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Monday, February 15, 2010

Checkmate: Deadly Strike From Stolen Thunder

You are suspended, oh well, you are reinstated or is it, wait a minute! Who is calling who's bluff here? Watch out when you steal thunder lest you get struck by the same.

The hitherto docile by choice and design has been smoked out and is now hyper active. Somebody's face has been left plastered in egg york of sleaze.

What a great Valentine gift for Kenyans. Reg rose of another blossoming weed? Take your pick.

Intrigue is a word used and abused in equal measure. This time last week it was Raila straddling the higher moral ground admonishing Education Minister Ongeri in public to resign. Come Tuesday and the bombshell that is PWC audit report of teh maize scandal was dropped right at his feet.

Checkmate! What a smart timing to neuter Agwambo. But his hitherto zeal to mount the high moral must have been shaken to the core. PWC's report laid culpability right inside Raila's nest by naming his PS and top aide. His answer on Wednesday to a press which had smelt blood was both half-hearted and unconvincing. From nobody is sacred to defending 'innocent' civil servants. So where do you draw the line?

Now we know Tinga had to salvage what was left of his name and integrity by giving his two top subordinates ultimatum to step aside latest Saturday to allow speedy and impartial investigation. And step a side Ishahakia and Karoli did. So what next for the prime minister?

Well, at least his move has forced the president to act albeit belatedly in ordering PS education and his comrades in graft to step aside too. Call it security in number if you wish but at least the ball left the court flying even if on extra time. Ogneri's fightback would have sounded bell to the PM, or didn't gongs go off?

You cannot fail to see the gerrymandering behind the calculated procrastination. Either two against two made sense to act or this was just another attempt to create an impression of motion without commensurate movement. Just read in between thelines and see the full plot. Raila received the PWC on December 22 and his adversaries were waiting for the ripe time to hit hard where it hurts most. And he inadvertently supplied a sturdy and reliable rope.

Kenyans will read what they want in all the political heat but the truth remains, corruption is deep-rooted in our system and there is political will to even pretend to root it out.


Mbaka Ndungu(Mr.Fat cat) said...

Very right on this one Taabu,corruption is the glue that binds this grand collusion thing together i.e,eat from your side and let others eat from their side but when you shout 'thief' at the other side like Raila did,then your eating too gets exposed.The surprising thing though is that while the majority of level headed Kenyans concur that Kibaki condones corruption,there are those dyed in the wool supporters and apologists who still fervently believe Raila is a saint!To them 'guys, you are in for a very big shock'!This man isnt about to and will never change the way things have always been done in Kenya!

Anonymous said...

I beg to see it differently: the country to me appears to be moving in the right direction. The benchmark has been set; whether for selfish reasons ie salvage railas good name or for good reasons. Going forward any PS whose ministry fails will have to take responsibility by stepping aside. What this has done is to seperate civil servants from their boses; politicians. Civil servants will be very careful not to be too coosy with politicians; I dont think politicians will be able to execute any major deals without the consent of civil servants and this way maybe the pace of corruption will slow down.

Anonymous said...

Today is St Valentine's day. So let us refrain from insults by setting our political affliations aside and send each other a message of love.

-Love is so great it conquers all.
-Love covers multitude of sins
-Love is blind

After all we are all Kenyans (ODM and PNU) or whatever tribe you are.
Lets embrace love and lets this love bind us together and forever.

Vikii said...

The ODM people and some sections of the Kenyan press never cease to baffle me.

You cannot keep forever hiding behind the unconvincing and outrightly stupid excuse about the timing of the release of the PWC report to the public. Whether it was received on December 22nd or Yesterday, does that erode the truth? Does it lessen the seriousness of the scandal? Are we more interested in the timing of the report's release or its contents?

Look here people; It was Raila Odinga who commissioned the PWC as a historically professional and objective body to undertake the audit. Too bad he hoped they could be compromised. To allege that Treasury leaked the report to nail Raila Odinga and his partners in crime is to miss the point. We did not need an audit report for them to step down. The heckler that is Raila Odinga asked--in a public forum--Professors Ongeri and Mutahi to resign because their offices were implicated by the press.So to allege malice in the release of the report is the kind of double standards they are so good at. The maize scandal happened last year in the middle of starvation. Why didn't Raila Odinga, even before calling for the audit, ask those people mentioned in the press at the time alongside his son--Minister Ruto, Caroli Omondi and Mohammed Isahakia to resign. Like he lectured us the other day, the mere implication though not necessarily a guilty verdict, was enough for those implicated to sideline themselves so as to enable impartial and unhindered investigations. They should have resigned last year, PWC or not. That would have given him the moral authority to lecture people on the need to resign.

On the dismissal of civil servants yesterday by the President, that was expediency per exellence. Martha Karua introduced to the Kenyan political vocabulary the concept of 'political responsibility'.The permanent Secretaries who were dismissed were sacrificial lambs.They were not dismmissed because there was any serious committment to fight corruption but because they don't control the political constituencies the politicians do. Someone should take political responsibility.

I say this without battling an eyelid; If it is proper and necessary to ask Permanent Secretaries to sideline themselves pending investigations it is necessary, even essential, for the political heads of their ministries-the ministers themselves-to resign. If Prof. Mutahi, Ali Mohammed, Romano Kiome and Mohammed Isahakhia had to go, it was also equally paramount that their corresponding ministers; Prof.Ongeri,William Ruto, Dr. Naomi Shaban and Raila Odinga also go. I mean, common sense. The former four were sacrificied because the sacrifice doesn't come with political repercussions, the latter four were spared purely for political reasons! And they will be heading to funerals puking dishonest lectures left, right and centre.

Anonymous said...

