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Friday, May 14, 2010

Kibaki ordered changes to draft constitution

AG Amos Wako has always been a very careful man. But recently the pressure was so much that he was forced to name names. By doing so he has put the executive on the spot and probably saved Kenyans from a lot of grief.

Folks, judging by how the government has reacted to some very serious allegations, it is more evidence that the changes made in the draft constitution at the government printers were ordered by President Kibaki himself. This is hardly surprising when you consider that the NSIS cannot do anything without executive approval, more so if that particular thing is illegal. (Sadly these kind of executive games happen all over the world with spy agencies. Remember the recent case where Mossad assassinated somebody in a Dubai hotel?)

If anybody else were responsible the NSIS officers who approached Wako to make changes and he declined have already committed a criminal offence and should be arrested immediately. Those less naïve Kenyans know that this will never happen. Instead fraud squads and all kinds of smoke screens have been put in place (if they had their way yet another commission of enquiry would have been appointed to investigate the matter).

And yet it should be an open and shut case. If the altered document had been printed in River Road that would be a different matter. But the fact is that it was printed at the Government press. Who has access to the government press? ONLY the government of the republic of Kenya and the messenger in this case was from the NSIS, and so it is crystal clear where the order came from.

We brought out the champagne way too early my dear fellow reform-minded Kenyans. We forgot about the powerful and terribly wealthy anti-reformists. These guys will do anything. And I mean ANYTHING, to ensure that the new constitution is NEVER passed.
You see as I have said here many times before, the new constitution is NOT about Kadhis courts or abortion as some of our extremely naïve brothers and sisters have been fooled into believing. That explosive document is about changing the status quo and way of life of the filthy rich and influential in Kenya.

Indeed William Ruto’s “No” campaign needs to be looked at in new light. For those who look to make money during political campaigns, kindly note that the money is not going to be in the YES camp. It is in the NO camp and the sly Ruto may just have found the perfect way to raise funds for his 2012 campaigns. Just watch and see the kind of money these guys will pour to defeat the new constitution.

So what is Mwai Kibaki’s motive this time? Could it be that he is under considerable pressure from those who own Kenya and will lose grip with the passing of the new constitution? I am currently digging around in search of the answer to that question.

P.S. President Kenyatta played similar “executive games” in the late 60s when he at one point heavily financed both the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga camp and the Mboya camp within Kanu. He was of course with the Mboya camp but did not want the Odinga camp to know what was happening. And so Kibaki is not the first Kenyan president to publicly support something and secretly route for something else. My book Dark secrets of the Kenyan presidency talks about aspects of the Kibaki character and presidency that many Kenyans have never known. I will be distributing a summary of the book and a number of chapters from the book for free to Kumekucha readers only. Get it by subscribing to my list for the book. Simple send an email now to;


Anonymous said...

Crap!! Just say u want 2 sell ur unsalable book!!

Anonymous said...

I pity the guy in statehouse

All thought that he was walking away and leaving a mega legacy of a new constitutional dispensation.

Although the draft will pass,history will claim that Kibaki was "defeated in the referendum as he tried to mess it up".
A thief always a thief.

See how Rao is mum on all this.

Anonymous said...

Chris is on fire.

Keep them coming bro. First comment proves that you are on to something very big.

Anonymous said...

Let me repeat the first comment incase the guy decides to delete it;

Anonymous said...
Crap!! Just say u want 2 sell ur unsalable book!!

5/14/10 1:51 AM

Anonymous said...

Why are you suffocating Mwarangethe's good articles with crap Chris?
Are you scared he is attracting more attention??

Anonymous said...

