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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mungiki Leader is Back, Cholmondeley Freed

The Kenyan government owes Maina Njena and his 18 co-accused both apologies and handsome compensation for unlawful incarceration. The injustice meted against the Mungiki leader that saw him being denied the opportunity to even bury his late wife is unforgivable.

And now that the executive have taken over the court's jurisdiction to free Maina, the power that be must brace themselves for the Njenga’s threat to disclose names of the mighty Mungiki collaborators. The ever-smiling Amos only did what he knows best by lending authority to prodding from political quarters.

BOXER from George Orwell's Animal Farm saw it all. If only we could all see the smokescreen for what it is. As you concentrate on the slap on the wrist for Cholmondely, the real deal below is off the hook after threatening to UNDRESS the KING.

Brother Maina is back and is soon headed for BAPTISM. He has ordered the beheading squad to follow suit. We can only hope and pray that when the two profitable professions of religion and politics combine, Central Kenya will regain their peace.

At long last Mungiki can now restructure and be more EFFECTIVE with their leader back. If only all were equal and so lucky?


Anonymous said...

Kwani? Cholmondeley just kiled one kikuyu

odm supporters killed a thousand kikuyus and raped countless others.
Now they are walking free.

Kikuyu life is cheap in kenya.

Anonymous said...

Kenyan justice was even in better shape before independence. When Peter Poole shot and killed an African called Musengi for throwing a stone at his dog, he was sentenced to hang. But unfortunately, Tom Mboya had been against the sentencing of the killer even while most whites thought he deserved to die....this is just history repeating itself.

Anonymous said...

You are also more equal than us.You delete our posts and rule the blog with an iron fist and yet you are the 1st to demand fairness from others....!!!

Anonymous said...

Why would you like to be "equal and lucky" to a criminal? So that you and your kind can continue to burn people in churches for voting their choices? Shame on you. You and Cholmondeleys of this world are birds of a fearther.

Anonymous said...

At least he was in jail for some months. The rapists and murderers of the RV never served any time, instead they were called freedom fighters and democrats. That is the Kenya for you!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Taabu,

People know what a hypocrate you are.
Shame on you for seeing the speck in your neighbours eye while you have a bridge stuck under your eyelids.

Anonymous said...

This is what you call justice in Kenya.

1. Kenyatta kills Mboya.....The BIG MAN gets a state funeral and is termed a statesman.

2. Moi kills Ouko and is awarded 2millions pension and is called a statesman.

3. Kibaki kills masses and is called a democrat

4. Cholmondeley kills a Kenyan and gets not even a year.

Aluta Continua!!

Anonymous said...

Stupid responses to a very good good post. Idiots. Two wrongs a right does not make. Such falas.

Anonymous said...

The law is indeed an Ass. At least Tom killed only 2. How about the mungiki leader? Murdered hundreds if not thousands? And he too is scot free today!!!!! Why? Because he gave Wako an ultimatum, provide me with security and I spill the beans on the real leaders of mungiki!
But what was Maaina Njenga oing to say? Was he going to name those who attended the Statehouse mungiki revenge meetings? Was he going to name the pumbavu man as the true leader or was he going to name UK, Karume, Michuki, Murage et al as bonna fide members and financias of the millitia? Was he going to name those who bought the pangas for pev?Was he going to tell us who provided the amtatus that carried mungiki to Naivasha and nakuru? Or. Just or. Was he going to say that the Kiambu church burning was a counterstrategy done buy mungiki to implicate Rift valley people? I wonder. And so should you.
Why did Wako run fast to pre-empt this spilling of the beans?

Anonymous said...

There has always to be a 'twist to the tale' Taabu style!Need I say more

Anonymous said...

See,you guys are all suckers,one of those two was released just to dampen the emotions that were bound to happen upon the release of the other and as usual there are those amongst you who never see things in any other way than WE vs THEM which is exactly what those in power were praying for and as usual you the 'pawns' never dissapoint.Well,continue fighting other people's wars while they eat their fill.

Anonymous said...

at last justice has been done two innocent men free from prison. God bless kenyas justice system

deroo said...