@1:53 am
am less optimistic. though the emperor's nakedness is now open for all to see (even the blinkered slum-dwelling proletariat), there's no guarantee that this wont usher in better coordinated high theft. the lesson here, i think, is limited to maintaining honor among thieves.

Anonymous said...

Raila acted fast but Kibaki woke up and asked what he should do.

Someone told him to sacrifice Karega. Then he did it, but still doesnt know why.

Anonymous said...

Raila is NOT a saint, but he is the best alternative Kenya has at this moment.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"THE conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society...

...Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country...

...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of...

...This is a [LOGICAL] result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society...

... No [SERIOUS SOCIOLOGIST] any longer believes that the voice of the people expresses any divine or specially WISE and lofty idea...

... The voice of the people expresses the mind of 3 the people, and that mind is made up for it by the group leaders in whom it believes and by those persons who understand the manipulation of public opinion. It is composed of inherited prejudices and symbols and clich├ęs and verbal formulas supplied to them by the leaders...

... it is possible to REGIMENT the PUBLIC MIND every bit as much as an army regiments their bodies...

So wrote Edward Bernays, a member of the Creel Commission, the founder of modern PR and the author of Propaganda and a nephew of Sigmund Freud.

They think they are free people. But, who shall tell the people?

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo is the best alternative Kenya has at this moment.

Anonymous said...

Raila is a scumbag!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Ministers Ongeri, Ruto suspended over graft

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Posted Sunday, February 14 2010 at 15:11

Cabinet ministers Sam Ongeri and William have been suspended from their duties for three months following corruption scandals at their respective ministries.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga announced the suspension of the ministers at a Press conference on Sunday, and said he had consulted with the President regarding the move.

The move follows Saturday's suspension of eight senior government officials including permanent secretaries and parastatal heads mentioned in a corruption scandal involving subsidised maize.

Anonymous said...

why did they sack my cushities brothers?

Anonymous said...

Why Ruto and not Minister for special programmes?

it is all sharing in Equal numbers!

Ruto will not keep quiet. This might awaken the Aglo leasing, Grand Regency and Oil scandals

There are interesting times ahead for Kenya.
The referendum for a new constitution will be the negotiating tool for RAO!

With anger, Ruto will support UK. But RAO see this as an opportune time to get rid of Ruto.
Watch the space as expose of scandals facing PNU come back in full swing to counter this KK alliance

Anonymous said...

The ball is moving in the right direction.... its a roller coaster .... Score 2-0 , Who made the announcement and who was in hidding. Continue to show the way Agwambo you are already writting your legacy even before 2012.

Three months is a long time in Kenyan politics especially when the pace has picked up as it has done recently.

btw dont drop the ball on the Draft.

Anonymous said...

Balls of steel ..... thats what we want, and you know who am talking about. ODM is not about one tribe.

Vikii said...

What is the difference between the implications of ministers Ruto and Ongeri and those of Naomi Shabban and Raila Odinga? Someone needs to explain to me between the two. They should all go. This President is asleep, deep asleep!

Anonymous said...

By the seats of your pants.

The roller coaster is picking up speed. A bench mark has been set and coming soon on screen near you will be a tipping point ......

The country will be shocked soon to learn of a major name, the ENFORCER so to speak of all the major scandals, a very very "hard working" man. The resulting outrage and subsequent headcount of all MPs for and against his head to roll will be drama of the highest order and will watu wengine in very very awkward position and eventually wide awake

The land issue since independence will also blow up big pretty soon on somebodies face, squatters are rearing to go. Its time to account.

If UK thought he could salvage his " presidency " by throwing worms, wait until they metamophosis into black mambas make a uturn and beehive for his backside. Asante Proff Ongeri pongeza kwako.

Take back our country. Its time to account.

Anonymous said...

I agree with vicky we have a very weak president who cannot even fire his own ministers. It has to be left to Raila to do it on sunday. It beats me how such a thug became the president of this country.

Vikii said...

I think Raila Odinga is over-reaching himself. These ministers need to stay put until the President provides direction.

Anonymous said...

Trust VIKII to resurrect to join the RAO bashing choir as the bassist. Before you go MIA could you tell me something about your god 'empty suit' aka wiper. This was rather embarassing and a confirmation that this guy is as useless as everyone, but you and your ilk think. don;t you think so?


Mwarang'ethe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mwarang'ethe said...

Once again, it is the economic structure, stupid.

According to the BBC: "No Valentine joy for Kenyan rose growers."

We are further informed that:

"Valentine's Day might be a time when lovers all over the world express their devotion to each other, but that goodwill is not reaching the rose growers of Kenya."

Jane Ngige says 2008 was a magical year for the industry with a record volume of 93,000 tonnes worth $520m (£330m), but the following year that fell 25% to $390m.

"We planned for more volume this year," she says, "but there has been a levelling-off in demand rather than an increase."


Remember the law of diminishing returns/perfect competition under which our economy is under and which have continously mentioned here?

From $ 520 m in 2008 to $ 390 million in 2010. Thats a difference of $ 130 million.

Compare $ 130 million with the KES 105 million (colonial welfare) UK is pontificating about.

We need to focus on the structure of our economy and not these Western driven useless agendas.


Anonymous said...

But in a quick rejoinder, Education Minister Prof Sam Ongeri insisted he was still in office, as he had not yet heard from the appointing authority, referring to President Kibaki.

Raila will be shown he has no such powers. Censure motion in waiting as his Office (of which he is Minister) is also culpable

Anonymous said...

what do you have to say now with news that ruto and ongeri have been suspended?

Anonymous said...

But in a quick rejoinder, Education Minister Prof Sam Ongeri insisted he was still in office, as he had not yet heard from the appointing authority, referring to President Kibaki.


