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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wako’s US Visa Ban is Megaphone Diplomacy

The curse and heat from three vowels A+O+O is back. And now they have gone a notch higher and Kenya government’s chief legal officer is banned from visiting US. After defying President Kibaki’s official protest, Obama’s contempt for both our country and leaders continue.

Kenya is for Kenyans and Obama must stop his proxy wars for influence our 2012 elections. Barack must avoid double standards by putting undue pressure on our government. He must not insult Kibaki’s mature diplomatic approach and resort to MEGAPHONES handed to one Johnny Carson and his sidekick Michael Renneberger.

Obama must stop listening to the jobless ex-UN chief Koffi Annan. You cannot fail to see their evil intention to intensify the pressure just ahead of Moreno Ocampo’s date next week. Obama must measure up to his NEWEST Laureate status and stop fanning tension at the slightest excuse within Kenyan borders.

Cheap 2012 proxy wars
Kenya must be suffering from the curse of Obama by association. US needs to be ashamed of meddling in every aspect of Kenya’s government. They have spitted on our face by promoting the loudmouthed Renneberger when we demanded he be recalled. What is more, Johnny-come-lately even has the cheek to deride Ali’s exit as police boss as good riddance.

More than 60% of Kenyans know no other AG in their lifetime except the brilliant and ever-smiling Wako. Amos is NOT GOING ANYWHERE. He is the only experienced hand who knows when to tamper justice with political reality.

Wako's measured doses of nolle prosequi when militia bosses threaten to soil prominent names by spilling the beans is just what the doctor ordered. He is impunity personified. He provides the much-needed legal cover for kings of impunity.

Obama must leave us alone to sort ourselves in the best way we know how. We need neither prodding nor babysitting. Just like Annan before him, Ocampo will come and gleefully kiss every camera and microphone thrown at him and go.

The US of A is not heaven. They better know that all their present theatrics and megaphone diplomacy is not new, we have seen all these casts before. We are firm and happy in our own skin.


John Maina said...

very interesting

Anonymous said...

A man who is supposed to safegurad the interests of wanainchi and who recently is exposed as the rubber stamp that he actually is by his most recent " nolle prosequi " pronouncement does not deserve to travel anywhere in the world to represent kenyans. Due to his inaction or collaboration thousands of children have missed the right to develop, some even died due to lack of medicines etc etc - think about all the billions could have done to the poor.
His kids have a good education at the expense of others. He does not deserve any respect and his " more that 20 years in Government service " should be enough. Modern day home guards should not be allowed to be in office. Its like being lead to cross the raging river by a blind man - no disrepect to real blind men. If you ask me he should be Number 1 in the TJRC and lets us all decide if his actions is worth forgiving . That answer is a forgone conclusion - He has been paid by the tax payers to do a job , its time the tax payers demand a REFUND.

papa plus said...

I think that one should always endeavor to look at the glass as half full. In our case, we should thank God that the US president is Luo and not the Russian president or PM. If Putin were Luo...ngai fafa...

Anonymous said...

As accurately predicted by yours truly, Taabu had excitedly jumped to the US ban issue which is not new. Well, we all know that the hot news is that RUTO and now BALALA are telling Raila to stop bringing MOI behaviour in ODM. Ngilu is next and the pentagon built on innocent blood will be left with only Raila and his faithful Luo-Nyanza MP's

This is touching Taabu's paymasters and no one cuts the hand that feeds him.

see full story in Standard.

Kumekucha Prefect

Mkenya Damu said...

Taabu ,this satirical shit is getting old man ,can't you find something better to do I mean are you really that ideal ? People log in in to KK to see if chris has any juicy storo not to read your juvenile theatrics!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can't bite the hand that feeds you, bure sana.

Anonymous said...

I thought that it was Kalonzo.

Anonymous said...

@Mkenya Damu,

At 53 years of age, Taabu is that proverbial dog that cannot be taught new tricks. Sometimes, its good to let the sleeping dog lie or allow it to howl itself to sleep. Funny that John Maina finds it interesting...classical bootlicking statement lol..

Where is Mwarangethe also to add some quotation from a Mzungu book that he has crammed to pass his history degree???

incognito said...

