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Monday, June 28, 2010

Greatest Stupidity is to Complicate Simplicity

By Mwarang'ethe

Living in a complex society, we often fail to perceive through study, critical thinking and reflection very simple truths that even a child can see. The fact is that, the basic principles that guide a simple society are not suspended when we enter into a complex society. Such ought to be self evident, but, alas, it is not. This lack of critical thinking and the subsequent error is evident in the so called "new constitution." To many supporters of the proposed new constitution, they like the so called "progressive human rights" contained in this draft as we are taught by brain dead intellectuals.

But, what do these brain dead intellectuals mean by progressive human rights? They mean the obligation of the "state" to provide or ensure good housing, good jobs, and decent pension for the old and such as we find in Article 43 of the proposed new constitution. In accordance with this doctrine, it is for the state to show that, it does not have enough resources. In other words, it must prove it has not robbed enough to give others. This is not unexpected because; socialists/collectivists/communists have no time for morals. All they care, or they think they care about is social justice. In their perverted way of thinking, as long as a measure is intended for good cause, then, all is fine. As such, they suspend their inquiry when they meet something they like. They fail to see that, the train of cause and effect in real life will go beyond where they suspended their inquiry.

Now, the best way to see through the serfdom of so called "progressive human rights" is to reduce the Kenyan State into the size of a location. For our purposes, we propose to take a fictitious nation called Bondo with a population of 1000 people and reduce to it in a fully fledged State. In Bondo where money economy has yet to arrive, there happens to be some very hard working villagers who number 600. As a result, they command a lot of wealth in terms of goats, beans and maize. At the same time, there are about 200 citizens of Bondo who are classified as poor in terms of World Poverty Bank index. There are also 200 recent post fake independence retirees who used to work in a nation called Nairobi. In their heydays, these retirees would visit the Bondo with second hand cars imported from Dubai. They would also used to speculate in shares hoping to get rich while doing nothing. In other words, they preferred to consume their savings to keep up with Jonnies and bidding up prices of existing assets instead of investing in productive ventures like the 600 citizens of Bondo who now have goats, beans and maize.

To enhance governance, the people of Bondo decide to make a constitution. To ensure they know what they are doing, the people of Bondo engaged a committee of lawyers led by professor Ghai and Nzamba Kitonga. Being very kind hearted lawyers and well versed with the international instruments they call treaties emanating from some mysterious august bodies calling themselves the UN and AU, which require the Bondo State to provide economic and social rights of man, these lawyers and the Dear Leader agree that, every retiree in Bondo shall be entitled to at least 1 butchered goat, 1 bag of beans and 1 bag of maize every month. For the poor, which the modern lawyer is not educated to critically investigate the cause because, he deals with something they call precedent, the new constitution provides that, they should be provided with half a goat, 40 kgs of beans and 70 kgs of maize every month.

This new constitution also, provides that, it shall be the noble and highly coveted task of the Dear Leader to ensure that, the retirees and the poor receive their due every month. In other words, the poor and retirees of Bondo State can now look up to the political power as the source of material betterment and as the guide to their personal destinies. They need not care about virtues of thrift, industry and initiative. Talk of making a virtue that was once considered a vice.

The question now is, since the Dear Leader has nothing himself, where shall he get goats, maize and beans to give the poor and the retirees? In the spirit of participatory democracy, the committee of lawyers go around Bondo State collecting ideas and they come up with an ingenious idea. To get enough goats, beans and maize for distribution to the retirees and the poor, the new constitution empower the Dear Leader to confiscate via something they call direct tax from those who have more goats, beans and maize than they need and then, distribute to those who need them in the spirit of liberte, egilate and fraternite. But, none of this is new. As far back as 1580 B.C. the Great Leader of Egypt did not levy tax on the incomes of his subjects but, on the incomes of the public officials. And, since public officials produce nothing, their taxable funds consisted of what they had farmed from the public. The beauty of the Egyptian method was that, the tax collector got his cut before turning the difference to the Great Leader. As a result of this arrangement, he could not be said to have taken bribes like a Bondo Tax officer will be accused of.

If you think we are using the word confiscation with malicious intent, consult Encyclopaedia Britannica which defines taxation as that part of revenue of the State which is obtained by COMPULSORY DUES AND CHARGES. Thus, income and inheritance taxes are a DENIAL OF PRIVATE PROPERTY by the state. Why does the state deny common people private property? Simply, income/inheritance taxation is an institution of state meant to keep masses under its heel, to favour its minions, to ruin the majority for the benefit of the rulers and thereby, maintain the old divisions and castes in a society. This is so because a government's despotic powers increase as its revenues increase and as the wealth of the masses decline.

