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Sunday, February 28, 2010


The future of politics is here today and it never looked so fresh before. No more political parties, no more meaningless mottos and no more politics of regurgitation. It's all about Movement and ask yourself "where are we going?"Definitely not forward without any motion!The future never looked so good and what movement do you belong to?

Eugene Wamalwa Biography

Eugene Ludovic Wamalwa is now minister for justice. He belongs to the Party of National Unity and was elected to represent the Saboti Constituency in 2007.

The death of his brother and vice president Michael Wamalwa Kijana in 2003 vacated the Saboti MP seat. In the following by-elections, Eugene Wamalwa vied for the seat under little known Republican Party of Kenya (RPK) but was defeated. The by-election was won by Davies Wafula Nakitare of NARC.

He again contested the Saboti parliamentary seat on a FordKenya ticket under the PNU umbrella in 2007 and won. He has now shown interest as a candidate in the 2012 presidential elections.

Many people believe he has been appointed justice minister to help protect his G& colleagues as much as possible against charges they face in the ICC at the Hague. Eugene is said to be a lawyer by training but details on his educational background are scanty.

Was Eugene Evicted?

MEANWHILE word on the street is that Eugene Wamalwa was evicted from his rental house recently. Rumors have been going round that Wamalwa was having issues with his landlord since he was avoiding paying rent. The Saboti MP is alleged to have accumulated arrears that ran into millions of shillings.

Apparently, his landlord got tired of him and threw him out.

Eugene has added that he is aware of the reports and that they are just propaganda.

Moreover, rumors had it that, after he was evicted he moved into a house in Lower Kabete. Drama mushroomed in his new home following the fact that his house already had owners.

His would-be-premise was owned by a family man who had forgotten that his daughters had since moved into that house. The girls would not stand the fact that their father in a bid to please the Saboti MP had traded their home to prove his loyalty to the soon to–be president.

They did not entertain him and he had to take his luggage out and go look for a new place to stay. Interestingly, the daughters to this man have since moved to court in an attempt to bar him from offering his property as gifts to politicians.

Eugene claims that all these allegations are false.

Eugene Wamalwa Evicted by Landlord, It Is True

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Anonymous said...

PDM is for peace regardless of election outcome. They want to seal the crack between Kikuyus and Kalenjins that Raila violently exploited to get the Premier's position. After RV, they will move to Coast and seal and drown Raila's Lesotho dreams. Then the battle will move to Western Province to bury the myth of the Luo Messiah who must sit on THE SEAT before a Luhya can seat on it.

PDM is for the equality of all citizens where each individual is a messiah unto himself. While PDM may not be able to guarantee the equality of outcomes, they are guaranteeing equality of opportunities.

Those who are tired of being tethered to ODM's messianic cult practices, and are ready to take charge of their future are most welcome.

Anonymous said...

Thanks heavens for small mercies; At least there will be an alternative to the Luo-driven politics of mass action as symbolized in ODM.

Anonymous said...

In response to why many people in Murang'a came out to see Raila, a wise man has asked the following question: "If two men, one with a hyena and the other with a goat, go to sell them in a local market who will attract more curiosity?" Of course the guy with the hyena will attract more people, but at the end of the day the people will buy the goat. The one with the hyena may claim he is more popular, but will go home with empty pockets.

So as we approach 2012, do you want to go with the hyena guy or the goat guy? And please don't say you are horseless this time. The isssue is between owning the hyena or the goat, no more horse talk!!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

PDM is for the equality of all citizens where each individual is a messiah unto himself. While PDM may not be able to guarantee the equality of outcomes, they are guaranteeing equality of opportunities.


What a lie. Most people are sleeping during a revolution.

In the USA, we heard the words like this: "Yes we can." Gullible Americans and the dispossessed around the world bought it.

Now, we hear, "No he can't."

In 2009, America lost five million jobs and its effective unemployment rate, including so-called long-term discouraged workers, rose to 22%, a level unseen since the Great Depression.

If you think thats shocking, u need to read a report by Center for Labor Market Studies @ Northeastern University released a few days ago.

The report noted that, “What has been missing from the public debate over the labor market crisis is an honest and detailed analysis of which American workers have been most adversely affected by the deep deterioration in labor markets.”

