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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ooops we forgot about the Central Kenya vote

2007 and early 2008 were really bad. Terrible is probably a better word.

I remember talking to a few distraught Kenyans based abroad wondering where their old parents would go if the violence spread into Nairobi. There was a real danger of that happening. One used to call me every night hoping to get inside information and would sometimes cry on the phone.

But the human mind has an amazing way of healing and forgetting old wounds. Especially if life goes back to normal, which it has for most Kenyans. And so for the vast majority of Kenyans the violence in that general election is long forgotten. For these fortunate Kenyans, when they hear that there is fresh voter registration countrywide and we should prepare for elections, it is not such a big deal.

But there are those for whom the word “elections” is the kind of thing that can easily send them to hospital for trauma treatment. I am talking about the poor Kenyans who are still in IDP camps. Those who survived the ordeal psychologically that is. I can assure you that being transformed from an employer to a beggar overnight will kill most people.

My point is that we have an election coming up in 2012 (at the very latest) and the real danger we are facing now is witnessing the most serious voter apathy in the history of the country. Some Kenyans will be too traumatized to actually approach a ballot box and the other half will be too angry (what difference did it make the last time?)

Whatever happens you can be sure that the Kikuyu vote is going to be affected in a big way in the next elections. For those who don’t know this was the community that was most affected and traumatized by the last general elections.

Traditionally the Kikuyu vote has decided general elections in Kenya. Even in 2007 when everybody was sure that the Kikuyu vote would be insignificant, it actually influenced things in the end because the community’s massive support for President Kibaki reduced his landslide defeat and made it possible for his handlers to attempt to manipulate the results which they did with disastrous effect.

Interestingly some presidential aspirants from central province have already seen what will become very obvious as the elections draw nearer. That the candidate who successfully positions themselves as the genuine defender of the traumatized Kenyans who passed through IDP camps or are still there will effortlessly carry the Central Kenya vote. Peter Kenneth is working very hard at that but more are bound to follow.

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Press Release

Villagers now paying a heavy price for kindness to Jomo Kenyatta

Hello, this is the first time am sending an email to the media, though not sure of where or who to contact. I thought this being a source of media you will be interested to know stories that are happening in small village where maybe very few are aware of their rights and because of this the city council is taking advantage of poor people and doing whatever it takes to make their lives a nightmare. Today it is happening to them tomorrow it may happen to you or somebody else.

This is the story. I am a Kenyan lady born in a small village called Kabiria. Kabiria is located near Naivasha Road, Kawangware/Riruta Satellite road. I am sure most of you do not know that in this village used to live Margaret Kenyatta, daughter of our first President the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. One day it happened that Mzee was to visit his daughter but there was a problem to get to Margaret's house, he had to use roads that were larger, so some villagers decided to give a portion of their land to make it easier for the president to get to his daughter's place not knowing in what way their kindness and affection for their president was going to affect them in future. So from there the road become a public road called Kabiria road. I recall my dad complaining because the Kenya power had erected electricity poles in his shambaa (land) without any notice.

When the villagers complained they were told that the one in charge had been given money and all the notes to give to all the landowners before the project was carried out. Sadly enough no villagers got the note or the money. What happened? It was the time when you could not say anything about the leaders or directors carrying out projects, because if you did you would be in trouble. That brought a lot of problems because the electricity was put very near the road and the people's houses. Because per the law the houses had to be 3feet.away from the fence or poles, most innocent people almost lost they homes.

It was early one morning, when my brother went to pickup letters from the post office. He gave the letters to my dad. One of the letters was from the city council of Nairobi, demanding part of his land to enlarge the road. All the villagers received a similar letter. A week later the village was visited by city council workers putting marks on people's houses and businesses for demolition. As I said before very few people know their rights and are brave enough to go to the city council to ask what all that meant, unfortunately some people were afraid and they started bringing their houses and businesses down. Only one or two people were brave enough to file a case because whether a law was passed or not people should be compensated. The people built houses per the laws then, a responsible city should compensate residence who loses their property for public purposes. It is only fair and it is their right. That was not enough, the villages that were able to rebuild did it but the sad thing is a month after rebuilding the city council came again, marked the houses telling the villages to move their fences back a second time. The poor villagers did exactly that AND I ask myself what is this project that is changing day and night. I thought a project is well studied before implementation. You know what, last week the villagers received another letter telling them to move 30 feet back. The third demand in less than a year. I think its time to put this into the open and find OUT what THE SO CALLED MBURU a NEWLY PROMOTED ENGINEER AT THE CITY COUNCIL wants with the villagers although he is from the same village. He is not affected by what he is implementing. He is frustrating the villagers and being brutal partly because the road doesn't affect him. Here is a message for him from the villagers, "IT IS SO SAD FOR YOU TO THINK THAT YOU ARE DEVOLPING THE PLACE. YOU ARE NOT, INSTEAD YOU ARE KILLING AND DESTROYING THE PEOPLE. THE PEOPLE ARE TIRED. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.THE VILLAGERS ARE GOING TO DEMAND FOR THEIR RIGHTS AS PER THE LAW OF THE LAND".

