kenyans should put their feet down – it’s a new beginning. We should demand that our “leadership” stand by their words and deeds otherwise it’s the DUTY of all Kenyans to remind them and hold them ACCOUNTABLE. This should be an example that following you “chief” without question will only come back to haunt you.

GOOD SPEED on the implementation of the NEW KATIBA

Anonymous said...

After KATIBA MPYA what next? Don't tell us that it is now time for UCHAGUZI MKUU - 2012?

Let us 'oath' the ministers, members of parliament, clergy and the rest of their gangs of followers, then roll onto the next business of the decade.

Which is gradual implementation of the Katiba Mpya and Kenya Mpya to the letter of the law.

OTH, Kenya police must be overhauled, not once but twice. It's high time the police force introduced two more training colleges around the country, far away from Kiganjo.

Kiganjo is to blame for all the bad image the police has had for the last four decades, and the main reason why so many rotten bananas (apples) find their way through a philosophy of "Ugaidini Kwa Wote" rather than the time honoured tradition of "Utumishi Kwa Wote".

Anonymous said...


If Raila trully wants to have a decent chance at the presidency in 2012, he MUST find an appropriate occassion and go to Central (preferably Murang'a) and WITHDRAW the "kabila adui" words which he used to inflame the Kalenjins against the Kikuyus in 2007. While at it, he needs to go to Meru and explain away his 2007 threat that the Merus would cry tears if he came to power.

Also, he needs to point out to the Kalenjins which community leaders he referred to in 2009-10as "takataka" who must be swept to the Indian Ocean. Again, while at it, he MUST tell the Kalenjins what criteria he used to disparage their leaders and where he derives his assumed authority to be the judge of who should be a Kalenjin leader.

There is a growing concern that Raila would ultimately like to "Luonize" Kenyan politics. By that, his critics mean the politcal phenomenon prevelent in Luo Nyanza whereby nobody gets elected without kissing Raila's behind. His critics point at Raila's obssession at putting Mudavadi, his stooge, as the leader of Luhyas, and his failed two-year effort at installing Musa Sirma as the alternative (to Ruto) leader of the Kalenjins. The same goes for his attempts at putting Imanyara at the helm of Meru politics and Peter Kenneth in Central.

The central point is that for Raila to be elected president in 2012, he must abandon his 2007 politics of threats, intimidation, demonisation, and manipulation. By now he should have realized that the cultures of some communities which comprise majority in Kenya do not respond well to these political tactics.

Anonymous said...

"New Oath of Office Will Be High Crime for Anti-Constitution Ministers"

This is the least sensible headliner I have read on KK. However, I will not blame the writer because what ails him of necessaity ails the majority of Kenyans who seem rather enamoured by the FORM some things take rather than the VALUES they represent. I guess that's what happens when you import things you dont really truly understand--you conflate form with function and the truly important conditioning factors remain elusive. So much for democracy in Kenya! What a farce.

Ken said...

Moses led the people of God out of slavery BUT NEVER stepped into the promised land. This task was left to his younger lieutenant Joshua.

While we applaud the good work done by those who fought for our liberation and the enactment of the new constitution (Read Moses), its time to let God's will be done and let the younger generation (Read Joshua) lead the people of God INTO the promised land.

Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

Flipside, why not quit the victimhood mindset and join other Kenyans? The phantoom of kabila adui has been peddled since the petition to GB, it never grew wings. Come on step down from the superiority simpex, will you?
Raila owes nobody any apology.

And oh, read your fears aloud, it is TRUE. Karibuni Kenya mpya.

Anonymous said...

What has become of Seems to be off the air.
Now we are stuck with boring kumekucha with old hags who eat, drink and live politics.

The only difference between kibaki and raila who are the daily source of antagonism here is their names. they are both old, sick and rich courtesy of moi making them ministers which was a source of corrupt deals...

Guys, move on and get yourselves a day job!!!

Philip said...


You should de-link yourself from the politics of 'younger generator', unless you want to become a beneficiary or you are also interested in politics with the campaign tag of "Younger Generation".

I have several friends who are intending to run for MPs in 2012. Nearly all of them were involved in corrupt deals as officials of the student organisation. I'm sure there are people reading this who also know that student politics, even currently, is marred with corruption, whose difference with corruption in our current government cannot be easily discerned. The same is with tribalism.

Good character and leadership is not at all related to age. During my final year in campus, I can bet Michuki could have run the student organisation better than most of the student leaders. These same student leaders are the ones who want to lead Kenya with the campaign tag of "Younger Generation". I can swear to you that God willing I will reveal corrupt involvement of some of them if they run for MPs. Furthermore Ruto, Jirongo, Wamalwa, Jimmy Kibaki, Fidel Odinga, Tony Gachoka e.t.c all say to be "Younger Generation". Do you think they can run this country better than the "Older Generation"?

All in all politics of "Younger generation" is a hogwash. What is important is the character of the leader and not age.

Philip said...

Please read 'younger generation' and not 'younger generator' in my first paragraph. The later was a spelling mistake.

Anonymous said...


Are you saying there are no young untainted leaders out there?
Pleeeeze, unless you keep the company of the corrupt, I know many outstanding young men and women who can make great leaders.

I would say we go for an under 50 year old Kenyan for a change.