SHERIA MSUMENO. KATA MBELE NA NYUMA. As for Odinga Dictatorial Musement (ODM), thing has come to nigh. The time that the COCK crowed THREE TIMES has arrived. To all those who said: 'leave the village fool (aka Derek) alone, the time that has come. Will NEVER!

Ati ODM, ati Kazi ianze sasa, ati powerful Prime Minister, ati Kalonzo to be leader of opposition, ati Kibaki to resign after two years, Kibaki to leave it for Raila ETC, ETC. Wapi????


deroo said...

As for Njenga, I pity him. So much. So much that he has sacrificed his ideals for a Saitoti-engineered deal that will see him intergrate intio the system, with blood of innocent BROTHERS in his hands.

Honestly, as I have said above, the law, that cuts both ways will have him a clean man despite the fact that he has sat on the shrine that saw the culling of whole communitites and families and in response, the death of innocent souls whose only fault was domicile or colour of teeth.

I feel bad for those that Jesus said were blind and could not see. Maina, pole ndugu. But what will happen to your convicts. Is the CAUSE over? What about the ODM engineered talks to end the cull/butchery/fight. Sorry. That is life.


Anonymous said...

frankly speaking kenya needs prayers.sincerely speaking i wish i could help but unfortunately it does not work like that.
My advise to young turks,make as much money as posible by whatever means possible.Use it wisely humbly and intelegently to improve life for all kenyans.In this monetary world there will never be justice forget it.JUST make the money and justice will be on your side.

Anonymous said...

the wealthy man will leave the country soon or later. while the not-s0-wealthy man will be force to vanish in one way or another because he continues to remain a real threat with regard to the intrests of some well connected politicians and businessmen.

Anonymous said...

private property is not trespass.....just don't aak how the private property was obtained......

Anonymous said...

Where are those cowards who burn and hound old women and children from their 2 acre parcels of land in the RV claiming it is 'ancestral'?How come they have never spotted the expansive soysambu ranch??

Anonymous said...

I dont know what you are complaining about Taabu; I thought you and your ilk stand for the extermination of kikuyus. Chomondeley killed one; thats one less for you t kill.

You should name a road after him somewhere in that cholera infested city.

Anonymous said...

listen, odm supporters never killed anyone, the people who did the killings were criminals. they were fighting for their own interests, what they keep referring to as 'historical injustices'. and also why is it that its only us kikuyus who feel agrieved? my husband happens to be from western kenya and an odm supporter i never saw him wielding a machete running through the streets chanting war cries. there is a story about a man,his two wives and seven children who were killed in naivasha. what wrong did this family commit? so as we are first to paint ourselves as the victims let us also look at what happened to others during that dark time. the people who went around killing, burning, shooting those are criminals and it doesnt matter who they voted for. we all were exersising our democratic right for voting for the candidate of our choice and after you dipped your finger in the black ink your civic duty ended there. whatever happened after the voting at kicc was just unfortunate. what we should have done as kenyans was to stick together. i keep blaming us the middle class because i believe what we should have done was to come out and demand a runoff between kibaki and raila and that would have averted the genocide. the winner from the runoff would have legitimately been declared the president, but oh no we had to swear in people at night and in private secret lawns.
on another issue i keep hearing how raila is 'responsible' for the poverty in nyanza yet our people in muranga and the rest of central province are dying of jiggers, i mean jiggers come on and this is just a hygiene matter. isnt our president from central? so lets not talk about raila when we need to be talking about kibaki and his complete neglect of our people. ask yourselves somthing else who were the majority in the idp camps, what happened to them? did you see any luhyas,luos,kambas even kaleos in those idp camps? last week what happened at mawingu idp camp, didnt kibaki order it shut and sent the gsu there to flush our people out?
let us not be hypocritical what did we do to help the idps majority of whom are our own? how many of us donated a spoon,cup, a tent to help them even our kikuyu elite who own vast tracts of land how many of them donated 1 acre to resettle the idps? and most of their land was questionably acquired. these same idps suffered on behalf of these same elite? so kenyans please let us wake up and smell the coffee, our greatest enemy is our leaders it doesnt matter from where but these are the vermin we need to rid ourselves of. i have lived comfortably with my neighbours some i dont even know from which communities since we are on 1st name basis, my kids friends play come for sleep overs at my home and vice versa and we have been happy but enter the politicians and now we look at each other from the corners of our eyes with suspision why brothers and sisters, why?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:15

You must be the only moderate kikuyu left. I feel you because I used to be like you. Infact My vote was among the 13,000 that Raila got in Central. I thought this was about democracy and freedom from the ruling elite.