The researchers found a correlation between household income and unemployment rate in the last quarter of 2009: Look carefully at these numbers and see how unemployment rises as income drops:

- $ 12, 499 or less, 30.8%

- $12,500 to $20,000, 19.1%

- $20,000 to $29,999, 19.7%

- $30,000 to $39,999, 12.2%

- $40,000 to $49,000, 9%

- $50,000 to $59,000, 7.8%

- $60,000 to $75,000, 6.4%

- $75,000 to $99,999, 5%

- $100,000 to 149,999, 8%

- $150,000 or more, 3.2%

So, for those in the lowest segment of the society, the unemployment is over 30%. The rest is self evident.

So, why do we bring the USA figures? It is show that, any argument of equality of opportunities under the existing state arrangements is IMPOSSIBLE.

As we have noted before, states as currently constituted cannot provide equality of opportunity.

U can change the presidents as u want, but, nothing will change for the majority. When u add international trade rules, things even become worse.

Many may choose to close their eyes to these awful facts, but, that will not change anything.

Simply, political democracy (putting papers in a box i.e. ballot box) without ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY is a delusion.

The only problem is that, the far reaching reforms needed to state constitutional foundations to ensure equality of opportunities are still a taboo in the "mainstream" parties and media.

Anonymous said... cheap; only simpletons will buy into this what happened to PNU that it had to change name to PDM...

Anonymous said...

...and which pretender will step up to the plate, ready to loose their parliamentarty 1 million a month pay, huh!...this is going to be hope they will not suggest Bifwoli or Ruto, or Musyoka, or Kiraitu, or Uhuru, or Balala, or Saitoti, or Karua, pop some

Anonymous said...

If PDM supports Raila, they will be branded at the party that has matured by the ORMorons.

Predictable, stupid and vain.

PDM will be led by Kalonzo to victory MPENDE MSIPENDE.
Molasses is stuck with ODM shell that has simply transformed into a LUO PARTY.
I hear Raila wants to appoint his son fidel as an ambassadeur to Japan in exchange of LGB.
And the sheep will still follow him trying to explain the wisdom behind the decision.
Well, Kalonzo start preparing to occupy the house in the hill...

Anonymous said...

Is that Tony Gachoka in the 1st photo who was Raila's bossom buddy til he fell of with Isahaiya and PA over the maize scandal??

Seems Raila has lost most of the non-jaluo troops. Lakini bado wajaluo kama kina phil wako.

Vikii said...

I never even for one single minute belonged to the PNU. If the formation of the PDM is based on structured negotions between the forming parties, then we are in.

Now my sincere hope and prayer is that VP Kalonzo leads UK and Prof. Saitoti in marshalling support for Eugene Wamalwa. That would not only be a guaranteed victory but a real statement on the maturity of our politics.

Anonymous said...

Finally a new dawn in Kenyan politicsand Vikii i am glad to see you are forward thinking too

Please Kenyans its all about movement this time-progressively or orangewise. Here are fresh faces Eugene Wamalwa, Jimmy Kibaki, Tony G etc and new names but are they not the same politics?

I trust Kenyans can see beyond the wolves clothing and join the bandwagon going forward WITH motion

Anonymous said...

PDM's candidate is Eugene Walamwa. PDM will usher in generational change in Kenya. Raila unfortunately is going to be swept by Eugene's broom that will capture Kenya's desire for a break with the independence generation.

Anonymous said...


people are sneering and laughing at Eugene now? shock on them, ppl laughed at Obama too

Phil said...

Apart from being basing his presidential ambitions on account of being "YOUNG" and in some quarters branding himself mtoto wa nyumbani (ati muluhya), what does Eugene Wamalwa stand for in his quest for the presidency? What substantive credentials does he deliver to the table and what his vision for Kenya? What is his record as MP in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Wow! A party where a person can be his own messiah. That sounds wonderful to me.

Anonymous said...


Don't sound like Republicans in 2008 who were asking for Obama's record as a senator and what he stood for besides being young and handsome.

