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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Referendum: All YES Systems Go as NO Plots

A random survey at Machakos Airport, KENCOM/Ambassador Square, Gikomba/Toi and Kawangware markets plus other notorious hotspots in Nairobi this week reveals that the current wet weather appears not to be a threat towards getting Kenyans attend tomorrows YES rally in large numbers. Many people have vowed to attend whether it rains cats and dogs. It is possible a million man march may be seen in Uhuru Park tomorrow. That is how important young Kenyans view the reform battle.

Even the IIEC has surpassed its own target of registering 10million voters. They have so far registered 12.5million voters, and still counting as the e-voters are still getting registered in select constituencies including ODM nerve-centre in Nairobi, Langata constituency.

In my view, the bigger threat to the constitutional reform (not just the YES rally only) is the resolve by the NO camp to use whatever method they will to win this political war (read referendum). Powerful and very rich unseen forces are sponsoring the NO camp, whose political face is William Ruto, Cyrus Jirongo and most of those misguided ODM and ODM-K Mps from Rift Valley and Eastern provinces. Apart from guerrilla tactics, the NO camp is sparing no efforts and are employing under hand methods, fear-mongering, propaganda and incitement to achieve their goals.

The first shocker was when Amos Wako was accused of producing two drafts. Contrary to allegations published earlier that the NSIS were involved, this move was actually clinically conducted by the NO camp. The extensive networks established by former president Arap Moi during his 24 year tyranny still exist in the civil service, the provincial administration and security apparatus. You underestimate Arap Moi’s KANU machinery at your own peril.

William Ruto should stop fooling Kenyans on the two drafts. He knows precisely where the second draft came from. In case many of you have forgotten, Ruto was once an Assistant Minister at OP (in charge of Government Press) during which time he employed a Mr Simotwo ( current MD of his insurance firm AMACO) as Under Secretary in charge of Government Press! Ruto has used his own network in the abortive attempt at subverting the review process by printing a fake draft and thereby setting the stage for confusion that would make it easier for a court ruling to halt the review process.

Interestingly, and believe it or not, two of Ruto’s surrogates are already in court contesting the referendum question alleging that the questions released yesterday are infringing their rights to freedom of expression which is enshrined in the current constitution. As you can see at that link, depending on how the judge views the argument, a stupid lawsuit like this can actually put the brakes on the whole referendum process, and return Kenya’s protracted reform struggle back to square one!

The NSIS know who the culprit is and have given the information to the relevant authorities. You can take take to the bank. However, the fact that Ruto is currently a pawn in the explosive grand coalition politics chess game as well as that the delicate referendum is Kenya's last card for peace or for civil war, all these factors make it impossible to take the culprit out. But believe you me, Ruto is a marked man.

As a matter of fact, Ruto and Simotwo are currently running Salanic Printers in Eldoret, a firm suspected of printing leaflets in North Rift warning ‘outsiders’ to move away from the area ostensibly because North Rift is not their ancestral land. During the duos tenure at OP, they vandalised Government Press just as they did KTMT (Kenya Times). One does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out where hundreds of NO paper caps, posters and other printed stuff came from during the NO crusade at Uhuru Park, which first begun as a prayer meeting before being hijacked by the political class.

As if all this is not enough, today no less a person than president Kibaki, his V-P Kalonzo and Local Government Minister Mudavadi were thoroughly embarrassed in front of media cameras by councillors who chanted NO! and PESA! at a meeting called to educate them on the need to support the Katiba. Kibaki struggled to control his anger, but the damage had already been done. NO campers must be rolling on the floor with laughter.

Apparently, Ruto and some NO side MPs had already met the councillors last night and poisoned their minds (read bribed them). They asked the councillors to demand for a payrise and also protest their long neglect by the national government. The trick worked. The councillors even rejected an impromtu payrise announced by Mudavadi of Kshs. 5,000/-. It did not occur to the YES strategist (currently operating from Muthaura’s office in Harambbe House) that upcountry councillors in the city would be vulnerable to being poisoned by political forces just as political party delegates attending NDC meetings. I wonder why the ODM cannot take charge of these arrangements!!! Is it because it is currently being seen as a presidential function? Perhaps even more importantly, both camps had received intelligence that the councillors would behave the way they did this morning. Is this the reason the sly PM kept away and let Kibaki feel the heat from grassroot leaders? He normally would not miss a prominent political stage as this and the fact remains ODM councillors were the majority at this meeting.

Time will tell, especially tomorrow when the compromised councillors are expected to be outnumbered by hundreds of youth currently making their way from all over Kenya to Nairobi to attend the inaugural YES rally. Security will be tight given the president is expected to be in attendance together with the PM and the VP and other prominent persons.

