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Monday, October 05, 2009

Annan: We're Running, Don't Babysit Us Please

Kofi Annan has landed, breathing fire down our necks and ready to give a progress report for an examination we never sat in the first place. Unfortunately Annan's gloomy assessment is exclusively premised on misinformation and prediction of Armageddon. Otherwise he would readily accept the impressive distinction of 90% pass as graded by our own competent Alfred Mutua, PhD.

Dr. Annan is here but he must be reminded that Kenya is no toddler in need of babysitting. He played his part last February, we appreciated it and he now better learns never to attempt extending the handshake past the elbow.

The US would do themselves a great deal of good in accepting the basic truism that sanctions and threats never work as diplomatic tools. The Americans can keep their laser-guided sanctions to their political labs and spare Kenya uninvited lectures on good governance.

YES WE CAN reform ourselves and our country BUT at our own pace. We are sovereign and independent with a FLAG to boot. Just like we defeated the late Smith Hempstone during his nyama choma gimmicks packaged as advocating for multiparty, the activist Renneberger stands no chance to shake us as a country.

Kenya is no Somalia or Zimbabwe and one Johnny-come-lately Carson better learn to respect his ex-host. Invoking Obama’s name at the sight of every microphone will not make any difference-Kenya is for Kenyans, PERIOD. Michael better revise notes from the late Rogue Ambassador Smith who consorted with the likes of Kamau Kuria and Kiraitu Murungi then.

Laser-guided bans
We only have one centre of power and the presidency is our singular symbol of UNITY. Uhuru and Murage may have desecrated the hallowed grounds of State House by using it as a venue to plot Naivasha massacres but that does not make the legal tenant guilty by association.

President Kibaki was there and saw it all as an opposition politician. Renneberger’s antics amount to playing a melodious tune to a HE-GOAT, no dance nor nodding. Even the loudmouthed EU and Canada are welcome to jump into that expanded bin of irrelevance.

Make no mistake, we adopted multipartysm at our own pace and nobody can claim otherwise. The world has changed and America’s high handedness will only push us into PRODUCTIVE business with China and Iran. What is more, these fledging economies have plenty of resources and help to help Kenya realize v2030 in light years.

No country but Kenya can have reforms in the constitutional review, land, boundary, police and the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission in less than a year. Add that to the on-going electoral reforms, judiciary, youth employment and National Cohesion and Integration Commission and you are staring an emerging AFRICA TIGER in the face.

The so-called international community needs new names to paint as faces of impunity. One Prof Alston may be showing his post molars in glee after Major Ali quit but that is it. AG Wako has served us diligently for 20 years and nobody is more qualified to be CJ than Gicheru. Sorry the guillotine must run on empty, no more heads.

We are miles ahead of the pack and deserve no patronizing lectures which only succeed in provoking our EXECUTIVE FOUL MOOD.


Anonymous said...

The old ambassador annoingly sings, ati Obama said this, Obama though this, and Obama farted that. We can also quote what Kibaki thinks or Raila coughs.

The americans are behaving like jilted lovers. They should remember we don't owe each other anything. They gave Obama Sn a scholarship and he donated to them some sperms, and that was the end of the barter trade. And if we are no longer seduced by what they have, we are free to go to bed with the Chinese or anybody else.

Anonymous said...

Laser-guided sanctions are like having laser-guided sex, it never achieves the objectives. If you want results, you must be ready for unprotected skin-to-skin contact with all the attendant harzards.

Phil said...

Blogger Taabu said.....We only have one centre of power and the presidency is our singular symbol of UNITY. Uhuru and Murage may have desecrated State House by using it as a venue to plot Naivasha massacres but that does not make the legal tenant guilty by association.

One centre of power my a**! Undoubtedly symbol of the greatest DISUNITY amongst Kenyans since we had a nation!

Even the late Mzee Kenyatta never went that far. Gathee had his Gatundu home to play dirty politics from.

What happened in State House this time round was beyond anyone's imagination. The genocide was being planned from those grounds apparently. That is precisely the elephant in the room. Keep your eye on that ball.....Hague here we come!

Can you imagine the son of the founding father in hand cuffs and leg cuffs, on a charter plane to Hague, Charles Taylor style? Well, let's wait and see if incoming Iteere has the balls!