Are you still one of the Luo peddlers of Masinde's "prophesy" that a Luo must be president before a Luhya? Please go promote your Raila and leave Eugene alone. Don't remind us how Raila fought Eugene's brother in Ford-Kenya and when he was beaten, poor Raila ran away to form a Luo matatu called NDP which he later sold to Moi.

Shame on you trying to open old wounds. "Ati Muluhya," you wanted him to say he is a Luo or what? You are the same Jaluos who keep saying Mudavadi is spineless behind his back. Phil, if you can't respect the Luhyas please leave us alone; we have a right to aspire to the presidency just like the Luos!

M. Pesa said...

Elections are still far away. Don't be surprised if PDM* mutates into another amorphous outfit in around 6 months. I couldn't help noticing all the usual graft suspects like (Kiraitu "Triton" Murungi AKA Ngo slow) are already jostling for vantage points in the "new party" which will as always end up in tears.

PDM- Party of Donkeys Movement
" " " Dimwits "

M. Pesa said...

ama if u like.

Party of Dimwits Movement.

Makes me want to puke!
Tony "Ngilu" Gachoka, Kiraitu, Uhuru, Ongeri, Gen Ruto, Kalooser..Puh!

Someone please pass me a sick bag

Philip said...

It seems I'm behind news, what's happening?

What is PDM? Have they released their manifesto? Who is their flagbearer? Who are they?

Has someone mentioned that it comprises of Eugine Wamalwa, Tony Ga"shoka", Jimmy Kibaki, Kalonzo Musyoka, Uhuru Kenyatta, Kiraitu Murungi and William Ruto?

It reminds me of Rainbow Alliance that was formed, was it in 2001 or 2002? Yes, it was also not a party but an alliance, just joking.

Anonymous said...

Cheering - is it ODM or is it the LUO?

PDM (PNU) fans are all gaga about the Luo - makes you wonder if the party has any agenda or its just anti-Luo, - with all the usual suspects in it, one wonders - anyway ODM still has its manifesto intact – now showing is "WAR on Corruption"

When will PDM reconcile its books with PNU? Oh! Pole, there is no need, its the same set of books with the logo changed.

If Ongeri is progressive and Democratic, then I am MUMBI.

" Kizuri chajiuza" - Punda Kabisa

Anonymous said...

PDM- Prehistoric Disaster Movement

Prehistoric - KKK tibal members
Disater - PNU
Movement - GorKi elite

Anonymous said...

PDM- Prehistoric Disaster Movement

Prehistoric - KKK tibal members
Disaster - PNU recycled
Movement - GorKi elite

Anonymous said...

PDM- Prehistoric Disaster Movement

Prehistoric - KKK tribal members
Disater - PNU
Movement - GorKi elite

Anonymous said...

Wewe ni PUNDA ?

Wacha mapunda wakimbiye PDM

Punda Kabisa !

Anonymous said...

Punda DaMu - PDM

Kazi iendelee

Anonymous said...

PDM oye ? Oyeeee ? PDM oye ? Oyeeee
PDM nani ? Punda DaMU , PDM nani ? Punda DaMu
Punda Juuuuuuuuuuu

Bure kabisa – Punda

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo will be the next president. He is the only one without a molasses background.

Anonymous said...

Poor Raila was in Murang'a displaying Fidel and his Kikuyu wife. Kumbe he forced his son to marry a Kikuyu just for votes. Huto mjaluo has inferiority complex.

Anonymous said...

Mortgaged Citizens

Formely PNU - PANUA now PDM - Patia Deni Mwenzio - A movement of thieves who has looted the country with the resulting indebtedness of it citizens to existing and non existent financial institutions.

Movement poster boys – epitome of graft - routinely pocket funds for building our future foundation - now even our children have to pay for grants that were supposed to benefit them in the first place – School Children Indebt.

A movement to build our future foundations indeed!

Cheeky for you but the joke is not on us this time.

Punda kabisa ! - eti patia deni mwenzio

Anonymous said...

Patia Deni Mwenzako - A movement of thieves, by thieves and for thieves

Anonymous said...

PDM - Panua DaMu

M. Pesa said...

Here's one I made earlier* (*apologies to Mke Nyumbani)

PDM simply means:

Politically Dead Men!

Punda, Donkey, Milia.