Even when the killings began, I assumed Raila would stand up and condemn the killing (Ida Odinga later did and that is just one heck of a woman)

Instead the next time I would see the candidate i voted for was on BBC Hardtalk attempting to justify the killing of the people in Kiambaa. He talked about fictitious priests who told him sijui what. Then he went on about how he was refusing to condemn the killings because somewhow that would assuage the goverment's guilt over the killings before a visibly astounded BBC reporter

I knew at that moment this had never been about democracy and freedom and whatever other crap you write about here. Its about a people who have accumulated hate for us.

ODM stint with the half loaf has proved my opinion correct. Look at the maize scandals, raila is buying an 800million office in the middle of the worst drought in Kenya's history. No one ever doubted that kibaki and his cronies where crooked. Our idocy is imagining Raila and co. were any different.

I know what happened in naivasha. But thats the only place where non Kyuks lost their lives and that was after weeks and weeks of killings and rapes of kikuyus. It was horrible and my heart goes out to the poor man who lost his Family. may he find comfort from the solace where many of his brothers and sisters in Eldoret, Kisumu, Western province and Mombasa aslo found solace in their grief of theur butchered kin

I pity you. i really do. You are like Neville Chamberlain attempting to find logic and reason among mad, primitive butchers. You will find none. And some day they will come knocking on your door with pangas and axes because no matter how much orange you become, you are still a jigger infested, brown toothed kikuyu.

good luck till that day. Me I will hold on to my machete and like my brothers in Molo who are arming themselves, understand that I am fighting for my survival.

Anonymous said...

njenga and cholmondeley had to be freed simply because our justice system is a joke. 1st the jungu should never have been charged with murder in the 1st place that charge was defective from the start but our police have this habit of playing to the public mood and emotions and thats how many cases get thrown out coz the police were overzealous to rush a suspect to court. the same applies to njenga. after he was released after serving his term on a gun possession conviction the police hurriedly arrested him ati he ordered the massacre in mathira. knowing mungiki and how they operate it was not possible for the police to have any evidence to support the charge against njenga. time and time again the mungiki has shown how meticulous they are when it comes to planning so if njenga 'ordered' the killings in mathira i doubt if the police had any shred of evidence to support the charge.
look at also what happened to the case of gbm kariuki, he was set free coz of a defective charge sheet, can you imagine? why do the police and the ag's office get away with so much incompetence? these are the entities we need to shift our attention to, they are the ones making the administration of justice in this country look like a big joke. what we need to ask ourselves is, after the dust settles on both cholmondeley and njenga which other case are the police going to bungle up?

Anonymous said...

there you go again with the cheap talk of odm and pnu. i can honestly conclude you dont live in this country so i dont think i even want to participate in your cheap propaganda. you need to learn how to delink politics from issues, you dont even know that all government spending in this country has to be authorised by treasury. so am convinced you must be a moron. the post that you were replying to was issue based and i feel and understand where the sister is coming from but you on the other hand had to come in and lie about your affiliation to odm. with that you completely diluted the meaningfull discussion the ladys post would have generated. shame on you for your bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Kenya needs an effective constitution to fight injustice of this kind.

1) A president who is not a member of parliament (to avoid rewarding his henchmen). Ceremonial but powerful. Without his signature no law adoption. 6 years tenure only. Clean, no scandal before and elected by Kenyans.

2) A prime minister answerable for parliament. An MP. Leader of majority in parliament. Maximum term of 8 yrs only.

