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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is the USA a Friend or a Deadly Foe?

By Mwarang'ethe

In the on - going referendum campaigns, the RED side has accused the USA ambassador, Mr Michael Ranneberger of taking sides with the GREEN side. In response to this accusation, the ambassador has responded that he is only engaging in civil education and such would be expected of a friend of Kenyans. For more details please see here and here:

Now, the question is this, is the USA a friend of Kenyans as “she” loudly claims or a deadly enemy? Many Kenyans and many around the world view the America government as pursuing friendly policies towards us. We beg to differ. We differ because America is not a friend, but, a vampire that has been consuming the third world and especially we, the African people. We shall present our case, not by appealing to emotions, but, by exposing some little known foreign policy objectives and behaviour of the American government since 1945.

It was in 1945 when the economic leadership of the world was passed from the British Empire to the fledging American Empire. We know that, in the heat of the 2 World War, the American leadership required Britain to free Africa. We also know that, there were some serious plans to industrialise Africa. However, that is as far as this “friend” of Africans went. As the USA embarked on Marshall Plan to revive Europe and Japan, some far sighted Americans senators and we may say, lovers of humanity asked the USA to extend Marshall Plan to the whole globe including Africa.

Instead of such a sensible and decent approach, the USA chose to waste FIVE times enough of industrial capital, resources and labour to have industrialized the whole world in the so called Cold War, whose sole objective was suppression of emerging 3rd world freedom. If the USA had made these resources available to the dispossessed, they would have produced their own social capital and improved their living standards. Instead of such a meaningful approach to the third world problems, the USA came up with the idea of aid. When we see that, 80% of that aid goes back to the USA via its exports, and the fact that, it requires imposition of friendly leaders by force if need be, we begin to see that, the sole objective of this aid is to subsidise the American industry and not to develop Africa. Is this how a friend behaves towards his friends?

In 1970’s, the USA commissioned a report on future “threats” to its economic hegemony. The result of this study was National Security Memorandum 200 (“NSM 200”) which was quietly declassified in 1990. Among other things, this report says that: "The U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less-developed countries. That fact gives the U.S. enhanced interests in the political, economic and social stability of the supplying countries. Wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies and to the "economic interests of the United States." Note that, the “economic interest of the United States” means the interest of the U.S. corporations and multinationals which must over ride our own interests.

Flowing from this report, we are now used to the idea that, Africa is poor because it is over populated. It is from these malicious intentions, we are asked to cut down our population. Filled such untold ignorance our mental slaves are telling us that, “We may not be economically sustainable if we continue with this trend (of high population growth),” warned Ms Cecilia Kimemia of the UN Population Fund. Echoing these ignorant outbursts, Ms Pamela Onduso of Pathfinder International tells u that: “We need to manage our population growth so that the economic growth can catch on.” It is with such “wisdom,” we are told that, Family planning is the “missing link” needed to take the country to the promised land of “a healthy workforce, enough jobs, educated workers, and a modern infrastructure”. In other words, cut the Kenyan population to 20 million, and we shall be in Nirvana. What rubbish! More so, many think that, controlling African population growth is only a matter of contraceptives and abortion. Well, the measures include wars, genocide, famines and diseases.

If you doubt what we have written above about use of diseases to control population, please read this and choose what to believe. On 29, July, 1969, the Department of Defence requested $ 10 million from Congress to fund the development of a synthetic biological agent. This money was approved. Dr MacArthur from Pentagon described the agent this way:
There are two things about the biological agent field I would like to mention. One is the possibility of technological surprise. Molecular biology is a field that is advancing very rapidly and eminent biologists believe that within a period of 5 to 10 years it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired.