Please Don't Mention... (corruption?)

Politically Dirty Money

And Finally, this looks like it..

Politically Dirty Morons

Anonymous said...

PDM = Pumbavu Disaster Movement.

All the disasters are in there: Kiraitu "Ngo srow" Muringi and all the other Hyenas are now trying to build a "home" in this Pumbavu Disaster Movement.

This is a big joke of TRAGI-COMEDIC proportions.

Anonymous said...


Pumbavu Disastrous Mwai.

Anonymous said...

...this going to be good,so why was this movement formed abandons PNU TO form PDM?, retards

Anonymous said...

The issue is between owning the hyena or goat.

Well, well, well, well. What's the use of struggling so hard in the name of scarificing your own children, wives, parents, siblings, close relatives and neighbours and for the express purpose of owning a goat that will end up being mauled or eaten or hauled away by the hyena that was paraded at the local village market?

The issue for most people in that particular region should not be wasted on fighting to own (why not go for the dairy cows, beef cattle or pedigree bulls) a goat that will end up being sold to a butcher's wife or stolen or diseased in a month or so.

The issue should be concentrated on how the village people can successfully transport the goat, hyena and arrow-roots across their precarious political bridge.

The pressing issue that remains to be seen is how the alert and well informed villagers will agree (for once in their 100-yr history) to collobrate with all members of the other 42 regional villages of Kenya.

Just to use your analogy of the goat.

Anonymous said...

"Njamba ya bururi" - don't understand what the heck that means but I sure do LOVE the sound of it....hehehiiiihii.....oh my ribs.

Vikii, dream on. Ati kalonzo to tosha Eugene? Ai, do you mean mwana wa tseikuru? he who feels entitled to the throne, wants to be toshwad and yet does not have a national following (does 5% sound familiar?) foot!!

Anonymous said...

This blog is full of tribal hatred...please stop it

Anonymous said...

@2:27 PM.

Who is Eugene Wamalwa? Who was he before the political shadow of Kijana Wamalwa evaporated? Who is he? A coattail rider?

Eugene Wamalwa is not Barrack Obama and he will never be Kenya's version of Tanzania's Kikwete, a breath of fresh political air in Eastern Africa and beyond.

What's Eugene Wamalwa's biography as in
-place of birth,
-family history,
-education [primary, seconday, college, university, post garduate (if any),
-political experience (beyond "Kijana Wamalwa's errand boy" and "briefcase carrier."),
-does he have national appeal,

Majority of Kenyans do not know who the ... this man is, other than he got elected because it's rumoured that "he is the half-brother of the late Kijana Wamalwa."

Let supporters of Eugene Wamalwa clear up the air, or else people will continue to laugh 24/7 at his political wishes minus dark horses.

Anonymous said...

Is PDM the latest neon chameleon that is positioning itself to progress the same old same old political agendas and visions as epoused by KAU, KANU, DP, NARC, PNU et al?

NonPolitical? NonPolitical? Talk of the devil! LOL! Neon Chameleon galore, by any other name.

Anonymous said...

looks like the formation of PDM has ruffled many a feather, hmmm?

Anonymous said...



HEHEHEHAHAHAAAA.....njamba ya bururi....agwambo, tinga owad ga akinyi sibuor brrrrrrrr...

Anonymous said...

How dare this man walk through "Kabila adui" land bearing foreskin? Disgraceful!

He even have the guts to parade his Kikuyu b*tch daughter in law to beg for vote!

Ashindwe Kabisa!!

3/1/10 8:46 AM

if this is not tribal vitriol then what is...Please moderate this blog whoever you are

Anonymous said...

Hear ye hear ye! Earthquake in Haiti, mudslides in Madeira, Portugal, mudslides in California, USA, earhquake in Chile, floods in France and Germany, turf wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Colombia, DRC, Somali, Iraq and Chechnya.

What is in for Kenya? Are we prepared for the inevitable?

Anonymous said...

You mean Raila is going to use his daughter-in-law to get Kikuyu votes? How cheap and desperate can this man be? Or is it the norm in Luo culture? How shamelessly backward are some of these cultures?

Bill said...

