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Friday, February 26, 2010

Polls: Raila and Ruto Joined at Fractured Hip

Do you want to top the polls? Well, just pay up and have your imaginary results announced by credible lips for hire. How can ODM still top the polls as the most popular party given the hemorrhage from the recent valentine political bloodbath?

These pollsters must be either from outer planet of just plain guns for hire. How else do you explain their cheeky rating that disrespectfully undermines both the president and thee VP as the least committed to fighting corruption? It is such a cheap paradox to rank the CEO so low with 14% fire to fight graft while his executive authority just saw off 6 PSs last week.

Even more insulting to the collective intelligence of most Kenyans is the Strategic poll disparaging the UNTAINTED VP as only scoring 5% in the war on sleaze. It couldn't have been worse. Now it appears after the daily newspapers, polling bodies are firmly in the pocket of politicians.

There is no way ODM can claim 51% popularity when the poisoned rose it was generously served last valentine has not even withered. Somebody is playing smart by paying Strategic and then very soon it will the quarter report from ex-Steadman. Well, Kenyans won't be fooled any more.

The pollsters can only lie to themselves. We are lucky to have a no nonsense president who promised to tackle corruption and after 2000 days incubation his prescription can only be lethal to the vice. All else is smartly packaged pretence at motion with no commensurate movement nor commitment to slay the dragon.


Anonymous said...

Poisoned rose and valentine political bloodbath, LOL.

Kazi iendelee, mta do?

Anonymous said...

Poor nations can't handle democracy.

That's one of the many reasons I am really looking forward to the decade when a Kenyan president will be from any other ethnic community in Kenya, and NOT from the KIKUYU, LUO, LUHYA, KALENJIN, KAMBA, or KISII "coalitions."

Enough is enough with the four decade old politics of negative ethnicity.

Will Kenyans be mature enough to handle democracy by

M. Pesa said...

That Kibaki is reluctant to fight graft is just an open secret. Since year 2000, no big fish has been convicted by the dreadful and morally bankrupt Wako and his compromised law courts. Now, the corrupt politicians should NEVER rest easy thinking it's over. Their evil ways will definitely come to haunt them in coming years. We have seen how disgraced Kiplagat's land grabbing spree during Moi's dictatorship has come to haunt him today as he prepares to resign as the chair of TJRC. Mau thieves have also been humiliated spread in the press as crooks and asked to return stolen land. The tags "CORRUPT THIEF" will forever haunt them right to the grave! Yes Kibaki may shield the corrupt and sit on all the corruption dossiers, but some day, there will come serious leadership in Kenya and the corrupt or their families will definitely be rumbled out. They will be called to account for their financial crimes against the resilient people of Kenya. They must never rest easy! It's not over until it's all over....

Anonymous said...

interesting to see M-pesa looking at issues in a de are different way. We are all getting somewhere

Anonymous said...

Why does this Taabu try to spoil the good debate from Chris article with his usual tired sarcastic posts?
Pls chris dont let this old man bring his boring daily whins.
You can see the way he had gone underground until these polls came out.
What a moron.


Anonymous said...

Ati ODM is 51 Percent popular,that sarcastic men,even a fool knows that ODM is only poular in luo nyanza.Kenyan are enlighted lot and those who think pollsters are used to hoodwinks us they are in for shock.My sincere advice is that other than wasting time paying opinion polls better used those money to start development project

Vikii said...

Oh yeah, we should objectively infer substance and authenticity from these polls or shouldn't we?

Polls or no polls, the government of Kenya of which Hon. Kibaki, Raila Odinga and VP Kalonzo are integral members, does not have the political resolve to fight graft. You do not have to be any intelligent to understand that. And if you do not know that then you don't know anything.

Boni Khalwalwe appears to me as the one legislator who employs a bi-partisan and truly objective approach in condemning corruption and maladministration. Everybody else startig with the oft-glorified and sly Raila Odinga, is either a dangerous hypocrite, an unwilling partner or simply a pretentiously above-the-fray politician.