Is not wise before God and man to ask, why did the USA military want to produce a biological organism which has no natural immunity? Did they succeed? If so, who was the guinea pig? And if so, what were the results? Some will say conspiracy theory. No it is conspiracy fact. Read it from the horse’s mouth and while at it, see the red coloured sections:

Back to the population, the truth is this. Africa’s population density is around 15 per square kilometre, Europe is 89 per square kilometre, and Asia is 52 per square kilometre while America is 16 per square kilometre. From these statistics, the population problem is in Europe not in Africa. The question then is why is Europe with such a high population density not told to reduce its population? Simple. The intention to depopulate Africa as required by Global 200 Report is meant to destroy Africa’s economic base by reducing its potential consumer base.

So, why is Europe able to cope with its overpopulation? Simple. Because of its economic structure it is able to cope with such massive population. Thus, the real question is not our numbers, but, what kind of economic structure can support our population density of mere 15 per square per kilometre. So, why is our “friend” USA pushing population control as EUGENICS and not helping Africa to restructure its economy to support its meagre population?

When Nero, oh sorry, Obama entered the White House, many Africans were jubilant. We understand. However, what many have failed to understand is that, Obama is just a puppet. One of the main guys behind the curtain is a man called Zbigniew Brzezinski. This man is the key adviser to Obama on foreign policy, i.e. foreign interference. Why are we interested with this man? Because he is the author of one of the most racist USA policy to have ever come out.

He authored National Security Council Memorandum - 46 whose subject was: Black Africa and the U.S. Black Movement. Having noted the dependence of the U.S on African minerals, he called for suppression of any African leader who does not agree with the U.S. interests. Even more depressing, he called for measures to prevent ANY JOINT endeavours between Africans of the soil (Africans in Africa) and the Africans of the blood (Africa Americans). This policy although authored during apartheid times, remains in place today. If you think we are engaged in conspiracy theories, and assuming this document is not gathering dust like other “brilliant ideas” in our government shelves as some people tell us, please read the report here.

In defending the current viceroy against attacks by NO side, Timothy Kaberia reminds us of the service Smith Hempstone rendered to us in 1990’s at The fact that, Hempstone was seen to “help” us against our “enemy” Moi, is self evident to many Kenyans that US is our friend. Failure to appreciate Hegelian dialectics is very dangerous in these times. Hempstone was helping us install bogus multipartyism to detract us from fundamental issues.

If you doubt, sample this. Without going further down to assess the role of 18% interest imposed on our fragile economy in early 1980’s, we can trace Kenyan deterioration in the economic side from 1987 in the collapse of international coffee market. In 1987, the system of quotas established under the International Coffee Agreement (ICA) started to fall apart and world prices plummeted. A lethal blow to coffee exporters was delivered in June 1989 when the ICA reached a deadlock due to political pressures from Washington on behalf of US coffee traders. At the end of a historic meeting of producers held in Florida, coffee prices plunged in a matter of months by more than 50%. With the coffee quotas lifted in July, 1989, the Free On Board (FOB) price in Mombasa dropped from US$ 1.31 a pound in May 1989 to $ 0.60 in December.

As one would expect such a drop in coffee prices wrecked havoc with our economy. Kenyans, led by Hempstone and other propaganda machines heaped all blame on “corrupt” Moi. As American corporations made billions from our “cheap” coffee which was orchestrated by the US government, and which devastated our economy, the American ambassador in Nairobi was on our side. What a true friend in deed. With a devastated economy and debts incurred from 1960 and 70’s, the IMF and WB told us we must sell our jewels. When Moi hesitated to carry out this economic genocide, IMF/WB would cut loans. Seeing Moi as stupid and ignorant, we would join the IMF/WB and international community to push Moi. It was at this moment, in utter desperation, Moi made an eternal observation that, Mwafrika ni kitu chafu kama Ngozi yake.