Anonymous said...

So they are still not suspended until Kibaki tells the so... leave the Raila to usurp of power and get embarassed.

Anonymous said...

This a fait accompli for Ruto and Ongeri. There's no point in prolonging the inevitable.

Anonymous said...

PNU and ODM cheap politics aside for a change.

Ongeri should step aside or he must be ejected or forcefully removed from office.

The issue here has nothing to do with PNU versus ODM politics of scoring cheap shots at each other, but it's about CORRUPTION in GOVERNMENT as well as in other sectors of Kenya.

Ongeri should step aside or withdraw himself from the scene until the investigations are over and done with.

Why the drama unless he has some dirty dealings to hide?

The first cut has been delivered, the bleeding will continue, heads will roll and it's going be a very slow death for so many corrupt PNU/ODM political goons in parliament.

Anonymous said...

ATTENTION pseudo-intellectuals @Kumukucha.

It's now the moment for political baboons to see their backsides.

The philosophy is simple - I will defend my tribesmen all the time, even if their deeds will be as red as scarlet and the evidence against them most damaging ~ Barrack Muluka
[East African Standard]

Anonymous said...

Anon, 7:10 AM... The point has missed you by a 1000 miles. It's now more clear than ever! Raila has made his point, It's Kibaki & not him who is the problem, the obstacle to the fight against corruption is Kibaki!!!
Raila asked his subordinates to resign, Kibaki "decided to act" I.e stealing the show, by asking the Ps's to to step aside for 3 months.
C'mon, what will Kibaki do now? Reverse Raila's action? It only makes the situation worse for him. He's only acting after Raila has acted... Raila has definitely CHECKMATED HIM, HANDS DOWN!!!:-)

P.S: Kanoo, 5:31 AM you wrote, "It beats me how such a thug became the president of this country."

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2/14/10 8:22 AM
Kibaki still has space to act: Suspend the PM and the Minister of Special Programs if he wont do it, Parliament will embarass the PM With a censure for his culpability. I think this president will prefer parliament...

And you know who has the numbers now PNU+ Half of ODM

deroo said...

There is a President and a Supervisor. The President has nullified the suspensions by the Supervisor. Why did the other man do that??? He should have let the man not do it and capitalise on the political intricacies. Anyway, the suspensions have been nullified.

Anonymous said...

Raila resign!!! stock rubishing up our constitution. Poor advise good advise! Go home!

Anonymous said...

Raila resign!!! stop rubishing up our constitution. Poor advise good advise! Go home!

Barryops said...

When a corpse comes hurrying to burial with an erect penis, then something is absolutely wrong. Not only that this has all the ingredients of an abominable embarrassment, the corpse is not heading home pretty soon. If he receives an interment, the odours of gossip would ensure his eternal insomnia in the memories of the living. At the dawn of time, long before the birth of taboo, the coffin was already on record as advising the corpse to relax, and make itself comfortable because their journey and alliance is going to be a very long one. Both of them are marching to eternity together. And that is some pretty, long, unending time. Hurrying to get there is not only a waste of time; it is immortal inconvenience. But be that as it may, a corpse sporting a penile erection is not yet ready, or qualified for this journey. No matter, how insistent his libidos are, or how much he desires the companies of defunct pussies; he must lose his erection to qualify for burial. To bury a living man is an abomination. No society would gladly abide such atrocity

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:37 AM, 1 word... CLUELESS!

Anonymous said...


RAO suspends ministers

Kifaki revokes the same!

Equal principals?

Interesting and painful days in the immediate days.

Lets get back to the ballot

In the minds of Kenyans,Kifaki is shielding corruption by this action.

Check mate

I love this!!!!

Kenya has changed

Anonymous said...

Whether by design or chance, Railas firing of rogue ministers and kibakis squashing the same only tells us who is on our side. Let Raila just resign and leave these thieves to rape the country. Next thing they will hear of are nails on their coffins.

Anonymous said...

As a proud Kalenjin (we) hereby swore that (we) SHALL never again vote for layoni, ngetet the uncircumcised LUO Raila son of jaramogi

Anonymous said...

Who is Kibki to overule Raila

Kibaki stole elections

7 out of 8 princes were Raila's

those who think otherwise, please wath the space

Kibaki is doomed.He is protecting corruption

-Ken Fertiliser( when Kibaki was miister for finance. just read ar Mwalimu mati's Mars Grpoup website) which has been copied by Goldenberg, and Anglo leasing. Can't wait for this.

Unlike Kibaki who will fight to maintain his position, Raila is a hardened detainee!

Lets watch the space

If I was Raila, I would do what kills the coalition Gava.

Kikuyus, mind your steps. You are not liked by anybody in Kenya. You overtook Indians a long time ago!!!!

Kibaki is a 1 out of 8 provence guy

Lets go to elections NOW

Vikii said...

A dictator beginning to get terribly drunk on power. Hon. Linah Kilimo just used the best language to describe the moron as the guiltiest minister in government. He, Raila Odinga, should have been the first one to resign. Only when he removes the big log in his teary eyes will he be able to see specks in others'.

He should now hurry up and resign or be forced out and prosecuted.

Lovejoy said...

sacking and then reinstating with a space of few minutes

It can only happen in Kenya!

Ghai fafa, I am loving this… Teheheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Anonymous said...


Your hate of Raila really stops you from thinking, doesn't it?

Mama said...

Oh my, oh my! This politics is getting hotter and hotter. You are suspended.....The appointing authority has not communicated.....There was no consultation.....The PM had no power....

It is now our time to eat! Hooray! the president has sanctioned it! Kenyans should stop paying taxes and go back to the Moi days when eating was the order of the day.