Kenyans can say what they want, but they don't think for me. I do it myself. It is hard for me trust a politician who has just woken up, saw a silver bullet to destroy a painfully effecient political opponent with and pose with it as the high priest of anti-graft. This politician was not born yesterday and he was an adult, actually a grey-haired adult, when last year's scandals at Immigration, Water and Medical Services were being elaborately executed. You've got to put your money where your loud mouth is and if you cannot raise a finger when your youthwingers are involved in corruption, you forfeit the right to raise one when your political opponents do get implicated. You forfeit it further when your own office becomes the fulcrum of corruption in the country and you go mum about it while shouting on BBC rooftops about the need to carry the cross of political responsibility. You can fool some people some of the time but not all people all the time.And these opinion polls, well, good luck with them.

President Kibaki on his part never seems to want to rock the boat. His is a failed Presidency for the simple reason that he is never saying a word about anything or taking action on anything. But just like Ahmednasir Abdullahi, I would prefer the President because he doesn't pretend to be any interested in fighting corruption. When the buck stops at President Mwai Kibaki's door as it often does, he surely cannot want to play with our brains. It is however a shame that a President who was overwhelmingly elected, and this was in 2002 on the platform of anti-graft, cannot list one single minister especially those graft lords in the Daniel Moi government who has been taken to court for corruption. When you keep appointing the masters of corruption into government, then are the 14% approving your anti-graft credentials not psychotic?

Kalonzo Musyoka: Accusing Kalonzo of apathy towards anti-corruption should begin and end with his agreeing to serve in Moi's and Kibaki's governments. As a matter of principle, he should have refused to serve in these governments. We can also accuse him of co-ordinating and supervising corruption in the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Education, Tourism, Environment, Home Affairs and the Vice-Presidency if indeed there were credible accusations of scandals in those offices when he was in charge. But asking him to take the ultimate responsibility for general corruption in the overall government when he is not the head of government or the supervisor of official corruption in government, that's being a little harsh.Let us focus on corruption in the Vice Presidency or the ministry of Home Affairs and demand that he takes responsibility for such and such alone.

58%, 14% and 5%? Well, if the choice is between these three, include me, and very proudly so, among the 5%. I would go with Kalonzo. Anytime.

And yeah, I think 51% of Luos support Raila Odinga!

Anonymous said...

Vikii said - I think 51% of Luos support Raila Odinga!

Thats where you loose it, TRIBAL HATE will not take you anywhere , I sense its eating your insides, simply put YOU NEED HELP

Anonymous said...

Mr Musikari Nazi Kombo - What kind of a name is that. No wonder he behave like that

Anonymous said...

Influence peddlers -

" A question for the Rutoists: If Kibaki, PNU and the Central Kenya political powerhouse was so keen on reciprocal political rapprochement with Rift Valley why is the province today under a new type of neo-colonialism spearheaded by its select chain of security chiefs, District Officers, District Commissioners and their coterie of power and influence peddlers? "

There you have it folks this one is big, really big and helps explain a lot of whats going on and whats to come, It will be intrusive to have a look at these names , can somebody publish them here.

Like they say in Tennis. SET,GAME, MATCH. Amagedon is coming - time to revisit the wepon hauls in the rift valley. DONT SAY YOU WERE NEVER FORWARNED

" Nyimbo ya kufunzwa haikeshi ngoma "

Mwarang'ethe said...

Vikii wrote:

Let us focus on corruption in the Vice Presidency or the ministry of Home Affairs and demand that he takes responsibility for such and such alone.



It is our considered opinion that, the above statement betrays what is wrong in our approach to issues.

It is not a question of one ministry being corrupt than the other. The fact is this. The whole nation from top to the bottom is corrupt. Period.

If we can agree that with the above statement, and we doubt anyone can convincingly dispute it, what we need is an understanding/appreciation as to why a whole nation becomes corrupt.

We explained this issue sometimes back in these words:

"This artificial right to property creates a class of idle rich men who are not inventive. More so, since their natural wants are already met, and are idle, out of their low imagination capacity they come up with fancy and unreal wants and expensive vanities to meet their whims.

Unfortunately, since they occupy the highest positions in society, their love of expense sets the fashion or the example which is copied by those below them. To copy these idlers is the beginning of corruption which eventually corrupts the whole society as it falls into vice and crime."

The only problem with our approach is this. If we adopt the method we advocate, our conclusions shall be unpleasant for the idler class who call themselves leaders and such names. It is also unpleasant to those who aspire to join this idle rich class.

