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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Opinion Polls, America Don't Vote, Kenyans Do

One week to go and the heat is on. Come on Kenyans do your part. Ignore both scaremongers and liars and VOTE your conscience.

See Chris' latest post on the Opinion polls released earlier today.


Anonymous said...

Yes, let us vote and slice Rift Valley into counties. Let us make it the ancestral land of all Kenyans. No more barbaric perennial ethnic cleansings.

Mwarang'ethe said...

eheheh, Taabu. Even if Americans were to vote, why would one want to take after them? In this case, we mean the USA since 1945.

These Americans have been voting since 1945, but, what do they have to show for it?

(a) In 2010, the U.S. government is projected to issue almost as much as NEW DEBT as the REST of the governments of the world combined.

You may read further here:

(b) The projections are that, the US Government will have a budget deficit of approx. 1.6 trillion dollars in 2010.

You may read further here:

(c) Total U.S. Government debt is now almost 90% of GDP.

(d) Total credit market debt in the US including government, corprate and personal debt has reached around 360% of GDP.

You may read further here:

(e) More than 40% of those employed in the USA are now working in low wage service economy. Yes, that magic of service economy Greenspan and other priests have been preaching to sleeping Americans.

You can read further here:

(f) In 2009, over 1.4 Americans filed for personal bankruptcy. And, in march, 2010, more Americans filed for bankruptcy than any other time since Oct. 2005.
(g) Stagnant wages since 1971.

Without wasting time on these awful statistics from our "friend," we can say this.

The current American generation did not create the American wealth. They inherited it and the way they are doing business, demonstrates their ignorance on how American wealth and power was built in the first place.

American wealth and power was derived not from system of governance as such, but, at least 3 critical factors:

(a) A relative SOUND money system.

(b) Availability of free land.

(c) Industrial capitalism.

As concerns (a), they no longer have an honest money system, but, a satanic one borrowed from amcient Babylon. Thats why they introduced income tax in 1913 which America had done without since 1770's.

As concerns (b), they wasted an opportunity that the free land offered them.

As concerns (c), they abandoned industrial capitalism of the Founding Fathers like Hamilton and adopted the British Financial capitalism.

Have adopted financial capitalism to further their Empire, they had to do one thing. Inflate the values of EXISTING ASSETS as the old ones crumbled.

Therein, lies the high land and stock values. Unfortunately, these are FICTITIOUS wealth and not real wealth. More so, high land values makes them uncompetitive versus China etc. They are caught up.

As such, the current generation cannot teach us much. In fact, they will take to the gutter as they have done.

If you want to learn from America, learn from the masters who industrialised and made America one of the most powerful nation ever witnessed in human history in a very short time.

Anonymous said...

Ati slice RV into counties? Pole and you can dream on. It is attitudes like yours that makes the present trooping back to camps possible. Stop bravado and preach peace.

Katiba nor security can police your house. You need your neighbours. Please avoid the injurous prejudice, will you?

Anonymous said...

Those who want to scream to death against slicing RV into counties must know it is in vain because wapende wasipende it WILL BE DONE come 4th Augst 2010. These same people have been resisting cosmopolitan co-existence since independence. Lakini awamu hii kiboko yao ni hii Katiba Mpya.

It is either they adapt with times, or the tide of history WILL SWEEP these Neanderthals into the dustbins of history. Other Kenyans are tired of this "our ancestral land" refrain. Every Kenyan with money must be able to buy his/her acre of land anywhere s/he wants, be it in Nyeri or Mogotio.

This time round, they should not take out their pre-historic arrows and bows because it will be futile. Awamu hii si mchezo.

Peace is a two-way traffic and everybody in the RV must understand that his neighbour is there to stay, "foreigner" or native.

Anonymous said...

"Trooping back into camps" by IDPs is just a bump in the long march into settling of RV by all communities of Kenya. No major socio-political or economic configuration occurs without major sacrifices. And the IDPs are the pionnering heroes at the frontlines of that configuration.

Anonymous said...

Poor Diaspora stuck in gear one BEATING drums of war. If only you would taste the painful fate of the IDPs. But yours is typical Kenyan/ethnic bravado. Well, peace starts from negotiation which is mostly dialogue-based. Thank God none of you here are involved.

Speaking of settling anywhere, why not first solve Kenyatta's mistake of disinheriting his own. Those beating their chests here are so predictable, it is in the genes I guess.

There is engineered/forced peace (smouldering hostility) and true/real peace. Take your pick and beat the drums louder. OLE WENU.

Anonymous said...

An empty debe or tin can makes the loudest .....?

Vote your conscious on August, 2010 and by all means, allow the majority decision to prevail in a democratic and civilized process.

Instead of wasting valuable energy and time of screaming bloody murder laced with pent up venomous tribal outbursts of rage, hatred, ignorance and xenophia.

As for Mwarang'ethe and company, when will the public have access or rather see your body of works that's well presented beyond what is seen at, among others?

Let there be NO shame whatsoever in losing when all will have been said, done and voted upon by Kenyans who care most for progress, tolerance, peaceful coexistence and bright future for all.

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