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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Noose Tightens, Uhuru, Ruto on Their Own

There is a very thin line between EXECUTIVE INDIFFERENCE and leadership fraud. The buck must stop with the CEO when the company he is entrusted and paid to watch over comes down tumbling. But not in Kenya.

Those making noise and taking sides must be strangers to Kibaki's political modus operandi. When the heat becomes unbearable, Emilio never helps anybody fight his political battles once you hit your-sell-by date. Not even if you staked you head for him. If in doubt Martha and octogenarian ambassador Muchemi are living testimonies. And so UK and Bill will soon find out that they are on their own.

The good news is that when The Hague Express finally leaves the station, it will acquire its own momentum that will only stop when Kenya is eventually cleansed of bravado, brinkmanship and above all else IMPUNITY.

Political sell-by-date
Prof Alston came and declared his unflattering verdict on the three musketeers. Well, they vilified him but look who is smiling from ear to ear now. Ali is cooling his heels at Posta, Wako's lips are fatigued from plastic smiles and next will be CJ Gicheru. The noose is tightening quite fast.

Prof Luis Moreno Ocampo has set his own agenda and demanding that the script be followed to the letter. While his actions would smack of neo-colonialism to apologists, many Kenyans are cheering him on for taking on the might and doing what they wish but can never do given the suffocating impunity.

So is it the beginning of the end for kings and princes of impunity? But again this is Kenya and king Louis XVI may choose to ignore the impending heat while his wife Marie Antoinette asks Kenyans to eat cake if they cannot afford githeri?

Well, the die is cast and the real fire and curse of the three dread vowels A+O+O is here.


Anonymous said...

It was genocide plain and simple.

And either through ICC (they should pray it is through this) or some other way, some day, they will pay.

All human beings are mortal. Akuna mtu wa chuma.

Anonymous said...

Genocide was perpertrated in Kenya against Kenyans by Kenyans.

The culprits of the 2007-2008 genocide are predominantly people from Kibaki's bacyard. These same people also set the fire that roasted 25 people at that church in Eldoret then pretended it was the Kalenjin "warriors". What lies!!

Kikuyu genocidaires, Ocampo is coming for your god Uhuru Kenyatta!

Anonymous said...

Thousands of rwandans were mudered in cold blood while seeking refuge in catholic churches. several rwandan bishops, priests, sisters and catholic hutus have been prosecuted in arusha (tanzania), belgium, sweden as well as in gacaca courts in rwanda.

so, it doesn't matter whether the victims in the church in question were men, women, children or "those people from the enemy tribe/side."

the fact of the matter is that the perpetrators of the bloody massacre must be brought to justice by all means necessary.

the perpetrators of the rwanda genocide are still being brought to justice for what they did in 1994.

likewise, there is hope that justice will continue to be served until all the perpetrators of the post election mayhem are rounded up or hunted down and brought to court to face justice in the next fourteen years.

evil is evil, regradless of where it originated from. i am 400% certain that all rift valley politicians and their people would still be crying out loud for justice and in front of any news media cameras had a civilian plane been used to spray cyanide gas or any other poisonous gas over certain areas where the "warrior militia" were operated from.

or had military planes, helicopters and jets been used to mow down some certain vicious elements that were involved in the wanton destruction of life and property during the post election mayhem.

justice will be served sooner or later. it doesn't matter when it will be served. it may take five to twenty years, but it will be served in one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Let Uhuru Kenyatta, the godfather of evil in Kenya after 2007 elections face justice. PNU funded most genocide face justice. Finally!

In all honesty, PNU, the genocidaires perpertrators watch out, because your little god Uhuru "son-of-a-thief Jomo Kenyatta" is going to The Hague.

Ocampo please come ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Watch Raila go to all ends to defend and justify the killings of children and women taking refugee in Kiambaa church:

The current pursuit for justice for international crimes ie genocide and crimes against humanity is a reminder of, and similar to the charges and arguments for convictions against some of those who were convicted of genocide and crimes against humanity in Rwanda by ICTR. Most of them were not directly shouting 'Eliminate and kill Hutus and moderate Tutsis' but rather it was through their complicity and connivance and recklessness that ignited and contributed the massacre. Akayesu case, a former Mayor, is a good one.

By the way, both Kibaki and Raila may not be that safe as they assume. Let Moreno get control of the prosecutions and there may issues e.g. superior responsibility by those in control of the masses

Read some more reports at the time:

Some reports of the time:

"In an interview on the BBC's Hardtalk, Raila Odinga said, "the father … the catholic father who is in charge has given an explanation and the explanation is that these people who were attacking people from another community were being chased and when they were being chased they went to take refuge in a church and the pursuers then pursued them to the church … they did not know that in the church were children which were being kept there as refugees so in the process of cause they set the church on fire…"

Raila goes on to say that his is not a defense of the massacre but his statement is doing just that. His statement that, "they (the Kalenjin militia) did not know that in the church were children which were being kept there as refugees so in the process of cause they set the church on fire" shows how hard Raila is working to take blame from the militia and allocate it to the victims.