This is a historic village with a lot of Kenyan heritage. This is where the late Paramount Chief Kinyanjui, The late mother of late Edward Mathu lived and where Margaret Kenyatta lived and was visited by the late president Kenyatta on many occasions. The people in this village are asking what next, who will stand with them. The media people need to hold the city accountable for their actions. The human rights groups need to fight for the rights of the poor, and the government needs to uphold the law by being fair to its citizens. Please join me to help the villagers fight for their rights, because it is inhuman the way this man Mburu is treating them. Making them live in nightmare. When our people are affected we are also affected.

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...


Please, leave the Kikuyus alone, they will take care of themselves. You cheered on here at KK when Raila's followers brutalized the Kikuyus for voting their choice. The wounds are healing but Mumbi's House will never forget. They are a very resilient people who don't display their emotions anyhowly. When the elections come, you can be sure of one thing: they will turn out in large numbers to safeguard their interests and those of Kenya. And they have decided Kalonzo will lead them in that quest.

Anonymous said...

I see raila's people are working hard for peter kenneth to divide the kikuyu vote. It is so easy to see through these people.

Anonymous said...

Anon12.30, you will die with that tinge of hatred in your heart. Always blaming other people for your problems....May you not be happy in this world and the next....

Anonymous said...

Why can't Uhuru or any other kiuk work to divide Luo vote as you seem to know Raila's peeps are doing the same to kiuks? Can't they counter his strength or they are just empty debes? to anon 12.43

Mwarang'ethe said...

Chris wrote,

Some Kenyans will be too traumatized to actually approach a ballot box and the other half will be too angry (what difference did it make the last time?)


Ballot box (political democracy) without economic democracy, is a delusion. Those who decided to give the majority the ballot, did so after making "democracy safe."

And, if it becomes "unsafe," the ballot is quashed with iron to make it "safe" again (remember 2007 elections?).

If you doubt what we are saying, please sample this:

In 1930's, the Spanish people voted a populist/progressive government.

This first democratically elected republican government instituted LAND REFORMS(which antagonized the large landowners – the CATHOLIC Church being among the largest); educational reform that expanded public education (antagonizing the CHURCH, which controlled the educational system); and public pension reform (antagonizing BANKING).

It also facilitated the organization of workers by encouraging trade unionism (antagonizing employers), reduced the number of top officers in the Armed Forces, and instituted
many other highly popular changes.

Horified by these developments, Mussolini and Hitler, with the active support of the USA, UK, the Catholic Church etc, they imposed General Franco, one of the most repressive dictators of the 20th Century.

The people of Spain resisted this coup between 1936 - 1939 under enormous difficulties – the major one being the lack of arms (there was one gun for every three soldiers on the front).

The Western democratic governments did not lift a finger to help the democratically elected government of Spain.

As Winston Churchill said, the European governments were AFRAID that the POPULAR REFORMS taking place in the new Republic would “contaminate” their own popular classes, who would then ask for the same changes in their own countries.

So these governments chose to follow their class interests, Churchill said, over national interests.

To make "democracy safe," more than 200, 000 men and women were executed and another 200, 000 died in fascist concentration camps etc. Another 114, 266 people simply disappeared.


The above example tells us one thing. The so called "international community" does not want any genuine reforms for very simple reason.

If Kenya was to institute the kind of land reforms that one day must be carried out, it would be an example to others, and it would expose the underbelly of monopoly capitalism.

Specifically, as concerns the people of Kabiria (by the way Mwarange'the lived in Satellite, so, he knows the place damn well), the issue of land cannot be handled in piece meal.

Secondly, as concerns the so called HR organisations, there are there to make "HR safe." Thats why they are funded heavily by the same people who want " safe democracy."

In a nutshell, the masses are yet to know who their enemies are.