Looking at all the propaganda coming from the No side, especially the lies on the LAND and ABORTION clauses, it is clear that the NO side wants to use propaganda to get as much support to No side as possible.

The unfortunate thing is that the campaigns for the referendum have not officially started and events of this week are already raising temperatures, prompting the YES organisers to carefully vet individuals who will be allowed to address the gathering without stoking passions.

Whichever way you look at it, the NO side means business and they have the money. The YES side, which has brought back strange bedfellows PNU and ODM into one camp, have yet to get their house in order. Allowing PNU’s Muthaura to head the YES secretariat is suicide. ODM, of all people should know this. Defeating impunity and reforming this country was never going to be child’s play. 30 years and counting. Jaramogi, Anyona, JM, et al (RIP) must be turning in their graves.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha,I still cant stop laughing,infact my ribs are still aching!Philo,how long ago was it that you declared here at KK in full confidence that Ruto was only counting days and then sink into political oblivion?When he was a full ODM supporter,from whom millions of votes he was expected to deliver,you went out of your way to say that all accusations against Ruto have never been proved in any court of law and the other day you posted that the Man amongst others should rightfully be in Kamiti.How fast things

Anonymous said...

...double faces, guys in Yes camp yet busy funding the Naysayers .... Awesome piece Phil... let them throw anything and everything at you but you said it as it is...Ruto, Jirongo etc were busy meeting the Civic Leaders overnight.... time is up for the non reformers, let them enjoy while it lasts

Mwarang'ethe said...

Looking at all the propaganda coming from the No side, especially the lies on the LAND


With due respect Phil, the issue about land is not propaganda. Some of us went all the way to inform the COE and some key ODM members that, if the land question is mishandled, it will give anti - reforms an opening. That warning went unheeded. This is a fact Phil you cannot deny.

More so, we are yet to see any explanation how limitation of land ownership will be done.

We are also waiting to be shown where such kind of reforms ever worked. Wherever this kind of thing has been tried, it has brought social and economic chaos. We have given example from ancient times in the Roman Empire and in recent times in Zimbambwe.

It is time you gave us examples to show how this limitation shall be accomplished.


It did not occur to the YES strategist (currently operating from Muthaura’s office in Harambbe House)


What does Muthaura has to do making of a constitution? A constitution can never be a government project. As a matter of fact, this is against the law.


ODM, of all people should know this. Defeating impunity and reforming this country was never going to be child’s play. 30 years and counting. Jaramogi, Anyona, JM, et al (RIP) must be turning in their graves


What reforms when we are creating a central bank that shall be not answerable to Kenyans? How will we create jobs when we do not control our own money, i.e. the blood of our economy?

More so, to say that the Kenyan government shall provide decent housing, food etc amounts to this.

You tax hard working Kenyans, then, you give let us Simon Mbugua or Jirongo if he becomes the Housing Minister in 2012 the money to build houses for us.

How will we expect value for your money by giving it to Jirongo or Ruto? And, even if we build them, how shall they be distributed? These are avenues for centralization of power and corruption that comes with such concentration of power.

Anonymous said...

You have made your point. No DON'T need to comment on everything where you always mentioning LAND and money. Either you think your readers are deaf of you are a smart fool out to patronize others.

You must have heard of the word MONOTONY. And by asking that question I know I am helping stroke your kingsize ego and true to form you will follow this up with another diatribe/monologue.

How I hope and pray that you outgrow this cheap obsession packaged as intellectual excitement soon. But I am sure of being that is a wrong wish. Endelea.

deroo said...

Look at it. Potential mandazi stalls...Kibera, Ambassaduer and Mathare No 10. Please, dont take this man serious at all. Never. I cry for the man who believes this author. He told us that there is a GOVERNOR taking over from William Ruto, it ended up being a DAMP SQUIB. He told us about SACKINGS in cabinet when a certain CAPTAIN returns from a junket abroad, it ended up being a lie. He told us that Isaac Ruto is chasing another man's tailcoat, it was a LIE. He told us about many things that have never seen their fruition. For that matter, I support the NO camp. I am in the NO camp. A stand a mile apart from the LIARS, INTIMIDATORS and ARMTWISTERS.

Anonymous said...

Impunity galore. The Arturs came and desecrated our country. MTA DO?Only in Kenya can one have audacity to SPITE the president by altering a document he has launched. Nowhere else.

Look no further the same people speaking through both sides of the mouth. We cocked the champagne so earlier no knowing Kenya has its owners.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, hope you have dusted off the COBWEB and filth off your head. While you were away you would be happy to know nobody missed your dirges and loud wails.

You often only come out of the closet when the coast is clear. Your dear HE the sloth is only doing whathe knows best. Your singular objective perfectly mirrors the Naivasha katiba group whose obsession to TAME opponent will make them auction their mothers.