3) Three national parties only (with all tribes represented). No tribal alliances. Leader of tribal alliance will be disqualified for life.

4) No Attorney General but powerful constitution court, judiciary to be terribly independent. Judges to be nominated by Law society, rights and civil bodies. Ratification by parliament. Installation by President.

Anyone can sue a thug, a politician, etc through the higher court. The constituition Court to check all Court Judgements, if their is complaint: Eg release of Mungiki leader and Colmondeley, the role of ECK, etc.

5) Powerful provincial government (And NOT district). Provincial Leader (PL) to be elected by wanainchi. All 8 PLs to constitute a second "lower house". All laws and amendments and appointments from parliament must be signed by lower house before proceeding to the President. PL to be incharge of provincial developement. No Civic Govt ministry.

Kenya must join the club of democratic and civilized nation soon.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.45:

How interesting that you can arrive at such a conclusion about where I am just by reading my post.

For people who claim to be all about democracy and free speech; i find you a pretty intolerant lot. people have a right NOT to vote for raila and actually not even to LIKE him at all.

The hundreds of people who died in RV and Eldoret died because they were PERCIEVED (i suppose in the same miraculous way that you can percieve I am not in Kenya) that they voted for the guy ODM did not want voted for.

That right is enshrined in the consitution. Makes you wonder who the real tyrants and dictators are.

Anonymous said...

And for your information, before my bigotry came to be, there were those who coined terms like Lesotho, Kabila adui, madoadoa and others. Those that you enthusiastically supported.

I guess bigotry is only bigotry when it comes from a kikuyu.

Might want to preach to those first about bigotry before you extend it to me.

M-Pesa said...

We are told Mungiki boss has now "seen the light" and will be baptized soon by Bishop Wanjiru Kamangu. He has also urged his fellow followers to follow suit. So I bet that means the sect will no longer be beheading or skinning innocent people alive. Women will also be safe and will no longer be forcibly circumcised. I hope we shall see his hidden dossier on the powers that be who are highly implicated in Mungiki's sickening affairs!

Anonymous said...


Your questions must be answered with a Yes.

The members of Mungiki are those you have named PLUS Moi. He told the Pumbavu how to deal with ODM. You remember ODM... ni nini? Burning of Kiambaa Church was never done by the Kalenjins, but by Mungiki en terrible. Wako got cold feet. Mambo bado. With Maina out, ODM-Politicians are in danger.

Wait and see.

Anonymous said...

How is it that you all have forgotten that Raila the bumpkin Odinga is one of the people that wanted to 'negotiate' with Mungiki? How is it that you forget that he exchanged gifts with the Mungiki leader? That crude little book on power? Remember?
I see a plan by Raila the bumpkin Odinga.

Anonymous said...

dont make me laugh, you are just pathetic. i never voted for odm and i dont have time for them. what i find apalling is we keep talking and mentioning raila at any chance we get thereby giving him undue attention and prominence. we need to shift focus from odm and bring it closer home. let me give you a piece of reality. kibaki is our biggest impediment he has abandoned us when we need him most, he has instead decided to seek solace in his golf buddies and octogenarians after we paid a heavy price for backing him and his horse. he is the president for heavens sake why cant he be decisive and take charge. right now if you've been following whats been happening over the past few months. raila has spent so much time out there meeting with world leaders building his profile. so while we are here talking about maize scandals and kazi kwa vijana he is out there selling himself dont be fooled hes out there selling kenya, oh no. we need help because if we think uhuru,martha saitoti combined can outsmart that jaluo in 2012 then we are in for a surprise. word on the grapevine is one of our presidential candidates is on the wanted list on ocampos desk and if you also think kalonzo can galvanize the kikuyu vote then pole sana. see what is happening in ukambani with ngilu,musila, et al. let us not just talk and point fingers let us come up with a game plan to stay relevant in 2012. our mps met yesterday to lobby the independent boundaries commission to adopt a one man one vote policy when drawing out boundaries and this is how we need to look after our own not just cheap talk about arming ourselves with machetes in readiness for war. after ocampo is done with us, and he said he'll make an example of kenya. no one will ever pick up a machete or whatever weapon to go harm another on behalf of a politician so brethren save your money use it to buy a book or something.

