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Friday, August 06, 2010

New Constitution: An Oasis or Mirage?

So Kenya is basking in the limelight as among the few countries who can overhaul their constitution in peace time. Well, it has been along journey for both proponents and critics of the new constitution. First a deserved congratulations to all Kenyans for showing maturity and disabusing the doomsayers who never expected an African country to release poll results in REAL TIME just like any other developed country out there.

We are a lucky lot to be witnesses to a rebirth of a country. True, it is not perfect but what is? We have a plebiscite and it is upto us to better the template. At least we have the pride of place and mind to claim it as our own unlike the tattered Lancaster document that was thrust at us and then mutilated by our won for selfish reasons. And there comes the BIG catch.

It may be premature to pop the champagne just yet. We have NEW wine in old wineskin's. Implementation of the new constitution is left at the hands/mercy of the OLD POLITICAL guard. Can they make a clean break from their selfish and destructive past to do what is right? Well, the jury is already out roamimg and your guess is as good as mine.

Without abstracting the obvious, the new constitution provides a very radical road map on how to governance and other matters thereof. You can bet you next lunch that OWNERS of Kenya will not go down ushering in new FAIR ways of doing things that will jeopardize the leash and 'illegal' advantages they enjoy over the majority. They may not come out fighting but the RESISTANCE will definitely be massive.

The most difficult part begins NOW

The new constitution is no panacea to our myriad national maladies. We missed the opportunity to shape Kenya after independence and again after 2002 when we were the most optimistic nation on the planet. Will we squander this opportunity for the third time running? One only hopes and prays against all odds that we will not have the next two years of fiver pitch campaigns for 2012. How about putting a smile on the IDPs by resettling them to set the pace? Wishes!!

This new constitution provides the best rallying document to galvanize us as a country and NOT a mere sum of 42+ tribes. The ordinary voters have led the way, will we follow and take it to the next level? We MUST REBOOT of our national culture and lay out clear objectives with time lines on what we need as a country. A constitution in nothing without people respecting and living its ideals. You cannot legislate values, they must be nurtured by design.

We may be oblivious of the historic opportunity dangling before our eyes. Can we rise to the occasion and measure up? It may all sound evangelical but it is TRUE and DOABLE. Yes we can but can we seize the moment? Well, change starts from the individual before acquiring critical mass. It is incumbent upon each Kenya to start that change in his or her small way.

Welcome to NEW KENYA. Congratulations Kenyans. One people, one Nation, one Kenya.


Anonymous said...

Whether the new constitution is a mirage or an oasis we will know beginning tomorrow. For now let the peole of Kenya have fun. The nation under the presidency of Mzee Kibaki has achieved what many thought was a MIRAGE - the unveiling of a new Supreme Law for us and te posterity. Kibaki promised us the new constitution in 2002 and we have finally achieved that goal.

It is not everyday that we get to have a reason to be happy. So, let's be happy, but remember a mirage is what we make of reality ahead of us!!!!!!!

Taabu said...

Couldn't agree more: mirage is what we make of reality ahead of us. And while at it one hopes that you won't disecrate an oasis while chasing a mirage.

The hard job begins NOW, tick tock.

Anonymous said...

And we still have IDP in camps as we celebrate a new constitution.

What a country of wimps!!

Anonymous said...

Kenya is a country populated by EDUCATED bigots who will never stop living in denial. The referendum results have just PROVED where the buck for 2007 chaos lied. But tell them it was state-schemed and they will come calling names protecting their fronts while with an exposed stinking backside.

It must be in the national/tribal genes I guess. We are such great liars to ourselves. Wait till the Diaspora start going tongs and hammers with Kale/Kiuk/Luo/Kamba this and that.


Anonymous said...

It has been proved having Somalis at the helm makes things move smoothly as members of the big tribes perceive them to be a minority who dont threaten their ambitions.So move over Kambas,Luhyas,Kikuyus,Luos and Kalenjins and let the Somalis lead the yet to be formed implementation commitees...!

Anonymous said...

It's disheartening that every time we as a people choose to give opinions we can't do so without hauling insults across or reducing the issue to a comparison of our ethnic stereotypes. It is the same thing in the mainstream media and if we an alternate platform we still wear the same hats. Surely we are educated to think, speak and write well. Am just wondering why we ignore the first ingredient of thinking well.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Well said Taabu.

We have interesting days ahead of us. When we read about ideological subversion, we find that, it goes through 4 phases:

(a) Demoralization stage. This takes about 15 - 20 years. This is the time it takes to mis - educate one generation. How long did our quest for reforms last?

