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Monday, June 07, 2010

Rigging being planned for referendum

For those who don’t know the intricacies of how rigging is usually done, I think it would be right to start with a brief appreciation of certain key points.

- Vote rigging works best when the results are close. That is one of the reasons why Mwai Kibaki’s rigging in December 2007 ended up being so disastrous. The truth is that Raila Odinga had a massive lead. In sharp contrast Moi never got caught because the results were always much closer. He did a good job of dividing the opposition at all costs.
Prof George Saitoti has perfected the art of rigging in his constituency.

- It is impossible to carry out a rigging exercise without the help of the intelligence service. Why? Because you need very precise and up to date figures to execute a vote rigging operation efficiently. The way it works is that as people are voting you are feverishly collecting figures. In the old days the votes used to be stuffed as the ballot boxes are being transported to one central place in the constituency for counting. These days it is much more expensive because the votes have to be stuffed in each individual polling station. The Kibaki guys went round that by simply ensuring that the vote count that arrives at the ECK was different from what was on the ground. Clean ups were then organized later in the individual constituencies. It is a massive and extremely expensive exercise these days.

- This national model for the country is often executed at a single constituency where the powerful MP uses his own people. One George Saitoti has perfected this system in his constituency.

Folks I am afraid that I have more bad news for you concerning the new constitution most of us are yearning for. Let me start by confessing that for a person with my years of experience I was rather naïve to believe that those who own Kenya would ever allow for an electoral system that they did not have any control over. The truth is that the so caled "tamper-proof" electoral roll has already been tampered with and non-existent voters introduced. And since it is NOT the same electoral roll that we will go to the general elections with, the only conclusion is that the intention is to rig the August 4th Referendum.

The game plan by the powerful owners of Kenya is for the NO camp to catch up with the YES majority so that the difference is around 20% or less. What will then happen is that NO will win with a very slim majority. Enough to deny most Kenyans what they are yearning for so much that they can no longer sleep too well. Those who have read the document and realize the sweeping changes it will bring into the country and the deadly blow it will deal to impunity.

What really scares me is that so far these powerful forces have been able to get things done through the NSIS and have even influenced the judiciary to make certain bizarre rulings. To me that is evidence enough that they are quite capable of going ahead with their well laid plan even as the president tires himself criss-crossing the country campaigning for a new constitution.

There is ONLY one way to stop them. And that is to ensure a landslide victory for YES. Anything less will be dicey.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a far fetched theory;wishful thinking. The YES camp are better placed to rig. How can you convince us that the likes of Ruto and Moi are capable of controlling NSIS? If it can happen then we need to be very affraid.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Josef Stalin.

Has anything ever changed?

Chris said...

Anon @12:06

That is exactly what people said when it was suggested that Kibaki was NOT prepared to be a one term president. Those exact words were used "far fetched".

I also have a question for you. How then did the NSIS get into the Government Press? Moi and Ruto have very powerful friends in the YES camp. I suspect you have not been reading my earlier posts.


Anonymous said...

What a load of nonsense is this again? Dead voters cast votes in Kibaki’s and Raila’s strongholds as well as stuffing of ballot papers. There were no PNU agents whole of Luo Nyanza due to Raila’s goons. Was that what you call fair elections? Some Luo Nyanza constituencies as well as others in Kibaki’s Central Kenya posted a turn out of over 94% and even 114%! How was that possible?

Kibaki and Raila both posted suspect results and that is why they agreed to share power. Why did Raila share power and even take the shorter side of the stick if he knew he was the clear winner? He was even lucky that he used Kalenjins to massacre Kikuyus for his cry to capture the attention of the international community. He rode to PM’s office on blood of innocent Kikuyus. Kalenjins now regret why they fought his war. As for Luos who destroyed entire Kisumu, kudos for being silly. What had buildings and stealing to do with stolen elections?

Anonymous said...

I notice that this blog, Kumekucha told us the sentiments on the ground concerning the draft constitution long before the current polls were done.

Keep up the good work Chris and please don't dissapear on us now. At least wait until after the referendum.

Anonymous said...

Your beggining to sound like Mutahi Ngunyi....stop scare mongering

Anonymous said...

