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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Mwakwere Dismissed, Bring Back Michuki

Mwakwere's loss of his parliamentary seat via petition could be a blessing in disguise for Kenya. Now Kibaki can bring back Michuki to head the Transport ministry and restore sanity.

At least the popular demand to have Michuki back at transport has less political fallout than the heat at education. But again, Kibaki is one ruler immune to public wishes, or is he?

But the petition's success has once again exposed the rot that was ECK. But again they both rigged and so the whole lot should be illegitimate. This election petition thing needs to be urgently addressed since almost 1000 days after polls is no justice at all.

Which leaves you asking weather losers should be made to pay back what they earned while on the job. Democracy must be so expensive.


Anonymous said...

An excellent opportunity for Kibaki to justify a homeboy comeback.

Anonymous said...

After Magara, Mwakwere, next Raila!

Livindo's election petition against Raila is to be heard this coming week!

And RAO wants a petition challenging him as Lang'ata MP dismissed.

Anonymous said...

heheheheee...ati RAO to lose his langata seat to another pnu illiterate mp? lakini wana pnu, can't you guys try even in the city where there are some educated ones among your lot. a city/town mp needs to be well schooled jameni.

Anonymous said...

I now understand why Mwakwere was so fond of singing at public functions. He seemed to have known that his rigged days in parliament (office) were numbered.

I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it! And I am loving it. Wow! I can't wait to see many more Kahunas like Mwakwere brought down to reality by the law of the land.

Yeap! What goes around comes around. Talk of retribution served on a sizzling Taita platter from the hills beyond the hills.

First of all, Chirau Ali Mwakwere had made Mwakesi the butt of his jokes, and one of his common jokes was, a passerby (meaning Mwakesi) who gets embroiled in someone else's business or quarrel is like one who seizes a dog by its ears.

Well, well, the law seems to have just seized someone else's political ears this time around.

Mpanda ngazi hushuka! Mpanda ngazi hushuka! And these is one of my favourite, Watetea ndizi mgomba si wao!. Mwakwere knew very well that the mgomba was not his after the last elections. Good riddance.

The man who once believed that he was the "King of Taita" will now learn some hard lessons in humility as well as tumbling down from the world of politics in the same manner the former Taita kingpins like Eluid Mwamunga etc have done since the mid-1970s.

Anonymous said...

That's very good news for a change. I am sure that some ... in Illinois are now seething with anger, while many others in Iowa are crying tears of real joy.

Anonymous said...

brave move by justice mohamed ibrahim

Anonymous said...

We anynonymous mjinga sana hata haujui kwamba mwakwere is NOT TAITA. Mwakwere is DIGO yaani Mdigo na kama wasemavyo, 'mdigo ni mzigo'

Anonymous said...

Now that we have an impending by election in matuga. We will witness a real political battle between Balala and seems Joho will out manouvered hon. Balala. Not that Hon Joho is too smart but the pride of Balala will be his un doing. However politics is dynamic and anything can happen, those who are waiting for Kibaki to re appoint Michuki will be disappointed. I'm saying this matuga by election is all about succession of 2012. PNU are keen to bring Hassan JOHo in their fold. Balala maybe is a spent force. Despite his outburst teaming with KKK.
EMILIO KIBAKI is likely to appoint JOHO to at least assistant ministerial position. YAKINISHA.

Anonymous said...

@1:25 PM

Wewe fulani, wacha utani, matusi ni ya nini leo hii?

Reread my post, ...The man who once believed that he was the "King of Taita" [better than people from Sagalla, August 15, 2005] will now learn some hard lessons in humility...

You're preaching to the choir. I am a native of Sagalla (not Sagana).

FYI, don't ever insult our neighbours with the remarks 'Mdigo ni Mzigo. WHY? That's what the Oman Arabs and Wareno used to say(Digo are very valuable cargo) whenever they had captured the Digo people.

Don't be so clueless about the sad history of Mombao since the days of the Znj Empire.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are happy Taabu,
today an innocent man has lost his main source of livelihood(he still owns a matatu though)......

yet he has a family to feed and other mouths at night to feed...