President Kibaki rocks!

Vikii said...

Yeah, it does STOP me from thinking. Now will your blind worship of him ever allow you to START thinking?

Anonymous said...

Viky I would advice you to remove the log in your own eyes. It prevents you from seeing even the evident. Tell me one politician in kenya today who is not corrupt. Raila is just as guilty as kibaki. After all kibaki is the appointing authority head of state and govt. all the buck stops at his door. If Raila should go why spare kibaki. Please speak out.
These are the reasons corruption war in kenya will never be won. You all see everything in terms of which side of the divide is Raila and stop to reason or to make any responsible arguments.

Anonymous said...


Anon 10:38 here.

I have never worshipped Raila nor do I need to worship any of our politicians. I'm simply not like you. I just learnt how to use my intellect to reason, not my emotions.

You worship Kalonzo and look at how it's making you "reason".

You think I wanna regress and become like you?

Anonymous said...

Was Fidel Odinga implicated with anglo-maizing scandal?
That's where buck start and stops!

deroo said...

Odinga Dictatorial Movement (ODM)

Anonymous said...

The son of Jaramogi should just slow down, men you are antagonizing everybody in the hope of more than 2 million kikuyu votes will head your way. Ingia kwa fridge ukuwe sober. For good heavenly sake you are destroying yourself son of a fish.

John Maina said...

Only a fool would argue the senile president is not as useless as useless can get.

Anonymous said...

2/14/10 9:20 AM
I figure you know you are the one who is CLUELESS by now... Go worship you god when he resigns.

Whose frigging constitution was he quoting?

Anonymous said...

Twice in as many days Raila baited Kibaki and every time he swallowed hook line and sinker. This is vintage Raila playing in the premier league while the other one could only react after the fact.

Anonymous said...

I love this. Kibaki left holding the corruption baby while Raila walks away "nyeupe kama pamba".

Anonymous said...

Raila checkmates Kibaki and KKK. The trap was laid and he walked right into it thinking that he was showing Raila who is boss.

Phil said...

Blogger John Maina said...

Only a fool would argue the senile president is not as useless as useless can get.

John. This is a far much bigger war than what some bloggers here think.

It runs deeper and it involves much more powerful forces. Remember we have not revealed VISA BAN ministers who continue to be liabilities to Kenyans. We have also not revealed WAKI's ENVELOPE. Neither have we revealed the truth behind Kabuga protection fees.

But then I agree with you totally. Its a complete waste of time and resources to argue with IDIOTS. Its also regrettable that we voted in some zombie called Kibaki as president in 2002.

More on this later. An interesting political week ahead.

Anonymous said...

Mr "Nyeupe kama pamba" - its not over yet.

Maize is 6Bil and Mututho will be questioning Raila next week on why his son's company Agrifil was Involved.

Believe me - He will not win this. Not even the moral high ground as it will be proven to start from him

Anonymous said...

meanwhile Raila can be as white as snow, but I doubt that will translate to votes... He is on the wrong manual

Anonymous said...

Smoke screen and deception ;

First word - IMPUNITY and its biting right back, fast and furious from the high priest himself. RAO threw down the snare; the grand master acted and is exposed and nailed. The emperor has no cloths.

Blackmail - Njega gave an ultimatum of 24 hours, he was released pronto, Ruto and Proff dared him to follow through RAOs directive, the fastest public protection move in Kenyan history was a fact.

If you thought it’s about you and me, think again - Second word PROTECTION. The mask has been ripped off, rush to the shops and get your stock off pop corn as this will be a long one, I predict shortages the likes of school funds will not match. It will be a long one.

It’s now a question of damage control to stop the corruption gravy train from crashing. Soon all who have been taking us for a ride will be on one side. Let’s continue herding them together. Soon there will be no escape.

The game plan was to place the responsibility where it belongs and watch the reaction. Now that that has been achieved sit back and enjoy the reaction for calling their bluff. The other side is retreating from what they had started.

Who is now protecting who? And for what? Was the education funds not stolen and some diverted [See admission on KTN news] - it’s all in the open for all to see. In the mean time wanainchi are watching. Corruption is about buying protection, progress is about bold steps and leading.

I hear the draft has really rattled some people and there are serious efforts to scuttle it.

When it comes to self preservation even the head of the so called calvary that slaughtered “OUR” people is a friend and needs protection. If you think this is about RAO think again. Or is it a question of an enemy of an enemy of MY interest is a friend even if the new friend is an enemy of my people.

Turn and twist it which way you want, separating the Presidency from parliament and checking abuse of power will now be a fact. Status quo is really fighting back. Billions are at stake and with the judiciary staking its independence. Move on we must. Kenya must move on.

Another opinion poll is coming out soon and there will be even more drama and chaos as the truth is reinforced for all to see .The writing is on the wall. Its time to start ON RECORD head count of MPs - Are they for corruption or are they for KENYA?

Injeraz said...

Um....shouldn't Raila take responsibility for the impropriety in his office and step aside too?

Raila Odinga is a joke. This is just the beginning of more to come...Triton oil scandal with his son implicated. Rift Valley MP's deciding whether to reveal the truth of the 07/08 elections...

Mambo bado...

By the way since two Ministers have flatly disobeyed Raila's(illegal) suspension "orders" , should Raila step down?

Anonymous said...

Why is Raila jifanyaring he's clean when theres tonnes of mud in his own office???

surely he doesn't think Kenyan are fools?

Anonymous said...

Raila is going nowhere... Now he needs to be careful as all the reports with mud on him will be out... They will force him out based on Maize, Triton Fidel etc

Anonymous said...