After the 2007 disaster, we set up a busy body which calls for more tax called National Cohesion and Integration Commission. We are told that, this body will ensure we do not fight along tribal lines. But, what does our “friend” view these matters? In one its Psychological Warfare Manual for special forces, our friend teaches them how to convey selected information and indicators to foreign target audiences (TAs) to influence their EMOTIONS, MOTIVES, OBJECTIVE REASONING and ultimately, the behaviour of governments, organisations, groups and individuals. The purpose of our “friend’s’” psychological warfare is to create neutral, friendly or hostile foreign groups (DO NOT MISS WORDS CREATE ENEMIES) the emotions, attitudes or desired behaviour that SUPPORTS the achievement of U.S. national objectives and military mission.

This manual goes further to say that, in so doing, the psychological warfare should aim at influencing not only policy and decisions, but also the ability to govern. Having said so, this manual gives a number of psychological warfare techniques to be employed. Of interest to us, is this: “exploit ethnic, cultural, religious or economic differences.” Is it possible that our “friend” is conducting psychological warfare against us?


Anonymous said...

USA, like all other big nations, is not out to babysit anybody. They are out to protect and advance their interests as best as they see fit. They have interests not friends. It is that simple. Any Kenyan who thinks that USA, China, or Britain is a big uncle to go and seek aid and comfort from them is deluded. When some Kenyans from the NGO world see this ambassandor, they think they are seeing a second Christ; and for what? For some crumbs from the master's dining table.

Shame be upon those who think that salvation will come from these foreigners.

Anonymous said...

You tell some Kenyans that an Obama representative could a foe and they will stone you and uproot the railway line.

Anonymous said...

The biggest hindrance to our development is our level of education i.e. the ability to do some critical thinking. Until that is attained, we will always be behind the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

I agree that USA is a deadly enemy out to destabilise our country. I suspect they want to see a dysfunctional state and take advantage to stage war on Al-Shabaab from here. You only need to look at Pakistan which is the theatre of the war on Al-Quieda.

Anonymous said...

Great article, our greatest enemy is our inability to think independently,

we are not asking the critical question: what's the US's interests in "our" new constitution.

We have never asked why during the cold war the US granted china "most favoured nation" status while third world countries who dared have a relationship with china were labelled communist, and had their economies driven to the ground
This book should be made compulsory reading for all politicians "confessions of an economic hit man" by John Perkins

Anonymous said...


Agreed of course. Imagine even wetangula is not attacking Renneberger just because they are both pushing "yes". I dont think we can seriously debate this katiba. America wants it passed and it will be passed. Obama (through Biden) promised us paradise after we pass it. Both kibs and raila have also mobilised their bases for its passage.

Anonymous said...

Typical of every black man, blaming all the problems of the world on Mzungu. Ask yourself this simple questions: Don't we have our own elected leaders to map out our needs? Why do we sign treaties like ICC yet Americans have refused to sign them? Why not exploit the huge African, Comesa, AU, EAC markets instead of relying on crumbs from the same Mzungu? The fact is that we as Africans are our own worst enemies.

M. Pesa

Anonymous said...


Good article... for some of us your articles have rekindled hope in the motherland

You have stated some facts that I am very sure a vast majority will find very hard to digest or accept… the sad fact is that as we stand today, we do not own nor do we have a say on who is the real beneficiary of the resources found in our land. At the rate we are moving this realization may come only too late…

@ MPesa, you have a very valid point..

Ken Thumbi

Philip said...

First of all I agree with you about America for what it has done to several countries before. At the moment it's eye are directed at DRC. It brought peace in Iraq, but at the same time it's exploiting it's resources, oil. In the long run it will gain while Iraq will loose.

However I think you need to be specific and explicit in your allegations that America is our foe. History can be used to predict the future but not all the time, for there can be some isolated cases where history is proven wrong.

You need to tell us why America is supporting the Proposed Constitution and what they can gain from it. You need to tell us what they intend to do after the pass or fail of the constitution for their own interest. The reason I'm directing you to do this is because is because, Egypt, for example , is assisting Kenya in conservation of forest since it knows it gains from Nile, in which rivers whose source is Kenya eventually feeds the Nile through Lake Victoria. The assistance of Egypt is not bad just because it also gains from it. For their assistance does not amount to exploitation of Kenya.