Kenyans and our incessant baying for innocent politicians blood...when will our thirst ever be sated?

Philip said...

When this news broke out and then published in Nation newspaper yesterday, by 10.00 P.M Kenyan time there were over 106 comments and one thing I couldn't fail to notice was the following inclusion and omission.

1. Nearly all the comments showed elation over Mwakwere loosing, strangely not the parliamentary seat, but the ministerial seat. Everybody was happy without a Minister of Transport than having one Mwakwere as a Minister of Transport.

2. There was no mention in all the comments that PNU has lost a seat, this was ignored in all comments.

This is what I concluded from the comments:

a) That nearly all Kenyans have suffered under the hands of Mwakwere as Transport Minister to the extend that nobody cares which party the dude came from.

b) Though this may not be enough data to make conclusion but I also think that unlike what some people think here in Kumekucha, Kenyans are becoming mature and we should expect surprises coming 2012. Kenyans are slowly not looking at the party in which their tribal leader is coming from or even at their tribal leader, but Kenyans are looking at the leadership qualities. Sweet words/promises will not work effectively in the coming 2012 elections as it has worked before, so that for any leader who wants to be voted in, he/she should start building his/her name now based on his participation in the development of the country and not based on his/her tribal affiliation.

c) That most Kenyans adore the leadership qualities of Mr Michuki, and they would want him to be returned to transport sector, even to some like me, if possible, and if he can do it, I will want him to head both the Ministry of Internal Security, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Transport. Saitoti seems to have interest in presidency and may not fight Mungiki as we innocent Kenyans will want since maybe he feels he can loose "Kikuyu" votes.

M. Pesa said...

Anything that makes Kibaki angry and mad like Mwakwere losing his seat is highly welcome by the ODM brigade. There are high chances that the Matuga seat will slip between the fingers to the ODMorons.

If Kibaki really cared about the feelings of Kenyans, he could have sacked this egocentric and self-absorbed loser many months ago. And thousands of lives would have been saved on the roads.

But the fact is the old man doesn't give a rat's ass about the feelings of the people he swore to protect. That's why he's still sheltering dubious officials in Education ministry embroiled in free primary education scandal.

My fellow PNU supporters should wake their stupid asses and realize that Kibaki's incompetence and lacklustre performance is only boosting Raila, even in Central! The president is deeply hurting his party and little wonder that all the opinion polls show majority of Kenyans have lost confidence in him. Simply put, Kenyans are sick and tired of Kibaki's state of being completely out of touch!

The brave judge, Mohammed Ibrahim deserves all the blessings he can get for indirectly rescuing Kenyans from the tentacles of an arrogant prick who pocketed millions of our hard earned taxes with absolutely nothing to show for it!

It's goodbye and good riddance to bad rubbish!

M. Pesa said...

@ Philip.

I checked the many comments posted on Daily Nation regarding the loss of Matuga seat by PNU coalition. As you rightly stated, nearly all (actually all) comments celebrate Mwakwere's exit and many readers would not like to see this guy back near any docket. Most comments agree that Mwakwere is an ARROGANT piece of ***. And this is all in the Daily Nation, the home of PNU diehards! Lol...

chizi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mwarang'ethe said...

Kenyans seem very "happy" that Mwakwere has lost his seat. No doubt, this reflects the level of frustrations with Kibaki's "leadership." Thats the easy answer to our ills.

However, we need to realise one thing. What we see in Kenya is not the failure of Kibaki, Mwakwere as such.

It is so because, INSTITUTIONS of a society, e.g. transport system, courts etc, are a reflection of a society's MODE OF PRODUCTION. As long as the mode of production is primitive, so, will be the institutions.

Unfortunately, this fact has been turned upside down so as to hide the truth by so called development partners. As a result, we/they blame lack of institutions for the ills of our society.

They do this deliberately, for if the issue is reversed, the question would then be, why are our modes of production backwards? Secondly, what can be done to improve them? These are questions that have become a no go zone for opportunistic reasons.

Thus, it is by changing the mode of production we can change the institutions. It is for this reason Ferdinando Galiani stated that: "from manufacturing you may expect the two greatest ills of humanity, superstition and slavery to be healed."