From what i can see,you all have some education.Please try to use it decently by only writing comments that can help this only country you have called Kenya.Stop underrating the power of your knowledge,it can build or destroy so why cant we write only comments that transform and build our country.No need for vitriol on the persons of the politicians who dont care a hoot what you write about them in this blog.Whatever it is,i preach sanity and sobriety..Only these will save our country Kenya!

Injeraz said...

But seriously, nothing less than a people's revolution will cleanse this country. its all a farce, the question is when will Kenyans be pushed enough to wake up and say enough?! and kick them ALL out

Anonymous said...

RaIla us well ahead of the game. While others are still playing politics of tribe he is playing the politics of issues. While others are afraid of making the good decision albeit career threathening, he does just that. Look at Mau, matatus and teachers.
He is taking the bull by the horn and providing real leadership despite obstacle from the likes of UK. He is the only leader that is visible, and kenyans will know he did his best.

Anonymous said...

Cayman Islands

With the Finance parliamentary watchdog breathing fire, especially after the “ 10 billion computer error “ spanner boy wiper was sent to Cayman Islands to withdraw the stash of corruption funds to start the groundwork for 2012 by buying Kenyans. He tried to hoodwink wanainchi that the funds were coming form the Americans. That was exposed by the Americans as “fraud ". That fraud was being implemented straight from the prayer about born again!

Picture this, since there was no more stealing through finance shenanigans the only readily available funds to steal where those meant for poor children. Those now have to be refunded - I will not be surprised if all of the fall guys commit "suicide" - the judiciary ejecting the transport guru - facilitator of air, road and railway contracts theft, travel bans and persona-non-grata flying left right and centre, Civil society asserting themselves, Progressives’ making inroads right in the middle of protected sanctuary reserved for KK, the grand finale is the main man left holding the bag of impunity.

We are going to see a full frontal attack on the messenger. Be very afraid what will happen next. A cat that is cornered bites back and bites back hard. But Wakenya have wised up. Sasa ni mteremko mbam mbam, the one and only Makwere used to say - "Kamata Kamata”- was that prophesy or what?

Take back our country

Anonymous said...

Eradication of Kenya's Disease No. 1 - endemic CORRUPTION, requires courageous leadership.

The current mentality of overly tolerating corruption to the sickining degree where it's now glorfied as a way of life and "guaranteed perks" that come with the territory for those in places of power as well as circles of influence, is the result of a systemic rotten culture within the structure of Kenya's politics, goverment, economy and population at large.

When Kibaki began his presidential career, he was ineffective as a leader from the get go. Many had a lot of hope, confindence and trust in him. Many believed he had talent, experience and political balls to go out into the real world of Kenya and bring about much needed change in all spheres of the country's affairs and people's lives. He fell far short of people's expectations.

He failed to turn things around, by not having the political courage, economic vision and political intelligence of making small decisions that were difficult.

With each political failing, he lost more confidence and more courage, and he began to change into the lame duck president that he has become since 2003. A trademark of his in all matters affecting national interests as well as his personal life.

The process has taken six years. So far, he has missed the golden opportunity to learn many valuable lessons as a national leader and at the same time a series of scandals have severely tarnished his personal reputation, presidential image and legacy all together.

Kenyans would have loved to have a leader with convictions that are stronger than his self-induced paralysing fears and the habit of burying his head in the sand. A leader with a desire to see the nation's potential reached more than to see some segments of political and ethnic strata appeased.

One doesn't have to be great to become a person of courage and vision. He or she just needs to want to help the nation reach is pontential and to be willing to trade what seems good in the moment for what's best for people's and nation's potential.

That's something that Kibaki could have done regardless of his level of natural talent, reserve and ethnic background.

By the way, one doesn't have to be a sychophantic supporter of Kibaki/PNU or Raila/ODM to figure out how many golden opportunities Kenya has squandered since December of 2002.

The question that is now being asked by voices of reason is "must the people of Kenya wait for 2017 or 2022 before they can taste real change as a mature and democratic nation?"

Or will the next generation of leadership be any different given Kenya's well known infamous and sullied political and ethnic history?

Lovejoy said...

Derek aka Deroo

I call it "Odinga's Domo Movement" (ODM)

Domo Domo tupu!

Can't wait for what is in store in the coming weeks and months! Haiya, hii mambo ya Kenya politics.... ngoja tu, mambo bado!

Anonymous said...

Corruption fights back from state house. Kenyans can now clearly see who the enemy is. RAO has deftly cut himself loose from this CGC thing and all the scandals hatched and abetted from state house.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one seeing it differently? - Raila made an error of judgement by firing the 2 cabinet ministers without consultation with the hiring principal, but on the other hand, Kibaki went further by humiliating Raila publicly. Tit for tat looks like it to me. Grand coalition is supposed to be an equal/sharing govt, isn't it?

I fear the worst now for Kenya and her long-suffering citizens.

Kumekucha Princess

Anonymous said...

Backlash from the Ruto Ongeri fiasco has began. A section of state house insiders are believed to be furious over statement released by PPS nullifying RAO's actions. Their argument is that Kibaki has been exposed to ridicule with perception that state house is protecting the corrupt and powerful.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile RAO's adviser's are satisfied with the events so far. Unnamed sources intimate that this is what they hoped to achieve in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Impunity has at long last got a face - Poster boys Ruto and Ongeris

They will be a daily reminder to Kenyas about impunity. Wacha wakaye - Kenyas should encourage them to stay so that we dont forget.

I thought Ruto was smart, but he is being snared and ropped in with the usual suspects protecting thier interest. His star has surely and finaly been blown out.

If he is his own man , he should defy the so called appointing authority and step aside. He will save some face.

" turudi kwa debe "

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

While the rest of the world watches how nyanis have perfected the art of cultivating and protecting corruption by all means necessary.