The new constitution also provides that, the more goats, beans and maize the citizen of Bondo has, the more shall be taken from him/her. The people of Bondo are advised that, this strange doctrine is called progressive tax i.e. soak the rich, which is taught by all Bondian State accredited universities. The doctrine was brought to Bondo by leading economic and law professors who happened to have schooled in a land called the West. Karl Marx would call this doctrine "FROM EACH according to his ABILITY/HARDWORK, to each according to HIS NEED/LAZINESS." But, to hide this communistic device, the Bondo professors of law, ethics, economics and even philosophy, call it progressive tax. One must wonder, why did Lenin have to have a bloody revolution when you can introduce serfdom by calling it progressive?

The new constitution goes further to provide that, where the goats, beans and maize confiscated from those who have more than they but, it is not sufficient to meet the needs of the Dear Leader, the poor and the retirees, the Dear Leader shall have powers to borrow goats, beans and maize locally and abroad. Such loans shall be called public debt. To assure the creditors, the Dear Leader shall have the right to pledge as security the future goats, beans and maize of the hardworking villagers of Bondo. The end result of this new constitution is that, those who have sacrifice, save and do all is supposed to be done to raise goats and grow beans and maize shall have to part with a portion of their wealth every month so as to provide for the Dear Leader, the poor and the retirees in Bondo State and the public debt.

More so, the new constitution provides that, before the Dear Leader distributes the goats, beans and maize which he shall confiscate from the wealthy to the needy, he shall pay himself first a salary. This salary, the Dear Leader shall decide himself or appoint a well paid committee of experts made up of his minions to decide his take. The committee of expert on Dear Leader's salary shall ensure that, the net income is as high as it was in the old constitution. Thus, the gross salary will be high enough to leave good net income as the Dear Leader is used to have. In any case, all the Bondo citizens wanted was for their Dear Leader to pay tax. To meet such stupid demands, the gross salary will be set appropriately so as to leave the net income as it was when the salary was untaxed under the previous constitution. Voila!

To ensure that all villagers of Bondo shall do an honest yearly declaration of their wealth to provide for the Dear Leader's self declared salary and still have some of it left for the needy, the new constitution provides that, every villager must fully and accurately declare his/her goats, beans and maize and give that information promptly to the Bondo Tax Revenue Authority (BTRA). Failure to declare and any cheating will be met with the Penal Code. Yes, that infamous book of punishment invented in the spirit of the Inquisition and of the teachings of the despotic regimes of the Orient. The declaration is so intrusive such that, even goats and cows paid as dowry must be declared for the purposes of taxation. After all, was it not the Master Himself, who taught us, give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar? But, how did Caesar get his cut? We are taught by historians that, up to the 4th century of the Christian era, to get the truth about incomes, they used racks and scourges to get the truth from suspected evaders.

Since the income tax will not be enough for the Dear Leader's salary and the social purposes, the new constitution also gives the Dear Leader the powers to impose tax on wealth creation i.e. the consumption taxes such as the VAT and excise. In other words, the Dear Leader will hide taxes in goods and services the people of Bondo consume. If a citizen of Bondo has four kids, he must part with much of his wealth as compared to a citizen who has no kids when he buys bread. Thus, being responsible by raising a family will be punished for these taxes are a licence to live and one cannot run away from them. If he wants to avoid these taxes, then, he must commit suicide. If you add the income tax and the license to live tax, it will be about 60% of the Bondonian citizen income. In other words, the Bondian citizen will be 60% state slave. Only about 25% is remaining and chattel slavery/feudalism will be back.

Consequently, the amount of wealth the citizen of Bondo MAY retain for himself shall be determined by the needs of the government of Bondo without his say. The Dear Leader will make such determination of his needs in his Budget speech which will be broadcast live in TV. In other words, the government of Bondo will have powers to take everything the citizens has and leave him with wealth for mere subsistence just to allow him to produce something to be confiscated in like manner. Simply, the government of Bondo has A PRIOR LIEN on all property produced by its subjects. This is the essence of socialism for whatever else it may say; its first tenet is the DENIAL OF PRIVATE PROPERTY.