(b) Destabilization.

(c) Crisis, and

(d) Normalization. Are we not normal now?

NB: It is interesting when he says that, after sometime, FACTS do not matter anymore to the MASSES.

Meanwhile, let those with wisdom chew this:

"...the State 'has the supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to be a member of the State... for the right of the world spirit is above all special privileges.'"

so said by Georg HEGEL, he who taught Karl Marx and Lenin.

Anonymous said...

For those who are wondering why the referendum was peaceful, it isn't a secret: Raila was on the winning side. If he had been on the losing side, Kibera and Kisumu would have erupted into violence with "haki yetu freedom fighters."

Anonymous said...

Lets wait and see whether Kibaki and Raila will start paying tax as stipulated in the constitution that they have successfully delivered.

Time to walk the talk.

Hon. Peter Kenneth has been doing it and the two fellows are billionaires courtesy of the old constitution and MOI. They will not even feel it.

Anonymous said...

Where is Chris with his adjusted YES win of 85%????

Chris should just realize his Mojo as far as Kenyan politics is concerned is Zero, nil, zilch, naught, bure kabisa, useless!!!

Anonymous said...

If most of the people who post here are living in the west, kenya is doomed. How can someone be proud that he was "delivered"? You even condemn those who refuse to be "delivered"! Morons.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:08 AM,

You got it all wrong!

You say:

"For those who are wondering why the referendum was peaceful, it isn't a secret" .... and then you needlessly have to bring in the name of Raila - You just can't get him out of your mind.

This is the correct position as to why the referendum vote AND ESPECIALLY ITS OUTCOME - THE RESULTS were accepted by all peacefully:

The I.I.E.C did a very commendable job of conducting a vote that was free and fair and was SEEN BY ALL TO BE FREE AND FAIR unlike the the disgraced and rightfully dibanded E.C.K of Samuel Kivuitu which conducted the fraudulent elections of 2007 that were heavily MISMANAGED, RIGGED and STOLEN - of which the E.C.K was a major accomplice.

And by the way, get other better things to think about other Raila, the object of infantile HATRED

Kamatusa said...

There are IDP's in camps...hope that their will be no repeat of 2007 in 2012. But the new constitution heralds a new beginning. The hard work is yet to begin...implementation!

Only wish that those people who post tribal remarks and stereotypes would STOP! Or we should use our National Id's n photos...I simply consider them cowards who hide behind their ethnic cocoons and only vomit them on this blog! Just shows how your mind works when you talk of Luos, Kambas, Kikuyus, Luhyas etc in a negative manner.

If you cant follow simple house rules on this blog what kind of rules can you follow.

Kenya 1 said...

Cant one blog without dragging Rao's name or post tribal remarks. Kenya is greater and bigger than Rao.

The new constitution is here, we just hope that their will be no subotage when it comes to implementation.

Ruto admitted defeat and we agree with him that their is need for consultation if Kenya is to move forward peacefully. Wether one voted YES/NO we remain as Kenyans.

Lets STOP this tribal hatred.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope that the 'Water Melons' wont hold night meetings somewhere in thika road...and simply accept that Kenyans are tired of shenanigans!

Anonymous said...


while taking the pulpit to preach to us how we should use our ID's to blog, why dont you start by using your real name.

So we have a new katiba that will stand on its strong feet and ensure no tribal clashes ever happens again? Was tribal clashes legal in the old lancester doc?

Secondly, do we forget the IDP's languishing in the cold just because we will not have others? Since the new constitution provides for right to house, clean water and sufficient food, when will the IDP's get those promises??

Over to you 'kama looser'

Anonymous said...

we forget about a certain chapter in the draft that reverses all the "gains" that it (the draft )promises.
the country will not achieve much in the culture of violence that will ensue when the life of innocents can and will be terminated at will.
so much for moving forward.
more like one step forward two steps back.
say no to abortion!

Kamatusa said...

I must have rubbed someone the wrong way..

Questions in regard to the unsettled IDP's should be directed to Hon. Naomi Shaban. And neither did I state anywhere that I am happy with the unsettled State of IDP's.

The new constitution if Implemented, will surely transform the lives of millions of Kenyans for the better.

Dwelling on the negative never solves anything.

Anonymous said...


Please refrain yourself from replying to loosers in this blog who only dwell on hate.

There are people as you have stated, who only dwell on the negative...let them be.

Keep it real brother...keep up the house rules spirit.

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