What happened to the good old Kumekucha? I really miss Chris and his incisive and investigative articles. Taabu's article are not fit to be posted on this site. Why does it continue to do so? I miss the real Kumekucha of two years ago. Those were the days I would eagerly await another post from Chris. These days I check out the topic of the post and who posted it. If it is Taabu, its a no read.

Anonymous said...

Are these bans real or just talk? they will have to give us a name. But ranneberger has proved that he speaks for washington. It was probably a good move to have carson (a black) make the announcement. If this is for real, Kenyan officails will now take ranneberger very seriously.

Anonymous said...

It’s Ruto… No It’s Kulei. Oops Or Is It Ruto?
It has never happened before and I was totally shocked. Usually this informant gives me A1 information in terms of reliability. In fact the problem with most of the info they give me is that it is too hot to use (sometimes even in my raw notes). But this time round they came back a few days after telling me Ruto was the Visa ban minister to tell me that it was NOT Ruto after all. The name they gave me confused me.

Philip said...

But who appointed Wako?

Or who has ensured Wako remains in power?

Should they also be banned?

Kiama said...

Ah all of you this is either the man Uhuru whose family stole the people's lad meant for the Mau Mau all over or this other man Wako.

Anonymous said...


What is people's lad??

go back to school sucker!!

Anonymous said...

As Kenyans we are unable to solve our own problems. Let others take the lead...this is the age of outsourcing, is it not?

M-Pesa said...

Raila recently claimed that Kibaki is a visionary reformist. Kumekucha said nothing about that laughable fallacy. Raila AKA Kabila adui is also busy practising tribalism and nepotism. Kumekucha is dead silent. Even ODM's fanatics like Phil have borrowed a leaf from Kibaki and gone into hiding as their demi god flounder.

"...Why not point out Raila also for practicing nepotism and sectarianism at its best in appointing relatives. For instance: Oburu Odinga is the Assistant minister for finance, Mrs Berily Achieng' Oginga, Raila's sister is the Pension Scheme Board director, sister Wenwa Akinyi Odinga is the Consulate General in Kenyan mission in Los Angeles, US., Prof. Kacquiline Oduol the Permanent Secretary for Genda, is married to Raila's uncle, and Elkana Odembo (Aoko Midiwo who is Raila's first cousin) is Ambassador to France..."


Anonymous said...

Sir, you are talking as if you are a benificiary of thuggery, robbery and murder going on in Kenya.

I agree totally with President Obama. This man with a Kenyan blood is doing us a favour by threatening the thieves and murderers who jet to NY and LA to spend their loots there. President Obama is saying NO to this rape culture.

Africa needs strong institutions and not strong men. This is the president's clear message.

Kibaki is not a recognised president and so President Obama is not obliged to answer his letter. Obama is on the side of the small man/woman like me, who has not benefited from impunity, corruption and murder (And doesnt want to benefit either).

Kenyans are known to be peaceful and law abiding. It is these elite crooks like AG, CJ, and other top cream which are promoting stealing, murder, rape, etc and then running back to their tribes for support. Look at Kimunyua, Ruto, Kiraitu, etc. You will see how Wako will drum up support from his tribesmen to blast President Obama.

Anonymous said...


Thanx for the 'other side of the story' that will never see the light of the day in this hypocritical site ran by a 53 year old bitter Taabu after Chris went to Ukambani 'to look into the future' courtesy of his witches!!!

Phil said...

Blogger M-Pesa said.....
Even ODM's fanatics like Phil have borrowed a leaf from Kibaki and gone into hiding as their demi god flounder.

What is the point of wasting bandwidth trying teach anonymous imbeciles the principles of good governance and democracy if they cannot see beyond tribe and ethnicity?

If you look at the PM's international itinerary for the last two weeks; the magnitude of the deals he is wrapping up for this country, the global agenda he is tackling at international conferences, the marketing he is doing selling this country - and then compare and contrast it with what, for instance, one Kalonzo Musyoka has been doing for the last two weeks......the difference is like day and night. Clearly the two so-called front runners in the Kibaki succession are playing in different leagues.

I can tell you for a fact, the only significant thing Kalonzo has done in the last two weeks is to attend a bull fighting ceremony in Kakamega....

Just do a web search and see what Raila has been up to. Is this what you call going underground?