This is the blatant denial of the inalienable right to a man's property. This is not only a negation of a man's humanity, but, also, a negation of the Divine and Natural Laws. It is so because giving a man right to life is an empty title when he is denied the things that make life liveable, i.e. food, clothes and shelter. The question is, as one of the 1000 citizens of Bondo State would you accept such a Robbin Hood governance system as proposed by their new constitution? A system whereby, A and B put their heads together and decide what C shall be made to do for D? The vice of such scheming is that C is never consulted in the matter. He is simply clubbed by the police power of the state into diverting a part of his earnings to someone he has never seen. If no, why should Kenya be so organised?

In any collective/socialistic based society, truth must be killed. To make such a nation work, all people are forced to work for the ends selected by those in control. It is thus essential that the masses are taught to regard these ends as their own. This requires massive propaganda and complete control of sources of information. So, how do the masses get carried away? Simple. The leaders of constitutional reforms in Kenya have carried the masses by appealing to a common human weakness. This is so because, it is easier to make people agree on a negative programme such hatred of the enemy rather than engage in any positive task. In Kenya, the hatred has been directed against Moi and his orphans. Armed with such low standards for what constitutional reforms should be about, Kenyans are aiming at having a constitution that will punish such evil doers like Moi who took away Kenyan's wealth. To hinge a constitutional reform on such a negative programme can only lead to a disaster for all we have at the end of the day is a Bondo state as we describe above. In such a state, it is the robbers, idiots and such other men can rise to power. We prefer a well thought out constitution which should bring about independence, self reliance, individual initiative, reliance on voluntary charity etc.

We leave thee with some interesting story from the Bible and a personal observation of serfdom. In 1 Kings, Chapter 12, there is an interesting story where the people of Israel petitioned their new King, Rehoboam, son of Solomon to relieve them of the yoke his father had put on them. The designation of a levy on one's production as a yoke is very interesting especially for any man who has trained a bull to pull a plough under the yoke. The author of this article happens to have trained young bulls to pull the plough. When you start training a young bull to bear the yoke, it resists with all its might. The young bull will do whatever it can and this includes strangling himself to death to avoid the yoke. Such fight for freedom by a young bull shows how even animals value their freedom. Given this amount of resistance, one can say that, training a bull to bear the yoke may be one of the difficult jobs. However, through persistence and some serious beatings, we would subdue/wear the young bull until he bears the yoke with pride. It is the same with man for we pay tax with pride.

Having learnt to bear the yoke, the bull ploughs the farm like a tractor. But, what does the bull get out of all this labour? Nothing. Seen from this personal experience with bulls, it is understandable why the people of Israel saw taxation as a yoke. A yoke symbolises the beast of burden which has no right to property. As such, when a human being is in a like manner deprived of what he has produced, which is the essence and sole purpose of income taxation, wealth creation and consumption taxation, he is degraded to the status of an ox. The people of Israel who could sense that man was created in the image of God and therefore, could sense this indignity and they wanted none of this yoke. It was for this reason they stoned to death Rehoboam's chief tax collector called Hadoram.

In our times, stupefied by state education whose objective is to train slaves who do not understand the meaning of liberty and who confuse serfdom for liberty, we have become worshippers of the state. After all, don't we teach income taxation law in our esteemed law schools? As a result, and very sadly and very depressingly, the modern man has accepted the yoke just like an ox. However, bulls do better because; they never teach the young ones to bear the yoke. For us, we not only bear the yoke, but, we also teach our children how to bear the yoke.

As you head to the referendum, remember this. When the people of Israel had a "referendum" on whether to have a King as other nations despotic nations, Jehovah's parting words with Samuel were these: “And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen: And the Lord will not hear you in that day.” It did not take long for this prophecy to come true. Saul, the first king, taxed the people about 10 per cent. David took care of at least 25 per cent more. Solomon, his son, required about 50 per cent. When they asked Solomon's son to reduce this yoke, he responded by saying this: "Whereas my father did lade you with a heavy yoke, I will add to your yoke: my father did chastise you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions."


Barack Obama: The Naked Emperor By David Icke THE LINK TO SEND PEOPLE IS: said...

Barack Obama is a purveyor of 'hop

Phil said...

First of all I hope you are not criticizing taxation and wealth distribution, rather you are criticizing their management. When it comes to the bible and about the two then I'll fail to understand what is tithing and what is helping the poor, because the two are closely related to taxation and wealth distribution.

