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Friday, August 06, 2010

Breaking: IIEC Final Referendum Tally Announced

The official IIEC final tally has just been announced:

YES: 6,092,583 (67%)
NO: 2,795,059 (30%)

This includes the constituencies which were not included in yesterday's announcement at Bomas of Kenya.


Anonymous said...

is phil becoming another scrap news reporter?
this is old

Anonymous said...

Now that the game is over, the 2 principal should prepare to GO (retire) in 2012.
We need new blood to implement the constitution.

ME said...

The Green Allience to be announced in 2 weeks with U huru as the leader.

Anonymous said...

Green Alliance or GDP (LOL) bring it on. Kenya is far ahead of dinosaurs still stuck in 2005 mode.

Anonymous said...


Stop rounding-up figures, "yes" side did not achieve 67%. By the way, what happened to the 80% "yes" victory you and Messiah Raila promised us???

Anonymous said...

Chris/Phil/Deroo/Taabu/et al

Tears are streaming down my cheeks as i post this comment from here at Ronalos "midnight members hour"

i am in the process of swallowing another bite of fresh salty delicious migingo island fish. The atmosphere is electric as excited kenyans hug one another and cheer "Katiba HooYee".There is Wimbi
porridge here for Phil, Burgers for Taabu and Kachumbari for you Chris lakini muko wapi?

People here are still cheering wildly the final IIEC referendum tally and new constitution being passed. The last time the whole country was this ecstatic was during the inaguration of the first african american president Barak Obama who promised he would come visit once we passed a new constitution

my message to you is two fold:
1) stop waiting for mean Taabu to invite you to a lunch of AIRBURGERS in Ramadhan-wapi and hakuna;

2)Change has finally truly come to Kenya.Tumetoka mbali and now we are at ladt embarking on the journey we should all along have been on these past 46 years. Our emancipation from colonialism has at begun and our independence shall not be in vain

Phil said...

@Luka, hehehehe, these Obamas are really going down well tonight.

Which band is playing at Ronalos? Is it Maroon Komandos, ama leo kuna wageni?

You are too late with these comments being posted by handheld devices; I was actually Kosewes for lunch. Did athola and osuga, and some ghee on top. Lakini Chris, with is trademark goatee waz nowhere to be seen. Taabu na kipara yake pia haku onekana. Forget about Deroo, fake and voteless diasposran, supporting losers all the time. Democracy, not tasteful at times!

Meanwhile, Ronalos is 24-7, how long are you there?

Anonymous said...

Bwana Phil,
I left the members night party immediately after posting that comment!
I am disappointed neither you nor Chris nor Taabu or even Deroo showed up to celebrate Katiba Mpya but i will forgive bro if only Taabu does the hosting next time won't he?

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