Maybe America can be doing this because it feels this will lead to long term stability in Kenya which will also mean they can easily be able to watch closely Al Queda in Somali, or they can easily get to Sudan, Uganda and DRC so that our only noise will be what they can do to these countries. Or maybe, while proving History wrong, Obama, with Kenyan roots, has decided to help Kenyans, expecting nothing in return.

That's the reason I'm telling you to be specific and explicit of how America is going to exploit Kenya through it's imperial tendencies. For sometimes it's also easy to see an enemy as an enemy that one day you prefer to die of hunger than being fed by the enemy since you think the enemy has poisoned the food, which isn't the case.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had Robert Mugabe as president in every country in Africa. The world balance would have been restored. Us is playing divide and rule on Africa and they are succeeding.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe...who are you?? You need to be more public, because you are clearly a smart person who can help Kenya be better. Be bold and come out in public, we need more Kenyans like you!

Anonymous said...

.....a biological organism which has no natural immunity? Very scary. unfortunately the link can't open. I really wanted to read that report to know if it's true the deadly HIV-AIDS was manufatured in a laboratory somewhere.

On America being the enemy? I do not agree. I believe the enemy is amongst us; very much alive and kicking. If USA takes care of their interests, I ask what really prevents us from focusing on long-term interests- yet we have leaders who have potential only that they are blinded by selfishness and vanity. Did USA have a hand in the 2008 chaos when we were slaughtering each other? Between Ranneberg (spelling ?) and Ruto, who is more likely to cause internal turmoil in Kenya ?collapse the country?

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see dotcom bloggers join Moi in hollow patriotism heavily-worded in pseudo intellectual rants. All those cheap conspiracy theories galore on Youtube.

So US brought murder on us in 2008? If it were not for the so-called international community there would be no Kenya to speak of in the first place.

Talk is cheap, endeleeni tu, enjoy.

b-carotene said...

Mwarangethe you raise some valid points, as does Phil. My problem right now with the US and Rennenberger is that power be used responsibly if not smartly. There is little benefit, even for the US, if they take sides in a constitutional debate. Wars have been fought over constitutions. It would make far greater sense if the US, in view of it's so-called interest, were to promote some kind of consensus or move both sides towards a midde ground, rather than outright support one group, so that regardless of outcome, we do not have any group feeling sufficiently disenfranchised to organize to become a nuisance. Quite a pity that 'self-interest' can be so tunnel visioned.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
.....a biological organism which has no natural immunity? Very scary. unfortunately the link can't open. I really wanted to read that report to know if it's true the deadly HIV-AIDS was manufatured in a laboratory somewhere.


Try here:


Anonymous said...
Typical of every black man, blaming all the problems of the world on Mzungu. Ask yourself this simple questions: Don't we have our own elected leaders to map out our needs? Why do we sign treaties like ICC yet Americans have refused to sign them?


We sign these treaties because we are told to sign by the USA.

Right now, the USA is telling us to vote for the "new constitution."

So, what does this so called new constitution provide on matters of treaties?

Doesn't it allow the president to unilaterally bind Kenyans? Aren't many Kenyans yapping that we should vote for this constitution which USA is supporting as a "friend"?

Anonymous said...

Why have you taken that LOW road all over a sudden? Ati US told us to sign treaties. Now you have joined Ruto in lying, climb down and remain truthful. Ama the e-fame has gone into your head and your finger is itching to respond to everything? You don't have to.

Anonymous said...

hogwash. kenya is 80 desert with virtually no mineral wealth. you guys breed like rats and are governed by idiots. that is why you are poor

Anonymous said...

Thanks for deleting my comments for whatever reasons known to the author "Is the USA a Friend or a Deadly Foe?". I just hope the deleted comments didn't touch a raw nerve in one way, shape or form.