What a theater of the absurd. It's official, Kenya is now synonymous with agents of protecting corruption, come rain or shine.

Ongeri may have moved the cheese worth 188 million in the name of his people, but will the millions trickle down to the poverty ridden people of Kisii?

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a storm in a tea cup to me. If the rules were not followed in the suspensions, they CAN still be followed. The PM should just go back and follow the rules--he champions democracy and democracy is about the rule of law.

By all moral standards the two ministers should have voluntarily resigned by now, but their failure to resign does not absolve us from following procedure.

For as long as Raila's decision making is driven by populism (see what he did in the Mau), he will continue to blunder. Governance is much more than populism and the removal of wrong doers must follow rules, regardless of whether the (tyrannical) majority is baying for thir blood.

Is the bumpkin capable of understanding this simple matter?!

Anonymous said...

Don't so naive to think that these people will let RAO follow rules. To them, RAO has to be checked and stopped at every moment. Hence the need for RAO to devise these political schemes inorder to achieve something. So far Kibaki is left holding the corruption baby in his laps while RAO walks away with his head held up high. Who does the public percieve to be corrupt and shielding these cartels? Your guess is good as mine.


"Pssst Lets create some a New National Accord Drama so that people forget the Maize scandal was supervised,coordinated and executed from my own office" Raila Odinga

Anonymous said...

Is this satire or an attempt to be seroius?

Anonymous said...

This is no place for idlers

Anonymous said...

Word from the ground has it that a major reshuffle is on the way that might afterall drop off these two afterall....Part of damage control someone talked about I presume.

Anonymous said...

State house insiders are whispering that Ongeri is managable but Ruto can not be trusted.

Anonymous said...

That's precisely the problem --conflating governance and populism. It is a dangerous enterprise. Nonetheless, it is indeed a weak argument that rules and procedures be thrown out of the window just because they're incovenient for the prime minister.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha somebody has the corruption egg all over his face and its not Tinga.

Anonymous said...

Word has it that RAO did indeed consult the sloth but karuci and the other members of the kitchen cabinet ie 'matharau' and 'mishuki' were infuriated and instead ordered him to disown the agreement- that is the vintage lazy sloth from othaya.
Do these people forget who the actual winner of the prezy election was? SHAMELESS IDIOTS? SESSESION PLEASE!@

Anonymous said...

double standards KTN was it not Ntimama whos was caught live on telly admiting to malizaing 600 people how comes that was left to pass that was admission to murder leave ongeri alone

Anonymous said...

Worst case scenario, Kenya gets attacked by the Kalashnikov ak 47 toting gangsters and religious fanatics from the wild-wild-region beyond Kenya's north-eastern borderlands.

Q. How will Kenya respond or fight back in order to reclaim the lost territory of north-eastern?

Q. Will ODM leave PNU to tackle the menace or will PNU leave ODM to deal with the mess on its own?

Q. Will Kenyans respond as a united front or will our forty-year patented ethnic cum political divisions strengthen the enemy's resolve to advance into Kenya's eastern region and consequently march on into the nation's capital?

The way things are boiling, it's seems as though, a house that's divided to the core will not able to bring about lasting peace among squabbling siblings, PNU and ODM, while corruption continues to flourish as well as expose age old cracks in the nation's foundations.

Kenya's political camps and ethnic hatreds are so great to the point where they make Lucifer, his grand masters and dames beam with wicked fatherly pride, brotherly love and sisterly affection.

Who among us is eagerly looking forward to living in a hellish Kenya in 2012?

Anonymous said...

I am fed up with the leadership of Bw.Kibaki. I am sure he was consulted but as usual Lucy told him to deny.What is the effect of thi? doers Kibaki or Raila comes out as a winner?

Kibaki demonstrated that Raila is his Junior but Raila also demonstrated that he is capable of taking the corruption thing head one.

What would Raila do:

1- Keep quite ?-Never
2-Pull out of government ?- Most likely.
3-Apologise to Kibaki-Never

Then What next?

We might be heading to another election time.

Anonymous said...

What's with Raila and destroying stuff, parties, governments? Raila thrives in crisis mode...Raila we're tired of everyday political tension. Kenya has moved on from your noise..

Raila trying to divert attention from the dirt on his own doorstep.boring

Anonymous said...

Woe to those who do all their works to be seen by men(be it ODM or PNU).

Anonymous said...

as Usual the Nation refused to approve this comment.....Now we know who is not SERIOUS in the fight against corruption...Raila you have done your best! Let the plunderers be on the watch out it is not business as usual!

Anonymous said...

Let me say that some of us are missing the big picture here. Some of you are arguing the RAO should not take action because he is not clean, then tell me who is clean to take the action? Is it Kibaki? To me it doesn't matter whether one is clean or not, action needed to be taken and somebody took it.
How could the 'legitimately elected' president not see that he was being set up? Who now is 'protecting' the corrupt? Even if he decided to sack them now, the damage has been done - he protected them when they were asked to take responsibility of their action or lack of them.
Those asking RAO to step aside because of the maize scandal simply because he was the chairman of the committee should also ask Obako ro step aside because it is during his watch that these things happened. How many 'scandals' have we had in the office of the President? Did anyone ask him to resign?
About the activities of Fidel and the rest, I believe all of them are adults and just as Koffi Annan said when his son was implicated in the Oil for Cash scandal in Iraq, Fidel and RAO are two different entities (unless you want to behave like Moi who used to detain RAO because he couldn't 'touch' Jaramogi).
The ball is in Kibaki's court and the whole world is watching - don't we love technology? Just a thought, why could he call a press conference and look at Kenyans straight in the face and read his statement rather than send papers to the media? Anaogopa nini?