M. Pesa said...

I'm one of those millions of Kenyans who will not vote in 2012 or when a snap election is called. I mean, seriously speaking why bother? What's the point of it all when votes will be stolen and crooks rigged in as history has proven? The thieves who stole votes in 2007 are still roaming free making rules for the next elections. Those who killed, raped, maimed and financed genocide are still smiling on our TV screens as free men shielded from justice by their respective political parties. Corrupt Kenyans involved in various scams like FPE, Maize, Oil, Goldenberg etc are still in power and will also be rigged back, mpende msipende! Our sense of "democracy" is so twisted that I doubt a new constitution will solve the myriad of mess we are swimming in. If the current constitution is treated like a toilet paper with such bold impunity, what guarantees are there a new one, if at all passed, will be respected? Even ODM which many people thought would liberate Kenyans from bondage of oppression, poverty and dictatorship is deeply implicated in mega corruption scandals while Raila protects the culprits and at the same time busy appointing his relatives in prime Govt jobs. I really also higly doubt my fellow tribalist Kenyans are ready for change despite all the looting and rape of this long suffering nation. Just look how they are embracing tribal unions like KKK without any sense of shame? That's why our selfish leaders love keeping us confined in poverty and that's why the first stop shop for any "new" parties is always deep in the sprawling slums where many peope are jobless and idle. Unless a true, trusted and clean Kenyan Obama emerges with a strong agenda for this country, I will definitely not bother queueing to vote for the same band of thieves, crooks, liars and cheats.

Anonymous said...

PUBLIC VIEW or Tribal lens U decide.
After KIA fiasco meetings were called.

On Tuesday, the President met PNU coalition core team which included
Uhuru Kenyatta (Kanu boss) is he really anymore?
George Saitoti (PNU chairman)
Kiraitu Murungi (secretary general).
Advisers Kivutha Kibwana and
PNU consultant Peter Kagwanja.

At stake were issues of devolution and representation, they resolved to support a two-tier government (national and county levels). - Daily Nation

It was agreed that any move to create a three-tier government would be opposed since it was costly and the public had vetoed it. - I guess the rest of the PDM/KKK/SIMAMA/PNU puppets dont have a say and will follow this "presidential" directive

The CORE TEAM is surely homogeneous, wait a second! Where are the representatives of other regions?

The trick is simple keep WESTERN KENYA busy with the confusion that is WAMALWA –(SIMAMA Kenya or is it KAENI CHINI WESTERN) keep Rift Valley divided by blackmail and fermenting ethnicity (Gen RUTO) Confuse EASTERN by dangling hope (Kalonzo “ambi” Musyoka – with the 1 Billion TECHNO CITY MIRAGE and "MAU in support of "duly elected") in the mean time “we can decide what’s best for US in the PNU COALITION CORE TEAM. and they all will follow. To HELL with democracy because
If we don’t PAY AND CONTROL for this we will all end up in JAIL”


The meeting was called by Prime Minister Raila Odinga after MPs failed to agree on the draft during a four-day session at the Kenya Institute of Administration (KIA) and the subsequent cancellation of a Speaker’s kamukunji to look for common ground.
Sources at the meeting said they were taken through the contentious chapters by Lands minister James Orengo then Mr Odinga invited MPs to give their views on the draft. – Daily Nation

The meetings were held in Orange Secretariat and at the Presidents Office, the big elephant
Which most people miss in these discussions is the symbolism of the place where meetings takes place. Party Decisions are not presidential directives neither should they be Prime Ministerial directives for that matter?

Where would PDM/PNU/KKK meet ? they do not have a common secretariat where they represent the grassroots from, hence you will see the members of the CORE running around in different hotels holding meetings with the "PNU COALITION MEMBERS" and EUREKA the “PNU CORE´S DIRECTIVE” is transformed into PNU/KKK/PDM COALITION MEMBERS CONSENSUS and suddenly that’s the PUBLIC VIEW and everybody is happy because we are making progress.
The only thing moving in PDM/PNU/KKK is CASH. There are 5 people and NO DEMOCRACY.

PDM - Peoples Democratic Movement
Peoples - sure! 5 People form the same region.
Democratic - yeah right - through "duly elected" office directives
Movement - spot on, movement of corruption proceeds at retreats/hotels

He who pays the piper calls the tune, and with this we turn back full circle to the WAR ON CORRUPTION, where did the funds come from? If Kiraitu Murungi by virtue of his abuse of office sits and decides what people should vote on we are doomed as CORRUPTION IS MAKING PARTY DECISIONS and that is what will stop the people getting the constitution they deserve. The COG ON THE WHEEL is OPEN for all to see. This is about self preservation and nothing to do with WANAINCHI. We cannot let corruption stop the democratic process.