Thus, we adopt the simple, but, unhelpful procedure of "fighting corruption" in specific ministries. It shall all be in vain.

Philip said...

I wish I could get the question that was being asked. The results are true but what will happen is what will change everything.

We know very well that Ruto, Balala, Raila have not left ODM. Ask a Kalenjin now which party he supports and he'll tell you ODM, though the real answer will be "I support ODM through Ruto" this will be the same to another who whose real answer will be, "I support ODM through Raila".

The anomalies in our polls has to do with our politics. In Kenya we don't support parties as is commonly in America, but we support individuals, that's why if Raila moves to PNU then know that all his supporters will start supporting PNU, and so it can happen when Ruto moves to PNU. This therefore makes the polls on popularity of a party not to be relied upon at all unless tha party is intact, which rarely happens.

One area I liked was to do with corruption, I agree with the polls, and if Kenyans will start voting based on merits of the leader and not ethnicity then let's wait for surprises come 2012.

On the side note to Chris.

Before I left a comment I noticed that among the rules of Kumekucha is that no sexually explicit posts should be left otherwise they will be deleted. What is termed as sexually explicit is subjective to many people, I think your recent post were sexually explicit according to my standards, would you please go ahead and delete them?

Anonymous said...

fake poll, Kenyans cant be that dumb/shallow to think Raila is clean. lol

yaani Raila can still fool the masses with his stunts like that? kweli Kenyans cant be serious.

Anonymous said...

Why is Ranneberger supporting Kiplagat who Kenyans have rejected? I'll tell you why because he knows Kiplagat will cover up for the U.S/U.K involvement in the ODM 2007/08 bloodbath and other atrocities. They also know TJRC under Kiplagat will cover up Raila Odinga(CIA puppets) involvement. Notice how defiant Kiplagat is, because he knows imperialist forces(runningbugger are behind him.

Ranneberger should not ry and force Bethuel Kiplagat down our throats. Parliament or President must remove Kiplagat.

Kiplagat STEP DOWN!!

Anonymous said...

what do you have against a president with a gentlemanly mien?
Unlike you and the PM he takes his time before making decisions to weigh all options available before him so that in the end everyone will see how wise and mature he is

Don't you know to respect your elders this is Africa?why do we hypocritically laugh at the president when we ourselves are armchair spectators and couldn't do a better job if given the same position as him

Please Kenyans let us leave Kiplagat alone!you think you can do better than him?

Anonymous said...

How much do you want to bet Luo side of ODM will back Kiplagat? watch this space

Anonymous said...


”YOU cannot manage what YOU cannot control, YOU cannot control what YOU cannot measure, YOU cannot measure what YOU cannot define"

MEASURE - How big is this MONSTER and how is can we measure it if it keeps on morphing?
CONTROL – How is it executed?

To define corruption the most important thing would is to see the opportunity cost of the vice. If we take the case of NEPOTISM translated to mediocre employment – how does this impact mwanainchi in terms of delivery.

The effects of stealing of school funds is a poignant case in point , how would it effect our undiscovered and untapped “ YOUNG GENIUS POOL “ that did not get an opportunity to exploit their talents and what yard stick would we use to measure the the dumb “ PRIVATE TUITION SCHOOL “ future inherited leadership without real life experience

How can we control if the visible tentacles keeps on shifting with depending on the INTERESTS OF THE DAY at the “ COMMAND and CONTROL CENTRE” - are we chasing shadows , and how long will we keep doing this ?

We are not talking about Mr 10 %; we are talking about the wholesale takeover of the countries FINANCIAL AND RESOURCES BASE for personal gain and control.

”Pofu hasahau mkongoja wake”

NSIS LEAK said...


Just to side-step the current topic and drag you back a little back - your "Sins of the Presidency" series did not bring up this sensational Kibaki story.

Can you put on your "investigative" gear and get to work. This is really big - very huge indeed! The implications are simply mind boggling.

Is this the angle Moi has on Kibaki?

If one can do this, what else can they not do?
Rig elections in 2007?

Go for an illegal 3rd Term in 2012?

