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Monday, April 19, 2010

Kibaki, Moi, Ruto: 3 Most Consistent Politicians

Give it to these elegant three Kenyan leaders. They can manage to hold their forte no matter the political heat. Not even the fuming church matches their political fidelity. Ex-president Moi saw it ahead of all Kenyans and warned us as much. He was in the NO camp in 2005 and is staying put there. Kibaki likewise is not decamping from his YES stand. These two wise men epitomizes mental and political stability.

Ruto's resolute leadership of the NO camp must come as no surprise to those who know Bill well. William is his own man and unlike his peers, he won't patronize but seeks to be the patron himself. In Ruto the church has a PRINCIPLED leader and partner in the no campaign. He shoots hard from the hip and holds no hostages.

Make no mistake, Ruto's rejection of the porous draft is strongly grounded on merit and merit alone. Passing the CoE's constitution will provide the seed to fertilize ethnocentrism, nepotism and violence. Ruto and his NO brigade have selflessly warned us against the draft's exotic Bill of Rights.

You cannot fault Moi on patriotic matters, or can you? He knows better than having Wanjiku mesmerized by such a weighty and abstract matter as the constitution. Forget all that lofty talk of fundamental rights and freedoms. Nothing is more basic than the God-given right to life, security and privacy. The drive for justice is only meant to keep the civil service relevant, nothing more. And Ruto is not afraid to remind them and even take them head on.

According to Ruto, Chapter five of the Proposed Constitution on land is a sure recipe for eternal friction and chaos if not amended NOW. Well, our independence was fought with lives lost over land and Ruto and Moi have reminded those with ears and eyes as much. What is more, these two know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to land. We ignore their wise counsel at our collective national peril. All the hot air on water towers and environmental conservation must be dismissed for what they are. Vision 2030 can only be secured with enhanced investment including capable Kenyans and foreigners acquiring and modernizing our national parks, forests and water towers.

The draft's pretense on provision of equality flies hollow at the face of our African values. You only hasten your suicide mission in the villages by mentioning gender parity on land matters. No wonder Kenyans turn a blind eye to Moi's timely reminder that the draft is academic crafted to serve foreign interests. Parliament cannot pretend to have the authority prescribe minimum and maximum land holding acreages for our tribal kings. Squatters must jealously retain their status so as to have the opportunity to vote.

Ruto is more than right on his fight against a super-imperial President. He knows and has experienced the perils of bestowing powers on one person to appoint virtually all state officials including ministers, ambassadors, permanent secretaries, security chiefs and heads of government firms.

Passing the draft will deny Kenyans the political excitement derived from MPs jockeying for ministerial posts. Kenya is no US and our Cabinet must be exclusively composed of elected MPs. Pretending otherwise is to spite the squatters who vigorously campaign and vote for their lords.

Ruto and his NO camp must not waiver. It is a new dawn led by Ruto and he deserves the support of every progressive Kenyan. This is 2010 and unlike the hitherto politically-informed 2005 referendum, the present debate is issue-based.

While the No camp articulate their ideologies devoid of raw politics, the deceptive and politically faint-hearted have their eyes singularly trained on 2012 polls. Well, look no further than the two marionettes speaking from both sides of the mouth saying different things about the draft depending on the audience.


luke said...

wapi,ati RO+MK=hypocrite plus marionette? how dare you are too intransigent-kwani you could do a better job as supervisor or baba?

Anonymous said...

Love the sattire.

many a times you wonder who is fooling who.

A wise Orkoiyot

Anonymous said...

I think you have a very skewed view of this constitution... I for ONE am not listening to your endless banter and utter rubbish! This country has been waiting a good couple of years since independence, and we've never come this close to getting a constitution.

The constitution can be amended afterward. Things can be added and other removed.

Ruto is NOT to be trusted. Neither is Moi... None of them are! Including those preachers, who go telling churchgoers that 'if you vote for the constitution you're supporting the devils work' SHAME ON YOU!!

Anonymous said...

The devil is in the details , unfortunately most people cannot see the details due to BLIND FAITH , it a high time blind faith takes a back seat and Kenyans start using thier heads. Its time we put the pullpit behind us once and for all.

The majority indulge in it as a ceremony for sundays so the frocked old men should not get carried away and assume they have SUPREME moral authority to demand what kenyans should follow. Keep ip in church were your followers are and let the rest of us GET ON WITH IT.


Anonymous said...

How times change!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Ruto was Raila's rap dog and calling "kabila adui," sangari and madoadoa, he was a hero. Now, when he calls Raila as he sees him and preaches inter-ethnic peace, he becomes a subject of satire.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the chorus that RV is the ancestral land of only some communities and that "foreigners" should return "home." Anyway, the proposed constitution has made RV past tense and some "foreigners" have ended with some counties.

Bett said...

Lets first read this draft..siasa baadaye. Ruto n moi alongside the church hav a right to decide whichever route to follow...wacheni pang'ang'a

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when a person disapproves of the draft constitution, some people immediately start calling names. what kind of democracy is this.

Anonymous said...

Anon @11:27AM

It is called Raila's "democracy" and it is scary because it is mobocracy by ODMorons and ODMites led by a delusional thug.

brayo said...

i just dont understand some of you guyz on this blog who behave like the very politicians they criticizeYou go around speaking of tolerance yet you are the most intolerant!!!No matter how much they intimidate me(note I've not used 'us')am still voting no and thats my democratic right!!the Issue of ruto being this and him being that is neither here nor there. first of all just look at the yes proponents,2 weeks ago they were singing no now they've crossed over to damascus??just who are they trying to fool? why have they degenerated to silly threats and intimidation za pesa nane?especially one ali hassan joho.the other day at khadija grounds he made aveiled threat to churches that they should be very careful because of a pact signed during independence,and that we shouldn't dare rock there boat because all people are now welcome to coast province!is this tolerance?does that mean that the coast is a de-facto islamic nation different from the rest of kenya?why havent the rest of kenyans threatened the muslims in the various places they are living outside coast and NEP?
Raila himself is the one who is totally confused,last year the prophet owuor baptized him and he was now 'saved' this year due to the high stakes politics he is calling the no camp names and even supporting abortion.
I've listend to all the hogwash that it's prohibited but/unless...that is cheap propaganda suffused with emotions of abortion activists.murder remains murder,whichever name you give it.
they go farther and say "the church should preach to people so that they do not get pregnant thus avoid unwanted pregnacies",this is diversionary because what a husband and wife do in their bed no one can dictate it to them secondly the bible clearly states that thou shalt not murder but why did we have yo make laws gainst murder if it were possible for people to be preached not to murder?this is because the ordinary citizen has to be protected,why then cant this unborn child not be protected?
the constitution is for the next 100 years,who will enjoy it if we are terminating their very innocent lives even before they've seen the light of day?
whether the yes camp calls us names or intimidates us,am still votig NO!!
and let us discuss issues not get drunk on high emotions because of our political tin gods

Anonymous said...

Sorry to rain on your party but you are foaming at the mouth preaching to a choir. Your chear attempt at preaching cannot convert even toddlers.

Make no mistake, you have the right to vote no but please oil your head and starve you heart, will you?

Anonymous said...

vote with your conscious, if you strongly dont feel this document dont vote for it but if it is close to your aspirations please pass it with your approval lets not hate each other over their respective stand and i believe the world is dynamic you can always change your mind you are entitled to that...

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