Further you need to understand that if tax was used properly then it couldn't have been a yoke. It is it's misuse that is making it a yoke. My arguement now and before is that when something is misused it doesn't mean that the whole thing is wrong.

I remember you had asked me about "feudalism and merchantism" and claiming I haven't answered your question. My silence is because for a long time I told you I agree with what you say however you need to also consider the social and political life of the contemporary world and how your theories can be implemented.

I remember one time mentioning Malcolm X, who got extremely annoyed with racial discrimination that he suggested that the only way to stop it is for all African Americans to go back to Africa. What I'm trying to argue here, which I'm patient to repeat, is that sometimes, or even all the time, you might have great ideas, but you need to be patient and tolerant in order to implement your ideas. Your arguement was close to tell us not to pay tax.

Unfortunately I'm seeing you are becoming impatient out of seeing people not embracing your ideas. This is shown by your first paragraph, which is more of an insult to those who you think are stupid, that's why you think they are "big fools that they cannot see what a little child can see" or what did you mean by this statement, "Living in a complex society, we often fail to perceive through study, critical thinking and reflection very simple truths that even a child can see".

Let me tell you one thing, the reason man is never happy is because he knows what you claim he doesn't know. Even when you go to Kibera they'll tell you that they hate paying taxes because it's misused by our politicians.

Let me also tell you another social matter that you seem not to understand at all. That, particularly in Kenya, man faces many enemies, some real, some imagination that aren't real. What our politicians have been achieving is to make man to fight only one or two enemies and leave others, which sometimes are more important than the former. But I can assure you that once man will fight all other enemies he'll go back to the issue of taxation.

Maybe also what has made a Kenyan to look like he can't see to you is because our politicians, who they have seen as their leaders, have always been deceiving them to fight this real enemy using wrong means. Tribalism is one example of real enemy Kenyans face only that our leaders, in the name of politicians have made us to use wrong means of fighting it - this means being fighting tribalism with tribalism. Ask Kenyans of Indian origin and they'll tell you that between 2002 and 2007 it was so hard for them to get jobs from governement since Kikuyus were given the first priority, currently rich Luos and Kikuyus are doing well in the name of tribalism in our government.

All in all I can say that there are many things that we might agree but we'll never agree on some matters because your arguement seems to dwell so much on effects that you fail to see the intention of the matter and causes that made it to fail.

As I said earlier things like CDF, taxation are good, and the intentions, particularly in Kenya, that led to their introduction are also good only that many governments, through lack of wisdom, mismanagement, misappropriation and corruption have led the effects of their introduction to be bad.

Anonymous said...

As usual, a very illuminating contribution from Mwarengethe, who goes down to the fundamentals of the matter--of the state (even a nominally capitalist one) as an instrument for robbery with violence. Sadly, we Kenyans (and indeed people all over this 'modern world) are such believers in "common sense" that we find this kind of truth too uncomfortable to face up to. Given the roots of the Kenyan state in open colonial murder (anyone remember Col. Meinertzhagen?) you would think that we would take the history of the state in Kenya more seriously! But, no, we are more interested in who among us can capture the state & prevent those menacing tribes across the river from dominating us.

The state might give us a fiction of belonging (a flag, a UN seat, currency, IDs, etc), but what it takes is infinitely greater than what it gives. And it is sad that we have come to a point where few of us would dare imagine a life without and beyond the state.

A question to Mwarengethe, though: how do we practically begin to unmake the state, beyond your verbal deconstruction of it in these pages?


Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe said,

......"Living in a complex society, we often fail to perceive through study, critical thinking and reflection very simple truths that even a child can see"......

What a way to start a post by INSULTING your readers! Ever heard of the word CONDESCENDING? Verbal descontruction indeed and you are soon suffocating from your perceived/misplaced sense of self-importance.

It is not criticism for its sake to play to the gallery populated by AIRHEADS. Speak of entertianing stupid thought of blog revolution. Good luck mate.

Ken said...

I think people should pay attention to what Mwaragathe is saying.

He may not use the right words but he is 100% correct.

The major problem with Kenyans is the crowd mentality aka euphoria and look where that has got us to date?

Now Jimmy says he will run for Othaya, but what has his father done for the 33 yrs he has been MP for Othaya? Do people EVER ask this kind of questions?