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Thursday, May 13, 2010
EPZs and Modern Slavery: Who Shall Tell Wanjiku the Ugly Truth - Part II
By Mwarang'ethe

Continued... But, what makes USA such a high cost nation which forces the industry out? The natural cost of a product is dependent on land rent, wages plus taxes, regulatory costs and profits. On may 1 2010, the DN reported this. "Revealed: How Kenya lost Sh700m in embassy land deal". Ignoring all other juicy stuff, let us focus on this statement. "On February 10, 2009, a valuation report by Teresia Kimondiu of the Ministry of Lands put the value of the land on which Kenya’s mission stands at Sh1.392 billion and the buildings at Sh129 million". Mark you, this after the land speculation disaster of the late 1980's which made Tokyo land more valuable than all of the real estate in the USA. We can see that, the land rent is almost 10 times the value of the bricks and mortars. So, who pockets this rent? The land lord (read land devil). Has he toiled so as to demand this tax from investors and workers? No. It is to afford this private rent the worker in Japan must be paid very highly which makes him unable to compete with Haitian worker. Consequently, so, as to avoid this private taxation, the investor moves his manufacturing to Haiti. It is for this reason, Singapore, whose land tenure is according to the natural law, is the magnet for capital from Japan, USA, Germany etc. (see Esau and Jacob Story at James Gichuru Road.

Anonymous said...


Likewise, in the USA, this offshore guy contracts a marketing company to sell the baseball in the rich American market. Just like the Haiti manufacturer, the American marketer is tasked to do the very least. As a result, the American marketer gets little payment as well. However, if the USA, UK governments collects VAT, it makes a lot of money when the sellers sell expensively stuff that costs cents to make in Kenya or Haiti. More so, since the UK government is a beneficiary of these arrangements via VAT, they can come around and fund the free education programme for children of the EPZ's worker. What a cruel deception is this?

So, we can see that, in this triangle, only a few guys sitting in the offshore who get over 80% of wealth produced are benefiting in the so called globalisation because via these complicated arrangements since these offshore guy pockets around 80% of the $ 15. If you have been asking why the top 1% dogs in the USA now control over 55% of wealth, the formula is here. In 1995, the Gap sold shirts "made in El Salvador" at $ 20 with El Salvadoran slave getting $ 18 cents. When the El Salvadorian slaves tried to ask for more in commensurate with their humanity, the Asian slaves called Gap.

The story does not end here though. In the USA, when a manufacturer moves to Haiti, he must sack some American workers. Simply, this is economic insanity of capital destroying capital. When they lose jobs, they either remain jobless or get other low paying so called service jobs of washing each other dogs, massaging each other and may be prostitution. For others who have jobs, wages must remain stagnant which has been the case since 1973 as Greenspan, the high priest at the FED confirmed at the "boom" time of Mr Clinton. This is nothing new though. The more slaves Roman Empire soldiers brought to Rome as prisoners of war, the more wages fell and more difficult it became to find work for “free citizens.” Who said history does not repeat itself?

To keep up with rising cost of living (remember that question of energy, money capture for speculation at the source which brings inflation?), the American worker has been forced to go into debts to buy the baseball, jeans etc from 3rd world. However, now, the American worker finds himself committing much of his income to debts given by the same bankers who finance outsourcing such that, he cannot consumer industrial goods. When this happens, the whole ponzi scheme collapses and these debts gets transferred to the already tired taxpayers in the name of public debt as we see now in the USA, Europe and elsewhere. What is interesting is that, the money given to these bankers is loaned again to the government at interest. In this scheme, we have witnessed the GREATEST TRANSFER of wealth in human history from the poor to the rich. In Britain, the 1,000 super-rich saw their wealth increase by one-third – or £77 billion – to a total £334 billion during 2009 alone. In other words, Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s £1,000 billion stimulus package all it achieved was stimulating the assets of the already wealthy. Translated, this is socialism for the rich, free markets for the vanquished masses.

As the Americans capacity to consume evaporates, some workers in the EPZ's must lose jobs. For those who are lucky to retain jobs, they must compete, i.e. further lower their wages to get the few jobs available. And, since our governments must pay their dollar loans which they take to buy local stones or create jobs for the restless young men, they must create more special trace zones to facilitate export of new clothes so as to import mitumba later. How can we call these free markets when the power of the state is used to vanquish workers? We are back to the age of mercantilism.