Anonymous said...

Taaaaaaabu, please allow me to you this. Just read your on quote...
"Uhuru and Murage may have desecrated State House by using it as a venue to plot Naivasha massacres but that does not make the legal tenant guilty by association."
In Mathematics there are topics like statistics, Calculus etc but there is a very obscured topic called "Logics and Circuits." This is used very much by sociologists, criminologists and police strutagists. It goes like this
If there are 3 people namely A, B, and C. And it is known that A is a friend of B, B friend if C. If A is a thief prove that C is anso a chief.
Please note that this is mathematics and there is an equation for solving sum. Why do I indulge you to this difficult maths?

It is in your quote. If, as you say, Uhuru and Murage desecrated State House, then infer as follows. Uhuru is a Minister of Finace in Kibaki government, and Murage was Kibaki's special advisor. Statehouse is not an open play field. You need an invite to go there.Do you see where this is heading? I infer that the common denominator here is Kibaki. Read this. Kibaki is boss of Murage and Uhuru and he the official resident of statehouse, so it follows that he should at least know or be part of the conspiracy! You get it? Part of the trinity.

Taabu said...

Equivalence relation must satisfy three condition:
1. Reflexivity - A ~ A
2. Symmetry - if A ~ B then B ~ B
3. Transitivity - if A ~ B and B ~ C then A ~ C.

So proving 3 doesn't necessary imply 1 (gene) and 2 (party). At best it may be necessary but not sufficient. Leta ingine.

Anonymous said...

We are all agreed,two wrongs will never make a right.But why do these Odmorons,Taabu,Phil and some anons always want to think and reason like innocent people died only in Naivasha and Kisumu.So,what were those who died in the Rift Valley,were they chicken?If you are to seek justice for the less fortunate in society through the pen,if you insist on just seeing what was done to one and turn a blind eye to what was done to another,then you had better not even try for it will be an excercise in futility.Justice must be seen to be done for all.For once forget about party affiliation,genes and whatever other barrier that gets you excited and talk about constructively about how to build a new Kenya.After all I dont think any of the 42 tribes is leaving Kenya anytime soon.Its time we learnt how to live together!

M-Pesa said...

Let's cut the chase, we all know Ruto is the number one suspect on Waki List, but I was just wondering whether Kibaki is also on that list as reported in today's Weekly Citizen. Yes Waki reported retaliatory meetings were held at State House but under whose authority? That means if Kibaki is indicted by the Hague, Kenya could be under the leadership of one man... Raila Odinga! Did I hear red rivers from Panua side?

Anonymous said...

ODM never took anyones life.
ODM members were demonstrating democratic rights and those who got hurt helped rig the elections.
PNU rigged elections since the opinion poll showed Raila won.
Opinion poll are always right.
Raila won because kibaki was sworn in at night.
Kivuitu rigged Kibaki in even though ODM forced Kibaki to rehire him after retirement.
Taabu is smart since he writes everyday in KK.
Taabu fights for the rights of the Kenyans.
Kumekucha is the best site that there was.
Raila is a saint who never harmed a fly.
Raila met Obama and they had a long friendly chat in state house where he spent a couple of nights.
Obama is Railas 1st class cousin.
Obama and Raila talks daily consulting each other in how to run America and Kenya.

These are the thoughts that Kumekucha ODMorons entertain daily.
Its a pity but i wrote so that hopefully they can realise how stupid they are. But who expects fellows like Taabu at 53 yearold to learn anything?? the guys is menopausal!!!

Sayra said...


The more you continue been a hater to Taabu the more you sound like an idiot. Those of us who have been here long enough know that there is no trace of truth to what you write about him.

And since to me you sound very determined in trying to tarnishing his name, you would look smarter and somewhat clever if you got another strategy for your hate comments since what you have been writing is not working.

All the 'best' though, na endelea kujibamba.

Anonymous said...

If we arrest our own leaders and hand them over to a white man to go do whatever he wants with them in Hague, Kenyans will regret very soon. We should do whatever it takes to punish or to forgive them ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Well put anon 11:50. Continuing on the same line,so non Kalenjins in Molo,Burnt forest,Eldoret,Uasin Gishu and Kericho,still savouring their victory after rigging the elections decided it was no longer worthwhile to continue with their peasant living and opted to leave en masse.While at it,they looted their own stores and livestock,burnt their homes and on their way,some fell in the fields and died.And seeing it was becoming a long journey,some women and children locked themselves in a church and set it ablaze.What more could they want and their man had gotten another term in State House?Psst,I too am beginning to like this version.It makes better sense!