Maximum respect Mwaragathe, tell it as it is.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mwarangethe for another eye popping masterpiece.
Your words are so tru and correct and i am filing away and emailing these great articles. Of course i acknowledge the source.

What is funny is that its Taabu who posted this now that Chris has not given Mwarangethe full rights to post.
Come on Chris, Mwarangethe has been a guest for way too long. Give him the keys. We do not want to be at the mercy of one Phil and Taabu who have their permanent houses at raila worshiping Jukwaa.

Anonymous said...

Your analogy Dr. Mwarangethe is so true and clear for all to see.
The current draft as Mutahi Ngunyo has said many times is an embarassment to Kenyans and it's a clever attempt to sneak in communism through the back door. No wonder some of its greatest proponents were trained in communist countries.
Its not only going to bankrupt the country, its also going to lead to civil disorder.

The committee of eerie clowns should be ashamed of themselves.

On another note, I also support the anon above that Mwarangethe should be granted unlimited potential to post his articles. From his articles, he is one of the few smart Kenyans that we have left.

Grace, Australia

Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip wrote

... I'm seeing you are becoming impatient out of seeing people not embracing your ideas. This is shown by your first paragraph, which is more of an insult to those who you think are stupid, that's why you think they are "big fools that they cannot see what a little child can see"


Thanks for your response. Firstly, we are not impatient or insulting anyone. We only set the cat among the pigeons.

As concerns taxation and wealth distribution, we not only criticize them, but, we denounce them in the name of Almighty.

Now, as concerns distribution of wealth, we know this. Welfare state as we know it was started in Germany when a group of economists united to form the Verein Fur Sozialpolitik (Association for Social Policy).

When they investigated the future of the German state as constituted then and now, they came to a Karl Marx conclusion.

To avoid such an end, they advised Chancellor Bismarck to go for a "third way." That third way is what you call distribution of wealth.

In other words, instead of reforming the state from its roots, they threw money at it. This way of doing things is called by some the Scandinavian fallacy.

It is a frame of mind where complex problems of poverty are not attacked by improving systems of production, but, by throwing money at it.

As we speak today, the G8 is dominated by need to cut deficits for they are insolvent. Although they may not put it this way, they are discussing the utter failure of welfare state which has become ill fare state.

But, why has welfare state "worked" in the West for some time? Two reasons can be advanced:

(a) Their economic structure. As we have noted here before, our economic structure does and cannot produce any surplus for re-distribution.

(b) The West has been playing monopoly capitalism for hundreds of years now. As we noted sometimes back here, they forced 3rd world into "free trade" so as to provide themselves with cheap food and raw materials.

To enforce this monopoly which strangles the 3rd world, they monopolise technology, capital both in monetary and industrial terms and trade routes.

Ultimately, this is enforced by their military. For instance, the USA senior officers are well trained industrial matters. Do we train our soldiers in political economy? Or, we just train them to throw bullets?

In simple words, we lack all this and there4. we have nothing to distribute even if we were to be stupid to think we can follow a failed model.

This brings us to the first para. If Kenyans have studied, have engaged in critical thinking and reflection, then, why are the lessons of what we say above not reflected in the draft?


...only that many governments, through lack of wisdom, mismanagement, misappropriation and corruption have led the effects of their introduction to be bad.


A few days when we discussed voting as an opium, we noted that, those who are ignorant of what happened in the past remain like children.

Any student of history of human civilisation will tell you this as a fact. Throughout history, state as an institution has had the following objectives:

(a) Prevent direct association among men,

(b) shackle the development of the local and individual initiative,

(c) to crush existing liberty and to prevent their new blossoming,

(d) centralisation of functions, dish favours, and create monopolies.

All this, so as to subject the masses to the will of the minority. This is the history of state for thousands of years and you have to show us where your faith is coming from.

For instance, what is the origin of the the modern state? It originated in bloody massacres of the citizens of free cities of Europe of the 11-14 century.

How can a state founded by murderers and plunderers not be corrupt?

More so, you have not educated us how the proposed system will remove stealing of taxes.

Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe asked,

'How can a state founded by murderers and plunderers not be corrupt?'

This reminds me of Mutahi Ngunyi who asked roughly the same question about Raila/Kibaki evil axis and their push for the new draft.
2 years ago, Raila executed a near genocide which Kibaki clamped with instruments of state. Both men are murderers. How do you expect them to support a constitution that is taking away the powers they killed for?

