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Friday, July 16, 2010

Matuga: Parties Stuck in Past, Behind Voters

By Matuga Insider

The Matuga by-election results deserve a deeper analysis to reveal the changing Kenyan political dynamics. I am not here to rain on anybody's parade but give an honest account of Coast's local politics.

First let us not kid ourselves that Makwere did something extraordinary. No as evident in the proportion of votes by the two leading contenders. Granted one had to win but let go through the whole episode with a tooth comb, shall we?

First of all, the youth brigades were equally represented on both sides of the camps' defence and offense. All the candidates were liked if not loved by their respective home crowds. The approval rating was clearly evident in their response, praise and acclamation.

As a matter of fact, both candidates received ten thousand plus votes.

No need for blinkers. Religion was never issue because all candidates were aware of the votes from both religious camps and ethnicities involved. Religion only becomes an issues on the main islands of Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu for obvious historical reasons known to many by now.

The main chip that earned Mwakwere a huge chunk of the Matuga vote was none other his high profile and the alleged presidential guarantee of the reserved ministerial post (bendera) for the native son of Matuga.

While the ODM candidate was viewed as a potential backbencher who not even survive the on coming 2012 onslaught. The death nail was ODM's upcountry cavalry. they were the most boring of any politicians ever seen or heard in the region during an election time. They were the ones who were boring and not the ODM candidate himself.

The upcountry ODMers could not speak a coherent sentence in fluent Swahili, instead they were full of themselves and thought that the Nairobi "sheng" would endear them to the people of Matuga. It didn't and it never does.

The biggest anatheema was ODM's mondus operandi, and the misplaced belief that they wow the Matuga crowds by using the Queen's vernacular to vouch for their "chosen one."

The 'Mombasa Billionaire Factor' was another factor that made the ODM candidate to be labeled as a "sell out" and "representative of outsiders".

Hence, one of the reasons ODM's Najib Balala ("Yule Fulani") was asked to stay away or keep a safe distance from the Matuga crossfires.

While PNU became good bed fellows with the locals from the get go as opposed to ODM who have preferred to operate according to every command and edict that comes from their general who was missing in action as well as on the front lines.

Let the truth tell itself. If not tell us your otherwise.


Anonymous said...

The outcome of the Matuga and South Mugirango by-elections clear indicator ODM been reduced to the Luo defunct NDP. Orengo and Prof Nyong kept invoking Raila’s name in Matuga hoping it could work magic. Raila personally campaigned in South Mugirango for three days yet his ODM man was No. 3. It has painfully dawned on Orengo and Prof Nyong and other jaluos that Raila is only a messiah to Luos and not rest of Kenya. Congrats Zipapa! Even Mwakwere is hopeless as a minister, his Matuga folks love you him for what he has done for them.

By the way, can jaluos ask their messiah to recover privately at home? It seems the man is so desperate and hungry for publicity and he has to wear YES shirts in his home as he purports to run the Govt and campaign for YES from his home. He turned his Nairobi Hospital ward into a press centre as his press service filmed visitors who streamed in hoping to attract sympathy and shore up his falling political star with the illness. Kenya didn’t stop because this warlord, who forced himself to power by ordering his troops to slaughter innocent Kenyans under the guise of “stolen” elections, was hospitalised.

Anonymous said...


I think majority of Kenyans still do not vote on issues. I can bet that many of the voters in Matuga felt that by Chirau flying the flag again they stood to benefit. What a delusion!

By the way, one doesn’t need to go far to see how Kenyans are ignorant. Right here in this blog people think that Chirau triumph it was a rejection of ODM. FYI, if Chirau defected to ODM a month before the election, he still could have won. Reason? There is actually no difference between the tribal outfits called PNU and ODM.

Anonymous said...

The big question is this: Who gave the Luo leaders the right to go to Matuga and tell the Digo people on who should be their leader?

Anonymous said...

The fight between Mwakwele and the Kavirondo Mafia was pathetically one-sided. Mwakwele was eating cake as he beat the sh!t out of the gangsters. If that is a sign of things to come, then Kalonzo will pee on Raila on the way to State House in 2012.

M. Pesa said...

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Daniel T Arap Moi said...

I want all Wanaijis to live in beace and udnity!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mpesa wrote

Many clueless Kenyans have been suggesting that the owner could be a drug dealer or that he never pays taxes etc.


In their her heart of hearts, Wanjiku can feel something is not right about taxation.

Wanjiku knows, or has come to realise that, payment of taxes as prsently constituted, makes it impossible for her to grow wealthy. She is right.

The problem is that, she has not been able is to articulate these very deep seated feelings of injustice to her "rulers" in a coherent manner.

In other words, her statement that, someone is rich because he has not paid taxes, says something very fundamental to the future of our nation.

It is to articulate such deep seated feelings of injustice, Wanjiku looks upon so called lawyers and mps.

However, having been trained to enslave Wanjiku, they retained this injustice in their so called new katiba and thereby, perpetuating her miseries.

Anonymous said...

Consider this:


Washington, Jul 14 -
A series of U.S. taxpayer-funded agreements awarded to nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) by the Obama Administration clearly contradicts recent statements issued by the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi claiming neutrality in the Kenya constitutional referendum scheduled for a vote in early August.

“There is no doubt that the Obama Administration is funding the ‘yes’ campaign in Kenya,” said Rep. Chris Smith, one of three U.S. lawmakers who have requested an investigation into U.S. activities leading up to the referendum on a proposed constitution that would liberalize the abortion law in Kenya.