You can mouth all your cheap misemos (you are entitled) but please save us the juvenile rants and bravado, will you please? Vote NO if you must but let others too vote as they wish, ama?

Anonymous said...

Why did Raila miss the Councillors meeting at KICC where councillors jeered verybody on sight? Most of these councillors are in ODM. Did Raila know in advance that the councillors were going to be unruly? Has he lost the control of ODM? What is going on in ODM party. Why did he miss a meeting he and the president had called? There is more to this than meets the eye.

Abass said...

I am neither a supporter of the NO camp nor Ruto but your Ruto, Ruto, Rutooo ... rants are boring. You are accusing Ruto of everything and some of your accusations doesn't even make sense. Think of it. If Ruto is given a chance to insert two words in this draft, do you think he would choose 'national security.' Methinks it would be land and another word. I find today's headline in the Standard a far far more likely theory.

Finally, people need to be civil and calm about this debate. Let the no people campaign like the yes ones. No need to always descend into childish insults and baseless accusations. No one is clean.

Anonymous said...

Seems Jukwaa politicalmaniac has invaded Kumekucha with his sloth signature....
hold on, politicalmaniac and Taabu has something in common...infact the more you look at them the more you clearly see 1 person..

Anonymous said...

Poor Phil,

After following Raila around like a cow on heat, all you have to show is advanced age and hatred...
Was Raila not sleeping with Ruto afew months ago before Ruto became the devil reincarnate?
Do you sincerely think Kenyans dont see beyond your lies/propaganda and that of your old molasses??

Mwarangethe has been consistent in telling the truth while Phil can only feed us lies and trash.

Anonymous said...

This man Ruto is definitely nobodys fool.He has on two ocassions been a student of two of the most deceitful politicians Kenya has ever produced,Arap Moi and Raila and what a better way to learn the ropes than from the grandmasters themselves?It is now the turn of ODM to drink from the cup they have so religiously and gleefully served others:-Politics of deceit,propaganda and outright lies to the masses.As it is often said,mkuki mtamu kwa nguruwe,chungu kwa binadamu...!!

Anonymous said...

Ruto may be a devil, but let us give it to him for a moment. He has been a one man amanda and all the Luo ODM pointmen have been unable to quieten this Nandi son. All the efforts of Phil, Miguna, Orengo, Nyong'o, Midiwo etc have not been able to protect their Emperor Raila from being unclothed by this Kalenjin General.

Ruto continues to hold the pliers that will finally castrate Raila politically in 2012.

Anonymous said...

The land question might have some issues that need to be addressed. However, I do not believe corrupt people like Ruto and Jirongo have the interests of Kenyans at heart. They are leading the No campaign out of a narrow, selfish and political agenda. Come Aug 4, the YES team will carry the day and the likes of Ruto will sink it the political oblivion forever. Amen.

Anonymous said...

WILLIAM KIPCHIRCHIR SAMOEI ARAP RUTO the only Kalenjin emperor/king/general is the only politician who can stop Raila Odinga. There is no favourite in 2012 presidential election and Raila will not be president of kenya period.

Anonymous said...

Am surprised that there still exists misguided kenyans who look at every political contest as an opportunity to fix RAO. They should keep in mind that love or hate him he is the only reformer who has kept true to is vision for tghis country. But more important, the constitution is bigger than a Raila - Ruto fight and while we are at it I beg you to stop cheering the Ruto-led side and let Ocampo sort him out. We have to be fair to our struggles and our aspirations for a better constitution and stop seeing everything as an opportunity to fix RAO. Jameni si tu amke!

Anonymous said...

Typical Kenyan mindset of reducing everything into petty political duels. Railaphobia reigns and rules Kenya. Remove him from the political landscape and the cats will be left eating each other's hearts. What his haters won't accept is their wish to have him fighting in their corner. But the deceptive Kenyan won't accept that reality.

Katiba is bigger than each and all of us combined. RAO is only a cog and let him fight his bit, do yours for Kenya.

Anonymous said...

@ Mwarang´ethe

This refrendum thing is what is going to wake up Kenyans. When they think that this Katiba is going to bring them food on the table. Reality when then bite in.
This is a democratic process where as people need to go through this to realize that this constitution is not going to help them....
We had Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki and hopefully Raila and things are not working , we are even poorer. After this then time is "Ripe" for the common man to try to understand, the naked truth about what you have been advocating for here. This is a process and Kenyan might be going back 100 steps further into the ashes but we might need it to understand so we can advance 1000 steps.
We need to understand that its the economic system that allows our country to be raped. And as the economic system stays the same. Our leaders will not be able to do any changes for Kenya to prosper.

And yes Mwarang´ethe land is one of our core issues for prosperity and is not be dealt with in the Katiba.

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