I agree with Mwarangethe, even children cannot be that naive.

Anonymous said...

Grace (in Australia),

Mwarengethe's point is that Kenya is already a "communist" or "socialist" state where private wealth is seized by the state for the benefit of those who run the state and their international handlers! And here you are going on about some Kenyan leaders trained in communist countries!!! Surely, that is not the point! If I hear Mwarengethe correctly, even those Kenyan compradors who consider themselves the defenders of Kenyan capitalism (trained in the best of the Western tradition) are themselves dyed-in-the-wool socialists, who rob small-scale farmers, urban workers and owners of property to fund their world-class lifestyles, and also corporate and social welfare, all the while ensuring we will never realize uhuru.

It is the Kenyan obsession with little things and little people (mortal personalities) that ensures that we never get a sense of the big picture and our place in the long historical process. We would rather have these puny fights with fellow Kenyans than rise up to a sense of our place in the bigger global it's norms impinge on our freedom to forge our own lives. No wonder everyone else laughs at us for being so short-visioned, so unable to commit to long-term goals that would restore our freedoms. Little things do matter sometimes, but let's at least place things in their proper context--treating mortal men as such and giving due attention to our place in history. Let us not live so much "in the moment" that we fail to leave anything meaningful for those who will come after us. Let us demand more of ourselves.

This thing of people reading Mwarengethe too narrowly for puny partisan agendas or saying that he is too long-winded to read just speaks volume of our fear of our own innate intelligence--our ability to think things that few ever dare imagine. Kumekucha is a political blog and not a social site, so let us dare to think!

"we will be free because our ancestors were free!" The difficult bit is how to achieve this. Let's have that discussion.

Phil said...


I've always been tempted to use the word "the Art of War" without changing it's original meaning. I might not be an academician but I'll not be surprised if a lot of people have written nice theories like yours but which upto date are still collecting dusts.

Mao Tse Tung had good ideas which he managed to implement in China, but please note what happened prior to implementation of his ideas. That's where I'll use the word "Art of War".

As I told you I agree with you on several matters however I'm still thinking you should start thinking of their implementation. I can tell you that's where you'll realize the importance of considering social and political factors in their implementation. If you don't consider this then I'll tell you your theories will remain "simply theories".

Now you are denouncing taxation, but again if I look at your arguement I see you are doing so simply because of it's misuse and not that it's bad by itself. You are wondering where my "faith" is coming from, meanwhile I'm wondering why you have lost all hopes in leadership.

Recently I've been looking at your arguements and the more you argue the more I see you are heading towards an economic and political system close to what I read in a book about Howard Storm's NDE entitled "My Descent into Death, A second Chance at Life" - a system told to him by light beings (Angels). I'll tell you that's what I'll love but when will we get it?

Previously I told you that your theories is about drastic change to the whole system of the world that will make us have good life, and I kept on telling you that when you consider it's implementation then you'll start appreciating any little step we take.

Your arguements previously has been against the system we see in both constitution, maybe you can clarify to me if I'm wrong. That's the reason your sincere arguement to me could have been the rejection of both constitution. What you are against in this proposed constitution was used successfully by Moi and his cronies to plunder this country of billions of Kenyan Shillings between 1990 - 2002. This again makes me wonder why you see fighting Moi was pointless.

Most of the system you are agains t have been brought by human beings who were leaders at one time and that's why it's sometimes useful to fight the leaders.

I wish I had more time to argue more.

Anonymous said...

It amazing how sometimes masses can go wrong. Look for example the way some people are excited about the recently introduced price control bill. Among this category, there are people blaming manufacturers/producers for hiking the prices unnecessary, yet many do not see the government is actually the problem. Ironically, the bloated government if full of economists and other learned fellows who should know better.

These ‘planners’ applaud Raila when he goes to Kibera to launch subsided Unga for the ‘poor poor’, yet they do not reprimand him when, the next day he takes a bloated delegation to China to do nothing; at the expense of taxes from the poor. What lack of insight from both the leaders and the lead!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip said...

I might not be an academician but I'll not be surprised if a lot of people have written nice theories like yours but which upto date are still collecting dusts.


It is true these nice theories are collecting dust. Meanwhile, aren't we sinking into feudalism?

In 2009, 1% (10 m people) of the global population had $ 40 trillion wealth.