Former PNU – Haya leta matusi kama kawaida.

Anonymous said...

Raila Odinga can forget the Kikuyu vote. He is a murderer

Anonymous said...


Good contribution this time. A great improvement. On the below:

Even ODM which many people thought would liberate Kenyans from bondage of oppression, poverty and dictatorship is deeply implicated in mega corruption scandals while Raila protects the culprits and at the same time busy appointing his relatives in prime Govt jobs.

Rather than lament on Raila, (whose name MUST lace your lamentations) we need people like you (CLEAN) to be part of the problem solving and bring that change that you really want. Be a presidential candidate and we will vote you.


M. Pesa said...


One doesn't have to live inside the big house on the hill and have billions in numerous bank accounts to play his or her part in making Kenya somehow prosperous. Unfortunately, that's what many Kenyans believe. And that's why this country has become so miserable and messy as we all squabble to be presidents. Even Chris is playing his part by running this blog and highlighting issues that matter. As for me, I will continue serving motherland Kenya in my small ways. Hopefully one day we shall get there. As for your hero Raila, well he's quite thick-skinned and knows how to take the flak. He's one of the most hard-nosed leaders around and can do well by himself. As a leader, one must be prepared to take the constant matusis from the public and the media. And I envy Raila for being bold and thick skinned in the murky politics of Kenya.

Anonymous said...


Your kumekucha classifieds idea is brilliant.

The only problem with you is that you are good at introducing new ideas to Kumekucha and then you quickly abandon them before they can mature. What happened to Drums and nyatiti?

Hope you sustain this one, saw some very interesting ads. It looks like free classified ads online is a sure winner and should give you a lot of new traffic.

Anonymous said...

U know sometimes it's quite a pity that we do come from a country with endless potentials, a country that has and is producing great MINDS within and outside its boundaries. We are all wealthy in interlect, ideas , heritage......
It's a pity that our motherland has not realised how to tap this resource to its fullest.
Nonetheless, lets engage each other in a reasonable debate no matter where we are, no matter what arsenal we posses and no matter what affiliations or ideologies we posses and lets do the little we can to help Kenya see us as something very essentiall to achieving its potentials.

Kudos to Chris and all Kumekuchians

Anonymous said...

Wanjiku has spoken

take the draft to Kenyans as IT IS

IT will pass

Speaker's ruling makes it hard for MPs to amend draft

House Speaker Kenneth Marende wielded the big stick and warded off spirited attempts by some MPs to amend the proposed new Constitution currently being debated in Parliament. Above, a past parliamentary sitting. Photo/FILE

Posted Wednesday, March 24 2010 at 18:32

Mr Marende added: “All organs of review are required to ensure that the outcome of the review process faithfully reflects the wishes of the people of Kenya.”

To appeal to a public that has been hugely sceptical of the lawmakers, the Speaker once again rose to the occasion and reminded the MPs that the review process is “the most important national project ever undertaken since independence.”
“We carry the hopes, aspirations and fears of an entire nation. It is a solemn trust that we must discharge with honour and responsibility,” Mr Marende told the muted House.

On Tuesday, Mr Ruto raised his objections reckoning that the document before the House amounted to a report and thus did not need the 65 per cent threshold (145MPs) for it to be amended.

His issue is that the Review Act is on the “sequence” of the deliberation in Parliament.

The crux of this argument appeared to be a ploy for the MPs keen on amending the proposed law to come to Parliament and ensure their proposals are passed and the document sent to the CoE for redrafting. After that, they can influence the CoE to take on board the proposals, so that when the document comes to Parliament after being refined by the CoE, it will be upon those against the proposals to raise the 145 MPs to amend the draft Constitution.

In the afternoon session after the Speaker’s ruling, Vihiga MP Yusuf Chanzu asked Kenyans to be reasonable in their expectation of the Constitution. He said the issue of Kadhis courts need not be contentious.

Agriculture minister William Ruto asked the House to be courageous and amend the document, noting that MPs were in agreement that the proposed new constitution has deficiencies and needed to be improved.

"It will be an indictment for this House if we are so scared of our responsibility to allow the document to pass as it is,'' said the Eldoret North MP.