He was right, for it was the invention of machines for working in cotton farms changed the institution of slavery. More so, it is for the same reason we have iron age, bronze age or information age etc.

All these reflect the mode of production of the society at these ages and this in turn shapes the institutions of these societies.

In simple words, if you are a hunter and gatherer society, your institution will reflect this mode of production. If you become farmers, your institutions will reflect this mode of production. This is the useful answer to our ills.

chizi said...

all over the net..from PNU leaning to ODM leaning.... independents and even the clueless.. Makwere, as is Karega and Kimemia, have been a let down. Security, transport and education are key to any nation that tries so hard not to be bundled with banana republics.... now, what's important is that with Makwere's exit, probably now someone will do something about the thousands of deaths due to transport regulation failure. If he get's back his Matuga seat and Kibaki feels generous to make him Minister again,i really pray he's put no where near the lives of Kenyans.the real winners here are victims and relatives of victims that have hurt from his pure arrogance.

M. Pesa said...


The reason why lots of people are cheering is simple. Compared to the good work executed by Bwana Michuki, this Mwakwere guy has been hopelessly incompetent to say the least. Kenyans saw a world of difference between the lazy Mwakwere and busy beaver Michuki. Road carnage came back full force under Mwakwere's reign and thousands of Kenyans needlessly lost their lives. Not all institutions are pathetic, it really depends on the person on the driver's seat. We really do have some good leaders doing excellent jobs but Mwakwere surely was not one of them.

M. Pesa said...

Orengo caught in land scandal involving shamed thief and cheat Kamlesh Pattni.

Anonymous said...

Well, Orengo must raise money for his 2012 re-election campaign. Why raise eyebrows when all he's doing is ensuring he stays in office to better serve you over the long haul?

Anonymous said...

Mwakwere, a thug, a thief, and a loser. How can such a person be given a whole ministry to run?

Although Michuki, the serpent, is also an old thug and corrupt buddy, he has some small achievements to show.

Let him take over for the next 2 years, but for the last time.

Ongeri should be arrested and charged. Every minister is in charge and answerable for what his juniors do!!! Where did this man get his professor title from, if he doesnt know this? Are Kenyan profs so thick?

Anonymous said...

Quote of the year:

"My fellow PNU supporters should wake their stupid asses and realize that Kibaki's incompetence and lacklustre performance is only boosting Raila, even in Central!"

WELL said M pesa, I wish I could buy you a cold one! Kwani where are the other PANUA mongrels kina Chris kumekucha, Derek AKA Deroo the youthwimger, Kimi "the thug" Raikonnen and Vikii (what a ridiculous, actually gay-ish name for a jamaa)

Anonymous said...

Wakoli wa Bifwoli for 2012!


Anonymous said...

kalonzo for 2012....hahahaa....
the prezo in waiting was snubbed by his worshipers who did not bother to show up for his meet kenyans-DC function. And did i mention themeeting with some officers (with no clout) in a small room which looked like a tea-room hurriedly set up to host the VP and his entourage - kina ogego and others who have time for 'empty suit'kalonzo. Where is vikii to soothe the poor soul and especially at this time when he does not feature in central kenya politics of inheritance. Did I hear someone say Agwambo owa'ga akinyi?

Anonymous said...

Thug Raila Odinga now wants Ongeri and Karega to step down. Did the thug step down when Youth Fund disappeared under his watch in the PM's office. Shetani ashindwe!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's ironical how ODMorons are happily congratulating judges--the same ones they deemed incompetent and too biased to fairly preside over election disputes and PEV prosecutions. Pooh.

Anonymous said...

According to ODMorons, Raila is a nationalist. This is the most laugable insuation I have ever heard!

The record speak for itself. Raila has no hope in anything Kenyan!

- A man hired a foreign press secretary Salim Leaone and then replcaed him with Miguna Miguna another foreigner living in Kenya illegally.
- A man who openly called for a foreign ECK boss.
- A man who sacked Kenyan football coach and then replaced him with rubbish german coach
- A man who travels to Germany for eye treatment when we have enough qualified eye specialists in the country.
- It's no secret Raila prefers S. African witchdoctors to kenyan.