Meanwhile, if you have anything to say, and want it published so people can debate, please fell free to e-mail it so we can see what ideas you have to share with these anony-mouses on this board!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous wrote

Where is Mwarangethe also to add some quotation from a Mzungu book that he has crammed to pass his history degree???

Our response:

eheheh. You know nothing about Mwarang'ethe.

Time has come for you and your fellow anonymous here to put up or shut up. Here is the deal.

Mwarang'ethe and his friends are now ready to present a challenge to Kenyans (their government and the people as well) and all other nations.

We do not care whether you are PNU or ODM, all we want are funds to build what we believe will be the greatest BUSINESS VENTURE of the 21st Century. Instead of spending KES 40 billion on weddings, get in touch and we shall show you a better way.

The details and contacts are here:

Anonymous said...

The americans demanded wako's head. they must have been told he has security of tenure. They said "security of tenure gitu ghani". If he is the one, he will have to resign now. But do the americans vet the guys replacing those they dont want. Does renneberger have the final word on the replacements. It is very difficult to sympathise with kenyan leaders given the way they treat their people. Carson said they have their interests which drive them but I think they also sense that the common people in kenya support them.

Anonymous said...

kwekwe, kwekwe, kwekwe who is telling you not to do your job? wako? the imbecile? taking orders from jomo jr? the faggot? we are your employers, kenyans, and we order you to return to your posts NOW and discharge your mandate NOW!
weed these lazy idiots building mansions without breaking a sweat, riding on the backs of hard working kenyans.
Now kiama is back with the return of his lord...why is kiama still blogging? kwekwe muster NOW!

Anonymous said...

Muster the rohirrim, riders of the mark....

Anonymous said...

we know wako is an active supporter of mungiki with his paymasters. we know these parasites, playing around with our minds. one day they will all hang at CBD, a gillotine will find their necks

Anonymous said...

Ocampo arrest Wako, kibaki, maina njenga, Uhuru, ruto et al and rid us of this rot. if not people will one day hang in daylight at city square

Anonymous said...

we know maina njenga, raila, kibaki, uhuru, ruto, kalonzo, martha are all players on the same team trying to fool us. mkenya ndiye mjinga? one day the tarmac at city square will be soaked in blood

Anonymous said...

Obama has betrayed us by just banning wako. this is a slap on the wrist. This fool frees murderers then smiles at us. can a patriot please buy a 12.7×99mm Barrett M82A1 semi-automatic rifle

Mwarang'ethe said...

Taking our challenge further, it is reported in the DN that:

"France to help Kenya on nuclear plan," @

A nice idea. However, we challenge the PM to state the:

(a) Amount involved.
(b) The number of Kenyan jobs to be created.
(c) The amount of power to be produced.
(d) The industrial linkage between this project and other Kenyan industries.

If we can get this information, we are READY and WILLING to provide an alternative case scenario.

From these alternatives, Kenyans can choose the best way forward. Is that too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

A country that can not even build a bump is not capable of running a nuclear plant.

Raila is doing alot trying to find solutions for this country, but this time he has overestimated our capability.

Alot more foreign currency will be spent in importing nuclear fuels and exporting nuclear wastes than the energy gains.

Please RAO focus on solar energy and coal or oil power plants. They are much cheaper. Please employ me to advice you.

Anonymous said...

Kenya shillings 2 billion meant for the kazi kwa vijana joke dissapears from molasses office but guess what,according to KK,thats nothing to get hot under the collar about.The rift between Rao and Ruto becomes as wide as the RV but according to KK,bury the head as Taabu likes saying and pretend it didnt happen.But sadly the backside is as conspicuos as a tree in the sahara.Political blog indeed...!!!But precisely the kind of politics most Kenyans want a break from.

Anonymous said...

is this what kumekucha has become?

Anonymous said...

Is it ironical that the US is pushing for ICC , when they themselves are not even members and would not allow a US citizen to be tried at the Hague arguing that they have a superior judicial system.The whole thing stinks and there goes our citizenship.We are no longer a country but a colony of the western world.How some things never change.

Anonymous said...

wacko-wacko-wacko-wacko the laughing fisi should be shown the door. he is kenya's modern day diogenes. someone should get rid of this son of a peach, yes, a 'peach' as in a fruit and not a canine.

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