Anonymous said...

Chris, makau mutua, phil and the raila fan club have inundated us with messages of how raila has won big in this referendum. Is this really the case? Do you mean he has won the numbers to take him to state house? If so I dont think so. He has gotten his people to vote for the katiba proposed by pnu (read gema). The kalenjin considered this katiba to be against them. He therefore worked against kalenjin interests and cannot expect their votes. We know gema will not vote for him. So in the kenyan tribal arithmetic, which votes has he gained. The standard today reports there is an outpouring of love for kalonzo in kalenjin land. He is seen as having been sympathetic to their views. If this love can translate to votes, who then has really gained? To paraphrase G w bush I think kalonzo is often "misunderestimated". Raila is even reported today as having agreed to let kalonzo be LGB. Having lost rv mps he knows his claim to that post is untenable.

Kibs cannot agree to let ruto & co to go. Their mps are a substantial block and will be needed to pass the necessary legislation. This is the reality, phil.

I undrestand the president, vp and ministers are to be aworn in on 27th but not pm. I know the post of pm will continue until 2012 but the idea that pm will not be sworn in may be seen as a psychological loss for raila, especially since the whole of kibera will be at uhuru park. And you know this means kibs gets to be sworn in public as odm had demanded!

There I want the rao fan club to show me in real numbers, power and prestige how rao has won. Remember kenya is tribe first.

Anonymous said...

Bring back!!!

Anonymous said...

Raila's mob enforcers are busy campaigning that Kenyans who voted "no" in the referendum should be turned into pariahs. For example, chief ODM bouncer, Jakoyo Midiwo, is saying that none of those who voted "no" should be allowed close to any implementation of the katiba. Do they really want to turn 3 million Kenyans into pariahs? No wonder they openly say that if their man ever becomes president some communities of Kenya would cry in the toilet.

Philip said...

anon 10.08

Can you please read my comments again. Or just read the last sentence.

I said, "What is important is the character of the leader and not age." A leader of good character can be from/of any age. I hope you get me now.

Anonymous said...


The new katiba has no pm post and therefore no prescribed oath for pm. Will he take an oath? if so, have you devised one? Or is this why you are against ruto being sworn in?

Anonymous said...

ati a ruto-kalonzo alliance? am tickled hahahahaaa... who will be the prezo and who will be the running mate between the two? and where will 25% in 2 provinces take these 2 selfish clowns? ama just like mutula, kalonzo is hoping ocampo pounces soon so that he can inherit the kale votes. SELFISH IDIOTS. Kwanza ruto is too busy worrying about the 40% who voted YES in his own constituency to be thinking about elevating some nondescript kalonzo who brings nothing to the table and yet hopes to be toshwad as the prezo.

Anonymous said...

kwanza you think 6 million kenyans will agree to be led by 2 clowns who never believed in the new constitution but instead preffered to maintain status quo. kenya has changed my friends.

Anonymous said...

True Kenyan style : your votes do not count

" The Catholic Church and umbrella body for protestant churches want the new Constitution opened up for amendments to address their grievances "

They accept the verdict but they demands changes be made to suit them. In other majority decision has to be changed to accomodate them. you either believe in democracy or you dont - the people have made thier choice if you want changes collect a million votes and lets go back for another referrundum thats accorcing to the KATIBA that was passed.

Please accept you lost and move on thats how democracy works , do they wantus to go to another referundum to vote for ammendments -Kenyans have voted and rejected the churches version - YOU LOST Please MOVE ON.

Anonymous said...

This forum is desperate for Mwarangethe's input.
Mwarangethe, where are you?

Anonymous said...

Why did Molasses Raila give up on his illegitimate claim to Leader of Govt Business position?

My guess is that he chicken out because he did not want to be humiliated when the pending motion to settle the matter came to the floor of the Parliament. RV MPs were salivating to teach him a lesson. What a coward, he denied us the drama on the House Floor. At this rate, the Molasses Thief might chicken out of the presidential elections fight!! I hope not. I want to get a chance to use my vote to retire the Thug to Bondo or Kibera in 2012.

Now, Kalonzo gets the Parliament position without a fight. Could he be twice lucky and get to State House without a serious fight????

Anonymous said...

Why are chris and phil shying from debating the position of pm under new katiba. If the position was held by someone else we would never hear the last of how the person is finished.

The new document says the persons occupying the positions of president and pm will continue to do so, meaning raila will continue to be refered to as pm.

However the document says executive authority is exercised by president, dp and cabinet secretaries. In particular the duties of coordinating ministries are with the president.

The president is being required to swear an oath to uphold the new katiba. There is no oath for pm. What exacly will the pm be doing? And will it be constitutional?

Please chris consult your inhouse lawyers and do a piece on this. With malice towards none.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, I am disappointed by your laziness. You leave one blog for a whole week!
It seems you got a job to be in the camp of Yes no no yes no.
Wake up or you lose your blog. So many topics for discussion are available and you have no writeup!

Anonymous said...

The church spent our tithe and sadaka in the misguided 'No' campaigns. I don't want to go back to the past but can somebody tell me where our sadakas go and what the Njues/ Karanja's/ Onginde's intend to do with such future takings? Have you noticed how Rev./ Dr./ Hon Wanjiru has lost weight in two weeks? Wakwende!

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