Saturday, May 29, 2010

Orbituary: Tony Msalame of Sheki Legi is Dead

The rampant CHEST epidemic has robbed Kenya yet another of her illustrious sons. Veteran Kenya broadcaster Tony Msalame, 57, passed away Friday morning after suddenly collapsing at his Sheki Studios in Mombasa complained of chest pains. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Pandya Memorial Hospital where he was rushed.

The death of Msalame robs Kenya of an authentic entertainer both at radio studios and on TV, Tushauriane. The not-so young Kenyans will recall Tony as the signature voice of infant Metro FM radio off KBC. Teaming with youngster DJs like Lucy Nduta, Angela Obino, Anne Lamayan and Kenyan-Congolese Harry Kabecha, African Music/Lingala and Benga music grew its own wings at Metro.

Tony was an accomplished broadcaster at ease acting in TV, presenting Jazz hour on radio and Rhythm and Blues with Fayaz Qureishi. His Zum Zum Kipindi cha Kuongeza Maarifa, which he co-hosted with Kenyan-Tanzanian Tido Mhando was in a league of its own. Come Sunday evening and Msalame na dada Mrembo Khadija Ali would rock you off your seat with scintillating and often provocative Taarabu ballads.

Tony Msalame trail blazed modern FM Radio entertainment in Kenya with his Sheki Legi program. His ilk includes the evergreen Freddy Obachi Machoka (the blackest man in black Africa), Khadija Ali, Eddy Fondo and Abdull Haq not to forget Mwalimu JOJ (Kenyan Franco), John Karani and Jeff Mwangemi. Tony's death is a golden feather off Kenya's national entertainment wing.

A true Kenyan, Burudani with Tony at Sheki FM was the best. His fans spanned all the corners of Kenya. He would start with a call from Kip in Eldoret, follow it with Kasivu from Mwala, spice it with Nyongesa from Bungoma before invitting, Busia, Kisumu dala, Kisii, Kakamega, Muranga, Lunga Lunga na Kenya yote to Sheki legi.

Rest in peace Tony, we loved you. And may your Skeki FM studio in Mombasa live long in flying your flag/legacy. You were a true Kenyan who warmed our hearts when you lived. Thank you Tony for a life fully lived and enjoyed, we can only repay you by celebrating yours.


Anonymous said...


how cruel the hand of death to snatch the AUTHENTIC leaving behind only FAKES broadcasting their dirty linen in public and showing the whole world the skeletons in the closet?

even Chris with his POOR choice of samba mapangala music appreciates we have lost a national treasure and kenyan radio will never be the same again

true or false Atwoli alikukataza KITI juu hujui ku floss like himSELEF
just curious bro

Taabu said...

True TM was a gem. He would mix with Khadija Ali so flawlessly you wish time becomes extendible.

And with akina Lucy/Angie/Anne you would think TM was a teenager. That was his talent and the cruel hand of death has visited us with this chest epidemic after grabbing Kiliku and Gatiba in one month.

Luka you must be real for you must have been an infant then - you MUST be 55-years old, you know. As for your tiff with Chris on Samba Mapangala (ati alihamia US), I ca only say

1) UZURI WA MWANAMKE SIO ....NI... or better still


Anonymous said...


That said, look this

...Those present at the National Security Council meeting included Chief of General Staff (Gen Jeremiah Kianga), his deputy Gen Julius Karangi, Head of Public Service Francis Muthaura, Internal Security Permanent Secretary Francis Kimemia, Commissioner of Police Mathew Iteere, National Security Intelligence Service Director-General Maj-Gen Michael Gichangi and Foreign Affairs PS Mwangi Thuita.

These people could as well have used mother tongue. Add 4/8 PPOs, Treasury top-bottom and you get the face of Kenya.

Na kazii iendelee.

Anonymous said...

Never knew him nor heard any of his programs on the air. However, May He Rest In Peace.

BTW, there is no thing such as "CRUEL HAND OF DEATH" because DYING just like BIRTHING are all part of the cycle of life.

The moment or occurance of DEATH maybe UNTIMELY in the eyes of some people, but it's a bridge that most of us in our twenties and above, will have to cross at some point in time or before 2070/80.


Gorillasafaris said...

You cannot talk of Tony Msalame without talking of SHAKING A LEG

Anonymous said...

RIP Tony,but this chest thing is actually longer,you forgot to add Fai Amario.And while at it,it seems some form of maturity has finally reached Kumekucha if up to today those Raila worshiping bloggers havent seen it fit to post that photo of Rao with Cameron at N0 10 here.Or then maybe they are finally getting used to such...!!

Anonymous said...

this is boring.

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