AIMEO, the USA is not a "Deadly Foe" - it's us Kenyans who are deadliest foes to ourselves, to one another and to the future of the country.

FYI, does the below mentioned observation sound all to familiar in a very sickening fashion?

The years between 1952 and 1966 brought change in the political culture of the country, transforming the three regions into three political entities. Thus the struggle for independence was reduced to the ethnic quest for domiance.

At this time, ethnic and sub-ethnic loyalties threatened the survival of the country. ... It was a period of politicized ethnicity and competion for resources, which worsened the relationships between ethnic groups.

There was a high degree of corruption, nepotism and tribalism. The national interest was put aside while politicians used pulic money to build and mantain patronage networks.

Since independence, the situation in th country has been fraught with ethnic politics whereby the elite from different ethnic groups schemed to attracted as many government resouces to their regions, neglecting issues that could have united the country.

I would like to know who and what have been and continues to be Kenya's Deadliest Foe since the last five decades?

BTW, are we beginning to shift the old colonial blame baggage onto the USA in 2010?

Just asking! Nothing personal.

Mwarang'ethe said...

BTW, are we beginning to shift the old colonial blame baggage onto the USA in 2010?


You begin by very false assumption that we are no longer a colony. All that happened was the change of the Colonial Office to Department of International Development and the colour of the Governor.

In our essay, Kibaki is not a brilliant economists @, we wrote this:

"the failure of standard economics since 1945 which men like Kibaki are schooled in, has led to a catastrophic failure in understanding the essence of colonialism. The essence of colonialism was and is to prevent colonies from developing manufacturing industries which are subject to INCREASING RETURNS. Having prevented development of industrial sector which are the source of HIGHER WAGES, and sources of high growth potential, they then, fasten on us the Malthusian activities which are subject to DIMINISHING RETURNS."

And, if you doubt, was the 1996 CBK amendements done as a result of YOUR initiative, or, the initiative of our "friend," the USA?

U have to face the reality and stop running in circles believing whatever nonsense the CNN, BBC and other propaganda machines tell you.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
hogwash. kenya is 80 desert with virtually no mineral wealth.


We do not need any minerals. What matters is not availability of minerals/wealth, but, the POWER OF PRODUCING WEALTH.

The rest of your comments are a just a parade of your mental sickness.

Anonymous said...

@9:31 PM

In the same token, why should I or others believe whatever .... and propaganda that Mwarang'ethe spews on Kumekucha 24/7?

Correct me if I am dead wrong, when I reinterate the fact that, we (Kenyans) are the most deadliest foe (enemy no. 1) to ourselves, to one another, to the country and it's future and not the USA, UK, China, Israel, European/North American conglomerates, or any propaganda machines out there (lol! to get us).

As a matter of fact, conditions in the rural areas and slums of Kenya are beyond despicable, and they are a gross violation of human rights.

I still believe Kenyans have the right to safe drinking water, sanitation, shelter and basic services.

Kenyans have the right to live with a sense of security.

Kenyan children and young adults should have a chance to receive a decent education in an appropriate learning environment, provided in modern school facilities.

All Kenyan citizens should have the opportunity to work for a better future for their families and for the country as a whole.

Any citizen of the world, who is well informed knows for fact that offering basic care and services that make the difference between hope and despair, and often between life and death, is not tantamount to running in circles believeing whatever #@#@#@ the CNN, BBC and propanda machines (networks) spew 24/7.

Unfortunately, it goes without saying that the deadliest foes are those who continue to misappropriate funds and at the same time fail to provide the above mentioned basic services to all citizen living in the rural as well as urban areas of Kenya.

Maybe, maybe you are the one who is out of touch with reality on ground zero (Kenya) and should face it for a change, instead of threading and weaving a web of intellectual dsicourse according to Mwang'rethe's well of knowlegde and particular worldview (no pun intended).

Anonymous said...