Anonymous said...

How misguided can you get?!
Kibaki is Kenya's biggest reformer, didnt your god say so? So stop whining and start working.

As a footnote: Raila the bumpkin Odinga will never be the president of Kenya. He'll have to mow down at the minimum 22% of Kenya's population (yuknowarraimin)--and the figure gets higher when you see the acrimony among the Kales and the disdain of the kamba.

Plus Ocampo does not vote in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

you must be reffering to a kibaki in siberia not the one in kenya. what reforms are these you are talking about? you need to crawl back to the hole you came out of. i really get dissappointed with this blind worship of the kibakis and railas. odm and pnu. these entities have presided over the most darkest time in kenyas history and i will never like you dim wit defend any of them. yes ocampo doesnt vote in kenya and this is also another point. the folly of african countries is to peg democracy in elections. the general consensus among the kibaki's, mugabe's, museveni's etc is so long as you hold elections then you are democratic. ocampo doesn't vote in kenya? yes but after he's done with us you will wish he rather voted coz he'll only have one vote.

Anonymous said...

could we become part of UK and its territories again??

Anonymous said...

everyone one wants to know who was behind the killings of jm, tom mboya, ouku, and pinto in an independent Kenya...

Anonymous said...

let me burst your bubble if nothing changes, if things continue the way they are raila amollo odinga will be the next president of this country. you can bicker all you want, call him all the names you want but you'll have to reconcile yourselves with that fact. kibaki is at state house picking his nose wondering when this will all be over. raila is out there playing to the international community gallery telling them how kenya is moving in the right direction. what about you? WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR KENYA?

Anonymous said...

we still are part of the uk only that they look at us like the biblical prodigal son or like an uncle who paid our way through college but was molesting us at the same time.
on the issue of jm,pinto,mboya and ouko we know who the culprits are so lets not beat that horse.
my personal opinion, am so excited that luis moreno ocampo is set to visit kenya and meet the two pretenders to the throne and tell them to fully cooperate as soon as the icc makes indictments. i think this man like somebody said above doesnt vote in kenya but he will bring justice to all the brothers and sisters who fell of the pev. so to luis moreno ocampo, come and make it count.

Anonymous said...

Only an idiot like you can peg your hopes to upon this most flawed process (ocampo)--still waiting for your foreign and white masters to liberate you.
Ocampo does not and will never have a vote in Kenya, as much as you may wish he did--keep dreaming.
So now you have declared elections unimportant? That doesnt surprise me at all, Kibera's shit express (i.e the flying toilets) must really cloud your thinking, let alone the air around you.
Tell your MP to do something, woiyee.

Anonymous said...

"i think this man like somebody said above doesnt vote in kenya but he will bring justice to all the brothers and sisters who fell of the pev."


Anonymous said...

"could we become part of UK and its territories again??"


Anonymous said...

this person looks like he no she lives in uzbekistan as an escort and wants to pass him, no herself as if he, oh no she is in or america then he, not again she wants to sound intelligent with his,oh brother her skewed opinions about kenya. i think you exist at a wrong time you should have been kkk or nazi. jerk.

Victor said...

Ok so now the Mungiki de facto leader claims that he and all Central Kenya youth supported the NO vote in the referendum, and also that in 2007 they voted for Raila.

So then, if the youth are the majority, how did all Central votes still end up for Kibaki,

Which of you brave Central mouth-pieces dare call the Mungiki head-honcho a liar?

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus are pathological liars

Anonymous said...


1.ODM minister in SMS hate rage
from todays standard

2. I will take on Raila says Ruto
from Todays Nation

3. Mutahi Ngunyi call for Luos to break from 'Odingaism' Chains as well as other tribes
see todays Nation

This is a proof of how selective reporting is practised at KK. With the stories above being the talk of town and hirting ODM, you can bet your legs that KK will allow this OLD STORY to run until more ODM friendly news are reported. Chris and Taabu are just ODM bootlickers and are on their payroll.