Anonymous said...

"Who now is 'protecting' the corrupt"

He is not protecting the corrupt--he's just warning Kenyans that a monkey with a loaded gun, unrestrained, and in disdain of the constitution and procedures, can be very dangerous. In this context it matters little who the first mover was.

M. Pesa said...

Why on earth is Baba Jimmy protecting these corrupt politicians hiding under his protective wings? And since he claims to be the sole appointing authority, why can't he just fire their asses then pending further investigations. In the eyes of most Kenyans, Kibaki is a stumbling block when it comes to fight against corruption. Mind you he has refused/failed to release all the results of various commissions of inquiries like the Ndung'u report.

Anonymous said...

Daily Nation is involved in selective censorship they refused to approve my comment critical of Kibaki's actions of protecting the corrupt.

Anonymous said...

HEAD COUNT: Should Ruto and Ongeri step aside? If No do you full unwavering confidence in them to execute their duties?

Mr Odinga - Fired Both
Mr Kibaki - Reinstated both - not directly (PPS through anonymous mail)

Presidential hopefuls where do you stand now that you have been presented by

Mr Peter Kenneth - they should go immediately.
Miss Karua - Fire the shit pronto
Mr Kalonzo - Missing in action
Mr Uhuru - Not a word
Mr Saitoti - Not a word
Mr Ruto - Business as usual

The rest of the MPs should also be put ON RECORD; the press should be at the forefront of this as there should not be silence from our representatives while the interest of their constituents who they represent is at stake.

All Kenyans should call and mail, their MPs and record where they stand. If the third estate is to claim back its independence and merit the media laws it’s advocating for here is the chance to redeem itself. Wanainchi are dying to see a head count and without semantics deflecting the issue – we need straight answers for a change.

And the simple question again is - Should Ruto and Ongeri step aside? Do you have confidence in them to champion Agriculture reform and provide leadership in Education?
Simple Yes or No would suffice.

Take back our country

Anonymous said...

In the court of public opinion, Raila comes out on top. I think he laid out a well calculated trap for Kibaki which the latter walked right into. This is vintage Raila positioning himself as an anti corruption crusader and endearing himself to the poor majority. Kibaki on the other hand, is now being percieved as pro corruption and the corrupt elite. This in simple terms is a political war, all the legalities are secondary

Anonymous said...

Raila Odinga is just trying to divert attention from his own mess.

Anonymous said...

According to US sources President Obama is keenly watching events unfolding in Kenya . The US is applying more pressure CGC. The list shame will soon be made public and guess the latest addition. Visa bans will also be enforced at especially at cabinet level. Mambo bado

Anonymous said...

Breaking News ! Heads will start to roll at the PPS as it being said they did not get written concent from the "Head at Stake"

The anonymous messenger from PPS sasa amerukwa , what did he expect. Mr Mutua has come out very very early claiming he was not involved.

Now that this whole episode has gone south expect a long silence and probably and a poor insignificant broke guy taking orders to be fired. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

I just want to make it 100 comments!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Raila has a very big corruption problem hanging around his neck called Afrigill. How and why did he single source an SA company to supply 18000tons of maize and who were selling it to NCPB at 450us$/ton, or 250us$/ton above the market price of 150us$/ton? 6500 bags of that maize got contaminated with cancer causing chemicals enroute to Kenya, and KEBS as the authorised import inspector promptly declared it unfit for human consumption. Raila disagreed and illegally contracted a second inspector to give a favorable report. The maize then disappeared from the Grain Bulk Silos it was being held, and rumours are that the son sold the maize in Sudan. Why did Raila so vigorously dispute the KEBS decision, so much so that the KEBS MD who defied Raila was eventually fired? This man is a dangerous gangster and the time to deal with him is nigh.

Anonymous said...



all of them from just 3 anons!

Anonymous said...

this pseudo ODM-PNU wars are a well orchestrated move to deny us a new is all bullshit........

Anonymous said...

Dominic Odipo Standard Monday Feb, 15,2010 says and I quote:

"The men who have been directed to step aside are doing so with a lot of crucial information in their heads and in their photocopied files. The Permanent Secretaries know what is happening in their ministries and which of their political bosses they briefed, consulted and when."

"... There is no doubt that something very fishy has been going on in the Ministry of Education over the last few years. Sources within the Ministry say that billions have routinely been diverted into secret accounts meant to build a war chest for 2012 General Election" "There is also no doubt that billion of shillings were made illegally or immorally by a number of top government operatives in the maize scandal.

This generally means that top accounting officers and their political heads at the affected ministries have been aware of the existence of the secret political war chest account at their ministries.

What with typing error, money (profit) from passat that a good %age must be forwarded to this secret account.

How about the ammunition found by this Narok businessman and the secret training of army?






Anonymous said...



It is now the US and EU who will show him what a fool he is. They will arrest him when he tries to enter their territories.

The world has become a village and there is no place for thieves.

Anonymous said...

Why does the NATION news paper try to reduce the number of negative comments against Kibaki by refusing to publish all the comments given! apparently from Yesterday their story has only garnered 26 comments! We are watching you the Nation Crew who dared put on a Chinese soap opera as pple were planiting trees in the MAU!!

Anonymous said...

It's more of a stalement rather than a checkmate, and it's a swarthy backhard slap from stolen smouldering Mugumo embers rather than thunder.

Just try moving or protecting your valuable pieces (Knights, Bishops, Castles, Queen and King) on a 14' x 14' chessboard on the ground or floor.

The guilty crew (Ali Baba and his forty goons) are so much afraid and consumed with enormous fear as things unfold. They all know that their days are numbered and its just a matter of time before their covert cartels begin to crumble once it has been exposed for what it has been since 2003.