I don't care who is a foe on a white house riding into Kenya from the south, or who is a friend on a dark horse galloping into Kenya from the north.

All I care about is residing in a developed and evolved country.

I care less about who the next president or prime minister will be in 2012.

Or the minister for this or minister for that will be in the next coalition cabinet.

Or what type of version of my next MP will be, as long as Kenya strives to meet some basic international living standards in the next five years to ten years.

Anonymous said...

What else do kenyans have a human right to? High-speed internet? I suppose that now that we have some fuzzy-wuzzy human right to some thing or other, the next is to say abracadoodle-doo and we'll get safe drinking water, food, personal security, shelter and so on.

Anonymous said...

Moi is in very good company. Now we avoid our failures and blame US, before it was UK, who next? And the author is so obsessed with himself he has more than 20% comments to himself. Come on man you must be eenjoying the warmth of the very west you demonize.

We need not mint enemies where none exists. All the deadly devils are all resident with Kenyan borders. That sovereignity mantra and cheap conspiracy theories must be left to Youtube.

Cheating yourself that you are the oasis of original thought is delusion at best.

Please stop listening to those fake voices in your head ati revolution from blogs, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!!!!

10,000 GSU and APs to take care of the remaining RV barbarians before and after the referendum. And guess who has been pushing for the reinforcements - the man the barbarians helped become the PM. They must disabuse themselves of their raping habits this time round.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 9:58 AM

Were you trying to state some thing about the blatant lies and gross misinformation about the Proposed Constitution?

Or are you still peddling the same old same old mischievous remarks, here and there?

First things, first. If you are an immigrant, then you know by now what is meant by 'Basic Human Rights' (BRH).

African immigrants ("ordinary black people in their respective host or adopted countries") like most of us, have been able to reside, work and raise a family (if those who do) in relative peace due to the fact that basic human rights are ENSHIRINED in the constitution, and upheld by the governments and respected by the citizens of the countries where we now live in relative peace.


If you want to engage in an honest discussion about the benefits of having basic human rights for our respective communities in Kenyan, then let me know. Otherwise, let's continue to allow the African Skies cry tears on our behalf as it has ddone for the last eight hundred centuries.

Anyway, have you ever wondered why there so many modern VETERINARY CLINICS in your host country, while there are zero functional MEDICAL (don't even mention the word 'hospital') CLINICS in our villages, locations, divisions, districts and provinces?

Understanding Basic Human Rights may help one answer some of the prevailing social and economic injustice among our own people in the village or town where where we came from.

Anonymous said...

Blaming the mzungu is like blaming your mother for being too black or ugly for that matter. What happended before independence was purely business and many people went through the same system including the American. They have moved on to build great nations.

People should visit singapore, a former colony and see how they have embrassed the legacy of their colonial masters. Most roads are named after former mzungu landlords who helped create the great island.... reading this article and most comments is shocking, maybe moi was right when he said mwafrica mkenya ni mtu mjinga sana!!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Blaming the mzungu is like blaming your mother for being too black or ugly for that matter. What happended before independence was purely business and many people went through the same system including the American. They have moved on to build great nations.


Moi is in very good company. Now we avoid our failures and blame US, before it was UK, who next?


Firstly, we seek not to defend Moi. We seek only to state facts as they are. We do not deny there was corruption during Moi's time.

What we asking is this, why focus on Moi's corruption and not USA govt/companies robbery which they were (still are) perpetuating on as they condemned Moi?

More so, the idea that we are just blaming the USA can only come from people whose frame of reference is provided by the oppressors.

A few weeks ago, the US State Depart. issued a memo on so called "conspiracy theories."

Specifically, the State Depart. sought to refute the Confessions of the Economic Hit Man. However, such refutations are futile for facts say otherwise.

A few weeks ago, some New York/Havard researchers have confirmed the Confessions of the Economic Hit Man.