Kumekucha Prefect

Taabu said...

Not so first Mr EXCITABLE. If Ngunyi's opinions make you expose your post molars then you better read his preface premised on last week's CLIMB DOWN CALL. And we didn't cover that one either. So indulge and expand the ego. Sorry, you are stuck with us.

Anonymous said...

thats very right taabu, why is it that when mutahi ngunyi writes negatively about odm or raila then the haters want to strip down and march in the streets nude just because that story is not featured in this blog. but when he writes about the failed presidency of kibaki the same dimwits hide under their beds pretending they didnt read the paper. how selfish and self serving can those hypocrates get? somebody wrote about how kibaki has neglected his people and suddenly the blog was silent you know why, coz the guy made a point and the haters can never handle the truth thats why they live like the proverbial ostrich that burried its head in the ground thinkin it cant see anything neither can it be seen. then they got petty with non issues ati flying toilets. is kibera the only slum in kenya? why dont you talk about karen which is also part of langata constituency? why dont you talk about the people in central dying of jiggers and yet kibaki is the president? why dont you talk about the suffering your brothers and sisters went through in the idp camps. lets talk about one of your elite who rides around in a helicopter thumping his chest saying the next mp should also ride in a helicopter yet he was paid to do a 14 km stretch of road and seven years later nothing has happened. lets talk about a few families that own all the prime land in kenya yet they couldnt offer even an eighth to the idp who by the way became refugees courtesy of the same elite. so let us also talk about the stolen election.
the headline in todays nation says how wealthy kenyans sink millions into weddings lets also discuss that, or even lets discuss how your men are marrying each other so what becomes of youe women. mutahi ngunyi last week talked about gikuyu and his 9 daughters if they were the first kikuyus then how did you multiply was it through incest? LET US BE OBJECTIVE AND STOP THESE ATTACKS ON INDIVIDUALS IF YOU WANT TO ENGAGE IN DIRTY AND SHALLOW CONVERSATION GO TO MASHADA.

Anonymous said...

Taabu is still deleting comments lol..

Anonymous said...


I may not like Kumekucha Prefect but i think he had a point concerning issue 1 and 2. Those are hot news and i wonder why Taabu decided to ignore them and hide by blasting him on the 3rd issue.

Was Taabu running away from the truth that KK Prefect exposed?
I am still waiting and hoping that an article either discussing Ruto's ambition or the Hate sms sent by an ODM minister will find its way here.

ardent reader.

Philip said...

Everytime our politicians continue to prove to us that they only need us for their own selfish interest and everytime we keep on defending them or arguing in support of them.

When will we open our eyes?!

Anonymous said...

why are you talking bad about Raila?
you will be banned from klist lol...

Philip said...

anon @ 3.11

Stop being funny and if you are correct then I don't think I'll fear writing anything against ODM as long as I know I'm right.

When it comes to Raila there is nothing I can say because I got tired of him long time ago and I don't think I'll support him unless the other contenders are worse than him.

Now let me go to politics.

First of all for those who will read this please note that politics is always a dirty game and maybe I'll try my best to politick here like my fellow learned friend called Chris and bring back the juicy story that Kumekucha has missed a lot nowadays.

In one of my comments I had indicated why Ruto is against Raila. Just to jog your memory I had said that Ruto's ambitions are so big that he cannot go for less than Prime Minister in the coming election, yet as you all know Raila has always been leaning towards Mudavadi. I went ahead to say that Ruto has been looking for a way to come out of ODM with absolutely all the Kalenjin votes behind him, for if he achieves this he'll have a better negotiating power.

Ruto could not get a better way to do that than to use Mau in which to accuse Raila of sidelining the whole Kalenjin community - for those who don't know, the issue of Mau was going to affect more the Kipsigis and not Nandis where Ruto comes from. Infact Kisiis were going to be affected more by the issues of Mau than the Nandis!

However Ruto could not succeed in fighting Raila through Mau due to the support that Raila got behind him from majority of not only Kenyans but also international community.