Both kingpins and their henchmen from ODM and PNU are being monitored by concerned parties, the Kenyan public, and the rest of the world.

It's 'Just A Matter of Time' before more heads begin to roll.

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

The big one: Censor Motion

1: Overstepping mandate - Showing leadership and defying the cartel by refusing to bow down to blackmail

2: Arrogance and dictatorial tendencies - Giving corruption a name & face

3: Playing to the gallery - Holding "the bull" by its balls & fulfilling the hope of the voiceless millions.

The next battle will be in Parliament and this is the big one. This last fight is over as it has been won hands down even before it started the loosing side is now onto internal blame games while regrouping and licking wounds.

Interesting times ahead. The usual suspects are salivating at a no confidence vote in parliament. Who will do it?

Ruto would not bring that motion for obvious reasons, but he might just be forced to do it if nobody else steps up to the plate, he surely is desperate to call in his chips - brother namesake Ruto help out your big brother. Ukabila is thicker than water.

Uhuru would not dare and they will not let him - he has been involved in too many fiascos even Michuki is contemplating extending the presidency, he has presided over blunder after blunder after blunder he cannot be trusted to make decisions safeguarding the wardrobe after this fiasco, the house keys have been repossessed. That’s what "Mchukis" statement is all about. Too many skeletons in the kabati. UK does not have a clue how to defend them. But who is surprised. Kwani wakufanya due diligence wacheki grades za chuo?

Kalonzo je? - You know the answer to that; he is more concerned kupaka ambi and hoping he will look good enough for the presidency. A case of mirror mirror on the wall gone berserk.

Saitoti, no way! - He sure is not a proff like the other proff to be used and dumped. At the moment he does not know where the chips will land and as a survivor he will pass this one - the invisible man, maybe that’s why they gave him security docket. Now you see him now you don’t. When you see him he will be with the winning side, you won’t see him again with PAPUA.

Martha and Peter Kenneth: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting times ahead, tunawambia na amusikee, sisi pia ni watu na tuko kwa hiyo mbiyo.

One insecure blackmailed MP will be given that task to raise the brouhaha, but the other MPs will chicken out as they don’t want to be associated with THE FACE OF CORRUPTION Live and uncensored in parliament.

The draft constitution will then be debated and passed with structural modifications designed to benefit and empower wanainchi, imperial presidency will be thrown into the dustbin of history. This is what this fight is all about not rules about the current constitution that everybody wants to throw out. Not laws that everyone recognises the interpreter’s needs to be vetted, not you and me, but PROTECTION, a racket to maintain the status quo. The mechanism has now been exposed. You can now predict the play by play that will follow - to the last words of talking points the players will be handed to read as their own.

What you see are the last kicks of a dying horse fighting back an assertive, bold and decisive light of change backed by the goodwill of the citizenry. This is the defining moment you have all been waiting for I suggest you join to banish corruption and open a new beginning for all Kenyans regardless of tribe. The future pillars are equality, freedom and justice for all.

When reason fails,threats and inuendo reign.


Anonymous said...

Kenya belongs to;

Mta du ?

Anonymous said...

Am so happy Raila will never be President.

To God be the Glory, Praise and Honor. We have been on our knees for this.

Anonymous said...

@8:25 AM

LOL! Your self-created god of politics has eyes but cannot speak, has ears but cannot hear, and has a mouth but cannot speak.

Otherwise, put your so called political god on youtube and let Kenyans figure out on which side s/he is.

You will have to stay on your knees for a while until the current political job is done by 2012.

Anonymous said...

Those celebrating that RAO has been humiliated because of usurping powers which do not belong to his position should think twice. The guy has a think-tank of intelligentia and every move he makes you need to decipher on what he intends to achieve. Kibaki has easily fallen in his trap and let seven days pass then through him a bouquet just for the heck of it.


Anonymous said...

The Republic of Kenya is urgently in need of an honesty, courageous and thick skinned president who will keep Kikuyus, Luos, Luhyas, Kalenjins and Kambas in a perpetual checkmate stance glazed with heavy doses of political common sense until the country recovers from a fourty-six year negative ethnic slumber.

Anonymous said...

Am so happy Raila will never be President.

To God be the Glory, Praise and Honor. We have been on our knees for this.

Invoking God's name to shield corruption? what will you do next....tribalist KKK

Anonymous said...

Ongeri must go! Corruption is Kenya's DEMONIC OBSTACLE No. ONE.

Followed by negative ethnicity (racism), DEMONIC HURDLE No. TWO.

Ongeri is such a shamless individual and politician, just like 95% of African politicians, who find no wrong doing when billion of shillings or million of dollars are earmarked for specific education projects are diverted and misappropriated due to greed, so called ethnic reallocation and personal reasons known by those (greedy ...) involved.

Whatever the outcome of the impending corruption investigations maybe, Ongeri's image will forever be sullied by his inappropriate dealings while in office, and his outright refusal to admit wrong doing, let alone resign or set aside until the matter resolved.

Shameless politicians will do anything in name of protecting their so called political-ethnic seats.

Call it African democracy at best. Why? Sullied accolades are still being sent to Ongeri by those who have learned to accept life as it is without daring to stand up for what's right when necessary.

It's no ownder that Kenya has become so synonymous with one very much hated financial-cum-political prostitute, called CORRUPTION.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Tribal gods have eyes but they can't see, they have ears but they can't hear, they have mouths but they can't speak, they have legs but they can't walk, they have brains but they can't think nor reason, they have food, land and charms, but they can't feed, settle, nor protect their tribal creations.

So, let the daily prayers and political sacrificial offerings continue to be delivered on the alters of ethnicity and ignorance, for all they are worth.

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