The fear of rigging is mutual. The NO camp also fears that the YES camp will rig the referendum, now that the YES camp's lead is marching southwards. Indeed the YES camp has begun its rigging, bribing the Provincial Administrators with job security even though the proposed constitution suggests otherwise!

DM-Nairobi said...

Quoting Chris:

"What really scares me is that so far these powerful forces have been able to get things done through the NSIS and have even influenced the judiciary to make certain bizarre rulings."

C'mon Chris - isn't it rather obvious that these "powerful forces" is simply Kibaki and his close pals?

Like a drug addict going into withdrawal symptoms, the corrupt system that owns Kenya (of which every sitting President in Kenya is the undisputed patron) is seriously fighting hard against change.

God bless the long-suffering mwananchi.

Anonymous said...

Get good ringtones so that the rigging will have a pleasant sound for the voters' ears while they will be waiting in long lines. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Chris the only thing madam Karua asked ODM guys is evidence that PNU rigged elections! Hadi sasa nobody has come forth wth hard evidence! Achana na romours!!!

wanjirina said...

What will kibaki stand to gain by rigging the referendum yet he wants to leave a legacy?? Any attempts of rigging wont succed with the whole world watching.

Anonymous said...

who told anybody that kibbs wants to leave a legacy, this is the same fucker who said in his inauguration speech that corruption will cease to exist whilst he is prezzo, why do Kenyans still believe these politicians every time they open their mouth

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:27 PM,

I agree with you 100%.

Kibaki does not give a f**k about a legacy. To him legacy ni pumbavu.

Kibaki is filled with nothing but CONTEMPT for Kenya and its people.

The only people he seems to "care" for are that tiny group of very wealthy Kenyan african politicians and "business men and women" who have "made" their money courtesy of the patronage, looting and corrupion that thrived during the Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel "Goldenberg" arap Moi and Mwai "angloleasing" Kibaki years

Sorry to say this folks, but for anyone foolish enough to think that Kibaki thinks about legacy... the guy simply does not care - Kenya and Kenyans ni WAPUMBAVU

DM-Nairobi said...

Kibaki is much more more interested in protecting OLD, ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH (his and political cronies) as opposed to nebulous western-oriented concepts and philosophies that are nowadays bandied around in the name of LEGACIES.

Honestly, besides Nelson Mandela, Sir Quett Ketumile Masire, Kagame, Mwalimu Nyerere and Léopold Senghor, which other African Leaders over the last 50 years truly understands what a legacy truly means????

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:04 PM,

I reckon:

"Chris the only thing madam Karua asked ODM guys is evidence that PNU rigged elections! Hadi sasa nobody has come forth wth hard evidence! Achana na romours!!!"

You really are an imbecile of spectacular proportions.

The evidence of the electoral theft was destroyed by the very same PNU insiders in the ECK and the other various arms of govt.

You remember this nitwit called Chege at the ECK? He played a very major part in the destruction of the evidence as did John "the rattlesnake" Michuki - in the background.

The TRUTH does not rot. One day the WHOLE TRUTH will come out and rascals like you will be put to shame. What Chris did in his post was to simply call a spade a spade.

Right now IMPUNITY still reigns supreme in Kenya but I guarantee you that the WHOLE TRUTH will come out in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Molasses Raila tinga tinga has become a watermellon, green outside red inside.
The hair dyeing jaluo god is afraid that his ill gotten wealth will be take away by the new katiba. Read malindi squatters land, molasses plant, maize scandal, karen house renovation using 100 million tax payers money, taking his daughter with him as excess baggage in duties abroad, his son fidel whose fraud ways had him kicked out of US and the list is endless.
And finally the fact that the new katiba proposses 50+1 votes for the presidential candidate which the jaluo king cannot raise from kisumu.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:18 AM,

Your comments are those of a hard core imbecile. Absolute gibberish & absolute nonsense! Grow up - boy or girl.

Second Liberation said...

Guys watch out for colonial wazungus petending to be miroz online.

Investigations show that most online hate speech is not from Kenyans!

Wazungu wanataka status quo. They hate Kibaki and Raila for working together professionally and committing to Reforms/Katiba.