That left 5.9 billion people sharing the remaining 20% i.e. $ 20 trillion of the global wealth.

Is this not feudalism? And, if not so, what do you call this brother?


Mao Tse Tung had good ideas which he managed to implement in China, but please note what happened prior to implementation of his ideas.


Mao Tse Tung had communistic ideas which were European in origin and alien to the Chinese culture. Also,communism/socialism/collectivism requires force and fraud.

Man shall live on the sweat of his brow. Any short cut must involve violence and oppression.


I can tell you that's where you'll realize the importance of considering social and political factors in their implementation. If you don't consider this then I'll tell you your theories will remain "simply theories".


Yes, we agree.

We know that, implementing serfdom is easy than implementing liberty.


Now you are denouncing taxation, but again if I look at your arguement I see you are doing so simply because of it's misuse and not that it's bad by itself. You are wondering where my "faith" is coming from, meanwhile I'm wondering why you have lost all hopes in leadership.


If you look at case law, courts have said clearly this. The power to tax is power to destroy.

Any tax on income, consumption is destruction of wealth, exactly what we want.

Also, if you look at tax case law, courts have said clearly that, every man has the right to arrange his affairs to minimise his tax exposure.

Have you ever wondered why courts say this? Because income tax is supposed to be VOLUNTARY. However, your professor will never be allowed to teach u such knowledge by the state.


Recently I've been looking at your arguements and the more you argue the more I see you are heading towards an economic and political system close to what I read in a book about Howard Storm's NDE entitled "My Descent into Death, A second Chance at Life" - a system told to him by light beings (Angels).


As we have noted before, state based education destroys knowledge so as to ensure voluntary servitude.

If you want to see how a free citizens nation can be framed, we shall take thee to the free cities of Europe of the 11-14th Century and ancient city states of Greece.

Do you wanna see the remnants of these free cities? Go to these two places:

(a) City of London Corporation.

You can see more here:

Many people are not aware that London has two cities. Even the Queen must ask for permission from the Lord Mayor. Why is this?

And, more so, isn't this square mile the richest sq mile in the world? Why?

(b) Switzerland. Is this nation not where all the money is kept? Is this nation not one of the best places to live? Why?


Most of the system you are agains t have been brought by human beings who were leaders at one time and that's why it's sometimes useful to fight the leaders.


Let us not confuse accidental/particular with what is essential.

When you focus on Moi, Kibaki, Raila, Mbeki etc, you are engaged in what is accidental and not what is essential.

Off course, the state managers train us to focus on accidental and not the essential.

Anonymous said...

Grace (Autralia),
Please STOP embarassing Kenyans with your exported bigotry. FYI HE Mwai Kibaki the president never schooled in a communist country. Please send back your exported stupidty and sanitize yourself from 'VILLEGERY'.

Anonymous said...

Can someone who knows tell us what the PM is suffering from?Latest reports are talking about surgery,what surgery?

Anonymous said...

We hope our dear PM will recover quickly. In the meantime, someone close to him should tell him to stop crying at night about his "stolen" presidency.

Anonymous said...

At least, the PM is in Nairobi Hospital and not in an IDP camp!!

Anonymous said...

Come on people, you don't have to be so insensitive as to cast aspersions on PM's health. Getting sick is normal human life.Hate him if you must but remain human.

Otherwise you know we have walking zombies with lost facuties who will never dare face the press for 8 years, ama?

Anonymous said...

And I thought people here are dons with Einstein's brain to discuss Pro Mwarang'ethe's loaded post. Kwani the cheap talk is part of the genius brain?

Anonymous said...

I do not buy the story that the pressure build-up in Raila's cranium was due to his hitting car roof with his head a few weeks ago. This guy never travels alone and such a serious episode resulting with fluid build-up would have leaked as news. I don't believe this kindergatten story. Let Raila come clean on his health, and we will all understand; after all, we are all human.

Good rest and quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

The "peoples' PM" should have gone to the peoples' hospital (Kenyatta Hospital) for solidarity with "his people." Talk is cheap, I say.

Anonymous said...

At least Agwambo went local for treatnment and did not fly to London or SA.

Anonymous said...

Like him, hate him, nobody understands the typical Kenyan mindset better than Taabu. Readers here loathe him for exposing them.

Just have a look at the raving comments here about RAO while ignoring the so-called intellectual post by Mwarang'ethe. You can only guess the acidic reactions if Taabu had posted the same.