Ruto therefore started looking for another way (I will tell in another dossier the other way that Ruto wanted to use - just watch out for this space), but before Ruto could use it something dramatic happened which threatened his powers as the Kalenjin messiah - Musa Sirma was bestowed the King's crown as the leader of the Tugen sub-tribe. Ruto didn't like this at all and that's why all of a sudden he announced his presidential ambitions.

You and I know very well that if you announce your presidential ambitions early enough you prepare your supporters to rally behind you. Ruto knows that if he had not made this announcement then Musa Sirma could have started becoming popular.

However due to his ambitions for power Ruto made a blunder. Before I mention this blunder I would like to mention that Kalenjins cannot put someone as an elder that easily - we know very well that Kalenjins are the most conservative tribe in Kenya and inter tribal marriages between Kalenjins and other tribes is the least in Kenya - believe it or not there are more Kikuyus married to Luos than Kalenjins married to Luos!

Therefore Arap Mibei didn't get that name out of DECEIT and FRAUD. He got it genuinely and he was given out of love and admiration for him by the Kalenjin community. It is because of this that Ruto has been finding it hard to leave ODM with all the Kalenjin votes behind him. be continued

Philip said...

Due to his greed Ruto sacked Kalenjin elders and placed there what he sees as his puppets and people close to Moi who will also make Moi support him. You and I know very well that only a group of elders can sack an elder - an elder cannot sack another elder and so also a group of elders cannot sack another group of elders - for one elder only to be sacked it needs a group of elders to do that. This was a big blunder that Ruto made.

So is Ruto writing his own epitaph? Yes, unless he reinstate all these elders and apologise to them. Because of this Ruto will find it hard to pull all the Kalenjin votes behind him, infact this is the time the likes of Kipruto arap Kirwa should take the chance.

And if Ruto will find it hard to pull all the Kalenjin votes so will it be hard for him to have negotiating power with the likes of Kalonzo and Uhuru.

By the way for those who don't know I've been going round Kenya collecting information and I can say without blinking an eye that there will never be an alliance between Ruto, Kalonzo and Uhuru. The problem of this alliance is because neither Uhuru nor Kalonzo is ready to sacrifice his presidential ambition. Therefore the people to watch in next election are Raila, Kalonzo and Uhuru. At the moment, from my field research neither of them is going to succeed to pull all the Kalenjin community behind him the way Raila did in 2007.

More will be coming.

Kiama said...

Did I not predict all these happenings earlier this year? I promised that you would all see a new equation in Central by the end of the eh.

As a former handcore PNU member I said that never again...the dynamics are beginning right now.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed the big silence of Raila and ODM on the Maina Njenga saga? Njenga has publicly stated he voted for Raila in 2007. Had Njenga said he voted for Kibaki, Raila and ODM would be polluting airwaves making all insinuations and linking Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta to supporting Mungiki murders. They would even be claiming he was released to unleash terror on ODM in 2012. Can we hear Raila and ODM’s voice on this? As long a Mungiki spreads terror in Central Kenya and Nairobi, it doesn’t matter to the loud-mouthed politicians.

Anonymous said...

like a rat to a sewer is the headlong rush of the mungiki chief to ODM.

He knows where his fellow murderers dwell lol

Anonymous said...

raila has not commented on maina njenga coz he's out of the country idiots. and even whats there to comment? its not odm that set him free and if he (njenga) voted for odm where is the problem. just because he's kikuyu and admits to have a leaning towards odm then he's a sellout. go sell your bigotry to someone who cares.

Anonymous said...

can someone please clarify something maybe its my ignorance. do prisoners get to vote? from what i can remember december 2007 maina njenga was incarcerated so was he given special priviledges? and if indeed he did vote i dont think it was within the confines of jail. he must have been sneaked out to go vote. so did the authorities free him to go vote assuming that he'll get his followers to vote in a particular way? please somebody out there help me out here?!

Anonymous said...

i tend to agree, njenga was in prison and thats how kikuyus turn every situation to favour their cause. they dont like maina coz he 'looks' like cozying up to odm. any kikuyu who doesnt toe the tribal line is banished. (martha karua)

Anonymous said...