Some examples of "great African leaders" are purely based on popularity in the West. Mandela for example was a showbiz gimmik. How come the inequality in SA is still biased towards the Euro Boers?

In Kenya, colonial descendants never expected the two leaders to get along so well. Now they are caught offside with Katiba. They can try to divide us but they will FAIL. Because we are wise onto their evil tricks now.

I love Kibaki. I love Raila. I love all Kenyans no matter what they vote for. Tuungane pamoja against our common enemy!

Anonymous said...

Why has Kumekucha slowed down? For the last few days, articles have not been streaming as frequently as in the recent past. If I was gifted like Mwarangethe (or Chris) I could do some article titled something like "Why the National Budget will remain just a useless ritual for many years to come" I mean how do progress when we are thoughtlessly spending almost everything on recurrent expenditure?,including borrowed money.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:18

Are you a tribalist? whats the difference between you and the goons who burnt families in Eldoret...perhaps nothing..your attitude is no different, I suspect given a chance you would smoke of Jalous out of town!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, thank World Cup Soccer, I am now free from makucha ya Kumekucha and the rest of cheap ala carte myopic political raves and rants from rambling Kenyan "voices" 24/7. Have fun with each other while you still can and keep cranking amps for the usual political topics.

Let's go Africa!
Let's go 2010!


Inspektor Sikujua said...

and we in the YES team have a marvelous counter check too... this time, as long as RAO the maverick has blessed "illegality" for the sake of Kenya, Moi, Kiambu Mafia and their toddlers like Ruto can go scare the more important thing...For the first time in History, the CIA (the determiners of many countries' politics anyway)are backing RAO and the New Order politicos of Kenya..the conservative, Communist fearing, Right wing Govt of the US are this time in the periphery...Obama might seem aloof, but truthfully, he's very attached to his father's dream to see a trully liberated Kenya, as from independence Kenya has just bee run by few selfish hands..RAO portends the safest bet to break tha yoke, as any other president of kenya would succumb to the same selfish hands, as RAO's history and family politics have always rubbed the few Kenya power mafia the wrong way...

finally, we're getting a new constitution come august 5th...nothing short of a simultaneous assassination of the two captains can stop this train...

Anonymous said...

Inspekta sikujua,

continue sucking from Raila's bottoms, who knows, you may get some omena that were swallowed whole!!!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Inspektor Sikujua said..

Right wing Govt of the US are this time in the periphery...Obama might seem aloof, but truthfully, he's very attached to his father's dream to see a trully liberated Kenya, as from independence Kenya has just bee run by few selfish hands.


As your name suggests, you know nothing. Africans will only gain their liberty when they decide or know in their souls that, it is their OWN responsibility. To expect foreigners to help you is to be an idiot.

Right now, all the media is full of stories of the BP oil pollution in the American waters. Fine.

But, how many Africans know of the ExxonMobil oil pollution in the Nigerian/African waters which may be even worse than that of BP in the USA?

"PHOTONEWS: ExxonMobil Oil Spill In Niger Delta Exposes Nigerians To Poisoned Fish."


How can people who are killing our fish for oil we never see be our friends?

It seems like, we the Africans, something is seriously and may be permanently wrong in our heads. It is like we are disgrace to humanity.

Inspektor Sikujua said...


Fact: This is Africa..there's nothing much we can change about that fact... as long as in Africa politics will always be about ethnicity and cronysism, then no liberation will come from Africa by Africa.

second fact: we're poor.... we cant generate enough resource in our economies to sustain the African populace, that we have to become international whores...just to get by.I am sure that very soon, North Korea will be turning their focus to Africa..the Chinese already are hungry for the south Sudanese oil... have you seen south Sudan? do thy look the type to turn down the Yen? as you said, something is seriously and may be permanently wrong in our heads.

but that's just the way things are... and as far as we still have Kenyans in this century beheading their fellow Kenyans because a politician asked them to..ama because they are from "kabila adui", then we deserve every kind of chaperoning form the west.

As for ExonMobil, its the most profitable company in the world, earns the US much needed tax revenue and adds so much more value to the world oil markets... too bad African waters are always violated, we can also argue that the pirates menace in east African waters are all occasioned by the defilement of the Somali waters.... but seriously, as things in the world stand today,who cares?

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