....and the list is endles.

I pity you ODMorons!!!

Anonymous said...

@anon 2/7/2010 1:34

We are talking here about Mwakere's exit and not Raila's S.-African witchdoctors.

Dont just criticize because you have a mouth, think first.

Just to remind you:
1)Kibaki spent millions of tax payers money in the UK just for a simple fracture which could have been fixed at Kisumu General Hosp by Dr Otieno.

2)Wamalwa spent a fortune of tax payers cash lying in London/UK with a hope of treating his AIDS illness. He could have spent the cash at any Nairobi Hosp.

3) Moi went for a minor surgical treatment in Essen/Germany and spent millions with his henchmen.

4)The cabinet secretary went to South Africa for a mere heart weakness which even Thika District hospital under Dr. Kamau could have treated.

5)Ngilu took her husband to South Africa for treatment, an ailment which Kenyan Doctors could have managed or not managed.

Mind you: Miguna Miguna is a Kenyan forced out of his country by Moi ( a friend of Uhuru, Kibaki and Kalonzo) who was follwing (Nyayo) the footsteps of Kenyatta.

Think deeply for the good of this country. There are very few Kenyans who are commited to free Kenyans of their "Kenyatta yoke" like Raila.

Anonymous said...

Let's support rule of law irrespective of our tribal, party, religious or ideological differences.

There can never be democracy without enough democrats. What I experience in this blog is an indication that Kenya is still far from that. We have tribal associations and with it we protect looters of our nation.

Stop this mentality.

Anonymous said...

"Kibaki spent millions of tax payers money in the UK just for a simple fracture which could have been fixed at Kisumu General Hosp by Dr Otieno."

How do you expect Emilio to go to Dr Otieno when it was obvious to all and sundry (including the slum-dwelling worshippers)that the bumpkin and his cronies planned and executed the motor accident that caused the simple fracture?
Honestly, what implement do you use for thinking--mijingo?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2/7/10 3:41 AM,

My response was to those who call Raila a nationalist.

A nationalist is a person who is proud of his country and a diehard fan of anything his/her country has to offer.

Just accept, there is nothing special with raila odinga if anything he is worse than Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki combined.
The worst dictator kenya has ever seen!
It's a pity smart people like you continues to be blinded by this man's magic spell - he bought from S.African witchdoctors.
Open your eyes and smell the coffee or seek God deliverance from this man! The man (raila) is evil!!

Anonymous said...


Miguna Miguna is a Canadian citizen!
Kenya does not recognize dual nationality. He is either Kenyan or Canadian! or does law only apply to some people and others especially if connected to ODM are 'special cases'???

Anonymous said...

If raila is a reformist, can somebody tell me what he reformed during his tenure as Energy Minister?
Energy sector still remain one of the most corrupted, incomptent, unreliable public service in kenya.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


haha! you will wait for Kibaki exit until after 2012, and thereafter enters Kalonzo wa Musyoka the next president of republic of Kenya!

as of Mwakere, it's not over - that is until after the by election. He could still come back if he wins the byelection.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that there are Kenyans who are really afraid of the name Raila. Nowonder this man is referred to as Tinga.

Anonymous said...

We should not be obsessed by who is the president. We should know that the rule of law is what matters.

To me, the bloggers here are blind and seem to pray that there man becomes the next president, whether he is a dog, a goat or a donkey. He only has to come from Nyandarua or Emuhaya, Keroka, Katito, Kericho or Mtito.

What people are you Kenyans? Do you have brains really? What will your Grandchildren tell you, if they realize you voted for a dog all the years, although you are a graduate with a degree.... who should have known better???

Anonymous said...

Miguna is a Kenyan. Any Kenyan forced of his country because of tyrants like Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki are Kenyans. Blood is thicker than water!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


My grandchildren will curse me if I ever for vote for raila. and yes you are right, we cannot continue voting for dogs like raila!


Anonymous said...

"Miguna is a Kenyan. Any Kenyan forced of his country because of tyrants like Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki are Kenyans. Blood is thicker than water!!!!!!!"