This Maina Njenga voting for Raira thing is a load of nonsense. He was in prison. Kenyan prisoners do NOT vote. Period. This guy is just making sweat his talks! Sorry for any pan! Not intended.

Maina knows that he has to say something otherwise that issue of affidavit that he intended to bring before court coulf be used by MK Mafia to finish him.

The MK mafiosa is in panic mode because Maina has them photos and evidence agaist them. Looks like maina has a first on these mafia. Room for extortion from these corrupt thugs.

Talking about Maina, can anyone enlighten me please. This guy was in prison and someone built for him a house worth tens of millions of shillings? He called them world leaders?!!!!!!!

How was Maina Njenga supposed to pay for the largese? Export terror to another country? I don't understand Kenya.

Watch the space people.

Anonymous said...


The sacked elders were "imposters" he he... but they have have accepted the new more representative council of elders so what more can they do? That was all the clout Raila used to swing the Kalenjin vote in the past and is now dismantled. All Ruto needs to do is sit back as the elders talk on his behalf - forget the lot that went to Bondo to met their Luo counterparts as they are out in the cold.

You know the target was former Chair Keitany - the Raila mole in the council... As for Kibor, he is Ruto's bossom buddy and he was paid with Maize to agree for the clean slate to be effected. Also sacked were the cartoon Tugen elders who inaugurated Sirma with Oburu.

Raila is growing too old as the games are too much for him. First mau is a flop... watch that space as no one leaves the Mau... and then the word is out that Bill has not on the list after all... can you imagine this? he he

Montel said...

Anon 10/24/09 12:15 AM and 10/24/09 2:19 AM ... many thanks sharing your refreshing thoughts! It’s good to know that we still have a remnant seeking the best for our country! Micah 6:8 “What the Lord requires of us: Act Justly, Love Mercy and Walk in Humility”. Oh, how our country needs more men/women like you!

Anonymous said...

someone put a bullet in this idiot. Kichwa kama mayai

Anonymous said...

Kiama the mungiki is back with his blood stained lord. Wacha kwekwe warudi kazini....this egg head must disappear. I HATE HIM, THIS KILLER......

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I dont care whoever belongs to this sect must take the bllt

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed with kwekwe, why are they not discharging their duties? why dont we hear of people disappearing? Take care of these people or we fire you and start SWAT in Kenya

Anonymous said...

I dont care if the political class, the likes of jomo junior are part of this sect. If you are a member you go, you must bite the dust

Anonymous said...

weed these lazy idiots building mansions without breaking a sweat, riding on the backs of hard working kenyans. why is kiama still blogging?

Anonymous said...

kwekwe, kwekwe, kwekwe who is telling you not to do your job? wako? we are your employers, kenyans, and we order you to return to your posts NOW and discharge your mandate NOW!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:50 AM

Get your facts right. Maina njenga was in jail during the 2007 elections. However, his wife was a candidate in Laikipia West.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4.39

Yeah right the mungiki managed to over power thousands of armed kalenjin warriors to go burn a church in eldoret but may be you havent heard this, from the horses mouth mungiki was supporting ODM during 2007 so any acts by mungiki were meant to promote the ODM agenda

Kiama said...

I am here to fight for the lights of the oppessed majority of Kenyans. If you think very carefully you will realise that this is the beiginning of real change for the mwananchi and not the wenye nchi in Kenya.

The people (you and me) are fighting back- strong and united across all Kenya.

Anonymous said...

@ Victor
It may come as a surprise to you that even though mungiki are kikuyu not all kikuyu youth are mungiki and therefore even though raila got the mungiki vote the rest of central voted for their own security, only prize idiots (and mungiki are prize fools) would for for a candidate who calls you "kabila adui", "madoadoa" and lesotho.

Mungiki is the most reviled group in central province the one group that Raila chose to embrace in the belief that divide and conquer would work in central

Anonymous said...

I thot you could never leave Mungiki and live? Who is buying this change of heart thing?

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