What are the findings of these researchers? Inter alia, we find that:

"Based on information from declassified documents detailing COVERT CIA operations during the Cold War, the social scientists find that Perkins' CLAIMS ARE BACKED up by the numbers:

-Countries targeted for CIA political interventions started importing MORE U.S. products, a sign of American economic imperialism at work."

If you are not scared of truth, read further here and stop telling us the bullshit u have been fed all along:

As concerns the issue of Singapore, if the commentator is not new on this blog, he/she ought to have read an article we did on Singapore sometimes back. In that article, we lamented the failure of Kenyan leadership to learn from Singapore and especially when drafting this so called new constitution.

Anonymous said...

I love the way Raila characterizes leaders from sections of RV as takataka and land grabbers. That is after using them toilet-paper style to get his PM position. Agwambo has my vote come 2012.

Anonymous said...

Blaming US for all ills under the sun while ignoring your CORRUPT and MURDEROUS lot is a cheap take. And BTW who tells you to believe everything you read? Just like small minds would clap at your drolls.

Just like novels these articles and books are written by brains with an agenda like yours. Only that many see through them but in quest of an anchor for your cheap rhetorics they form the basis of your reference.

You are brilliant that is given but do you know that smart men know when to ooze wisdom in silence? Think man, think.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of conspiracy theories even our own existence as humanbeings is a conspiracy by our MAKER. To borrow from Mwarang'ethe's book just troll the Bible and selectively interpret the relevant verses, LOL.

Thank God CIA and the US have the guts to release records that make you fall over yourself as knowledgable (and that is not worshipping them FYI). If only our own tribal lords had their dark machinations published you would stop the cheap scholarship of yore in seeing oppressors everywhere.

US never castrated Matiba/Rubia/Anyona/Raila. US never brought Goldenberg onto us neither Anglo Leasing. We were simply a willing accomplise. Now weave that into another conspiracy theory of wealth and land, ama?

Anonymous said...

Kwani hamna kitu ingine mpya mna achia prof bandia Mwawa ngethe atawale kwa wiki ya pili sasa.Toeni huyu kasuku mropokaji hapa,maoni yake marefu hayatusaidii ng'o!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Blaming US for all ills under the sun while ignoring your CORRUPT and MURDEROUS lot is a cheap take.


You man, you are full of hate and bitterness. Didn't you see/read this statement?

"Firstly, we seek not to defend Moi. We seek only to state facts as they are. We do not deny there was corruption during Moi's time."


US never castrated Matiba/Rubia/Anyona/Raila. US never brought Goldenberg onto us neither Anglo Leasing. We were simply a willing accomplise. Now weave that into another conspiracy theory of wealth and land, ama?


Where have we denied our own role in this mess you fool? Right now, are we and including YOU, not playing our stupid role in the new constitution?

And, when all these things were happening was "our" friend the USA not aware?

And, since "our" friend was aware, why didn't "she" talk or support us then?

Anonymous said...

Stop being a SEXIST, who tells you you I am a man? Remember what I told you above that smart people know when to ooze wisdom in silence.

SaulAlinski said...

Way to go! on the Friend or a Deadly foe post. The depth, clarity and knowledge impressed me esp. comments on

EUGENICS, Memorandum - 46 UN agenda like population control lots of people don’t want to hear or know about things that are true the truth is called fiction this days people like lies and readily believe lies.

Other issues include avian flu which "accidentally" escapes a lab. Or Barry Satoro planning to declare martial law so that he can stay in power and continue his Saul alinski plan. If you "love" following Zbigniew Brzezinski you will appreciate Saul Alinski, Frank marshal Davis John Holdren, Leon Dupre, William Harris, Alice palmer, bill ayes and Bernadette Dawn.

One evening 1995 BHO was in the house of bill ayers and benedette dawn house in shytown when Alice palmer introduced him as the heir apparent to his Illinois senate seat and so it was.