“By funding NGOs charged with obtaining ‘yes’ votes, the Administration has crossed the line,” he said. “Directly supporting efforts to register ‘yes’ voters and ‘get out the yes vote’ means the U.S. government is running a political campaign in Kenya. U.S. taxpayer funds should not be used to support one side or the other.”

As part of ongoing discussions with the Office of the Inspector General of the US Agency for International Development (USAID), Representatives Smith (Ranking Member of the House Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee), and Darrell Issa (Ranking Member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee) received a chart listing USAID funding recipients and a summary of their agreements.

For example, two organizations are receiving over $150,000 to “contribute to an ‘overrepresentation’ of the YES voters,” and five organizations have been charged with registering a total of 100,000 “for a YES vote” at the referendum. Other Kenyan groups are being given funding for similar YES vote efforts.

“The draft constitution, with its controversial provisions expanding access to abortion, is a matter for the Kenyan people to consider and decide,” Smith said. “The Obama Administration should immediately withdraw all U.S. taxpayer funding used to buy votes and influence the outcome on the referendum.”

The following information was included on the chart provided by the IG’s office:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Cheers to the people of Matuga, especially for the manner in which they conducted themselves during the by elections.

All went well, it was peaceful, there were no fights, injuries, destruction of property or deaths.

The outcome was democracy in action and it should be emulated and duplicated in other parts of the country.

Thanks to the Kamba voters who never voted as a block, but cast their votes for all political candidates in the Matuga by election.

When all is said and done, it remains to see how ODM will and must reinvent, reengnineer, reimage, repackage, REBRAND and resale itself to the voters and the general public of Kenya.

ODM seems to have lost their national image which was ones representative of all Kenyans.

As a party, ODM will go a long way, even beyond 2012 if they only learn basic lessons of inclusive political representation in its rank and file.

A national image is a must for any future politicla victories and party survival.

A national image as in having high profile party leaders (not tokens or puppets) - men, women and yound adults - from:

-(Five Corners of NBI),

North Eastern
-Mandera, Wajir, Garissa, Liboi), Tana.

Rift Valley
-Upper Rift Valley (URV), Mid-Rift Valley MRV), Lower Rift Valley (LRV),

-(KISIWANI), Coast (Mainland), Coast (Visiwani), Coast (Tana),

-Upper Eastern (UPEA), Mid-Eatern (MIEA), Lower Eastern (LOEA)

-Central-Mount Kenya (CMK),
- All other central reagions.

-Busia, Bungoma, Kakamega, Mumias, Malava, Kitale, Vihiga, Teso.


When all things considered, the wounds have been cleaned and maybe healed, ODM must find ways and means to change, overcome, adapt and reconfigure its image, mission and core leadership as the only way to avoid being branded as a regional political outfit.

Cheers to all the voters, people, candidates, and elders of Matuga for the job well done.

Anonymous said...

The glue that held ODM together is no more, hence it's fallen back to being a one-tribe party. A requiem for ODM is in order.

Anonymous said...

Its commonly acknowlegded that the coastal region of Kenya and Tanzania are the owners of Kiswahili.To send the likes of Nyongo and Orengo,two fellows who often struggle to speak SWA, to campaign in the region was a bit of an oversight on the part of ODM.That was not Luo Nyanza my foot,where anything the party hierachy says is taken as the gospel truth...!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.35 - the chap who was floord by makwre lux like a luo 2 me

Anonymous said...

The truth is that the contest in Matuga was between Luo-ODM and the Digo people. And as it should be, the people won over the highwaymen from Nyanza.

Anonymous said...

One can't help but wonder, Why are some people so inent into dividing kenyans along tribal lines?!? Who are these people and what is their cynical agenda? Don't they realise that when images of buffoons hacking one another like mad monkeys are televised across the globe they will also be affected in one way or another? Who are these idiots really? Is this their idea of sick fun?

Anonymous said...

It's the likes of those who called others 'kabila adui.' Surprised you didnt know this.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:14PM

One of these people who have specialized in dividing Kenyans is Raila in pursuit of power. In 2007 he infamously labeled a whole community as a "kabila adui" in an attempt to win the presidency. He failed miserably. Recently, he has been calling the leaders of a RV community as "takataka." In today's standard, he is calling for an investigation into Matuga by-election simply because the Digo people voted their choice as opposed to his choice. Now, dear patriot, tell me, who is the sick national leader who gets a thrill out of dividing Kenya in pursuit of his delusions. Just tell me!!

Anonymous said...

When people refer to the remnants of ODM as Luo-ODM, they are just being honest after the Kalenjins walked out of the party. Sometimes honesty hurts but would you prefer delusions? Have alook at those who make and pronounce policy decisions in the party - Raila, Nyongo, Orengo amd Miguna. Are they not all Luos including the parliamentay whip Hon. Midiwo. If you want to suffocate burying your head in self-deceit, do it alone without inviting us to join you in your laid-back worldview.

Anonymous said...

Raila has caused bloodshed to Kenyans in his pursuit of power on two separate ocassions.But try telling that to his demented fanatical supporters.All they see is a saintly messiah,who can never do any wrong.

Anonymous said...

"Recently, he has been calling the leaders of a RV community as "takataka."

Ah, that sounds like hate speech to me.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

One can't help but wonder, Why are some people so inent into dividing kenyans along tribal lines?!? Who are these people and what is their cynical agenda?


Check our next article for a hint. We say something about this matter.

Anonymous said...

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