The full story is here people:

Also here:

Anonymous said...

if this bloggers are convinced the 51% polls are all luos then i can comfortably tell u that we have only two tribes in kenya .KIKUYU and LUO.
IF kikuyus don't steal the 2012 again the luos(meaning all the other tribes) will triump.

M. Pesa said...


“WE ARE sharpening our pangas [machetes],” says a man in a jam-packed matatu, the ubiquitous minibus taxi that is Kenya’s main means of public transport. “It is not if but when” is the commonest answer to the question, “Will political violence resume?”

Anonymous said...

Who doesnt know by now whose agenda Ceaser Handa drives?Maybe only Raila leaning Odmorons!

Anonymous said...


Why are u acting like a virgin or a sex starved priest?
I didn't see any explicit sex article or comment from Chris's previous post.

shaka said...

Kibaki cannot fight corruption as he is a major beneficiary of it.When narc came to power he wanted to selectively target some people.When he touched Gumo i remenber him saying that if Kibaki wants to take him to court for selling a plot next to central bank kibaki should also explain how he acquired continental house and serena hotel(which was part of uhuru park!)He had actually opened a can of worms.None of the political heirs will fight corruption.That is tantamount to accusing themselves.Kalonzo is part of moir children and cannot also fight corruption.I'M THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN FIGHT CORRUPTION.unfortunately kenyans will not vote for me if I vie because of ethnicity.The corruption barrons would make sure that they use their ill gotten wealth to block me.
So I declare that we include corruption in the constitution.We can legalise corruption.For example we can convert the traffic police into a revenue organ,give them daily collection targets they need to submit to KRA.
Another solution to the kenyan problem would be to fight in 2012 just like the rwandese.Those who will survive the war will live to remember.We may then build genocide memorials and name them after raila in western,kibaki in central ,ruto in rift valley etc.The surviving warlords will give ocampo and un jobs to do.
Unless we fight each other and kill your perceived enemies the anger will not go away,corruption will continue forever.

Martin said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Shaka. Lets legalize corruption, and award medals/prizes for the most innovative scams. We can also motivate our MP's with rewards for "most inflamatory", "greediest new comer of the year" etc.

Anonymous said...

Opinion polls in Kenya--ha ha haaa!

Anonymous said...

Thug Raila is kissing smelly Kikuyu butts just to getting accepted by them. He has finally realized that unless/until Kikuyus accept him he will never get the presidency. If he kneels properly they might decide to give him a chance. POOR FELLOW!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Attention everyboby,Attention!!!!
For those who think politics is a dirty game,yes indeed it is dirty in a way.BUT lets us read between the lines why corruption is on a centre stage????My fellow countrymen this is a "device" that is set into people's minds to wake up and smell the rat.Let us all forget about the current regime and concentrate more on what will be our next move Kenyans should take back what belongs to them and that is our beloved country.Can't we all see what is been set here????It's about time that we all say no to the current leaders and leadership.The ground is set and all what we need is someone with dignity and humility to lead us and this should start from the grassroots to the top level.LET US NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE AGAIN,WE NEED CHANGE,REAL CHANGE.Les us say no to Uhuru,Raila,Kilonzo,Ruto,Balala and majority of those clowns who are in the August house.

Anonymous said...

ANON 1:51


Anonymous said...

Raila doesn't get it about Kikuyu culture and their politics. He goes to visit Murang'a and the first thing he does is to talk politics. He says the Kikuyus should vote for him because his father supported Kenyatta in 1963 and he supported Kibaki in 2002.

Whoever advises him should tell him that as far as Kikuyus are concerned that was very bad manners. As far as they were concerned he was there to talk about development, not to beg for votes. Between elections, Kikuyus don't care about politics of emotionalism; instead, they love politics of development.

What Kenyatta and Odidnga did in 1963, or what Raila and Kibaki did in 2002 is of very little interest to the small scale tea grower of Kangare. Kikuyus are a very calculating people and they do not feel they owe him anything. If Kibaki owes him anything let him go to Kibaki, or let Kibaki come to Murang'a and ask the people to help him pay the debt. Otherwise, the appropriate issues would have been limited to development and probably the RV IDPs. That is it, and he would have scored very highly. But to come begging for vote during his first tour was very stupid. It just confirms to the local people what they hear from his critics that he is a self-seeker.

Anonymous said...