It’s very hard to convince people about the globalist population control methods and new "inclusive religion complete ark of hope" In the land of Babylon its interesting

I see the progressive movement biting a huge chunk of the pie they are very excited with power Zbigniew Brzezinski and the like then the Tea party movement waking up to what is going on and then people who have bought the lie hook, line and sinker or they don’t know or both don’t know and don’t care... and then Babylon tells us we are your friends.... that’s funny.

To verify if they are friend or foe just do a Google search on
GOP Lawmaker Blasts White House for $23M Spent on Kenya Constitution Vote by Tess Civantos
From read for yourself as they like to say these days….

SaulAlinski said...

GOP Lawmaker Blasts White House for $23M Spent on Kenya Constitution Vote

the url mentioned from my previous thread is following enjoy...

SaulAlinski said...

Please can someone with adm rights post this as a new thread Thank-you very much...

White House Spent $23M of Taxpayer Money to Back Kenyan Constitution That Legalizes Abortion, GOP Reps Say

By Tess Civantos
Published July 22, 2010

A Republican lawmaker is accusing the White House of “unconscionable” and “illegal” acts for its role in Kenya's referendum on a new constitution, which would legalize abortion in the country for the first time.

Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey cited a report by the U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID, that estimated that more than $23 million in U.S. taxpayer funds have been spent on the referendum. Smith and other conservatives have complained that at least some of that money has been spent in support of the proposed constitution, possibly violating U.S. law.

“Under no circumstances should the U.S. government take sides,” Smith said at a news conference Wednesday.

Smith and other lawmakers have accused the Obama administration of offering incentives to Kenya to approve the controversial new constitution, promising that passage would “allow money to flow” into the nation's coffers.

A federal law known as the Siljander Amendment makes it illegal for the U.S. government to lobby on abortion in other countries.

“We were unable to get any information prior to asking for those (USAID) reports,” Smith said. “There’s been no transparency in this process.”
Smith had been joined by Reps. Darrell Issa of California and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, both Republicans, in requesting the federal investigation into the administration's spending on the referendum.

“U.S. law is being violated with impunity,” Smith told “We shouldn’t be pushing for other the ‘yes’ or the ‘no’ camp, but instead, we’re bankrolling the ‘yes’ campaign.”
One group that has received almost $3 million from the U.S. government, Development Alternatives, openly supported “advocating for efforts to eventually legalize abortion in Kenya,” Smith said. Another group, The Committee of Experts on Constitutional Review in Kenya, changed the wording of the Kenyan constitution’s abortion clause to make abortion more widely accessible – and has received over $180,000 from the U.S.

Thanks to these findings, nine of the more than 200 organizations in Kenya that received money from the U.S. have been suspended from receiving assistance, the U.S. Embassy spokeswoman Katya Thomas in Nairobi told the AP Friday.

But the congressmen are asking for more. They want the White House to be held accountable for its role.
“If violations of the law have occurred, which on the face of it they have, the information must be brought before law enforcement,” Smith said. “Not even presidents are above the law.”

According to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s website, Planned Parenthood supports the Kenyan groups that wrote the abortion clause – the Kenyan Federation of Women Lawyers and its parent organization the Kenyan Reproductive Health and Rights Alliance.

Planned Parenthood’s website states that it sought “to improve maternal health conditions in Kenya by securing reproductive health laws and policies that promote women's health,” its motivation for becoming involved in the constitutional revision process.
But some Kenyans think that the role of American organizations like Planned Parenthood in drafting the Kenyan constitution compromises Kenyan sovereignty and assaults its cultural heritage.

Theresa Okafor, CEO of Kenya’s Life League, said in a speech that the proposed constitution is “a conspiracy to strip Africa of its cherished values by international organizations like Planned Parenthood and the United Nations.”
“Africans regard every child as a blessing,” Okafor said. “Amidst biting poverty, the birth of a child is celebrated with pomp and pageantry. Children are treasures in Africa.”

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