Anonymous said...

read more from Marangethe's informative articles..

do not let Chris derail you

NSIS (thats what some minions will say)

Anonymous said...

Fact or Fiction? YOU DECIDE but I sure hope you will vote YES


“National Security” cannot be reformed, it’s the only fortification left against the post referendum impunity inquisition that “as sure as death” will come and will need to be done before Kenyans are able to forget their dreadful, torturous, tribal, discriminative and exploitative past.

1. Make sure our appointees cannot be removed.
2. Make sure they are above the law.
3. Do whatever it takes to affect the change.
4. We need impunity to be able to affect 2012.

Action Plan:

1. Parliament – to open not feasible
2. Grass roots through public opinion – not possible due do distrust
3. Naivasha during reconciliation – succeeded, but COE reinstated the Bill of Rights
4. Through covert operations - OP, NSIS, COE, PRINTERS

The amendment was discussed at the COE having been brought for discussion by a member with “vested interest” – Guess who? No surprises there. Rejected, Next stop AG – he was persuaded to keep quite after he refused to add it during revision.

Diversification: The inside track
The co-ordinator THE AMBASSODOR himself at OP with his usual “pragmatic enthusiasm” warned that all has failed and the only chance for them to take back control of this situation is to SEIZE THE MOMENT – before the document slips out of their hands for good. The only chance left is at the printing press where they have complete and total control with one of theirs to return the favour of appointment.
The go ahead came back but not fast enough as some correct versions were already printed in the same press - meaning the AG gave the correct version.

Diversification: The outside track
On the other side, their bets through the Clergy were a non-starter, add the RUTO card in the mix and it became obvious and very clear the NO SIDE was going nowhere. The air balloon that was KKK had also died a premature death before it accomplished anything meaningful. The wheels have come off the wagon.

The Fear
He warned that their “nightmare” is now the face of the draft. He will be unstoppable after the draft; he has already run away with it. The only way to guarantee their protection is to put the security apparatus out of his reach by all means necessary, at the same time dilute his stature on the draft by making this a complete Government Project involving everybody, people have to be wiped to join him, the consequences of him running off with this is grave indeed, the YES NO crowd have to tow the line and sing YES, We cannot afford the amateurs to be caught flat footed in the referendum handing 2012 to our sworn enemy in a silver platter .

Where does all this leave THE WANA INCHI - wagani hao ? Nchi ina wenyewe!

Anonymous said...

This is spot on !! And now they are panicking. Story za Mwarang'ethe zikai kando kwanza tule uhondo !!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Bwana Chris,

You may be correct that Kibaki ordered the changes. But, you know what, there is absolutely nothing Kenyans can and will ever do about it. The question is, why can't we do anything?

Kenyans seem not to get it. No poor citizens can hold their leaders into account. And, the best means of ensuring poverty, ignorance. slavery and stupidity among citizens is fastening public debt and endless taxation on them.

It is for this reason, we called upon the COE to give Kenyans a constitution that is devoid of evils of public debt and endless taxation/inquisition.

However, since they are working for others and not Kenyans, they came up with a socialistic constitution. However, we must remember it is socialism for the few, and free markets for the masses.

Without looking at this question with all the honesty that is required, all the noise, referendums and parliamentary voting shall be in vain.

This issue was so well framed by Jefferson and it would be a blessing if every citizen could absorb what he said, for it is only when citizens appreciate what he said, they can demand a proper constitution and not this nonsense we are taking to vanguished Wanjiku.

He put matters this way:

"We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude. If we run into such debt, as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our calling and our creeds...
we will have no time to THINK,
NO MEANS OF CALLING OUR MISS-MANAGERS TO ACCOUNT but be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains on the necks of our fellow-sufferers... And this is the tendency of all human governments.
A departure from principle in one instance
becomes a precedent for ... till the bulk of society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery...
And the fore-horse of this frightful team is public debt.
Taxation follows that, and in its train wretchedness and oppression."