Hon. Raila odinga crossed the Chania river into Murang'a on foot. Many of his worshippers think that this was the most powerful symbolism possibe. But I beg to differ. I think the ultimate symbolism would have been for him to enact a circumcision ceremony where he would have pretended to become a Kikuyu adult male. That would have been the stuff for the history books. But walking across a bridge on foot, that is a boy's play, and doesn't impress even the village idiot.

Anonymous said...

Raila will never be President in Kenya. He is not fit to be one. He is delusional and vindictive. Imagine if he had power what he would have done to Ruto by now. Just imagine!!!

Anonymous said...

There is ONE difference between political parties in Kenya.

HOPE is the difference.

And there is only one party in Kenya which is holding a symbol of hope for Kenyans.

First it was NARC but Kibaki killed hope in 2002, now it is ODM. We still hope that the party will deliver. It is even better for the party to do away woth YK92 thieves. Kenyan's must accept to exclude Moi henchmen and put behind Nyayo oppression forever.

That's why ODM was and is still the nation's favourite.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:02
You seem to be obsessed by your mutalated foreskin so much.

Anonymous said...

Raila can even cross river Mugono (the other that divide Murang'a and Nyeri) by foot, but he ain't getting any vote from me!

Phil's Mistress

Anonymous said...

The shameless self seeker had to even go and try to 'ressurect' an old tired man of reasonable mental stability to endorse his Murang'a visit.If Matiba's magic worked on rural peasants in the early 90's,someone please remind this Luo dictator that was some 20 years ago.Even kids who were not born then are now eligible to vote,stupid moron!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Otherwise, the appropriate issues would have been limited to development ......

What Kenyatta and Odidnga did in 1963, or what Raila and Kibaki did in 2002 is of very little interest to the SMALL SCALE TEA GROWER of Kangare.


What do Kenyans mean when they talk of "bringing development"? This is nonsense for there will be no development under current arrangements.

Secondly, what the tea farmer in Central Kenya and elsewhere should be told in UNCERTAIN TERMS is that, as a matter of cold facts, in 5-15 years from now, he would have sunk into more debts and poverty.

And, if the reader doubts this, let him/her read this:

"Ethiopia plan to boost tea output causes jitters."


Inter alia, u will find such as:

"A spirited drive by Ethiopia to boost its tea output is causing jitters in the local industry as COMPETITION for both REGIONAL and INTERNATIONAL markets intensifies.

Though its production capacity is smaller compared to Kenya, its leaf QUALITY is causing concerns that the country could soon launch a formidable challenge to Kenya’s tea exports, including in the blending segment.

“MANY countries in the region are looking up to expanding their tea industries, but our immediate attention would be on Ethiopia because we share almost SIMILAR types of soil and climate and the quality of their tea is largely similar with ours,” Tea Board of Kenya (TBK) managing director, Sicily Kariuki told Business Daily.

We have consistently even under constant abuse and ridicule warned/talked about some facts that Kenyan/African economies must confront very very urgently.

These are:

(a)An urgent escape from PERFECT COMPETITION. Those who have doubted our analysis, can see this story as it develops.

This is a very good example of perfect competition in tea industry, or, if we take Porter's words, dog industry where no one makes money. If u cannot make money, how dare u talk of development?

(b) Escape DIMINISHING RETURNS sector. Since our best soils for tea are limited, we will be forced to forested areas to try and capture the lost revenue.

As we do this, much of our environment will be destroyed. (Hope Kenyans are reading about Lake Naivasha and flower industry which continues to pollute and deplete the lake even as we lose money in these flowers.)

Thus, planting of trees by RO at Mau, or awarding Nobel Peace Prize to Maathai for fighting tree cutting is not the way forward for Kenya.

This is so because, forest cutting/water pollution/over fishing flows directly from the structure of our economy and not stupidity of our people as the West tells us.

The confusion on the meaning of development ranging from so called donors, Kenyan politicians and masses stem from a gross misunderstanding of economic growth, or what we call increased welfare in a nation.

Capitalism/free enterprise is a piratical system. The difference only comes when we consider what a nation "pirates" on.

If a nation pirates static rents (land, raw materials), it cannot develop. It runs backwards as we see in Somalia, Kenya, Congo etc.