We love living the NATIONAL LIE.

Anonymous said...

Ye fight for draft constitution while the "annointed" continue milking Kenyans
-Equity bank-that acquired Kenya

All these points to one point. Statehouse.

Now they want to milk more. I cry for Kenyans.State introduces incentives to spur growth in housing sector

Published on 29/06/2010

The Government has introduced incentives to drive growth and lower the cost of housing.

In an advertisement that appeared in a local daily, the Ministry of Housing said if the private sector is supported, they would have the capacity to invest more, particularly on low-cost housing.

"These efforts are geared towards boosting housing supply to the level where it matches demand," read the advertisement in part.

The incentives that the ministry outlined include tax deductibility for expenditures upon the construction of a social infrastructure.

"Expenditure of a capital nature incurred by a person on the construction of a public school, hospital or a social infrastructure and given prior approval by the minister for finance is tax deductible."

However, interest on income accruing from all listed bonds used to raise funds for infrastructure and social services are now exempted from tax, provided the bonds shall have a maturity of at least three years.

big demand

The sector is characterised by deteriorating housing conditions, which arise from demand that far surpasses supply, particularly in urban areas.

The annual housing demand in urban areas is estimated at 150,000 units, and a supply of 40,000 units per annum, resulting in a supply gap of approximately 110,000.

"This has mainly been due to low investment by the Government through exchequer funding, while the private sector has tended to concentrate on the development of housing for the high and middle-income people, yet it is expected to be the engine in the development of housing", the advertisement said.

Other incentives include exemption of VAT on construction or expansion of private universities and official aid funded projects.

The ministry further revealed that it would continue working with the stakeholders in the sector to lobby for more incentives aimed at enhancing development of affordable housing.

Anonymous said...

You meant Equity acquired HOUSING FINANCE?

If so you are right. na many others.

All these by the by Kibaki family, mostly by proxy.

Ati Kirima owns properties/ His was a Front for Kibaki.
Ati Karume imported Army trucks from China? with who but not Grace, Davids wife?

Nothing wrong with this, but where does greed stop?

Anonymous said...

Ati Agwambo is sick? No! This is Mt. Kenya mafia propaganda assisted by Ruto. They are photoshopping Raila's images and spreading the lies that he is in Nairobi Hospital. Hawa watu ni wachenzi sana!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We wish our PM quick recovery and good health thereafter. He will need in 2012 every courage and strength to face his final political humiliation by our beloved President-In-Waiting Kalonzo Musyoka. After that he can either join the opposition or go sell mandazi in Kibera or farm tilapia in Bondo.

Anonymous said...

Raila’s sickness shows he’s a normal human being and not the super-human robot his bootlickers want us to believe he is. This is a personal issue and not a national issue. Who cares if he is sick or not? Is he the 1st Kenyan to fall sick? PEV blood he masterminded cries out loud and malipo ni hapa duniani. I won’t cry for a warlord who forced himself to power by spilling the blood of innocent Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

I have travelled in cars everyday,most of my life and have never once hit my head on the door(kwani hio gari ya PM ni Vitz?).Some spin is doing the rounds here but being Kenyan,conspiracies abound everywhere.Ama could it be Ida?Wewe...Mama..did you clobber mzee on sunday night or monday morning?Last time I saw him in church preaching,he was hale an hearty...!!

Anonymous said...

Wapi INTELLECTUALS to save us from these vinyozi rumours?

Anonymous said...

I agree for those who have been reading Mwarangethe articles, the ideas are all consistent and seem to revolutionalize the basic skewed tenents of 'democracy' as the wazungu have made us to believe.
For instance, if we ensure that those with land pay land rates, this will reduce the debt burden on Wanjiku. In addition, the central bank should lower the borrowing rates to <1% meaning the hardworking Kenyans can access affordable loans and therefore this will lead to growth of industry. Growth of industry means real wealth is created.
This is far much better than the shenanigans of communism that the current draft is proposing. There is a reason why Ujamaa failed in Tanzania and those less lethargic to reading books will attest to this.

In the meantime, i leave Kumekucha to rumour mongers to discuss Raila's supposedly brain tumor and the biopsy operation that was carried out yesterday.

Anonymous said...

**^^^this will reduce the TAX burden on Wanjiku.

Anonymous said...

African men are useless species! Complete waste of space here on earth!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for another piece which I am still digesting..

Ken Thumbi

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