So much for rules. Democracy ODM style, huh?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mwarang'ethe, thanks for trying to educate people on this forum. Unfortunately you are doing it the wrong way. You are doing it top down! That does NOT help. If you want simpletons that are kenyans to understand you, you need to make it simple. And qoute what they understand. Don't start by modes of production! Not even factors of production makes sense to folks here! All they do is moronic petty local insults.
2. Before you talk of modes of productions, think in terms of local knowledge.
If you want to talk about instittutions then talk about the most vital institutes namely: Presidency, Judiciary and Parliament. If the occupier of state house can be sworn in illegally at night then whcih institute can we respect? if kibaki does not respect himself and what he who is Mwakwere to respect the title of Minister?
If CJ can swear a loser at night without butting an eye lid then who cases about institutes?
Start low and make kenyans respect themselves, their friends and neighours, Kenya and then kenyan institutions.
You respect yourself first then others and institutions last. Ok.

Anonymous said...

I do understand why people like Livondo, Mungiki leaders, Mwakere, Y92, etc have a bright future in this nation.

They insult you, they dont know what self-respect is, they bore their noses in the streets, they attack githeri with tgheir bare hands, they dont know what democracy is..... They love tyranny and head choping.

What a folk is this?

Anonymous said...

I want Raila to be president so that he can help us bring in expatrite witch doctors from South Africa. I am tired of my mganga from Kitui. Period.

M. Pesa said...

Wapi hii Chris?

He promised a "weekend special" but failed/lied/refused/declined yet again and nothing was forthcoming. Imagine if it was Kibaki who had promised something then failed to deliver? Chris would have been the 1st one to blast him. By the way, what happened to the weekly post of playing "Nyatiti and drum" on various personalities and issues? Another big goof and I'm sure you had lots of free time over the weekend for nyama choma and beer with your pal "Oscar!" And please don't give the old and tired excuses of "waiting for some information" or the usual "verifying facts on the ground" ama the popular "fascinating new developments!" You are really becoming more like our worn out politicians Bwana Christopher!

Philip said...


Anonymous said...

Mwakwere afungwe - where was he when property and assets were being stolen in JKA and the other airports. In fact now that he has been removed a through investigation should be started regarding the going ons in JKA - wezi washindwe.

Nyundo , Hammer , Tinga , Agwambo - a man of all seasons aka charismatic national leader.

Hillarious quote - " turudi kwa debe "

Anonymous said...

Raphael Tuju is a million times better than Raila Ojinga!

the only electable Jaluo in Central Kenya by a landslide

Anonymous said...

Raila is sexy

Anonymous said...


Raila is Hilter! He branded the whole community ADUI and pitted against them under a national anthem 41 vs 1.

Philip said...

Anon 5:25

You've made my day. All my ribs have cracked.

Philip said...

Anon 5:50,

Add more, you guys are really hilarious.

Anonymous said...

nice read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys hear that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

Anonymous said...

Raila is a war criminal!
He ordered ethnic cleansing of Kikuyu women, men and children.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting ..... Has Mr President said or done anything regarding the mess at Education Ministry or Mr Incopetent Mwakere.

I wonder if they bought or just printed thier degrees - has anyone bothered to check. Can someone post thier CVs , Institutions they attended , references, etc etc here so we can cross check these people. I will not be surprised eti file na papers zao zili ungua.

Anonymous said...

Pride comes b4 a fall

Anonymous said...

why are ODMorons so elated by Mwakwere's fate? Is it because he is a PANUA? I wonder what their reactions would be if Mwakwere was in ODM? I guess they will be crying victim mentality as usual! This is one reason I call ODMorons unreasonable fools.

Anonymous said...

@5:25 AM

Thanks-a-Million! Well stated.

Those who are addicted to defending the status quo in Kenya are mwanachi's worst nightmare and the country's destructive elements in terms of real progress.

Anonymous said...

Mwakwere's "pure arrogance" is what did him in. He fell on his own sword and he can't blame the public for his own undoing.

The man behaved like 85% of the Catholic bishops, priests and preachers from the denominations of protestantism.


"The bigger they think they are the harder the fall on their own swords or beds full of nails."

Who's going to follow Mwakwere's timely exit?

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