Anonymous said...

Spot on Mwarangethe,
While chris and a bunch of moron can only cheer at rumours, you again bring out the bigger picture that makes their wisdom' look stupid.

Continue with your good analysis bwana Mwarangethe...let those who feed on uhondo like flies following flesh dung continue in their fruitless pursuits.


Anonymous said...

hi chris uhondo sasa

Anonymous said...

You are right. YES started celebrating too early.

Anonymous said...

The Yes side (RAO)have been astounded by the voter registration numbers plus the issue of the counties in which they now see they have completely lost out.Even if one put the number of voters in Western and Nyanza together, they would still be less that those of Rift Walley or Central.There is also the question of counties. I advice RAO to change sides.

Anonymous said...

We need learned Councillors

Thats more why this drafr will get a YES vote from me:

Councillors demand money to back Kenya new law

The councillors demanded a salary increase as a condition for their support of the proposed Constitution.
4,000 councillors want salary increase to vote for proposed law.
President Kibaki tells off civic leaders and tells them bullying will not work.

The 4,000 councillors made their intentions known during a meeting with President Kibaki at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi Friday.

Unanimous chants of “pesa” (money) punctuated the rhythmic clapping to welcome the Head of State and his retinue of five senior Cabinet ministers into the meeting. This was repeated when the President rose to speak, but as he left the venue, the chant became “No” and “Pesa” (money).

The civic leaders’ boss Ntaraiya ole Kores put the demand to the President.

“When you need us, you call us together. But when we need you, you don’t even have time for us. The time is now.”

However, President Kibaki put paid to the councillors’ move to arm-twist the government to have their salary increase drawn from the Consolidated Fund, if they are to support the document.

“You will not change anything through shouting or bullying (the government). That will not help you. You will only change (the Constitution) according to the will of the people you represent,” the President said.

An angry President Kibaki broke his tradition of only reading the speech and giving the off-the-cuff remarks later. He began with the off-the-cuff, then the speech and wound up with off-the-cuff.


Interestingly, unlike the booing that the councillors gave Local Government minister Musalia Mudavadi, they kept mum and punctuated the President’s speech with feeble clapping.

“You have to reason. That’s why we produced plenty copies, so that everyone can read and not say that you will just follow what I told you,” President Kibaki said.

“We shall talk to Kenyans, tell them that this is the right change, if they think otherwise, then they’ll say so, because the current Constitution allows them to do so... bullying, shouting or calling each other bad names will not help you.

“Use your unrivalled proximity to the people to give the citizen the right information on the proposed Constitution and remember that you are in your own country called Kenya.”

President Kibaki said the new Constitution was more important than the push for a better pay package for the councillors. He reminded them that there was a 15 per cent revenue allocation to the counties, a figure which, he said, will hugely channel development.

When the meeting begun, the 4,000 grassroots leaders booed the chairman of the Committee of Experts, Mr Nzamba Kitonga, off the dais when he said he wanted to offer “elimu ya ngumbaru” (adult education). They said the use of “ngumbaru” had connotations that they were illiterate.

Anonymous said...

…why do I have this funny feeling that Mwarangethe’s logs in as Anonymous, smears the post….then jumps right back in as Mwarangethe with his long weird tales? Anybody else who reserves these suspicions?

Anonymous said...

You seems to know so much about things - so why do you think African men are so mean and cruel towards women?

Anonymous said...

It may take Kenyans to experience Liberian political migraines or Sierra Leone civil cronic civil diarrhea in order to come to their true senses.

So easy to blame everything on Kibaki.

If Kibaki ordered changes to the draft consititution, then who is busy ordering the release of false information, propaganda, rumours, fears and praying for another evil episode of bloody ethnic confrontation?

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