He proposed an amendment to provide for 80 counties and introduction of regions. The minister also suggested that the clause on abortion be amended in line with the proposals by the Churches who are opposed to it.

"Parliament should not fear to make amendments. History will judge us harshly,'' the ODM deputy leader added.

Heritage Minister William ole Ntimama suggested that the proposed law sail through the House without any amendments. "We have to listen to the voices of Kenyans. We do no not want to create small dictators here and there,'' the Narok North MP (ODM) argued.

According to Mr Ntimama, the 2005 proposed constitution was rejected by Kenyans because it did not provide for devolution. "We should adopt this document without amendments. The brave thing to do is to give the people of Kenya a new constitution We shall not be intimidated by two people meeting in a corner and coming here to bang the table," he said.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans who were victims of PEV and are still confined to IDP camps should never give in to any kind of fears, be it internal or external or otherwise.

There is nothing worse that can be done to them that has already not been done in the past. They are survivors with a message.

2012 will be a greater opportunity for them to make a statement to the powers that be as well as a chance to exorcise the demonic trauma suffered during PEV.

They should never allow themselves to be victimized twice by the perpetrators of PEV, the usual politicians, the silent observers, the indifferent public, and the international community who continue to ignore their plight to this very day.

Kenyans have never felt shame nor expressed remorse at a national level for what happened to their fellow Kenyan citizens. We still continue to behave as if it never happened and have turned a blind eye to presence of IDPs on Kenyan soil.

Voting in 2012 will be a real CATHARSIS for the whole community that was affected and for those survivors of PEV who are still languishing in IDP camps.


Anonymous said...

Ballot box (political democracy) without economic democracy is a delusion. ~Mwarang'ethe

Amen to that. That's why I have always reiterated the fact that people can't and don't eat democracy and poor nations cannot handle democracy.

For there to be a real opportunity for economic democracy, there must be a just economic system in all regions of Kenya or in any African country.

Otherwise, economic democracy will never be allowed to trickle down to the average Kenyan citizen who has been isolated, excluded, marginalized and ignored for the last four decades.

How does one begin to explain the blatant disparity in Kenya?

Anonymous said...

@Kabirian Lady.

Ignorance of law (or events) is no defence at this stage of the game.

There is evidence of a just compensation given out to concerned Kabirians when several feet of their land (house plots) were taken by the government for public use.

"When the villagers (Kabirians) complained they were told that the one in charge had been given MONEY and all the NOTES to give to all the LANDOWNERS before the project was carried our" or implemented.

Who was the "one in charge"? And when was he given the money and notes for the landowners?

Employing the issue of the village's historic heritage does not hold water in any court of law at this stage unless the area had already been gazetted by virtue of its national historicity.

If I may ask, where is the former mayor, ambassador and first daughter of the late President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta to come to the timely defence of her former generous Kabirian neighbours when they need someone powerful to come to their rescue?

Her nephew who must have accompanied his father on many of those visits to Kabira, is now the Deputy Prime minister and I am sure he will be very sympathetic to their cause if and when the issue is brought to his attention.

BTW, National eminent domain power requires no constitutional recognition, it is an attribute of sovereignity in matters pertaining to the procurement of any private land for public use, as long as a just compensation is offered.

Anonymous said...

I think your sub-headline about villagers suffering from kindness to Kenyatta is just meant to sensationalize the issue. There is nowhere in the story where Kenyatta has played a part in the woes currently afflicting Kabirians. If an overambitious and corrupt city council official decides to demolish homes 32 years after Kenyatta's death, what does the former president have to do with it? Let's place blame where it belongs.

Anonymous said...


Her nephew who must have accompanied his father on many of those visits to Kabira, is now the Deputy Prime minister and I am sure he will be very sympathetic to their cause if and when the issue is brought to his attention.

Margaret Kenyatta is Uhuru's half-sister not nephew!

Anonymous said...

lol! half-sister or paternal shangazi? remember muigai and many of ngengi's sons? what about kenyatta's half-brothers?

the elders spoke after they found out that one of their sons had been maimed while in prison.

the rest was done in absentia and it's history as we know it. no offense intended and it doesn't matter after the fact because a child belonged to the whole clan during those days unlike nowadays.

Anonymous said...

The over zealous engineer is one of their own from the village. I guess the ongoing feud will not be settled in the court of law but through arbitration dispute resolution.

Sins of their fathers: don't be surprised to find out that the wazee accepted and recieved compensation but never told their wives about it. Many of them may have dead by now but thumbprints never lie, check the compensation records.

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