Raila Odinga did not offer us the name of the 'CATHOLIC FATHER' who gave him that story. The facts are that the massacre was executed in an Assemblies of God church and there was not catholic father in charge of the church. Raila's lies show how far he can go to fabricate a story to justify the massacre of innocent women, children and disabled citizens who were taking refuge in the church.

The murderers who spoke to the press said,

"The men and women had babies and small children, but they carried pangas to defend themselves. Is someone with a panga innocent? It is not our custom to kill women and children. We told them to come out of the church, but they locked the door and refused to come out. So we burned them."

A third youth spoke. "They were not worshipping in the church. They were hiding. That makes it a cave not a church. Let Kibaki send a plane for the Kikuyus. They can go ... or they will be killed."

Several more men confirmed that youths from this village had helped carry out the attack.

Source: The Guardian, Jan 2, 2008

Similar reports as above have been filed by several media houses. Contrary to what Raila said, the murderers knew that there were women and children in the church. I am sure they heard cries of little children as the fires raged.

"As she climbed through the window, the attackers were on the other side - they grabbed her baby and threw it back in. The child died in the inferno," said a BBC correspondent"

Anonymous said...

Ruto was obeying his general who all along insisted massacre of harmless children and pregnant women was fight for democracy.
The buffon is going down Taabu na Mwarangethe apende asipende.

Anonymous said...

The era of Kalenjins slaughtering other Kenyans over flimsy excuses is gone. Ocampo will show them how primitive they can be to burn fellow humans in a church just because Raila has declared elections were stolen. Kibaki and Raila stole elections in the strongholds. None of them is an angel. Evolve into human beings, Kalenjins. Luos were the "most aggrieved" by the poll outcome but they didnt butcher anyone. They only followed their gang leader's order to riot - MASS ACTION.

Anonymous said...

teheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeee he yes i luuuuv thiiss...hague

Anonymous said...

Lets talk about fuel guzzlers,VW passats and ODM dancing ministers who dont want to relinquish their status symbols......

Anonymous said...


By the time Moreno is done with ODM murderers and rapists of the RV, ODM will be a Luo thingamajigg. And perhaps more importantly, anybody who wishes to stand for elections as a councillor in Mogotio will do so freely regardless of who claims it as his "ancestral land."

Anonymous said...

A good number of Kalenjin politicians will be boarding the Hague Express. They listen and obeyed Raila's hate commands, and this is the price they have to pay. Wajinga washidwe!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what is Ocampo and the rest of Kenyans waiting for? strip all this murders naked- and from their expensive suits and big cars.. they will look pathetic like the IDP's they keep hungry in the death camps where kids are sick, others have no food or drinking water,the weather has changed and now they have been forced out because Ocampo is coming..

Ocampo is not here to take the IDP's to Hague..he is here to take the fat bellied murderers to ICC - I ask again what are we Kenyans and Ocampo waiting for? if Ocampo needs help then we can tie them all up and hand them to him.. we know who funded, killed, murdered innocent kenyans..
citizen justice can prevail too..

Anonymous said...

Does it not bother ODMorons that todate no one has ever come up with any concrete evidence of the systemattic rigging that they claim'caused' them to kill and rape little children?

Their own appointed investigator Kriegler declared the election misnmanaged not stolen. And who mis managed it? Kibaki? nooooooo sir it was Kivuitu whom ODM had held the country to ransom to reappoint.

The so called insider, the kamatusa idiot twhom they paraded for the cameras turned out to be fake. not even an employee of the ECK.

In other words, rigging was there only because Raila and Orengo said there was.

Mbuzi tu.

Anonymous said...

Why not read this piece from the ODM gutter paper ; the EA standard?

Even they know where the killings came from

Anonymous said...

@ 11:50 P.M, Unfortunately most Kikuyus lack morals that is why they can cheat and not feel any remorse.

How can Kikuyus constantly talk about the elections not being stolen when every person from , EU, Alston, Annan, Kriegler, Kenya Human Rights Commission, Mars Group, Professor Barkan, all have said the election was stolen?

Do you Kikuyu guys no longer have morals that's why you are now having men marry each other?

@11:50 P.M how many cows should I pay to your parents so that you can believe that Kibaki stole the elections? I will get you a good mzungu who can teach you how to bend down and shake the cobwebs out of your little illiterate sh*$hole, then have you think moralistically you little piece of @*s!

Anonymous said...

anon 12;07

give us facts whacha these hysterics of ati everyone knows. No one knows except you fanatics.

kriegler in his reported said THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE IF WIDE SPREAD SYSTEMATIC RIGGING that ou idiots allege.

there were malpractices, but they were ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ELECTION.

I agree Kivuitu is an idiot but you ODM put him there and threatened to detroy the country if he was not retained. If he screwed you idiots, then really you have only yourself to blame.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I know is that you can never make a fanatic reason or think independently,if grown men can get circumcised just because 'Raila alisema',how then do you expect the morons to believe what Kriegler found out while 'Raila alisema elections were stolen?'

Anonymous said...

Kweli. Totally agreed.

Its almost like a cult.