However, if a nation pirates on dynamic rent (knowledge and innovation), it moves forward, for money can only be made in such an environment.

So, to the tea farmers, it matters not who you elect as long as the current economic structure is not questioned by any of the "leading candidates" like RO, MK, Kalonzo, UK, Saitoti etc.

Anonymous said...

My fellow Kenyans, we have along way to go. We seem to find hate and suspicion in any given subject.

Anonymous said...

My fellow Kenyans, we have along way to go. We seem to find hate and suspicion in any given subject.

Anonymous said...

"If a nation pirates static rents (land, raw materials), it cannot develop. It runs backwards as we see in Somalia, Kenya, Congo etc."

Australia (coal, steel)and to some extent Canada (timber) do this and have done so for a while now. How do they manage, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Keep the next presidency out of the dirty tribal hands of KIKUYU, LUO, LUHYA, KALENJIN, KAMBA, KISII, EMBU and MERU political hyenas/snakes/ skunks/lizards/ crocodiles/rats/ racoons/crows moles/lice, as well as "RELIGIOUS LEADERS" (goons/worms/luciferians/judas-clergy/hyenas - sheep in skin -/foxes/mongooses) who are so addicated to preaching "water" while getting themselves drunk on "wine" at the country's expense.

Get rid of tribal based political leaders, sullied academicians, civil servants, diasporans and business men/women by isolating them for the next two decades ( majority of them will have died out by the time they reach their 60th, 70th or 80th birthdays).

In the meantime, let Kenyans embrace any native Kenyan leaders who have a national appeal and do not have the endemic stain of corruption and murky association with the sickening politics according to the tribal ... modus operandi ... of Kenyatta, Moi, Kibaki, Raila, Uhuru, Ruto, Kalonzo, Balabala Balaaah Balal and any of the other wild political hyenas (shameless opportunists).

There will be no real CHANGE in KENYA so long as the above mentioned agents of destruction and negative tribal progression are allowed to continue propagating what they have learned to cultivate so well since December 12, 1963.

*Delete the post if "others" find it so offensive.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Australia (coal, steel)and to some extent Canada (timber) do this and have done so for a while now. How do they manage, I wonder?

2/28/10 7:32 AM


Well, they don't.

Should u be interested in reading deeper than superficial nonsense you get from BBC and others, start here:

- Brigden, J.B. et. al, The Australian Tariff: An Inquiry, Melbourne University Press, 1929

- Vernon, J. et. al, Report of the Committe of Economic Inquiry, Canberra, Commonwealth Government Printing Office, 1965.

Anonymous said...

Mwangarethe, since you love RAO so much, can I ask u a question?
If Raila Odinga rapes your wife or your daughter, how would u react?
Simple answer please!

Anonymous said...

Should you care to look beyond your, flat, inflated nose you will find the truth about australia and extractive industries and its GDP. You will also find that New Zealand, an OECD country thrives primarily from agricultural exports. Then back to Africa, we have Bostwana. Stop misleading unsuspecting Kenyans with your phoney economics. Talk about governance and we might just listen, you pompous goon.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy and Mulanguru reminds me of two characters from the Star Trek's Next Generation episodes.

A case of life imitating art to the tilt.

Anonymous said...

Chris, wacha Ukamba. Kenyans love Kambas and they've always been left alone to do their things. this is not to mean that they're angels.

Vicky, wacha ushene by stereotyping on luos. Honestly if we start on that, then Vicky should come and tell us what has Kambas ever done to achieve.

Former Government Pathologist who was a Kamba swore that Robert Ouko jumbed out of the plane, broke his leg, shot himself, then douzed himself with a paraffin and set himself ablaze.

Former ECK chairman was a Kamba. He said he did not know who won and that he could not reach his returning and presiding officers, and that his junior staff altered election results and made him sign.

Government Spokesman a mkamba has guffed all his life. Even with his education, he cannot tell integrity from public foolishness.

Kalonzo's 5% is more to do with the region's ability than comparison with any politician.

Vuta pumzi Vicky.

No were anon 2/26/10 2.15am. Maziwa lala tu. You make your class teacher weep. Literature should be compulsory in schools. You cannot even decipher Taabu's writing style? Una aibisha.


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