You would think people can learn from what happened in 2007/2008 for preaching hatred.Whether you like it or not all of us are Kenyans and have a right to walk, eat and shit wherever we want within the borders of the country. Go and die with you hatred and parochial thoughts.Maybe you are the people we do not need for this nation to move on.

Anonymous said...

WAR on CORRUPTION - Quote of the

Treasury stares at the noose - Exposing the CARTEL

”Surprisingly, over Sh8 billion of the Sh10.7 billion identified in the flawed supplementary budget ‘computer error’ inquiry was actually in the budget of the Ministry of Education." - The Standard

Remember the story that Kenya elections for president requires at least XX Billions
Remember Deputy Governor at Central Bank was transferred to North Eastern for refusing to play ball.

We need that INDEPENDENT FORENSIC AUDIT at the treasury done ASAP as approved in PARLIAMENT. The law should be equal for all, people cannot just choose to ignore what they don’t like with IMPUNITY.

This should be taken up on the floor of the house with vigour - am sure it will expose further the members of the corruption cartel who are not with the citizens. We should continue isolating them and let them join a party that they think will offer them protection. Kuiba pesa meant for children’s school fees is a VILE MISDEMEANOUR that the good people of Kenya should not let go unpunished.

If you cannot protect the defenseless vulnerable impoverished children in society, WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR ? That is the lowest, most barbaric thing a supposedly decent honest human being can do. We have sunk so low that we see such acts as NORMAL to be tolerated.

If people repeartedly smear you with MAVI and you repeartedly laugh with them. Who is the APE ?
Next time you go to church you might just as well sing SONGS OF PRAISE to the BIG PROFFESOR in accordance with YOUR misplaced passions.

Where is the OUTRAGE People ? - God help us all, especially the children.


Anonymous said...

(especially my Jaluo brothers)

Anonymous said...

Anon 3/2/10 2:09 AM

It would be interesting to see a study about INCEST, I would think you would agree with me its worse in a scale of 1 to 10 , where would you rank thier IQ

PRIMATES anyone? This is not an aside to any particular tribe but to the group thats most notorious for this vice.

Anonymous said...

Province % in Top 100 Pop %
Central 31 11
Nairobi 23 10
Rift Valley 17 25
Nyanza 14 14
Eastern 7 16
Western 4 12
Coast 3 7
NEP 0 5


Tribe % in Top 100 Pop %
Kikuyu 27 22
Luo 22 13
Kalenjin 12 12
Luyia 10 15
Kamba 10 11
Kisii 6 6
Meru 5 6
Somali 3 3
Swahili 2 5
Maasai 2 1
Other 1 6

Anonymous said...

Born 01-03-2010
Died 02-03-2010
Burial on 03-03-2010

Punda formely PANUA is dead on arrival plague the parties who were supposed to have endosed it come out rejecting it one by one even before the ink dried.

Its now plain clear its a Gorki outfit with Kalonzo hanging on its coat tails. The rest of the non-Gorki were there for handouts to finance thier campaigns but thier hearts are elsewhere.

They are falling one by one fast and furious ... there goes the reputation of Mr Ngo Srow on corruption - I guess the cash was not enough, and his sources have been closed.

Back to the drawing board and good riddance to that deformity. Wonder whose brain came up with such a bad idea.

Is it Ngo Srow ? Is it Musyoka "ambi" Kalonzo? No they are just messengers - watu wa mkono - its the head of PNU & his strategists. The message is no consultations we are not playing ball, the days of remote control and banks going belly up to finance sycophants are

LETA INGINE this is good entertainment

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:42

Tribe % in Top 100 Pop %
Kikuyu 27 22
Luo 22 13
Kalenjin 12 12
Luyia 10 15
Kamba 10 11
Kisii 6 6
Meru 5 6
Somali 3 3
Swahili 2 5
Maasai 2 1
Other 1

YOU HAVE JUST SHOT YOURSELF IN THE FOOT! Kikuyu are almost double Luo in population. So this analysis just shows who has more brains than the other. You should do statistics!! Population % 22 v/s 13 tells you what?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:08 AM,

How do u explain Luhyias trailling 4th?? Apparently they are the second largest ethnic group in Kenya!!

Anonymous said...


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