Anonymous said...

i have never understood one point from Ruto. he claims Kalenjins are maginalized yet MOI one of their own was in power for 21 good years. so they should blame themselves... Ocampo should come and carry all of them away, Kibaki, Raila, Ruto, Kibor, Uhuru, Wako, Ali, and we can then govern ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Men seek all sorts of rationale to explain their insinctive drives.

Just like in the Rwandan genocide.. you will hear all sorts of explanations for why it happened ranging from elections to the historical injustices. You will hear about gas cylinders and raila's famous catholic priests.

Finally, just like in Rwanda, then they are finally confronted they the enormity's of the evil they committed, they will blame the devil.

Just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Will the Hague Express take off....?

Anonymous said...

Kales have suffered historic injustice and if this not dealt with, camp and huge will just be postponing the problem. Kenya do not fool yourself with foreign just .True just is only come from home

Anonymous said...

President Kibaki has appointed Dr Nelson Githinji the new State House Comptroller

Another nephew to replace Alex kibaki

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus will never learn or tell the truth because those words do not exist in their language. Oh but of course the words I love to steal exists in Kikuyu.

Have you no shame? Or does the word not exist in Kikuyu either?

And now I command you to bend down while I get you a rich muthungu to marry you and maybe that way the mzungus di*k can reach into your thick immoral skull and tewach you how to speak the truth.

Immoral and thieving morons that you are.

Simmer there for a while as I rub it in.

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that Kikuyus have respect for, nay, even fear Kales, unlike the way they look down on Luos. Kuyks in this country joke with everybody else except Kaleos.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you know why they fear us. Ask anyone in Burnt Forest in 1991-92 they will tell you why.

Kiyuks are the biggest cowards ever, like hyenas when they are ten and you are alone they are tough. Otherwise Kiuyuks are like little kittens very docile and ready to be taught.

Ken said...

Ken is back, after a long period of absentia due to the garbage that Kumekucha had become.

I am saddened by the fact that we still have idiots here reasoning in terms of Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luo and other tribes.

I am more saddened by the fact that we Kenyans are MORONS and we never learn.
Case to point, we, the rest of Kenyans have been going for ages without water and electricity. Some of us cant reemember the last time we showered.

Meanwhile, Our gods Raila, Ruto and Kibaki live in Muthaiga, Runda and Karen. They have their own water companies like the Runda water company. Do you think this people have been going without water because they are Kikuyu, Luo or Kalenjin?

As for the person saying Kaleo's have been marginalized, I can only laugh because Moi was in power for 24 good years, with SUPREME authority yet he did not unmarginalize them so I don't know who they should be blaming.

Its time we realized that tribalism is a tool used by the politicians to ensure their own political survival and to amass wealth at the expense of the common Kenyan.

Wahenga walinena "Mjinga akierevuka, mwerevu you mashakani" so it is in the politicians interest that we remain wajinga.

Wake up people and smell the coffee. Its time we started thinking in terms of "Me" and not in terms of "Our tribe".

If we honestly asked ourselves what those we glorify have done for us, we will ALL come to the same answer, NOTHING.

When we start thinking about "ME" when electing our leaders, it will lead to more accountable leadership since our leaders will strive to serve and fulfil the requirements of the majority and we will all benefit.

I rest my case

Anonymous said...

for those who are disssing kiuks know this come 2012 no ambushes WE WILL TAKE TEA In KEricho and put the last kaleo in a museum of this space NEver again..hata wazungus JUA WAT THEY WERE TAUGHT.

Jigga said...

I'm a Kalenjin and for very long I have quietly watched as we have has been abused, labelled murderers, primitive, backward on this website particularly by folk from central province or their cousins in rift valley. It is this kind of open display of arrogance, mockery displayed on this site that you thrust down our throats in areas like like Burnt forest Kipkelion etc. Ocampo will come prosecute the masterminds from our community and also your community. Your people have butchered many even from your own. You don't hear us abusing you left right centre.
You will have to change your attitudes whether you will like it or not if you want to be loved by your neighbours. We are not your punch bags !! When you push a docile one to a corner he will eventually lash back

Anonymous said...

@10:17 PM, you can thump your chest one million times but when the time comes to separate the men from the boys you will be crying for Ocampo to help you again in 2012.

Anonymous said...


Am not sure wht arrogance you speak about but the right to live anywhere in the republic and to vote for whomever one pleases is a constitutional right.

Do you know what that is? that document that your kinsman shredded to bits while trying to enrich himself and his relatives for 24 years while you, even though poor and destitute continued to rally around him.

You dont know what that is? I thought so.

For a start, go read up on the meaning of the word Democracy ..which is the D in ODM. If you keep mouthing things, it helps to atleast understand what you are saying

Jigga said...

Anon 5.41 AM

A Kenyan citizen has the right to live anywhere they like, but how you carry yourself wherever that maybe does matter alot when having your peace of mind and safety is concerned.

If you come to my neighbourhood be it in london,seychelles or nairobi and begin hurling unwarranted insults,abuses and looking down on me. There is going to be a problem. I will not break the law but indeed I will not be courteous to you. But remember there are one or two impulsive and erratic ones down the road who will not put up with it. They will shoot first and ask questions later.

Change your ways if you wanna live in peace. This is not a threat, but a piece of useful advice

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