Anonymous said...

These PNU mandarins, supporters and goons never fail to amuse with their SILLY, PETTY and MALICIOUS upumbavu

We need not ask why to some people - we all know who they are - the prospect of Prime minister Raila Odinga meeting Obama — whom they think speaks flawless Dholuo — even for one second was such a BIG deal. They really made big fools of themselves.

The issue of ‘disinvitation’ letter from Obama’s administration to Raila was decoy with a ‘Made in Kenya’ label. PNU hoped to humiliate Raila but flopped big time. Shame on them.

sagwende said...


Did you Guys think the west had invested heavily in Kenya for the Past 30years for no apparent reason , Most of us got almost free Education,mostly of the burden were taken over by the World Bank and IMF.Its paying time now,kenyan keep an eye

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The americans and the brits are of course only interested in preserving kenya for their own interests. It is their gateway to the entire region including DRC where they continue to steal diamonds for their ladies. That is why they are saying 2007 cannot be repeated in 2012.

What I dont know is whether kenya can survive the trial of ruto and uhuru, if indeed they are the ones being talked about.

Injeraz said...

Its amazing how blind Kenyans are. Americans and Brits are strutting through the country recolonizing us and we are busy cheering them on.

Anonymous said...


welcome @kumekucha where we have educated fools who think the whites are their saviour. and the suprising thing is that some of the main contributors boast of a couple of degrees. shows how cruel nature is, morons like phil and taabu will never be saved by formal education. what they need is social re-education

Mwarang'ethe said...

Injeraz said...
Its amazing how blind Kenyans are. Americans and Brits are strutting through the country recolonizing us and we are busy cheering them on.

Our comment:

When were we free?

For your information, the British elite decided way back in 1916 to rename the British empire as Commonwealth when and if the natives became troublesome.

48 years later, the the Commonwealth was "born" with Kenya being a "member." So, when you say we are being colonised, you believe that we have been free. Well, thats an illusion fed to you and other school kids.

The fact of the matter is that your fate was decided long time ago by dead white men. Unfortunately, many are yet to find out as borne by your comments.

Mwarang'ethe said...

As an illustration of Kenya's fake independence is Article VIII of the IMF Treaty which we have ratified.

Section 2 provides:

Avoidance of restrictions on current payments

(a) Subject to the provisions of Article VII, Section 3(b) and Article XIV, Section 2, no member shall, without the approval of the Fund, impose restrictions on the making of payments and transfers for current international transactions.


For those who understand these things, the above clause is more than sufficient when well understood, to dispell the illusions that we are free from UK and USA.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki and Raila tell Annan that the only two options are the HAGUE and the TRC.
Raila's road for 2012 is clear.

Uhuru and Ruto are the target?

Anonymous said...

Kenya Iko na wenyewe-Kenyattas. odingas,mois and Kibakis

When Raila and Kibaki go for Hague and the Truth & Justice commission, what is the game plan?
Control Ruto. But at what price?

The odinga's,Kibakis and Kenyattas are protected.
See this:
By going to Hague, Ruto is cut off. Uhuru's position is well protected. The Mount Kenya Mafia.

Raila is playing a smart game- but not too smart. All he is doing is to protect his family's fortune. He cant do this without protecting Kenyatta.Mois and Kibaki's.

The truth is that touching Ruto-whatever has been said about him is too dangerous. He has sold himself as from " those who are nothing".
That is where the Kenyan voters are.
Kenyattas. Mois, Odingas, Kibakis-this is anew Kenya

Amongst all, only Ruto has done Moi in. He is also more closer to the younger genaration.
He has also shown all that he is fearest amongst all.
I pray for Kenya.
I dont like that Ruto is mentioned as the 1st passenger to Hague-but do I say?

We are in for a long haul in Kenya.

Revolution is what is about to happen.

2012 is scary.

Anonymous said...

River Road doctorate.

Anonymous said...

Kenya can not reform itself. There are too many thieves and less democrats.

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